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Nurfed: seems like the teams spacing on the website is a little off, tweet box covering where the scores are down the bottom
Nurfed: much better monty
Gotigres: Who is sub for tigers?
navy_blues: mansell
J.Worrall: Well, here we go again, gang.
Gotigres: Thanks navy. I think you're favourite by the way.
AussieLion: Hi g
AussieLion: Hi lads first timer here but a big fan.
Drak: tigers by 3 goals Brad Johnson reckons?
wadaramus: Game on moles!
naicosfan: Finally, the true start to the season, none of this round zero rubbish. Evening all
wadaramus: Have fun AussieLion :)
AussieLion: Thanks Wadaramus :)
_Wang_: Hi all
FoopyTime: round 1 boys
Pavs: Hi all Welcome AussieLion
amigaman: Good evening folks
Nurfed: yeah i agree naicos last week doesnt count lol
frenzy: howdy
zadolinnyj: Howdy all. Welcome to round 1 but 2nd game for some
Gotigres: Welcome AussieLion
Getup: Sc broken for anyone else??
naicosfan: Yep getup.
navy_blues: go H
Jaypa: good evening gentlemen
Getup: Weird no select e went to trade froze?? Still frozen
FoopyTime: legit hope mckay can keep kicking like this
wadaramus: Don't stress people, m0nty will get it sorted as he always does.
shagga24: Great to have the footy back on
Crowls: had issues with SC lost ability to select and confirm players. reclicked on game and started again seemed to fix it
Beast_Mode: hopefuly my 4th in a row top 100 finish in SC this season!
StuL: Who doesn't have a cookie cutter defence? No one I'm guessing. This Young bandwagon better not be bs.
Crowls: McKay looking good.
naicosfan: There we go, thanks guys
StuL: Tiger time is over. Thanks blues.
AussieLion: Cheers for the warm welcomes lads. Saw enough of HMc last week.
Getup: Hmm did the same thing crowls still frozen
wadaramus: Bit early for bragging Beast_Mode?!
navy_blues: lol soft
clay007: Get the trumpet out for Beast!
wadaramus: Surely a push navy?
Crowls: any one else start Carroll?
wadaramus: Trumpet clay? 21 gun salute maybe?!
navy_blues: yes saw replay wada
StuL: Had Newman in a draft team. went with the crowd and got young. Too early to complain?
Gotigres: on my bench Crowls
wadaramus: Carroll who Crowls?
StuL: Carrol is my E
TimT14: Grimes is so far past it, I sense a retirement mid season
wadaramus: Yes, too early StuL.
biggerz: Anyone else get sucked in by Short, or just me?
wadaramus: Oh, there he is Jack Carroll on 0 SC.
Crowls: Jack Carroll. AFL teams has it spelt Carroll.
naicosfan: Me too biggerz
clay007: Is Williams disguised as Will Brodie? TOG low
wadaramus: Still above ZWill though, get on and score points mate!
wadaramus: Just you biggerz :)
Crowls: hope he steps up as plenty of coaches would have been gun shy he would be sub
StuL: How is the Zilliams bandwagon looking? Not too good.
StuL: Gibcus keeps getting involved at least.
Jaypa: half a quarter of footy in R1 StuL, steady on
AussieLion: Get on the field ZW
StuL: Carrol scored.
Crowls: funny if zw goes low 40's and gets subbed off....
StuL: I know. I tend to ovedr react Jaypa
FoopyTime: why is everyone riding zwill? honestly feel hes been average since leaving gws
naicosfan: His BE is like 30, she’ll be right
navy_blues: 9omg lynch got his own ump tonight
Crowls: soft free to lynch...
Jaypa: that is a shocking free kick
Gotigres: Ump got Lynch in his sc team
Jaypa: umpires clearly have picked Lynch as a POD, two soft frees resulting in goals already
AussieLion: Lynch might have been out for a year but still getting soft frees
naicosfan: Even though that was out, Cripps just stopped…
Gotigres: Taranto just kicked it to a teamate. I don't believe it.
DukeNewc: Nick Newman cooking
DukeNewc: Probably an upgrade, especially with doc out for the year
StuL: I had Newman as a pod. A long way to go this year but so far it stinks.
naicosfan: Short is class
biggerz: Naicos...thats why we got him haha
wadaramus: Nice stomp Grimesy.
naicosfan: Heck yeah
Jaypa: gee Curnow might need stitches with that,
DukeNewc: Free kick richmond jeez
wadaramus: 5 frees a piece?
Jaypa: matters more where you get them wada
wadaramus: Lift Gibcus, D6 needs 120 minimum.
navy_blues: exactly jaypa
Foxman69: Carlton wish they were a proper club like Dimmas Suns!
Beast_Mode: all tigs frees there except, lynch's 2nd one, undisciplined blues.
wadaramus: Yeah, I know Lynch got two cheap goals, but look at his SC, they rate it!
Beast_Mode: few missed blues way tho
Beast_Mode: lynchy could be a good SC addition in a few weeks
Jaypa: how isnt that 50 metres?
navy_blues: agree jaypa
BigChief: Prestia cooked?
J_Herer: Mitch McGovern All Australian?
wadaramus: Gotta get McGovern and Balta in your team.
FoopyTime: bt said hammy
DukeNewc: Curnow breaks his bad streak against Richmond
Raspel31: Really just a tourist here- testing the waters- no vested interest. But go Blues.
DukeNewc: Pretty sure that's 49 straight games with at least 1 goal
DukeNewc: For curnow
FoopyTime: hows that not a free kick for chopping the arms
DukeNewc: Dunno foopy, looked pretty obvious
clay007: Prestia=eggshells
RooBoyStu: Prestia is so injury prone, sad as a very good player
DukeNewc: McGovern continues to play out of his skin
Jaypa: Hopper 16 touches already, is he trying to make up for going missing all 2023
naicosfan: Short Tog?
Ash777: who here fell for Dow?
clay007: He has a coupla premiership medals Rooboy, don't feel too sad for him
_Wang_: Rooboy just can't stay on the field
suns4ever: Mcgovern will get injured before round 4
RooBoyStu: Prestia still has 3 Premierships as a player though
DukeNewc: Jeez blues can't kick straight
Raspel31: Is Dylan Grimes a good bench pick?
RooBoyStu: I hope Underwood doesn't commentate our match this week, she loves the orange team
Dogs2024to: Anyone have McGovern in sc
FoopyTime: i wish she would just be dropped from all alf matches tbh
wadaramus: He's super consistent Raspel :)
DukeNewc: Cripps trouble
Crowls: Kelli Underhood ruins footy.... wont watch her games
DukeNewc: Nevermind
RooBoyStu: Same Foopy
FoopyTime: knowing my luck she will be doing the hawks dons match
Jaypa: well David King will probably be there too RooBoy, and after years of hating GWS he's trying to jump on too
Raspel31: That's what we're loking for wada.
RooBoyStu: When she commentates thank god for the mute button lol
DukeNewc: Surely not foop, for both of our sake, volume off when she commentates
DukeNewc: How has she not been sacked, she's universally hated
clay007: Could Balta be a bolter?
RooBoyStu: Lift Short
FoopyTime: fingers crossed she doesnt
wadaramus: Reece Walsh, Superstar!
FoopyTime: and if she does duke we cant bich about it in here
DukeNewc: Lift carrol, no tog so far
DukeNewc: Lol foopy
Jaypa: one word Duke, "representation"
StuL: There was no love for Cripps but showing he is still a beast.
Raspel31: Reckon back up Ruck a toughie this year- Naismith had a ggood game.
clay007: Beast has Balta, Nakervis, McGovern, Cripps, McKay in this game
FoopyTime: well clear to see fantasias kicking still hasnt changed from his dons days
FoopyTime: ok im all aboard the H train CHOO CHOO
Jaypa: good from you clay
navy_blues: i put harry in my side
wadaramus: Lift Gibcus and Williams!
clay007: Not really Jaypa, I have Durdin, Baker, Grimes as Captain, Campbell and Rioli Jnr.
DukeNewc: Slightly unorthodox clay
naicosfan: Far out no way gibcus
clay007: Cos Williams is clean below his knees, what can we assume about the rest of his body?
Ash777: nooo gibcus
StuL: There's your first bust. Gibcus.
BigChief: Damn Gibcus done a knee.
DukeNewc: Thank God I didn't get it
FoopyTime: flower you hate to see that
DukeNewc: Him*
Pavs: one trade gone
Jaypa: yeah me too, we cant all be as good as Beast
Dogs2024to: Gibcus first casualty for the year on like 40 percent of teams as well
wadaramus: Knew I should have VC'd Gibcus!
navy_blues: 1st inj trade coming up hmmmm
Crowls: first correction trade needed. sad for gibcus
_Wang_: So sad for gibcus. Poor kid
StuL: Lucky we have 40 trades. Shouldn't run out.
wadaramus: Sorry, put the E on Gibcus!!
Beast_Mode: got gibcus on the bench, young fella cant catch a break
Getup: Agree Wang
bhg26: Sorry had Gibcus on field
Gotigres: We still have free trades like last round?
Fromage: Gibcus starting rookie 2025
bhg26: Poor kid
BigChief: No Gotigres.
Ash777: gibcus on field for me :(
clay007: Tell us more Gotigres!
Getup: Tried to wada sc froze on the ground fore
bhg26: We’re off to a flyer ash
Fromage: Naismith in for gibcus
Getup: Same ash sc froze when try
StuL: Zwill showing signs of life finally. Owning campbell and gibcus looks like correctional trades could be needed.
Raspel31: Yes, for the next 3 weeks Gotigres.
Getup: Me
Gotigres: That's too bad BigChief
Jaypa: ZWill understanding he now has to score for Gibcus in this game too
StuL: Newpig with no doch. Could be upgrade target
Getup: No Campbell for me still but have the other 2
navy_blues: omg umps
Gotigres: I thought you would be lurking in the background Raspel
StuL: carrol can limp to 60 ill take it
clay007: Its going to be hard, only have 40 trades this year.
BigChief: Rich have paid the umps well tonight.
Raspel31: And good evening to you Gotigres.
StuL: campbells short rs career will be short at this rate.
naicosfan: 13-7 frees for Carlton
StuL: trades to burn. Takes the skill out of it a bit.
Pavs: haha Raspel the lurker :)
Beast_Mode: im sure you r mum will give a few jellybeans to cheer you up bc, no need to cry
DANGERous: not Gibby :(
clay007: Hard to argue with naicosfan Big Chief. Stats matter!
BigChief: My Mum is dead you flog Beast.
Getup: No Campbellr me still but hae the other 2
clay007: Agreed Big Chief, insensitive by Beast
DukeNewc: You've been summoned Raspel
Getup: He wouldn't know that tho to be fair clay chief
Social: ahem yes ah good evening
Raspel31: I am the very most polite chap Duke.
Pavs: Evening Social
BigChief: Getup he opened his mouth trying to be a smartalps. Maybe keep the personal attacks out of it.
StuL: If Williams can get to 86 that's job done but you always want more. Got to make up for Gibcus too.
wadaramus: Please be polite to each other, so much hatred today, flower this shower.
Getup: Myn is the same chief rip get it but wouldn't all of you to know just saying
Social: gibcus gibcus gibcus
Raspel31: Agreed wada- mothers are sacrosanct- ex wives however?
Getup: Wouldn't know
Social: mine would sit around the house
DukeNewc: The ads these days are so dull
wadaramus: Yes BC, personal insults are uneccessary.
DukeNewc: I would love a bit of classic footy during the HT break
wadaramus: I don't really know any of you.
wadaramus: But I have told you my Mum died when I was 15.
Getup: How much$$$ people got left 🤔
wadaramus: Stop being insensitive arese hats. Life is too short.
Getup: 13 wada
wadaramus: Have fun chatting about fantasy footy.
DukeNewc: Technically wada, we are mostly random blokes behind a phone/computer screen bound together by our love of footy
Social: enought o see me through to 72, after that only gazza knows
clay007: Alright-back to the footy.
navy_blues: no lil spuds this year in fanfooty lol well not yet
Getup: Agree clay grundy gawn combo who's still with it??
clay007: What is Grimes' icon?
Raspel31: I think it's healthy for people to vent Clay- I had diirahhea today- but I've moved on.
clay007: How much do pies win by tomoz Getup?
Pokerface: evening.
clay007: Agree Raspel...nothing worse than some loose stools though
Social: I feel ya Rasp, the mess my wife had to clean up...
Getup: 19pts clay
Pokerface: oh gibcus :(. Well that's me done. See you next year.
Social: erstwhile sitting AROUND the house
clay007: Hope you are right getup
wadaramus: Haha Poker, don't give up so easy!
Pokerface: oh ok i'll keep going. thanks for the pep talk wada
clay007: Rasp has moved on, back to the toilet
DukeNewc: Love the half time rev up wada
Pokerface: lot of Barrass about wada
Getup: McKay obviously practise his kicking over the summer different player
clay007: Same player Getup!
Getup: Carlton $8
wadaramus: In my daily doings, I fight flowering hard for what is right.
wadaramus: I guess I do a bit of the same here.
Getup: For the flag definate unders in my opinion no chance
clay007: Not Coach Carter, but Coach Wada!
navy_blues: like young carroll
Raspel31: Thank god I capped Vastuin.
Pokerface: to make the 8?
Ash777: they're facing a injury plagued tigers with key defenders down
naicosfan: Not sure I’ve heard of Vastuin Raspel.
Getup: To win the flag $8s
wadaramus: What, no VC Raspel?!
BigChief: Balta has been very good so far tonight.
Pavs: Don't normally tell us your Captain until the few minutes of the last quarter Rasp.
DukeNewc: That much trust to not loophole Rasp?
Raspel31: My bad chaps.
Pavs: *last few
clay007: Rasp is being sarcastic! Come on guys!
navy_blues: ash id worry bout your dogs
DukeNewc: Thats true pavs
DukeNewc: Couple of blue moons tonight
DukeNewc: Newman continues to rack em up
Pokerface: Not Raspel's. Doesn't sound blue
frenzy: is Raspel God ?
Raspel31: Close enough frenzy- of coyrse I'm being ironic ffs.
zadolinnyj: Some shocking kicking
Pavs: 100% frenzy
Getup: I've got knowone else but gibcus this game other's??
Social: you think that's bad, I've got a hernia and IBS
Hughsy: no zac williams?
Getup: Sorry n Williams
frenzy: so God's been here the whole time
Pavs: Number 6 Hughsy
Ash777: I dont have williams. Will probably have to now.
BigChief: Why is Kennedy rucking?
Hughsy: I was just questioning Getup Pavs
Raspel31: That would be an awful error Ash.
Pavs: Gotcha soz
DukeNewc: Pretty Sure young grabbed at his hammy
Gotigres: Stupid rule that stand rule
Ash777: balta you muppet
biggerz: Short done nothing this term ffs
FoopyTime: everytime hes touched it hes either been tackled or gone out
Pokerface: think Short's gonna be dead as a scorer this game biggerz. He's about the only defender left standing
naicosfan: Indeed biggerz
Roksta: Muppet balta
DukeNewc: Hopper fading
BigChief: I gave him a wrap Ash and he does that.
Social: nice one kemp
Ash777: all these injuries at the tigers might mean dusty has to actually play
wadaramus: Reece Walsh again :)
clay007: Great effort by the tigers, showing real grit.
Getup: Taranto huge quarter
AussieLion: Cmon ZWill
Ash777: blues should be smashing them
navy_blues: lol
naicosfan: Wowee
Social: hehe
Pokerface: was that $8 to win this game?
FoopyTime: classic mansel
AussieLion: WOW, Mansell
DukeNewc: Why did zwill get a -3 there?
DukeNewc: Nevrmind my feed is a bit behind
BigChief: FA Duke. Hold on Mansell.
FoopyTime: didnt he get pinged for the holding call
DukeNewc: Miss of the year contender?
FoopyTime: its deffs in the lead atm
navy_blues: fumbles everywhere
BigChief: Charlie Cameron and McLean last week just as bad.
Social: kick the ball Zac
DukeNewc: Blues very sloppy, they should be in front
AussieLion: Couldn’t agree more BigChief.
Crowls: zw not a SC coach obviously or he would have kicked the bloody ball
wadaramus: Righto you lot, time to retire in favour of getting up early for a swim at Port Willy :)
StuL: Good term by Carroll. So 1 out of 4 has not sucked so far.
Pokerface: night grandpa
Social: Sounds sensible wada, but I'll be at Jan Juc
wadaramus: And to then pay some tax :)
wadaramus: Jan Juc?
Social: yeah Jan Juc
wadaramus: OK, don't explain then.
clay007: Jan jac, beach
Social: just put it in google maps
Getup: Who else you got stul?
wadaramus: Just explain yourself if you want me to understand you.
clay007: Time for bed Wada, get your speedos ready
BigChief: Vlastuin got the Raspel curse. Didn't score after being given the C
Getup: Tonight stul
naicosfan: Umps realised how big of a cheque they were recieving
bhg26: Good thing he actually captained Balta instead bigchief
bhg26: Soon as I say that he gets an intercept mark lol
original: horrendous game
Social: crikey... Jan Juc is a small coastal town 20k south of Geelong, alongside Torquay.
BigChief: Was thinking the same thing bhg
clay007: Dekoning is in the air, leaving bodies everywhere!
DukeNewc: Great for surfing I've heard social
DukeNewc: Actually, I've been
Troglodyte: Wada is from Hackham - he doesn't understand geografeee
Social: Spot on Newc, the sort of place that attracts AFL players
DukeNewc: De Koning 60 points in a qtr and a bit
naicosfan: Free kick Carlton not disappointing
clay007: Beers having been flowing, just realised it is Thursday and I'm working tomoz. Oh no!
DukeNewc: Might be in a bad way tomorrow clay
BigChief: You sound unwell clay. Sick day in your future LOL
original: clay007 last week too. its such a false high. back to reality work lol
bhg26: Shai Bolton absolutely shower himself there
Gotigres: At least get more than Gibcus please Campbell
clay007: All I know is, drink responsibly.
BigChief: Muppet for Curnow surely.
wadaramus: That's an insultTrog, my Dad lived there, but I never did!
DukeNewc: That was shaw-esque from Grimes
exatekk: Vlastuin duke?
Hughsy: God i hate carlton
DukeNewc: My mistake exatekk, cheers
clay007: Hopper and Taranto poor when team needed them most!
original: not biased. definitely rolled off charlies foot
naicosfan: With you there hughsy
BigChief: Was HTB m0nty, not a behind.
DukeNewc: Ehh original, probably the right call to pay a behind
Social: hard not to hate everyone out there
DukeNewc: Big riser is carrol
TorturedSC: Tigers are so sloppy, this should not be close
Hughsy: very true
naicosfan: Short crack a ton to redeemed this woeful game
AussieLion: Goodness Gracious Me.
biggerz: agreed naicos
biggerz: will happily take a ton from where he was at 3 qtr time
clay007: I'm on 71 points in sc with 2 players, Beast is on 900 with 4 players
naicosfan: For sure biggerz, handball receive from 50 would be nice!
frenzy: Shait Bolton
Raspel31: Think you'll nail it Clay.
Ash777: It's set up for blues to lose by a point
Jaypa: Clay Beast had Vlaustin AND Cripps as Captain
AussieLion: Lynch, dear me
clay007: I love Sc, but geez it is tough, Jaypa
beerent11: What happened to gibcus?
clay007: That is funny Jaypa, the more you read your post, the funnier it is.
Jaypa: Maybe we'll get him next year Clay
Pavs: Possible ACL beer
Social: oopsie daisy
BigChief: 2 weeks in a row Blues used a get out of jail free card.
clay007: Great work Jaypa! I doubt it, his boast was strong. I would like to be the worst player in Sc, apparently that is toughe
Getup: Good effort tiges 3 down unlucky
BigChief: Balta star surely.
beerent11: Poor bugger.
Drak: Carlton are so bad. depleted tigers should have smashed em by 50 points
Getup: Drak and they are walking around with swagger soft win
Social: Prestia dropping like that should get Stewart 4 weeks
AussieLion: Another close one. Cheers Lads.
slydon: i did my knee in the exact same way as gibcus last week
slydon: my result was anterior meniscus lesion and MCL
slydon: luckily i was only low 2nd grade
slydon: fingers crossed for the young lad
slydon: (i play basketball)
Social: all the best sly, I did mine playing cricket

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