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rupertmarn: Looking for a huge game from Steele as Captain today.
pcaman2003: Like to see Highmore score well so he can keep his spot.
TheFlagger: Steele might cop a tag but Turner is a useless tagger so wont affect anything
rupertmarn: Cripes Flagger I hope not
TheFlagger: Is Ziebell playing on his man or seagulling? Same question for Hall?
DrSeuss: Come on Hall - need you to keep up with Ziegull
kascadev8: @Flagg i could use some seagulls this week
Gandhi: This gameplan for Norf is horrendus
TheFlagger: Same kas, same. No Zorko, have Taranto and Lyons. At least Macrae VC saved me from Grundy.
zadolinnyj: What game plan?
cmperrfect: keep going POD Cunners. Only trade i got right 4 weeks ago.
Hazza09: Bought in Steele this week, letís see if I get some luck for once
kascadev8: @Flag, today ive had poulter, stewart, grundy, clangertaranto, been very bad
kascadev8: good boy ziebell
pcaman2003: Score a bit faster Highmore.
Beast_Mode: from pies twitter, grundy has pinched nerve. cooncierned about possible nerve damage. waiting for scans
HelloJack: never thought i would enjoy watching ziebell kickout to hall this much
pcaman2003: Hopefully Grundy will be an easy fix.
cmperrfect: Butcheranto also killed me too @ Kasca.
Ben_Gogos: @HelloJack rather entertaining combo! Poor football - great fantasy.
kascadev8: @cm ah very good. might just try hold grundy thru the best of 18 bye weeks
Ceema: Grundy, Taranto, Mcluggage all poor, if grudny is gone for a while who do i trade him too?
kascadev8: @Ceema probs nicnat
Hazza09: Out of all weeks Opp didnít have Grundy and I C him, story of my year, I give up
WobWobble: My opp has Sproule, Murphy, Buckley, Ah Chee, Cox, Waterman and Warner all on field. I C Grundy and Iíll still win by300
pjw1234: fielded highmore fingers crossed
chris7399: hasnt moved from 10 since late in q1
duckky: The recorded cheering is crap
rupertmarn: Jack Steele has come to party
pjw1234: has not been on the ground lol
pcaman2003: Fielded Highmore and benched Kosi. Hope it doesn't bite me.
duckky: Highmore is running shutdown on Zurhaar ... won't score much
bhg26: not looking great so far pcaman
Hazza09: Need 150+ from him @rupert
kascadev8: jack steele is always at the party, just often he is the only one there :(
pjw1234: i think wilkie has zurhaar
pcaman2003: bhg26. Nah! Hoping it might improve,but could be wishful thinking.
navy_blues: it is against norf pca
rupertmarn: Good luck Hazza
cmperrfect: Hello Cunners. Wake up plz.
bhg26: I mean im not affected. If highmore scores well then i loop him in, if he doesnt then i play kozzi
Apachecats: Steele well overdue for this.
navy_blues: so prob wont be in saints backline much
pcaman2003: navyblues. They should put him on the ball....wink wink
colin wood: Looks like the saints have this covered in the first ever Mason Wood Cup game
Hazza09: Have had shower all luck this season @rupert so letís see
kascadev8: anyone have Hall? ive been too scared too, he'd go down as soon as i play him
navy_blues: if steele cant get 130 against norf there is something wrong
NewFreoFan: Hall too fragile, great when he's healthy but misses too many
pcaman2003: I think it's safe to say Highmore is going to flower me this game.
Struda: freofan you didnt do your research then lmao
Stu7: Come Cunnington
Stu7: On
beerent11: Did the saints players commit a bloody murder before the game?
TheFlagger: Ive got Hall, a risk but could be F2
NewFreoFan: What struda?
Beast_Mode: tom spudmore
Stu7: Who knows whatís in st Kildas mind
beerent11: Or are they part time butchers?
Struda: go look up why he missed so many games, it wasnt injury
Hazza09: Steele 4 disposals there for 5 points lol
Stu7: King living up to his sub standards agiain kicking another point - useless
NewFreoFan: So the fact he's never played a full season since 2013 isn't because of injuries?
navy_blues: norf need to tag steele to have any chance
Hazza09: Highmore hasnít even been sighted
kascadev8: put cunnington on steele, angry boy and steele will slow down.
pcaman2003: Hazza. I think he went home in disgust of himself.
Stu7: Settle down Cunnington ya flog
beerent11: So happy to be rid of lachie young finally
beerent11: Sorry to talk about other games but what happened to Grundy?
pcaman2003: Slow down Steele.
Struda: look up recent years, find the reasons
TheFlagger: brad hill. that is all.
TheFlagger: Pinched nerve in neck beer
NewFreoFan: I really don't care, regardless of the reasons, he misses games
NewFreoFan: Here for the footy, not Aaron Hall this is your life guessing games
beerent11: Cheers flagger
Beast_Mode: could be nerve damage they said, know more after scans
beerent11: Cheers beast, been at kids sport all day.
Raspel31: Okay, aftermuch consideration I am resigning from head of the set Tom Highmore free foundation.
beerent11: Highmore needs 67 points to go up 37k to get over 200k.
Stu7: Highmore should get that score ...... over 4 games lol
rupertmarn: Highmore should get high less.
TheOnyas: onya steeley
Stu7: 10 points st Kilda donít deserve to win
NewFreoFan: Savage dont argue by Cunnington
Stu7: Another point way to go
Ben_Gogos: Battle receives the muppet for missing that gilt edge opportunity from 15 out.
navy_blues: brad hill back to normal i see lol
beerent11: Ziegull getting pantsed again.
bhg26: Yeah thats a free to highmore
Manowar: Biggest crowd for the year for both North and St Kilda
Stu7: Wake up Ziebell
NewFreoFan: Ziebell donated all his back half disposals to Hall
bhg26: These are professional footballers kicking at goal
beerent11: Saw better quality footy in my sons under 10ís game this morning.
Stu7: Battle of the dudds
navy_blues: i think we could make a fanfooty side a d be competetive with these guys
navy_blues: lol higgins
bhg26: Like i said before, these are professional footballers that are kicking at goal
Stu7: North Kilda lol
beerent11: Byrnes is turning out to be a good rookie selection. Was worried early on.
MrWalrus: Zeibell on track for 100+ yet again, you should be happy enough with that
bhg26: Love having Poulter, RCD and Byrnes as my rookie mids
Hazza09: Cmon Steele need 150
navy_blues: m0nty could be coach baldy captain lol
bhg26: wed probably all be seagulls trying to get the most supercoach
Baldfrog: Lol thanks Navy
PJ39301965: Iíd rely on the scaling bhg
beerent11: Sounds like everyone at the saints but Steele bhg
navy_blues: prob need 50 on bench lol
bhg26: Id imagine it more like Ziebell and Hall in the backline beer
Baldfrog: If from the 80s I'd belt you all behind the play:)
Hazza09: Why would they tag Hill?
Baldfrog: Bhg
Beast_Mode: putting the C on Steele this week was genius
bhg26: King is flowering showerhouse
PJ39301965: With no trial by video @Bald
navy_blues: we coulnt get a umpire we all be abusing them lol
Baldfrog: Have same beast but op has every top scorer so far
PJ39301965: He got his big contract bhg
Baldfrog: Hope not PJ
bhg26: Made saints think he could play pj lol
Baldfrog: Apache is sensible to be an umpy
Hazza09: Was going to put the C on Steele but listened to others about going Grundy and got shafted
PJ39301965: It would have to be played at Marvel. It would be a Marvel if we all saw the game out.
bhg26: i swear at the end of every quarter one of my players is about to get another touch then the siren goes
beerent11: Yep thatís what Fanfooty is all about. Brags and whinges.
bhg26: Never give in to peer pressure hazza
Baldfrog: No one would go PJ to far for tiges fans to travel
PJ39301965: BT, Eddie and Wilson as commentators. Lol
Baldfrog: I never brag or whinge anymore anyway doesn't change anything beer
NewFreoFan: Gotta back yourself in Hazza
Baldfrog: I'd punch 2 of them PJ
Wahab_18: Steele VC Hall unique this is tastyyyy
PJ39301965: I know Bald, wouldnít we all
m0nty: well Geez, Highmore was worth the wait
Baldfrog: Well done wahab
Baldfrog: True pj
pcaman2003: Is it safe to say Highmore has blown his opportunity to stay in the side?
Baldfrog: That was informative m0nty
bhg26: im ready for highmores 50 point quarter
Baldfrog: Bhg you think he can do a helmet head?
_Wang_: Evening all
snake_p: he'll take 3 games to score 50
Hazza09: Itís also the same person who flowers me over @bhg lol
Silz90: At least highmore has touched the ball more than hill
bhg26: heres hoping baldfrog
pcaman2003: bhg26. I see you're a glass half full kind of guy. Lol!
snake_p: no more release Highmore, mercy killing more the order of the day
Baldfrog: Navy whats our footy club gunna be called?
kascadev8: ziebell wake up
bhg26: a point for highmore, here he comes
bhg26: The seagulls baldfrog
Baldfrog: Do we all wear 44 bhg?
navy_blues: fanfooty rebels? no idea
pharace: There you go Kasca..
NewFreoFan: The showering flowers
navy_blues: umpy falconed
Baldfrog: Well done NFF nice
Beast_Mode: Lmao
kascadev8: @pharace beautiful, if only taranto did the same
pcaman2003: Highmore found a lonely chip.
Hazza09: Donít stop now Steele
happytimes: Why Byrne on the bench so long
kascadev8: steele have a rest, you've done enough
NewFreoFan: Have a soft spot for the profanity filter word replacements Baldfrog
Beast_Mode: Had high hopes for highmore after first 2 games, Rats destroyed his desire
NewFreoFan: Don't listen to Kasca Steele, gimme 4 more
Stu7: 14 points - has any9ne known another team to kick so many points?
BigChief: Last quarter has started Steele.
Beast_Mode: Steele 150 plus
NewFreoFan: We're known for kicking a few Stu7
DEESareSAD: Sucks to be ranked 51st and field highmore rather than Murphy and Jones
beerent11: Donít mind huddo
Baldfrog: Yeah Dees I put Jones on bench for highmore
Beast_Mode: we get it mate, you're 51st. You're flowering amazing. Don't need to remind us every game
beerent11: Ranked 51st are ya dees?
JockMcPie: not to brag but im rank 10,727 and i also fielded highmore :)
Stu7: Lol
Ben_Gogos: Great season @DEES!
Silz90: Jones a late in - if anyone is using him as a loophole
The Ogre: You know what they say about self praise
_Wang_: Highmore got a touch!
Stu7: Thanks Silz
Baldfrog: Your beating me jock I'm 12k
navy_blues: it wont last dees only takes 1 bad week son went from 20th to 400+ in a week lol
NewFreoFan: Not to brag but I stopped playing fantasy footy 2 years ago
DEESareSAD: Wow navy
cmperrfect: wonder how Mike Hussey is going this year at SC.
DEESareSAD: What happened to hall??
J.Worrall: I'm at 20k and fielded Highmore = beat that!
m0nty: here comes the Hall injury
kascadev8: was just talkin bout bringing in Hall in the discord, I am sorry
pcaman2003: Okay Highmore. Just 3 quick trips up the ground for 3 goals and all will be forgiven.
LMartos: it's just a tight hammy, he was running fine on the boundary
cmperrfect: Another ton. Thank you Cunners.
Baldfrog: Hall never lasts long
bhg26: i dont accept your apology kasca
LMartos: got the bye next week too, will play R13 no worries
navy_blues: actually 541 son is atm dees so hard to stay up there
Silz90: Aaron hall was always going to be a huge risk. I didnít have enough trades to take a punt on him
Lawls: jones coming in means i can't get both poulters and maddens scores :(
Beast_Mode: pretty sure hall just has cramp
JockMcPie: is there a fanfooty discord kasca? been looking for somewhere on there to talk abt footy
beerent11: Steele is dragging me back into my league game
Wahab_18: Steele where are you
Baldfrog: Still a good rank Navy for a kid
LMartos: Hall is back on, you can all stop bragging about how you avoided a risk on a guy who didn't even have an injury
bhg26: bet the kids actually 30 baldfrog
Beast_Mode: I use a supercoach group on fb sometimes
Hazza09: Great last Qtr Steele Ffs
rupertmarn: Steele 1 possession in 40 minutes
kascadev8: @Jock theres 1 called FanFooty Forum, idk if thats the one linked to this or not
Baldfrog: Lol bhg doubt that
navy_blues: 19 year old kid lol
DEESareSAD: Iím young and ranked 51st. Doesnít really matter
Apachecats: Phew! just noticed H.Jones a late in and was using him for the loop.
N-train4: rupert lucky his tackles have helped his score
Beast_Mode: better 1/4 highmore, too little too late tho
JDavey: I agree with LMartos - Hall was a great pick and he is fit and healthy. Hasn't had a soft tissue injury in over 3 years!
bhg26: so i have 2 years to catch up navy
Silz90: Martos he has missed 1 or 2 games through injury. And he came off injured for another game.
beerent11: I started a fan footy group has 80 odd in it code is 321802. All welcome.
navy_blues: yes bhg he very serious bout sc
LMartos: He didn't miss a game last year from injury and only got a concussion this year
rupertmarn: Jack Steele has resumed the party
JDavey: Only LMartos seems to have done his research here. A lot of salty non-owners praying on his downfall
m0nty: Hall just taking the power now
NewFreoFan: 1 more please Steele
Silz90: Still missed a game however. I donít mind the pick letís make that clear.
Silz90: Jdavey what are you talking about lmao we are talking about this year. And what I said was correct smh
beerent11: I passed on hall with ziebell and impey already in the fwd line. Was worried about injuries and trades. Regret.
Baldfrog: JDavey doesn't get out much
Wahab_18: Did Steele get 1 point for his Intercept mark and rebound just before?
pcaman2003: Massive 2nd half Highmore. Tripled your score,so well done champ.
kascadev8: @beer can bring him in 2 weeks after his bye, works for me- as long as i can get whitfield in
navy_blues: power poor effort to only win by 20
beerent11: Wait for scaling wahab
Hazza09: Yes @wahab CD love him
Wahab_18: Time to throw the C on Saunders and Chuck Titch on the bench with E Thanks Steeleee!!!
Beast_Mode: relax kebab, scores get adjusted after scaling, sma ehappened to flynn in the other game with a late goal
TheFlagger: Tarryn Thomas is interesting
BigChief: 2m Peter out and Harrison Jones in
beerent11: Canít argue with 5 tons in a row. Especially as a fwd.
Beast_Mode: same*