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duckky: Well it is goodbye to one fanasy burnman
navy_blues: hi all
PJ39301965: Why why why do we have kellie
bhg26: flowering good start
duckky: I was talking about Harbrow...
bhg26: Whereís wahab, Lloyd got a touch
bhg26: Buddy seriously looks on
kascadev8: mills already hurt himself, flower me wahab
Hazza09: Whatís happened to Mills?
bhg26: No player should be kicking goals from there
BRAZZERS: lol i dont have mills but its just one of those seasons lads
Fatbar5tad: Go Heeney and Seagull
original: Dawson should have two goals cmon man I need you
bhg26: Think he is going original
bhg26: going okay*
Fatbar5tad: Gull off the bench please Mr Horse!
bhg26: Looks like we want a top 4 spot, going to have to get another 30 goals and not concede a score
PJ39301965: Anythingís is possible bhg including a 15 goals for Buddy.
thommoae: Happy to have Buddy cash in on a slice of that action, bhg. He deserves it.
thommoae: Then we wouldn't have to eliminate you guys first week of finals either ;)
MontyJnr: The handling of the Mills situation by the AFL has been pathetic
Hazza09: Iíve literally got 3 and half games out of Mills since I bought him in
MontyJnr: Mills shouldíve never been forced to miss games. They couldíve moved his games to Victoria.
bhg26: Anyone see clarkos comment on how he wants to travel the world next year? Dont know where hes been
DrSeuss: Letís go Fiorini - keep it up young fella
kascadev8: bhg probs any excuse to get out of carlton, i dont blame him
robbieg: woah whats with fiorinis tog being in the 90's hahaha
bhg26: unheard of robbie
bhg26: didnt need the 50
DrSeuss: Ok Fiorini 2nd qtr has started - get involved
pcaman2003: Get busy Mills.
pcaman2003: Wish Horse would find a tag for Miller.
bhg26: No one can tag touk
bhg26: not even kasca
Fatbar5tad: Don't stop the music Isaac!
DEESareSAD: Donít wanna jinx it but I accidentally had the straight C on Miller from last week and itís actually going well so far.
pcaman2003: bhg26. I'd settle for a kick to the shin to soften him up.
bhg26: Bench him pcaman, save him for next year
pcaman2003: Keep it up Seagull and Mills. Good work boys!
Raspel31: Oh you good lad seagull.
bhg26: wahab throwing a fit right now seeing lloyds score
Hazza09: Miller has to be picked from the get go next season
Hazza09: Wahab MIA bhg, maybe his seasons over lol
pcaman2003: Hazza. Wahab drowning his sorrows from last week no doubt.
Hazza09: I saw one of his rants on Serious SuperCoachers a few backs about Brayshaw. Absolute gold pcaman
bhg26: As bestcoast would say, hes building a nice garden with all the flowers and showers
Apachecats: Good ol' Spudman missing today is he.
bhg26: llllooooyyyyydddd
bhg26: that was meant to be longer
original: Look away for a moment, come back and Lloyd jumps 30 ffs
bhg26: If Mills isnt 100% take him off, no point in risking an injury
Hazza09: Mills looks done! Just sums up my year
bhg26: Once again hazza, every player you touch turns to garbage
ausgooner: why are they still playing mills in a meaningless game against gold coast?!
Hazza09: Itís been that kind of year bhg, donít know what to say man
bhg26: just stay away from my players next year hazza
ado88: Thinking Wahab is trolling us all with his post and out of respect for BC has stopped for the day
zadolinnyj: I had 9 injuries last week and just lost final. Steele second half cost me. Very hard year
Hazza09: Give me your list bhg and Iíll do my best lol
pjw1234: very happy, last trade ziebell to lloyd via dpp
Hazza09: Mills back on the bench and into the rooms
DrSeuss: What is Fiorini doing - other than sweet FA since qtr time. Has he been tagged??
pjw1234: mills out
Legix: Seuss it looks like he is just jogging around
Hazza09: Screw you Mills, seriously why play him
pcaman2003: Not Mills! Crapola!
DrSeuss: Glad he chose this week for that Legix
MontyJnr: Screw Gil for forcing Mills into quarantine and ruining his achilles
pcaman2003: Okay Seagull,I need 200 from you now that Mills has gone.
Pav300: turn it up MontyJnr - you cant be serious!
MontyJnr: I'm dead serious Pav300
Pav300: AFL has done an incredible job squeezing out 23 rounds
MontyJnr: Why couldn't Sydney & GWS just relocate to Vic instead of forcing their players into quarantine?
DEESareSAD: Accidentally leaving the C on Miller from last week has worked out well
MontyJnr: @Pav300 I give the AFL a D- honestly. They have handled the pandemic terribly.
DEESareSAD: Also my mate who Iím playing in the granny left Lloyd on the bench from last week. Oof
Pav300: sorry MontyJ i totally disagree, but i prefer to call the glass half full....
bhg26: youd think if youre in a grand final youd pay more attention to your team
BRAZZERS: lol who cares, you lucky we've been able to put a season footy together
navy_blues: always 1 that will find something to complain about
DEESareSAD: Bhg are you confident youíll win ff group
PAFC4eva: monty jnr anybody who was in a tier 1 exposure site has to quarantine afl player or joe bloggs afl dont make the rules
pcaman2003: Lloyd needs more chips,so anyone got some spare?
MontyJnr: Prefer they just the season on hold honestly
BRAZZERS: monty please sort your son out pls
zadolinnyj: I think afl did amazing to get a season. No asterisk this year
DrSeuss: Can Fiorini at least get to 70 - get involved
MontyJnr: Hopefully you guys are all thrown into quarantine for no reason!! ;)
MontyJnr: @zadolinnyj 100% an asterisk season haha who are you kidding
Pokerface: think you'll find the mandation of quarantine isn't Gil's decision MontyJ
bhg26: monty please ground your son
navy_blues: took the words outta my mouth bhg
MontyJnr: @pokerface gil could've moved Sydney & GWS to victoria and avoided QLD quarantine. Gil's fault.
zadolinnyj: We have a finals series where 8 teams could win. Thatís a good year
Pokerface: which state was looking most likely to be able to hold matches with crowds.. Vic or Qld?
Pokerface: Such a forward thinker you have there m0nty
PAFC4eva: id rather wahab than monty jnr you for real
faisca7: AFL should have been stopped, agreed
faisca7: Why are AFL players important enough to fly in to stars and get paid shiploads, when I canít to visit my dying nan?
Pokerface: lets not say things we might regret PAFC :)
PAFC4eva: ha ha take it back
Pokerface: that wasn't baby m0nty's point faisca
zadolinnyj: Sorry to hear Faisca. Celebs I donít get but footy they keep going for mental health I think
Hazza09: Wahab is around, heís going off on FB about Llyod, Dawson and Miller
StuL: NSW is now gold standard. Most cases ever in a day
faisca7: True Zado, entertainment is important. Just thought theyíd be consistent with their rules. Much like drugs in sport
thommoae: FB is welcome to him.
MontyJnr: @pokerface sorry buddy I think avoiding sending players into quaratine should be prioritized over crowds
Pokerface: vic wasnt even a guarantee of holding crowdless matches moving forward
Pokerface: they would have had to quarantine coming into Vic as well. These are govt rules, not Gil rules
DrSeuss: Come on Fiorini - couple more mate. Be a little less disappointing
MontyJnr: @pokerface you actually have no idea about the situation. Green & Mills weren't tier 1 contacts under Victoria rules
MontyJnr: @pokerface Mills & Greene wouldn't need to quarantine under Victorian rules
MontyJnr: Queenlands wasn't a hotspot so no need to quarantine coming from there
Pokerface: you just said they shouldn't be in qld???
MontyJnr: @pokerface they should've moved to Victoria to play instead of quarantining in QLD. Simple.
pcaman2003: Lot of scaling to come in this one.
Fatbar5tad: Heeney owed a few points. Got nothing for his free and goal.
PJ39301965: Heeney only score 3 points for his 2 gaols Fatbar5tad