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BigChief: Let's go Young and Jackson. 250 between you would be great.
naicosfan: indeed bc, need them to go big
Pavs: Agree Chief lets put Fyfe and Sharp in there as well
FoopyTime: petition to make the lions only use the fitsroy guernsey
J_Herer: Fyfe will last 5 mins on the ball before Young dominates
BRAZZERS: fyfe is likely to get subbed, barring any injuries. most weeks
circle52: Young, Serong and Fyfe for me - Need at least 215 from you to reach 2000
Silz90: I'm with you big chief. Go dogga
BigChief: Hell no Foopy. I hate that Brisbane took our club away from us Fitzroy members.
J.Worrall: Young & Jacksons, eh? Where' hloe?
circle52: Erasmus and Lohmann subs
Silz90: Fyfe is life. Hope he goes big tonight
FoopyTime: gotta look at it in a positive way chief ya club could be gone if it didnt happen
BigChief: Our club is gone. Was not a merger it was a take over. We play VAFA now.
FoopyTime: im a sydney sider so got a soft spot for the swans and i love how they honor south melbourne history
Roarix: Now that's a good deliberate call
StuL: hopefully fyfe stays in one piece long enough to trade
AussieLion: Cmon Lions
FoopyTime: fair take chief there is a bit of a difference between sydney and brisbane moves
StuL: good start until that 50
BigChief: That is different as Sth Melb decided to move, we had no choice. AFL screwed us. Anyhow I don't want to raise my blood p
Silz90: Shocking start . 2 dumb free kicks
Pavs: Dumb footy young
Roarix: All there though silly, poor discipline from free
Roarix: silz*
BigChief: pressure :)
Silz90: Poor wording from me. Dumb by the Freo boys
StuL: lets go young
soup: Need 67 from Fyfe to win the matchup. What do we reckon?
BigChief: If he plays a full game soup he should get it.
Manowar: Fyfe & Walters are Freo tanking for pick 1 already?
Roarix: Got some PODs in this one. Emmett and Lyons, do well fellas
J_Herer: Hope they give Erasmus a half game for Fyfe, kids goes good
Roarix: Lets see how we go this week with a half decent lead already...
StuL: Get off the bench damn it my players.
shancrows: Jackson -_-
BigChief: They love splinters StuL
J.Worrall: Get Jackson back on!
BigChief: What game is Pavlich watching? Jackson done SFA so far.
clay007: What is the knock on Will Brodie? The year they made finals, he played well that season.
Gelly: he flowered the coaches wife
BigChief: Poor fitness clay. Couldn't play more than 10 mins at a time.
StuL: Youngs tog plumetting. get him on
clay007: I think we focus on what players cant do, rather than celebrate what they can do.
TheLegend6: Dunks get involved
frenzy: i think thats rubbish BC
shancrows: Sharp already outscored Jhye Clark
Silz90: Who would you take out for brodie?
Silz90: Remember omeara is out too.
clay007: Freo look ordinary.
sheezel420: if we lose to Freo next week I'll cry
TheLegend6: Serong is so good
TimT14: Freo refusing to run
clay007: Wormer silz
J_Herer: Freo backmen getting a workout 100% TOG lol
StuL: my mid bench rookies are good. all scoring better than clark and sanders
BigChief: Cox or Worner Silz
clay007: Serong has overtaken Brayshaw as a player
StuL: Serong wtf?
DukeNewc: Bloody hell CD, Jackson has gone from 26 down to 20 again
BigChief: LOL Fyfe taking on 4 Bris players
Roarix: Anymore more -s for Lyons? Come on
Pavs: Agree Duke hard done by I reckon
Silz90: Give extra points to fyfe for that bc
StuL: i thought jackson tapped it to a team mate? CD being harsh
FoopyTime: hadnt thought about that clay but i have to agree. serong has grown while brayshaw just kinda stays the same
StuL: i just didnt know serong was that good. he was a decent price too i tjink
Waddos: Lyons you absolute gun !
Roarix: Lets go Lyons, onwards and upwards now
clay007: Fyfe is not in danger of a report is he? Surely not?
BigChief: People fell for the Lyons trap after rd 0? Hahaha
TheLegend6: Nah won't get a ban for it
TheLegend6: BigChief do you have Heeney?
Roarix: Trap? It's not a trap mate. Ashcroft not back to mid-season, he will play. Did spend half the qtr off the ground
BigChief: Nope Legend. Couldn't afford him after getting Jackson.
original: No lyons. Trap. Bye next week. Yuck
clay007: Brayshaw of old. Well done young fella!
Roarix: Hahaha original. I guess every rd 0 player is a trap with a bye upcoming with that logic
AussieLion: Please stop bombing it into the forward line
Yelse: Lyons will be fine he prob get 80s this game and will go up a bit overall by trade time
Yelse: Lyons bette than half the rookies who now are injured for us now to trade
Hazza09: Cmon Dogga
BigChief: If Lyons gets 50 he will still make $$$ for owners. I guess that works.
naicosfan: monty did u forget about purple superman for serong last qtr?
clay007: It would be nice to see a close game.
Roarix: The bombing is crazy atm. Need to lower the eyes a bit
StuL: young and jackson in this one. like the pub
clay007: Switskowski, what an effort
TheLegend6: Serong on track for 50 touches
BigChief: Serong is Freo's best player on their list by a long way.
J.Worrall: Where's Chloe?
J_Herer: sub Fyfe for Erasmus!
StuL: this is why butters and rozee were painful today. theres guys like serong who could hsve been them
Roarix: Had Serong all season in a 5 promo mid set-up, decided to get Jackson and Flanders :/
Hughsy: Just turned the game on, is it just me or do freo look okay?
Roarix: Kings of conceding run on goals.. my goodness
navy_blues: go freo
Roarix: Been simply poor since the first 10 hughsy
BigChief: Bris went to sleep after getting 4 goals up.
AussieLion: And no plan B Roarix
slydon: wow brisbane imagine losing to carlton as well as freo...
Hughsy: Yes fyfe. go Fyfe!
Silz90: Wym sly
Roarix: Getting smashed at stoppage atm.. need some ball control when we do get it
BigChief: Fyfe's bigger body worrying Bris mids.
suns4ever: Fyfe is so sexy
circle52: Had some dinner and come back to this . Looks like again we take foot off the pedal
Roarix: Are you surprised circle?
DukeNewc: Thats unnecessary suns
Manowar: heroan asleep at the wheel again!
circle52: Nah - Despite where we finished we have always let big leads slip
Social: Fyfe's stats look very similar to Jye Clark
zadolinnyj: Dunkley is a shell of what he was
Hughsy: - the 18 clangers
Mikeagles: serong going nuts
BigChief: Did you miss Clark's 7 clangers Social?
browny123: roarix ur a flop
sMiles: oh ---- dear
DukeNewc: Although Eagles, he probably should be on more
AussieLion: This is disgraceful
Getup: New i should of tipped the dockrs
browny123: roarix u got no clue kid
Social: are clangers worth -8 each?
Getup: What did roarix say browny?
Social: I saw the 7 clangers and the hard ball gets that led to them
DukeNewc: Browny, cool it, he hasn't done anything to you
BigChief: Looks like Browny drank the babies bath water.
browny123: being a little smart alps to everyone the little flop
Roarix: Wait huh? What did I miss to cop that?
Getup: Everyone still on track for over 2k??
DukeNewc: Get the loony bin BC
StuL: how often does serong do this?
Roarix: A Brisbane supporter, commenting to a Brisbane supporter about something we both know? Im so confused hahahaha
DukeNewc: Getup, I may break 2.2k if all goes well, I've already broken 2k
Roarix: Circle said something about us throwing a good lead again.. I said are you surprised.. and this guy has cracked it Getup
Getup: Nice duke just got the 2k up with fyfe n young
browny123: calm down roarix its past your bedtime kid
StuL: 2130 but made a ton of mistakes. draft teams i didnt keep would have done better
Social: Charlie needs a bigger motorcycle
DukeNewc: Roarix, the blokes come in to stir the pot a bit. Turn it up browny
Roarix: Am I the only one confused by this guys outburst or what? Not sure whos hurt you browny but calm down lad haha
Roarix: He sure has Duke hahaha. Dont think ive seen someone blow up over such a thing but ok.
Getup: And plenty of mistakes same stul
DukeNewc: I'm equally as confused mate, a ban may be imminent if he keeps going
BigChief: Duke even they wouldn't take browny.
Getup: Nope roarix I'm definitely confused 😕
browny123: no need for a ban bud just calling this kid out on his smart ass antics
Getup: Alps browny need to say Alps
DukeNewc: Roarix, this is complete satire lol.
Gotigres: I can see the standard of conversation has not improved with the new season.
BigChief: Roar you have done nothing and this guy comes in and abuses you. Ban needed for this bullying.
DukeNewc: Well some people seem to not be helping that gotigres. You know who I'm talking about
AussieLion: Whatís going on lads? Some need to chill on a Sunday arvo. Enjoy the footy men.even though Iím not at the moment.
Gotigres: Sorry Duke, I missed whatever happened.
Getup: Go tiges you shocked by this 😳
Gotigres: Just entered the conversation.
BigChief: Okay Youngy enough clangers from you mate.
DukeNewc: Oh I'm not talking about you to clear that up
Troglodyte: Evening lads. Lift Serong, jeez!
Gotigres: Just the usual arguments Getup. Was it you that was Pies20?
Getup: Same go tiges n duke not sure what happened??
Roarix: I feel I should refrain from talking so this guy doesnt comment again and the rest here can chat away peacefully :/
Roarix: Although I was having a laugh with a fellow lions supporter about how frustrating we are
Getup: Yeah mate aka pies 20
DukeNewc: Getup, Oh I was talking about how browny wasn't helping the standard of convos by abusing someone
Gotigres: Ok, cool.
Getup: Wouldn't sress roar people confused on the argument got your back
BigChief: Gardiner subbed.
DukeNewc: Agree getup, strength in numbers
BigChief: I think 99.99% here have Roar's back on this 1. :)
DukeNewc: At least you're not as frustrating as the Hawkers, Roar
DukeNewc: They're*
Roarix: Thanks fellas, appreciate it
circle52: When will we learn not to bomb into 50.
Roarix: You did win 3 flags when your team was a stacked as they were Duke. We are at that point and have achieved nothing
Roarix: as stacked*
BigChief: Great stuff from Treacy.
circle52: Hi Roarix have not seen you previously so enjoy.
Roarix: 2 games in a row.. 8 goals in a row conceded to change the game.. we are the definition of insanity
NewFreoFan: Times are tough for the Lions when Cox is scoring
BigChief: Dear AFL, get rid of this warning crap for 6-6-6. Just pay a free kick.
DukeNewc: So did you in early 00's Roar, to cheer you up. Hawks looked good this year until our entire backline collapsed.
frenzy: extract the digit Young
circle52: Agree Big Chief been in so long.
navy_blues: agree BC
thommoae: Anyone tip this?
Getup: Nope thero
navy_blues: my wife thommoae lol
StuL: come on young. need to get the predicted. not going to happen is it?
Roarix: Unfortantly I was too young to remember sadly Duke.
BigChief: My wife has 8-8 with Freo Thommoae. She is just guessing.
beerent11: Fair dinkum, Luke Ryan is a freak.
Getup: Thero sorry mate
circle52: That reaction by Bailey sums it up no discipline tonight
Getup: Thero for flower sake typo x2
NewFreoFan: Always the way BC
Getup: Thero
NewFreoFan: Classic Thero
DaicosQB: Always good seeing Fyfe up and about
BigChief: Type 2 m's Getup
circle52: I can remember though Duke and this team no comparison as they would not be giving the freedom they are today
Getup: Haha won't let me type thero it's thero
Silz90: Reports said Ryan couldn't kick over 20m since his surgery. What a gun
Social: Hehe nice one Thero
Getup: Thommo
beerent11: Agree daicosqb.
BigChief: The profanity filter is picking up the last 4 letters Getup
DukeNewc: Very unfortunate Roar, I was too young to take in 08 properly but obviously remembered the 3 peat
DukeNewc: There you go getup
AussieLion: This is a carve up :(
NewFreoFan: profanity filter strikes again, we've all fallen prey to it
Getup: Finally!!!!
Roarix: Lets hope that can lift things
thommoae: I answer to Thero; has as ort of obscure superhero ring to it.
frenzy: time for bed young bolks
naicosfan: ffs young
beerent11: Anyone in here make it into one of the draft leagues?
Getup: Thanks bc haha tommo sorry mate, keep going fyfe n young
frenzy: blokes*
Manowar: Moped man is struggling tonight
Social: this looks pretty ordinary thero
Roarix: Ouch. Respect to Worner
AussieLion: Thatís not good.
BigChief: Hope Worner will be okay. That was a big hit.
soup: that was a verrrrry fast medical cart, geez
DukeNewc: I reckon that browny bloke was equivalent to a child so he's fallen asleep by now Roar
Ash777: damn worner was playing so well
Manowar: Trading in Serong in about 1 hour
circle52: Trust Warner is ok as was a brutal collision
Social: Mother Theresa
AussieLion: The Bombers have had a win so id say Browney was a little excited
BigChief: Unfortunately he ran into Linc. Pure accident.
TheLegend6: Love it when the players do the thumbs up coming off
Getup: Who's Robertson trying to tag?
Roarix: Has to be Serong Getup
Ash777: serong getup
BigChief: Following Serong Getup
beerent11: Like a sports movie legend.
Getup: Doing a good job then 🤔
TheNuff: evening everyone. finally able to log in after nearly 3 years lol
Ash777: he moved to serong this qtr
TheNuff: Lyons actually looking good at his price point (SC)
circle52: Think he is trying to tag Serong Getup - Not very effective
Social: bang
TheLegend6: Are Freo back?!
beerent11: Fyfey!
Roarix: Got some real issues
clay007: No Neale No Lions
freofan123: yes
navy_blues: wow bris look lost out there
AussieLion: Midfield getting carved up again
beerent11: Anyone who wasnít on the Fyfe train will be next week.
Social: must remember to get Charlie's bike in for tune up
BigChief: Both of last years GFists starting 0-2.
Ash777: freo look way hungrier than lions
original: Young is trash ffs could have had sheezel
Getup: Hi nuff
wadaramus: Toot toot, go Fyfey.
TorturedSC: Most popular trade this week will be Fisher to Fyfe
Waddos: Loving my Luke Ryan the goat pick
Roarix: -8 clearance.. very poor. The big issue is our entry I50. Weve had 3 more entries, 30% efficiency..
Roarix: The Northern Bullants in the VFL could do better than that..
navy_blues: not another knee
Roarix: And they copped some absolute floggings last year
beerent11: Got em both tortured. What do I do?
BigChief: Oh no not another knee injury.
TheLegend6: Another knee....
Social: ouchies
Getup: Still plenty of time original to get a ton
navy_blues: bye coming right time for brissy
TheOnyas: onya aishy
TorturedSC: Throw the Fish back, it's a catfish beer
circle52: Still no olan b from heroan
TheNuff: Young's clangers are a worry, but don't think it'll be the norm moving forward
circle52: should coach you know who auto correction
Pavs: 9 muppets Nuff. He is at least having a crack
Getup: What's that circle??
TheNuff: Absolutely Pavs! 9 tackles, 5 clrs. He's at the coalface
Getup: Are you talking to thero?
circle52: Getuo trying to say coach has no plan b
TheNuff: He's still learning midfield craft, only moved there late last year. So plenty of upside
Pokerface: thats my 3rd rookie defender out this weekend :(
Getup: I get it circle just taking the power as i struggled to make sense before
BigChief: Worner or McDonald Poker?
Getup: Lions any chance of a come back not watching
Pokerface: McDonald
original: Young isnít a midfielder, thatís all I know
circle52: No chance the way we are noy controlling the ball getup
BigChief: FFS Young stop with the muppets.
Getup: Aish ballsy pick onyas
frenzy: have you got fat fingers circle
naicosfan: young is a pain today
BigChief: That's tough Poker.
circle52: Yep not as agile as you younger guys
Pokerface: oh well.. burn through a couple of boosts..
Catatafish: Jesus, not more knee injuries...
Getup: Young n grundy my only premo let downs this week they will turn it around
circle52: Not another knee
TheLegend6: So many injuries man
BigChief: They are dropping like flies.
Pokerface: i fear for who i bring in though.
Getup: Who know??
beerent11: Reckon we need to wait another week before drastic changes are made friends.
Getup: Now
BigChief: This 1 is a hammy I think.
BRAZZERS: injuries galore man!
Pokerface: whose got the kiddie role with Conor down?
navy_blues: 4 knees couple hammts and a achilles already
BigChief: Poker pick players from whoever your side plays.
Yelse: what weekend does footy start usually previous years? end of march ?
Catatafish: Madness.
Pokerface: haha Chief!
BigChief: 100% beer unless it's for injury
Getup: Mkenna??
Pokerface: he's down Getup
clay007: Tight hammy getup
BigChief: McKenna has ice on hammy Getup.
wadaramus: Yep, normally last week of March Yelse.
Getup: Cheers poker not watching
Yelse: btw ppl giving Lyon owners crap what you thinking now?
Getup: Cheers guys not watching
TheLegend6: Give Serong the star
Pokerface: Lyons - Lachie won't be out for long
TorturedSC: Just annoyed I switched Serong to Brayshaw to get Fisher
Yelse: how is young on the bench so long when they are 3 players down
BigChief: 66 and not impressed Yelse
Pokerface: Yelse they went early thinking they'd catch the rugby crowd while they were in LA
Yelse: personally i don't think the rugby away made a diff, if you had the same 4 games in a normal R1 still would've sold out
BigChief: Serong and Ryan dominated. Not sure who gets star. Maybe Ryan just.
Getup: Update scores? Im 2049 flowered start
Waddos: Lukeeeeeeeeeee RYAN
naicosfan: how can you be mad at lyons if young is on 64
Hughsy: 2206 - would be more if i didnt start reid.
Getup: Nice hughsy
Hughsy: I pulled on young last second and i couldnt be more glad
TheLegend6: I'm gonna finish on 2100 if Young gets 70
BigChief: 2135. Bloody Young and his muppets
Pokerface: noone is mad at lyons?
circle52: 3 gettable goals missed back to can not kick.
naicosfan: im gonna finish 2070 currently with young and starting gibcus
Cottees: Magpies and Lions to finish 17th and 18th hehe (don't actually believe this)
BRAZZERS: lyond has done fine, socred more than young for half the price lol
Pokerface: couple more from the bench like that Oscar - good effort
TheLegend6: My partner captained Serong, unreal hahah
frenzy: jacksons been beaten by oscar
BRAZZERS: lyons*
Getup: We are in the same boat naicos starting gibcus and clark n mcrae costs me 200 pts with what i have on the bench 🙄
BigChief: haha frenzy. Not even close to that. Jackson flogged Big O
Pokerface: who was all this preseason talk about Ryan can't kick long anymore! it put me right off him
Getup: Serong n Ryan gone huge
Pavs: Injuries might mean more defence time for Young. Not good
Getup: Didn't even look at Lyons what's all the fuss about?
original: Young lol what a horrid second half and esp last 10 mins
frenzy: more CP's more CL's, near dbl hitouts
TheLegend6: Young's a good pick still. If he does this 2-3 more times then look to offload.
Getup: You going to trade him original?
clay007: Fyfe...raise the bat son
BigChief: And most of those HO and CP were against Treacy frenzy
original: Young 0 disposals this qtr. gotta be about 9 fumbles tho
beerent11: Great to see clay
Pokerface: you can't compare hitouts frenzy - Treacy's taken alot. and why is he getting clearances and not his mids?
Social: perhaps save the chant until GF 30m mark of the last
clay007: Should get a half point for a fumble
frenzy: cool okay
JockMcPie: let them chant, beating brisbane is no easy feat
clay007: Jacko!!!
circle52: This is a worse performance than last week being honest,
TheLegend6: I need to get Serong into my team over the next few weeks
BigChief: Jackson more marks, disp and goals. Less muppets as well. Stats don't mean much it's effect on game
Social: not so hard when they play like this Jock
clay007: Brissy being 0-2, just makes the pies 0-2 a little easier to stomach. Thanks Brissy
AussieLion: Correct circle. Very ordinary display
Roarix: 100% is circle.. its fun supporting a team that everyone knows what our issues are and yet.. nothing ever changes
frenzy: totally agree BC
circle52: See who has the biggest hangover in 2 weeks clay
BigChief: LOL Bailey just ran 30m
TheLegend6: Nice to have footy back, see you next weekend lads
StuL: where did the points for jacksons goal go cd?
zadolinnyj: Ciao lads
circle52: I reckion so as well Big Chief watched the replay to see if a bounce,
JockMcPie: the points will come, they dont usually add points in the last few minutes, they wait for the game to end and then scale
Social: as the kids would say, the chant is "cringe"
BigChief: They don't update straight away late in game Getup
Pavs: Let the trades begin
BigChief: Sorry StuL not Getup. My bad.
Doggie Doo: Where are the points for the Jackson goal
Pavs: A guy in my league has 2337 wow
Social: I got the full Richie Benaud 2,222
Blaircam: 2272 - not bad for the first round

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