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navy_blues: well this game decides if H Reid is in or out of my team
PAFC4eva: gday navy should be training drill for crom
navy_blues: hey pafc
Troglodyte: Odds on Crow sucking in the GC humidity round 1?
exatekk: me too navy. Mead is in at the mo over reid
navy_blues: for some reason im not to confident in reid well not yet lol
frenzy: arvo
BigChief: crows play at night round 1
navy_blues: also watching berry today
PAFC4eva: laird always first to go to the bench ?
happytimes: Bang
exatekk: witherden also playing in that Hurn void. could be good
navy_blues: or mcgonvern exa ball will be down there a lot this year
PAFC4eva: loch could be a lock
exatekk: i didnt think McG was fit so never entered my head lol
Hughsy: Matt Crouch a lock.
frenzy: how long Flynn out
exatekk: exercise caution Hughsy, injury prone
Baldfrog: Is Yeo cheap this year? havent done team yet
PAFC4eva: fairly cheap baldy but injury prone
Baldfrog: Yeah but looks healthy for a change
Baldfrog: 1st year in 10 I wont be taking Lairdy with rank, rash crouch will steal points off him
PAFC4eva: got him at the moment hopefully lasts a while to make some dosh also not taking laird
exatekk: yeah no Laird for me either Bald. Dawson instead
Baldfrog: How long Butters out for PAFC?
PAFC4eva: Saying will play rd 1
Baldfrog: Cool m8 too valuable to lose him
Ash777: The biggest positive for Reid is he'll play every week
PAFC4eva: Yes need the Dynamic duo up and fireing
Ash777: also when reid plays in the backline they'll get the ball to him
Baldfrog: True Ash but at over 200k wanna be getting at least 80 every week
PAFC4eva: best coast cup sc league 619556 few spots left
Baldfrog: In PAFC Waynekerrs haha
exatekk: im in too PAFC Dragons Laird
PAFC4eva: look forward to playing against the kerrs 22 guns to prevail
PAFC4eva: 2 croms to dominate:)
Baldfrog: Na just wanna be competitive
Troglodyte: Is there a FF AF league running?
PAFC4eva: dont know start one for us
Troglodyte: Not that motivated lol
exatekk: ill start one, have league spots left
Baldfrog: Hate playing WC before rnd 1 hard to know where the team is at
exatekk: ya probably looking at a likely setup for Rnd 1 Bald
Gotigres: Damn. Missed out again PAFC
PAFC4eva: We got them rd 1 % booster
exatekk: Fan Footy league 174344. M0nty, get into it!
Baldfrog: Sholl wont play surely rubbish player
exatekk: nah, Solly will be in the 22
Baldfrog: Rather have a cardboard cut out of seedsman
Gotigres: Just joined exatekk
Troglodyte: is that league AF or SC?
lana2146: I got west coast to win wooden spoon at $3 easy money I put $1000 on it
exatekk: SC trog. sorry, dont do AF
Baldfrog: No way you got $3
lana2146: I think their firmed $2 now hahaa
exatekk: Berry looking very at home here. could be a solid pick if he holds his spot. 220,000
Baldfrog: Joined Exa
lana2146: Yep back in early January Baldfrog
PAFC4eva: Af fantasy league yfy359pt
frenzy: wet toast making Butts look good
Baldfrog: Well Lana book your holiday now funds guaranteed
Baldfrog: They like big butts frenzy
lana2146: If Harley Reid can avg 75 should be enough for a spot in my team
circle52: Joined exa
loginpaul: I love this Crom team - loginpaul
lana2146: Yep summer holidays paid for Baldfrog
BigChief: can't find that league PAFC
beerent11: 3rd Fanfooty draft league #107142. 16 spots left. Draft on Tuesday night.
amigaman: What time Beerent?
PAFC4eva: sorry beer yfy3s9pt s instead of 5 :(
PAFC4eva: i mean chief
Baldfrog: Bit early for the Pirate Life PAFC
PAFC4eva: Spud farmer chief ?
beerent11: 6pm wst
PAFC4eva: nah horrible stuff baldy pale ale for me
Troglodyte: No that's me
PAFC4eva: welcome trog
Troglodyte: Cheers, thanks for setting it up too
Gotigres: The 3 wce rucks have 1 point between them.
wadaramus: I know Coopers Pale is the best, but nothing wrong with a Pirae LIfe Hazy or a Big Shed Boozy Fruit PAFC!
PAFC4eva: big shed still trading wada ?
Baldfrog: Big Shed Boozy Fruit too many words for a beer Wada
wadaramus: Yes :) Still some Boozy Fruit in the Moana Bottle Shop :)
wadaramus: Best NEIPA on the market :)
wadaramus: Anyway, back on the game please.
wadaramus: Yeo looking good for a speculative mid price option.
Baldfrog: A fit yeo makes a big difference to the WC midfield
exatekk: welcome to him wada lol
wadaramus: OK, don't mind if I do, no early bye at least!
Troglodyte: Butts just got pounded into the ground
navy_blues: ROB doing well
frenzy: ROB against ?
exatekk: his own shadow frenzy
navy_blues: its his work round the ground as well
frenzy: Grundy esk
valkorum: ROB has no real opponent
Baldfrog: They having 2 byes this year bloody stupid
frenzy: you need Harley navy, get him in
navy_blues: just did frenzy
frenzy: lol. yep
Troglodyte: FF AF League 1 spot left - yfy3s9pt

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