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1870pafc: go enright 100+
1870pafc: go enright 100+
imageof007: go crows!
OnTheRocks: May Bartel be tagged out of the game and Stevie J be held scoreless
LeFtBehinD: cmon enright subbed off before the game
proud_lion: may the pink pig do an absolute monster job on scott thompson
CrowsFan: Crows without Rutten. Oh no....
Spuddage: anyone want to guess the winning margin? 100 or 150?
Sturt5: need a massive game from corey and jimmy!
sixxsixx6: Crows without Rutten??? What about Geelong without Mackie!!!!! Oh well.... nevermind ;-)
slipknot_4: me bartel and thompson + 110pts vs selwood and sj.. i think i got it
MarkPlow: enright and selwood please smash it
sam180696: comon enright and otten. need at least 200 from you two to sew up my win and advance to next week
GoCrowz98: Injure self in the warm ups please Chappy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
finchy: chapman + 57 vs johnson.. close!!!
bohica2693: Will Scotty thompson be able to ton up and win me my match against the Doc
hammy97: anyone think crows can win???
danger: Enright and Johnson 250 to beat the doc and win my main league final.. Crows for the win though!
FordyHawks: enright very quiet, Chappo smash it
buddyboyz: need otten and knights to have shockers and chapman to the best game he has ever played
Squiz: Get a kick Johnson, what a spud!
bakez33: 100 down with johnson bartel and enright vs enright and chapman who wins??
Centurions: Enright/ Otten/ Chapman vs 98 Johncock who wins?
Centurions: Oh shower i forgot the right hand side has goodes...
Sturt5: enright and jimmy vs. chappy+115 points, who wins????????!
eckert09: 204 points vs thompson and enright, who wins!!!
BigLynchy: just need ~75-80 from enright ftw
nico9876: 88 down, he has knights i have enright and bloody b.smith
buddyboyz: need a huge game from u chappy
beauiii: not u bakez
nico9876: 88 points down, he has knights, i have b.smith and enright who wins?
Harvey29: i need chapman to match stevie J in SC... any chances?
ammin_9: thommo and enright just but could go either way
woofy: get 10 goals johnson!
woofy: crap game for selwood please
dim sim: need a huge game from u s.j
Marucho: wait, Luke Thompson is not playing?!
muffin_man: my 22 vs my oppents 22. who wins? who cares
bakez33: hope chapman gets hurt and subbed...
higgogun!: get in there bartel!
Centurions: lift chappy and otten
Pantsman: Muffin Man has a point!
luten: I'm starting to worry that this will be one of those game's that SJ stinks it up under the double team.
PAforspoon: go brent reilly one of the bst taggers
SuperSub17: Hope selwood gets ko'ed first qtr
Hodgeey: Need dangerfield to score 70+ to win my final
Seb78: Cmon Enright I need a 150+ SC game from you today - make it happen champ
fc.hawks: @ dim sim same man, s.j better get going
port4spoon: johnson will do bugger all doughty on him
PAforspoon: who got first goal???
Bretto3: well said muffin_man
sledbomber: maric first goal
marcmurph: mooney reported
FordyHawks: maric 1stgoal
da cooler: lift jimmy
bakez33: ffs some1 kill chappy and get sj and bartel to lift
hayes7: need chapman to beat scott thompson by 153 to win!
aaaaaaab: 200+thompson v bartel, johnson, walker and enright
Nigey95: Pods + 104 vs Otten, Ottens and Taylor :( I'm screwed...
fc.hawks: come on chappy, those hammys have to go sometime, how about right now
Hodgey947: Plz bartel lift I played u over redden
Coolbreeze: Slow down Thompson and Enright
Hotel17: C'mon DANGER!!
MarkPlow: jesus christ selwood is my captain ffs
old_shepp: After Bolton's flowering effort I need some cheering up in this game
dim sim: go away enright
demons13: how good is armstrongs kicking?!?!?
thebrock: @ fc.hawks haha I feel bad hoping for it but flower yes! Please sub off right now chappy not a flowering point more!
port4spoon: adelaide will keep this pressure up for a .......................... qtr
Hodgeey: any hope that enright wil get subbed before he scorres 70 sc
dawsy: Lift Selwood!
Blanketman: go enright
MajicMajak: need S.J and bartel to score less than 281 combined in sc to win !
Juggalo: Chapman has ruined my year
bonez1: 140 v enright think i can win
Seb78: Cmon enright lift you hack
Don Gibson: seconded Juggalo: i resisted in bringing him in al year but got him 5 weeks ago - Mzungu is better
dawsy: site crash
hfc2011: hello ff?
bickies: didnt pay the internet bill m0nty?
bonez1: herald sun has enright on 59 hodgeey
Rhodie: Walker always plays well against good teams
Dangermaus: Chapman + 100pts vs StevieJ and Thompson
hfc2011: are you there ff ?
motty823: regular site crash on a sunday!
Rhodie: Walker always does well against the good teams
whale: please to god geelong put a hard tag on johncock
ComeAtMe: superfooty says enright is on 59 sc
dannyboy94: dont stop like you usually do enright!
G-Rat: @Rhodie, it's cos he had that beer that one time
hfc2011: and go.......
hfc2011: looking like around 2370 DT, everyone else ?
oodmutler: Joel Selwood LIFT!!!
Centurions: ffs chapman get the ball
buddyboyz: wake up chappy!!!
23rookie23: supercoach scores for enright is 59 at HS why is it diff here?
MarkPlow: IS This a flower joke selwood??
grinder: get about it selwood
alexd1996: Mupett brian taylor for calling hunt chapman
Nigey95: cmon pods!
bakez33: wtf adelaide are winning...
MajicMajak: good bartel keep being a spud
dawsy: Sewood you pussy I bought u in this week FFS
dannyboy94: cmon scotty t! dont fall for the pink pig!
PurpleName: gtfo selwood u weak idiot
pies4spoon: joel selwood you are single handedly ruining my sc, i needed you to beat enright, and what do you do?
Fenno: alexd1996 BT can call him whoever he wants. He is the best commentator there is
beauiii: haha loving the selwood bashers
Harvey29: CHaPPY!!
FordyHawks: Chappo =)
higgogun!: come on enright! keep going!
GoLions: @dawsy: why would u bring in selwood this week when he has a bye next week?
dawsy: Selwood is hurting me BIG time! WAAAKE UP!!!!
beauiii: hate to see what u babies do when your mummy takes away your crayons
Selmac#14: Adelaide will drop off now... they have wasted their opportunities
snowman123: I agree with fenno BT is the best (after Dennis commetti)
Nigey95: good pods! keep racking up stats so that you can outscore otten, ottens and taylor!
PurpleName: go dive for some more free kicks selwood u flog
hfc2011: if any of my players would like to score that would be super - enright, jono, chappy
chappy13: someone knock selwood the flower out
W.Mantooth: sub chappy please
alexd1996: yeah hes not bad i guess u support collingwood
fc.hawks: about time selwood showed his true colours
PurpleName: neil craig must be the worst coach in history
Freofreak: break a leg thompson, literaly break a leg
myteamsuks: Sorry, but what was enright sc 1/4 time
chappy13: danger you clown score something i need 50 from you
Harvey29: what a passage of play from the cats!
Bennyy: Never again will i trust adcock, against the suns too! Johncock my 8th back and tearing it up!
myteamsuks: Sorry, dt I meant
MarksMen: Mutes still on the screen mate
tnator: Selwood is giving me a fighting chance. Keep it up
Fenno: Alexed1996 no I don't. He is just a great commentator
mickyward: purple name you are a moron
MarksMen: Myteamsucks...iPad auto
buddyboyz: is chapman dead?
pies4spoon: ffs selwood
dane swine: need bartel or sj to have a life threatening injury
maddogg: need 89+ off menzel lift
W.Mantooth: sub chappy please
MarkPlow: wake up selwood ur flower killing me
pie wazza: keep Going Jimmy!
dannyboy94: thompson will finish with the heart
alexd1996: yeah jimmy
Gibbsy: selwodd slowly getting his hands on the ball
PurpleName: mickyward u are a blind idiot
dipper5: im losing by 30 he has s j and otten i have chappy who wins
pharace: Chapman is on Redbull compared to Selwood Buddyboy
stixy53: cmon enright
DaisyCrazy: That's the boy, Jimmy
pies4spoon: come on jelwood, need you as captain to beat enright and chappy in sc for the win
Articulix: lol dippere ur gone mate
beauiii: not u dipper obviously
chinospot: will enright chapman and johnson beat 263sc?
tradingup: dipper whoever finishes with the most wins
Nigey95: if pods keeps this up im gonna win my match! :D
Hotel17: who wins...who cares??
ELLsendon: lol buddybpyyz
clarkytim: all i need is 76 SC from you capt Selwood so LIFT!!
Gibbsy: thats it cats keep going i put $1000 on cats -52.5
aaaaaaab: s j and otten hands down
GoLions: @dipper5: what do u think?
woofy: dont stop enright johnson!!!!!!
BYeates13: obviously him
mickyward: despite the fact he's not even coaching today, have a look at his record.
Articulix: i need 103 out of sj, enright and chappy in 2 quarters + 10 mns of football
DaisyCrazy: I need Chappy and Enright to score less than 160 SC combined.. you never know your luck!
Don Gibson: has enright got a heart beat at the moment?
W.Mantooth: put johnson in the midfield, and kick some goals stevie! otherwise I will find you, and kill you
Gibbsy: @chinospot will be close probably
Fenno: hey Gibbsy nobody cares. Hope you loose
PurpleName: i don't really care, this is just annoying the bejesus out of me coz selwood is my DT captain
Gibbsy: @fenno thanks lol
KrasHHH: Come SJ - need 87 SC from you for the win..
beauiii: keyboard warrior man tooth
dipper5: chappy get 150 in sc pretty pretty please with cherrys on top
dodo: gibbsy is that for geeling to win by 52.5 or over
pharace: Thought 290 outa Selwood (C) and Chappy was safe - now I'm worried
MarkPlow: wow enright and Selwood raping me
Grazz: @Mantooth Didnt think i was a chance mate,
hfc2011: um my players aren't scoring
Save-Lo: yeah enright keep goin
powerchick: i need duncan and bartel to score 240 combined dont like my chances
Gibbsy: @dodo yes m,ate its a line bet
thebrock: I need about 6 fa to chappy and then sub him off. Am I a chance?
dipper5: get 4 goals chappy
Gandog: Chapman, Selwood +30 v Enright and Stiffy. Thought I was home until Joel happened. What a joke
dannyboy94: go, away, kelly.
FootyFan74: SELWOOD will be lucky to score 100
BoredSaint: joel selwood is a disgrace to the selwood name today..
Gibbsy: wojo gun great reply
rooboypete: I need Stevie J to have a third game of 171 pts... He's done it twice before this season. 3rd time lucky??
dodo: @gibbsy ok cool how much were geelong paying
monny27: need selwood to get 100+ and bartel ro get below 90
bakez33: stay down chapman!
pharace: Know the worry Gandog
nortons: i need enright to get 287 am i a chance??
Reidy: go chappy!
FootyFan74: selwood wont even score 80 sc
brooka: hes not a disgrace jus cos ur gonna lose DT :D
mdon11: This could be a cracking match if they can keep the pace up.
froggy47: cmon enright...
SoupAStars: I wish I'd traded in Johnson instead of Chapman those many weeks ago...
Spudanator: Wojaaaaak
BoredSaint: he is a disgrace when you have him as captain in SC and now going to lose by less than 50
PurpleName: geelong playing like friggn millionaires
mdon11: @Soup: I hear thee.
Gibbsy: @dodo all line bets pay 1.92 you just pick which team you want eg line is 52 you just pick crows or cats 53 plus crows
gb101: As long as Stevie J & Chappy done's have massive games, by massive I mean 150+ I'll win my 2 most important leagues.
trevor1257: sj...has been down back to soften up a few forwards
Gibbsy: * crows lose by less than 53
Nigey95: a couple of goals before HT thanks pods.
FootyFan74: @MONNY27 I Think you got no chance mate unless they play totally different in the 2nd half
gb101: *don't
pharace: Will someone tell Selwood he can have a rest next week, not this week!
WojakDaw: Really need Doughty to slow down big time!!
Grazz: In FF2
23rookie23: can anyone explain why enright has 59 SC at HS and only 37 here?
Welschy: any danger of getting a kick selwood
peteerb: jpod might kick 10 playing on mckernan the spud
pies4spoon: i hate you so much selwood, just to whinge
flagdog49: Selwood. I hate you so much right now.
dodo: @gibbsy so you want geelong to win by more then 52.5 at $1.92
Gibbsy: cause hs is inflated m,ontys is more accurate
froggy47: @23rookie23, scores are scaled
jrht: What's up with Selwood?
higgogun!: bartel!
Grazz: Cmon chappy my money league is all on you staying with Thompson
PurpleName: @23rookie23 Monty's Q1 normalisation formula, only allocates 825 SC pts per qtr, they get scaled down a bit usually
23rookie23: Gibbsy are you fair dinkum that monty is far closer?
c#nthooks: lift sj. need you to beat jimmy by 11 sc.
Gibbsy: exactly roght dodo if you picked crows you would want them to lose by less than 53
luten: I swear to god StevieJ knows people need him to score... he's stone cold dropped three marks.
curry5225: C'mon Duncan!
BoredSaint: OMG OMG OMG Selwood kicked!!!
23rookie23: ok thanks guys. I have 115 vs Enright in SC, am I a cxhance?
Gibbsy: @rookie 23 i think so mate he scaled them down earlier in the year basewd on avg per quarter or something
bakez33: i need SJ to match chapman and bartel to get 100+
Bennyy: rookie23 - enright wont score 115 sc
Grazz: @Mantooth been a good game between us mate, surprised about the result.
mdon11: @rookie: At this stage its a line ball. Favouring Enright though.
snowman123: Enright and stevie come on lads!!
gogriff: good chance rookie
Hotel17: I have Byrnes and B. Smith v Bartel and 500pts...who wins!!!!!!!
BoredSaint: need selwood (c) + enright to score 266 more than stevie J.. not going to happen now
23rookie23: Benny I hope your right mate as my opponent is undefeated all year and this would be a Huge upset!
dodo: @gibbsy ok cheers mate i hope you get it
billiam97: guys i've got chappy+357 vs enright, stevie j+kelly in sc can i win??
hawks_92: please selwood! come on!!!!
Nigey95: Hopefully Pods has about 70-ish SC at HT
hawks_2008: Me: 339 Vs Chapman, Vince and Enright. Who wins?
c#nthooks: lift sj. need you to beat jimmy by 11 sc.
buddyboyz: when do we get team icons?
Bennyy: well ive had enright all year. his score dont matter to my finals im home. he usually has to do 30+ touches for that SC
bickies: i needed 401 SC at the start of the game from chappy, stevie j and bartel, thought i had a chance now i am stuffed
Gibbsy: @dodo thanks champ you would think i would from here cats got om top that quarter could be 30 up already
mdon11: @hawks: Depends on mainly how Vince goes,but this stage they are.
ps4039: Selwood .. 16 points in the 2nd half to let me win the league game .. Any chance of 16 points in a half of footy ?
pies4spoon: joel selwood is a cow
Tittan99: Who thinks that Bartel Enright and Stevie J can pull 147 between them, i need that to beat maxi
DaisyCrazy: how do we get team icons?
old_shepp: Need 99 from Enright & Bartel in 2nd half to beat Dr Dream Team - surely?
dodo: @gibbsy yeh thats right i like geelongs odds for the flag paying $4.40
saintwazza: im 4 pts up in sc and i have enright n chappy & my opponent has bartel n johnson
Grazz: Sorry been away cooking tea.
dosser11: Me: Andy Otten, Taylor Walker and David Wojcinski vs Opponent +58, Bartel, Wojcinski and Josh hunt, can i win?
W.Mantooth: sub chappy please
Falconhawk: hawks
cougars3: between enright, stevie j and chappy i need 100 points. thoughts?
old_shepp: First icon :)
23rookie23: Enright, time for a slow qtr mate!
hisk0: im looking at 2350 in DT
Conan: jacobs need 100 son, go u brickshowerhouse
MarksMen: I so hope Chappy or Sj get subbed..plz plz plz plz plz
GoLions: no ur not old shepp
Banned: these ppl posting thier teams must think ppl care or something
DaisyCrazy: I need chappy to be subbed too.. looks like Mooney might get the red vest
OnTheRocks: Stop scoring Bartel!
23rookie23: Dawg I know your watching and don't worry mate I have that sick feeling in the belly as well :-)
thebrock: season over.. shattered why did I give Pendles the Captaincy?!?!
Falconhawk: I love you @Banned XX
buddyboyz: yay! team icons!
Grazz: @Mantooth i got enough material for another doll lol. Have you booked yr ticket to Perth yet.
Gibbsy: @on the rocks bartel always scores on and off the field
JDolling69: I need chapman and Enright to score less then 65 between them to win, any chance?
higgogun!: what would be a good sc score this week?
collpies11: m0nty should have team icons all the time
bigstu121: I need Enright to outscore Bartel in SC. I am already biting my nails.
Banned: k falcon hawk
Capone: need more from danger!
OnTheRocks: I need Enright to be within 78 points of Stevie and Bartel :(
MajicMajak: will be good to get the week off next roundddddddddddddd
Dees@nFire: 2500
DaisyCrazy: How do I get a team icon?
pies4spoon: CD slack as usual
RaccaLan: need stevie j and enright to score less than 221 between them to win final
dodo: @gibbsy what do you think of geelongs odds for the flag $4.40
Gibbsy: @bigstu evereyonebites their nails this time of year
hammy97: carn the crows you can still come back!!!!
Dees@nFire: par sc 2300
chappy13: yo gabba gabba
Gibbsy: @dod thats pretty damn good but god pies are just an amazing team its tough to pick
W.Mantooth: who will be subbed? hope its chapman
BareGrylls: daisy...just look under shannon byrnes
jballstars: need enright and ottens to be 87 more than jacobs and danger ffs
lift_spud: Geelong will kill them in the 2nd half, 15 goals to 3.
localh: Hawks to smash the blues 40+ on Friday night
porkman89: Very happy with my week to date. Will be even better if Chappy and Enright hit the ton though.
ben_849: Need 146 dt from Stevie j and enright
WizMan: I've had 6 stubbies and not put dinner in the oven. Wife home in 5 mins. Will I win?
rooboypete: SJ - 127 pts in a half... Has this EVER been done before??
Wild Thing: Got Enright & 65 against Thompson. Gonna be close!
Gibbsy: @liftsp[ud i agree mate
ben_849: 0 hope me thinks
Goblejobba: Agree dees - 2300 would seem to be about par for SC this week.
Dees@nFire: selwood sc ?
Fitzy36: Supercoach scores anyone?
ComeAtMe: hahahaha wizman
Wild Thing: @Wizman...sensational!!
Gibbsy: no chance wizman
Solat: your going down Wiz
pie time: need 404 from chappy, enright and thompson. Looking unlikely
Grazz: Haha
syoun: hahahahah wizman
trevor1257: cats v eagles pies v hawks...first final
Fenno: @WizMan that scenario can never win
thebigshot: @ Wild Thing how do I bet on you?
rooboypete: Go the ROOS!!
ELLsendon: sc?
Solat: this round is killing me, finished top 2 in all my leagues and going to lose in all
Dees@nFire: say i if your going to get over 2500 in sc. I
FantasyBoy: need 339 from jimmy enright and chappy in sc
whale: got 2448 om sc and i might lose. vsing top of the ladder whose undefeated all season
Bennyy: pies will play the eagles. hawks and cats will play in the other qualifying
richotheki: i
pie time: in sc
Hodgeey: DANGERFIELD! I need you to get 67 for me to win! Please!
FantasyBoy: go jimmy get a BOG
pies4spoon: 29???? suck me the flower of selwood you worthless cow
ComeAtMe: if enright gets 111 i get 2500
whale: if i had stanley on isead of lower and say ablett as cpt instead of goddard would be pushing 2600
muttley101: wtf is selwood doing??
Grazz: Bring me home Chappy stay within 24 of Thero and i'll be sittin sweet
c#nthooks: shower close. need sj to outscore bartel 22 p this half. is it possible?
Conan: bartel 50, ur kidding
Fenno: I thought people had realised how annoying this say "i" crap is. I guess not
dosser11: Can i win supercoach? I need at least 250 from Wojcinski, Walker and Otten. Can I do it?
SirDeadly: Come on VB, out score Stevie J. Stay down Ling and Menzel!
10PENDLES: need big 2nd half from chappy
NEWMIE: 12 more stiffy and i win
moppy: 2412 with Enright & Johnson to come
Rilian: 119 SC point lead and Stevie J vs Chapman & Enright... Think I need a sub from them! :(
feralmong: wow. 2 guys my league are 20pts apart. leader has selwood the other thompson. nailbiter.
absof_86: Say I if you think it's annoying to say I
Nigey95: Pods must have a big second half if i'm gonna win.
whale: scott thompson 95 point dt half? not too much to ask for is it?
JustAdcock: @dosser11 I don't think you will make it.
heada: Need Selwood to lift! He is my skipper!
Demons15: Bartel should get a good scored, what with his usual junktime antics
Grazz: @Mantooth ive hit the lead can sub hjm now but will cost me my money league, you wouldnt want that would you
potatochip: lift otten
BigLynchy: 34 more to go ftw :)
Heady: Why did I have the bowl, Bart? Why did I have the bowl?
Dees@nFire: ii i i i i i i i i i i
Hotel17: Say i if u think Fenno needs a chill pill
Gibbsy: i
Luke919: need another 65 points between enright and johnson, i will cry if they don't do it
ELLsendon: go the pies
W.Mantooth: @Grazz - thanks for rubbing it in
Dees@nFire: i i i i i i i i i i i ii i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i
Hotel17: i
Hodgeey: Who thinks Dangerfield can get 67sc?
ELLsendon: Go the PIEs
HFC2011: Hawks in 2012 - no doubt
Fenno: hey Hotel17 who are you? never seen you around here before. Now pipe down
proud_lion: if thompson gets 97, i get kicked out of my league. c'mon lingy!
Don Gibson: not i
feralmong: i'm 2408 SC with johnson left to go. ahead by 500 pts. opp has bartel, chappy and enright.
W.Mantooth: this weekend is turning into a nightmare
cdrobert: stats
Grazz: Mantooth people say it but know this i mean it, didnt think i had a sniff but im very happy and a little powered lol.
SuperSub17: Yes selwood 29 sc - opp has him capt - fingers crossed
Don Gibson: trade lower or keep in SC? Only 1 trade to go but he's on ground
BYeates13: worst weekend for the season :(
Grazz: Drunk not powered
Patty19: c'mon Stevie J lift mate!
feralmong: keep lower, he'll get 100 on the road next week
c#nthooks: lower killing me tho
potatochip: i need thompson to DIE!
SoupAStars: Fire up Chappy!
Pav#29: .
SirDeadly: Thompson needs to stay down!
john90: The news is making a big deal about nick maxwells injury, who cares if he doesn't play he is showerhouse
heada: Corey needs to stay within 84 points of Enright and I am home
oldsalty: big half from thero and jimmy PLEASE!!!
tigris: hope bartel breaks a leg this quarter, need him to score less than Kennedy of Syd, 117 or something
Grazz: Chappys the key to a perfect weekend now. Cmon Chappy
Gibbsy: interesting fantasy weekend a lot of premiums up a lot of premiums down
pies4spoon: maxwell the weakest link in the rediculously good side collingwood put on the field each week
PDbadjelly: coming 4th in 4 leagues...belted number 1 ranked in it!!!
Juggalo: Chapman has ruined my year
oldsalty: thero
W.Mantooth: come on stevie J - my life depends on it
buddyboyz: big half from chapman
Grazz: Maxwell is a good cpt but just not suited to DT and SC
old_shepp: Yeah he's only a Premiership Captain john90 and out for almost the rest of the year - no big news really
W.Mantooth: chapman...get your ass subbed
maddogg: 5 goals from menzel this half
W.Mantooth: go stevie J go!
john90: Maxwell is a spud, so overrated
saintwazza: pi$$ off stevie j
rollers: sub off stevie J
jazzalenko: bartel a little groggy
localh: Come on enright chappy lift boys
bakez33: holy shower my DT match is close
port4spoon: lets go chapster
Gibbsy: damn go away adelaide selwoood coming alive this quarter
Grazz: @Mantooth how many opponents have Chappy against you, a few by the sound of it.
Kuzco: Cmon Stevie! 36 more for 2400
pharace: LOL, how could Chapman ruin a year - it's a game FFS
Gibbsy: mooney lining up from 45
TiGeRt0uGh: Site back to normal now? Just got back
outrammed: I agree roller
FordyHawks: sub enright, come on
Bretto3: cmon jimmy
pies4spoon: maxwell is a great leader, just not suited to playing afl football, cant mark or play on an opponent
peter_ford: selwood, liht!!
W.Mantooth: @ grazz - all of them
Coolbreeze: I agree sub enright
Grazz: Id take Bickley right now. He has a better feel for the team than craigy already.
Escapist: need thompson and otten to get over 246 between them...pray to god that they can
W.Mantooth: sub chappy - looks ginger
Bulky: Gee what a surprise to see Dangerfield doing 2/10th's of stuff all.
Boysie: Maxwell wouldn't get a game if he wasn't captain, great leader - shower footballer
bohica2693: need 40 from Scotty
maddo: Cmon Chap
Grazz: Thats tough goodluck mate.
ovy1: Cats are playing self-preservation footy,saints are the silent top 4 side!
mancini22: stop stevie and chapman
AkIRA_22: go jimmy, you 5 O'clock shadow havin sonnabitch
proud_lion: scott thompson STOP fuarrkkk!
grossn: yess keep going kelly!
m0nty: humongous call there by ovy1
W.Mantooth: thanks
G-Rat: Saints are better than Carlton and WCE
hammy97: cmon sub wojcinski
Karmaboy: 2150 from 19 with Chap, Enright, Jimmy to play- Kreuzer and Adcock ruined me
john90: @pies4spoon exactly right
Nigey95: i'd be happy if otten, ottens or taylor got subbed. but i doubt it'll happen :(
Goblejobba: you're kidding yourself ovy1, geelong are a tidy unit
DaisyCrazy: Would love to see the Crows get up
W.Mantooth: LOL akira
DaisyCrazy: Mooney will get subbed
Fireballz: Can we please please please not talk about nick maxwell during a crows vs cats game? What is wrong with you people?
richmond97: go Chapman!!
Escapist: what did ovy1 say?
bakez33: podsiadly starter next year?
Hotel17: Saints will end up same as Hawks in 2010...out of puff after poor start
HFC2011: need chappy to beat bartel by 20 to win all 5 league QFs
Solat: ottens will be the sub if no-one gets injured and they are comfortably ahead, give vardy some rucktime
bonez1: come on cats what are you doing 40+ pls
Dusty4: Cmon Chappy and Danger need 180 from both of you
daddsy404: @ nigey95 i agree
W.Mantooth: where is chapman playing? in the fwd line?
D.Barwick: go the crows
c#nthooks: please sj rack em up
Hutcho42: Maxy was great last year - he was in hospital a week before this season with a severe injury, missed a lot of training..
GRINDER: who won fre v carl PNG monty?
Gibbsy: @bonez dont worry mate they will gwet there dont forgot their 7 goals in 15 mins against hawks this year
curry5225: keep goin' duncan
D.Barwick: I need warne to 5 wickets and steve waugh to score a ton
W.Mantooth: come on stevie, massive second half mate
Hutcho42: ..played catch up ever since.
alexd1996: muppett
premiers06: wow its pretty close
scootmagoo: bartel 4 sub!
ovy1: you can get a hangover from losing Grand finals too,they are sober now!
grossn: sub selwood!
alexd1996: lol bt calling dangerfield one of the toughest out therr
buddyboyz: wat the flower are u doing chapman?!?
Brian: Wowee! Dangerfield in a race with Wojcinski!
Jabbott: plz sub out enright or johnson..
gallichan: scootmagoo, its his 200th game hes really gunna get subbed isnt he ?
D.Barwick: thinking about putting 200 on judd for brownlow? has to be shoe in
GlinnMgraw: Thanks BT.
Piestorm!: Come on Enright, I need 125 from you.
localh: Yeah sub bartel it's the only way to go
ELLsendon: LOL AT BRIAN, that's funny m0nt!!
timskul: who woulda thought 132 between selwood and chappy wouldve been so difficult. if i actually lose this...
23rookie23: enright die please!!!
Azulia: Geelongs sub could decided alot of dt matches here...
AFLNUT: where the flower is selwood?
Bulky: Dangerfield is a dud. Even Maric is ouscoring him. Case closed!
Gibbsy: @dbarwick dont be so sure same hype around swan last year
kingscotek: carn you crows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ELLsendon: Brian is going nuts now
alexd1996: Do u seriosly think they will sub bartel spuds
W.Mantooth: sub chappy, needs to preserve his hammys
Goblejobba: Exactly what i was thinking Gibbsy
chinospot: that call was flowing shower
Harvey29: duncan subbed
BoredSaint: here comes selwood
Nigey95: yes pods!
gallichan: duncan subbed
jaxx: byrnes in for duncan
Fitzy36: duncN sub
Grazz: Chappy Please mate
Jabbott: trading in adcock for newman this week meant i missed out on puopolo's score.. lost me my final.
damo2468: duncan out wtf
Xephyrise: duncan subbed!!!!!!!!
23rookie23: flower off enright
hammy97: mitch duncan off for byrnes
john90: Cmon Thompson wat u doing shake off the pink pig
scootmagoo: cats wont sub a gun in a close game
higgogun!: lift bartrel!
yoshi10: haven't been on much this year - but thought I need to come on and give chappy a push
Mochasons: in sc I need Scott Thompson + SJ to outscore Bartel + 125 pts.
W.Mantooth: NOOOO, not duncan! chappy, take chappy off!
mattznella: chapman having a quiet quarter. get in there bud
Dangermaus: just need Chappy to make it 80 and I should win
GCS2011: I lose why not sub choppy
alexd1996: Jabbot is that sc or dt coz in dt puopolo only got 8 morr
yoshi10: +6 straight up - good start!
Goblejobba: a lesson learned Jabbott, always pass on the cock.
Grazz: Thankyou chappy i can breath again. Finals will be the death of me.
Moondog21: these anti geelong commentators that get excited every week when the opposition scores really shower me
pharace: Phew Duncan, go Chappy and Selwood - make it all good
HFC2011: cats very low scoring in terms of DT points
23rookie23: Hope I beat you in my first year Dawg :-)
yeragam: Need Chappy to get up 69, wouldn't mind an injury.....
josh2959: go away enright :(
curry5225: not duncan...
pies4spoon: fire up selwood
GoldDigger: Reckon you could be a chance on that one, yogi!
saintwazza: go chappy
ELLsendon: go cpatain chappy
yoshi10: C'mon Chappy - got to get to 94!
john90: For the crows to be a good side they need to get rid of Ivan maric
ovy1: I hope 15,000 turn up for Pies v Cats in R24, return to sender for the AFL!
W.Mantooth: i am going to have a heart attack
23rookie23: I even feel sick when I see the players above and below enright score!
james585: please enright stop now.
GoLions: lift bartel and chappy, and stop scoring enright, if u score 90 SC or more i lose
c#nthooks: go sj. need more.
Escapist: yoshi10- is your team name navy blues?
yeragam: For john90 to have a good dt or sc team he needs to get his coach sacked
JDolling69: I shouldnt have made byrnes captain! ahah
saintwazza: go enright
Nigey95: Keep going Pods!
Grazz: Im a happy CHAPPY oh im a happy Chappy
dipper5: lol the umpire got knocked ober
yoshi10: I have faith Chappy - should I?
myteamsuks: Need enright to get 126 sc... Maybe
pies4spoon: 12 points and its halfway through the qtr, flower you joel
TiGeRt0uGh: i need 326 from selwood chap enright not confident now :(
Mochasons: yeah it's a damn close call. Only issue is i'm rooting for bartel to get me over the line in my cash league for dt...
bohica2693: go scotty go
BoredSaint: flowering cow shower dick head selwood
23rookie23: enright flower off!!!
brooka: yay keep going enright
reidsta81: flower off enright
ELLsendon: great courage by the goal umpire, took on the big boys
ad4eva: slow down enright!
Gibbsy: all my 3 league battles on line and all elimination im so tense so is evetryone here tohguh
Grazz: @Mantooth im Having one, what is it 5 breaths 15 compressions anyone
W.Mantooth: please johnson... please...
ps4039: Come on SELWOOD the bye starts next week... Just 4 more dt points.. :(
josh2959: enright stop
c#nthooks: go sj. need more.
ammin_9: chappy and thommo stay down
Gibbsy: lol @ grazz
ben1994: Come on Selwood LIFT!!!!
Fireballz: @grazz it's 30 compressions, 2 breaths mate ;)
23rookie23: I swear to do a good deed tomorrow if the footy gods can keep enright under 114 SC points!
FordyHawks: come on, 5 clangers for enright
PiesGOGOGO: Keep going Enright!
Escapist: pleaseee thompson get to 100 sc by 3qtr time :(
G-Rat: flower off enright
ryansteam: gggoooooo eeennnnrigggghhht
RobHarves: im up by 45 and he has selwood
Grazz: Cheers fireballs 16 17 18 19 20
MarksMen: Plz Chappy and SJ, no more than 190 s/c
hammy97: cmon thompson otten varcoe and johnson LIFT!!!
Bennyy: @rookie23 - i do apologise if enright scores 115 in sc! going to be close but!
stoner27: oh enright smashing it like stoner will smash the gp tonight and im smashing my dt opponent.
Gibbsy: go enrioght please keep smashing it
Catas: Just in for the photo
23rookie23: Thats it! I am calling a hit on enright! He wont see the 4th qtr LOL
freeman23: c;mon enright an stevie j!!!
john90: Chris knights starting to play well since Craig left
G-Rat: why do you go to sleep bartel
PurpleName: hate u selwood, pretend midfielder
PureGold: come on enright and cappy, i smell preliminary finals
grossn: comeon kelly keep going!
23rookie23: @benny this is epic and I will neck myself if enright gets 114!
Muneem: neeed scotty thompson to get more than cotchin in sc. not happening .. FML! :(
DMS774: cmon thompson enright chappy lift
RobHarves: need a win here as I need a bye next week in finals and have 4 cats
froggy47: is harry kewell gonna sign?
HFC2011: will amny geelong player get 100 DT ?
Gibbsy: for god sakes power off adelaide what is qwrong with the cats anyone watching????????????
Bennyy: which would be paying less at the moment - Bickley to coach the crows, or Black Caviar?
chinospot: lets go crows :)
W.Mantooth: come on stevie j, put on the cape
Wardy: the way this is shaping, there will be no garbage ... not looking good
Gandog: JS is going to cost me the round. 2nd v 3rd. We are through Joel
Fireballz: @rookie, i'll chip in mate pass the hat around!
PIE WAZZA: Crows are ON !!!!!!!!
Bedlam: Need Thompson + Talia + 136 to beat Enright + Chappy + Bartel in SC
Escapist: thompson now.
Catas: Funniest Argo of comments for the year. Pressure must really be on
Hotel17: Very low Geelong scores!
pies4spoon: selwood get a goal you useless cow
Predacons: selwood need 110sc you crab
Gibbsy: i tell you what benny doing his chances no harm in these 3 gAMES
bohica2693: wtf thommo
Bennyy: @rookie23 - have had a couple of those games this year, but a final makes it intense. hope he scores like 113 for ya ;)
GoldDigger: there will be garbage, trust me
kingscotek: go crows!!!
GoldDigger: Bartel is a 4th 1/4 specialist!
Grazz: Hope he does fire up for you Mantooth
BigLynchy: adelaide are doing a great job today
Nigey95: a goal or two wouldn't go astray, pods!
dmagnus: Why are cats scores so low? Is it raining?
W.Mantooth: go stevie J go!
Gibbsy: selwood goal there you go all owners
Predacons: nice selwood!!!
yoshi10: let's go, Chappo!
Bigfatwolf: can someone stop enright
ovy1: Cats only worked to 11am today! A bit like training, dont put too much pencil on the paper when you got a dead rubber!
bakez33: @pies4spoon there u go he got 1 :)
dawsy: Thankyou Selwood!!!!
Wardy: GoldDigger: i hope so
c#nthooks: cmon stevie
Catas: True Golddigger but which team
pyro: cmon thompson need 83 to make it 5/5 in my sc leagues
josh2959: selwood you cow
pies4spoon: OMG YAY! get another...if you wish hard enough
ps4039: Thank you selwood now i can go celebrate my win :)
localh: I really hate you selwood if your not ducking for frees your kicking goals to sink me in sc
PurpleName: that's not enough selwood... but it's a start.... MORE
W.Mantooth: come on stevie
Gibbsy: thats it cats keep going another 3 or 4 before end ofd quarter
TiGeRt0uGh: common selwood
pies4spoon: :d
GoLions: go away enright
SJ=Freak: Is Taylor any danger of touching the ball
gravenger: @kingscotek r u from KI?
23rookie23: Can someone get the siren to sound now LOL flower off enright!
LeFtBehinD: lets go stevie j lets go!
yoshi10: Please score a goal, Chappo!
GoldDigger: Bedlam - no Geelong, you lose ...the team with 3 cats will win ...
grossn: 70 by 3/4 kelly
Moondog21: i cant watch this game with the anti geelong commentators
Gibbsy: all the strees of ppl is going to be increased tenfoild in 4th quarter i love it
Grazz: Chappy stay within 20 of Thompson and you can have "my wife"
Harvey29: BT is easily the best commentator
blueswin7: Lift Scotty Thompson you flowering flowered hack
moppy: has scotty thompson died?
pat1978: Enright/Chappy vs 175 SC, which side would you rather be on folks?
yoshi10: Running out of time, Chappo. C'mon buddy.
bohica2693: need thommo to get 105 and i win all 5 of my leagues
Gibbsy: @hjarvey 29 agreed his voice is made for it aswell
saintwazza: cmon chap
GoldDigger: Stiffy, LIFT!
Grazz: @Gibbsy me to, your either happy or gutted.
Gibbsy: stokes goal
23rookie23: @Moondog21 Mate I love the cats they are my team, but this is SC finals and I want Enright to Die and Die NOW! LMAO
Mochasons: @pat enright + chap 100%
alexd1996: 175 sc for sure
DangerousD: @pat1978 - Enright/Chappy
Welschy: allen you gonna touch the ball this qtr or?
Coolbreeze: Thompson please get subbed
Gibbsy: true grazz
port4spoon: chappy needs to beat enright by 4 not looking good
Moondog21: BT is the worst commentator ever
GoldDigger: You should be laughing bohica (bendover)
yoshi10: I'm sending good vibes your way, Chappy. Repay the faith, please.
Bennyy: @pat how its looking you want enright and chappy
azza_g: Needed selwood to score 170 and enright at least 90, not lookin good at all
GoldDigger: I take Enright & Chappy too
Gibbsy: cmon cats 2 or 3 more
c#nthooks: shower jimmy stay away from the ball please
ovy1: Love the Cats, my 2nd team, the country club of the AFL,real salt of the earth people! I just knew they wouldnt try toda
Moondog21: rookie i need enright and chappy to score 207 sc to win
Nigey95: sub andy otten. kthx
dipper5: 50 meters
blueswin7: scotty t efficentcy?
Bedlam: No Geelong means next week I win, so this week matters far less. For my opponent tis do or die
Grazz: Couple of goals Chappy would ease the tension.
TiGeRt0uGh: chappy enright will pass 175
BarlowGod: sub doughty PLEASSSEEEEEEE
pat1978: loving the tension in here! Geelong bye next week makes the week off huge for some! I need the Enright+Chappy combi Benn
Grazz: onya Yoshi
yoshi10: ok chappy, now I'm starting to get angry
GoldDigger: that's a bigger ask azza - couldn'y they share it more?
23rookie23: @Moondog I hop that most of those points come from Chappy LOL
Gibbsy: i want a otten or mckernana to be subbd off please
Gandog: flower off Stiffy!!! You're killing me. Your shower, play like it
GCS2011: I am 42 down Chappy and Knights vs Bartel will i win
TiGeRt0uGh: geez i hope selwood chappy enright junk it up
port4spoon: no one on chappy and he still cant touch it
Grazz: @pay1978 exactly mate. you could cut the air with a knife.
dipper5: 1:08 left
GoldDigger: GCS - yes ... Go Stiffy!
yoshi10: yay +4
Gibbsy: shower stop stevie my brother / opponent has u captain
23rookie23: Pop!!! That was the cork on a bottle of whisky! I can't take this anymore!
m_snowy: im 15 points down with bartel, thompson and otten... he has enright, chappy and sam jacobs... i think im done?!
c#nthooks: cmon stevie more son
GoldDigger: Let's go Johnno!
Jet11: Cmon chapstick
sless: Selwood Climbing!!!
Moondog21: i can feel a chappy avalanche in the last quarter
josh2959: gee just looked to the left and realised adelaide are racking up pts
yoshi10: hope this quarter is a long one
daniel87: I'm screw as far as getting a preliminary final goes looks like I'll have to play a semi next week
bakez33: 3 qtr time
Nigey95: if Bickley subs Otten, i'll give him the Adelaide coaching job...
Harvey29: come on Chappy!! outscore Stevie J by 11 in SC
RobHarves: wow, my bench just picked 13 points between them
GoldDigger: snowy, this is the week to own cats - you're gone. next week, bye bye cats in my team ....
Pendlez10: get up crows!
Grazz: Im a crows supporter and im cheering on Chappy. Huh were 13th whats it matter cmon CHAPPY.
rowshow: up by 1 pt with enright and thommo vs bartel and SJ
trotto: slow the flower down stevie
froggy47: enright is trash, get a move on..
G-Rat: Bartel DT career over, just a good average DTer now
Jet11: Big game Freo v north next wk!
23rookie23: Siren pls! and flower off enright!
port4spoon: i cant take this anymore getting a beer
Predacons: selwood 50pt last qtr
Gibbsy: i feel someopne will get a cape in las quarter, i alsop feel a repeat of crows pies game in last quarter well see
yoshi10: don't care who wins, just get on your horse chap
Crowbot_85: Wow. I'm 4 points up with Thompson and Johncock v Enright and Johnson in SC
hammy97: carn the crows keep it up just need to kick 4 more goals and ill be happy
23rookie23: enright no more than 80 please!
Grazz: should of got ambulance cover.
stixy53: go pies
pies4spoon: decent quarter selwood
GoldDigger: c or dt rowshow?
Nigey95: C'mon Pods! Need a big SC score...
Sturt5: need enright and jimmy to ton it up badly
yeragam: Need Chappy to get less than 12 points this quarter, not gonna happen
Gibbsy: sc scores please i need to add the shower up 3 game son line
Grazz: Dudge im dying here.
GoldDigger: reckon you're gone, crowbot
rowshow: @golddigger DT gunna be close, hes undefeated all year and ranked 80 so huge upset
bahodie: Oh dear, I needed Thompson to outscore Knights. Simple right? 30 mins to make amends Thommo!
daniel87: Need Stevie j and enright to make up 75 pts and beat choppy and ottens not going to happen I think
GoldDigger: *sc
chadsta112: FFS CHAPPY, get some of the pill!
port4spoon: chappy, all i need is for you to score 4 points more than enright
Gibbsy: whos listening to SEN????
TomPalmer: 58 more points from chappy and stevie J to win my games common boyss
Moondog21: @rookie enright 130 please
DangerousD: Chapman and Bartel vs 188 SC ... is gonna be toight as a nun's nasty
Gibbsy: if yopure tuning in to sen say i
Banned: hey jacobs knoch out enright for me big fella
bakez33: im 24 down with bartel and SJ vs chapman SO CLOSE!
ammin_9: @gibbsy i am
grubby: need 152 from chappy in the last quarter
hammy97: rowshow just the crows will upset geelong tonite
GoldDigger: bahodie, i think you're OK. rowshow - gee, that's a tuff one - SC i reckon you'd be a chance, but ...
yoshi10: need a 34 point quarter chappy - YOU CAN DO IT!!
rooboypete: 100 pt last qtr from Stevie J???
Grazz: Can Thompson outscore Chappy by 20 in the last qtr.
chinospot: guys whats your thoughts 390 sc vs chap enright nd stevie?? which side would you wanna be on?
BarlowGod: get smith on bickley u hag
GoldDigger: laughing bakez
Hawkmad: Need van Berlo, Armstrong and Dangerfield to score 65 more than Chappy, McKenan and Talia
valkorum: what your language please dangerousd
JustAdcock: Scores dead level, need Chappy to outscore Johnson from now on.
pies4spoon: selwood hopefully lifting, need a big last sc qtr from you
GoldDigger: I'd take the 390, chino
Hadouken: need a huge last quarter from stevie, jimmy, corey and chappy.
23rookie23: @Moondog NOOOOOOOO! lol
bohica2693: wats a good score this week 2300??
RobHarves: im up by 26 vs selwood
yoshi10: No Graz - chappy is in for a massive last quarter
NewFreoFan: c'mon stevie j, thompson and selwood! Don't let me lose to this flog maxwell
woofy: through to prelim wooooooo
GoldDigger: big ask adcock
Muneem: need scotty thompson to have a BIG last quarter
bahodie: I hope so Golddigger. Go Thompson!
chinospot: smith has been activated aiden riley deactivated
MarksMen: Please Chappy and more than 60 s/c this quater plz plz plz
dane swine: leading by 90, opponent has bartel and sj, will i win?
richmond97: What's happened to thompson??
GoldDigger: gone Harves
Hadouken: if i lose this week goodbye grand final. 4 geelong players out next week will kill me :(
pharace: Chapman and Selwood - 35 Sc pts each please
Freofreak: if enright tons up i win, what u reckon r the chances
Hotel17: Enright, Danger and 49 vs Corey, Chappy and Jacobs...hmmm
judd4votes: 4 votes...C JUDD
GoldDigger: swine - dt or sc?
Grazz: Yoshi i really hope so
23rookie23: Ok Guys I have 115 vs enright what you think LOL. This will go to the wire!
pat1978: 27 SC from Enright n Chappy in the last quarter, if this goes wrong FMSC
Barlow: Jesus my qualifying final couldnt be closer, if Thompson outscores Bartel by 13 pts I lose :-(
Karmaboy: leading by 34, opponent has selwood and haztaylor
pies4spoon: judd4votes, your team is full or r_apists
Moondog21: @rookie if geelong win in a close one enrights brilliant 1st quarter will see him get 130 sc
Grazz: 17 actually cmon Chappy save my butt.
Juzz226: Lynny!!
2Goodes: enright, chappy +47 vs sthommo + steviej..1 qtr to go
BigLynchy: sc all wrapped up, dt is 9pts away from a win :)
ovy1: Lets all hope the Pies keep winning until 2nd Final! not like last year when hawks woke them up!
GoldDigger: rookie - dead right - to the wire and beyond!
myteamsuks: Wow if enright gets sc 127 I win all 5 qualifying finals
GoldDigger: 2good, i
Nigey95: With SC scores as they are, i'm down by 4! Pods vs Otten, Ottens and Taylor. I'm goneski :'(
freeman23: Let's go stevie. Superman Time
23rookie23: @Moondog thats a good point you have. I hope the cats dominate the last qtr! Here we go!
Gibbsy: vbyrnes goal
dane swine: dane swan is a good player
GoldDigger: 2 good, i'm backing the score on the board there.
oldsalty: traded petrie to T.cloak this week and left Muz and Knights on the bench = epic fail ( or atleast in one league final)
Jellified: Need 20 from Enright in the last quarter. Bet he gets 19. Had no luck with the close games this year
tracey2112: Come on enright and thompson!!!
GoldDigger: mts - you're a fair chance i reckon
superspud: who would have thought, Chris Knghts is going to be the one to inflict my first defeat of the season!
valkorum: cmon chappy. Just get 30sc points this quarter. Make sure I win all 5 of my sc leagues
Nigey95: Stay down Ottens!
AJames497: need bartel and chapman to score less than 44 between them this qtr, chances??
Grazz: Chappy kick a couple
GoldDigger: jellified - don't think like a loser ...
bahodie: C'mon Scott Thompson, LIFT! I need you to score within 15 points of Knights. Crazy!
23rookie23: For enright to stay under 115 SC, what do you think the DT limit is? 92?
bazza525: inteance its me enright and dangerfield vs 90 and bartel in sc close 1
Gibbsy: if catrs get another 2 flood gates open
GoldDigger: valk - you don't deserve it - but you might get it anyway!
Grazz: @Valk did you get my PM
ovy1: Any player playing Port Airraide is worth trading in!
TIMWHATSON: Such a shame I have to trade out Chappy and Enright next week!
valkorum: why dont I deserve it GD :P
DangerousD: @AJames497 - i need the opposite, need 60 from them both! i like your chances better than mine
valkorum: @grazz I already replied
W.Mantooth: i dont care how many points stevie and chap get, as long as stevie outscores chap by 10
GoldDigger: Let's go JimBob and Stiffy!
rowshow: yes thommo
bohica2693: go thommo, junk it up to 120 :P
BYeates13: need a superman from stevie j and need johncock, ottens and smith to stay down
NewFreoFan: selwood thompson and stevie j vs chappy and 30 points in dt. Think I'll get up. Cop that Maxwell
Grazz: Cmon Chappy get sum leather mark kick goal
davidchiem: i cant wait to ttrade bartel out he is so crap
SirDeadly: 99 points up with Van Berlo vs Thompson, Johnson, Ling and Menzel.
bazza525: nervous need enright 95 then ive won three finals means im in the premlim for both nervs are high go enright
dipper5: walker goal
Dangermaus: please Chapman get to 80 or 90
ShowerTime: i need enright, chappy & selwood to get below 330 in s/c. gonna be close.
Grazz: @Valk cheers mate.
Gibbsy: ffs break them cats and smash it jimmy and enright
saintwazza: cmon enright n chappy...please!!!
bohica2693: pls ling, leave him alone for the last 25 mins
ELLsendon: tim whatson is spelt tim watson, not whatson
AJames497: what r the chances that adelaide are still in this game??
pies4spoon: zzz get on it jelwood, two goals please
Brian: Wowee! A huge bomb from Taylor Walker!
Nigey95: Well at least The Hungry Hippos aren't out of the minor premiership...thank god for a 9th placed finish
mruniverze: sri lanka is batting first
valkorum: Go BT
Hotel17: How do you get the pink name??
Joe B: What has happened to Bartel?
pat1978: apart from the dt/sc interest, its a pretty decent game anyway!
bakez33: lol BT loves saying WOWEE!
bohica2693: thommo to get 3 last Q goals and adelaide to win :P
pharace: Are Chapman and Selwood on the ground this Qtr?
maddo: Chap struggling to get in the game. disappointing!
port4spoon: doughty tight tag on chappy all over for me
GoldDigger: Go Stiffy, rack 'em up!
valkorum: @hotel that is m0nty putting in commentary
Gibbsy: come on enright damn it and please win by 53 or more cats please please please im begging
ovy1: in our league we call it the LOSER CUP for 9 down!
Fireballz: Junk time will determine my season here.... C'mon Joel!
Mochasons: need 5 points from bartel DT to win my cash league draw
DangerousD: Chapman you fat slug, get some leather ... and a haircut
Gibbsy: shower shower shower shower [poster flower yopu wojo
ynot1985: selwood and chapman, please treat the ball like its a BOMB.. please!!!!
c#nthooks: shower sc sj 11 more than jimmy please!!!
Wardy: @GoldDigger: wheres the garbage ... u promised Carn jimmy
chinospot: thats it chappy dont touch that footy
Dangermaus: come on chapman, pull your goddamn finger out and touch the leather!
pies4spoon: theres a start selwood
GoldDigger: who was good enough to buy christenson? Not me ...
Waspy79: The anti-Adel jibes from BT are lame
porkman89: C'mon chappy and enright, 90 at least pleaseeee
valkorum: @wardy still 10mins before Jimbob starts garbage time
Grazz: We cal it the plastic cup.
Brian: Wowee, did you see that from Patty Dangerfield!
GoldDigger: Jimmy's just warming up - it'll come ...
McLovin_: lol at people who put jimmy captain
Grazz: Cmon Chappy get amongst it.
trotto: come on chappy and enright
JDolling69: BAd choices costed me one match, chaoman and enright have tos tay low for me to win another
bohica2693: i wish tommo didnt play today, Isaac's 115 would have been handy
GoldDigger: haha valk - we're on the wavelength here!
Wardy: lol ... k :/
G-Rat: he's been warming up for 1 and a half quarts
Gibbsy: please cats win by 53 im on my knees begging please
Fenno: hey Gibbsy hows your money looking. Maybe next time leave the gambling talk for another place not FF
tnator: There needs to be a BT wowee stat. He's be going well this gamw!
W.Mantooth: thats it stevie j, keep going mate
Brown*Dog: Come on Jimmy
ratten: shower round for sc/dt
port4spoon: chappy might as well sit on the bench
NewFreoFan: least I don't have to worry about SC any more by the looks of it. Don't know why I picked Hodge over Franklin for C :(
valkorum: I have had Jimbobin DT for years. That is what he does GD
GoldDigger: Waiting for more pls. Stiffy!
mruniverze: wowee!!!!
valkorum: dont have him this year though
Grazz: Chappy please 9 the difference now
Nigey95: Fire up Pods!
Gibbsy: @fenno whatever mate ive made so much from it this year so whatever doesnt hurt that much
c#nthooks: cmon stevie more son
23rookie23: I will pay BIG $$$$ to anyone who could hack Chanpion data to make sure enright gets less than 114 LOL
myteamsuks: 2 goals in it!
GoldDigger: ratten - i'm ok - 2266 dt so far.
yeragam: Stay there Chappy, please!!!
MarksMen: Stop SJ and Chappy !!!!!!
c-hawk: cats need the bye
Wild Thing: Brian Taylor needs to drink a nice big cup of S.T.F.U!! Worst commentator ever!!
Barlow: For anyone watching, is Bartel anywhere near the flowering ball?? flower me!
PDbadjelly: and there is the 2400DT points...
Grazz: 7
bakez33: cmon bartel and SJ keep going!
GB101: BT is great, unique and fun to listen to
Dali: Yay chapman touched the ball
GoldDigger: valk, I was expecting him to improve to a 105 avg since Selewood carked - didn't happen ...
Fenno: im not saying don't have a bet. I have many bets pending myself its just FF just isn't the place for gambling talk
Kuzco: 2 more sevie
valkorum: @wild thing. BT is awesome for drinking games. Wowee and when he gets a name wrong
DangerousD: FINALLY! Now MORE!
Kuzco: wait...there it is :)
Grazz: Phew still 7
Dangermaus: stevie j for the love of god, please slow down!!!
Barlow: I should abuse bartel more often, starts scoring as soon as I do!
GCS2011: wild thing you idiot he is the best commentator ever
Mochasons: BARTEL JUNK TIME IS HERE! (and it's not even junk!)
Grazz: 10
Gibbsy: bartel starting to smash it
valkorum: GD I picked him to go down in average this year. the 2 things I got right (and Fyfey!!!)
pharace: Wrong captain choice will toss me out - damn
port4spoon: dt site down what a surprise
lift_spud: chappy doesn't like non junktime games
GoldDigger: go stiffy - JimBob a handt +6 there - wait for it ...
Jet11: ah flower off bartel
W.Mantooth: keep going stevie, you're pulling me through
bakez33: yes stevie J free kick :D :D
Grazz: 12 cmon chappy keep going
Jet11: dt iphone app craps over the website
GoldDigger: Fyfe was inspired valk!
yeragam: And I've lost
ratten: so sj gets hit high. falls over, kicks the ball and the umpire brings it back. BULL flowerING shower
Gibbsy: stevie j has come to play
rowshow: thats me gone. SJ :(
bakez33: YES STEVIE J!!! i think i have the win :D
grubby: get a kick chapman
richmond97: lets go adelaide! :)
NewFreoFan: Victory! Hate games that go down to 4th quarter Sunday twilight lol
Brian: Oh boy, Stevie J, that was just bizarre!
valkorum: very happy with fyfey! Cmon Chappy
Nigey95: i'm gonna lose thanks to a donut in my backline. got cripps, newman and strauss all on the pine :(
yoshi10: need goals now chappo
lemon13: need johnson to beat enright by 53 :/
ratten: AFL is going to shower. Over it and the stupid rules. No wonder no-one can understand the game
GoldDigger: Go Johnno
Jet11: junk time now chapstick
saintwazza: pi$$ off sj
c#nthooks: cmon stevie more son
Dali: Well done Chappy keep going
grubby: get another kick chapman
Wild Thing: Some atmosphere at Footy Park!! Great to see and hear!!
Grazz: I like the Crows under Bickley
W.Mantooth: johnson i love you, keep it up!
GoldDigger: Ok, so I tipped roshow and bakez correct so far ...
UberYummy: give sloan the star!!!
TIMWHATSON: need Bartel to score 138... am I still a chance?
Fireballz: That's my season! I'm gonna go cry now... Thanks for nothing Selwood!
billiam97: cmon chappy junk it up
Elephant: hope thompson and bartel get some nice junk time
Grazz: 15
Harvey29: flower you chapp
Jet11: bartel you can't score anymore, thanks mate
GoldDigger: junktime ... let's go JimBob!
alexd1996: Johnson wont return ice on hip
slipknot_4: so do i grazz very impressive
Nicksta: Fireballz Selwood Fd me too
hungryJack: bugga i left ablett and boyd on the bench this week so if thompson scores more than 117 i'm flowered
bakez33: SJ hurt on bench
rowshow: johnson off with hip... im back!!
GoldDigger: timmy - dt or sc?
Grazz: @Mantooth has he got you home yet. Johnson
Banned: I love you stevy j u have won my match
grubby: get another kick chapman
bakez33: according to ABC radio btw
rooboypete: Need 69 more pts from SJ ... Is there time??
Dali: Fireballz, how much did you need Selwood to get?
dim sim: need johnson to get 130 to win might win if he kicks a couple of goals
W.Mantooth: Grazz so far so good but I need him to keep going
tnator: At least the crows are showing some spirit. Good to see
pies4spoon: flower off chapman and enright
wceagles: why does stevie j have the heart? He scored all of his points BEFORE he got injured.
Mochasons: lol in another league I need SJ to outscore chappie from here by 2 DT points :) COME ON!!!!!!!!!
GoldDigger: cash or credit - no refunds!
GCS2011: Chappy and Knights vs Bartel and 25
saintwazza: stay on the bench sj
Nigey95: Pods really is a first half specialist... :/
ammin_9: knights star,wright gun and sloane magnet
Grazz: 18 i think lol
Hodgeey: Who thinks Dangerfield can get 67sc?
2Goodes: cmon chappy, enright...steviej closing the gap
Galen: I need Chapman to be within 43 of SJ to win.
Thommo10: Go Stevie J, Enright and Thommo
Martywalke: Junk it please joely!!
GoldDigger: Come on, Stiffy, harben the flower up!
billiam97: go chappy go!!!
Grazz: Go Stevie J
Jet11: ton up chappy
hawks_2008: Me: 339 Vs Chapman, Vince and Enright. Who wins?
schroeds: dangerfield no way
G-Rat: Bartel's premium days are behind him
GoldDigger: galen, i
m_snowy: go ottens
cotch2cuz: 78 + selwood + chapman vs enright + johnson IN SC.... gonna be a close one i reckon
premiers06: i know this is early but, how long left?
alexd1996: stevie j wont return
GoldDigger: galen, I'll be surprised if u lose
W.Mantooth: Stevie better not stay on the bench
Monaco: Need 25 more from SJ to win one of my finals. Im TOAST!!
Grazz: Cmon Chappy your due a goal or two.
grossn: get to 100 and i win kelly!
bohica2693: any chance of a late goal to thommo, need 20 mroe points
Fireballz: I had selwood + 256 points vs thompson, enright, johnson, bartel. Was always unlikely. Not Selwood's fault :(
Jet11: Talia is very impressive! good size, very good one one one
W.Mantooth: noooooo
GoldDigger: line ball hawks - toss the coin
Hodgeey: please danger im beggin you
m_snowy: sloaney you little gun
grubby: need 152 more from chapman
billd: What's with stevie
schroeds: hawks work it out thats not hard
old_shepp: FML I've had a bad weekend. Even Dr Dream Team is going to roll me
GoldDigger: fireballz - too many catsagainst you
rowshow: enright and thommo vs 25 and bartel a chance?
chinospot: YES is stevie wonder off?
Grazz: Mantooth is that a disaster or what
hungryJack: oh and i forgot to take petrie off too give me the muppet for this week
yoshi10: no johnson - take the goals now chappo!
tracey2112: Where the heck is enright?!!!
tjp1447: johnson is back on was in the last centre bounce
GoldDigger: bohica - he can do anything!
ben1994: Enright a chance of getting the BALL!!!!!
john90: I'm going to loose to nick Maxwell in dt this week, how embarrassing
bakez33: im up by 2 with bartel and SJ vs chapman... pretty much bartel vs chapman
DangerousD: @hungryJack - what are you on about mate?
W.Mantooth: flower!
c#nthooks: get sj back on cats
sirchappy: stevie j back on
alexd1996: sorry all stevie j BACK ON
rowshow: 23*
GoldDigger: I'd like Thommo to get the goal assist from Stiffy - fair deal?
Wardy: 10 points is not what i call junk Jimmy!!!
NewFreoFan: haha john90, I'm beating him by 5 points at the moment
Grazz: @john90 he has a pretty good team
G-Rat: Bartel, what are you doing
strikes91: winning by 38 is enright v thompson, chapman
BYeates13: nooo, i needed you stevie j!!!
Grazz: 14
BigVic: going to lose to Dr Dream Team- how embarrassing
yoshi10: 19 more chappy - C'MON!!!
PurpleName: typical of enright to go missing when there's just a hint of pressure
saintwazza: flower off sj
pies4spoon: intense game!
tradingup: 2four00 dt woo hoo
valkorum: @wardy if jimbob is going to junk, then it will be form now (normally around 20min of 4th is when he starts)
davidchiem: bartel u twat
W.Mantooth: nick maxwell has been quite good this year, its not embarrassing. one guy in our league is having a tough time with him
Jet11: another 20 chappy pls
bahodie: C'mon Thommo!
GoldDigger: Time to rack 'em up JimBob!
bohica2693: ok to beat teh Doc need 2 points from thommo, come on man at least give me that
myteamsuks: 1 goal in it
Twin Peaks: ooh up by seven with my chappie and bartel v his stevie j hellz yeah
tnator: wowee
premiers06: how long left??
billd: Chappy and thompson need to score low sc
pies4spoon: yes massive clanger from enright :)
Harvey29: go crows
tnator: Great goal
hungryJack: @DangerousD: was unable to make any trades or subs before lockout for this week so i still have last weeks team in
Predacons: i need selwood to kick the winner
Gibbsy: holy crap a goal in it they are playing possessed under bickley
rooboypete: I share your embarrassment john90. I'm going to lost to StJoeysOnslaught too but only by 30 or so pts
Pav#29: 5:45 left
LeFtBehinD: NOOOOOOOOOOOO Stevie J iced up is going to cost me the win!
yoshi10: C'mon Jet11 - let's combine forces to get him over the line
Wardy: valk thx ... but i think im shot lol
cdrobert: 5 mins
muffin_man: 5.45
dutchtup: Chappy come on lift now
Jair: no winning gola for Stevie then:(
Gibbsy: the crowd will go ballistic if they get the next one
bakez33: cmon crows if u win pies top spot will b safe and they might send B team to perth
john90: Yeh I know he has a good team but I just can't stand the bloke
chinospot: 5:45
myteamsuks: 5:45
GoldDigger: Heart attacks coming? Are ther hospitals on notice?
W.Mantooth: bring stevie back on!
grossn: i hope it's a draw ahhaha
higgogun!: come on bartel and enright!
Grazz: 11
Nigey95: the crows have been pretty good. i thought the cats would smash 'em.
Gibbsy: holy shower what agame who could have predsicted this ????????
Dovey2: i hope they draw..
ben1994: SELWOOD and ENRIGHT where are you?
Gandog: Chappy selwood, go time boys
hungryJack: DangerousD: but i'm still winning unless thompson scores 117 in sc then im flowered
swishy: carn crows
GoldDigger: Go Stiffy!
Fireballz: A mark and goal to selwood would give me a sniff.... C'mon joel....
WhatAhead: Stevie j back on?
Juggalo: I picked a crap captain and Im still gonna win, my team is so awesome but I hate it because I fell back from the top
lift_spud: go the floweren crows
maddo: Good game this
GoldDigger: Bartel marks off stiffy - points for me both ends!
grubby: go gunston
Jellified: C'mon Adelaide
dutchtup: SJ is back ON!
Grazz: 14
LeFtBehinD: Get back out there Johnson!
BareGrylls: same rooboy....but by a sad 200 odd
Reidy: stevie j back on the ground m0nty
froggy47: enright i a disgrace, ill rather have josh toy playing
Nigey95: i tipped the cats by like 10 goals... :S
bohica2693: go thommo
port4spoon: stevie j miraculous recovery back on the ground
billd: Cmon Stevie kick a gOal
sewellgood: Cats are just standing there, WT, actually i wouldn't mind seeing the Crows get up
Pantsman: Enright you spud.
GoldDigger: Hungry - there's still time for Thommo to do that!
geewizz: stevie j back on
Jimmy40: forget DT/SC scores. The crows might actually win this thing...
GoldDigger: just another handy +6 for JimBob
Solat: least 100s for cats this year?
flagdog49: Why do crows fans always boo when the crows give away free kicks?
higgogun!: what was enrights sc at 3/4time?
GoldDigger: JimBob playing in the backline?
yoshi10: who is stiffy?
Gibbsy: how long left 4?
W.Mantooth: indestructable stevie, kick a goal please!
grubby: go armstrong
Grazz: 10 cmon chappy we need you.
grossn: siren now would be marvellous
valkorum: I need a few +6 from chappy
rooboypete: Actually BareGrylls, its going to be 69 unless StevieJ gets off the bench...
GoldDigger: Johnno still on the ground
Luke919: johnsons still on the ground....
moorey21: Stevie J is out there!
Solat: sloane is smashing it
valkorum: @yoshi stiffy = johncock
BigLynchy: and he knocks off the top team in the league!
SJ=Freak: johnson back on
muffin_man: steve j is out there monty. needs a band aid not a red cross
SCARLETT: pssssss
Mochasons: @higgogun clearly you are an idiot
c#nthooks: flower get back on sj. jimmy rest up.
myteamsuks: Byrnes goal
hungryJack: keep that tag tight lingy
Grazz: Hows Stevie
bentoscano: goal geelong
Jair: Johncock
Nigey95: pods tons up in dt! he better do the same in SC...
strikes91: johnson back on because game is close
Wild Thing: BOO-yrnes!!
premiers06: blow the siren, quick!
Bennyy: haha game got close so SJ out. Geelong are showerttting themselves!
grossn: yess kelly, no.1 :)
ammin_9: 4 points from either thommo or chappy and i lost, im praying
higgogun!: sc. bartel + 30 vs thompson any chance?
grubby: go menzel
maddo: finish off strong Chap you goose
Jair: StevieJ back from the dead:)
josh2959: 11 pts up vs selwood enright....
Juggalo: Bring on 2300, not that I care. I'm not going to finish top 1000 with 0 trades.
bohica2693: thommo for a mark on the siren and goal to win it for the crows and me :P
Hodgeey: Need a danger goal
Coolbreeze: how long left???
ammin_9: i've lost now
MarksMen: How long left ????
GoldDigger: JimBob, Stiffy - get up boys
schroeds: stokes no more
W.Mantooth: blow the siren!
ammin_9: somebody give away afree kick come on scotty or chap
Special K: time left??
peter_ford: bloody hell selwood, lift!! get a contested possession and kick a goal!!
Sturt5: 2:17
c#nthooks: one goal please sj
GoldDigger: 2328 dt and counting ...
whale: lower has lost me nearly all my games this week
Nigey95: time for a pods goal? i think so!
hungryJack: @bohica2693: lol if that happens i might not wake up tomorrow morning
myteamsuks: 2:08
Grazz: Cahppy mark kick should get me home
Jet11: disappointing again chappy, not getting you next yr
josh2959: blow the flowering siren
muffin_man: 2 min
Galen: chappie!
Thommo10: watch the pies supportes troll in, with a sniff of a cats defeat !!!!
Harvey29: 2:08 left
grubby: go lonergun
strikes91: cmon siren
hungryJack: siren please
Mochasons: need an SJ goal to win 3/5 league finals.
ShowerTime: die chapman you spud
Wardy: all too late Jimmy ... needed 128 ahhh well
Grazz: 5.00 mins
W.Mantooth: flower off chapman, seriously
valkorum: @gd 2320 so far for me with chappy and sj
Solat: yep lower on an poo emg cost me all my games
tracey2112: Enright,wake the flower up!!!
pies4spoon: come on selwood, pad those stats
geewizz: junk junk junk
FordyHawks: will chappo have a better SC than enright?
premiers06: siren please!!
W.Mantooth: blow the flowering siren!
strikes91: jimmy slutting up
Colossus: lift bartel and enright!
old_shepp: Can't believe neither Jimmy or Enright tonned up - cost me the week off
alexd1996: yeah jimbob
grubby: bartel bin
Grazz: sorry on delay here im excited lol
davidchiem: jimmy junk yessssssssss
BigLynchy: to everyone who's hanging on by a point or 2 - good luck :)
grossn: thommo_8 i have heard nothing about it yet? jealous carlton supporter?
bohica2693: ffs chose lower over talia and golby
masterhc2: scores are level!! come on bartel and chappy
Coolbreeze: blow the siren
Articulix: bartel.. chappy.. enright... useless
W.Mantooth: a goal stevie, get a goal
PurpleName: enright is a pretender, can only guard space... as long as there's nobody around. otherwise needs chop outs
Grazz: i think im home I LUV YOU CHAPPY>
sewellgood: Lower cost me two losses
Galen: going to be interesting to see what Champion Data do with the SC weightings....
Wardy: same here old_shepp
Bennyy: give bartel a skip! massive bin
higgogun!: jimmy!
WhatAhead: Poa bartel
GoldDigger: old_shepp - fat lady hasn't sung yet!
DangerousD: @BigLynchy - thanks mate
masterhc2: bartel you won me the game! you beauty
Colossus: cmon enright
Barlow: flower yes Jimmy just won me my game!! I flowering love you!!!
myteamsuks: Game over crows can't win :30
john90: Good boy taliaa
ShowerTime: siren would be good
UberYummy: jimmy get tha goal!!!
hungryJack: blow the flowering siren
valkorum: @wardy see what I said about Jimbob - just tonned up for you
old_shepp: Ok Enright Bartel heard me now you Enright
cougar37: Roll out the can. Im looking at you jimmy....
W.Mantooth: blow the god damn flowering siren!
GoldDigger: JimBob tons u
Pendlez10: unlucky crows :(
Reidy: siren
premiers06: give away a free selwood, chappy or enright
GoldDigger: siren blows
Nigey95: Pods + 104 vs Otten, Ottens and Taylor...It was never gonna be enough :(
freeman23: enright or johnson please one more hb
itsduftime: 4 more jimmy
grossn: 3 100's with kelly 101 GO KELLY!
sewellgood: Tell me when the siren goes please
bakez33: siren!!! i win!! :d
Gibbsy: jimmy ton who wpoulfh ave tohught hope his sc ius good :-)
Wardy: kick it jimmy!!!! lol
stixy53: got it again
sirchappy: bartel +18 from kick to kick
m0nty: how do you get a star out of that lot?
GCS2011: sj had the ball
Solat: chappy is still in the top 7 fwds for the year so settle down
Jet11: bartel you junk rat, f you
Gibbsy: bickley to get job next year $1.01
Tittan99: give kelly the star
Jellified: wow some awful sc scores out there. Are they up to date?
Grazz: How long
redwallis: Trash can for flog Bartel
flagdog49: Crows fans doing what they do best.... booing for no good reason.
GoldDigger: JimBb is a 4th quarter specialist, junk timeor not
Jellified: lol nm
Galen: give it to chappie for nostalgia
Gandog: Selwood+Chap+30 couldn't get over Stiffy/Enright in the coach. wow. I give up
G-Rat: Yeeeees Bartel
grossn: noo jimmy! how dare you beat kelly!
Solat: sloane star surely
premiers06: Lost by 2 points flower
hazebot: pods monty
Tonche: Sloane is a flower gun
PurpleName: easy monty... u don't, that was mentally draining
cougar37: I liked sloanes game - magnet.
UberYummy: sloan for pb game gets star
Grazz: Yes i win a final in money league. So happy.
strikes91: Kelly Sta monty
Gibbsy: has to be sloean monty
Hutcho42: sloan for his DT score!
woofy: sloane for star haha
Bennyy: sloane the star!! just coz they didnt win doesnt mean he wont get 3 votes
myteamsuks: Sloane star gonna be great player
bohica2693: flower flower flower lost 2 league match so playin next week
Mochasons: hmm.... i am dreading Bartel's SC.....
W.Mantooth: i love you stevie j, thanks for bringing it home son
BareGrylls: give it to yourself m0nty
itsduftime: if scores stay the same I drew my final. Playing a higher team than me so thats flowered
GoldDigger: JimBob gun
mdon11: Sloane maybe best on. Could have a lottery for it really.
MarksMen: Guys give me s/c scores on SJ and Chappy when u know plz plz plz
gd.39: Kelly for Star dragged cats over the line
chinospot: star who knows
Wardy: might as well give it to me m0nty :)
Boodetime: Thankyou Jimmy turned it around and i win by 6 points
Gibbsy: how can jimmy get trash can if game was in balance
pies4spoon: thrashed my dt opponent by 500 pts, gotta love public leagues
flowerchaiyya: m0nty give the star to jimmy in his 200th game
m_snowy: BARTEL you little ripper.... thank you so much!
GoldDigger: Sloane X-factor
Jet11: can't believe you jimmy, junk time specialist flower
mdon11: Mathew Wright, Stevie J or JPod are also in the mix.
higgogun!: did bartel take a mark before the siren?
bohica2693: f*ck i hate Ling
Juggalo: Give Bartel the star I reckon, not junk
syoun: Bartel because it's his 200th game
ben1994: how long left?
UberYummy: wtf?! bartels sc?!
Janith: i am finished
TIMWHATSON: 1 SC tonne for Geelong WTF?
pies4spoon: enright bullshower sc, so many clangers
hungryJack: yeah baby i live to fight another day well done lingy you champ
ben1994: I bit more from selwood and enright would be nice
GoldDigger: TStar - m0nty, I dunno!
chinospot: if johnson enright and chap sc scores stay that was i win by 1 point plz stay the same :D
Nigey95: Sloane for a Rising Star nomination?
power04: time to sign up "the pride of' after todays stiring loss !!!!
Sturt5: lost by 11 points....
flowerchaiyya: m0nty give the star to jimmy in his 200th game
lock98: give bartel the gun its his 200 game
freeman23: lost by a point :(
Hutcho42: I love it, has to be a big name that gets the star - ordinary decision monty...
GoldDigger: Enright tone in SC ;p
Dali: I won my SC opponent by 55 points. Woohoo!
WhatAhead: Bloke I played had Stevie j capt. Clap clap for you mate. Sweet choice :)
W.Mantooth: jesus christ i need a drink
Galen: *prays* for nothing stupid with the SC scores.
BigLynchy: a week off in dt (4pt win) and sc (100pt+ win) - oh yeah
Bennyy: sloane has to. not one geelong player withing 40 of his SC score!
port4spoon: drawn quali final me, cya next week, im the lower ranked
bahodie: Phew, got through with 4 points...Please no point post-match adjustments!
pat1978: phew, 4 tons on the bench and still just got up, thanks god my decisions didnt cost, how did people go?
TIMWHATSON: chinospot SC scores will change guaranteed
Peterdean: geez the SC scores are low
Bennyy: kelly = worst star ever.
GoldDigger: Stiffy SC OK - but I won't have him next year!
Catas: It's been a great day here at Fanfooty central
valkorum: @grazz I think I have taken down dangerzone by 10 points in our league
Grazz: Sorry Dudge but i really needed that for credibility. What a round. Thrilling to the end.
GoldDigger: hehe - I tipped that one bahodie!
Nigey95: lost my SC game by 44 :'(
syoun: if sc scores hold i lose by 5
higgogun!: 2500 in supercoach :)
GoldDigger: wow that's sad port4 - feel for ya
Grazz: @Mantooth im buying have anything from thr Top Shelf mate
chinospot: @timwhatson yeah i know but overall i hope they go down or stay between the 3 ahah
daniel87: Thanks a lot lower you ass cost me my match
Wild Thing: When was the last time a team won the game but only had one player over 100 in SC??
Jair: pathetic Chappy and Stevie J
Gibbsy: how can you against 36 possies 10 marks 4 tCKLEW S
GoldDigger: 2349 not bad for dt
Grazz: @Valk your my Favourite to take it out well done mate.
Rated_RKO: lost by 20 points... hurts with lower on field and puopolo on bench (SC)
Grazz: 2317 but its a win
SankDog: Won all 4 of my finals to go straight to the prelim. With 6 trades left Im in a great spot!
valkorum: looking like 2326 for me GD
Gibbsy: kelly start monty has ost the plot look at sloanes sc ffs
localh: Bartel is all junk
WhatAhead: 5 leagues. 5 major premiership first round wins. Peaking ;)
rooboypete: 68 pt loss
Wild Thing: SankDog, so you're going to finish the season with two trades unused?? That's not a good spot!!
hungryJack: 2349 sc with ablett, boyd and higgins on the bench plus a donut from petrie
imthatmint: give sloane the star ffs
pies4spoon: 3 point winner if sc scores stay as now
Mochasons: WTF are the SC scores really low OR are they just evenly spread???? OMG!!! I LOST MY SC FINAL ...
23rookie23: My god I might have won by just 13 points!
23rookie23: yesssssss
chinospot: @whatahead same if the scores stay the same
swans37: that all 4 bartel
Blanketman: Mckernan got his high score the year
23rookie23: My opponent is unbeaten and I have just won the most epic final ever! Please stay the same scores!
daddsy404: i lost my dreamteam by 2 points
lock98: 200 games of class from Jimmy. Brownlow, Dual Premiership Player, cruical part of one the best midfields of all time.
higgogun!: @wildthing he can do two trades this week?
morrowind: lost by 3 coz of enright and selwood
Rated_RKO: hope these scores arent accurate . =[
jaxx: just couldnt quite get to ur team all last week hungryjack??!
Rex: Yibbidy yibbida, that's all folks.
GoLions: lost one of my finals by 19 points. thanks lower
Hodgeey: crows deserved to win
Goblejobba: Im in 342 leagues and i havent lost a game in a single one of them and won every final this weekend, im pretty good
chinospot: flowing flowerheads who made enrights score more
Mochasons: SJ and SThompson's SC scores just KILLED ME!!!! FFFFFFSSSS
freeman23: holy flower won on the re-count
hungryJack: @jaxx: nah i meant to do it friday arvo but then went out for dinner then missed lockout period
higgogun!: 2526 in sc, what do you think i will be in the weekly?
bahodie: 2202 for me me a week off. But probably a further slide down the overall ladder.
lemon13: lost by 30 :( always next week
23rookie23: Just checked and won by just 7 points! WOW!
hungryJack: @jaxx: i was going to do it friday arvo but then went out with some friends for dinner and missed the lockout period
maddo: Well done Jimmy B great career to date with more to come
TIMWHATSON: 2605 SC for me
Sturt5: the casual 7 point loss.....
SuperSub17: Yessss finished top and beat the scumbag on top by 23 points
SuperSub17: Finished 4th and beat top by 23 pts
saintwazza: won sc by 14pts
GoldDigger: thank-you Rexy!
Ace Manuva: They're let off the short leash... that guy couldn't coach worth doodoo
Johnc0ck1: Gets over the line by 50 in DT thanks to my main man stiffy
malcomdori: Damn you crows