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BestCoast: Greetings all Clarkson what's everyone's view?
PJ39301965: Good evening all, good luck to those in the FF finals.
Yelse: good luck with the finals boys.. VC C ?
frenzy: who to tip
Kidult: Just Steele VC in this.
Kidult: I would rather see him take the year off and see the jobs open then.
Kidult: I think GWS could be an option for him.
thommoae: Good to see Kennedy back in the guts this week.
DrSeuss: Pretty sure that was Steele’s tackle on Cripps
bushranger: Gidday all. BC Two alphas will never work
frenzy: Tassie
robbieg: cmon steele
The Hawker: #KennettOUT
Yelse: highmore on my bench no way of loopholing him. he goes huge
poolboybob: Gee thanks BT, both teams looking to kick goals. What a genius.
Tig-Train: Teague gets fired this week and Carlton throw everything at clarkson
MrWalrus: VC Steele into ?, Clarkson to string pies along, flip them the bird then move into administration
robbieg: as a hawks fan, clarko should 100% join carlton. similar situation when clarko first joined hawks
Jukes82: lads would should i VC/C out of macrae, touk, danger?? cant decide
Jukes82: who should*
Kidult: Harmes could go to Touk so I would VC Macrae and hope Flanders doesn't tag Oliver if u need it
Kidult: Sorry misread Danger for Oliver.
MrWalrus: So good by Steele then
BestCoast: I've gone Jmac VC into Clarry
bushranger: Jukes - Touk for me, will lay 18 tackles
navy_blues: hope we do get clarkson
Jukes82: im thinking vc macrae into touk
Pies20: I've got know one in this game
Tig-Train: Carlton will still suck with Clarkson… you guys thought same thing about malthouse lol
BigChief: Vc Steele into C Bont.
Yelse: do i get bont or touk with final trade
BestCoast: Jules that's as good a choice as any
Kidult: Damn advantage from another Steele tackle FF. Didn't get the extra stats
Pies20: Settle yelse early days
Jukes82: cheers lads, hindsight shouldve been steele tho lol
Kidult: I would go Touk.
DrSeuss: Yep that’s 2 already Kidult - give him his reward
BestCoast: Jukes*
wadaramus: Bloody Hell, Jack Steele is top shelf.
BigChief: King destoying Weitering.
Gandhi: Saints might get a W here is King kicks 10
Pies20: I've gone jmac vc also best into see how he goes
wadaramus: He has been unobtanium for me this year, got to get him next year.
Jukes82: steele on pace for 40 tackles lmao
MrWalrus: He racks up from those play ons, don't stress
BestCoast: Pies20 it was a toss-up between JMac and Bont fingers crossed
Pies20: Yes they will tigtrain better off at the pies
MrWalrus: They just need to wait and see if it leads to a score
Kidult: Delayed telecast of the Crows vs Dogs game for me so I went VC Steele. Hoping he put up a score so I didn't have to see
Kidult: the results checking the SC scores.
Ash777: forgot to set my vc to walsh. It's now on stewart
DrSeuss: Ok Kennedy back involved in the middle mate
Gotigres: kasca to tag steele, pcaman to use the voodoo doll on steele, and I will bring out the kryptonite
Bazza2014: steele 160 tonight
Pies20: Also good luck to all those in finals this week
DrSeuss: Get back on now Jack, no more rest big fella
bc__: Steele in please. Enough rest
Pies20: Not if the blues win bazza
beerent11: Need a go ad l to get Steele back on
beerent11: *goal
PJ39301965: Paddy wow
beerent11: Steele only half a quarter
Gandhi: Dougal loves a whinge
beerent11: Can anyone guess who I vcd?
MrWalrus: Last trade gone on Cunnington s nut, injuries have done too much damage this year, curse you supercoach gods!
DrSeuss: Crazy that Steele was on the bench for 10 minutes
duckky: You and 50% of those still playng Beer
amigaman: @beerent do you run our SC league
Pies20: Steele beer?
MrWalrus: Charlie Curnow beer? Did anyone even realise he was playing
Yelse: steele and his tackles ffs
robbieg: good timing walrus
BigChief: Welcome back Charlie Curnow.
Bazza2014: wow curnow
beerent11: I set it up amigaman. That’s all I did.
navy_blues: welcome back CC
PJ39301965: Dow 160 tonight
Olli32019: Nice kick dougal you douche
Yelse: blues win this teague stays hahaha
Bazza2014: 8 tackles in a qtr
DrSeuss: What a kick. 1 step goal from outside 50
Pies20: Got 1 walrus traded dusty and highmore for dunkley and the ess rookie 1trade left
beerent11: The non cash league
Foursuits: Is Luke Ryan out ?
bc__: Why Steele TOG so low. Come on rats. Lift
Bazza2014: bahahahah @dow
Tig-Train: Paddy dow is making me sick the last few weeks…
amigaman: OK just FYI I won't be playing SC next year. Too many things on
happytimes: Go charlie
Gandhi: No Kermit for that?
amigaman: Great game so far
Gandhi: Nvm needed a refresh!
beerent11: No worries amigo
thommoae: Got yer 2022 itinerary all planned out, Amigaman? Blimey.
navy_blues: free kick stkilda everywhere
duckky: My regret was thinking last week was the first week of finals... so went Dusty to Bolton, not Marshall
amigaman: Just too many keeper leagus, joined 2 new ones
blonde0na: AFL loves pushing the King brothers narrative
navy_blues: yes dow improved a lot lately
Yelse: amigaan was possibly could u have planed.. lockdowns aint stopping
Yelse: duckky i got bolton too, he be fine he attended 19 CB
Kidult: Prestia is back though
Gotigres: Bolton is lucky not to be dropped
Yelse: how addictive are RitZ
frenzy: amazing what mids can do when played in the middle navy_blues
amigaman: @Yelse what?
wadaramus: Pull your finger out Cripps!
The39Steps: Good pt @frenzy. Teague played everyone out of position last week and got beaten. Sure McKay was out but....
navy_blues: yes frenzy but dows kicking use to be woeful looks a lot better now
The39Steps: ...don't replace him with Kennedy who had been doing well. That's why he will lose his job.
BigChief: How does Plowman get a game?
frenzy: Dow reminds me of Parish, took 5 years to get his act together
navy_blues: i agree chief said that many times
beerent11: Two supermen on a team not winning. Scratching chin
BigChief: De Koning injured? Carl stuffed in ruck if out.
beerent11: Can Charlie get through 4 quarters?
Ash777: I don't remember who I traded out for Rioli but I think they were injured
navy_blues: weitering getting destroyed chief lolol
pjw1234: have steele as vc walsh and marshall. so apart from the score all good
BigChief: Navy King was destroying Weitering. But Jones on King now.
navy_blues: ok np
blonde0na: weitering is still on king, jones is playing spare
PJ39301965: Who’s c0ck Teague in for league
PJ39301965: FF league
BigChief: Kermit for Newnes?
Phasir: Geez Walsh is soft at the ball
navy_blues: great goal
DrSeuss: Ok VC Jack - back towards 100 at HT please
Ash777: can phasir be removed
BigChief: Silvagni been huge @navy
navy_blues: think blues will stop after half time cant seem to play more than 1-2 good qtrs in a game
BestCoast: Phasir with another Homer Simpson quote
navy_blues: yes he just keep tryinng his heart out
amigaman: Not tonight Navy. Bad Saints have turned up
navy_blues: he is fishing bc no bites here lol
beerent11: Sam vs jack
beerent11: Best way to handle him
BigChief: Okay VC Steele kick th e goal.
Kidult: Only own one of them this year but next year I will probably start both.
Bazza2014: half way to my 160 steele, goal wouldve been better than OOF
MrWalrus: Sorry, watching Olympics, nice work VCSteele, is Charlie Curnow injured yet?
Yelse: wtf isn't murphy on yet DK hasn't played the whole quarter
navy_blues: normal red time goal
Dondeal: Crouch gets the tackle but Jones takes the free kick?
wadaramus: Cripps you are an absolute joke!
beerent11: Really is is amazing what Walsh is doing in year 3. Carrying a midfield that has Cripps in it.
DrSeuss: Maybe should have traded in Marshall instead of Lyon
wadaramus: What is wrong with you!
beerent11: De koning to Murphy = like for like.
beerent11: Garry?
Yelse: marshal with no rider is a blessing
BestCoast: Do you get credited a game for green best if you don't play?
BestCoast: Vest*
BigChief: @Best yes you do.
DrSeuss: Lol - Yep Garry going large this weekend
MrWalrus: Sure do BC, why do you think they're doing it?
duckky: They are nursing Murphy to 300
Pies20: I should of gone Marshall over dunkley at this rate
BestCoast: Murphy scrounging to 300.
beerent11: Well deserved though
frenzy: Nah they gotta be subbed in to be counted
wadaramus: Wearing a green vest and getting credited a game is rubbish I reckon?
Yelse: frenzy a med sub is a game played even if he doesn't get on
wadaramus: Well, that is better frenzy, but play 5 mins and get credited with a game is still a bit poor?
Pies20: What a way to get to your 300th subbed all the time?? Totally agree wada
beerent11: Who cares
frenzy: nah Eddie ford was medi and he's on zero still
wadaramus: The sub is just a 5hit AFL rule anyway.
beerent11: Blokes been a gun. Deserves all he gets.
Jukes82: he was never a medi sub
wadaramus: Carn the Matildas's.
frenzy: huh??
Pies20: Has he though beer??
wadaramus: Agree beerent11, but accruing games getting splinters in your ar5s
BestCoast: Didn't mean any disrespect to Murphy he is just cutting it fine
navy_blues: thats right beer think ppl forget very quickly
BestCoast: Murphy has been a great contributor for the Blues
Yelse: malteds 2-2 penalty saved
MrWalrus: Murphy is a gun, well deserved and a victim of the blues rubbishness
Yelse: goaaaalll
wadaramus: Score!
frenzy: Rnd 16 Jukes
Gotigres: Great goal by the Matildas
MrWalrus: No playing medisubs count for games played except in fantasy footy
Bazza2014: matildas gooooallll
MrWalrus: I'm enjoying the lady athlete's bottoms
Jukes82: according to he's played one game mate
wadaramus: Extremely politely put MrWalrus :)
Pies20: Totally agree best he's been good in a shower team
frenzy: okay, my bad then
Pies20: Goaaaaaal!!!!
Yelse: Goallllll maltidas
Gotigres: Keer!
Bazza2014: sam kerr legend
Gotigres: Kerr!
wadaramus: Four two!
Bazza2014: 4-2 pi$$ off poms
poolboybob: Does it ever get old watching the Poms lose? This guy says no.
navy_blues: wgeres raspel lol
Bazza2014: i love beating the limeys
wadaramus: Never poolboy! It is an enjoyable pastime :)
Bazza2014: raspels a pom isnt he?
Pies20: Does that mean it's coming home again???
navy_blues: wheres
Raspel31: Pooh.
navy_blues: yes bazz
BigChief: De Koning subbed out.
Pies20: Rasp
Phasir: I'm a bit salty that I tried to VC Rowan just before the match started and it locked me out
Bazza2014: 6 mins to survive then two cracks at a medal
wadaramus: Raspel is watching :)
Bazza2014: your in OZ now raspel, gotta take the correct side
navy_blues: aussie aussie aussie
Yelse: 10 mins bazza
Pav300: Aussie goalie deserves the Superwoman cape mOnty
Bazza2014: my maths were out
Bazza2014: def cape for the save
wadaramus: 100% Pav, the penalty save changed the game.
BestCoast: Kerr parents would be stoked for Sam making up for Daniel after he tried to burn their house down
beerent11: Mixed relay. Didn’t know such a thing existed.
Bazza2014: yeah wayne kerr would be happy
Pies20: Ouch best!!
Bazza2014: whats the score in the footy?
Pies20: Wayne is always happy bazza
Bazza2014: theyve gone to VAR in the footy :P
Bazza2014: sheisse
beerent11: Between cuz and Kerr no wonder Judd wanted out. Fletcher, Gardner, chick.
wadaramus: Four three Bazza!
Bazza2014: yes mate watching
Yelse: stuck watching the soccer dramatic game
Jukes82: glad the 2nd half started, couldnt handle watching that garbage sport soccer much longer
BestCoast: Beerent best swap ever Judd to Kennedy
wadaramus: Blue Baggers flogging the Sainters!
Pies20: Better than watching the saints yelse
beerent11: Gee how bad are st kilda.
Bazza2014: this is worse than 2013 GF
beerent11: Yep agree bc.
poolboybob: Looking forward to the inevitable AFL article next week asking if Carlton have turned the corner
Bazza2014: that should do it, kick the showerTS out of it
Yelse: how straight are the blues kicking
Phasir: Dunstan to Crow straight swap for M.Crouch?
DrSeuss: Come on Jack VC - your team needs you
navy_blues: question i ask beer is where has this effort been?
Yelse: why the called Great britain in olympics instead of england
poolboybob: Better question is what is so great about them, they're losing
beerent11: Fair question navy.
Pies20: Haha pool
blonde0na: @yelse Team GB can include scottish and northern irish athletes
BestCoast: England Scotland and Wales
Gotigres: Victory!
beerent11: Superstar
beerent11: 93% tog never stops working
Pies20: Bet your not stressed anymore about highmore yelse
BigChief: Blues showing Clarko what he will have next year.
DrSeuss: How many times can you leave Walsh open around a stoppage in front of goal
Pies20: One week good 3weeks shower bc?
MrWalrus: I'm already thinking to next year, if fit Darcy & Marshall set and forget rucks
MrWalrus: Walsh Steele & Touk for mids
BigChief: I am adding Laird to those 3 @Walrus.
navy_blues: so what bout colliwobbles pies we beat them and u below us on ladder so your tea must be worse lol
navy_blues: team
Pies20: For one season navy think about the last 10 or like you said before about Murphy people forget
MrWalrus: Laird in the mix, crows don't seem to completely suck
Pies20: Obviously you have
navy_blues: im just going off your comments and replying
Social: awful tea
MrWalrus: Fwd & Def will be value picks
beerent11: Walsh on the bench. Lazy.
BestCoast: Laird will be a straight out Mid next season
robbieg: whos the first person you're selecting next year everyone
blonde0na: umpiring has been shocking tonight against carlton imo
beerent11: 8th top mid this year bc
BigChief: Yep Best and I am still happy to have him as mid.
Kidult: Yeh Laird and Mills mid only but may increase output whilst growing in the role.
MrWalrus: Dunno BC, he's legit top 10 or so mids in the comp
wadaramus: Jack!
BestCoast: Beerent true
wadaramus: Steele or Macrae!
MrWalrus: First Steele
BestCoast: BigChief super consistent
PAFC4eva: milera
beerent11: Sam Walsh Robbie
bhg26: How is Steele only on 112
beerent11: Dow
Pies20: Makes no sense navy congratulations you having another average season
Pav300: geez Clarko has a lot to work with these Blues
PJ39301965: Not sure, steel, McRae or walsh
BigChief: 1st picked will be Relton Roberts or Josh Bootsma for me :P
Pies20: Remanoe negri for me
MrWalrus: Laird has been good both in Fantasy & IRL, a soft half back makes for a tough mid
BestCoast: BigChief no Jack Anthony
MrWalrus: Mr Pumpkin, Ty Vickery
BigChief: Best Anthony would be 3rd or 4th
kascadev8: evening everyone, i am late
BigChief: Here come the Saint @navy :)
DrSeuss: Come on Kennedy - you have stopped
wadaramus: You been out with Ariarne kasca!
wadaramus: What a gun she is!
BestCoast: Kasca greetings never to late go Walsh
Kidult: Hunter Clark could be defence value if he finally gets mid role.
kascadev8: of course wada, it is meant to be. lmao. go walsh and marshall
navy_blues: always seem to give up a goal in red time chief
BestCoast: Go Steele
BigChief: Was almost 2 mate. Lucky King's hand got in the road.
Yelse: need walsh to top possessions for 1200 big ones
kascadev8: wada im gonna miss her 800m race tho. so much pain :(
Gotigres: Need you to tag Steele in the 4th Kasca
BigChief: Kasca was withdrawn before game so no tag tonight.
kascadev8: @chief indeed i was
BestCoast: Kasca got the ultimate Karma for his shower tag talk last week
BigChief: @navy who rucks for Blues next week if De Koning is out? Can't be much left in the shed.
kascadev8: @BC asked a friend to pick my C and VC this week, she picked danger into parish
navy_blues: might fly me in lol
MrWalrus: Murphy Cheif?
MrWalrus: Our little Kas is growing up
BestCoast: Kasca is your girlfriend going to win gold in the 800m
kascadev8: lmao stop it you. @BC yeh hopefully, ill miss it tho, will be out so gonna cry
BigChief: Okay Steele need more tackles thanks.
BestCoast: Saints getting stomped
BestCoast: Yelse Walsh top possies not looking good
bhg26: Steele being robbed of a seriously high score
pjw1234: swap silvagni into the middle and cripps forward fro the rest of the year
Kidult: Scaled down for the result you would think.
navy_blues: 17-2 big turn around
bhg26: If Steeles last name was Bontempelli he would be on 200 by now
BigChief: I like the star for Silvagni @m0nty.
Bazza2014: silvagni should be blue moon
Pies20: This result is ridiculous not only do carl win but belt them crazy
Pies20: You mean dangerfield bhg
BigChief: Did Walsh go home?
kascadev8: just gonna contribute with this; if steeles name was taranto hed be on 22
original: That being a free sheesh
Kidult: Still more than half the 4th for him to go 150+
Pies20: Well said kasca
Torz: Silvagni literally got a ton last week too Bazza
Kidult: Would like to see 35 disposal and 15 tackles to finish.
bhg26: Jack Dangerfield-Bontempelli, 200 a week for sure
berch: Give Steele the atlas icon
BestCoast: Go Steele
dezlav: So glad I kept Dow when everyone else dumped him.
Silz90: Happy with new recruit Marshall tonight. Keep going Vc Steele
navy_blues: no mark to mckay?
kascadev8: so im assuming ben mckay wont play on the weekend, as he is playing tonight
Bazza2014: didnt notice, cant recall him getting 24 possies too many times, hence blue moon
Pies20: Dow on the bench
Silz90: Nah navy the bloke got smashed before but never gets a free kick
Pies20: In your team delay?
Pies20: Delav
Fatbar5tad: Come on Walsh finish the job!
BigChief: Blues letting Saints get cheap & easy goals late.
dezlav: @pies 20. Dow on bench with Emergency Loop.
Kidult: 5 goals in 7 mins ok
Fatbar5tad: My VC always seem to get those tricky scores.
Fatbar5tad: BT 'it's back on here' mode activated
Kidult: Steele finishing the game in the fwd line by the looks. last 2 Cb's he started there.
Pies20: 👍delav well held, the ozi that just ran the 10k great ozi spirit ran his guts out
BestCoast: Pies20 Benny Cuz ran 10k after an all-nighter
Pies20: Steele will get 160 who ever was hoping earlier
Torz: Steele VC locked in
dezlav: @Pies. Shem I held Crouch. Ha ha.
Yelse: hoping for 175 macca tommoz
navy_blues: see carltn just switch off now once u do that lose momentum
BestCoast: Pies20 that would be GoTiges
Kidult: He got the 35 now 2 more tackles
bhg26: Steele vc, Marshall and Walsh, im cromming
Pies20: Haha best
BestCoast: Steele Walsh Marshall smashed it
original: Higgins cannot dive
duckky: Saints are coming :-P
Pies20: Matt dezlav?
Pies20: Yeah good start if you got them best
dezlav: @pies. No, Brad. Though he's looking at a respectable score now.
BigChief: Scoreline flatters StK a lot.
Bazza2014: did i say 160 jack steele???