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J.Worrall: Carna SameOlds
Number 8: Maginness in the green vest. Merrett and Martin owners can breathe
frenzy: chaps
amigaman: Tsatas named on field, then sub
Hughsy: im nervous... no ridley or parish
Manowar: Hawthorn will win
frenzy: dont think subs have to come from bench
navy_blues: wright will have field day on frost
naicosfan: Interesting..
navy_blues: great captaincy sicily
FoopyTime: afternoon boys
BigChief: Afternoon all. Sicily having a mare already.
navy_blues: thats good chief i dont have him lol
Gotigres: Might have to grab cox at this rate
BigChief: Hawks should have selected Phillips to allow Sicily to play loose.
bhg26: I wonít judge what you do in your spare time gotigres
Gotigres: That's Nik Cox bhg
navy_blues: good win last night bhg
bhg26: Sure gotigres
BigChief: Straight over Gotigres's head bhg LOL.
Gotigres: lol
bhg26: It was good viewing navy, who knew 80 thousand people could be so quiet
Gotigres: Reid only 2 points behind Sicily and equal with Watson. Going well.
BigChief: Martin better improve his disposal. Been poor.
slydon: can lyons get the mckay brother right? i count 5 times hes been called harry. its flippin Ben
mattmac24: They're the same person Slydon
Hughsy: FFS martin
BigChief: He will when you get his name right slydon. It's Lyon not Lyons.
navy_blues: good mark harry
FoopyTime: i feel sorry for the fans who get kelly underwood comentating
Beast_Mode: i'd rather hear her than selwoods special comments
FoopyTime: he mumbles so i can just ignore that her voice is cats in a blender
navy_blues: hawks should be well in front
DukeNewc: Thought about amon, he's hurting me for not getting him
navy_blues: why hawks didnt start maginess is beyond me
lana2146: Another season more whinging about Kelly underwood turn the sound off if ya donít like her voice ffs we in kindergarten
naicosfan: Martinís disposal is horrid
RuffLeader: These are the 17th and 18th best teams, Essendon 18th
Hughsy: lana always yapping
DukeNewc: Lana, some people actually want to listen to the game, just not the commentating
lana2146: This his group got more whingers than pommies on Bondi beach on hot summers day
BigChief: another season of lana whinging about FF chat's whinging. If you don't like you can leave.
lana2146: Little man hughsy is back again lol
FoopyTime: whinging about people whinging lana strikes again
Cottees: Hawks coming out to break records in behinds. Doing well other than that
lana2146: Little chief standing over women lol
Hughsy: lana i dont see anyone agreeing with you, but hey maybe im wrong...
lana2146: Dont beat me up big chief
navy_blues: only cos of ess turnovers cottees
BigChief: little girl whinging still? Just leave and you might be happier.
lana2146: Little men syndrome Hughsy
navy_blues: i think hawks will win this now tho
navy_blues: even with sicily doing nothing
Hughsy: why are you assuming im little, why make it about gender? why stir shower up for no reason?
BigChief: Change your name to Karen as that is exactly what you are.
Cottees: @navy - winning by 1 behind at a time? haha
bhg26: Death, taxes and FF arguments. It is the way of life
Roarix: 16 touches for 32 sc.. wtf martin
thommoae: lana -'standing over women'? You may not be a goood fit here if ya can't take a bit of heat. Sheesh.
lana2146: Hook line and sinker boys lol
lana2146: Took the bait easy lol
J_Herer: ouch Sicily owners hurting
RuffLeader: Nothing like getting called out Lana and playing the fishing card, good one
lana2146: Enjoy the game folks
Pokerface: afternoon.
BigChief: no one got sucked into your crap Karen.
Pokerface: Iana pretending to be a girl to win the trolling.. a new low here
Hughsy: lol ruff
m0nty: possible hammy for Reid
RuffLeader: Jones couldn't catch a cold wearing only his undies in Antarctica
BigChief: Gday poker. Welcome to Karen central.
Cottees: So happy Ginnivan is playing insane for Hawks so far! yay
Pokerface: lol chief
BigChief: m0nty that will make 2 def that replacing in SC
Ash777: poor ginnivan can no longer get a high free
navy_blues: shows how bad dons are cottees if ginni can dominate lol
suns4ever: Watson is a wizard, he's knows how to disappear
Hughsy: this has already been established navy, this is not out year.
Roarix: Gibcus first.. now maybe Reid.. its a already feeling like a long year
FoopyTime: 2m peter dropping bombs
Hughsy: nvm, peter for coleman, dons premiers!
navy_blues: 40 trades might not be enough at this rate lol
BigChief: Can Martin get the cleaver icon. Worse disp than Tarranto.
naicosfan: Nic Martin hit a target!
frenzy: Colemans inj. Hughsy
Beast_Mode: you'de be fiilthy if you started both reid and gibcus on the ground
StuL: At least no one has Sicily
Beast_Mode: you'd be *
BigChief: frenzy Coleman actually died in 1973
soup: Stop butchering the pill Martin you coat
Ash777: I am filthy
circle52: I had Gibcus on ground and Reid e so part luck
Hughsy: im actually coleman
soup: Gibcus and Reid both bench for me, howes still needs to go big so fingers crossed
frenzy: thanks BC, lol
BigChief: Same here Circle.
thommoae: McGrath loving the Hawks inaccuracy. A kick-in party!
Hughsy: is Mcgrath a option? sucha good role for SC
Hazza09: FFS Martin, absolute butcher
StuL: Thats two correction trades already. Gibcus and Reid
navy_blues: sicily be losing big money at this rate
StuL: went tracca over zerret. the way this round is going tracca will stink or get injured
amigaman: Phew! don't have Gibcus or Reid
BigChief: navy he could be gettable at under 400k at this rate LOL
circle52: Do not panoc yet we have best 18 next 2 rounds so can make trades later
navy_blues: good point circle
StuL: best 18 sucks. i think for 2 team byes it should be normsl scoring
navy_blues: think id get him at 400k lol
amigaman: Left Ginnivan out of my keeper league best 22. In next week.
StuL: can probably hold reid but will he be worth it with that 16? and he might come back via vfl
frenzy: do we have 3 trades for the early byes
amigaman: No
StuL: so ginnivan hoping to be a big fish in a small pond?
StuL: yea what happened to the 3 trade option? is that no longer?
StuL: why didnt someone tell me reid is "stringy"
amigaman: Still there for the later byes
amigaman: @Stul Ginnivam has the potential to be a big fish
BigChief: hammy awareness for Reid. Might just keep him on bench for now and save trade.
northball: whats up fellas
frenzy: still 3 round price rises, so opening rnd goes up next week
navy_blues: who is on ginni? geez
BigChief: Martin at a guess navy.
Ash777: martin is
StuL: God might have the C on Ginnivan
navy_blues: martin gotta do better than that making ginni look like a star
BigChief: Massimo has looked good since 1/4 time.
Ash777: both teams look bottom 6 atm
Ash777: dons dont work hard enough off the ball and hawks have a skills problem
navy_blues: but i think both these sides beat wc last year ash lol
Hughsy: im hoping we play better in night games
BigChief: Both teams have skills problems Ash :)
GOD: Confirmed, GOD has the C is on Ginnivan today
Silz90: Has anyone bagged people for picking Reid yet
StuL: God is a blue bagger too. I can believe it.
naicosfan: Why trust Nic Martin with kick outs
Pavs: Hi all. Good news went Stewart instead of Sicily last moment. Bad news started Reid on the field.
StuL: i had zerret until the end i sacrificed hi. for cash to buy rookies who are so far not doing it
Ash777: shocking by dons
StuL: d'ambrosio who and wtf? same price as jordan isnt he?
BigChief: StuL he is 224k def I think.
naicosfan: I wouldnít pick him for this week guys.. wait until next week to see consistency
StuL: ginnivan stopped the qtr. back to Collongwood form
StuL: ill be spewing if my zerret replacements dont score.
BigChief: Nice throw from Reeves LOL
frenzy: when do subs for gws norf get named
StuL: about 15 mins before the bounce frenzy
BigChief: Haynes and Shiels are subs frenzy
LuvIt74: Gibcus & Reid need to be replaced thankfully we have 40 trades
pcaman2003: Hawks don't deserve this. Bombers kicking so much better.
Pokerface: why does reid need to be replaced luvit
StuL: or 30 mins perhaps. i can never find it online
frenzy: really stul, thats BS
StuL: because lady gaga poker.
BigChief: StuL it is 1 hour prior to 1st bounce and they are named on AFL site
Pokerface: hamstring awareness isn't a trade
Pokerface: especially in best 18 rounds for a bottom priced rookie
StuL: i dont know. i looked on the afl site for the first 2 games amd by gum they werent listed
frenzy: thanks BC, they just came in
LuvIt74: Poker scored 15 which will obviously have an effect on his price
BigChief: StuL look under team list for 1st 3 games and they are there. GWS v Nth are in story.
Pokerface: it affects increase for 1 round only.
Pokerface: There's no bottom priced def rookies on the bubble this week anyway unless you didnt pick Howes for some reason
naicosfan: Martin get to 75
Pokerface: well theres Dean, thats not worth a trade
BigChief: Poker there is Marty Hore as well.
frenzy: AFL webby is trash since Damien Barrett to over
Pokerface: did he play r0? even if he did, he is fringe 22
Pokerface: you are better off holding, see if he bangs out a big score, and if not see which of the others like Pink etc look ok
StuL: pink is another one
pcaman2003: Hawks will lose this easily in the finish. Giving Bombers too much space.Never learn!
BigChief: Came in this week for Bowey inj Poker.
Pokerface: you havent even see Pink play yet
BigChief: Haha frenzy that is 100% facts.
Pokerface: so not on the bubble then chief
ralfsmiff4: this durham kid is quality, have never noticed him before
Ash777: Pink has luxury of playing in a side with a key defender problem
StuL: why the hell is goldy a bomber now? sucks for draper
Pokerface: yep, but doesn't mean he scores above 20-30s
BigChief: Reid prob won't play next week but not worth trading him for 1 week out.
navy_blues: goalkicking is the diff here for sure
Ash777: no huswaite no hawks
StuL: ginnivan forget that theres a second half?
Gotigres: Are haynes and shiels the subs for gws and north?
Hughsy: D'Ambrosio is good cash generation from this performance alone... as long as he does ok from now hes a good pick.
BigChief: Yes Gotigres
pcaman2003: Ash. Husty may come in after quiet game from Watson.
Pavs: Pretty sure it was Duke who asked about D'Ambrosio last week on here. Need to pay attention to him.
Gotigres: Thanks Bigchief.
bhg26: Nic Martin you fraud
pcaman2003: Hughsy. D'ambrosio showing he's got a good all round game. Could be a good POD.
suns4ever: Nick martin having a nap
BigChief: I will give Martin 1 more chance.
StuL: Do many on yt doing team reveals had martin.
Hughsy: Doubt he'll be much of a POD after this
Gotigres: Gibcus to D'Ambrosio after this round
navy_blues: no martin no sicily
BigChief: Dons are choking
Hughsy: Tsatas overtaken martin
Pavs: Like it Gotigres
BigChief: LOL spoke too soon. Sorry Dons fans
navy_blues: liked perkins game
pcaman2003: Hardly Chief. Hawks been choking all game with terrible kicking, poor decision making,and not being accountable.
StuL: zerrett slow down. i have the not keepers remorse.
StuL: the two halves thing for ginnivan sheesh..
BigChief: Perkins best on?
DukeNewc: Problem with Martin is, do we think it's just one bad game?
pcaman2003: Stul. Hardly Ginnis fault. Delivery into our forward line abysmal 2nd half.
Manowar: Martin big problem, recommend you trade A-SAP
Hughsy: Yes. had plenty of the ball, usually more efficient, should be fine
naicosfan: We still got another week to find out duke
Ash777: probably give martin another game.
Pavs: Duke was it you that said about D'Ambrosio last week?
DukeNewc: I said he was a good pick pavs
DukeNewc: And I didn't pick him...
FoopyTime: martin just needs Coxs sunnies for daytime matches is all
Pavs: Did you pick him mate
pcaman2003: Mitchell better give the guys goal kicking practice this week. Been awful today in set shots.
BigChief: 11-17 says enough.
Pavs: Ok answered that
DukeNewc: I'm a psychic pavs, but didn't use my own abilities to benefit myself.
FoopyTime: super glad dambrosio is getting more game time i really liked his kicking but he was just not going to get a run with us
Hughsy: and when ridley and reid back he will have more opportunity to run free
Pavs: I will call you the Oracle going forward Duke
Hughsy: Martin that is
DukeNewc: Haha pavs, we will see if it's just a one off
BigChief: Swans should have an easy W next week v Dons.
FoopyTime: yeah im not looking forward to the next month of footy
FoopyTime: its going to be ruff

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