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JohnHoward: what are u doing kayo, show the game
wadaramus: R1 Supercoach panning out like normal, stinky!
BigChief: wada have you been looking at my team again. The longer rd 1 goes the worse my side goes.
wadaramus: My eyes burn just looking at my own team BC.
wadaramus: I thought that experience brought wisdom, but not in Supercoach!!!
frenzy: howdy
Pavs: Chief, Wada you are not alone. Wish I was one of the clever ones on here that are always right. Go Green
m0nty: Brown on Pink, there's a tasty matchup
wadaramus: Why can't we just get it right, just the once?!
wadaramus: Hi frenzy, good luck today mate.
frenzy: need it
Pavs: Got Butters and Ridley right last year. Ah Good memories
Pokerface: come on vc Green
thommoae: Yep. Giants looking smooth at this point.
frenzy: margin 10-15 goals
BigChief: Green has started very well.
Pokerface: Brown, Green and Pink. Colourful game
Pokerface: m0nty a red line appears under colourful as if it's incorrectly spelt. Please fix. Thanks.
DukeNewc: He's got American spelling on Poker, it's spelt colorful over there
FoopyTime: ORANGE team defensive line is super solid
DukeNewc: Sheez, green, Colby, fish for me
Pokerface: Thanks for explaining to me Duke...
Blaircam: I've had Gibcus and Reid both go down - now I just need Pink to do an ACL or something and I will have the trifecta
wadaramus: Cracking pace so far, carn Norf.
Hazza09: Green butchering it now
sfenda1: I think CD a bit harsh on green
Hughsy: skill level already looks better than Ess vs Haw
Beast_Mode: wheres tarryn?
Pavs: Jail
DukeNewc: Hahah pavs, just about to say the same
Ash777: the charges got dropped pavs
StuL: Green needs 50 touches at this rate you could have been zerrett. come on green.
Beast_Mode: nackers dpmt worry about reid, might only miss one game, the next 2 weeks is top 18 scorers because of the byes anyway
Pavs: Sorry that is where he should be. Lost my filter.
thommoae: Toby tax in play?
pluggerpig: this has to be the first time 3 Tobys have played in a game
BigChief: Does Riccardi stick? Nth don't want to go near him.
BigChief: 3 last week plugger
Ash777: norf game plan so far is get it to mckercher
StuL: pink has been everywhere on the radio.
wadaramus: Entertaining first quarter, McKercher big start!
wadaramus: Sheezel picking up from where he left off alst year!
Pavs: Harvey Thomas I like.
Raspel31: And 100% accuracy for McKercher- nice one.
StuL: pkayers you had in drafts but didnt go with. plenty of roos
Pavs: Give him the rising star Rasp. Looks good
wadaramus: I had Wardlaw but went for N.Martin.
BigChief: I looked at Warlaw but didn't want 5 Nth players.
BigChief: Wardlaw* OMG my typing is crap.
wadaramus: I knew what you meant BC.
wadaramus: Ahh I really flowering love the way AFL gifts goals to teams with shower free kicks.
thommoae: I now wat you mean two BC.
DukeNewc: Lift fish
Pavs: thommoae. hahaha
Beast_Mode: lads happy with green now? you can change your tampons now
Hughsy: Tom green wins brownlow.
Hughsy: Cadman on the bench may pay off
Pokerface: when he gets ahead of daicos i'll be happy Beast :)
thommoae: Norf may be rather undermanned at the back methinks.
Raspel31: Oh pooh- benched Cadman-such is life.
Beast_Mode: lol
wadaramus: Carn the Kangas!
DukeNewc: So did I rasp, at least you're not the only one
naicosfan: What a free kick, love to see it
BigChief: That's not a tackle.
Silz90: Cmon fish do something
thommoae: That's not a mark either?
wadaramus: Pulled his shirt while bouncing, technically..
wadaramus: Course it is thommoae.
BigChief: Maybe touched the jumper wada.
navy_blues: lol gee norf have friendly umps today
naicosfan: Go norf! I donít care about the umps rewarding them.
wadaramus: Definitely touched it BC :)
northball: getting blessed by the umps
Rubber Ducky: Quack goes Nick Larkey to draw a contact free on Idun for a cheap goal.
thommoae: Dwayne: They're giving the home team a scare." Who? The Umps?
BigChief: Umps trying to make the game more interesting for sure.
naicosfan: Iím here for it BC
wadaramus: Switching the TV to Cowboys v Knights, go Kangas.
BigChief: You muppet Toby Pink.
Baldfrog: Jumping ship already naicosfan don't blame you
Pavs: wonder if it is worth opposition teams tagging Sheezel. North use him like a 10 year veteran
Ash777: fisher was a huge trap
StuL: harley reid better be the next dusty. had duursma but upgraded. damn not picking cadman too
pcaman2003: Happy having Sheezel, Green, McKercher, Duursma in my side.
BigChief: Sheezel holding his ribs. He better not be injured.
Raspel31: It's not all about you pcaman- but happy too.
Pavs: It is always about Raspel. I told him Rasp :)
pcaman2003: Raspel. Cheeky bugger! Back in your cave.
Baldfrog: pcaman always has the highest scoring players suprised he hasnt won it yet
Raspel31: Green- 22 possie half- he;s a gun.
StuL: green scores when he wants
pcaman2003: So close Baldy but not quite. I'll keep trying !
BigChief: Cmon Green kick it more.
Hughsy: C on Green AND Sheezel, good decision
TheOnyas: onya greeny
Baldfrog: Glad Green was hacking it would be on 150 by now otherwise
Pavs: Hpw many had Fyfe on the never again list only to put him in this year. (just me perhaps)
pluggerpig: me pavs - hes just too cheap
Ash777: I traded billings to fisher because I got convinced by the chatter. Billings better not play well tomorrow.
DANGERous: yep Pavs
Baldfrog: Thought about it Pavs but got to scared
Raspel31: Loop hard this year with so many rookies playing- my only option 3rd ruck.
Pavs: 40 trades plugger worth a rip I reckon. haha
Blaircam: I got Fyfe in - at that price it was impossible not to
Pavs: I reckon i said it 5 times never again. An insight into my thinking there.
Pavs: Got Livingstone third ruck as well Rasp just for that loophole
Raspel31: Ditto Pavs.
Pavs: West coast play a
Pavs: West coast play plenty of Sunday games.
Ash777: looks like norf didnt adjust well after half-time
Baldfrog: Pink=stink
Raspel31: Very observant Ash.
thommoae: Dwayne: "There's that Orange Tsar-nami." Bit of a nod to Russian History?
slydon: v glad i didnt bring toby in as f1
Hughsy: Is Fisher still with us?
Silz90: What happened to sheez
DukeNewc: He's an immediate axing hughsey
TheLegend6: Is Sheez coming back?
StuL: sheezel has had enough of a rest.
Raspel31: The question on everyone;s lips TheLegend.
Baldfrog: Not true Raspel
Raspel31: Sorry- every smart person;s lips Bald.
wadaramus: Lift Norf!
BigChief: Not everyone smart enough to select Sheezel Raspel.
navy_blues: get back on Green
Silz90: Might need to get rid of Fisher to fund ambrosio next week
J.Worrall: Reckon Gibcus will fund D'Abrosio.
Pokerface: Harvey Thomas should be P plate not L
Liontown: anyone heard what has happened to the Supercoach website? Its been down for quite a while
DANGERous: how are you managing this off a halfback Fisher. smh
Baldfrog: I'm currently on my supercoach page Lion no probs here
BigChief: refresh it Baldy and you will see it is down.
Liontown: Thanks Baldfrog
navy_blues: sc down 4 me too
J.Worrall: I egt a blank page loaded, and that's it.
TheLegend6: Multi's cooked with those subs
Baldfrog: Yep your right Chief funny as players scores were still updating whilst on my page
Liontown: Yes it must be down everywhere. I have VC on Green and will probably take his score
BigChief: J Worrall you have enough cash in bank for 150k up to 224k?
Hazza09: Cya Fisher, absolute trap
Bulky: SC down for me too. On phone and PC.
Pavs: Only fair thing thing to do wipe round 1 unlimited trades until round 2 (please0
BigChief: Collard and Mannagh are subs tonight.
Beast_Mode: 40 trades is too many anyway, 30 is enough
TheLegend6: Cmon Harry
StuL: as a cats supporter do keep mannagh despite rhe vest? i belive he can score when hes on.
Silz90: Thanks big chief... passing on mannagh now
Beast_Mode: keep him, you seen what carroll did lask week as sub, plus not better options available anyway
Ash777: I think I need to scrap my team. Fisher, Briggs, Reid, Lazzaro, Gibcus, martin, grundy
StuL: yea. he could have been cadman but oh well
Beast_Mode: sc back online now lads
BigChief: SC back up
navy_blues: hey stuhl hows jye clark going to go tonight?
StuL: grundy is an upgrade potentially Ash. He will make cash. Hopefully comes back next week.
StuL: jye clark will kill tonight
BigChief: Wow I just saw Briggs score. What a shocker.
Pokerface: still got Thomas with the L not P m0nty
BigChief: Footsteps Fisher LOL
Manowar: do something Thomas
LuvIt74: I'll wait a bit but i think Fisher to Duursma is worthwhile
Yelse: mannagh sub for cats
Yelse: where is fisher playing?
Manowar: don't bother waiting, trust me Fisher is not good!
StuL: nah thomas isnt going to do anything
BigChief: Damn Green went passed Naicos. Oh well go well Livingstone.
J_Herer: Sheezel going to be a super star!
meatcave: how good is the sheez
TheLegend6: Junk up Harry
Silz90: Already a superstar meat
J_Herer: Hope North get a flag in the next 5 years with these kids
BigChief: Yelse he is at Engie Stadium. Wouldn't call it playing though.
GOD: GOD got it right again, putting the C on J Hogan today!
StuL: Damn not going with cadman. i let bias judge it. wanted 2 cats
wadaramus: I thought GOD had the C on Ginnivan?
J.Worrall: Goater dead?
Ash777: ouch
BigChief: As if Nth needed to lose another taller def.
wadaramus: I guess GOD can pick and choose.
TheLegend6: Crazy how thats happened
BigChief: Achilles by the looks of it.
Pavs: GOD is awesome. Very few words but it is if he can see into the future.
StuL: Why do you let bad things happen God?
Baldfrog: Only bad things happen to unbelievers apparently Stul
wadaramus: If you've seen Supernatural, GOD's name is Chuck and he does not give a flower.
lana2146: God said why do people choose to do bad things we all have choices to make just like picking sc team
wadaramus: Humans suck and he cannot change this.
All Reds: Yass lana
Baldfrog: Why doesn't GOD give me the insight to pick the 18 highest scorers each week
Yelse: would you guys still pick someone being a sub?
Pavs: I'm obviously a sinner. Gibcus, Reid sleeping with the neighbours wife.
bhg26: Tom Green me love you long time
Pavs: Lost my filter again
northball: briggs oof
StuL: i have mannagh yelse. Should have gone with cadman
StuL: xerri better than grundy. obviously ppl hoped to get rhe old grundy back but we wont
Catatafish: Lucked out with Green, Sheezel, McKercher, Duursma and Cadman in this one.
Beast_Mode: making horrible decisions isn't "lucked out"
BigChief: Macpherson and Soligo subs late game tonight.

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