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simo_k: Brown Playing ?
m0nty: Nope simo.
m0nty: Good start for the Dons
Hawks08: watch out for bradd dalziel
julzyboy: essendon have half a side
willywilly: your point ?
toxictoast: team lists are switched here
julzyboy: they are a young not saying its bad its just that they have a LOT out..which is to be expected
willywilly: lions no brown bradshaw black rischitelli
J-Mactime: Hollywood Monfries touching it lots.
willywilly: merrett
Hammer: Monfries finally getting a run in the midfield, where he belongs!
toxictoast: are people gonna pick bradshaw for DT this year?
Hammer: will he be back for round 1, i thought later?
willywilly: not til round 3 or 4
julzyboy: thats a bugger for gumby
J-Mactime: Even if Bradshaw does play, he won't score highly..
Hammer: Hope Gumby's hammy isnt too bad, was hoping to get a look at him
Whitefox: If they play him up front he will
Chugs: I wish Jay Nash was still classed as a defender
Chugs: Jay nash would be great if he was a defender
Hammer: If Brown had 3 defenders on him Bradshaw is a chance, but I'd want to see how his knee is first.
gumby5: i rate monfries equal to jarred brennan... a hack that scores good once every 5 rounds...
Hammer: Monfries is alright, if he plays on the ball he'll score well
J-Mactime: Monfries will be great this year. Finally playing in the middle.
Whitefox: I remember Bradshaw's form up front before his injury. He was on fire
ari18: gumby u idiot. check his last 4 or so games of last year
willywilly: 4 games wow must mean his a star
Hammer: he has potential, he was wasted in the fwd pocket by Sheeds
ari18: in a row. And he is being played on the ball. the last 4 games he was played as a mid and look at his results
toxictoast: no black brown or bradshaw. is anyone considering the playing brisbane players for DT?
willywilly: 56 against richmond cough , 4 games in a row means something does it ? try woewodin a whole year in midfield + brownlow
Cartman121: Have to agree with Hammer and ari on Monfries, i think he was definetely wasted up fwd, and has gr8 potential for DT if
Hammer: Monfries could do this year what Adcock did last year.
Cartman121: ....he was played in the middle more often. Think he was around a 3-5 first round pick wasnt he..
joffy_2: i also agree about monfries in the midfeild and he should be their perminatly
DaVe86: looks like Dyson's hype is accurate...monfries in the middle rotating on half forward is dangerous
Hammer: If I had Woewoedin in my DT the year he won a brownlow then Id be happy
Cartman121: Adcock was about 100k cheaper though, and in the backline which helps alot...
Whitefox: Monfries is too slow... like a deer caught in the headlights.
Hammer: pick 14 in 2004 draft
apple_meat: Peverill is a lock for me.
Sam23: TJ chopping.
Hammer: I'll give you that one Cartman
willywilly: its sad when you hear how gullable people are and how easy they join the bandwagon , pretty sure i heard this about
J-Mactime: Hollywood Monfries has been covering alot of ground and just put it on Hille chest lace out.
willywilly: monfries last yr
m0nty: Gumbleton in tears on the sidelines... poor kid
J-Mactime: The "Burger" going okay in the ruck.
Hammer: You probably did, willy, then he was played in the fwd pocket for 2/3 of the season. Get him on the ball and look.
hawks15: monfries teasing us again
J-Mactime: If their is infact a Monfries Bandwagon. Im driving it, and. I have been a supporter of his potential for a while now.
willywilly: yeah quiet a while i must say , still waiting
Cartman121: Lachie Henderson anyone? pick #8...
J-Mactime: Henderson looks okay.
Hammer: looks like this could be his breakout year, although I will admit that he's not the best value
Hammer: Monfries, that is. Henderson looks like he has the goods
willywilly: breakout year , last year was going to be it too
Hammer: ok I'll get him, you wont. lets move on shall we? what will Johnstone do this year? disregarding this game
J-Mactime: Paddy Ryder is on fire.
apple_meat: Dyson looks good. Breakout year for sure.
m0nty: A warning: posting nasty links will get you banned. >:(
gumbleton3: goal to hollywood
willywilly: monfries scrap goal every one wet their pants like theyve never seen a goal before
J-Mactime: Johnstone always got tagged at Melbourne. Black Power and Lappin will all get tagged before he does at Brisbane
jezg: come on monfries!
Cartman121: Jumping on the bandwagon again! MONFRIES LOCKED IN :D...lets just hope it doesnt end up like last year, traded at rnd 2
jvanschie: What do you guys think of the live DT scoring on
Hammer: haha you love it willywilly!
J-Mactime: Monfries rules. You know it makes sense.
willywilly: the ones who are picking monfries im guessing xavier clarke as well considering you go by pre season form and the talk
Hammer: Paddy Ryder goal. This is his year.
Hammer: the xav clarke plays on the ball all year and does nothing or gets injured. Give Hollywood a chance!
J-Mactime: Not quite. Xavier Clarke is rubbish. His brother is even worse.
Cartman121: Xavier is one of the worst DT players, if playing hell get 1/4 OK scores, and hes only on the pitch 1/3 of the season...
gumby5: sherman a no go this year
willywilly: your all starting to sound like collingwood fans on travis cloke
Hammer: haha I actually think Cloke will go downhill this year, players who have that surname generally collapse.
DamonahMc: is there really going to be live DT scoing on afl??
m0nty: Gumbleton's hamstring is torn, 5-6 weeks minimum
willywilly: i dunno , i hate collingwood but i think travis is definately showing promise . jason and cameron however are just lame
Hawks08: i know they said torn monty but what do u base the 5-6 week period on?
willywilly: with a name like gumbleton what do you expect
Hammer: Travis is easily the best one, but he'll cop alot more attention this year. Pity about Gumbleton.
m0nty: Voss said 5-6, Hawks08
J-Mactime: Where is Rischettili? Was keen to see his form.
jvanschie: DamonahMc - it's already on... Check out Game Day Live
jvanschie: it's a bit slower than fanfooty, looks better but not as much info...
DaVe86: apparently trainer said to boundary ride that the hamstring was 'significant' voss predicted poss 5 weeks
J-Mactime: I have come quite acustomed to fanfooty. I don't think I will ever leave, regardless of whatever comes up with
willywilly: wheres darcy daniher ? bombers fans what do you expect from him this year ?
Fury: Injured still, isn't he?
Hammer: fanfooty has my vote. Good point about Daniher, he's alright apparently
m0nty: Daniher is on a modified program I think, not fit
willywilly: heard a lot of hype over david myers , hasnt done much tonight , wondering what your thoughts are of him ?
gumbleton3: what;s the song on the holden ad?
larkis: The good thing about FF is the chat, whats not to love here?
willywilly: peverill still the most under rated player in the afl in my opinion
gumbleton3: what;s the song on the holden ad?
larkis: Has Myers been on the field?
Dublin18: anyone know why Alwyn Davey is not playing?
J-Mactime: Does his numbers suggest that the "Sherminators" 06 was a one off. Or his he carrying an injury? Was genuinely crap last
ari18: davey is being rested. Our only injuries our daniher and williams and gumbelton. Rest are rested
J-Mactime: Peverill may be underated. But has the face of a careless beekeeper. Doesn't have the babyface good looks of Monfries.
Imziee: how is dempsey doing nothing? he has been great so far running off half back
Imziee: myers hasnt been getting much game time so far .. should play most of the 2nd half
DaVe86: Dyson is undoubtadely top 22 yer??? What are thoughts...will this form continue once engine room returns
larkis: I'm not taking Brisbane too seriousy due to Leppitsh coaching. I can't see Henderson to continue playing well.
Dublin18: cheers Ari
Imziee: doubt dyson will be in the 22 come round 1 .. good for dt so far but his disposals have been ineffective
Hammer: Sherminator is pumped for a big season. Unfortunately he's no good.
Cartman121: Just wanna point out that johnstone's score is well above par considering brisbane are 30 points down....
Imziee: dw about dempsey comment didnt understand properly lol
Cartman121: usually only plays well when the team is winning
larkis: For anyone playing close attention to the game, how is Jetta going. For some reason, I think him and Monfries should ...
larkis: ... a big season
Cartman121: Dyson's disposals may have been ineffective, BUT 1. doesnt matter at all for DT and 2. one name....Joel Bowden :P
DamonahMc: wheres alwyn davey??
Hammer: Hollywood yes, Jetta no. Few more years for him yet.
Dublin18: Heath Hocking at 133,000. Anyone think his worth a shot?
julzyboy: no
Hammer: Henderson has done well compared to his sides performance, especially for a 1st game
DamonahMc: wheres alwyn davey?
Hammer: Davey rested
DamonahMc: how come?
Hammer: re-broke his arm this morning
Hammer: joking, I have no idea actually. Can anyone shed any light on this one?
Go DoNZ: They're just resting Davey, nothing more than that...
ari18: His imperetive to our line up so why risk him?
larkis: Watching this game is making me think twice about the Bombers finishing last, even with their big three out, they can ..
larkis: .. still play a decent game
jezg: hey ari, get monfries he's a gun
Cartman121: Anyones Fan Footy lagging their comp? or just me?
DamonahMc: how do i look at DT scoring
willywilly: dont get ya hopes up larki dont forget brown against you last time
GoRoos: which midfielders are essendon missing? Davey, Winderlich.... who else?
gumbleton3: stanton
Evanescent: watson too
phenom: would Ricky Dyson be a good pickup?
willywilly: very disappointed in david myers , expected him to get a lot more game time too , his bench spot in my teams off
J-Mactime: Stanton. Running Machine.
GoRoos: people's top 5 dters from this game thus far?
willywilly: nash monfies (shut up) henderson luenberger dunno fifth
joffy_2: magin is a star
kerrigan3: been very impressed with johnstone could be a cheap fourth or fifth midleilder
J-Mactime: Johnstone isn't actually going to be as cheap as many think.
kerrigan3: on this site hes low 300, 000's
jezg: joff, monfries is a star
GoRoos: I'd have it Dempsey, Monfries, Nash, Hocking, Houli as best dt potential of the night.
Dublin18: a few potential Brisbane bench players. Henderson, Proud, Dalziell