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amigaman: Any chance mods could change the colour of watchlist players? It's hard to pick them from the blue.
Troglodyte: Also whats the max players you can have on watchlist? I keep getting players not hightlighted
J.Worrall: Carna Bloods!
Troglodyte: oh yes sorry - go the bloody ducklings!
thommoae: Ducklings? Does that mean Collingwood are not Pies but the the Pasties?
Troglodyte: its a play on ugly duckling > swan and "the bloods", hence bloody ducklings
Yelse: i really feel for FMacrae. he is a gun but is always the sub and then gets dropped
Troglodyte: lol I just got what you said - jeez I'm slow today
Troglodyte: Go the 4'N Twenty's!
navy_blues: i will be powered off if lipinski goes well changed him for jackson
navy_blues: why arent pies playing noble? wei
navy_blues: weird move
frenzy: Pies are the Mudlarks
Troglodyte: Nobles is albino - allergic to moonbeams
Fromage: VC on Naicos
Pavs: amigaman go to dark mode. they stand out then
Hepatitis: Would be marvellous to see the pies go zip and 2
Yelse: you guys benching or starting roberts?
Jaypa: bench for me Yelse
frenzy: starting
Pavs: Same Fromage. Starting Yelse
thommoae: Well played Troglodyte. Hans would be proud.
TheLegend6: Hey everyone. Just recovered from last night. Errol will go big tonight.
Troglodyte: He's probably rolling in his grave to hear his tale turned into a terrible dad joke
TimT14: Let's go blakey
Jaypa: Heeney loos like a stud on ball, very excited over here
Pavs: Grundy looks up and about as well Jaypa
Troglodyte: Noice Chad!
BigChief: Keep those tackles coming Jordan :)
Bwad: Thank the lord they fixed dark mode with icons. Praise m0nty!!!
Pavs: Nice Nick don't want to have to use Bont as Captain
DukeNewc: G'day lads, loophole with VC on Naicos
Bwad: I went Grundy VC but also own Daicos, starting to sweat
sheezel420: Jordan 1 clearance 0 touches?
navy_blues: swaans spoiling each other
DukeNewc: I'm not sure it's a very original plan
Jaypa: swans backline working against each other, mustve had a bet on for Bobby first qtr goal
Bwad: Jordan must have falconed that clearance,,,,
meatcave: go heeney
naicosfan: Lots of open space down back, we got hardcore penetrated last week because of it
naicosfan: Doesnít look like much has changed
DukeNewc: Still can't kick set shots meatcave...
Hepatitis: So Collingwood run it over and no free, but we do last week and freeÖ
navy_blues: every year ppl still go for heeney
NewFreoFan: Damn this site is unforgiving if you enter your password wrong
Bwad: I hope Heeney is a huge flop. Sorry, not sorry....
Pavs: Resisted this year navy he will slow down when the mids get back
meatcave: dont be sorry and wrong mate
Bwad: Hahaha 100% NewFreoFan. Very average website from that POV. Very frustrating.
original: how does someone with one disposal have 2 clearances
slydon: can someone explain to me how cox has 31 points of 3 touches?
NewFreoFan: Cox scoring under imperial measurements instead of metric
Nurfed: ash johnson barely trying, drag his ass
Bwad: Can anyone explain how Cox plays AFL footballl? The answer is probably the same
lana2146: Why wouldnt u go Heeney with his current role anyone who knows SC knows his roles perfect
original: heeney been doing this for years. no fooling me. fake premo all year
Bwad: Because Heeney is a SC pretender? He always has great rd 1 and will absolutely lose that role in a couple of weeks
lana2146: Who cares when their mids c
naicosfan: Indeed original, canít get behind him
DukeNewc: Original, he is a temporary mid while Adams is injured, a fake premo indeed
frenzy: Heeney is burn man
Bwad: I'm thrilled heaps of people have burnt money and structure on Heeney
BigChief: Grundy been to the pine twice already. Not a good sign.
naicosfan: Rather put that money into Jackson
meatcave: Bwad has heeney for sure
DukeNewc: Speaking of Adams, he could be good when he comes in for your forward line, pretty sure he has DPP
Bwad: I absolutely do not have Heeney
BigChief: Jackson will go back to rubbish when Shrek returns in 4 weeks.
Jaypa: Duke he'll be injured 3 weeks after he comes back
meatcave: sure you dont mate
Bwad: Adams too old and injury prone for me Duke
Nurfed: cmon johnson ANYTHING
naicosfan: Shrek gets injured every week
Bwad: Why would I shower can can him in his 2nd match if I had him? Doesn't make sense meatcave
Hughsy: so Bwad theres this thing called sarcasm...
BigChief: Cmon naicos every 2nd week
Troglodyte: thou doth protest too much
original: jordan lost a tackle credit. weird
NewFreoFan: Heeney's your mate
Bwad: Except meatcave isn't being sarcastic... either that or he is a boring kent
naicosfan: My fault BC
meatcave: ive got no idea what that means bwad
NewFreoFan: Schultz statless, never liked him anyway
Hughsy: Grundy gotta find a new haircut
Troglodyte: Heeney is the new goat - get onboard ;)
Jaypa: Ash Johnson is the kind of worm who doesnt get a touch all quarter, so hes ducking to get involved
meatcave: Bwad: Why would I shower can can him in his 2nd match if I had him? Doesn't make sense meatcave - what?
Yelse: Who hasn't started with diacos?
lana2146: I see Heeney going 100 to 105 avg over first 5 weeks
Hughsy: why do i have matt roberts on my bench
Fromage: VC Naicos
lana2146: Iíll take that at F3
Jaypa: Iana can you give me next weeks powerball numbers? cheers
Zutroyz: Same reason I do Hughsy
lana2146: No jaypa but Iíll make a bet with you Heeney avgs over 100 next 5 weeks
BigChief: Where did Jordan's 3rd tackle go? Damn you champion data.
lana2146: Put ya money where ya mouth is lil jaypa boy
Jaypa: yeah we'll split next weeks powerball when you give me the numbers
Hughsy: Does everyone have C on mihocek tonight?
slydon: warner seems like he might finally be putting a season together....
slydon: do you take him after the buy?
StuL: much better than last night so far
Beast_Mode: bye*
BigChief: If you mean Warner slydom, then not at 560k for me.
MrWindow: I went C on Campbell instead Hughsy
Jaypa: Beast surely you had Nankervis C last night, with Vlastuin and Cripps
naicosfan: Well howís he done that
TheLegend6: Hello Errol
Getup: Rookie mistake just got home got mcrae on the field dam it go pies
BigChief: That hit the camera
Bwad: I thought I was going crazy until Hodge mentioned it hit something hahah
Beast_Mode: pies cooked, bottom 4
slydon: good observation bigchief
Trindacut: Yeah I reckon that's a first
Trindacut: That was a hell of a passage of play
soup: Tried to anti-POD the Naicos VC, very scared right now
TheLegend6: Schultz looked lost, never played in front of this many people
naicosfan: Heeney deep forward for all you believers
StuL: dont stop roberts and jordan.
Bwad: Me too Soup, I went Grundy into Bont - C
clay007: Heeney doing ok Naicos
Gotigres: So far this game is going well for me.
Jaypa: resting forward naicos, just ran the length of the G twice in 3 mins prior
Beast_Mode: heeney doing ok but wll fall away like he does every season
StuL: vc Naicos is very good
TheLegend6: Campbell is a good player, needs to find more of it
naicosfan: Ffs where the flower is our defence?
Gotigres: My vc is more points half way through the 2nd qtr than what my capt scored for the whole game in round 1 last year
BigChief: Lizard done SFA so far. Glad I didn't fall for his trap.
Jaypa: Heeney is cooking
navy_blues: fly not impressed
DukeNewc: Swans slicing and dicing
Troglodyte: Heeney is goating all over his doubter's faces right now
clay007: People don't care how he goes tonight, they care about his 22 rd form
original: got the vc on rowbottom. life is good
DukeNewc: Pies can't kick for shower, turnovers galore
Bwad: Trog, it's a long season. See you in 6 weeks...
NewFreoFan: No Ginnivan no Pies
Troglodyte: I'll trade him out during his bye. Enjoy the ride, then get off. Simples
Ash777: still too early for a premiership hangover?
clay007: Bwad shows you how they think. A players value rises and then you might sell them. He will rise in price then...
Bwad: Everyone plays different, but I'm not upsetting structure and cash for a premo priced player I'm going to trade after 4
Bwad: Especially with his risk to put a stinker in, each to their own though
clay007: So you keep all of your rookies to the end Bwad?
Troglodyte: Not everyone on here plays SC btw
navy_blues: nice dive
Bwad: Are rookies priced like Heeney? Weird question
clay007: I love it when people get their trumpet out.. time for trumpet Bwad!
naicosfan: We should be 10 goals down, for sure what it feels like
StuL: Big Cox come back bif from a mare last week.
DukeNewc: I'm extremely surprised trog if that's the case, that's the sole reason of fanfooty, to support sc
biggerz: Whos onnthe Naics VC?
Nurfed: i dont play SC
DukeNewc: And a bit of stats here and there
Nurfed: afl fantasy, classic and draft though
Troglodyte: No the sole purpose of fanfooty is to click the advertisements and make m0nty some money
Jaypa: hows that not HTB
Jaypa: umpires desperate to get Collingwood back in this
Troglodyte: Sorry, that was a bwad comment. I'll retract it...
TheLegend6: Just clicked an ad, thanks for the reminder Trog
Blaircam: Who didn't VC Naicos?
clay007: Funny Trog!
Bwad: We are allowed to have different opinions, good luck with Heeny naicosfan. It's going to be ok...
naicosfan: How tf is that HTB he had just recieved a hospital hand pass???
TheLegend6: Clear HTB Naicos
BigChief: Grundy 4 FA last week and 3 already this week. Please stop
Jaypa: how'd he dispose of it naicos? pretty sure dropping the ball is illegal disposal...
naicosfan: I havenít said anything about heeney since he missed that goal?
Zutroyz: Me Blaircam. Had the C on him
Jaypa: suggest a touchup with a rulebook perhaps to not look so ignorant
naicosfan: Iím pretty sure he just got tackled and the ball fell under him? Are we talking about the same situation? De goey at HF?
cmperrfect: How will Jordon go when Adams Mills Parker return?
NickyD: Jaypa ball can spill in a tackle, ump said no prior opportunity.
Jaypa: he clearly had possession on the run, got tackled and no longer had possession, easy HTB, umps are never wrong hey Nicky
DukeNewc: One more swans
NewFreoFan: Amartey such a strong set of hands. Foot not up to par though
thommoae: Rowbottom nailed him 0.3 seconds after he received it Jaypa - I timed it on my Citizen quartz.
StuL: ill take a 160 naicos.
navy_blues: i hate coll jatpa but no prior there id say but i see where yourccoming from cos umps do pay that sometimes
naicosfan: Jaypa are you delusional?
naicosfan: Umps pay that in the back more than ball
Jaypa: are you naicosfan? looked pretty clearcut
Jaypa: in the back? hahaha
navy_blues: grundy needs to lift
BigChief: He needs to stop giving away frees Navy
Troglodyte: I think the scores are cooked...
Zutroyz: Move on lads. One call in a long game
wadaramus: Poor kicking keeping the Pies in with a chance of winning by less than a goal.
Jaypa: swans getting in each others way on multiple occasions too
BigChief: Did you pay all your taxes today wada?
wadaramus: Damn straight BC, some of us have to contribute to paying for others not to work.
TheLegend6: Ash Johnson is just bad
exatekk: how does Johnson still get a game? FFS
BigChief: BT put the mozz on Johnson.
DukeNewc: Bit of commentators curse involved in that kick, its always BT
Troglodyte: CD breaking in a new temp...
wadaramus: How does Grundy keep getting plusses but his score does not increase?!
pluggerpig: 9 tackles for rowbottom already
Bwad: Premiership hangover confirmed. What's happened to the Pies?
original: stuff this, i'm chucking the 2023 gf doco on
Pokerface: Imagine not getting Heeney's score because you forgot you can trade him when he loses the role
wadaramus: Flyball going the way of Bazball?
Troglodyte: woops I just realised my Kayo wasn't live.
Bwad: Pies are cactus, 10 mins until we see the fan walk out?
Zutroyz: Done that many a time Trog
Nurfed: flair up bwad
gazza39: On principal alone @Poker
Bwad: Anyone else loving SEN sync so we no longer have to put up with C7 bs? What a god send
Silz90: pies are always a chance hold your horses
Yelse: ffs we are playing so poor again
Troglodyte: While you guys were enjoying the first 5mins of Qtr3 I was appreciating Shogan commercials
Pokerface: you sound like the English cricket team gazza. Well done on your moral victory
BigChief: You didn't miss much Trog.
Beast_Mode: wheres the muppets that were upset having roberts on the bench? lol
wadaramus: Lift Grundy!
gazza39: Um ok...Tell me who hurt you?
Jaypa: enjoying all the vinegar tonight
Hepatitis: Stick it up these flogs swanning
Bwad: Here comes the black and white walk out...
Hughsy: are you calling me a muppet?
Ash777: I didn't fall for roberts
Pokerface: Not Heeney's points
DukeNewc: Pies gone to shower again
Gotigres: Do something Grundy
Beast_Mode: correct, i can confirm
BigChief: Grundy has been very poor tonight. Wants to wrestle and not ruck.
DukeNewc: Jordon, Grundy, Roberts need to lift
lana2146: Its round 1 n a lot of you whinging bout your players lol amateurs
Pokerface: who got that mark?
lana2146: Hahaaaaha
Silz90: roberts was a good pick with half back role and some kick outs..rookie roulette
Roarix: Pies look in disarray. 20 scoring shots to 8.. wow
gazza39: You should stick with him then...
Beast_Mode: lol lana, this is FF every season. ppl bitching about how SC is rigged because they cant pick a good team lol
Beast_Mode: roberts will be fine, but will have some ordinary games like this
Pokerface: Intend to while he has the role. I don't let 'principle' dictate not getting points
DukeNewc: Grundy's score hasn't moved in forever
lana2146: First few rounds are for identifying who the best rookies are calma down please lol
Hepatitis: #hotpies
Silz90: your not going to nail every rookie selection. you can always make corrective trades
Hepatitis: Robertís will still get 60+
Manowar: Sack Fly!
Pokerface: you talk as if you only have 30 trades still Iana
slydon: talk about a premiership hangover
Jaypa: you can see why they brought the banner out so early, hoping people would forget
slydon: collingwood bout to join the 2012(?) cats
gazza39: If we're not here to talk about our players, then what are we doing here@lana lol
Roarix: The hangover is real.. their reserves didnt look much better today against a standalone club.. conceded 18 more I50s
clay007: So many experts, why do we need to brag? Surely you all know things change so rapidly.
Pavs: Heaps of people on here going to be in the top 1% this year.
clay007: Coleman is a great selection until he does his knee.
wadaramus: It's all good though, NDaicos tons up and that is all that matters!
Hepatitis: Classic soft daicos free.
original: embarrassing free
Pokerface: isn't it past your bedtime wada?
BigChief: Pavs I am aining for top 99% this year.
DukeNewc: So soft, classic daicos
Jaypa: thats a pathetic free kick, surely nobody defending that one
Roarix: A classic Naicos moment.. no surprise there
Ash777: karma kick
Silz90: did most people vc daicos?
wadaramus: Saturday tomorrow, I can stay up past my bedtime.
Silz90: incoming roberts ton lol jks
Beast_Mode: who will sydney sub out?
Troglodyte: I wonder if Roberts will make his BE...
Pokerface: oooh, maybe just a little nap in the rocker then
Hepatitis: Pendles far too slow now. Great to see
beerent11: Youíre well
Ash777: pies starting to get smashed
beerent11: Youíre well named hepatitis
DukeNewc: Warner has been electric
Jaypa: wheres that collingwood chant now, love hearing it
cherry9: daicos protected species, good thing I learned long ago - if a player annoys you select him
lana2146: I will say the warning signs were there with Grundy 2 weeks ago but last wks performance blinded everyone
biggerz: Hapatitis - he's never been quick, havent you watched the last 17 years?
Troglodyte: lol beer
DukeNewc: Jaypa, love watching them start to leave early, not sure its coming out tonight lol
Hepatitis: Biggerz- u can tell when A player is cooked
Hughsy: lana are we feeling quite intelligent tonight?
Ash777: wtf grundy 6FA
runners47: Brodie not looking interested
Jaypa: would be great if the sydney fans started chanting collingwood instead
lana2146: Well I decided to fade Gawn and went English Grundy so hughsy Im not sure about intelligent little man lol
DukeNewc: Just imagine the scenes Jaypa
original: emergency loophole grundy. may take a fwd rookie over him
Manowar: they can start chanting LOSERWOOD game is over!
Beast_Mode: hughsy having a mare
beerent11: Grundy will go big next week and weíll all be happy again. Itís what he is these days.
biggerz: hepatitis, he's had 20 touches @ 85% and the most contested possessions on the ground, hardly cooked.
StuL: Premiership hangover is real.
circle52: Seems to be alot of ruck infringements being pulled up these rounds 10 in this game seems excessive
DukeNewc: Original, Thats probably my idea as well, Jackson into the ruck and i may take wilsons score, its just a bit risky
StuL: Grundy and Gawn are both time fighters now. We arent getting their old selves back.
Gotigres: After I get Grundy in he goes from sc stud to sc dud
Pokerface: kind of like in 12 Monkeys Stu?
Amare: Pies a sneaky chance now Ash Johnson has been subbed
DukeNewc: Gotigres, just wait on him, only 1 round gone
DukeNewc: He was good round 0
gazza39: This game is a let down, looking forward to freo piling on more pain to the Bears
Hughsy: Feeling a lil condescending lana
Roarix: Half a chance Gazza, Coleman loss is a brutal one. Neale can be covered at least. Should be close
Gotigres: True Duke
Gotigres: I have a feeling Roberts will be subbed off, but hopefully Jordan
StuL: Scores stinking again now.
BigChief: Bris will come out breathing fire after last weeks choke job.
Beast_Mode: no chance brissy will lose, especially to a team like freo
Jaypa: here come the pies!!!!
circle52: Our problem the same as it has been for years no killer instinct and allowing teams back in.
gazza39: Agree roar, you'll be top 4 come September , but we need a first up win
Silz90: amartey sub
gazza39: Neale was looking good all pre season
thommoae: BT: This 'll be 3 goals in a row for Collingwood" ... unless he misses.
DukeNewc: Kill this mob for good sydney
Silz90: get to 75 roberts and i will be happy
biggerz: thommoae - BT just makes stuff he keeps getting a gig, I dont know.
navy_blues: got to enjoy these collingwood losses while we can lol
thommoae: BT: "That is a dagger." (The Swans already out by 6 goals.)
DukeNewc: Time for the sydney boys to rack up some garbage time points and save their game
BigChief: no one knows how biggerz.
gazza39: Fair call Beast, after all you do have the runs on the board..
Getup: Hmm average performance tonight miss Murphy 🤔
AussieLion: Bye bye Pies
Bwad: biggerz, if you have a soundbar or bluetooth audio in your lounge, go SEN sync. No more Channel7. It's heaven.
DukeNewc: The sydney chants come out jaypa
BigChief: Macrae in starting 22 next week?
Getup: Early day's Aussie you might be in the same boat no good thing v freo
Jaypa: love to hear it, shame theres no pies fans left to hear it
Hepatitis: Case in point - pendles cooked
Roarix: Imagine we do lose and Pies drop another game next week.. finalists playing from 0-2 and 0-3.....
biggerz: bwad - genius
Bwad: He looks old doesn't he Hep. Bit of a tough watch these 2 weeks, even as a Carlton fan...
Nurfed: youre off ya head hepatitis, hes done just fine
AussieLion: You might be right Getup.We will see.
BigChief: Johnson eating lollies. He has not earned a treat.
original: pendles playing for free left right n center too
gazza39: We can only hope Roar
clay007: Last week for Dean!
Beast_Mode: lol Dean is the worst player in the comp, a-grade spud
Bwad: biggerz, I can't work out why it took this long, but I'm here for it. Shame is wasn't around when Daisy Pearce was on
DukeNewc: Heeney continues his dominance
Jaypa: Heeney Chas
Pokerface: Heeney on 6 votes.
Troglodyte: Heeney goats! oops I meant goals
Roarix: Parker will get more forward time now.. Heeney is way too good inside
gazza39: Then Parker comes back in
beerent11: Isaac wetting a line. Many will bite.
DukeNewc: Mare for grundy
Pokerface: fair call Roarix
Pokerface: all those Heeney baggers earlier - how do you rip up your structure to fix your mistake before his price balloon?
frenzy: lol poker
gazza39: it wont happen, but enjoy the ride...
beerent11: Only for him to get injured or a role changeÖ.
beerent11: Weíve all seen this movie before
Jaypa: speculative beer
Silz90: seems like everyone is going to win the 50k this year sigh
clay007: Clap clap Poker
beerent11: Not me silz
lana2146: Heeney you beauty start ripping your structure up kiddies lol
Raspel31: Ooh la la- ouch Pies. But can live with Naicos V.
gazza39: Actually a bit concerned with the ruck yo-yo scoring
BigChief: Does the top 99% get a share of the 50k? If so I am set :)
Silz90: me either beer always next year lol
Bwad: This changes nothing about Heeney, nobody was saying he wouldn't score well without Mills, Parker & Adams in the side
Pokerface: parker and adams are at least 4 weeks and mills is half the year. and you have 40 trades now
Vultures: OK the celebrations can cease now, back to work next week
Raspel31: Glad I didn't fall into the Grundy trap.
lana2146: Well SC is about scoring Bwad and anyone without Heeney is missing out big time lil fella
Nurfed: all the fans leaving is pitiful
Gotigres: Hello capt Livingston
lana2146: Anyways thank u naicos VC Iím outta here
Pavs: More superior comments. Interesting year
Troglodyte: Grundy should get over his sulk by next week, he's run out of ex teams
Beast_Mode: lol at least they went to the game nackers
naicosfan: Thanks naicos, couple of votes this game and a nice c score
Silz90: fin is straight in next game
Troglodyte: Heeney BOG. Just saying
naicosfan: Hence why I said couple of votes
frenzy: finlay looks okay
Pokerface: warner > naicos
Vultures: No Brownlow votes for any Pies

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