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McSpud: lonely in here...
bhg26: And we're back
Nurfed: hello all, go pies!
navy_blues: at last
soup: evening fellas
navy_blues: go saints lol
JohnHoward: so happy to see sincliar in the team, see ya later bonner owners
Troglodyte: You better lift Wilson or I'm not going to take your score!
Spifflicat: Server shat itself?
soup: holy what a hit
Pavs: Evening all
Troglodyte: Sandwich break - afk
frenzy: we need to buy m0nty a new bike
JohnHoward: he was convulsing on the ground. looks horrible
Nurfed: his chain broke i reckon frenzy
Dondeal: Reckon he was winded JohnHoward
JohnHoward: they put him on the side so he dosnt choke on his tongue
wadaramus: I agree JH, he was convulsing.
wadaramus: Not a pretty sight.
Brian00173: Steele looking good value trade in next week
zadolinnyj: Lads and ladies. Just turned on and already hearing about Pendleton basketball
original: All scores kept going up during the stoppage like it was scaling. Donít expect these to keep
soup: at least 15 of his points came from scaling because of the delay brian
Pavs: Zado they even mentioned time and space :)
zadolinnyj: Lol
Brian00173: Yep, but still looking good for @530k SC
StuL: Steele settle down.
soup: daicos getting the bont treatment by CD...
Raspel31: I have a strange reluctance to own Steele- hmm?
navy_blues: keep going saints
StuL: It might be capt Bont at this rate
navy_blues: bris v coll next week big game
Fromage: Whatís bonner doing on the bench he has not touched the ball
StuL: 0-3 has a nice look to it
Silz90: Go saints
Hepatitis: Whereís silenti
Silz90: Pies vs lions fighting for the spoon navy
Gelly: bonner key defence now with sinclair back, was always going to happen
StuL: why has wilson lost his points for his second poession. i swear take the p
Hughsy: I love you NWM
navy_blues: bit early 4 that silz
StuL: cd i meant
dezlav: Missed the 1st QTR. Carn saints. Get off the bench Bonner
Spifflicat: If the Pies lose this then next week will be the Ďmiss the 8í cup
Troglodyte: Bonner. Lol
dezlav: @Raspel. I know the feeling.
Beaza18: What has Riley Bonner done to get points
Gelly: think he had a spoil
dezlav: @Beaza. He walked on, then walked off.
bhg26: Just realised no muppet on moore?
StuL: Daicos is losing pts for nothing too
Troglodyte: simpathy points for copping a falcon
Gelly: points are scalling back from the 10 min delay where they went up
soup: stu daicos got heaps during the delay earlier so i guess its evening out?
StuL: accidentally fielded wilson so not looking a good start
soup: got the E on him, could have looped windsor instead so not too happy at this stage
Zutroyz: Best 18 in the bye week
Manowar: Boner lol
StuL: mannagh set to get a full game for us. i knew he could do it
soup: ahaha boner what a spoon
Gelly: nice kick bonner
StuL: wilson still on the bench
original: Oh bonner why
naicosfan: 14-4 frees for saints
sheezel420: stop giving away frees then naicosfan
Hepatitis: About time naicos, u get a good run every week
Nurfed: mason cox asked mumford in the huddle about giving away frees
Manowar: Pendlebury nice kick!
FoopyTime: typical pendles should have stuck with basketball
StuL: i told a saints fan i think. last week that clark would kill it. He did. Kill your SC score. i bet gets 70-80 this week
Manowar: N. Daicos missing in action!
zadolinnyj: Umpires a bit power
naicosfan: Witches hats out please
StuL: Wilson wont be in the 18 unless some other rookie sucks.
navy_blues: tides turning
original: Crisp stats are better than 27sc ffs
Doggie Doo: You can forget Daicos being captain this week
BigChief: Gday all. If Coll lose this they could easily be 0-4 next week
Beast_Mode: This is a ripper game
StuL: no more vc naicos if this continues
StuL: Im glad the saints might be better than we thought. good for us
bhg26: Imagine Steeles score if he decided to kick
DukeNewc: Get to work nick
Doggie Doo: Wilson already has more points than Cordy. How does Cordy get a game?
thommoae: Cordy there to negate Cox. Doing his job lol
StuL: We need more N daicos and less josh
Yelse: is NDaicos getting tagged he not around the ball like usual
naicosfan: We are going down the wings like spuds, no run through the middle
Pavs: I think cox negates cox thommoae
thommoae: lol Pavs. But I don't think Cordy would know what to do as a +1
StuL: carn saints carn wilson ffs max
DukeNewc: Bonner nearly has naicos's score in 1 qtr
StuL: who is trading who this week? Billings or fyfe considering
zactennant: Cmon Caicos fire up son
Pavs: sideways trade for me StuL. Grundy out for Gawn
Beast_Mode: amateurs lol
Beaza18: Hey guys. How do you get a team logo alongside your name ?
Pavs: Proven liar lol
frenzy: Hore and Dempsey in for me
Spifflicat: Billingís is a winger, and got all his possies way wide. Wonít get that often, but he might get enough to spike a profit
Beast_Mode: see how hore demspey go this week, could be good ins
thommoae: Dees seemed pretty keen to use Billings as an outlet last week. Will again?
StuL: i want dempsey. billings is i guess to make cash. could avg 80. wont be a season keeper
soup: Why did Johnson get a game ahead of reef for so long?
Hughsy: I see WM averaging 100+ this year
Brian00173: Team sheet has Billings on the ball this week
StuL: lucky its best of 18 this week.
StuL: our boy Wilson wont get a game next week at this rate
StuL: Dempsey looks like a player. he can back it up for sure
navy_blues: htb against daicos that would be a 1st lol
Ash777: naicos having a mare
DukeNewc: I'm getting heeney, billings and dambrosio I think
DukeNewc: Either billings or fyfe, I think billings was a bit of a fluke but the money is too tempting
Zutroyz: Where does this rate in Naicos best 50 games
StuL: is it reasonable to flick young? looks like his mid role is off
naicosfan: Number 50
upweydons: Push in the back my a$$
Crowls: shocking call, elliot dives forward and gets free. bs
runners47: Marshall getting smashed in the ruck - what's happening?
Hughsy: Where is bhg, big max is kicking straight
Ash777: surely pies cant go 0-3
StuL: Dont say that Ash. have faith that they can
bhg26: lol hughsy
StuL: Wilson had a flurry. need him not to get dropped
Yelse: pies can't hit a target can't hold a ball can't pick up a ball ffs
J_Herer: Time to feed some goals to Wilson!
Spifflicat: Marshall getting the hemorrhoids treatment on the eye
Gotigres: 50 please Wilson.
J_Herer: Naicos got a tag?
StuL: Wilson getting called a bit now
slydon: worst game of daicos' career so far
StuL: never seen naicos like this
J_Herer: Dam Wilson missed, let's go son!
GawnFishin: The daicos brothers playing like gibba keel and uncle tron
StuL: Damn it Darcy.
Ash777: wilson is rocking now
JButcher: If I was Craig McRae I'd be sending Bobby Hill to tag NWM
DukeNewc: Wilson, go son, go.
StuL: Big qtr Wilson
TorturedSC: Naicos might not be best 18 at this rate
Hepatitis: Only great sides go back to back - and the pies certainly arenít one of those
Yelse: why hasn't he put diacos back to distribute the ball he hasn't touched it once this qrt
DukeNewc: Gotta celebrate when Wilson overtakes naicos's score
Ash777: good thing everyone has daicos
LuvIt74: Pies are spuds this year
DukeNewc: Well, he already has. Wow.
Gotigres: Great qtr Wilson 37 sc points
LuvIt74: They won the flag last year coz of the umpires
GawnFishin: flower the pies
rooboypete: someone wake up Nick D
pluggerpig: seeing collingwood struggle is my passion
BigChief: Pies 0/4 next week when Bris beat them.
circle52: Just joining after dinner out. How many VC Naicos.
navy_blues: no frees from umps tonight for naicos lol
Getup: Haha love the haters would have hurt last year's result 😅
BigChief: VC Gawn, C Green for me.
DukeNewc: Too many I reckon circle
circle52: Not sure of that one big chief. Too many issues in def with injuries
StuL: 8 touchea that qtr wilson
Hepatitis: Tom mitchell is on the baking tray
navy_blues: hey
amigaman: No Naicos here. Couple more games like this and he'll be cheap.
navy_blues: hey Getup why arent pies playing
DukeNewc: It'd be funny if daicos's score doesn't count because of the bye week
navy_blues: hey Getup why arent pies playing J Noble?
Getup: Not sure navy??
DukeNewc: Might not even be in the best 18 scores
soup: hahaha sucked in naicos VC'ers
navy_blues: i think he is very important to pies run off halfback
Zutroyz: Who sucked the Jam from your donut Soup?
BigChief: No Ginnivan no Pies LOL
happytimes: The pies are cooked
Yelse: @navy blues i agree no diazos to run it out from defence noble would have helped
StuL: thats not nice soup.
Ash777: pies are really undisciplined tonight
Yelse: diazos has been tagged from ross
Silz90: daicos 0 clearances
StuL: pies wont win the flag again. i rate the giants. could be the one to go s step or 2 further
Spifflicat: Stick a fork in themÖ.
Hepatitis: This is what happens when u make a movie about urself
Ash777: this is some hangover
original: no one making a stand
northball: pies look cooked
original: weak macrae
StuL: no naicos no pies
zadolinnyj: Degoey midfield experiment needs to end
Vich: but wow what a great 49 games before this one :)
Raspel31: Is Naicos 50 enough to cap- new to the game?
BigChief: And Richmond never made a film Hepatitis?
Hepatitis: Correct big chief
BigChief: You are full of it Hepatitis. Jack Reiwoldt said every premier does it.
Hepatitis: Not a 90 min film
Ash777: lol marshall falcon
StuL: wilson ahead of naicos
DukeNewc: Naicos back to CBAs
Spifflicat: Oops
wadaramus: Bonner you hack.
Ash777: game on!
original: bonner why
Gelly: back on the bench bonner
Pavs: Saints getting nervous
DukeNewc: How the hell are Collingwood coming back, this is the most undeserved thing I've ever seen
JButcher: Took just 2 games for Bonner to show his true colours
Getup: Keep going pies!!!
Gotigres: Wilson lucky not to have a free against
Gotigres: Snag a goal Wilson
OffaStep: Not sure that any comeback is undeserved unless it is purely the product of bad umpiring, Duke.
Hepatitis: Haha flower off de goey u flog
Ash777: did the pies power off the umps somehow
DukeNewc: It is undeserved in the fact that St kilda have been the better side offa step
navy_blues: lol
Yelse: this is bull
Hughsy: It was out but damn thatís a ridiculous goal
wadaramus: Reckon his right boot and the ball were out.
BigChief: That was out of bounds. Poor umpiring.
Gelly: the was in the hotdog stand
Getup: Looks like it ash
Badgerbadg: Cold pies
DukeNewc: What a kick, that's ridiculous
Silz90: Another goal of the year for higgins
Yelse: why wasn't it reviewed?
StuL: wilson is a uniquebso lets go wilson
Beast_Mode: 0-22 on track lads
OffaStep: Agreed. But letting a side playing as poorly as we have back in deserves consequences. Not saying we deserve to win yet.
navy_blues: poor BT
original: thats htb if its not daicos
bhg26: Windy looks very good, hope he keeps playing mid
Hughsy: And another bodgy goal of the year for Higgins
BigChief: No review for OOB yalse
Hepatitis: Drink it in football fans
navy_blues: not 1 of the commentators have said anything bout daicos game
Ash777: the cameras are so bad with ball judgement I doubt it was actually out
Gotigres: This could be a career low game for Naicos
Spifflicat: If someone had told me that Bonner would match Naicos scoring tonight, I would have been so excited
DukeNewc: Whole ball has to be over, from that angle it looked out but it would've been close ash.
Hepatitis: Haha who doesnít hate naicos
StuL: a wilson goal will be a nice cherry on top
Hughsy: I like him, just not Collingwood
Ash777: no one hates naicos...
OffaStep: Gotta say, I'll be disappointed if Naicos makes my best 18 this week...
soup: Where does this rank in daicos' 50 games ya spuds
BigChief: Naicos getting cheap disp now.
Silz90: 50 soup
Hughsy: Love ya Nasiah
Spifflicat: 50th Soup
Beast_Mode: higgins one of the biggest flogs in the league
Ash777: 30 Free kicks...
naicosfan: Wild, isnít it ash
Vich: he's probably carrying an injury that they not revealing...
Silz90: ill disciplined by pies
Trindacut: Should be 32
Trindacut: Umps very soft with two non-calls
Getup: Glad your saying it ash i wouldn't dare, soup he's still a gun what's your problem??
original: mcrae gotta put Ndaicos behind the ball
BigChief: Getup don't you know Geel players are perfect?
naicosfan: Soup is mad jhye Clark canít do the same in his second year
Badgerbadg: Ross the boss gets it done
BigChief: Well done Saints. Did it for Spud.
Getup: Ahh forgot bc🤣 cheers for reminding 👍
Gelly: media is going to have a field day with collingwood
Hepatitis: Pies an average group
original: no pies leaders
J_Herer: Cold Pies
Getup: Which i don't mind gelly we are better at being underdogs
Badgerbadg: What about the dynasty?
Spifflicat: The miss the 8 cup is alive
Manowar: Collingwood Lose! Collingwood Lose!
Manowar: Bonner 49...Spud lol

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