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J.Worrall: What are they cooking?
m0nty: something spicy
zadolinnyj: Love some spice
navy_blues: lets see if blues can get within 3 goals of bris at home
Pavs: Is the symbols for ryan lester and tdk around the wrong way m0nty?
zadolinnyj: How long will willliams last
m0nty: they are matchup symbols, so they match who they are playing on
Pokerface: hopefully the end of this game so people don't jump off
frenzy: howdy
Ash777: thank goodness this round is now counted.
Pavs: gotcha m0nty soz. carry
zadolinnyj: What do you mean Ash. Fishing?
Ash777: not counted I mean
zadolinnyj: Worried about Saar on cameron
BigChief: Good evening all.
Pavs: Evening Chief
wadaramus: Evening people, grandpa is up and about after paying tax today.
BigChief: Not bed time yet Wada?
Pavs: haha wada evening
zadolinnyj: Tax bugger that
wadaramus: I am tired after a big day of paying tax, but hell, it's Saturday tomorrow, might stay up till 10.30.
Pokerface: wada go tell the kids to stop running on your front lawn before you nod off
upweydons: Much better game than last night
zadolinnyj: Lol
wadaramus: Don't worry Poker, I keep a good eye on what's going on out the front :)
wadaramus: The ferals are everywhere...
Pokerface: lol
Pokerface: yep, just picturing you sitting on the rocker on front verandah with a watchful eye
BigChief: I see this game being very 1 sided. Sorry navy.
wadaramus: Kiddy Coleman a lock?
Pokerface: he is
Pavs: I reckon wada
navy_blues: no probs chief i dont think we are a top 4 side yet not like some supporters have us in finals already
DrSeuss: If Starcevich returns to being a good defender this year and Gardiner is useful up forward - Lions look a lot better
BigChief: I am waiting until rd 3 wada. Can get him same price after their bye
wadaramus: I don't have any other Brisbane players in my current team.
Beast_Mode: he is a lock, so is Grundy ;)
Nurfed: hi all, lets go crippa
Pokerface: how do you get there without ripping up your structure or losing a premo Chief?
BigChief: I have 90k in banj and Budarick in my side. Straight swap
wadaramus: I've tried to build a team with minimal bye players but due to his price have Coleman in to start.
wadaramus: This whole round zero thing is daft.
Pokerface: dangerous locking in a round 3 trade this early, given its the most important trade week of the year
BigChief: I have ZWill and didn't want 2 players from rd 2 bye which is why no Coleman yet.
Ash777: can we go 4 for 4 nsw qld wins for rnd 0
zadolinnyj: Saad ages on bench
zadolinnyj: The old one hand handball
Cottees: Blues looking like winning the trophy easily
FoopyTime: brisbane looking like they have unfinished buisness
BigChief: Big O been watch Neale with the 1 hand HB
original: no trip call. Wot
JaiDay12: Nic Newman's fall off will be studied
wadaramus: Thoroughly enjoying the India v England test series :)
beerent11: Friends.
DrSeuss: Another moral victory to England Wada
wadaramus: Yep, the Cult Leader has them all hoodwinked!
frenzy: beer
beerent11: Donít know about anyone else but I canít be alpsd figuring out how to work around the byes this year.
Pavs: evening beer
beerent11: So Iíll probably suck again. Good luck all.
wadaramus: We'll thank the AFL for your apathy beer :)
Gotigres: Williams could get a lot of the ball in defence this year.
wadaramus: Blues getting flogged, this ain't no trial match!
wadaramus: It's for 4 points!
BigChief: Free kick Brisbane
beerent11: Yes wada, in the words of Roger Murtagh; Iím too old for this shower.
DukeNewc: Gotigres, it's hard to tell if he's a sc lock or if he's getting it bc it's been down there so much tonight
DukeNewc: Nevertheless he's in my team
wadaramus: Lethal Weapon, now you're talking beer! They don't make movies like that anymore :(
DukeNewc: One of the greats wada
Pokerface: back in my day
DukeNewc: Far out how goods carlton
wadaramus: For Ken Oath!
DukeNewc: This is abysmal
Cottees: So many "experts" said Carlton finish top 4 and probably win the premiership lol
wadaramus: Well Duke, we only care about how well Zwill scores, how Carlton fares is irrelevant :)
wadaramus: Storm v Penrith a good contest.
beerent11: 1st round cottees.
Yelse: anyone really concerned with the byes or just choosing players you want to finish with
DukeNewc: I am one of those "experts" cordial man, I'm also predicting hawks to make the 8, I'm very reliable
DrSeuss: Lots of good sport on tonight - JackJumpers vs Perth later as well
DukeNewc: That comes with a lot of bias
wadaramus: Coleman not performing well, trading him out.
Pavs: just work it out week by week for me Yelse
Cottees: Na Duke - you're underselling Hawks. We finish first easily
wadaramus: You've got to keep one eye on the byes Yelse, surely?!
BigChief: Blues have no on field leadership.
Nurfed: Carlton pre season hype champs once again
Cottees: Beer - well it is opening round, not round 1 lol. But you are right, but a smashing is insane
Pokerface: still underselling us Cottees. Afl have renamed top spot to 0th.
DukeNewc: What articles are you reading poker?
original: unreal what neale doesn't get pinged for
DukeNewc: Hopefully the same ones that are making me an "expert"
Yelse: I still believe the opening game of every season should be the grand final replay with the premiers at home
Cottees: original - they need Neale to win again lol
wadaramus: Stop picking on a dual Brownlow medallist original,.
Cottees: Pokerface - ah damn true, forgot about that
navy_blues: i know we are getting smashed but gee umps arent paying much our way either
BigChief: Neale throws ball not penalised, then drags it in. Same result. SMFH
DukeNewc: This is a repeat of last year where carlton can't score, this time lions have a 7 goal lead though
original: bailey the old one handed handball
DukeNewc: Wada, isnt the brownlow voted on by umpires, who are currently holding neales hand?
zadolinnyj: Terrible call by ump original
bhg26: Umps have gone past hand holding duke
original: i'm with yelse - round 0 is a crock
BigChief: Are we watching the Brisbane Broncos?
wadaramus: Neale is a gun, stop picking on him.
BigChief: agree original. No fans like this rd 0 crap
DukeNewc: It also makes us supercoach player's lives much easier chief
original: embarrassing they called it round 0 to begin with
DukeNewc: Comeback??????
Beast_Mode: someone tell brisbane it ain't finals yet, too early for a choke
beerent11: I donít mind it
original: berry having a laugh isnt he
bhg26: Take a shot every time hodge says smart, youíd be dead at half time
DukeNewc: Beast you've manifested it into existence
DukeNewc: Too bad harry can't kick
BigChief: Beer you like 10 teams having a bye before they play 1 game?
original: i take a shot everytime docherty kicks it long to a pack
beerent11: Itís ok big chief.
DukeNewc: I'm surprised you're still able to type original
Gotigres: Coleman down
BigChief: Original add McGovern to that and you will be plastered very quickly
Beast_Mode: coleman dead
Ash777: That looks bad
Gotigres: Leg problem
DukeNewc: Ouch, shin on shin
bhg26: How are you doing so far original
wadaramus: Great, mid-pricer down, good one AFL for scheduling round bloody zero!
beerent11: Heís fine. Walking off.
wadaramus: England 200 behind, India 5 wickets in hand, what would Stokes say?
soup: Everyone getting bailed out of the Coleman pick, hate round zero
wadaramus: What an amazing stadium Dharamsala is.
amigaman: @beerent11 is our draft league going to happen?
wadaramus: I'm proud of the boys, we've played an agressive brand of cricket that puts bums on seats...blah blah blah
DukeNewc: He's channeling his inner Headingly wada
wadaramus: We feel like we actualy won today, bahahahaha
DukeNewc: Maybe performs another miracle, but in India, I think not
DukeNewc: He's also the same guy bowling someone whos got 0/106 wada
wadaramus: He's got full confidence in his bowlers Duke :)
bhg26: Hyperextension on Kiddy Colemanís knee, subbed out
wadaramus: Except he has no confidence in any of his fast bowlers so Jimmy "I'm nearly 42" Anderson still get's a game.
wadaramus: Ahh, the SC Gods are on alert early, robbing us of quality mid pricers!
DrSeuss: Not ideal bhg - Lions missing a lot of run from behind in that 2nd quarter not that Kiddy had been super involved
BigChief: Docherty subbed as well
Jaypa: Coleman out, Wilmot in?
BigChief: Did ZWill just punch Cameron?
Jaypa: He did Chief, pretty ordinary
DrSeuss: Charlie getting killed by Saad - Lions forwards struggling in actual marking contests
beerent11: Amigaman. Iím going to change the number of teams to however many we have as of after this game. 18 atm
BigChief: Jaypa hoping he only gets a fine for us SC players :)
clay007: Has Coleman been subbed?
beerent11: Might just lock it in at 18 now.
Raspel31: Doesn't really feel like an opening round- AFL stuffed this.
BigChief: Yes Clay.
wadaramus: Blues fighting back for the 4 points!
Jaypa: Didnt look suspension worthy, but he didnt need to do it either, striking suspensions have happened for less
clay007: I think the crowds would indicate otherwise Rasp! It is great to get footy back.
bhg26: What the flower is happening
zadolinnyj: Wow
clay007: Fanfooty has yet to sub him out BigChief, so thank you
wadaramus: It's Round Zero, the AFL clearly wanted games for 4 points that didn't appear to have that major round urgency.
wadaramus: Kiddy Coleman out, Brisbane are a rabble.
Jaypa: Lions have forgotten games of footy have 4 quarters
DrSeuss: Put Andrews on Curnow - Payne is getting killed and Starcevich has returned to spud status
Cottees: Lock Curnow in for coleman again lol
zadolinnyj: Red Cross means subbed clay.
clay007: Look at Docherty Zada
sheezel420: Give Curnow the superman already
BigChief: Red cross means inj not subbed.
Gotigres: How many weeks does a hyperextension usually take to recover from?
clay007: This Carroll looks a likely type
Jaypa: Dont know the extent tiges so hard to make a call
beerent11: Colemanís been a bit quiet this half
clay007: Spot on Big Chief
DrSeuss: Free Kicks going Carltons way now with momentum as well - Lions have turned to water
ballbag: top 4 in the bag
Beast_Mode: depends how bad, 1-4 weeks
navy_blues: how the tide turns
Yelse: btw when are the subs named this year?
BigChief: Hipwood has the McKays now :)
wadaramus: Just ask Roger Waters navy :)
Silz90: Goes both ways seuss. You got your fair rub of the green I'm the first half
clay007: Blues in
Cottees: The baggers are now leading! :o
BigChief: Where was this Carlton side in 1st qtr?
navy_blues: funny how the ones who were doing all he talking b4 are very quiet now
DrSeuss: WTF was that handball Neale?
Pavs: Bris looking for a time out
clay007: I think you should print off the chat archive Navy, it would be hilarious
bhg26: They all have the McKays bigchief
navy_blues: but ive seen this b4 where blues play only 1-2 good qtrs still another to go
DrSeuss: FFS - Brisbane forwards need kicking practice again this year
BigChief: Haha you're not wrong bhg
RuffLeader: Has Harry McKay been De Konings back up ruck?
DukeNewc: Sorry I'm back guys. What's this? Blues in front?
Cottees: Duke - go away again. Don't jinx the blues, I need the 2/2 tips lol
bhg26: Yep Ruff
original: surely one handed handballs arent a thing
clay007: This has turned into some sort of game.
BigChief: Yep Ruff and done okay as ruck too.
DukeNewc: Lol cottees, I never doubted them for a second
zadolinnyj: Dunkley quiet
BigChief: Navy De Koning proving you don't need Pittonet.
DukeNewc: Umpys had a voice crack there during the ball up
zadolinnyj: Puberty tough Duke
Gotigres: Lyons looks back into some form after a couple of off years. Could be a sneaky trade in for round 3.
DrSeuss: Daniher, Hipwood and Charlie - 2 goals 6 behinds - same old story unfortunately
navy_blues: yes chief noticed that in practice match
DukeNewc: Yeah it shows their inexperience, hence the shower umpiring zado
DrSeuss: Although that will help thanks Jo
DukeNewc: Tell me when I should leave cottees
Cottees: When Lions get up by one more goal lol please thanks
zadolinnyj: Lynnís at 270k interesting
BigChief: Original is sobering up with no Docherty bombs.
Gotigres: Lyons 258k
DukeNewc: Only because you're a hawks man cottees
clay007: Big fly Harry McKay-great poem
zadolinnyj: Lyons
Cottees: Thanks baby
Cottees: lol
DukeNewc: Cottees looks like I'm staying for a while yet
Yelse: Mc cluggag nowhere to be seen since qrt time
Cottees: Hell yeah the baggers lol!
zadolinnyj: Dunkley missing
clay007: Dunkley also MIA Yelse
BigChief: Beale not happy with Hewett LOL
DrSeuss: I think you will find most of the Lions missing since the 1st quarter
original: umpire sees hand to dface. does nothing
BigChief: Neale*
DukeNewc: Lol Charlie, early miss of the year contender
clay007: You should be on the umpire committee original, you miss nothing!
Pavs: Jack Caroll worth keeping an eye on
bhg26: Hayden McLean still frontrunner duke
Jaypa: Cripps broken nose oof
original: sorry bigchief, forgot
DukeNewc: Forgot about that one bhg, sometimes those ones are the hardest to put through
frenzy: Hugh lives
clay007: carlton teases
Gotigres: Do we have 3 trades at the end of round 2?
original: gotigres dunno make it up as they go along
DukeNewc: That is an absolute shoe from a guy who cant kick set shots
Gotigres: lol original
wadaramus: Good arm wrestel now.
BigChief: Shouldn't need 3 trades that early Gotigres.
BigChief: Almost bed time wada?
wadaramus: Nearly fell asleep.
clay007: Is that because of Wada's spelling of wrestle
wadaramus: India still batting, good bowling England.
DukeNewc: Maybe clay, just picked up on that
Gotigres: I might get Williams and Lyons in then Bigchief and maybe someone like Neale
wadaramus: Poor spell checker, I blame m0nty.
clay007: Great work Wada!
DrSeuss: Lions forwards - 5 goals - 10 behinds. Great work lads
DukeNewc: Gotigers, check back with us when they all have the bye and see how that decision works for you
original: how is that down field
wadaramus: Gee whiz, my grammar is good, one mistake and you'er all over it!
clay007: Are the Lions playing BrisBall?
DrSeuss: How was it not 50 original?
BigChief: Duke they have the bye in round 2
frenzy: lol wada
wadaramus: OK, we have a tight finish, SC scores are moot, carn who?
BigChief: Let's go Fitzroy hehe
wadaramus: Oh crap, I said "you'er".
Yelse: When do the head to head start in leagues after round 3?
Nurfed: go the pies
clay007: Good point Nurfed
Raspel31: Boy he can still tackle that boy Dunks.
clay007: I hope the umpires don't flower this up. Original would agree!
DrSeuss: Haha Lyons taken out in the marking contest - but yes the umps favouring Lions - rightio
Silz90: Seuss go to bed mate
clay007: Blood pressue check Seuss?
DrSeuss: It is too damn high Clay
clay007: 3 mins seuss! Wowee
navy_blues: cmon harry
clay007: McKay...shakespeare wrote this
navy_blues: yes
BigChief: Haha Harry kicks the winner?
wadaramus: Good Blues contingent at the Gabba!
DukeNewc: The worst kick in the team having a kick to probably win the game
Gotigres: wow, great finish
BigChief: 2nd ruck role suits him for sure.
DrSeuss: Lions do not deserve to win. Still hoping for a miracle - but don't deserve it
beerent11: Nick Newman worth a look if docs gawn
clay007: 20 seconds
wadaramus: The Blues!
BigChief: 9 secs left
navy_blues: wd boys crap start brilliant finish
BigChief: OMG Blues win.
navy_blues: yes lol
DukeNewc: Brilliant bounce there
Cottees: Hell ye the baggers. Thanks for the tip
ballbag: brutal loos for lions. great start for baggin the top 4
DukeNewc: Game over!!!
clay007: Bris will have massive scar tissue issues now. Two huge defeats by small margins.
zadolinnyj: How did that happen.
wadaramus: 12-13 to 13-8, poor kicking is poor football,.
wadaramus: Crows are experts at it!!
navy_blues: ppl who were knocking blues now cheering them lol
DrSeuss: Great game Blues - same issues for Brisbane - blowing big leads, poor kicking, not enough defense
DukeNewc: Cottees you've got your 2/2, just.
wadaramus: India 8/473, well played team.
DrSeuss: I will have to just take joy in the English getting smashed by India
BigChief: Virat who wada? LOL
wadaramus: No paying tax tomorrow, beach swim at 6.45am :)
original: bang bang bang
wadaramus: Yes BC, no Virat has not hindered their domination of the over-confident English.
BigChief: hmmm Hewett at 440k is interesting with no Walsh
navy_blues: lyon and browny turned from knockers to both hate blues
wadaramus: Righto you lot.
wadaramus: Salada.

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