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Pav300: macpherson ross subs
circle52: Can we have a report on breeze as it is quite windy today
circle52: Need to see as it may effect scoring ends
circle52: Hi Pav
zadolinnyj: Letís go tigres
zadolinnyj: Need Flanders to be a dud
navy_blues: just finished watching 2nd half of last nights game gee carroll ws good
Pav300: Gday Circle, all
FoopyTime: i was more impressed with mckay staying out of his own head
FoopyTime: hope he has shaken it out cause he has everything else you want out of a ff
Troglodyte: What's the temp on GC? Humid?
TimT14: Low expectations this year
navy_blues: its 40 here in vic Trog
zadolinnyj: Gold cost 28 degrees and 329% humidity so great weather
Troglodyte: too hot for popcorn so drama today ladies
zadolinnyj: 29% humidity
Troglodyte: *no drama. put the handbags away
Manowar: Sex ton not preforming!
zadolinnyj: Started on bench so could not get a score
navy_blues: king will kick 6 or 7 today by the looks
lana2146: Short could be very good Pod potential top 6 defender if healthy
bhg26: Flanders looking really good
Legix: whole gc midfield looking tempting
lana2146: Looks like everyone jumped off Ned Flanders a bit too early
lana2146: Legix tigers. Making em look good
Pavs: Afternoon all
navy_blues: gday Pavs
Legix: lana you might be right
Jaypa: Helps he's playing witches hats tho Iana
Silz90: Flanders has thr
Silz90: Flanders has the early bye. Pass for me**
beerent11: Poms must have a plane to catch
clay007: Taranto is butchering the ball
bhg26: Good to see Taranto has improved his kicking
navy_blues: flanders lot of easy possessions
clay007: Great start by Yze
pcaman2003: Um! Has anyone told the Tigers that the game is on
Raspel31: Have to admire the Tiggers game plan- inscrutable.
Ooost: Flanders :D
Pavs: Hard to know ig GC very good or Tigers just rubbish
zadolinnyj: Lol raspel
TheOnyas: onya shorty
pcaman2003: Pavs. Toady so far I'd say the latter.
Ooost: Would love Short atm if not for early bye
navy_blues: rowell killing them
Pavs: Maybe pca GC are moving it well though.
Cottees: Tigers to do a Carlton and win from here? lol
pcaman2003: Agree navy! 11 cp's already
TimT14: Looks like a training drill for the sun's
Troglodyte: Crows might be in trouble next week...
Manowar: Sack Yze!
BigChief: Sexton can't score much when the ball is never there.
navy_blues: and 9 clearances
pcaman2003: Chief. At his price of $133k, he'll be ripping good value.
Cottees: Reckon Tigers going for wooden spoon
BigChief: Bargain of the year pcaman.
Raspel31: To be fair apart from the score it's quite an even game.
pcaman2003: Cottees. Damn! You mean they'll beat us to it?
navy_blues: many of you tajing flanders? he wont get easy touches like this every week
navy_blues: taking
pcaman2003: navy. I had him but ditched him recently. Just watching to see if I change again.
Cottees: Pca - tigers looking really good to beat us to it. Gonna be a close race
navy_blues: early bye so time to look b4 buying
navy_blues: wd lil tassie
pcaman2003: There's something to cheer for Tiges. 19 shots to 3. So close!
Pokerface: they have their bye this week navy
navy_blues: lol Poker
pcaman2003: Thank goodness Kosi left us. Phew!
cmperrfect: Naismith job security ? When is Nank the Tank back?
exatekk: Nil cm. use Naismith as a money maker, then offload him, thats my plan anyway
circle52: Ij Naismith is named with Nank in team he stays until cash peaked
exatekk: definately circle
Beast_Mode: Naismith will score 50's with nank in the team, who the club has said already that Nank will be available
Beast_Mode: nxt game
Beast_Mode: i'd rather have maley, so i can move jackson into ruck when grundy etc have byes
BigChief: Livingstone is also an option Beast and he he plays later as well.
clay007: Do the scores of the players in this round count towards their overall scores?
lana2146: Considering Nanks injury he could be in and out all season
BigChief: Scores count for price changes only this round.
lana2146: No clay
Beast_Mode: nah
clay007: Really? That;s weird. These clubs still play the same amount of games as the other teams.
navy_blues: gawn got 72 so his b/e will go up is way i understand it for this round
Raspel31: They basically lose a game score wise as have extra bye Clay- weird but at least you can agjust b4 next week.
BigChief: Can't have SC or AF starting this week with 10 teams having a bye.,
BigChief: Also it's still unlimited trades until lockout next week.
clay007: Big Chief-but it will even out during bye rounds. Thanks Rasp!
clay007: is what it is.
Raspel31: No clay- the 8 teams playing this week will have 1 less scoring round.
Pavs: Glad you are all over it Rasp.
Raspel31: Well, a tad confusing Pavs. Don't think the AFL has SC as top priority.
circle52: No it is still wrong if you read the rules all teams would have played the same amount of matcges by rd 6
Cottees: ffs Suns don't lose from here wow
Pav300: BestCoast would be proud Rasp!
BigChief: Round 0 is the dumbest thing the AFL has done, and that's saying something. 10 teams have a bye b4 they actually start.
navy_blues: these teams will have a price rise/drop 1 week b4 the 10 non playing this week as i understand it
clay007: Rich copying the Blues game plan.
Raspel31: Agreed BigChief.
circle52: Agree Big Chief but with sellouts probably looked in for future
pcaman2003: Geez! Just got back. What's happened to GC?
Cottees: Clay - when that game plan is 100% effective right now. Why not lol
Pavs: Yep Chief over my head
BigChief: navy all except Bris and Carl who get the price change same as the 10 bye teams this week.
navy_blues: i wouldnt recommend that game plan lol
BigChief: Unfortunately so circle. I think I heard them say Round 0 is here to stay for the near future.
navy_blues: yes cos they have bye rnd 2
Silz90: Did you guys hear about doch?
Raspel31: But the fact remains the 8 starting teams lose a SC scoring roubd- ipso facto.
Cottees: Yeah Silz - man cannot catch a break. Feel for him
clay007: What is the news on Docherty?
Silz90: I know cottees he is a ripping bloke.
Cottees: Doch ruptured ACL and torn meniscus
Pavs: Acl clay
navy_blues: and coleman too
clay007: He actually came back on the field, so that is a surprise. I thought maybe pcl, not acl.
Silz90: Dam I might have to change my team again. Flanders and miller look decent
lynchpin: What's the * next to Bolton for?
clay007: 1st goal
pcaman2003: lynchpin. 1st goal of match
BigChief: Muppet for Grimes for the 50m penalty
pcaman2003: Might have to replace Coleman with Gibcus..
Pavs: would like a few more posessions pcaman
Raspel31: Can I still bank Rowell's points for this game- asking for a friend?
Pavs: A friend Rasp? :]
thommoae: Lynchpin: 1st goal
BigChief: Go down to Howes pcaman.
pcaman2003: Pavs. Yep! Just pondering still. Shame about 2 ACL's first up.
Raspel31: A distant aquaintance Pavs.
Pavs: Not even round 1 Rasp and i'm picking on you.
Hazza09: Flanders a lock now?
pcaman2003: Chief. Only 4% selection. You sure?
naicosfan: Idk if I should go Steele or Nic Martin to Flanders, leaning towards Nic to Him
naicosfan: Looking very good
BigChief: Did you watch him Thursday pcaman? He was really good.
pcaman2003: Chief. Okay! I see he had a good game the other day. I'll give it further thought. Cheers!
Pavs: Reckon Martin will have a good year naicosfan
navy_blues: geez chief shhh
Silz90: Big chief is right. Howes is a lock.
slydon: what a ridiculous call. well within his rights to concede that point
BigChief: He is locked into my bench :)
naicosfan: Indeed Pavs, I reckon Iíll leave it till after the bye.
Legix: Hopper can't catch a break
BigChief: slydon he ran straight towards line and waited for Rosas to come near him. Good call I say.
Raspel31: Hopper can't catch anyone- speed is not his strength.
Silz90: Gibcus has a decent score for 9 touches.
lana2146: Really liking Short could go 120 avg this season
pcaman2003: GrassHopper needs to channel his inner speed indicator
naicosfan: Hope he doesnít get injured lana
lana2146: No he looks fitter than ever
Pav300: So good footy is back
lana2146: The way the tigers play Short is gonna have monster scores hopefully not many people take him
pcaman2003: Naismith has done very well. Will lock on my bench me thinks.
Raspel31: Same pcaman
BigChief: He has pcaman. When Nank returns he will suffer though.
Pavs: Vlaustuin getting plenty as well lana as a pod
pcaman2003: Onya Rasp. Is Zerrett going to have a big year?
frenzy: nice Touk
Raspel31: Not for my money pcaman but some good rookies coming through.
pcaman2003: frenzy. Touk looks good value. I slotted him in 2 weeks agao. Thing he'll do nicely.

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