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navy_blues: lol no power again
Troglodyte: They're playing tomorrow navy ;)
BigChief: Gday Navy. M0nty peddle faster.
navy_blues: hi Chief
frenzy: evening chaps
soup: its gonna hurt not owning errol..
frenzy: Grundy might Tunstill
Gotigres: By golly, the players have their correct pricing.
Gotigres: Well done Monty.
navy_blues: yeah might not start grundy see how he goes next week
Jaypa: whats the jordon role? watching the other game
Hawkthornz: jordan is wing
beerent11: Fan footy draft league #803831
frenzy: it's full Beer, spewing
Gotigres: Is there a classic league available beer?
bhg26: Ill probably have to leave the draft league frenzy so a spot might open up
PAFC4eva: evening all sc fanfooty league if interested 434270
frenzy: thanks bhg
bhg26: Can leave now if you want to jump in quick, just let me know
frenzy: yep im there
bhg26: Go now
frenzy: not working bhg
bhg26: I did leave the league, maybe someone else jumped in?
frenzy: had to log out, thanks bhg
frenzy: i'm in
bhg26: No worries
Flagm@ntle: matt roberts a lock now?
bhg26: Still have lloyd to come back in but with the praise hes been getting all preseason he should be named
original: no bailey?
Flagm@ntle: was named not sure whats happened
JockMcPie: bailey was out with illness
superb1rd: you would think Roberts would be at least on our bench. Round 0 to confirm
Gotigres: League is full PAFC4eva. Oh well, may everyone have a good season.
original: saw the charlie cameron incident, should be fine but nothing would surprise me

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