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owens4: whats gazza going to do tonight
owens4: breaking news gazza is on 0 sc
owens4: hunt running on bench in slow motion
owens4: who has put GAJ as captin to shaddow their opponent
ShyOne: Busy in here this morning. Amazing the reduction in activity with so many DT seasons in mothballs
samdiatmh: tagged by Whiley, will be a 60odd methinks
rosty63: i have gaj opp has swan
ShyOne: not me owens, stay calm lock swan
samdiatmh: don't know where that forecast has come from, not a cloud in the sky less than 50km away
rosty63: whiley needs coyote icon,beep beep
coyote69: i need coyote icon rosty
bartyboys: Swan pendles or ablett for captain?
owens4: i thought about that but i am shaddowing
rosty63: you need to catch that dam roadrunner coyote69
ShyOne: captain choice is really a game of russian roulette with dead rubber games.
frenzy: where's the carlton smoking keyboard warriors from last night
Ben_Gogos: But worried about Ablett, Whiley has been in ripping form
footy is b: the little master will carve them up today!
BestCoast: @frenzy not here fingers crossed
jimmytigs: dixon harbrow mckenzie in a draft categories gf need hb tackles & no fa
BestCoast: Ablett racking them up
coreyy101: ablett is gonna chop
TrevorCh: How are we spuds???
rosty63: gaj wants the brownlow
Jukes82: c'mon gaj 130plus
BestCoast: Slow down Gaz !!
windigo24: got in cannon for my grannys. :)
Changeling: gaj goal!!
coreyy101: this is the cavemans day
Jukes82: cape this 1/4 gazza!!
owens4: ablett scores
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Mohr drops a chest mark at defensive hotspot, Ablett roves and bounces through a goal off the left boot.
Punt: Par circa 2600 in SC this week. Massive scores
owens4: ablett SC
Jackina: and people were tempted to trade him this week...
Springyboy: @Jackina i traded him for montagna, am not disappointed
jimmytigs: in 12 dt grandfinals 1st divvy,11 opponents donthave gazza C,5 swan 2 steviej danger 1 pendles montagna
peteywest: Took the C off Albert last minute..
mossssssy: I need 200 from GAJ and still need endles under 100 to win :( Barlow Buddy and Enright are dead to me
mossssssy: good start tho
Slashers: Do you think players like Rischitelli know their effort is already 30 points behind GAJ?
Jackina: haha, not bad springyboy
Mash: rischi just foxing so he goes back to the lions cheap
Heizenberg: Go Gaza go you little bald gun
Jackina: ablett lining up
Changeling: another one gaj!!
Jackina: what a goal. Thats amazing
arbel: cape up little master
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Murphy marks an errant Mohr rebound kick in midfield, and passes to Ablett 40m out on the flank. GAJ goals.
coreyy101: hes on track for 200
owens4: cape for GAJ
a1trader: time to sub GAJ - bad time to drop him.
rosty63: cape time!
HBTD22: tim mohr is a flowering spud, so so bad
MudDawg: GWS players must have Gazza as their Captain in DT/SC this week.
Jackina: Bennell, Ablett, Prestia, O'Meara. That is a gooooood future
daniel9: hey guys, just got here - stoked with captain gazza!!
Drak: Had you cpt last 3 weeks Gaj coz you were due. Couldnt risk it this week in the final and this is what you do to me
sammyo7: ablett 65 sc
woofy: Im in trouble. Opponent has him C! :(
daniel9: ablett loves balls lol aha
kingbaz: Double Kermit for Mohr?
Soulman: Ablett on track to break the DT record
daniel9: ablett 13 sc wtf !! should have captained haynes :/
Jackina: Ablett wan't to beat his dad's record
daniel9: like if hayneous
buddy23!!!: no guts no glory drak
HawkTalker: someone stop ablett.
Springyboy: @Jackina his dad's record is 213 points, just to note
coreyy101: god i want to see cameron boot a bag of 7 and win the coleman
daniel9: gary ablett senior is old lol sort ur life out jack nina cow
Jackina: haha, gotta keep track of that then.
daniel9: haha you just got le troled XD
owens4: ablett is not on 13 SC daneiel9
Jackina: I think someone needs the banhammer
Mash: is Ablett only player who gets points for a FA and out on the full?
owens4: ablett 62 SC wow
Drak: ablett 67 sc qtr time
Heizenberg: Omg ablett 67 I love you man
arbel: @mash he lost 3 points for the free, in DT out on the full is still counted in a kick ... probably lost a few in SC
Jukes82: he has 9 contested possies, 4 clearances and 2 goals that's why his sc is so high
arbel: yeah contested possies count for heaps ...
woofy: Whiley on Ablett now?
Changeling: gaj goal again!!
Mash: i meant sc arbel, he was 65 and only got a fa from there and went to 67
teachrtony: lets hope Woofy
m0nty: sore buttock for the Cannon
frenzy: give 200 a shake Gazza
Drak: This isnt even cool Gaj
Luke919: sub off mckenzie!!!
owens4: ablett SC
woofy: Ablett is killing me!
teachrtony: And yes Mash, he is. SC meter ticks over whenever he is near it.
Heizenberg: Please cannon no is it serious will be play rest of game I'm at Father's Day lunch
Sloan4Pres: lol at people not having Gaj captain
Springyboy: I had montagna @Sloan4Pres
Heizenberg: *he
owens4: i had ablett as captin @Sloan4Pres
mossssssy: i have GAJ VC.Needless to say C already on Currie
HawkTalker: Come on, O'Meara. have a huge one
B.Pickett: Only week I haven't had Ablett/Montagna/Swan as captain an this happens, f*** Stevie J!
Heizenberg: Gaz must be 80 by now right? SC?
owens4: Ablett SC
arbel: @bpickett ... why wouldn't you just loophole with the VC on him ... would be smarter
B.Pickett: Dream Team not Supercoach @arbel
dean771: little master is on 86 sc
arbel: @bpicket ... ah makes sense
B.Pickett: Knew opponent had Swan as captain, thought montagna was gonna be tagged and Ablett hasn't been good lately
owens4: o'brien out for the next game
Jukes82: lift o'meara
Changeling: dont stop gaj
fozzy2013: Picked up O'B for Harbrow this week FMDT
owens4: yeah @fozzy2013 i had him in for scotland
coreyy101: traded in Harry O this week for bench cover incase Scotland was a late out. sweet
owens4: i am up by 165 with 3 players each i may win in my first year in SC
jasonlions: What is Dixons sc please
owens4: ablett sc
B.Pickett: @harryDoes anyone know if Clisby is playing?
Heizenberg: No clisby suspended still
a1trader: better by GAJ - 17 DT points that Qtr
Drak: Cmon Bluey. Gaj needs a rest. Hes been working his guts out all year. Surely he should get the vest for a kip? :)
B.Pickett: Yesss you've just made me very happy, opponent has Harry O with Clisby as emergency
ozgamer: Bench Gaz for trolling the last month
hawkamania: big scores this week...the clubhouse leader for the SC nissan navara must be getting nervous
owens4: Ablett SC please
HawkTalker: what's the round score leader on?
Jukes82: gaj 94 sc
jasonlions: Dixon sc score please
owens4: thanks jukes82
Hazza09: C'mon Cannon don't flower me over today
Jukes82: ton up this 1/4 gazza
ozgamer: stay down gazza. Maintain ur form
hughesd: mckenzie sc?
BestCoast: mckenzie sc 34
Changeling: yes gaj!!
windigo24: gazza has four goals.
Hazza09: Mckenzie has been a crab the last month
owens4: O'meara SC
BestCoast: Flower off GAJ s slow down little general
Karlpov: Yes keep going Stanley!! Ross Lyon forced my hand and traded you in for MJohnson!
BestCoast: Toss Lyon quality friend to all at SC DT
ballbag: yes cmon lil GAJ. you still talkn shower @bestcoke? thought smokin the skin flute all night wouldve made ya mouth sore
BestCoast: Stop having shots at your own mouth @ballbag
thommoae: Put some wit into your put-downs, ball. Anyone can go the gutter ...
jarradb33: cmon prestia !
Gigantor: damn dixon gonna cost me my grandie:(
HawkTalker: how is it that ballbag never gets banned? He abuses people constantly
frenzy: hold up the bat little master
Dangeroo: now let's just pause for a moment as gaj waves his bat around
gwsfevs: shower game ay
Jukes82: Gazza you star, get around him
Hazza09: Jesus McKenzie got shafted by you niceky
gwsfevs: Shut up hawk talker honestly it's a bit of banter get over it
gwsfevs: People like u that get us banned by winging and sucking up 2 old mate
HawkTalker: a little bit of class goes a long way, gwsfevs
greenbaron: In my cashie gf we have same team except for me minson him goldstein it has been a long wait
gwsfevs: Class? It's a fantasy footy forum,
greenbaron: The hawk supporters are blewing hahaha
woofy: Gee I hope Pendles goes big this afternoon
IWantPie: Prestia will be astar of the future also - very good work rate
dipstick: agreed @gwsfevs. its GF week hawktalk. stop dobbing pple in and wining. ballbags just having banter
owens4: ablett sc
woofy: I'm confused in which team gwsfevs goes for? Hawks, gws or whoever fev plays for?
IWantPie: Prestia taking votes off Ablett this game
gwsfevs: Hawks but fev da best
dipstick: @gwsfevs watch out. hawktalk will ask for you to be banned on fantasy GF day too- flog
Heizenberg: Omg mckenzie you stink
B.Pickett: He supports Melbourne @woffy
windigo24: mckenzie is at full back.
IWantPie: Actually the 4 goals probably secured the 3 votes - dont mind me
HawkTalker: lol@ guys called Fevs and Distick saying there should be no behaviour standard. stay classy
B.Pickett: *woofy
Hazza09: Cannon 13pts in a qtr is a flowering disgrace
gwsfevs: I'm back just come off a ban was nice 2 unbanned 4 the GF week,
Changeling: gaj 131 sc
IWantPie: I was banned idea why
IWantPie: Maybe coz I have all my teeth?
gwsfevs: Wingers like hawk talker @iwantpie
BestCoast: @gwsfevs welcome back had the same dish up to me
dipstick: i think everyones banned. thats why noones here. i was banned also for no reason. happy GF day
woofy: 131... I'd be happy if he ended up with 160 considering I don't have him C and thought he'd get 200.
IWantPie: Pre@dip - did yo uhappen to play Hawks that week you got banned?
Richy10: Stay down ablett wow
gwsfevs: All the good/interesting people get banned , not afraid of a bit of banter
DoctorRush: Bench Swanny or Pendles guys?
rosty63: where is all the love??
gwsfevs: All the pussies have a cry
pietime!: is that a serious question @doctor?
m0nty: back on the game please
DoctorRush: Yep. I need Griff as a POD to make up ground.
100_a_week: nice for gaz, never cracks under-pressure (Snr. Gaz watchin.)
dipstick: @iwantpie. couldnt say. but i havent been here for 2 months- so banning pple reduces the site traffic. go figure
Ninja!: brought in prestia this week!!!
dipstick: any chance minson will get over 135?
HawkTalker: Site should be kid friendly. No need for trolls. OK M'
HawkTalker: ok o'Meara, bring it on home, son
Changeling: cmon gaj big finish mate
pietime!: @doctor, you putting the C on either swan or pendles?
jimmyflash: Need Stanley to monster this qtr
romeo33: Dont slow down GAJ!
DoctorRush: Nah. VCing Ablett.
pietime!: but what about the C?
gwsfevs: Who wants to crack the chick from the Toyota ads square in the face
Hazza09: FML Mckenzie
DoctorRush: Loophole. This way it's Griff vs Swan. Thanks anyway Pietime.
Heizenberg: @gws omg absolutely I hate her guts
frenzy: GAJ stopped?
pietime!: no probs mate. good luck
IWantPie: Prestia wants brownlow votes
Richy10: Stay under 130 Gaz
itsduftime: what the hell you doing dixon
jimmyflash: Ton up Danny
dipstick: stay put omeara
Richy10: get to the ton omeara
B.Pickett: Crack Miley Cyrus first
GJayBee: made Griff captain at last minute instead of Gazz, fail.
Karlpov: YES! Fire up Stanley... 15 more please!!
jimmyflash: Stanley you beauty!
gwsfevs: Griff hasn't played yet gjaybee don't stress
dipstick: oh come on mckenzie
Karlpov: Stanley you beauty!! saved me in 3 GF's
dipstick: the cannon- what a shower second half of the season