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Pav300: Lets go Walshy - you can beat deBoer tag
frenzy: howdy
Gotigres: Great start Briggs.
zadolinnyj: Lads
Pav300: gday lads got Ash too
frenzy: Cogs in the vest, wow.
Pav300: yes Frenzy - Leon loves humiliating him eh
frenzy: Marc Murphy the only other Capt I can recall sub vested
pcaman2003: C'mon Walshy!
bhg26: Can someone kick de boer in the shin please and thank you
Pav300: agree bhg we taught him too well
PAFC4eva: come to port cogs we wont treat you like this
Gotigres: Stay on the bench Kelly. Save yourself for the finals
Pav300: lol pafc
Hazza09: Can you get your alps moving Whitfield
DrSeuss: Vest is good for Cogs - even cheaper to start next year lol
bhg26: remember drseuss, no giants players next year. always ends poorly
Pav300: true drS i think the players get full pay if named in the vest too. Why Blakes doesnt mind being named every wk
DrSeuss: Haha true bhg - Leon Cameron is no friend of mine
Raspel31: Being of lower than average intelligence I just realised Walsh's monicker was being tagged by De Boer.
Pav300: the Glues are up and about
Pav300: Blues sorry Navy
navy_blues: its ok pav we need some glue lol
DrSeuss: Very lucky my GF opponent has Kennedy this week - still be nice if he could get involved
Pav300: lol phew navy, walshy feels very glued right now unfortunately
navy_blues: carlton always play 1 good qtr its the other 3 qtrs thats the problem lol
Pav300: hopefully theyll dig deep for ross
pcaman2003: If Mr Voodoo hadn't gone in to early retirement. I would've put him on de Boer
PAFC4eva: what are the chances of gws kicking next 19?
Pav300: awesome goal blues!
PAFC4eva: not good
kascadev8: taranto back to shower? lol
Foursuits: Let's go Jelly...Next refresh I want to see you on top
navy_blues: eddieeeeeeeeee
Pav300: eddie!!! cmon blues deliver for ur champ
BigChief: Kemp looks good @navy
navy_blues: yes chief think he is a keeper
Water: goty surely
kascadev8: cripps 13 touches 13 handballs, haha kick it crippa
BigChief: Not better than Serong's goal @Water.
pcaman2003: Like how Walsh got a contested HB then someone else got the stat.Get ti right CD you muppets
pcaman2003: To top it off they gave Walsh a clanger and took points from him. Unreal!
kascadev8: cripps up to 14 touches with 0 kicks, haha
DEESareSAD: Keep going briggsy
DrSeuss: Should have played Briggs over Kennedy this week it seems
preki1: ffs hawkins - every finals series
BigChief: pcaman Walsh gave away a 50m penalty so of course he gets a clanger and loses points.
BigChief: Wrong game @preki
pcaman2003: Chief. I saw that but the other points were taken off after that.
kascadev8: preki theres no issue with it anyway. any danger of cripps kicking the pill tonight? no wonder his sc is down
preki1: i realised that, lol
Grimes Jr: unreal briggs man
kascadev8: very excited to never own taranto again after this game, big relief
BigChief: Are the flood gates about to open?
navy_blues: throw not called
kangablues: Cripps gone
BigChief: Cripps out. Dow in.
pcaman2003: I think so Chief. Carlton about to implode.
Foursuits: The gates are open
Foursuits: Jelly...ton up before the end of the 3rd please
bhg26: 2 years in a row cripps goes down in the last game of the year
kascadev8: bhg, smells like a never again list spot for crippa
bhg26: hes in there with grimes
DrSeuss: Hell of a comeback from Kennedy in this qtr
Foursuits: Cripps, unfortunately the game has past him
kascadev8: neale gonna be priced at an under 100 average, very nice
pcaman2003: kaskadev. And nearly everyone will get him too.
TheFlagger: who needs mckay when you have ed curnow
Gotigres: I don't like you Kelly
pcaman2003: Big qtr please Walshy. Don't let me down now.
BigChief: Muppet for Saad?
TheFlagger: has been poor in recent last quarters pcaman. dont get your hopes up.
Hazza09: Horrible Whitfield
pcaman2003: TheFlagger. I can see my final slowly slipping away. Opponent has Gawn who is now dominating
Gotigres: If this is the best Whitfield can do then I can't see myself having him again
dipstick: going kennedy over danger is looking good so far
pcaman2003: Thanks to Walsh and Gawn, I'm in trouble
bhg26: oh walshy and whitter, what are you doing lads
Hazza09: Same here Gotigres
navy_blues: gee kasca gone quiet
pcaman2003: bhg26. CD still haven't paid him for that last tackle. Couldn't have tackled any better.
TheFlagger: we need a medium sized lockdown defender badly
DrSeuss: Kennedy stuck on the bench?
bhg26: yes eddie
bhg26: hoping its cd doing the usual stopping with 5 minutes to go
TheFlagger: has low tog every game seuss. always around mid 70s
bhg26: ouch
navy_blues: great mark
frenzy: start with the boardroom flagger
bhg26: and kneed himself in the face, thats very bad
DrSeuss: Yeah I know, but has been on the bench for ages this qtr - run out of interchange?
bhg26: This is very ugly
bhg26: he is in a horrible way
DrSeuss: Not good - was having a great game
TheFlagger: surely stocker rising star
bhg26: briggs and kelly good, walsh bad, whitfield very very very bad
BigChief: Now that's cool from GWS.