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TheOnyas: onya steeley
BigChief: Enjoy your holiday Webster.
snake_p: have a 4 week holiday Webster
Gotigres: crude by Webster
navy_blues: no need for that bump prob get 6 weeks
amigaman: Should be at least 6 weeks butg the AFL is too weak
PAFC4eva: will be interesting to see how it compares with spp
Cascadian: Zaccy Fisher welcome to my team
amigaman: Impressed with owens. Need to get him in somehow.
circle52: If the AFL want to ger serious if player is concussed out of game offending player should als be subbed out.
PAFC4eva: Makes sense cicle
soup: LDU just not caring or is something going on
exatekk: anyone having issues wth the SC page?
Hughsy: Just stuck loading
amigaman: Yep, usual crap
exatekk: jeez its shower every year
slydon: i am exatekk
slydon: surprised wardlaw is playing i thought he was done for a few weeks
beerent11: At the moment fisher is my f1. Mid price and rookie madness.
Manowar: might go Fishing!
Hughsy: Very happy with darcy wilson
soup: Nyuon has got the spot over pink I assume?
beerent11: 3rd Fanfooty draft league. Draft on Tuesday night. #107142 . 10 spots left
beerent11: Fanfooty draft league 1. 1 spot left #803831. Draft tonight.
amigaman: What time Beerent? I have another league happening.
beerent11: Fan footy draft league 2. 2 spots left #887524. Draft Monday night.
beerent11: All drafts at 6pm wst. 9pm est.
beerent11: People must have left drafts 1 & 2. They were both full.
exatekk: yeah sorry beer, i left 1, i cant do the draft tonite
beerent11: Thereís one tomorrow night too exatekk. Two spots left.
Troglodyte: AF fantasy league created too fellas - yfy3s9pt - get on to it 1 spot left
amigaman: Missed out on 803831. What is the code for the one that people dropped out?
beerent11: 887524 draft 2. Tomorrow night.
amigaman: Okay, joined that one.
beerent11: Great. Leagues 1 and 2 full. Iíll reduce 3 to however many are in it at the end of this game.
JockMcPie: thanks for setting it all up beer
Ash777: lol what a comedy of errors
beerent11: No worries jock
beerent11: Someone just left league 2. Please donít join if youíre not sure. The draft wonít happen until the league is full.
beerent11: Just 1 league next year.
BigChief: I looked at joining but 9pm start and it will take too long with 20 teams.
soup: ahaha quickest goal ever?
beerent11: May have to rethink sheezel with fisher taking so much ball.
loginpaul: should I pick up Zac Fisher, from loginpaul
beerent11: Fan footy draft league 3. Only 12 teams Tuesday night 1 spot left. # 107142
Hughsy: How does draft work beer? Never done it
beerent11: You choose players in a draft and only you have them in your team. Snake format. 1 minute per pick.
beerent11: You trade players via the waiver wire through the year.
beerent11: SuperCoach info page explains it all.
Hughsy: appreciate it
Gotigres: Fisher has never averaged more than 74 in a season
Gotigres: Nyuon another 124k fwd
lana2146: Bonner a huge chance starting D5 for me

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