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J.Worrall: Go Sainters!
Manowar: Ross Lyon's team is up next, get ready for the bore feast
J.Worrall: Blessed be the Painters!
wadaramus: Cowboys win in GP, now for the Crows :)
BigChief: Holmes to get 90+
Urbs: We're back!
BigChief: Welcome back Urbs.
Manowar: hello J Steele the game has started
m0nty: welcome Urbs
exatekk: yes wada! Yay Holmes, starting to think i might not break 1000 lol
Pavs: merry new football year urbs.
Roarix: To have Dawson and 150k in bank or Bont with 80k.. need a C for this week. Jackson an option still
Ash777: umps wearing white & blue today
Pavs: Bont all year roarix. tough game against Melb but a lock all year with Daicos or Green
StuL: ok. clark isnt going to kill it like i said. you dont want too many123k rookies on the park
wadaramus: Hmmm, zero interest in this game.
wadaramus: Just rocked a nice rib eye, bottle of Cab Sav part consumed, settling in to see if the Crows can get a win on the road.
exatekk: yep. just biding time til 8.10 wada
wadaramus: May fall asleep early..
BigChief: Get involved Clark.
wadaramus: Tell him to lift BC!
northball: bonner looks good
StuL: dont believe the hype perhaps
StuL: clark only 61% tog too.
BigChief: He finally get a kick as stuffs it up.
Hughsy: ive backed NasiahWM in this year... well see
StuL: Picking dudes to get 0 isnt how its meant to work
beerent11: Ha writing off young blokes a quarter into their 1st game. Donít ever change Fanfooty.
bhg26: This is fanfooty heritage beer
Pavs: imagine Jonathon Browns first game on here
Silz90: imagine kade simpsons first or second game
Silz90: i went with dempsey over concrete hands. hopefully it pays off
ralfsmiff4: benched mckercher and fielded clark. pain
StuL: i went wirh mannagh over dempsey. not smart.
StuL: will clark be th3 first player to actually score 0? is it possible?
Pavs: Dempsey huh ok
StuL: 4% ownership. i had him damn it. dud rookie picks everywhere
StuL: clark needs another rest
bhg26: Had Dempsey for so long on my forward bench
beerent11: 40 trades. Everything is fixable. Itís dt now.
beerent11: Coulda woulda shouldas.
clay007: You guys talk like some of your rd 1 decisions are gonna stop you winning the title. Its rd 1!
slydon: i was waiting for holmes to have his role confirmed. i think hes a lock now at the price right?
Silz90: how many 400-500k players can you have?
Silz90: holmes, martin, crouch, wines, yeo, amon etc
TheLegend6: Depends on your structure Sly
Hughsy: nwm is a magician
StuL: yea i know
slydon: well considering i had gibcus and reid on field. im gonna have to drastically change the structure i think
beerent11: You can have 20 500k players or 25 400k players silz
Silz90: dam steele is killing it, its impossible to fit everyone in... so much value
Silz90: yeh but daicos and bont are locks beer too
Hughsy: Stu remind me do you have dempsey in your team?
beerent11: Got Holmes in all my draft leagues. Might try and squeeze him in to classic.
mattmac24: Having Holmes and Dempsey is saving my weekend!
Silz90: wow dempsey he looks like zac guthrie a little?
Urbs: Dempsey strong representation for the blond hairband brigade at the Cattery
J_Herer: Time to release the Mannagh!
Manowar: I've got a Bonner
BigChief: That had to be paid to Owens.
missmagic: so its a hawkins thing not a geelong thing?sdk push on king,hawkins gets away with that all the time
Pavs: No real control Chief
StuL: yea come on mannagh. have a rest someone
BigChief: More control than some Pavs LOL
Pavs: Agree but nah
navy_blues: wow gladcthis half started sick of wada history lessons
BigChief: Clark will be subbed StuL.
StuL: Yea that would just be great. clark will be dropped.
BigChief: shower I just noticed I have Clark on field :(
Yelse: i told myself never to pick rookies from geelong because scott seems to always give them low TOG. i went against my advi
Pavs: Goal umps are so gun shy these days
StuL: good point yelse. bloody scott
Hazza09: Fisher to Bonner will be a popular trade this week
Pavs: Its official Jhye on a shocker
StuL: clark needs time in the vfl it seems. about 20 weeks
navy_blues: hazza fisher is frwd bonner is mid be very interesting trade
Pavs: Dempsey a bit Fyfe-esque
BigChief: Seb Ross subbed. Interesting move.
Ash777: atleast dempsey has worked out
StuL: 10 points for 10 touches. clark butcher
Hazza09: via app Navy
Beast_Mode: he's had a rough night, he'll get subbed soon
Hazza09: *dpp
Hughsy: NWM i could give you a kiss
ausgooner: fk sake, had NWM all preseason but swapped him for Young last seconds
frenzy: why is crouch so shower
Hughsy: i swapped young for nwm last second
Troglodyte: bonner is taking all the Crouch and NWM chippees
StuL: just sub clark and be done with the pain
BigChief: Please sub Stengle, not Clark Chris Scott.
frenzy: call BC
p0nga6: finish the job NSW
BigChief: Yay. Clark has a chance to score more.
Pavs: Rubbish call. Geelong looking lazy
StuL: clark explodes 5 pts for a CP.
StuL: 1 big qtr clark. might save it yet.
StuL: why did he lose those 5 pts? crud
Yelse: how does clark lose points 5 of them
BigChief: And the points have gone again StuL
Ash777: can we give hawkins the burger
BigChief: That was dangerous from Dangerfield. Stocker had ball 1st
Yelse: clark getting 1 point a disposal lol
StuL: clark will get his projected scpre 13. someone knew
BigChief: And back on the pine. Cmon Scott give the kid a chance.
Beast_Mode: clarks b/e is 22
Ash777: saints tactical sub came back to bite them
bhg26: Needed Max King for 2 goals...
Hughsy: does 1.6 count
bhg26: We'll probably find out tonight hughsy
frenzy: bluemoon Kolojassknee
TheLegend6: Crouch TOG cooked
StuL: can mannagh beat clark. that would be something
Hughsy: here we go bhg...
BigChief: There ya go bhg
Hughsy: congrats
NickyD: bhg26... it's your shout!
DukeNewc: Here we go
bhg26: Beautiful
StuL: get clark on damn it. he can score 1 pt per disposal
bhg26: Now need king to get 2 in the other game...
BigChief: Sack Scott for this crap. He is a poor coach.
Hughsy: oh dear...
DukeNewc: uh oh
Yelse: why would holmes be on the bench most crucial mins
DukeNewc: that always looked like it was missing yet it went in
Catatafish: Celebrate hard tonight, Clark. You've earned it.
frenzy: danger winding back the clock
BigChief: bhg did you mean 2 kicks for B. King?
StuL: i have been saying sack scott for a decade
bhg26: Doesnt matter chief hes not getting either

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