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pottsie...: need a big score boyd took the punt on captaining you this week
Ozziechook: higgins being the sub is the best thing for me, with a dount from franklin
masterhc2: haha higgins sub
itsduftime: crap trded higging in for franklin. what bullshower
cente_13: why is higgings the sub thats so bad for me
danger: yeah boyd is my captain, opp had swan
bi-winning: wtfff why is higgins sub!? there goes my gf win
itsduftime: not wishing injuries on anyone but hopefully the sub gets used early this game.
GoLions: of all the games in the year, why does higgins have to be the sub THIS game
moorey21: LOL WTF would he be sub? thats just dumb isnt it
GlinnMgraw: Sibosado in for McPharlin, late change
chadsta112: bolllllyyyyy
buddyguy: awesome another injury, who didnt see that coming. McPharlin prob tripped over a piece of grass
moorey21: Lesson to be learnt for all you Higgins lovers I guess.. he's usually injured and will let you down more times than not
roo boys!: Higgins is probably going to get injured while sitting on the bench.
B.Cougars: It has been my best dt season ive ever had but hell im glad its almost over
imessenger: @itsduftime: yeah mate same here.....
GlinnMgraw: It's on the Fremantle FB page if you need confirmation, Monty.
itsduftime: sibsado in 4 mcpharlin
grubby: how many for Hall. 8 I say
Richmond96: mcpharlin isnt playing
falcooons: broughton starting in mid :)
Spudinator: Go mcpharlin and mzungu
meziare: Broughton in the guts which will make alot happy
Richmond96: he got injured in the warm up
KickIt2Me: why is higgins sub. why why why why
proud_lion: i benched broughton this week..
MarksMen: 10 I say
port4spoon: no one has mcpharlin so who cares
Panther: Broughton tagging Boyd
Jobe3votes: proud_lion broughton is out injured
GoPies:D: M0nty sibosado put the L plate on him
c-hawk: lol sibasado cant even get a WAFL reserves game
Jobe3votes: no way is there 25k at this game, very poor crows
lemon13: ffs higgins
masterhc2: finally broughton playing midfield again
B.Cougars: jobe no he isnt dude geez u r abit of know it all...
Zeratul: <3 Barry Hall
Zeratul: go Barry Hall! :D
moorey21: typical of any jobe, a tosser
m0nty: matchups would be handy if you're watching please
c-hawk: need a retirement icon on last game players
Jobe3votes: silvagni on hall
grubby: Sandy is in the ruck Monty
meziare: Sibosado goal with 1st kick!!
AblettJudd: WTF is Higgins as sub?
chadwick: Jaunty playing forward won't be good for his scoring ;(
dipper5: anyone watching is ward getting booed
chadwick: Mzungu
lewigie: sibosado has had more possessions so far than he does in a full wafl game.
meziare: Ed. Barlow in defence on Sibosado
G-Rat: duffield on boyd
chadwick: Cross on Barlow
myteamsuks: Broughton good start dont stop like usual
Jobe3votes: Sibusado on Easton Wood
morrowind: go boyd dt c
GoPies:D: OMFG broughton slow down i wanna pick u up next year
morrowind: go Boydy dt C
flagdog49: loving the fact that my opponent has Higgins in his forward line!!
AblettJudd: Higgins you spud. Come on soon
fluff22: Picken on Hill
nato: higgins is tagging the bench monty
port4spoon: picken should tag schammer as a joke
lozdaleg: is ward getting booed
morrowind: why would they sub higgins ffs
G-Rat: If sandi takes it out of the ruck and kicks it, is it 4 points? 1 for the take, 3 for the kick?
DuhWinning: broughton in the middle!! OMG helelujah!
peteywest: i rkn higgins will get injured just sitting on the pine.
Zeratul: Just 3 for a kick its not a hitout
chadwick: G-rat no, to get s
Blues_FC: no g-rat, because it's not a hitout
G-Rat: +3 it is then
meziare: how could you tell if ward is getting booed?? hasn't been near the ball!!
roo boys!: mzungu...bit worried. forward tags are never good
chadwick: G-rat, no, just a kick
AblettJudd: I hatethissub rule and I Leon Cameron
Grazz: lozdaleg doesnt seem to be, ill pay better attention now, let yo know.
lemon13: bulldogs should carve Freo's B team
lozdaleg: cheers grazz
cente_13: albett 70 sc at 1/2
G-Rat: Grand Final time, I'm searching for points
Panther: Gia has dyed his hair this week. Must be in for a big one today!!
buddyboyz: stop bloody tagging mzungu and touch the ball!!!
m0nty: more matchups please
G-Rat: suban on Gia
Austin: Come On Mzungu!
steve7: jesus mzungu!
Jobe3votes: suban on gia
Spam004: I think I speak for everyone when I say.... SUCK SH.IT COLLINGWOOD
buddyluvsu: Fwd tags are dt/sc killers
dim sim: gu get the ball FFS
fluff22: wood on sibosado
AblettJudd: Callum ward is a litle nervous
Bombers11: Wood on Sibosado
c-hawk: sibasado - wood
Panther: Ward playing on GWS cheque book
Panther: Ward playing on GWS cheque book Monty
c-hawk: roughy - bradley
ComeAtMe: flower mzungu!
Bombers11: Silvagni on Gia
AblettJudd: Jones the seagull
jwilko21: get around casey
Jukes: bloody broughton, i got him on the bench not even an emergency FML
m0nty: where is Michael Johnson playing?
feralmong: hmm tutt and sibosado might be good cheapies next year.
G-Rat: Dogs 29 on Sibosado
rizza1: the two players that i have are playing on each other
myteamsuks: Can't wAit till mzungu gets a touch you all will be like mzungu!!! Who has him anyway silly
c-hawk: broughton will rack up in the mids today
Tigertuff: wondering if anyone brought sibosado in for fyfe/buddy/rioli. i probably should have, stevie j wasnt worth it
Memph: Lol this game is funny to watch. Every second Freo player to get the ball it's like who the flower is that
snowman123: flower me tendai
c-hawk: johnson down back
Memph: Johnson playing down back
G-Rat: Silvagni is an impressive defender, not bad for a bloke who wasnt wanted
Panther: johnson down back
G-Rat: flower mzungu +5
Jobe3votes: bucovaz on schofield
Grazz: Sibo should have had a free then
Bombers11: This Sibosado looks a good player
wixy: mzungu on field, matera on bench, screw this!
Demons15: who's anthony on?
m0nty: is it Johnson on Jones, or Grover?
NDiddy: Stay down Boyd!
Escapist: i had to field markovic and pitt this week, right now its not looking so bad. GET HIGGINS like dalhaus the sub
AblettJudd: Booing ward lol
jacko10: Boyd effective???
Memph: I think Grover is on Jones
NDiddy: Tendai!!!
tom_scully: Cross on the ball finally, Eade = spud, deserved to be sacked
myteamsuks: Cmon capt Boyd
morrowind: Tutt looks a good find for the WB
buddyboyz: mzungu is alive!!!
DuhWinning: stay down gu!
G-Rat: Stop it Mzungu
Jobe3votes: wallis on pearce
Jukes: thank god fox are showing the othe game, i'd kill myself watching this
D.Barwick: come on spud murphy!
Grazz: opponent is playing Muzungu luckily, @lazdaleg he got a few boo's last mark kick not many though.
m0nty: who is Crowley on?
Jukes: where can i see disposal efficiency?
Memph: Lol Johnson now forward
stoo: Monty, you should have fan's team icons for Grand Final week
c-hawk: johnson forward now
AblettJudd: Higgins to outscores barrow?
chickenpie: boyd beat sandi plz
Escapist: Jukes- superfooty has efficiency on there site.
DamoBeard: crowley on dalhaus
Panther: Crowley was in Def but didnt see who he was on
Blues_FC: johnson up forward. easton wood manning him
c-hawk: and needs burger icon lol
Jukes: thanks escapist
G-Rat: Boyd garbage already
imessenger: crowley is head to head with Daulhaus
AblettJudd: Michael Johnson a little fat haha. Give him the burger.
fluff22: Good call by Darcy about Johnson
Grazz: Siren
kingscotek: great game...haha. wish gold coast game was on!
MajicMajak: flower off Boyd and keep going broughton
dancasta: yay mzungu is doing a forward tag on murphy and i have both of them
Escapist: would really like higgins to get on asap
Jobe3votes: escapist, higgins wont get on before half time baring an injury
MajicMajak: If i didnt have brougton I would rather stab myself in the eye and break my leg and then eat horse radish thenwatch this
cougars3: need the doggies to win by 40+ for my multi. chances?
valkorum: the dont watch it majic
MajicMajak: @Valkorum I have broughton so I am watching it, read the post fully b4 u respond
Big Stick: isaac!
Big Stick: sorry wrong game
valkorum: I read it - I still stand by what I said
G-Rat: Huson is useless
Escapist: broughton and dalhaus quieten down. markovic, pitt, cross need 100SC from each of you :/
AblettJudd: What's wrong with barrow?
buddyboyz: wat the flower r u doing mzungu?!
pies4spoon: tendai flowering hell!
DuhWinning: haha gu die gu die! gu is dead!
GlinnMgraw: Balow
GlinnMgraw: Barlow's being tagged by Cross.
AblettJudd: What's Michael barlow doing?
Grazz: Muzungu again
roo boys!: rob murphy hurt...would be perfect if hes subbed off. Opponent has him and I have higgo
Grazz: agh missed
Centurions: the awkward moment when ur oppenent has lukas markovic and he plays one good game
DuhWinning: broughton is my point of differnece in my SC GFs keep it up son!!! smash em!
ComeAtMe: hopefully now mzungu can get into the game!
Bretto3: Mzungu 21 dt pts monty
DuhWinning: mzungu vs opponent has both! yesaaaaaa!
KickIt2Me: score is freo 31 - dogs 24
MarcMurphy: roo boys, how hurt?
ComeAtMe: yes mzungu!
Grazz: Go Boydy my skipper.
xXparryXx: wow look what happens when mark harvey puts broughton in the middle not in the back line!
Sloan4Pres: wtf dogs
whale: wow. higgins is the flowerEN SUB YOU flowerEN LITTLE PIECE OF shower cowFACE ASSHOLE hero
roo boys!: @MarcMurphy turns out he's fine, just a corky.
AblettJudd: That was soft
whale: fvck you higgins, fvck you. give you a chance and this is how you repay me
lukemattar: that is a horrible free kick
lukemattar: hill hardly touched boyd
AblettJudd: I hate Paul williams and the sub rule
Centurions: dont understand the crowd booing ward who would say no?
myteamsuks: Let's go CPt Boyd
G-Rat: where did mzungu come form
Hutcho42: whale, your a flog...
sarji123: Ryan griffen bowlcut is a pearler
DangerousD: wow whale, angry!!
Nick1069: higgins sub actually made my day. stay healthy doggies! put him on in the 4th
B.Cougars: whale calm down dude u should even have higgins anyway......
grubby: who are the subs?
Grazz: cmon boydy
valkorum: @grubby read the list - the players with the green shirt next to them are the subs
carts08: said it before and will say it again, WA teams cant get a fair go in Victoria
MarksMen: I thought the green vest meant they where the
Jobe3votes: carts08 just like vic teams never get a fair go with umps outside of victoria.
Escapist: sub off dalhaus for higgins now i beg you
Grazz: oh Boydy oh Boydy oh Boydy
Nick1069: boyd for gun soon?
AblettJudd: Please put Higgins on!!!
GoPies:D: wat was broughton first quarter dt score
Escapist: get higgins on, markovic, cross, pitt MOVE
carts08: @Jobe3votes well actually on average, vic teams get more then a fair go in WA. face it, this is still the VFL
grubby: get a kick bob
snake_p: @pies 28 I think
c-hawk: lol muppet sandi
Grazz: Muppet Sandi haha a man has to know his limitations
G-Rat: no jandball to zungu there
Demons15: this is fantastic for barlows price next year :)
Panther: Going Boyd over Swan as DT GF Capt, best DT choice of the year???
Grazz: muzumgu and Croos big collision
Hutcho42: stop belly aching about higgins...
AblettJudd: Keep it up barlow
Grazz: Boyd great tackle
AblettJudd: Wow -3 for barlow. Yay
Grazz: Muzungu is fine
aaaaaaab: yes barlow 7, means barlow will be cheaper next year
Demons15: picked up tutt when he was named in the dogs side :)
Sloan4Pres: unbelievable how crap the dogs skills are, compare it to geelong last night
snowman123: Knew I should have looked to Boyd for the C
chickenpie: @ Panther probably
buddyboyz: loving boyd's work
rechmi12: Boyd 52 points this quarter... Cape?
DuhWinning: wow if i didnt have swan cap id be top 100 overall this week
jacko10: boyd 97
rechmi12: cape boyd!
c-hawk: if you didnt have boyd captain you didnt study hard enough!
cente_13: The guy that coming first in supercoach said Boyd is a roughy for captain this week
thebigshot: wow now wished i ade byod
damoc85: cmon pinker pinker
Don Gibson: I've got boyd captain - need him to beat pendles and ablett by a fair bit to pay off for risk
rechmi12: Muppet for Monty for not putting the cape on Boyd... 53 point quarter...
damoc85: woooooooooooooooooooooooo pinker!!!!!
mwaxo: ah... boyd (C) over swan is looking GOOOD.
FootyFan74: Sounds like everyone was on the Pinker, I got it at $8.40 with betfair
FootyFan74: Wish i picked boyd
damoc85: nice - got it at $7
Turkeltone: Barry Hall interview hilarious
Chadwickus: Straughny needs to do a warney interview..would be comedy gold
FootyFan74: @Damoc85 have something on STRAVINSKY CODE in the last at MORPHETTVILLE
valkorum: be funnier if bazza actually hit strachnie
mwaxo: sorry what is the pinker?
mysty2: midsummermusic's run was the run of the race came from last at the turn
FootyFan74: Higgins will cost me the GF on DT this year, i hate this Sub rule...
valkorum: back on topic please
FootyFan74: Ya know Moody wanted to give MIDSUMMERMUSIC the alps but Linda Meech told him to keep her.
FootyFan74: I dont think i have much chance to win the Final unless PRIDDIS scores 200 DT he is my Captain
BarlowGod: yes chose boyd captain over pendles :)
mysty2: when youve got black cav u can b forgiven once for glancing ova another ff74
mysty2: meechy i rate her ridin skillz
valkorum: enough of the horse talk - stick to footy please
FootyFan74: Looking Forward to the 4th of November to see the mighty BLACK CAVIAR, SEPOY will be in that race, I just wish ROKET MA
BigLynchy: mzungu!
FootyFan74: @VAlkorum its half time mate
bi-winning: need boyd to outscore ablett.. and sub higgins on already!
valkorum: its 5min in to 3rd quarter and its a FOOTY site
FootyFan74: I'm disapointed to see there not bringing ROCKET MAN here for the Patanack.
Rusky: Damn had Swan as Capt and my opp has Boyd. Could be the difference
imessenger: Hurry up ans sub in Higgisn FFS
ComeAtMe: keep going murphy and mzungu!
jackavis: Giddy up Boydy
mwaxo: have broughton, goo, sandilands and (C)Boyd. HAPPY :)
StAnselm: So glad I made Boyd captain this week!
smcp: time for higgins!
port4spoon: your opponent has a 22 point edge so far rusky on the captain choice
ComeAtMe: sub boyd?
valkorum: higgins is on
Grazz: Sibo subbed
Scratchy: very harsh to sub off casey. i'd have subbed off barlow, nothing on the line here except pride.
valkorum: yeh looks like sibosado off, bollenhagen on
Panther: People who went swan over Boyd as capt, have no idea about DT
Juulute: dont you dare have a good game Broughton, you season-wrecking scumbag.
valkorum: boyd got 160 last time against the dockers
Rommas: Ward needs the GWS icon
Jobe3votes: Panther - you woulda went swan aswell. so ur point makes no sense
Sloan4Pres: what a rubbish game, how are these players professional footballers
chickenpie: panther swan has scored over 100 all year y wudnt u chose him 4 reliability? even though he let us down
Juulute: panther is full of s h i t.
proud_lion: i benched broughton this week omg
chadwick: C on swan is rarely s mistake
Catas: Panther i dont do dt but you are a half time hindsight genius. Any other pearls of wisdom for us or should we wait for t
mwaxo: panther i hear you, ignore these jealous sorts
bi-winning: cmon higgins get the cape!
AblettJudd: Higgins you suck
DuhWinning: hahaah broutghon!! yesa should always play mid
Panther: Why go Swan(as good as he's been) over Gablett playing a Hawks 2nd team, or
mjbt: I'm with panther - any serious players had Boyd or GAJ
Grazz: Dogs look to be getting on top now
Just Clanc: what did panther say????
Panther: Boyd who is playing a Docker 4th team in Melb??
Grazz: Boyd 6 more
RogerTwose: Will anyon gt Higgins next year if he is in the backs?
glam77: panther probably said the same thing about cross a few weeks back, until he got knocked out
Don Gibson: Cmon Boydy!!!
Catas: So who are you wrapping GAJ or Boyd or should we wait on gane end
pies4spoon: broughton the star midfielder ;)
Grazz: @Just he was stating that people should do more homework on their cpt's choice but in a not so PC way
Grazz: Boydy racking them up
Panther: Just keep watching Boyds score tick up, those who went Swan. Enjoy!
pies4spoon: wtf markovic, you play decent for once. too bad i played talia for buddy =.=
fortunecat: I h8 Harvey.. he said Broughton was playing back so I benched him.
alias: bollenhagen, lol
Grazz: 165 again Boydy would be just wonderful, i know its alot to ask but if ya dont ask ya dont get.
valkorum: when did harvey say he was playing back?
pies4spoon: very lacklustre game tbh
Centurions: gaj captain in sc boyd in my team aswell
dannyboy94: carn higgins .. youve basically lost me the gf
morrowind: Barlow looking after us for next year i see ;-)
thero017: need boyd to go big as opp had ablett
mwaxo: why are my light and refreshing commetns not being displayed?
chadwick: Was watching other game, why is Barlow so low? Different role? Or just not playing well?
mwaxo: ah, good, they must have turned the bs filter off.
biggs2dujj: thought i was top shower with pendles C. Both opponents have Ablett and Boyd C. FML
fortunecat: This game is rubbish, was better watching Suns v Box Hill
Grazz: @Chad head to head with Cross
cougars3: flower cant wait till '12
drewshaw: i would love Barlow to have a huge 4th
damoc85: seeing as chad got the gun or star surely Hally must be in line for it
drewshaw: need Barlow and Mzungu to start thinking about getting a few kicks
Grazz: @fortune not for those that have Boyd cpt.
Centurions: hoping for boyd 150 sc
fortunecat: @Grazz, fair enough :p I'm in 3 finals, all opponents (and myself) C'd Swan so its all good I guess
gumby3: come on boydy. get the cape in this quarter
Barlow: I must have missed the memo that told everyone to swap their DT capt from Swan to Boyd...cost me my GF :(
Centurions: blue moon by markovic's standards
twsherrin: Mz 75 SC - yet another oddity - Impromptu definitely has friends as scorers
Grazz: 40 point qtr for the last Boydy and you can have my missus haha, so glad my wife doesnt ever come here.
Scratchy: Damn it 4 grand finals and facing Boyd (c) and Ablett (c). Why did people jump off Swan? Noone predicted that result.
Poppy8: hope boyd breaks his leg
Grazz: @fortune had swan 90% cpt for the tear, but had to risk it to win and so happy its paying off.
ComeAtMe: need a big one from murphy!
Grazz: Year
fortunecat: @Grazz nice one, I had the better teams than my opponent thus I played safe. Dumb by them to do the same
gumby3: GO BOYDY! kick some goals
Barlow: I hope Boyd gives away 37 free kicks, then gets a light concussion and mothballed for the rest of the game
kingscotek: @Poppy8: Harsh mate
johno69: @ Poppy8 bad form
travo: go matty boyd....
Panther: Boyd Champion!!!
gb101: lift boyd...
Grazz: @fortune yeh agree if you think your the underdog, you gotta risk it to get the biscuit, money league to.
Jobe3votes: why are people wishing injuries on players ? grow up people !
jackavis: kick it to boydy
Poppy8: i dont have boyd so need him out
thejdog: Is Harvey even a qualified coach? Why not tag Boyd? Dogs' only good player?????????
bulldogs7: poppy8 is a knob jockey
gb101: The season couldn't end any sooner for Feo
valkorum: you are a joke mcburny
150+: Go boydy my only one of my oppents have u
dannyboy94: flower great job higgo! 200 bucks down the drain!
johno69: Boyd's trying his guts out in a game that does not count and Tossers bag him?
gb101: Bazza about to explode lol
c-hawk: need 160+ boydy
twsherrin: Another touch for Mz and that should be the ton in SC - joke
mwaxo: barry hall having a quiet last hurrah? surely someone will get their face smashed in by the end of the game?
Escapist: higgins i just need 40 sc from you. markovic and pitt get 80, cross 120!
Monaco: Boyd- head to head with Broughton... 33 touches and 11 marks plus 5 tackles and 0.1, shame about the 37 FA. LOL
bi-winning: need the cape for higgins bob murphy and mzungu!
travo: opponent has higgo woop woop
valkorum: @gb suban trying to fire him up too :P
valkorum: scos!!!!
Dangermaus: Alex Silvagni - mark of the year !!!!
twsherrin: 150 now :)
150+: Mzungu sc tone he'll yeah
valkorum: Silvagni with the hanger on bazza
AblettJudd: FFA Higgins
RedRaven: Bulldogs only just beating Freos second 22.
AblettJudd: I could have Pitt over Higgins!!!!
gogriff: need player icons for last game
Bezalenko: Higgins for a cape?? hah..more like Higgins for the blouse
valkorum: @redraven you mean our 3rd 22 :P
morrowind: well gaj advantage is out the window with higgins sub
meziare: not really 2nd 22. there are 13 1st 22 players cfor Freo playing right now
mwaxo: was is on here that some poor mong played dahlhaus over matera and benched broughton?
valkorum: muppet crowley
Poppy8: need player icons for not playing finals
mwaxo: boyd do something ffs. its been 4 mins no points.
bahodie: C'mon Boyd, get to 300!
mwaxo: goo finishing strong, good lad.
bahodie: Almost there Boydy, keep going!
port4spoon: sandi injured monty, turf toe again according to commentators
Scratchy: cmon Sandi and Gu!
cente_13: give higgins spud
Panther: Hope the Swan people are watching Boyd get 150
morrowind: maybe freo should of left sibosado on
torres: give Boyd the seagull symbol, he's had it easy all season never getting tagged
johno69: Higgins good price next year lol
Panther: Boyd 150!!!!
Scratchy: oh what the flower just saw the turf toe bullshower on sandilands. flowering toughen up.
port4spoon: turf toe = red cross monty can't play with it
damoc85: Hallllllllllllllllllll
thejdog: All Boyd is doing now is raising his price for next year
johno69: @ torres, we get it, you just have to get on him in DT.
prozz710: Opponent hasnt got Boyd :D
Panther: and winning people their Grand Finals
xXparryXx: @thejdog and winning me my final!
MontyJnr: @torres haha you have no idea. boyd wins his own ball muppet
richorocks: broughton touched the ball this qtr?
Centurions: same here prozz710 :D
chadsta112: under 39.5 points please
torres: boyd just chills in the middle all on his own. why do you think he takes 10 marks a game?
DuhWinning: lift broughton ffs!
port4spoon: red cross for sndi, turf toe can be a chronic injury hard to get over
thejdog: @xXparryXx and costing me any chance of finishing in the top 20.
Just Clanc: what exactly is "turf toe"?
port4spoon: the days of picking sandi are over i think
bahodie: Boyd with a 300 next to his name looks good on my scoreboard
johno69: @ torres, because he can.
damoc85: give hall the Gun
lozdaleg: boyd capt yes yes yes yes ye s
mwaxo: sandi definitely benched for rest of the game?
valkorum: turf toe = inflamation of tendons in toe
rooboypete: Turf toe is over extending the toe joints backwards - it's a soft tissue injury that reoccurs with increasing rapidity
port4spoon: turf toe is inflamation of tendons in big toe
Panther: Turf Toe is what they say, when theyre too embarrased to list a player as "on his period"
morrowind: cmon boyd a couple more for seasons sake
xumtinlong: tendonistis of the toe
valkorum: in sandi's case there is 125kg of weight on those tendons
prozz710: Get up Broughton, hit the ton big fella, keep going Boyd,
MarksMen: Guys who kicked last goal, got $$ on Hall for last goal
WEEEagles: go doggies 40+
xumtinlong: Turf nuts - osteo pubis
mwaxo: turf toe is basically the same thing as an inflamed bunion- maybe not the bit lump though.
valkorum: hall kicked the last goal so far
dipper5: cross cherry
chadsta112: blow the flowering siren~~
MarksMen: Thanks valkorum
mwaxo: blyd pulled up stumps? keep going son!!
buddyboyz: another points from u mzungu
xumtinlong: Turf brain - Fevola
buddyboyz: *8
valkorum: dalhous just kicked a goal
thejdog: Can Schammer save his career if he cracks the ton? Give him the sun M0nty!
MarksMen: shower...pass to Hall, last goal..last game
loveballs: the week i bench cross...
mwaxo: mzungu and smith, filling holes beautifully in my forward line since 2011.
prozz710: Cmon Broughton
fatctrla: Cross near score of the year.. Just when i need it
valkorum: 29:30 gone
Chyeahhdog: shouldve captained boydy.
valkorum: ball in freo forward 50
buddyboyz: how long left?
biggs2dujj: Has Spud Murphy touched it this half?
valkorum: hall kicked a goal - seriously
pies4spoon: come on broughton, 1 point this quarter
johno69: Boydy must of thought, 150 that it for me guys.
Don Gibson: is boyd asleep?
jwilko21: Give the heart to barry!!
xumtinlong: carrying Hudson and Hall off the ground will put someone's back back - big dudes
Tez: need dogs at the line of 46.5 fml
rooboypete: Siren
valkorum: siren sounds. hall kicked the last goal and 5 for the match
mwaxo: boyd icicle for the last half of this quarter
buddyboyz: how long left?
port4spoon: boydy not selfish 151 no more, otherwise too expensive in dt next year
MarksMen: Yes yes yes...blow the siren
xumtinlong: put someone's back out
SuperSub17: Lol @ tez
damoc85: heart or gun for hall
MarksMen: Valkorum..cheers, my shout mate
dipper5: great carrer hall
jwilko21: heart for barry!!
fatctrla: Hoping the mz scores 120
Turn: take the spud of schammer,i its his last game give him a break
Disco DB: Schammer ends his career with a spud, harsh but hilarious m0nty!
jwilko21: get the spud off schammer monty you heartless flog! its his last game
Tez: what a joke. flower you western bulldogs
thero017: spud to schammer? low blow for a guy retiring!
prozz710: coulda done more, but still happy with a 90something from Broughton (sc)
kingscotek: power off monty, schammer no spud
Scratchy: wow Schammer spud in his last game when he was 2nd best scorer for his team is harsh
Driscoll6: why is schammer a spud?
Big Stick: m0nty stop eating spuds just cos schammer is delcious
Driscoll6: spud to higgins!
MarksMen: Schammer call a joke m0nty, and the ppl have
xumtinlong: Hudson & Hall retires on the exact same SC and DT scores
cougars3: cross small be :)
DuhWinning: 93 broughton ill take it
itsduftime: played poupolo over broughton. win for me by 3 points woohoo
DuhWinning: flower mzungu you plow
wce !: spub for monty !
dolphin: schammer king of spuds
fatctrla: Played stanley over broughton. Fail
gilbee94: could of had a massive advantage with ablett captain and boyd... but higgins ruined me...
fortunecat: Zungu 94.. nice, where did that come from
jocka: Great work everybody!