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J.Worrall: Need some serious Suns action here.
navy_blues: ok berry time to shine!
Troglodyte: Go the Hard-wee Boys!
exatekk: go crom
wadaramus: How does Port get a home game against WC and we get GC on the road?!
Troglodyte: Port are a better team?
wadaramus: Gotta love the AFL "Fixture" based on last years results..
wadaramus: Gee whiz, this is an enthralling game of footy..
bhg26: Would be nice if you could get off the pine crouch
Pokerface: you know theres more than 1 round in the fixture wada...
Pokerface: wish this site had emojis so i could put my eyes rolling
PAFC4eva: Cmon wada crows had 5 of first 7 at home last year
StuL: flanders 23%. why?
wadaramus: Sorry PAFC, Port finished top 4 and still get R1 at home to the wooden spooner.
wadaramus: We went to GWS last year in the heat too.
Pokerface: its r1.. theres 23 more rounds!
Troglodyte: Crows love the GC - don't they have their camp here every year?
wadaramus: The AFL have perennially looked after Port Power.
Troglodyte: Great team building opportunity...
BigChief: Is Sexton playing fwd or back?
Pokerface: i thought we don't talk about the Crows camps anymore..
PAFC4eva: And in 2022 we finnished 12th yet had 3rd hardest draw last year fixture vic bias
clay007: Will this be the reason why crows miss out on finals do you think Wada?
wadaramus: Who's your team hermit?
PAFC4eva: Plus afl cannot forecast weather 6 months out:)
Pokerface: lol clay
wadaramus: Yes clay!
Troglodyte: I'll let you know when I figure out how to change it
clay007: The draw is the draw, it stinks, but the best sides generally make it, I think.
wadaramus: Give me a break PAFC, the Power are always gifted good draws.
clay007: I think the Crows will be good this year, need the Texan back though and Thilthorpe
wadaramus: The draw is the draw, seriously?
pluggerpig: stupid sxy flanders
PAFC4eva: wah wah wah
wadaramus: Travel to Tasmania, Ballarat, Darwin, Alice Springs, get flowered mate.
Pokerface: stop it Clay! giving wada hope like that just to see the bigger fall when they finish 14th. so mean!
wadaramus: Port have always been a charity case.
PAFC4eva: 3rd hardest last year as stipulated on afl website fact
clay007: When the tigers won their 2nd flag, you should have seen their first 5 games, against bottom 8 sides, a joke I say!
Troglodyte: Is it rain or wada's tears?
BigChief: Get a room you 2 LOL
clay007: We love ya wada, but it might be time to get out the little violin. lol
PAFC4eva: Settle wada your twot showing
Silz90: your thoughts on the prison bars wada lol?
wadaramus: Prison Bars are Magpies, not Power.
Hughsy: Matt crouch is simply him.
PAFC4eva: Wharf pilons ay wada
clay007: Why was Crouch not valued? He is a champion!
BigChief: On past job security clay would be the main reason.
wadaramus: Yes PAFC, Port Power have no right to this guernsey.
clay007: Well, I like the way he plays Big Chief. T Berry, looking like a reasonable rookie?
PAFC4eva: Except heritage round
Pokerface: Sam Berry. What have I done.
Pokerface: the rev up you needed Sam?
BigChief: Port shouldn't be allowed the black and white jumper in AFL. Never had heritage in AFL to wear it.
wadaramus: Whoa, be careful BC...
wadaramus: It's our flowering heritage mate!
PAFC4eva: lot of teams have heritage jumpers never worn in afl
Troglodyte: Why are we talking about Port, they're not the loser team playing in this game
Pokerface: under that theory Chief, should heritage round just be the jumpers worn in the 1990s? No AFL before that
wadaramus: We are Port Adelaide.
BigChief: wada Power colours are teal, black and grey. Magpies (SANFL) are black and white.
wadaramus: I agree wholeheartedly BC :)
wadaramus: The Magpies are now non existent because Koch wants what he wants.
PAFC4eva: Poker has got it right
BigChief: What other side wears the jumper of another side in the AFL? Collingwood have the B&W jumper, not Port.
clay007: I would like to measure the distance between lairds two eyeballs.
Pokerface: hahaha clay
BigChief: Poker why not. The 2nds side can wear the older jumpers.
wadaramus: There is no Magpies logo on the SANFL guernseys. History is erased becasue Port wants the Power history to rule.
Pokerface: Port had the jumper first
clay007: They are almost touching each other poker, how does he see past his knows?
wadaramus: This is a shower game of footy.
clay007: nose
Pokerface: because the afl did not exist before the 1990s.
BigChief: Poker pretty sure Coll wore it 1st in AFL (1990) not Port.
Troglodyte: Who cares about Port, back on the GC bandwagon people - they're playing finals this year remember ;)
clay007: That is because it is crows vs gold coast wada! Ha
wadaramus: All VFL history exists before .
PAFC4eva: Are they called the pies in sanfl or power wada ?
Pokerface: as does SANFL and WAFL history, which are just as relevant pre AFL
Pokerface: I do feel for the guy trying to buy sunglasses. Probably need to be specially made
wadaramus: They're not called anything in the SANFL anymore :( History is erased.
Beast_Mode: incorrect not revelevant at all, just like those 2 states
PAFC4eva: lets go flanders and sexton go big
wadaramus: Port's want for greatness has erased their greatness in the SANFL.
BigChief: I agree with that Poker which is were heritage jumpers (pre 1990) should be worn. Just my opinion of course.
clay007: That is true poker, need to be custom made.
BigChief: Where not were.
clay007: Are you boys all eating sour grapes?
Hughsy: How is crouch only 6% owned
BigChief: No sour grapes for us Fitzroy fans clay LOL
Pokerface: Hawks should be nicknamed the Mayblooms for heritage round
clay007: Classic work Big Chief! lol
wadaramus: SANFL greats are no forgotten, but Port Power has seen that their significance is eroede.
BigChief: Oh now that's going back Poker LOL
Pokerface: lol i don't do heritage by halves
wadaramus: What an absolute shower game of footy.
wadaramus: How good would it be to be playing at AO tomorrow afternoon against the wooden spooners?
clay007: Good point Wada, I might switch this game off and watch the Pies get flogged by the swans
PAFC4eva: Didnt hear you complaining when you played them twice last year wada
wadaramus: We didn't finish top 4 mate!
wadaramus: Port Powder get looked after every flowering year!
Hughsy: bickering like a married couple
clay007: I think the most important thing is you are taking it well Wada. Some blokes would just complain
wadaramus: Give it up mate, you get an armchair ride every year!
PAFC4eva: i know you didnt make finals after playing them twice
bhg26: Crouch getting that Brodie TOG
wadaramus: The AFL have a need for Port to perform welll.
Hughsy: he will finish with 110 with 57% TOG mark my words
Troglodyte: lol clay - wada is just making a play for the spud icon this year
bhg26: Im counting on it hughsy
clay007: Could butts possibly be good below his knees?
wadaramus: flower off Trog, you deserve the king edward award mate.
PAFC4eva: Making a play should already have it
Troglodyte: I don't understand your boomer references wada
clay007: I think Wada, it is rd 1 and you should be looking at the positives, not sweating the small stuff. Chill and thrill
TheOnyas: onya rowelly
wadaramus: Or the Spunta award.
Hughsy: Im having a blissful night SC wise
Troglodyte: Surely you are just making stuff up now - did you pick up your meds this week?
wadaramus: Or the Pink Eye!
clay007: When I am stressed, I like to imagine how great Beast's team would be. He picks all the best rookies, best premos.
PAFC4eva: cmon sexyton
Silz90: beast has already won the weekly prize
Pokerface: when I am feeling down i like to look at pictures of Laird's eyes
wadaramus: Reverting to baseless insults is a very low form f insult Trog, but perahps I should not expect anything le ss.
Troglodyte: Have another glass of plonk mate and enjoy the game
clay007: Ha! Poker, that is gold. Light humour is what this group needs.
clay007: Do you imagine him with specially engineered goggles?
Pokerface: did anyone fall for the Budarick chatter?
wadaramus: Again, a baseless insult.
clay007: Who do you support Trog?
Troglodyte: I'll let you know when I figure out how to change the icon
wadaramus: Cave dweller.
clay007: I hope you are a Pies man Trog! lol
Pokerface: no Clay. I like looking at his uncovered eyes because I know mine don't look like that
Troglodyte: Isn't there enough of those already.
clay007: I can imagine that takes you to a happy place Poker, it is taking me there now. lol
Pokerface: lol
Pokerface: so noone on Budarik? good to hear
clay007: No Budarik. Rookies have not been as good as people thought. Unlucky too, gibcus, reid
wadaramus: Have you changed your icon yet?
Troglodyte: How do you do it?
BigChief: Ben King having an awesome game by the look of it.
clay007: Just noticed that Big Chief, not easy to do.
J.Worrall: You'll need to use some tools, Trog!
wadaramus: I think this has got to be the worst game of footy ever.
sheezel420: crom just bad, this game isn't that bad
Hughsy: im loving this
Troglodyte: Nope can't figure it, thanks anyway Worrall
clay007: Wada would have loved that kick from smith. The game just got a little more interesting.
Beast_Mode: crows havent recovered from 2017, its sad really
Troglodyte: What happened in 2017?
clay007: The infamous camp disaster Trog
BigChief: Also lost GF to Rich
pluggerpig: Rowell looks legit this season
clay007: The crows can still hear the lambs screaming!
NickyD: I hate you Jordan Dawson
clay007: Did he steal your wallet NickyD?
Hughsy: i guess you could say that
NickyD: @clay He stole my heart and broke it today
clay007: The pies did that to me last night, but I still love em
beerent11: Yes Marty boy!
beerent11: Matty boy, damn you autocorrect
bhg26: Surely an effective kick from crouch there
Hughsy: You beautiful man miller!
Hughsy: exactly what i said bhg
Yelse: are the GC players gonna have swayed scores at the start with all these home games
Manowar: J Dawson get in the bin
BigChief: Expected more from Sexton.
Troglodyte: Witches hats?
Waddos: Dawson u are killing me :(
Waddos: Dawson you are killing me :(
Hughsy: touk for 200
BigChief: bhg the other 2 Ben's stole your 2 goals.
Troglodyte: Bet Port a looking forward to playing this rabble
Hughsy: dont summon PAFC4ever
exatekk: recent record trog
Troglodyte: He's lurking somewhere
PAFC4eva: Dont know trog port crom games always close and he did hughsy
Ash777: no tex no crows
Troglodyte: Thought his TOG was a little low
Ash777: also no thorpedo too
Troglodyte: GC top of the ladder two weeks in a row - who would have picked it
PAFC4eva: Didnt pick it but love it
bhg26: To say Ben King is a frustrating watch is an understatement
StuL: remorse when the guys you had in your draft teams kill it. could of had touk.
StuL: GC might actually be good
clay007: Quick, someone wake up wada, the crows are back!
Ash777: game on
Troglodyte: wada passed out from too much plonk
clay007: Too much red and went to bed
pluggerpig: who was laughing at 23% Flanders ownership earlier?
DANGERous: its the touk and rowell show
bhg26: Haha Kings just dropping chest marks now
BigChief: Only 9 clearances Rowell? Get in there.
Hughsy: is wada alive?
frenzy: ROB against his shadow this week got smashed
bhg26: Crouch is so good
PAFC4eva: Can the crom pull this off?
navy_blues: wheres wada lol
bhg26: What the flower is going on
clay007: Oh Rankine...a genius!
Beast_Mode: sucked in dimma you flog!
Ash777: super sub
clay007: Have the crows won Beast?
Hughsy: at the end of the day GOD decides who wins and who loses
mattmac24: Bit Salty Beast? Hardly sucked in given how Richmond are going
Beast_Mode: clay no, but neither have the pies
Ash777: oh boy draw fc lining up
Beast_Mode: lol i dont go for the tigs, he's just a tosser
clay007: I love your positive vibe beast, I wish I could be you!
Ash777: damn no draw :(
clay007: Yes, Dimma is such a flog. 2-0, if only he could be as amazing as beast
navy_blues: rowell 6 brownlow votes now
Silz90: how many flags for dimma beast
clay007: No flags for beast, but he has finished in top 100 three seasons in a row, Dimma's dream
clay007: Just kidding beast, just having a laugh. Have a good night all.
BigChief: Rowell and Heeney both 6 votes?

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