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Cottees: Who you all tipping for this one?
zadolinnyj: Gws
Bulky: GWS. N. Daicos a lock after 1 minute. LOL.
BigChief: Pies (vomit) That was hard to type LOL
lana2146: Pies
Troglodyte: Draw... just kidding I'm here for the rookies
zadolinnyj: I chose not to type it chief
Hazza09: Daicos = Lock
Pavs: Not alot of rookies in this one Trog. Good start Dean
pcaman2003: Would like to see young Wehr score okay. Have him on bench
Pokerface: thomas, cadman, wehr.. enough to raise an interest Pavs
Troglodyte: I only play AF so the GWS rooks are placeholders until better options present
zadolinnyj: BT does not know players. Just gave Whitfield a stat while on bench
Pavs: Fair call Poker pretty sure i had Wehr in my side before lots of changes
Pokerface: i have thomas before this, he's playing for his spot
DukeNewc: Tom Green is currently playing for a spot in my midfield
Fromage: Youíre killing me Wehr
BigChief: Thomas only cash cow I have in this 1. Watching Wehr and Dean though.
frenzy: Greene or JMac, hmmm?
DukeNewc: Also considering he's playing wet toast and norf before his bye
bhg26: Loving the gta v taxi music for Callum Browns goals
Cottees: C. Brown v Magpies. Great game ahead guys
bhg26: Cadman looks good
BigChief: I can't have Cadman as I have Flanders and Sexton. All 3 have bye rd 3
pcaman2003: bhg. Cadman is tempting me.
bhg26: Itís the fact he has north and wet toast round 1 and 2 pcaman, can have some big games
Zutroyz: Moved Windsor to Cadman. Extra 50k to use elsewhere
OffaStep: I have all three, Chief. Hoping Simpson or Mannagh get a run to fill the hole in R3.
Zutroyz: Mannagh not likely. Dempsey will get that spot
BigChief: Offa you are down 1 player already then. Rather have 2 bench player to cover the bye
frenzy: byes are all best 18, yeah?
OffaStep: My other lines are good R3 - just Green out in the guts. I'm prepared to cop 4 fwds in 1 round for a good cash cow.
Ash777: what's the go with the bye rounds before the proper bye? is it best 18 or just dont pick too many
OffaStep: Jordan, Reid, Windsor Wilson playing, switching Simpson from mid for R3 if he gets a run.
Pavs: At least we have plenty of trades this year.
BigChief: Best 18 for all bye rounds (not rd 0 of course)
BigChief: I have Jackson, Flanders, Jordan, Reid, Sexton, Wilson and Campbell & Lohmann bench
OffaStep: Campbell looked the goods today.
navy_blues: im still not convinced bout H Reid
BigChief: If Reid plays inside mid he will be good. HB he looks lost.
zadolinnyj: Agree navy
Raspel31: Surely a tad early to say who we have when all our teams will be completely different in a week?
BigChief: Mine will only change if injuries or not picked rd 1
zadolinnyj: Possibly Raspel but better they complaining about tog
Pokerface: yeah im set barring rookie namings too
Raspel31: I have Tom Green zado.
OffaStep: Yeah, pending rookie selection or last minute injuries but I'm happy with the core.
pcaman2003: My faith in Wehr is starting to wane. Get going lad!
pcaman2003: Good choice Rasp. Have Green too
Ash777: maynard you love to see him angry lol
Raspel31: Wehr and Cox must haves pcaman.
upweydons: Mitchell , Pendles and Elliot very quiet
pcaman2003: Rasp. Wehr making his move.Lol!
pcaman2003: FFS BT! Get the players name right.
BigChief: Not sure if it's possible but BT has got worse.
frenzy: Wehr did he go
Ash777: umps letting pies get away with it a bit
DukeNewc: Pca I've also hopped on the Green bandwagon
DukeNewc: Hopefully no more jinxing from you this year
pcaman2003: Haha. I'm pretty sure Green will go big this year.
Yelse: who isn't starting with diacos? also is gawn not a lock this year
OffaStep: Damn!
BigChief: Daicos is a freak. Bastard is too good.
pcaman2003: Hey Duke. The real fun starts when the Voodoo doll comes out. :)
DukeNewc: Yeah, maybe that's just an unbreakable trend pca, here we go again
Raspel31: Problem with this stupid round 0 is everyone will have Green next week.
Pavs: Gawn no Daicos must have
DukeNewc: Pca, voodoo doll on Frost just to make sure he doesnt play. No frost=win games
beerent11: Thatís SuperCoach these days. Cookie cutter
FoopyTime: BT talking about brains not sending signals cant get more ironic than that
BigChief: Raspel lets hope they pick Toby and not Tom.
mattmac24: Grundy is the only ruck lock in my opinion. Gawn isn't a must have
OffaStep: Almost 1 in 3 already, Rasp.
pcaman2003: Raspel. This week will solve a few issues for me without costing me. Yeah baby!
OffaStep: BT doing his Sgt Schultz impersonation!
Raspel31: Lol BigChief- what's in an e between pals.
Yelse: gawn will prob go big next week and won't drop in value
DukeNewc: Round 0 is just another spanner in the works to make our lives more difficult sc wise
Yelse: pies literally no defence today
pcaman2003: Yelse. With Gawn at his price,I'm not game enough not to have him.
beerent11: Who do we have as must have rookies?
Ash777: gawn always scores low first game in the season.
DukeNewc: Is anyone else hopping on Jackson with no Darcy, I certainly am.
pcaman2003: How long Darcy out for?
beerent11: I like this Harvey Thomas. Even though he has two first names
zadolinnyj: Sanders a lock
Raspel31: I'm a fan of Thomas Harvey-expect big things.
DukeNewc: 4 odd weeks pca, maybe more
DukeNewc: That could be a lot of money considering how he scored last year with Darcy out
beerent11: Got him in duke.
Yelse: Why peddles so low TOG? injured?
DukeNewc: I can't win if pca gets him in or if he doesn't, he either jinxes him or gets out the doll
beerent11: Nick daicos might be a Smokey for a break out season I think. Keep it quiet.
Pavs: managed i reckon Yelse
Yelse: Should have played F.Mcrea i like the boy great player
DukeNewc: What do we reckon about POD's boys? I'm looking at amon and wines atm
BigChief: Has the speed of the game caught up with Pendles?
Pavs: Nick who beer?
OffaStep: Flanders over Jackson for me, despite the bye pain. Can't fit them both.
jackhiggo: Wines is a a great pick Duke
pcaman2003: I promise not to pick Wines Duke, so you're safe.
Pavs: Only problem with wines is ports midfield. Butters Rozee Horny.
BigChief: Pavs add Mead and Drew has me thinking no to Wines.
jackhiggo: Wines is gonna be playing as an inside mid again like he did in his Brownlow year when he averaged 111
jackhiggo: May not average 111 but has a definite 15 point upside at least
Raspel31: He's all yours jackhiggo.
jackhiggo: Hinkley came out early in preseason saying wines will be inside mid again
Pavs: Agree Chief thats why i baulked at him. Had to have Rozee though and looking to upgrade to Butters at some stage.
OffaStep: Wines is corked.
jackhiggo: Thanks Raspel, less coaches jumping on him, the better
mattmac24: Coaches say things about their big name players all the time and never go through with it
thommoae: Evening all. Have I missed anything?
BigChief: I went Butter Pavs, but will trade to LDU or Serong if not fit.
Pavs: You would be surprised thommoae but we all think that kid Daicos and that kid Green might have a future
OffaStep: I've got both Butters and Rozee, Chief! Jesus, am I doing this wrong?
Cottees: We have all made amazing observations about Daicos and Green
BigChief: Offa it is all personal choice so what you think is how you need to play.
Pavs: What do we think about M Crouch?
Zutroyz: He needs to stand-up Pavs
Spifflicat: Hasnít had many possessions tonight Pavs
BigChief: I took Nic Martin over Crouch for the DPP he should get.
thommoae: How's that kid Cadman going?
DukeNewc: I'm thinking about having them both Chief
BigChief: 1 HB since qtr time thommoae
pcaman2003: Pavs. 1 full season played out of 10 not ideal. Durability an issue.
BigChief: Would give you some extra $$$ Duke.
frenzy: MIA thommoae
Raspel31: Cox as back up ruck?
thommoae: Thanks, guys.
BigChief: Dean Cox for sure back up ruck Raspel
Spifflicat: Solid first qtr Thommo, but has been Amelia Earhart since then
pcaman2003: Toby Greene take a bow.
beerent11: Toby you star
DukeNewc: A wierd shout, does anyone else have D'ambrosio
DukeNewc: He's another pod
beerent11: Had Nick Martin locked in since first look.
Pavs: Reckon I will go Martin over Crouch. Crouch's TOG will do my head in
thommoae: Amelia! You're back!
Raspel31: Are you a 2nd hand car dealer Duke?
DukeNewc: My dilemma is crouch or amon with amons changed role pavs
DukeNewc: Maybe so Rasp, or maybe just trying to lead people into misfortune ;)
Spifflicat: The search paid off
Pavs: Time delay free. Like it
Cottees: Toby Tax in effect with Naicos gift lol
Raspel31: lol duke
Hepatitis: Pies looking a pretty average group this year
Spifflicat: This is impressive from the Giants
thommoae: Early statement by GWS. Of course we'd swap the 41 point lead now for an extra two then ...
pcaman2003: GWS looking cohesive and very impressive.
Pavs: Agree spiff (got the crouch stand up joke about 3 mins ago. Nice)
Cottees: Go the giants! Get me 4 for 4 tips please
Spifflicat: Sorry Pavs, Iím not worthy
PigeonPies: impressed by gws, we dont look interested at all
DukeNewc: Pca, surely one of your jinxes isn't powerful enough to overturn a 41 pt 3QT margin
Ash777: hangover pies?
DukeNewc: For cottees sake, don't prove me wrong
Cottees: If somehow Magpies win from here - I will cry
pcaman2003: Duke I wouldn't bother mate. Happy to see GWS take the win.:) I'm a sadist.
Spifflicat: Dean and Cadman on track for 60 odd at a bargain price. Cadman s role has me very interested
Ash777: when does howe & murphy return?
DukeNewc: I swear the scoreboard changed from 90 to 89, anyone else??
clay007: Gws had 6 points, now only 5
Ash777: yes wtf
Spifflicat: Ash has the least convincing full beard I have ever seen
DukeNewc: I am not the only one clay, good to hear
clay007: Is it Toby tax Duke?
DukeNewc: Not sure clay, maybe, not sure it matter
BigChief: I think the scoreboard added a point to GWS when a free against was paid.
circle52: Which one of Gulden, Green, Rowell, Miller would you take. Realise byes but happy to have another 1 after Naicos.
Pavs: Rowell looked really good this afternoon
beerent11: Green
DukeNewc: Green
beerent11: flower the byes.
Cottees: Honestly circle, I'd take Green personally but any you choose, the otther 3 average more
Raspel31: Agree Pavs.
DukeNewc: He's playing wet toast and norf
OffaStep: Green
circle52: Greens draw is nice.
beerent11: Take whichever one you like watching the most.
Spifflicat: Officially a spanking now
BigChief: Rowell would be a POD
Pavs: Rowell plays like libba. Like watching that
pcaman2003: Has anyone got Libba this year?
Ash777: poor johnson
Pavs: Yep me pcaman
slickbro1: Anyone else happy Shultz is playing poor?
pcaman2003: Pavs. Had him last year and now this year.. In form and few owners.
BigChief: Is there anything better than watching Coll get flogged?
FoopyTime: toby tax in full effect week one
pcaman2003: Chief. Yes!! If we flog them :)
OffaStep: Yes to Libba.
Pavs: 4 games under 100 last year and 1 of those was injury.
beerent11: Is there a fan footy group yet?
pcaman2003: McMullin looks to be a bit of a goer.
Social: evening chasps
Social: I've just crawled out of the pool
Pavs: Evening Social
Spifflicat: Agree PCA, has looked excellent since coming on
Raspel31: Having a sauna to cool down social.
Spifflicat: Riccardi is about as useful as a fork in a soup eating contest
frenzy: chunky soup?
pcaman2003: Spifflicat. Showed lots of promise 1st year, but unrealized potential since. Very disappointing.
Spifflicat: Clear soup
thommoae: Short memory, Spiff. Hewas integral in their late season run last year. Just a quiet one?
Ash777: Haynes looks like he's turned back the clock
clay007: Riccardi, 1 pt per possession
Spifflicat: I canít remember last week Thommo, so I canít disagree
navy_blues: if cameron clould do this every week......
pluggerpig: i cant seem to get it into my head that this game counts. this "nothing round" is madness
frenzy: hope Clarko has a plan
zadolinnyj: My SuperCoach usqually done by now so Iím happy Iwith the 0 round. I can say
Social: anyone else having trouble with SuperCoach log in?
J.Worrall: Groups are now private leagues with unlimited membership

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