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J.Worrall: Get a long, little doggies
Pokerface: Caleb the sub. what a fall from grace he's had
ReggieOz: Go Dees!
Trindacut: Why is Adam Treloar on the doggies list here
BigChief: Are you serious Trindacut?
RuffLeader: Trindacut still in 2017
Hughsy: I thought i missed the joke or something...
BigChief: Must be Ruff.
shancrows: Hi all long time follower first time poster. Hopefully a cracking game of footy (Crows fan)
Hughsy: Did m0nty sleep in?
Gelly: is this a practice match? crowd is terrible
navy_blues: hot doggies
Pavs: Hi all 8 involved in this game. Welcome shancrows
navy_blues: welcome shan
frenzy: howdy
RuffLeader: FanFooty still says Pre-Match, Melbourne must've seen this and thought they've still got time to show up
thommoae: Onya shan.
Raspel31: Close game- no cores yet.
navy_blues: kick it libba!
Hughsy: How spent the cash on Bont?
Hughsy: who*
JaiDay12: I did Hughsy, set and forget mindset required for the midfield
Pavs: yep me Hughsy
thommoae: I spent.
Roarix: Did also.. so did half of players.. 14th most picked player.. worth it
Pavs: Went Tracc as well
Hughsy: I did too. I spent most of last year watching him get 10 points for a kick and couldnt resist
shancrows: I started Bont Libba and English, Hughsy
Roarix: Shocking crowd for 2 vic teams in round 1..
shancrows: Went Grundy over Gawn facepalm
thommoae: Gelly I think there's a crowd - they're just seeking shade, out of camera shot.
Raspel31: We don'y talk about dtuff ups on this sie shancrows.
Pokerface: Haven't got this one on - so Salem's lost his midfield spot?
Roarix: Billings decent early.. showing why he shouldnt have been sub last week.. good one goodwin
Raspel31: Is English a better ruck pick than Grundy- asking for a friend?
TheLegend6: Well yeh just costs heaps more
frenzy: Max long time on the pine
Pokerface: 5 contested possies for Bont already.. wow
TheLegend6: Hate these score reviews
Pokerface: Raspel is Bont a better pick than James Jordan?
Roarix: lol
Raspel31: Got me there Poker-irony- but yep.
Roarix: Another review.. yawn
Pokerface: hmm, and yet i picked jordan. :)
Mikeagles: rage building for not having the bont...
naicosfan: funny how when grundy does rubbish gawn does amazing, and vise versa.
Roarix: Kozzie and giving 50m's.. some things never change
shancrows: Oh no Gawn
slydon: that looked out...
Roarix: Now thats muppet worthy.. coach killer.. just take the boundary throw in
Raspel31: What about Rowell last night- took a gamble but wow, the boy is back.
Pavs: Very good Rasp I buckled and went with Green Instead
Raspel31: Have em both Pavs.
JaiDay12: Rasp I am filled with envy, had Rowell in the team and made a last minute change for Newk :/
naicosfan: might pick up rowell after the bye if his price is right. too many bye players
slydon: english looking very sore
Pokerface: is Salem getting much mid time?
naicosfan: long quarter
nbartos: gawny nearly double english - fk off
Raspel31: Having them both negates that equation nbartos.
nbartos: genius Rasp
Mikeagles: regrettign not putting the C on gawn
naicosfan: Gawn going 260 today?
slydon: @naicos the strategy is bringing him in now before he makes the money and hold him. he is a must have this year
slydon: same as tgreen
Roarix: Shoulda C'd Gawn over Bont.. still going well though
naicosfan: got green @slydon not sure how to fit rowell
nbartos: correction trade Dawson to Rowell
Hughsy: Matt crouch screws dawsons scoring for some reason...
Raspel31: I went Naicos but the Green, Rowell, Gawn-wow some big scores.
slydon: what bartos said
navy_blues: wheres Ash he sits here and criticises other teams wonder what he would say bout his dogs right now
slydon: get off the pine please salem
Hughsy: ahaha navy
Manowar: big mistake!
Ash777: I'd say your starting to take things personally
navy_blues: lol dogs are sleeping id say
frenzy: geez I got some shower rookies
Hughsy: Ash whats your opinion on the doggies current performance?
Ash777: they're turning it over too much
PAFC4eva: Starting to regret taking daics vc
BigChief: Did we just on Howes too quickly? Doesn't seem to be doing much.
zadolinnyj: Change of coach needed
thommoae: How's Ben Brown's impression of a dizzy giraffe? I'll give it an A+
Manowar: prepare you're resume Luke
Hughsy: The 91 was too attractive
Roarix: Got off Billings too quickly I reckon BC.. bloody goodwin
Roarix: Ahhhh Bont.. mah man
thommoae: Matt Hill's doing a fair job - good turn of phrase, doesn't try too hard ... unlike some commentators I could name.
Manowar: the old timer Gawn looks cooked now
zadolinnyj: Assume bont is most people’s captain
J_Herer: love the Bont!!!
frenzy: took Green
Hughsy: I took Naicos as VC, theres been about 5 higher scores in my team alone
Roarix: Agree thom.. nice to have him and Huddo on the same call
Pokerface: i would assume the R3 loophole is after Naicos and Green scores Zad
Ash777: ffs dogs
Roarix: Bont more gametime than key forwards.. how couldnt you have this guy hahaha
J_Herer: 33.4% of teams have started Coffield in Fantasy
Raspel31: You lose a mere handfull Hughsy- do the sums. But good we got em all.
Pokerface: Herer they are still gonna do better than those who started Reid and/or Gibcus instead
naicosfan: bont has cog tog
frenzy: thanks poker, lol
naicosfan: has to be his brownlow this year
Hughsy: The real question is do we stick with Zac Fisher?
Roarix: Glad I didnt buy into that one Hughsy, not sure what people were seeing in him.. not a good footballer
RuffLeader: Fisher like Nic Martin, role is there, got plenty of the footy, just used it poorly, whether thats a trend is the issue
J_Herer: Maybe Poker, but the price difference... see if he gets his break even
naicosfan: im thinking about downgrading martin to bonner and fish to heeney
naicosfan: im considering that trade after next week
Hughsy: then theres D'ambrosio...
shancrows: I'll be flicking fisher Hughsy
Pokerface: Coffields the same price as reid and cheaper than Gib?
Pokerface: ooh sorry you are talking fantasy
Roarix: Give martin another week.. 2 weeks till price change on him and bonner
Hughsy: I trust Martins role, he usually is more efficient, on the other hand bonners role will be affected with Rtn of Sinclair
Raspel31: Reid was a loss yesterday- but keep him for the loop?
Roarix: Picked D'Ambrosio.. only poor pick so far in Budarick.. went Coleman to him.. :(
RuffLeader: Hughsy, Ross has said they will push Sinclair into the mids more often
Pokerface: could well play Raspel.. was just 'hamstring awareness'
Fromage: I still have $110K for correction - Reid to ambro or Grundy to Gawn
Roarix: Budarick for Billings now.. Daicos to go back, Fyfe into mids. More cash on top of the 80k already
Hughsy: Ok then bonner a solid pick Ruff, although i hate him for stealing NWM's kick ins
TheLegend6: so many bloody reviews
Pavs: Goal umpires have to get off Tik Tok and watch the game
Raspel31: If I had fyfe I'd cap him this week- but I am not insane.
shancrows: Lift Libba
frenzy: lets go Libba
navy_blues: ump waited for gawn to get to the ruck contest geez if he isnt there ball it up
Hughsy: gawn first 200 of the year?
naicosfan: lift libba
Raspel31: I don't have Libba- miss your point frenzy?
Hughsy: omg gawn
GJayBee: Howes and Coffield time for miracles lol
frenzy: he needs to lift his game Rasp
slydon: clarry is turning into parish. hell get 40 touches but only 25% DE
slydon: but gawn going nutz
Beast_Mode: good to see billings sucking a few in
Doggie Doo: How many would have Gawn as captain?
shancrows: GJay I'm glad I'm not the only 1 with Howes/Coffield
AussieLion: Make that the 3 shancrows :(
naicosfan: howes on the bench and gibcus fielded here
StuL: when draft teams were better than the one you went with. poo
StuL: No Gawn = ranking of top 50% or something
shancrows: Poor Aussie! Did you also pick Gibcus and Reid though rip my defence lol
shancrows: Unlucky Naicos
AussieLion: Reid
Pokerface: howes is on track for a 60. he's a bottom priced rookie - thats more than fine.
J_Herer: Libba goes good = Dogs win
Cascadian: @Doggie Doo 1.3% have Gawn as captain and 1.6% have him as vice captain
naicosfan: up libba
Raspel31: Isn;t Libba 95 now?
Roarix: Lift Bont please. Want 140
nbartos: not fantasy related but Langdon is surplus to req
J_Herer: Unleash the helmet beast Dogs! (surprised he is a sub)
Roarix: You hack Bramble.. Bont was all by himself 40 out.. ffs
soup: Love your work windsor
TheLegend6: Pickett should be moved into the middle
thommoae: Amen, TheLegend. That's why I brought him in. Goodwin not seeing it at this point.
TheLegend6: oh no Sanders
StuL: sanders subbed off. ffs
zadolinnyj: Sanders sub
Ash777: classic bevo
soup: Sanders subbed you're joking
Fromage: Sanders?
DukeNewc: Sanders subbed ffs
BigChief: Oh FFS Bevo. Why sub Sanders out. Moron coach.
navy_blues: great now sanders subbed
navy_blues: what a idiot coach
soup: First he plays McNeil over Macrae and Daniel and now this... I want bevo arrested immediately
naicosfan: bloody hell bevo.
Beast_Mode: lol muppets, Bevo said before game that Sanders wouldnt play full game
navy_blues: no wonder dogs suck with a coach like that
naicosfan: get libba on the field ffs
navy_blues: suck as in results not teamwise
Roarix: Bont done nothin this qtr.. Big last incoming
Mikeagles: as a non bont owner i think he should go forward...bevo up for it
DukeNewc: Navy, he's gone to shower these last couple years
AussieLion: Sanders….Noooooo
TheLegend6: Bramble 292k btw... not sure on JS but should ton up here
soup: Beast must have insider information, seems he's the only one not shocked by the sub
navy_blues: dogs have heaps of talent there but idiot coach you tell me who needs to be sacked?
Cascadian: Come on Bont dominate this last quarter
Pavs: Tend to agree navy with the talent they have results haven't followed
StuL: a young bloke in his first game doesnt need a rest Bevo
frenzy: Bevos behind in his Fantasy team
Raspel31: Am I thinking a few of us had Sanders? I ndeed, makes no sense.
BigChief: Evans and Chesser subs.
TheOnyas: onya gawny
Roarix: Dont think goodwin will start Billings as sub ever again.. clown
naicosfan: libba doing bugger all, crack a ton please
Pavs: Libba only 1 tackle Naicos. Not helping
Hughsy: I go to take a shower, come back and sanders has been subbed what???
BigChief: Hughsy he figured if you can shower middle of game he can as well LOL
Roarix: Who are ppl thinking for Gibcus? Was hoping Hore would score a decent one today, not sure now
Bulky: Fancy not starting Daniel on the field. He's an absolute gun.
soup: Roar try and go up to Massimo I reckon, options below 150k very scarce
navy_blues: daniel 11 touches already
shancrows: Massimo for Gibcus
Ash777: windsor subbed
thommoae: Lol BC. Best today.
Roarix: Already got him Soup haha. Probs a rookie for rookie
Pavs: Need to find cash and go D'Ambrosio
TheLegend6: Ton up Libba
StuL: windsor at least scored ok. another vest copped
naicosfan: i dont see a 30sc difference between libba and bont
Roarix: Dogs not trying to win? Get Bont back on
Raspel31: Being new to this is Gawn better than Grundy?
Ash777: 6 clangers to libba
Hughsy: I would always complain about bonts overscoring naicos, so i got him, if you cant beat em join em
BigChief: TMac has been good today.
Hughsy: I will also say that Libba not tackling nearly as much as usual
shancrows: First time starting Libba I'll take the blame lads for those who have him
Roarix: Game not over yet..
slydon: my swaps this week will be salem, clarke and gibcus for massimo and bonner 100% but im still up for discussion on 3rd
slydon: with bonner and massimo id have 186k left over
slydon: thinking either dempsey or windsor
naicosfan: same here @shancrows were both to blame
slydon: open to suggestions
Hughsy: some tired lads out there
soup: Sly maybe Windsor due to the earlier price rise?
BigChief: Good old rage trades huh slydon.
shancrows: Thoughts on Ginnivan?? He seemed to be everywhere yesterday
xodeus9: bont 30 pts this qtr, has he even touched it?
Hughsy: I feel like im the only one starting matt crouch this year... he is a absoloute ball magnet and i consider him a must
slydon: spot on big chief. well gibcus injury is a no brainer have to trade him but salem will give me the spare to cash up
TheLegend6: Wait a week on most of the rookies, back your decisions in unless theres injuries
Raspel31: Gawn is gone for me- wanted 200.
Hughsy: Ginnivan left for a sausage roll at half time and never came back
slydon: i dont back clarke he was butchering every possession
mattmac24: I started him Hughsy. He is only one bad game from being out of favour and getting dropped
J_Herer: Libba will be fine, dogs killed in the middle today (Gawn/Oliver/Petracca/Viney)
Hughsy: i suppose... he is just so consistent
slydon: that 13 in clarkes system will flower him for weeks and by then youre left behind
shancrows: I took Berry over Crouch Hughsy only because Berry named on ball. Crouch will have a big year
mattmac24: Everyone has him though Slydon. Wait on bringing another rookie priced or mid price player until on the bubble
Hughsy: i took both, berry's 80 is very handy
BigChief: I would trade Gibcus and bench Clark.
mattmac24: Otherwise you're stuffed if you bring them in after 1 Game, they get injured and you're left with no price change
Getup: What's going to be a par score 2k?
Roarix: Clark gone if another poor one.. Dempsey looked real good
slydon: i have a greater strategy in play chief
slydon: big picture type thing
shancrows: Crouch you can keep til you upgrade for the premo you're missing
Raspel31: I figure 2200 Getup.
BigChief: Salem climbing slydon.
soup: Hipo hope you kept the VC on gawn
Beast_Mode: being irrelvant in SC is your strategy? the first months seperates the amateurs from the rest of us
TheLegend6: 2.1k imo
frenzy: they have an itch they need to scratch BC
slydon: keep in mind, 40 trades this year and im just trying to spank my mates not win money
Roarix: 2200 was in reach :/ Budarick stuffs me, 2100 it is
ReggieOz: Go Dees!
slydon: ive gotta find the money somewhere to change gibcus to massimo so im gonna do what i have to do
BigChief: 2145 is my projected score.
zactennant: Go dees!!!
zactennant: Moment of silence to everyone who traded out Gawn after last week
slydon: this on field i had gibcus (reid was emergency), clarke, sanders, lazarro which all flowered me
StuL: good score chief. i think. mine is 20 something. a couple of howlers have bled points
slydon: im in your boat stul but ill be lucky cracking 2k with my rookie decisions
BigChief: I didn't think Gawn would get his BE this week, but well done big man.
StuL: clark sanders gibcus all on. i had high hopes then reality
original: After some howlers and Gawn score last week I tried to save cash. Cmon soldo. What was I thinking
StuL: i thought gawn might be too up and down and not get his best back. so i overpaid for English
StuL: listen to everyone else. your judgement sucks. i never learn
DaicosQB: Wait I didn't realize Macrae was out for McNeil hahaha what is that donkey doing
BigChief: Bevo doing Bevo things Daicos that's what.

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