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RooBoyStu: need a big game McVeigh
Punt: 1200 with 12 players including GAJ capt to come. Come onnnn!
Heizenberg: I'm going down my opponent has Roughead gray and macrae
carlton_99: should i put pendles, ablett, danger or beams captain
Punt: Lloyd and Shaw subs
Heizenberg: What format Carlton 99
Heizenberg: Don't put danger hell get the Crowley tag
Drak: To gaj or not to gaj, thats the question….. historically low against the swans… which means hell probably go huge
Heizenberg: Lol drak yeah hate when that happens stuffed up my match day last night?
Jrobb: @carlton_99 if it were me id go pendles, will perform better than beams, gaj low vs swans and danger will get crowley
LooseSaint: lol how about zorko - finally scoring well
Drak: Yeah, I've got it on pendles at the moment. Im projected for 2578 hahaha, so better safe than sorry
Heizenberg: @jrobb between pendles and beans for sure if it's sc pendles DT beams hAs potential to out score him cause could not get
Heizenberg: Tagged
Heizenberg: Sorry for spelling poorly, bloody iPhone at the pub about to have lunch
Jrobb: @heizenberg yeah fair point, i just feel as though pendles will still get 30 possies and kick a few even if he is tagged
carlton_99: my opponent has ablett i might just keep it as ablett i am 190 up but he has an extra palyer however he has is good
Heizenberg: @robb yeah he's one of the best at breaking tags, I have him c now that my VC rockliff scored just normal
Jrobb: @heiz good move mate, @carlton yeah smart play i reckon
Huge BBC: i've gone beams (c) vs my opp who has gone GAJ (c). need ablett to stay below about 115...
carlton_99: im going pendles
Huge BBC: wishful thinking probably
Heizenberg: Thanks Robb
carlton_99: nope sorry im sticking with gazz final decsion
JGreezy: Ablett can very easily get up to 120 or so even in an average game, but he has looked a bit tired lately
Heizenberg: Yeah jgreezy looks like he has struggled to run with real pace at times
Heizenberg: Or not to his fastest anyway
coldog: Thought on taking selwoods 122??
carlton_99: ok pendles captain and tahts my final decision
oldfart: do we know the subs yet any one
smirskii: anyone think khunt will kill it today?
Jrobb: @carlton 3rd time lucky mate? lol
Huge BBC: lloyd and shaw @smirskii
Huge BBC: sorry, @oldfart haha
oldfart: thanks huge bbc
Lions38: Hoping someone gets injured as i have Lloyd dammit.
frieswthat: Matthew Wright out for the Crows
oldfart: there will be 2 late changes for pies tomorrow penders in mite not play
Jrobb: I have prestia and jack in supercoach draft, how will they go today?
carlton_99: how do u know oldfart
Huge BBC: @oldfart if swanny is out again i might go on a killing spree
NoneyaB: Oldfart wheres your source of the info? you know bogus info gets ya kicked from here
oldfart: only one emergencie played in the VFL YESTERDAY and that was broomhead
NoneyaB: So that means nothing,? They will both play
carlton_99: so, melourne are playin well, they would be dumn to rest players
Sloaneyyyy: need prestia to fire up today
JGreezy: oldfart, a lot can happen is two days, probably playing it safe, can't afford no backups
NoneyaB: not a single thing has been mentioned anywhere about swanny and pendles whats the matter oldfart? does your opp have
RooBoyStu: @oldfart cheers
NoneyaB: oldfart does your opp have both of them in his team?
pharace: Fair observation OldFart, probably one might miss, they usually keep one free for any warm-up issues
WizzFizz_: playing beams capt over gary, get 110 ablett pls not 180
Dt God: tipped the suns
frenzy: c'mon little master, go huge, sorry for the VC this week
coldog: @wizzfizz so did I
Sloaneyyyy: yeah i've gone Beams as captain this week over ablett too
bigpens: Lift Franklin
oldfart: no iam a pies fan hope theres no change
mijg: I went Gaj in the end. just could not risk it
pharace: And Ablett is away cleanly.......
Crazy Good: love to see the suns win, and was tempted to put the C on pendlebury but stuck with gaz
NoneyaB: when in doubt always put the c on Gaj
Heizenberg: Omg stop gaz please
danmaio: matthew write puts another dagger in his coaches hearts
Luke919: bad things always happen when I take the C off GAJ, he'll score 150+ no doubt
Sloaneyyyy: damn looks like GAJ is gonna go big today
SwaggyP: cannot believe i thought putting the c on rocky would be a good idea
JRedden: try putting the C on johnson, huge mistake for me
mijg: Was looking at ben McGlynn this week. been going alright
RooBoyStu: Billy went GC certainty Sam already gone as had dogs
Arch: go gaz set the tone with a huge 1st qtr
Sloaneyyyy: heh, that Bennell icon... its still a rabbit with a waistcoat...
mijg: Who's on Gaj?
pharace: Who's minding Gaz (or raher isn;t)
mrpotato: Gold coast seem to be able to fill a stadium, good to see some support up there
uptoolate: reckn GCS are actually a chance today !
daniel87: been goin g really well so far in sc this week que the letdowns that wil bring my score down
Preston007: Buddy and Swallow.... FFS get the pill
runt: Suns will push Sydeney if only
RooBoyStu: Don't people own a flowering tv?
coldog: flower off buddy
danmaio: cmon Derickx, need you to beat Cox score
uptoolate: @mijg ..... McGlynn a champ under radar ! fantastic scorer !
pharace: KHunt 2 kicks! wonder which Swannies he spotted up?
Jmachete: ooh ooh eee eee
Crazy Good: theres is fk all rookie defenders out there, bews and cameron been useless so ar
Magicsmell: How is may only on 3? He took a mark and kicked before...
slmit4: Nobody close checking Gaz at stoppages. Could go huge today if suns are competitive
Punt: Parker is AA in fantasy footy this year. Gun
danmaio: he was on -3
slmit4: Parker should be AA full stop
pharace: @ Magicsmell May gave away a free
uptoolate: Parker well overpriced @ $518k.
frenzy: give us a lift GAJ
RooBoyStu: @uptoolate not on form
SwaggyP: uptoolate parker is a walk up 100 now.
Karlpov: Comon Shaw and Tippett, lift!
Karlpov: Comon Shaw and Tippett LIFT!
uptoolate: that's it Suns ..... stand up !
cdfcdevils: cmon presti
slmit4: Not overpriced but will go down next couple weeks so see your point. Super consistent all year tho
coldog: Eat a dik buddy
danmaio: everyone put the mock on Gaj, hasnt scored for 10 minutes
Escapist: @uptoolate, martin is the same price averaging a whole 5 points less, parker is not overpriced
LuvIt74: G'day all, hows it going?
Kennedy31: Kennedy head to head wiff gaj?
tor01doc: That Buudy act of
tor01doc: Petulance is why a lot of Hawks are glad he is gone
uptoolate: agreed ..... on form Parker is a sensation ..... cuppla years we shall see ...
godsofwar: go you good thing nicmal...perfect trade in so far this week...keep going
pharace: Mr Nobody has kept GAJ quiet these last 10 mins!
cdfcdevils: Tippett going great guns today
LuvIt74: I was't sure whether to trade out Kolodjashnij or Langdon out for Malceski im gglad i chose Kolodjash
mijg: Cmon swallow for once my opp does not have you. need your 100 Projection at least
Kennedy31: Is he running free???
Ben_Gogos: GAJ is running free to this stage
uptoolate: cmon KK ....prove em wrong !
2xxRinga: GAJ 3 missed tackles so far!
Kennedy31: Massive shoe mcKenzie
Baggers5: After watching Swallow dominate all year I bring you in this week, and you dish up this!!!
Magicsmell: Suns are a great team to watch - as a neutral supporter
Kennedy31: Swallow will cum good
Drak: Yeah, 3 years from know there will be 16 spectator teams.
slmit4: Swallow always has quiet patches in games then explodes for 40-50 point qtrs also always has great Dt-sc conversion
Ben_Gogos: @MagicSmell so true, no one would've said that five years ago
frenzy: cannot believe I got smashed last week by buddy and r shaw, and this week they do this
Kennedy31: Suns are the Melb Storm of the AFL
uptoolate: 6 scoring shots to 7 ..... Suns are not out 0of this ....
MightyEss: come on bird!
RooBoyStu: Penguin Cameron
uptoolate: what u mean Kennedy ??? ...... bagging Melb Strom ?
Ben_Gogos: Wow McKenzie, that went all of 70 metres :O
mijg: Yeah 1.6 aint going to win games.
RooBoyStu: Tippett & Shaw icicle
2xxRinga: gaj 28 swallow 8 kk 5 prestia 25
MightyEss: i think ablett might punish me this week for not putting the C on him...
Karlpov: flower you Tippett.. I will lose my elite league because of you.
alekstah: Tippett would've had a donut if not for his hitout
2xxRinga: may 18 sc!
ThomYorke: Parker SC?
Escapist: parker 33
Jukes82: buddy, derickx, shaw, mcglynn sc please?
ThomYorke: Cheers Escapist
pharace: Rampe is a surprisingly good footballer for a NSWer
uptoolate: Parker will crash ....... one week soon .... $100k. more than Buddy ? .... think not ...
slmit4: Rampe gun. Close to AA this year
Tempaa: Malceski 59sc booom mr consistent
Escapist: @uptoolate, as always you have no idea mate
slmit4: U pay for consistency this time of year up too late. Everyone is pretty much full prelim with 8-10 trades left
pharace: How many in your AA team slmit4, squad of 50
GraysFan: 100K more than buddy for a reason... would rather 104 a week than 84
JRedden: never taking the C off ablett again, flower sake
uptoolate: Check out relative pay packets Grays ....... if u were paying ?
slmit4: @pharace well I said close too and I'm pretty sure AA squad is 40 players
TotalFruit: uptoolate for the burger
uptoolate: thanx Escapist ...... try to concentrate on the ball not the man ...
RooBoyStu: @Uptoolate do you watch tidly winks? parker way more consisent early than buddy hence $ difference
Lions38: Cmon Swallow!
GraysFan: had parker start when it was only 30k difference, great price, always going to breakout
runt: Franklin looks like he's wearing a big nappy
uptoolate: thanks RoodBoyStoo ...... u r clearly a footy Einstein ....
HappyDEZ: May beaten last week but GC must be stoked with him & Rory as their key defenders.
SydneyRox: lookin good atm boys
pharace: that you did slmit4, reckon he's still a way off, but goiod all the same
SydneyRox: very impressed with smith though
pharace: Nearly half Gaz's score is in tackles
Pendlez10: ablett hungry for that goal ..
RooBoyStu: uptoolate lol go to bed and kiss your mummy b4 you go
slmit4: May have been a bit of an early crow. Good player tho
snake_p: Buddy giving away frees all over the place undisciplined
krazykray: tippett finally alive
DirtyDawn: afternoon gents
LuvIt74: This round those who chose to put the Captain on Pendles or Beams may pay off.
preki1: yeah buddy ran fifty metres to give away that last stupid fk
SwaggyP: flower swallow khunt is better than you LIFT
RooBoyStu: afternoon dawn
slmit4: Swallow would want to have that purple patch soon
tor01doc: Buddy illdiscipline not missed by Hawks
hammers: Rooboystu, forums biggest tosser
preki1: lol he'll be reported fot it as well
runt: Bennell's haircut brings the game into disprepute. Rub him OUT!
DirtyDawn: Bennell worst haircut in the AFL. Looks like a skincat!!!
pharace: Ahhh Swaggy... no he's not in a month of Sundays
howeydamus: watt$ wins that award
RooBoyStu: nice goal kennedy
uptoolate: well spotted hammers .....:0)
coldog: @hammers agree mate the blokes a wonka
erg57: come on swallow. lift
RooBoyStu: @DirtyDawn dead heat with Lowden
motty823: couldnt agee more with hammers! keyboard warrior
NDiddy: just heard on the telly that ablett is going at 33% eff
Escapist: uptoolate, rooboystu and dipstick make me regret logging on whenever i do
WizzFizz_: ablettt 36% de with 3 clangers
NDiddy: that's gonna hurt is sc
uptoolate: so say something constructive escapist ......
Heizenberg: Gaz sc should be low then with 36%?
RooBoyStu: Cunningham doing well on Kolodjashnij
dusters: up too late more like alive to long
pharace: Thanks Fizzy, guessing that lowers his SC a bit
2xxRinga: gaj 44
Steelers7: Goodesy
WizzFizz_: his sc is only 44 atm
Heizenberg: Thanks ringa
uptoolate: hi dusters .... thanks ..... bit hard but ok ...... love to play on u mate ...
slmit4: Yea but ablett all contested and load of tackles I'd say sc slightly lower than Dt atm
tor01doc: Pendles captain by the looks
Heizenberg: My god parker has just been a dream this year in forward line too
runt: Goodesy's slam bounce while having his jumper held was magic
Jmachete: ablett or pendles?
pharace: Groundhog Day
slmit4: Karmichael gifted this game
frenzy: headbutt the doubters gazza
Heizenberg: Miss gaz
tor01doc: Ablett or Pendles as Captain SC?
Hawks_13: does anyone know if jobe watson is going to miss games?
pharace: agree slmit4, watchd him in magoos last week, was only OK
Heizenberg: Everyobe chevk out freo game sandi unbelievable fantasy start
Huge BBC: @hawks_13 4 weeks apparently
coldog: Yes 4 weeks I think
DirtyDawn: potentially 4 weeks Hawks
bulldogs11: I heard four hawks 13
barlowlove: 2-3 weeks for jobe
RooBoyStu: Anyway guys pre game drinks then off to the footy Go Roos and Heizenberg if North are losing say we can’t run properly
dusters: uptoolate you are the tyrone vickery of the fanfooty world
sleary: suck big hairy ones people who got spud franklin this week.
uptoolate: GAJ .... no doubt best all round player I have ever seen .... in 50 years ...
hammers: Heizenberg, any good bets this weekend?
Jukes82: Jobe Watson is expected to miss 4 weeks with a quad.
Heizenberg: There saying 4 weeks hawks 13, have no idea currently who i will trade him to
Hawks_13: watson to ablett swap then
Footy_Pie: Rule 1. Make Gary Captain. Rule 2. Don't break Rule 1
DirtyDawn: Where is Swallow ffs!!!
Heizenberg: Hey rooboy stu how are you? Enjoy the game, i have a feeling i wont need to LOL
Drak: There are really people who don't have Ablett?
snake_p: watson to barlow if you already have Gaz
Heizenberg: @hammers no ive completely given up actually been 29 days now
Heizenberg: No sorry 22 days
meka100: flower off Cunningham
SydneyRox: mcglynn has been fantastic today so far
hammers: Going to
hammers: Going to do the same mate, been unlucky
Heizenberg: Not sure if barlow that good in sc snake will do my research during the week
pharace: Watson to Zaha fwiw
DirkDigler: @hawks13 if you dont already have ablett you may as well give up
LuvIt74: Malceski's score only up 12 points since first quarter.
Heizenberg: Okay hammers, well done be prepared it has not been easy for me.
snake_p: heiz I was talking DT not SC
LuvIt74: Watson straight to JPK if you dont have him and can afford the extra cash
mijg: Cmon Suns
Hawks_13: been stuggling but winning half my games. been stubborn and waiting for the right price
Heizenberg: @snake okay i do sc only
SydneyRox: people dont have JPK in SC??
Heizenberg: Gaz sc?
LuvIt74: I don't have JPK yet
uptoolate: with mijg ..... Cmon Suns ..... great effort so far !
mijg: McGlynn tackling machine
SydneyRox: @LUV get on it! Though it may be a while before he is affordable
masterhc2: hmm thinking i may have missed a trick not going gaj captain...went beams instead
dipstick: @hawks13 pay $25K for a racing syndicate program. mate does it and makes a killing. all tax free winnings.
Sloaneyyyy: flowering hell Buddy, going to cost me matches, the stupid turd
pharace: tax free losing too i think dipstick, just never hear about those
SydneyRox: you dont pick buddy for consistency
Moondog21: Anyone have Gaz's SC
Pokerface: pharace - except BC3 cos famous people lost with it
hammers: Yeah join Bill Vlahos - can't believe how this entire debacle is being swept under the carpet
Pokerface: and join a syndicate to pay $5m for a horse that never gets to race. all tax free!!
tor01doc: GAJ 67 I hear from other game
hammers: Too true Poker, insurance pays who now though is the question?
SydneyRox: 67 seems generous
hammers: Bill takes strippers to Dubai, no bet slips - yet all think they've made a killing
uptoolate: gooooo Suns .....
rooboypete: Went Rocky as capt over GAJ. Should have known better.
Heizenberg: Buddy goal
frenzy: lift gaz, 1/2 way home buddy
uptoolate: Franklin changes games .... as just then ,,,..... Parker who ???
mijg: Not looking good for Suns. or me
Sloaneyyyy: seriously though, 3 goals and not even past 30 pts is flowering pathetic
dipstick: @poker dogs better than horses to own. mates dog xylia is smashing records to kingdom come everywhere. bit like GAJ
Pokerface: dipstick right, again with the anecdotal one person evidence.
Heizenberg: @mijg did you tip suns?
Pokerface: dipstick how do overall ownerships go as a %
hammers: Less than 5%
mijg: No I didn't. but have 3 players so want a game of it
SydneyRox: swans really come out looking good
dipstick: wheres franklin playing?
Pokerface: how many people get to own the fastest dog/horse going round?
Pokerface: hardly means they are good to own when you speak about owning the best. dipstick
SydneyRox: frankin has moved into the centre to clear out for goodes and reid
hammers: Poker, those days are gone (single owner), majority are syndicates to manage risk
Pokerface: was there much in the franklin bump if anyone saw it? they mentioned it on mmm
Jrobb: reid 3 goals? cape?
tor01doc: Buudy bump very soft
Newmie73: @ poker nothing in it
Paul73: Trades left, overall position? I got 7 and 5284
Pokerface: thanks newmie
Pokerface: too hard too soon paul
Jmachete: ablett sc??
lozdaleg: come on dericx useless
Pokerface: he was 67 at 1/2 time jmachete
uptoolate: the young upstart team from Gold Coast standing their own against the favourites ! ,...... s'ok. next year v dangerous !
StAnselm: Give Reid the cape - three goals this quarter.
Paul73: Can't have too much cash on the
krazykray: wake up tippett!!!
Jmachete: ty poker
DirtyDawn: The cat that gets shot with an arrow at the start of The Book of Eli = Bennell
Paul73: Can't have too much cash on the bench at this stage Poker
linusp: lets go buiddy, catch parker pls
meka100: Come on McVeigh done fa this quarter
strikes91: 91 now
mijg: Pick it up a few notches Swallow.
2xxRinga: hanners 100 sc
uptoolate: @DirtyDawn ..... can u just run that by us again ..... not sure that many of of us have access to the Book of Eli !?!
frenzy: ton up gaz
Heizenberg: Please gaz stay under 130 sc
Drak: 18 scoring shots to 16 suns way?
burgz300: ive had a shocker of a head to head round this week. Dahlhaus, Goddard, Hooker, LeCras, Polec, and now Swallow
hammers: Heizenberg, got $50
hammers: Hannebery over 30 disposals at $2.15
uptoolate: Ok Dawn ...... I will work by the books of Barassi / EJW / the great Tommy Hafey ! .....
Heizenberg: No hammers im not betting anymore its in my plan to get gaz next week or week after
hammers: Ah ok
Heizenberg: His be is 220 or something in sc
Heizenberg: Oh you have sorry hammers, good luck whats he on?
linusp: buddy useless!
Heizenberg: Hes on 23 you appear home
hammers: Had a great start - missed Jack Steven last night by one disposal
runt: Have to laugh at Tippett,Goodes and Franklin today. Dinosaurs
Heizenberg: Ouch hammers part of the reason i gave too much heartbreak with close finishes multis and all
gdshifty: wake up mcveigh you old bastard
tor01doc: Give Goodes the icicle or is that unAustralian?
erg57: and parker
JGreezy: apparently you can tackle someone 5m from the ball
hammers: I hear ya Heizenberg :(
Heizenberg: I had some big wins got on some massive streaks but at end of day end up giving all back
Grazz: Gaz looks like he's healthy again.
Hawks_13: think lll bring in adam goodes next week. he'll be dirt cheap
burgz300: Cant give goodes anything but praise. MRP couldnt even give him a reprimand
MightyEss: ablett you freak
tor01doc: Well I say he is past it.
Jrobb: suns poor conversion rate is killing them today
Koss: I would give Goodes the icicle but hes only averaging 50 odd. :\
Karlpov: flower Tippett, you are a weak dog.
gdshifty: derickx looks like he has fully plumped up as a cash cow
dipstick: its good to be goodes. angry, depressed, sour. great life. passive agressive to teenage girls. great rol model
Hawks_13: whats buddy's sc score please?
burgz300: great role model lol
linusp: kick franklin in the nuts someone... then he at least gets a kick
LuvIt74: Who ever is even thinking about putting Goodes in their team must have a shocking team
Pokerface: spud for dipstick
Nico: anyone know Kernnedys score?
burgz300: buddy 44sc
howeydamus: could never stand that muppet goodes,
LuvIt74: franklin on a massive 44 sc
burgz300: jpk 103sc
Arch: kennedy 104 ablett 101
LuvIt74: Kennedy on 109 sc
Arch: mcveigh 73 swallow 35
linusp: great so if we're lucky its a 60pnt sc game from buddy
Nico: ok 3 different answer i';; take 109 thanks!
Heizenberg: @burgz thats mammoth mate, so glad i traded him to zorko in Round 2 or 3 cant remember
uptoolate: @mONTY .... pls ,,,, print again. Last comment by dipstick not acceptable. If you do not print this I have a screen sho
Jrobb: tippett subbed
Jmachete: tippet gone = buddy gone
Karlpov: Tippet you cost me my league you useless flowerwit
LuvIt74: Great to see Charlie Cameron killing it at half time
mrpotato: Tippet subbed, lol at the people who brought in key forwards after 1 or 2 good games
Sloaneyyyy: taking screenshots of this chat, lol, its just words on a screen man, in 2 minutes they'll be gone
frenzy: bring it home gazza
Drak: Send me your address, Ill post you a box of tissues
DirtyDawn: x2 Sloaney
runt: At least all the bleating from everyone about the Swans COLA will stop. Can't stay on the park Tippett!
LuvIt74: @Karlpov its ok there is always next week Why pick Tippett?
uptoolate: thanks Sloaney .... yes .... I understand ..... but this was a racist comment and I have it as a screen shot to be repor
MightyEss: far out bird...lift
Karlpov: @LuvIt74 He was a late pickup in my elite draft league.. No other options
runt: I have screen shots of my comments framed and hung in the toilet,in case of emergency break the glass
mrpotato: May has been an absoulte rock on spuddy franklin
banta: lift bird you hack
linusp: da fuq mcglynn... take ablett harder
banta: need a tonne parker and bird to get a few kicks and someone stop mcglynn!!
banta: stop that midget mcglyn!
Pokerface: uptoolate there was nothing racist about it. it was an idiot knob comment but not racist
Pokerface: lol runt
LuvIt74: I'm wrapped I traded out Kolodashnij for Malceski i was so close to trade out Langdon
linusp: uptoolate you on your period?
MudDawg: Collar Jazz Knee.
uptoolate: thanx Poker ...
tor01doc: Collared Jazz Knee
tor01doc: banta - you did it!
TheSaint: lol luvit74 clearly watching stats adn not the game
Hawks_13: wish i saw ben mcglynn being a star
dipstick: @banta you got your wish
Heizenberg: Banta what a jinx
tor01doc: 8 disposals an no goals deserves the iceberg icon - but no.
mrpotato: Franklin beaten again in 1 on 1 by may
Jmachete: goodes is such a flog
runt: Gary Ablett is close to being able to pay his dad out for the right to call himself Snr instead of Jnr
banta: lift parker!!!!
banta: ha, oops :s
gdshifty: touch the ball Swallow!!
tor01doc: Tippett injury = karma.
dipstick: Ablett Snr is the father of god
tor01doc: Ablett captain then?
Lions38: Cmon Jake Lloyd get 20!
linusp: runt do you only blow Gaj Jnr or can anyone get one?
rooboypete: Bugger. I so should have left the C on GAJ
Pokerface: so he is a godfather? sounds like him.
Punt: Swallow is going to cost me the weekly SC prize
uptoolate: u are still reported dip.
tor01doc: Hannebery on 25. Who needed 30? Will be tight.
burgz300: Swallow has crushed me
Pokerface: excellent. now punt wont win it i have no other competitors.
rooboypete: Down arrow true for Swallow
Crazygood: Swallow u showerheap
mrpotato: +12 lloyd!
tor01doc: Goodes is freezing - give him Buddy's icicle you m0nty
TheSaint: swallow down arrow a bit ridiculous...his be is 90. so he will finish 20-30 below it at most. hardly a price crusher
frenzy: what is franklin's over-inflated SC score pls?
burgz300: franklin 52sc
linusp: when brandon matera is beating you... its a down arrow and 'dead giveaway'
Heizenberg: 26 for hanners
barlowlove: down arrow means down on average not price
frenzy: thanks burgz
Heizenberg: 27 now
burgz300: Swallow avg 110 sc. Currently on 49. Well off his avg. Resulting in the arrow
banta: knew birds form was too good to be true :(
tor01doc: Get that icicle off Buddy and give it to Goodes for flower's sake.
JGreezy: buddy is 59 sc
mrpotato: Pumpkin for Franklin, couple good weeks, back to being ordinary
tor01doc: Hooray. Goodes is now officially freezing. Thank you.
gdshifty: Swallows BE is 74 in fantasy. Monty can muppet himself if he reaches that
DirtyDawn: Gablett my only player +100 this weekend so far
GlinnMgraw: Goodes is on a sustained run of poor scores. Don't know if he's really icicle worthy these days.
burgz300: Goodes only avg low 50. Hardly deserves the icicle
TheSaint: except the symbols arent for supercoach burgz lol play a real fantasy game
tor01doc: Hanners 27 - getting there.
linusp: 3 goals for a keyfwd is soooo bad hey
mrpotato: Icicle for goodes? Racist M0nty
JGreezy: spud for mrpotato
Heizenberg: Supercoach is a real fantasy game the saint thank you
SwaggyP: hahaha cop that goodes you pleb
burgz300: well then he avg 96. still well off his avg
GlinnMgraw: Perhaps a cactus would be more appropriate.
Rockafella: I should never of doubted u gaz
Koss: Damned if I do and damned if I don't with the Goodes icicle :P
tor01doc: Lynch icicle?
tor01doc: Koss - Goodes deserves something for being below Derickx.
burgz300: Just leave goodes alone - the guy gets bullied by teenage girls.
linusp: parker jumped into his garbage truck again?
Koss: Haha good point Tor
tor01doc: Buddy is just so overpaid.
mrpotato: Thompson and May have been fantastic today
dipstick: bullies teenage girls but gutless to eddie macguire. give him some courage icon
TheSaint: KK gets the cape almost! haha
frenzy: no resting gazza, keep going bud
Karlpov: KK playing very well
GlinnMgraw: All those icons and not one seem appropriate for a player well past his best.
rooboypete: I've had KK since the start and haven't been disappointed yet!
dipstick: buddy has got 3 goals so done ok
burgz300: new icon - lion for wiz of oz?
runt: Goodes never recovered from his attempt to bury the ball and get a free kick for holding the man
tor01doc: Lynch on fire - hold that icicle Koss.
uptoolate: pls email me Monty re earlier rascist comment issue.
burgz300: fingers crossed for 5 minutes of junk for swallow
Pokerface: again showing your intelligence dipstick. he and eddie used to be friends. no more
tor01doc: Ablett SC report please. Decision time looming.
motty823: go get some tissues uptoolate
uptoolate: ur gone. dip.
Lions38: Get to 100 please Parker.
burgz300: ablett 138sc
fshow: bird, be the word
Ewoks: gazza 139
badjelly: Motty u dik.....anything racist is no
Pokerface: sigh. missus booked us in for a 6pm group meal. just when my matches on the line
runt: Kolodjashnij well done on the 2nd half. Well done to me on the spelling
gdshifty: Swallow is going to reach hie 74 BE Monty. Might have to get rid of that down arrow :P
tor01doc: Cheers - Gaz C then.
rooboypete: Despite a disappointing game, Swallow is about to get his B/E! Noice!
Punt: Swallow 4 points off DT breakeven and he's a down arrow? Purlease
wadaramus: In GAJ we trust with the big C!!
uptoolate: @motty. racism is not cool anymore ! get urself some tissues u nob !
mrpotato: Useless Goodes, what a terrible kick
burgz300: the arrow has nothing to do with BE
TheSaint: thank you punt. i've been trying to have that arrow removed for 10 minutes.
uptoolate: & thankx bj !
runt: Franklin you are FIRED!
Escapist: wonder how long it will take some users to realise the arrow is by average not cash generation
Torz: Punt, it's to do with average. Nothing to do with B/E.
Drak: why is up to late having a go at Monty who hasn't said a word?
smoochy: why the hell do you people worry about icons so much.
Tempaa: Got prestia in this week for the reported sidebottom. Good trade
motty823: i agree racism-not cool, email monty yourself, stop going on about it on here
Drak: Racism hasn't been cool for a lot longer than "anymore" you ignorant fool.
NDiddy: plus swallow be is 90 on DT
TheSaint: burgz there are 50 players a week who get 20 off their average...the arrow is not for that
frenzy: help yourself to sum junk gazza
tor01doc: TheSaint - maybe McVeigh needs the down arrow?
Escapist: @thesaint, the arrow is for that it says it if you scroll
tor01doc: Hanners getting there.
rooboypete: Every pt Gazza gets is a stab to my stupid decision to capt Rocky...
JGreezy: Buddy has been good today, but his matchup (May) has been very good as well
frenzy: power off franklin
linusp: I'm...I'm...I'm gonna DOB ON YOU!! waaaaaaahhhh man up you pussies
runt: Suns have lost no respect today. Just need to straighten up.
TheSaint: no the arrow is for missing by heaps. so someone who averages 100 and gets 60
uptoolate: thanks Drak ..... I have never had a go at Monty. Difficult to get him by direct email. Hold him in high regard in that
dipstick: uptoolate must have been bullied and is very tender. not 1 racist comment has been said
tor01doc: 29 Hanners - soooo close.
hammers: Heizenberg
TheSaint: OMG lol hanners gets 30 disposals with a smother on the siren!
frenzy: be kind to me supercoach
hammers: He got there with 5 seconds to go
linusp: uptoolate is on her period is all... she'll be okay in a week.
tor01doc: A Smother is not a disposal
Heizenberg: I think he needed over 30 for doc?
hammers: Tor, i was kicking the couch
rooboypete: Cape for KK. 51 pts in last qtr
Koss: 25 point quarter for Swallow did enough to remove the arrow I reckon. Sh now ;)
uptoolate: it was you dip !!!
Tempaa: Captain Ablett prestia and malceski great game
Heizenberg: *hammers sorry
TheSaint: mcveigh down arrow. 6 off his average
hammers: All good - reason why I
hammers: Am stoping also
MudDawg: Collar Jazz Knee for the Cape.
RooBoyStu: Kolodjashnij no ying yang or bin ok