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shancrows: I'll be happy with 2000 this week lots went wrong. What projections are people looking at
slydon: about the same as you shane
slydon: i need a massive one from rozee today
nbartos: who scores more this season butters or rozee?
shancrows: Butter imo. Went risky and picked Wines. All 3 should score massive though
BigChief: I think Butters as Rozee might spend more time fwd than Butters.
Manowar: C on Butters
nbartos: is he fit? I might make the late change..
zadolinnyj: I have a multi so expect butters to injure himself
circle52: I have stuck with Rozee so hoping right decision given this Rds scores
Pavs: Rozee for me although with my ability should probably recommend Butters
BigChief: Both fit for now nbartos.
Hughsy: Pushing for 2.2k, yous?
Pokerface: i have all 3 as well. Had captaincy on Rozee, think he will be massive today. But had to take Green vc
BigChief: I like the look of Mead as well, just no guts to pick him.
nbartos: Reid on Butters H2H
naicosfan: 2100 with gibcus fielded
Pokerface: their early draw is irresistable
BigChief: OMG Dwayne Russell and Kelli Underwood in same commentary.
Hughsy: i had reid fielded, unfortunate
AussieLion: Dear me Underwood. Reid and Rozee in this one.
Hughsy: Careful BC you will summon Lana
BigChief: Did you mean Karen Hughsy? Hehehe
Hughsy: Yes, my bad
J_Herer: get those witches hat symbols ready, the WC blood bath begins!
StuL: Reid already good
Hughsy: Reid will be scored generously this year
Getup: 2k with gibcus clarke and mcrae on the ground
BigChief: If the WA media have any say he will get 250 every week.
suns4ever: This reid guy good? Haven't heard much about him
StuL: Reid is meant to be another Dusty
Pokerface: Dusty wishes
Pokerface: He's already on 6 brownlow votes
StuL: When Dusty was good
Hughsy: They said i was the next dusty, injuries held me back
StuL: I remember Hughsy.
suns4ever: Can't believe wines has such a low %
navy_blues: port dont look very impressive yet
BRAZZERS: dusty is best player in the history of sports, same level as MJ and Brady
Hughsy: Tim kelly at 100% efficiency. take a photo
thommoae: Dusty has always been good, lads. Be serious. He's class.
BRAZZERS: get back to me when some else wins 3 norms, i'll wait
Hughsy: Humphrey better
Raspel31: Harley Reid- is he new?
suns4ever: Port haven't improved, bringing in b graders as always
Pokerface: come on Thommo, don't try and compare him to Harley. New level here.
slydon: come on rozee do someting
Hughsy: PAFC4eva is observing quietly incase wada shows up
StuL: Butters over Rozee..Should have known better. Got sucked in by the predictor
Pokerface: first one was Houli's, second one was Marlion's. Everyone knew the voting panels got it wrong
BigChief: Dusty not even top 3 Tiger of all time.
thommoae: :) Poker
Pokerface: That was nice BJ
J_Herer: Ports meters gained...
Getup: Who has Houston?
Raspel31: Rozee not exactly setting the world on fire- but patience.
nbartos: Butters you beauty
JockMcPie: houston butters reid doing alright.... yeo not so much
BigChief: Harley bench again? Has he got Brodie's tank?
navy_blues: omg!
soup: go well houston
nbartos: haha Brodies playing today too isnt he chief?
soup: wtf waterman bought a hotdog and a beer during that handball, how does the ump miss that
Pokerface: did anyone not captain Harley?
BigChief: That was further out than Wayne Harmes.
nbartos: Gaff joke
zadolinnyj: Ump was in position but looked out
BigChief: Named emerg I think nbartos
AussieLion: Not wrong Soup. Wow
RooBoyStu: This is why we are the laughing stock of the world & I couldn't give a flower if i left
don key: hahah alir was out too !!
don key: dixon big day coming !!
BigChief: Field ump can't pay out of bounds zado which is dumb.
RooBoyStu: Shower blokes everywhere umps have 1 job easier than my 2
zadolinnyj: Boundary was in place but field should be able to call it
StuL: Who has Zerk Thatcher?
soup: yea got the C on him too Stu
BigChief: The ump there was field not boundary. But yeah he should be allowed to call it.
navy_blues: charlie cant drop a mark lol
StuL: unliklely sources of points out there
shancrows: Wines lift
BigChief: Dixon might kick 10+ today.
amigaman: Under 9's mark
original: Soldo not getting points this qtr for some reason
StuL: Dont stop Reid
J_Herer: lift Gaff
J_Herer: said no one
TheLegend6: insane how bad gaff is now
AussieLion: Gaff, the hacker of the pill
BigChief: Get off the bench Harley.
nbartos: Butters stopped?
StuL: Rozee has rested enough.
Roarix: Butters sleeping.. wake up man
BRAZZERS: BJ is sloppy today
StuL: ffs. Rozee having a nap on the bench
Raspel31: Very long Rozee benching Stul?
StuL: Butters came back
AussieLion: Good lad Butters
nbartos: a BJ any day is a good day BRAZZ
Pokerface: keep going BJ
StuL: Dont think i rate Rozee now that i have him. Too outside for SC.
StuL: We need Reid back too. Cant expect a ton for a first gamer i guess
StuL: Im bored so making stupid comments
BigChief: 18 disp, 6 cp, 6 cl and 6 marks? You are a tough judge StuL
StuL: Im on the radio so i cant tell.
StuL: i didnt know 6 cp. Should have more points.
Nurfed: playin kick to kick in the F50 thats awful by WCE
StuL: 75 will do Harley
BigChief: That is a soft free against Butters
StuL: Rozee getting lots of rest in this game
zadolinnyj: Gaff subed
Hughsy: Why the flower would they sub gaff out?
Hughsy: most impactful player this game
TheLegend6: because he's useless
Pavs: 4 possesions maybe Hughsy
Roarix: Please get back on Butters and lift.
Hughsy: i think you mean 30 possesions Pavs
Pavs: Nope mean 4
suns4ever: Port fans booing a fair contest
BigChief: How is that a free against Butters? Umps have lost the plot.
Getup: Didn't watch the Geelong game last night clark 13 touches for 13sc wtf?
Roarix: wtf.. how is that a free against butters.. another soft free kick against him.. rack off umps
Hughsy: Butchering it
BigChief: Getup he was a 1st class butcher all night.
Roarix: Wouldnt wanna do it again.. he will earn a one way ticket out of everyones teams
Getup: Yeah thought so still 13 disposals 1pt a disposal nice
Getup: Not
BigChief: 13 disp and 7 clangers explains it.
navy_blues: thats bs free to rozee other night we saw that paid as htb
Hughsy: McGovern never fails to ton up from 17 possessions
S in don: Liam Duggan with 10 clangers, what a gun
Pokerface: alright finish this off BJ
Pavs: Push in the back navy. Easy one
BigChief: clever name Don LOL
Getup: Nice Houston keep going 👌
BigChief: Sicily, Redman and Rosas all offered 1 week susp. 6 others fined
BigChief: Erasmus and Lohmann subs.
TheLegend6: Kelly nowhere near it today
nbartos: Roz and Buts NO tackles
p0nga6: three figures required here wines
Roarix: 110 Butters.. get off the pine
Getup: Who got fisher form north i did pull the trigger or wait? 50 for a 300k plus player
StuL: come on rozee. donuts this qtr
Manowar: Butter get on the ground
nbartos: wait getup
Manowar: Trade Fisher tonight
snake_p: Legend is that Underwood or Tim or both?
Getup: Glad to see eagles holding on like North yesterday nothing worse than seeing one sided games
StuL: i should have known better limping to 100 if he can get there
Roarix: Come on Butters.. too much time on the pine now.. been 5
TheLegend6: both as bad as each other snake
sMiles: Looks like Port are sharing the point on offer. No one daring to go big!
snake_p: indeed Legend, my ears are bleeding
Hazza09: Not enough Wines, think he goes in 2 weeks
Roarix: Gonna get Rowell for Butters at this rate.. not good enough.. okay maybe not gonna be the trigger happy but still
nbartos: butters came into this not 100% i reckon, still done ok
TheOnyas: Onya Crippsy
StuL: this limping to 100 is no good. i had touk. wish i kept him.
BigChief: Cmon Butter 1 more snag please.
BRAZZERS: nothing wrong with butters at all
Roarix: 9 min.. 20 more butters
StuL: butters raised the bat at least
RooBoyStu: Only thing wrong with Butters is Margarine is better
StuL: not getting a ton out of rozee. not good
slydon: yeah we will stuL
Manowar: time to waste some trades, Butters & Dawson you're FIRED
slydon: still7 mins left
StuL: prove me wrong
BigChief: Mark and goal please Mr Butters.
RooBoyStu: Houston clap clap clap
Roarix: There we go Butters.. 2 more touches for each of the last 6 here
nbartos: butters to finish top mid in this, why would you trade?
Manowar: why not?
RooBoyStu: Who's the muppet that said only moments ago Rozee no ton
Roarix: Not if Rowell and Green have anything to say about it..
StuL: i said prove me wrong too
Silz90: Why would trade butters lmao
Roarix: Meanwhile Soldo sitting on my bench in draft with Nank on field.. good trade bait both can play this well every week
RooBoyStu: He prefers his cousin margarine
TheLegend6: Good debut for Harley
BigChief: Nank still more points than Soldo Roar
Roarix: Nah I know, not point having 2 120avg rucks.. use one for trade bait to improve an area needed
slydon: rozee took his time to work into this game but the captain has gone bang
Silz90: Time to trade rzzee
BigChief: Soldo won't avg 120. Playing a weak ruck.
StuL: who was regretting picking soldo?
Ooost: Trading Rozee and Butters? :D
Social: Kelly picks up another lazy $50k

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