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Kidult: Thought I only had Merrett in this. Ridley hasn't been noticeable the last few.
Beast_Mode: afternoon lads, fyfe, heppell, thilthorpe vs merrett, cripps, rowe, +6 pts. who wins?
ElstyBoy: whose everyone got in this one?
CozzieCan: Afternoon gents only Fyfe here .. eyes on Ridley for next week
Dondeal: A win please boys
mattmac24: Really hoping Cox can get on early.. copping a donut from him otherwise.
StuL: McGrath. Good start
ElstyBoy: McGrath on fire
Raspel31: No soccer to play, no theatre to attend and no bloody dinner parties- just footy. Go Dons and Zerrett.
Raspel31: Ah- and I chose to bench you this week Mr Jones-hmm?
Dondeal: Swapped Rowe to the bench for Jones before the game. Looking good!
Baldfrog: Need you to beat Bont Zerrett
Gelly: well looks like cox is coming on
Beast_Mode: cox loves feeding it to hooker
Baldfrog: From be Hind beast
FLAG: cox better with lobb on
Raspel31: Need Cox to fill up my backline
thommoae: Haven't we exhausted these, boys? Surely these all got an airing when Dean was with West Coast?
Dondeal: Cox gone limp again, not coming on
m0nty: there is never an end to Cox jokes on this site
Raspel31: As long as you don't circumscribe us m0nty.
srj2409: Thereís a lot of immature kids on here who think itís funny. Like being in a pub at 2am
DrSeuss: Mcgrath, Darcy and Brayshaw can you save my weekend?
Dondeal: lol srj, I'm 41 and still like Cox...jokes
navy_blues: your so mature srj lmao
thommoae: Who says chronological age has anything to do with it?
Baldfrog: Some cox jokes are very creative
cmperrfect: Coz didnít get up this week, was feeling a little limp.
cmperrfect: Cox
Raspel31: Impressed chronological is in your lexicon thommoae, though, in truth, age would simply do.
Dondeal: Jesus cmperrfect you are so immature for your chronlogical age
Baldfrog: Leave the room CM lol
thommoae: As distinct from emotional age, Raspel.
StuL: Watson chopped off Cox
cmperrfect: Then we should all leave if thatís the case Bald. Haha.
bhg26: Hind, Ridley, Merrett. Decent start
navy_blues: couple of cox and a hooker in this game lol
Baldfrog: Is coz cox Nz cousin CM?
cmperrfect: Love your work Bald. Haha.
Baldfrog: Ty now I'll leave the room
cmperrfect: And that would be Cuz too Bald. But close enough.
Baldfrog: Bugger ur right CM
Raspel31: Wearing serongs Navy and leaving a certain player a very Redman.
bhg26: Laverdes having fun today isnt he?
Torz: Redman stop stealing Ridleyís kick outs!
navy_blues: and to his merrett he does live in a parish rasp
Hazza09: Need a 150 Merrett, come on
srj2409: Laverde s done
bhg26: Flower off Redman, let Ridley take kickouts
Raspel31: Whilst I deplore injuries Laverde- I truly need a cox back-up to avoid a donut.
Hazza09: Flower off Serong, get the flower off Merrett
bhg26: We are going to see Laverde in a full body cast and in a wheelchair by the end of this game
CozzieCan: Come on Fyfe do something ya potato
m0nty: Laverde made of stronger stuff than that goal ump lastnight
Hazza09: Flower off Serong
Raspel31: Que Cerra, Cerra- terrible song. power off lad.
Malaka: Two Moida Poida!
thommoae: Longmuir, unlike Leon last week, not content to let Zerrett have his own footy.
StuL: Peter Wright snake bite
toddless: flower you longmuir put brayshaw in the guts
Beast_Mode: fyfe you muppet, hit a target
Raspel31: Hmm Jones- your 3 touches in the first five mins were influential but...?
DrSeuss: I swear this week is when my opponent has all the over achieving uniques. Heppell and Hind in this one of course.
toddless: serong is a shower tagger
thommoae: Hind has been consistent all year, DrS. Heppell pretty good too, since back from injury.
Raspel31: If it's any consolation DrSeuss- i did consider trading in Hind this week.
Baldfrog: Obviously Hind is playing well cause Raspel didn't bring him in
DrSeuss: Heppell and Hind have only had 1 x 100 this season - but both heading for 110+ - together.
Raspel31: Thank you Bald- last Cock Sucking Cowboy I ever buy you.
Baldfrog: Haha bugger my other one is nearly worn out
Beast_Mode: heppells worst score is 86, he's pretty consistant
Raspel31: It's a shot idiot!
ElstyBoy: Hind always looks bound for 100+ and then just stops, fingers crossed today
cmperrfect: Stay down Ridley, Iíll get you next week.
DrSeuss: Fingers crossed Elsty - him and Heppell would be ideal
Manowar: You suck Nat Fyfe!
Hazza09: Why did Merrett go from 58 down to 53 after half time?
Raspel31: Why is Morrison our Pm Hazza. Why am I not a fabuously well paid international movie star? Some questions defy logic.
DrSeuss: Another good question - why is Brayshaw starting on the freaking bench
beerent11: Ceres and riddler my two cheap upgrades next week.
beerent11: *cerra
navy_blues: umps need to reward the tackle
ElstyBoy: yeh the umpiring all week has been average, especially around the tackle
Kidult: Oh cmon Essendon! I switched my tip to u
ElstyBoy: Anyone gutsy enough to go Redman at D6 as a budget pick
banta: Umpiring disgraceful
banta: The dive from Serong pathetic. Flopper.
Kidult: Parish is getting some nice numbers lately.
Kidult: Pretty decent run home
Raspel31: If one were impolite- which I am not- one might say shake the tag and bloody do something Zerrett
Hazza09: FFS Merrett
ElstyBoy: this umpiring really is getting disgusting
banta: Umpires have been instructed to favourite interstate teams. Last week has favored, swans favored. Crook
beerent11: Some cracking games this weekend
pharace: And if another where to mirror one's politeness Mr Raspel, one might say stick like glue Serong
NewFreoFan: What a load of shower banta
Raspel31: One might say that pharace but grace a dieu you're not that rude.
pharace: Good battle Ferret and the serong
ElstyBoy: Parish starting pick single handedly taking me to the top 500
pharace: Is Phillips the worst ruckman in the league this day!
NewFreoFan: Yeah Parish is a star
ElstyBoy: I think Phillips is pretty serviceable for a 2nd string
beerent11: In the top 500 are ya elstyboy?
kascadev8: Wtf is Fyfe doing?? He's my captain ffs
ElstyBoy: yep, wont be after this week though, have Bowes and Marshall :/
m0nty: I hope GOD showed some faith in Parish
Bulky: Man, Kelli Underwood has an atrocious voice for football commentary. Makes Daisy Pearce sound like Dennis Cometti.
Beast_Mode: lol kasca
Raspel31: As the great English cricket writers wrote NewFreo- banter is not just - he hit a four- it is analysis and wit.
NewFreoFan: Kayo's ad break music is way too mellow for a sport service
GOD: Confirmed @mOnty GOD has the C on D. Parish this afternoon!
Gelly: after listening to eddie last night, kelli's voice is like an angel
bhg26: To those who dislike the commentary, you can always mute the tele
kascadev8: Not watching the game. Is Fyfe de at 15% ? Cant understand why 21 disposals is 49 points
pharace: Think NewFreo explained himself succinctly
Hazza09: Ok put Serong on Parish now ffs
Kidult: Parish can push his average up to 108 with a 150 today. If he cracks the 150 that is a 5 round average of 122.6 with a
Kidult: top score of 162 low score of 79 in the last 5
Raspel31: God I've missed you God.
toddless: fyfe de 42%
cmperrfect: Cox rise up for the last qtr.
Beast_Mode: big cox took off the jacket
thommoae: Got that right, Gelly. As A Footy Commentator, Eddie makes a great quiz show host.
kascadev8: Fyfes de is 42% ?? Not sure how that makes it a 49- even with plenty of scaling to come
duckky: So two Cox and a Hooker areinthe game
Raspel31: The new coming cmperr- I certainly hope so.
Beast_Mode: he's been a spud kasca, 5 clangers
pharace: Cox straight into it!
NewFreoFan: Fyfe's goal kicking has infected his field kicking
Raspel31: Ridley will be sore by the end of the game duckky.
pharace: I think that's called a Multi duckky
kascadev8: Come on Fyfe. All you have to do is outscore Mills
Kidult: Merrett projeced 125. Will be lucky to get 80 at this rate
Raspel31: zerrett is the new Neale- fab player, but tags- oops.
Hazza09: Merrett is nowhere, just canít handle a tag
NewFreoFan: That was a wicked googly, Warne would be proud of that bounce
bhg26: Anthony mcdonald Tipungwuti, the king of spin
NewFreoFan: Cometh the hour, cometh the Mundy
Fatbar5tad: Zerrett you flowering blouse
Raspel31: Lol Newfreo- but safely gloved.
pharace: Keep coming Freo.......
Hazza09: flowering joke Merrett
Raspel31: Keep coming Cox!
NewFreoFan: Sick of Freo getting stressful Sunday games
kascadev8: come on fyfe ffs wake up silly boy
beerent11: Zerret upgrade in a couple of weeks
pharace: Not going to make to an OldFreoFan then?
Ash777: good 1 kelli. smoked it.
thommoae: Noice, Pharace.
NewFreoFan: It's a joke from when I changed when Freo was formed, got accused of just being a new fan. We were a new club...
Raspel31: Two in this- Brayshaw and a little girl with the nickname of Zerrett. One costs a lot more. Hmm?
kascadev8: 30 more points fyfe, thats easy for you
Bulky: Cox not getting any penetration.
Hazza09: floweren useless Merrett
NewFreoFan: Cox needs to drill it to Hooker, Bulky
StuL: Cox has stood tall
Raspel31: Cox coming up against some stout behinds.
pharace: That's becuase he was only giving to a Hooker @ Bulky
NewFreoFan: How was that not a mark
kascadev8: hold ur tackles fyfe, coulda had more points there :(
Beast_Mode: fyfe in the 90's now
Ash777: umps felt sorry for last week to dons.
kascadev8: fyfe on 80, ooft, please help him out scaling
Bulky: Cox needs to harden up.
NewFreoFan: Robbery on Lobb, Bombers played hard pressure though deserved it
Fatbar5tad: zerrett so good until my opponent doesnt have him.
StuL: Bombers really tried to lose
Raspel31: Cox has been on for a qtr- good score. Not much time on the ball.
kascadev8: just need gawn to stay lower than fyfe now
Beast_Mode: you're cooked kasca