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Predacons: Please Goodes <100
FantasyBoy: jack riewoldt if you want any chance of winning the coleman you better kick at least 5 goals today.
willii: mummy for a big game-nothing silly
peteerb: lets go swannies, kick 5 reid and goodes
jbrown: reckon bolton will fire up?
W.Mantooth: @Shy1 - you on the forums?
Junktimer: stay low mumford and o'keefe
grossn: Richmond have a chance i reckon
damoc85: u need the vest on parker
Shy1TilWet: nah
The BeRad: Who sub for swans?
Shy1TilWet: just mess with this to kill the stand down boredom
co111111: i need o'keefe and riewoldt to have great games
Shy1TilWet: but like my footy
W.Mantooth: booo
jesse2000: is this game live on the tv or not
teatowel: need okeefe to score like 40 points max aha unlikely :(
froggy47: cmon ryan o'dud
W.Mantooth: who do you support?
snake_p: for me Mummy vs ROK + 14 unlikely win I reckon
Shy1TilWet: Fremantle
hfc2011: hello ? Delidio ?
W.Mantooth: so you're from perth?
Conan: need a big one goodes.
roo boys!: @jesse2000 not in victoria
W.Mantooth: go tiges!
Shy1TilWet: yeah
jesse2000: @roo boys@ what time it satrt in victoria
grossn: loving you shaw
W.Mantooth: arent all perth girls supposed to amazingly beautiful?
Wild Thing: Who's the Swans sub?
Dees@nFire: Brett Deledio better have a good game
co111111: go tigers
Grazz: Mantooth you smoove talker
damoc85: parker
W.Mantooth: is leds on the bench?
Shy1TilWet: lol so they say
Memph: FFS why png on J Roo
W.Mantooth: LOL Grazz
BugBoy25: Swannies better win today Damo!!
bakez33: i want richmond to win but goodes to dominate...
BIGscore: Lol at mantooth trying to break his big v status
Shy1TilWet: how old r u h?
W.Mantooth: age? single? pic? LOL
john81: @memph wats png
Memph: Need six from JRoo please
Dees@nFire: j roo has had png about 50 times this year
BareGrylls: png or no png..he still scores bad
schroeds: goodes to have a bad day i hope
damoc85: yes bug - i have them over 39.5 along with eagles and cats
Dees@nFire: @john81 purple name game
Memph: PNG = Purple Name Game
Grazz: Mantooth im on to you. We want you to come in a comp with us next year got Valk in already
Cunnas: Sydney have no sub! Flowering cheats!
Memph: Monty clearly doesn't have J Roo then
Shy1TilWet: 25, short blonde hair, 5'2
bonez1: come on tigers i got you by 15.5 to win
W.Mantooth: me? 27 years young
matto76: nice mark to goodes
bazza525: luke parker sub for syd
Shy1TilWet: mantooth may want to come into my game grazz
Wild Thing: What's the earliest spud you've ever given m0nty, cos Graham might be due to break the record!
W.Mantooth: haha
Cunnas: Thanks Bazz
Grazz: @Shy not maybe he doeslol
smackdog34: noone donning the vest for the swans??
woofy: lets go mummyyyy
BugBoy25: Might wanna kick straight to get the 39.5 line
Memph: Keep tackling Jack!
Predacons: flower off NOgoodes
Barlow: Graham averaging 77 this year, hardly spud worthy?
W.Mantooth: maybe i do ;)
Shy1TilWet: no chance if he barracks for tem eddie though
The BeRad: where is Deledio playing?
froggy47: omg ROK do something
Memph: Need ROK to stay quiet
Marucho: ffs mumford. please dont be shower
W.Mantooth: @shy1 - def not a pies supporter, i have teeth and a job
Wild Thing: @Barlow, he's a dead set potato farmer!
stixy53: cmon goodes and ROK
woofy: get a tap down to advantage mummy!
jesse2000: cmn tigers we need to kick better then this
Dees@nFire: do somnething mumford
Shy1TilWet: lol
Harvey29: please win tigers so the north have a chance of taking sydneys place in the 8 :)
Barlow: Im not kidding, one of my opponents this week has jude bolton capt! lol!!!
Grazz: @Mantooth what do you think , coming in with us or what, i'll bug you all summer.
bickies: Come on Kennedy!
Shy1TilWet: only thing i like about the pies is Chris tarrant
Harvey29: need ROK to outscore Cotchin in SC
W.Mantooth: 5'2 = pocket rocket?
Danstar: Come on Jude Bolton! Dont stuff me up again this week!
W.Mantooth: @Grazz - yeah fo sure but what's the league supposed to be? Elite FF league?
Grazz: @Shy as i said luv the WA girls, got alot of family in Perth, Coming over tomorow haha.
Shy1TilWet: lol, you might be right mantooth
The_Jerks: f off grundy need delidio to beat you
Patty19: who is sub 4 Sydney?
Joe B: who is Deledio playing on?
MarkPlow: deledio?
saintwazza: cmon delidio...get the ball man
Turn: lift sylvia
The BeRad: Deledio is Chumping
stixy53: doesnt your name go purple if you win the PNG
dim sim: c'mon mummy got u in this week dont let me down
billiam97: lift mummy
W.Mantooth: deledio will still get 100, relax folks
saintwazza: go grundy
Shy1TilWet: dont have an accident near freo then grazz, might not meet me the best circumstances
Grazz: Mantooth it will be hopefully, wont chew up time here i'll PM you. Yr Wes. Mantooth yes
Patty19: @turn wrong game mate!
Marucho: kick it to mumford ffs
stevekat10: Go Grundy, I need you to beat Deledio
dim sim: who is sub for sydney??
woofy: get some marks mummy!
Grazz: @Shy i go fishing from Hillarys Harbour for Samsons past Rotto
Patty19: who is sub for Sydney????????
hfc2011: thanks Rad you fired him up
W.Mantooth: just 'Wes Mantooth', yes... PM me
matto76: goodes goal
bazza525: luke parker sub for syd
john81: luke parker is sub
Muppet: ....................................
m0nty: looks like Goodes is on today
W.Mantooth: @Shy1 - maybe ill have an accident on purpose so I can meet you
Memph: Come Richmond kick it to J Roo
dragonfly: my guess id Red or Parker:)
addman: it is parker
hfc2011: Goodsey !
cdrobert: goodes will smash it if he left one out all the time
Shy1TilWet: should be safe in my hood then grazz, lol
smackdog34: keep it up sammy reid
Danstar: Go Bolton!
rollers: yer c'mon goodes win me my final
hfc2011: Hey Monty - getting excited about the Hawks this year ?
saintwazza: need grundy n delidio to score 100sc to stay in my 1st final
W.Mantooth: goodesy to make up for last week
Bennyy: pretty obvious sub is parker. all other players have scored, and reid has information that a players on him
Grazz: @Mantooth no probs
smackdog34: the man always is monty
Muppet: Sam Ried for Colin Sylvia....fair trade?
grossn: i like it when jroo does well
Shy1TilWet: operating theatres arent that romantis grazz
Joe B: Goodes was always going to dominate given what happened last week.
Hadouken: jroo.....worst player in the afl
ComeAtMe: the ball is in richmonds half, kick a goal riewoldt!
Muppet: u cow riewoldt
GoPies:D: wat r u doing mumford i traded u in for petrie this week, make me proud
Shy1TilWet: and some nurses can be bitches
dutchtup: jack roo get the flowering ball
Grazz: @Shy so if i say Shy1Tillwet i wont get beaten up haha
Patty19: here goes deledio :)
W.Mantooth: okay how about a dinner and drinks then?
Go Bombers: go grundy and cotchin gotta beat goodes and o'keefe which aint gunna happen
smackdog34: went jroo over the zoong. foolish
Rated_RKO: thats a good jack riewoldt =D
Kuzco: well done deledio
ademase: did anyone say who was on dids?
Muppet: plenty of nurses are bitches esp the old fat ugly ones
Danstar: Chose mcevoy over far so good
Grazz: haha
Go Bombers: zac smith for todd goldstein good trade
Memph: @Hadouken J Roo is second in the Coleman medal. He's not bad his team is
woofy: get to 30 mumford!
Muppet: Who's dids
Muppet: leunberger first ruck chosen next year
Shy1TilWet: the ones who get the shaving and bath jobs muppet, lol
smcp: Kennedy not on my team but he is playing well
ComeAtMe: hows goldstein going this week?
Danstar: Jroo gets al his goals in junk time
Predacons: dids is didak???
Dees@nFire: mumford kick a goaL
ademase: deledio.....
cougars3: leuenberger and nic nat next year
bazza525: how many traades every1 got sc dont lie either
smackdog34: @muppet... mcevoy & leunberger
Hadouken: @memph. fair call
dawsy: wake up delidio
AFL_Hayes7: dids is delideo
cooneyman: mumfords sc is always good
Dees@nFire: +0 mumford yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh
Go Bombers: this game is so boring
ComeAtMe: ive got 6
W.Mantooth: @shy1 - so dinner and drinks it is
Red Unit: B Liddy
Rated_RKO: im out of trades =D
Dees@nFire: @cooney i agre
Grazz: or fishing lol
gogriff: 1 here bazza
Azza24: why doesnt swans have a sub??
Muppet: mite get leuey and mcintish if hes traded
bazza525: i got 4
Go Bombers: deledio is dil not dids, dids is didak
ademase: 5 trades left - cost me tho, only in the main draw four two of my 4 leagues
addman: ive got 3
Dees@nFire: +0 mumford yeeeeeaaaahhhhhhhhhh
W.Mantooth: i have 4 trades
Shy1TilWet: so many offers
grossn: i have Goodes, Grundy and shaw who are all doing well... i also have jroo
W.Mantooth: deledio is leds
Shy1TilWet: will to check with the botfriend ok?
Danstar: 2 trades. winning all games so ar so wont need to trade next week
Danstar: although need Bolton to lilft!
W.Mantooth: @shy1 - best to choose the best option... me. check with the bf, he wont mind
Go Bombers: hopefully make the grand final cause i have 6 trades
Dees@nFire: im going to get 2500. 2600 if im lucky
froggy47: ROK didnt touch the ball for 10 mins...
Nick1069: cotch, you better have a good sc for once
Dees@nFire: mumford 30+ sc
ademase: anyway - who is deledio picking up?
TassySwans: looking at 2600 in Super Coach. maybe 24oo in DT
BIGscore: Dees@nfire no one cares wat u score full, n I'll beat that neways ;)
smcp: Goodes SC should be good. Some great contested marks
Bretto3: J Riewoldt is a spud
W.Mantooth: @shy1 - short blonde is my fav too, so bonus points there
Dees@nFire: mumford +0 yeeeeahhhhhhhhh
MajicMajak: the only thing worse then jack riewoldt hair cut is his contested marking
Rated_RKO: c'mon ROK, beat Riewoldt by 60 points in SC and i'll be happy.
Grazz: @Shy Mantooth is your man im to old for a 5.2" good looking blonde but i'll catch up for a beer.
mdon11: Wow, Mitch Morton being the sub. Surely he has to move on to another club next season, GWS maybe?
Shy1TilWet: whats your email mantooth?
Grazz: @Mantooth who doesnt like that lol you smoothie you
mdon11: Am I on e-harmony or fanfooty. I get them confused these days...
collpies11: supercoach m0nty??
Shy1TilWet: old? never too old
smcp: goal assist for Jroo
Memph: Finally Jack
W.Mantooth: haha
W.Mantooth: @mdon11 - oasis?
Shy1TilWet: is boring today mdn
tracey2112: Lol @mdon11
hfc2011: upset looming ?
dawsy: LIFT Deledio!!!
mdon11: if it is that boring you could come and do some assignments for me. Heaven knows I have enough built up.
Rated_RKO: wheres m0nty when you need him to ban people for not talking about footy ..
jesse2000: cmon tigers
W.Mantooth: @shy1 - the last place id post my email address is on a ff chat!
Rhodie: Just realised that the footy is a min or two behind "live" here in adelaide
Shy1TilWet: sylvia goal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rated_RKO: 'Understand that you leave yourself open to be banned if you use the chat to talk to your friends and ignore the game. '
W.Mantooth: @Rated_RKO - this game with 4 goals and 10 behinds is boring, forgive us
Dees@nFire: @bigscore u said it was a nice score last night
Shy1TilWet: lol
Muppet: sylvia!
mdon11: @RKO: Consistency in board moderation is quite lacking here. I remember that one round where they went the ban happy.
Red Unit: Gee wiz the stock market has taken a hit.
MajicMajak: Need JROO to stick with Foley in SC pleas!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!
dawsy: Hello Deledio?
cats09: rko stfu it is better than the game
Rated_RKO: @Mantooth - if its boring, simply log off or go talk on IM or in the forums .
Nick1069: go cotchin you star!
Shy1TilWet: just hang on to them red unit, will rise again
mdon11: So anyways, no takers on those assignments?
Muneem: kiren jack doing a showerhouse job of tagging cotchin. need cotch to slwo down
BIGscore: Yeah only stiring u dude, so SHY1 does ur left or right nut hang lower
Shy1TilWet: jealous Rated?
W.Mantooth: @RKO - i would but not everyone in chat uses the forums. people should just have the same login for chat and forum
Rhodie: looks like kennedy has being moved onto cotch
MajicMajak: riewoldt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!!!!!!!!!!
Rated_RKO: yeah im jealous i cant hook up with someone from fanfooty.... so so jealous, i mite just go hang myself.
ammin_9: score a goal or something rok why did jackson have to go to him wat about kennedy
foolysik: muppet for M0nty - posting updates in Match Stats for wrong game - Twice!!
Shy1TilWet: lol@ rated.
Jabbott: me: o'keefe, him: cotchin.. thought i'd win that battle :(
W.Mantooth: now now, enough with the anger... lets all just get along
JustAdcock: @Rated_RKO i am available.
thebigshot: whats with ROK?
Muppet: yep monty you muppet
PurpleName: RoK gives up when he realises he has to work against a tag, stupid down hill skiier lazy front runner
Shy1TilWet: justadcock, mmmmmmmm
Rated_RKO: @justadcock, clearly i was being sarcastic \=
smackdog34: mcglynn & mzungu on the pine. thanks jack u tool
JustAdcock: so was I.
W.Mantooth: @shy1 - whats your email?
Marucho: c'mon mummy
dawsy: Hello Deledio? anyone there?
sexalot: Go Big mummy
Rated_RKO: if anyone puts their email up, they leave themseles open to a bucketload of spam ;)
Dees@nFire: mumford
mdon11: @RKO: I highly doubt anyone is stupid enough to post their email on fanfooty. Then again this is fanfooty.
addman: houli killing it
sexalot: anyone else put mummy captain sc
Rated_RKO: its just a warning... so they cant be angry if they suddenly get 1000 emails a day
L.Shiels26: lift jack
Dees@nFire: ROK did something
pie time: sc scores always stuff up on sunday's
JustAdcock: You would never guess what my email is at YAHOO!!!!
Grazz: Back on topic please or i'll start banning people from entering Western Australia
lemon13: johnson vs enright +20 who win?
mdon11: @RKO: Although I agree with you, you should probably remember you are not a mod. Mini-mods are as annoying as spam/junk
Grazz: Mantooth send PM's mate
Khunt1vote: megatard@yahoo?
froggy47: cmon ryan o'dud
mdon11: @lemon: Line ball but have to favour johnson at this point. Especially if SC.
Rated_RKO: i know im not a mod.. doesnt stop me from sending spam to idiots who put their emails up =P
JustAdcock: @Grazz good one that's a Prize not a threat.
W.Mantooth: Wish this game would improve in quality
addman: martin firing up
BareGrylls: lemon...depends who plays
Grazz: @ADdCock you havent seen the WA ladies obviously.
Dees@nFire: j roo
booof25: get up the tigers
W.Mantooth: lazy sunday arvo
addman: wa girls are fine
Khunt1vote: Gina Reinhart = WA "Lady"
JustAdcock: @Grazz Tried a few but prefer the one's from QLD
bazza525: lets go j roo lets go
mdon11: zzzzz, there are hot women everywhere.
Rated_RKO: bad jack, just bad ... go to sleep
Dees@nFire: how can j roo be on 34 with oly 2 tackles
hammy97: what is the matter the sc scores
W.Mantooth: Shy1 left the building?
dawsy: Pathetic Deledio LIFT!!!!!!!!!!!
itsduftime: grundy 80 sc :D
Crows84: wtf goodes.. have u gone to sleep ?
sexalot: mumford 11 hit outs maybe 8 to advantage he is a gun.
mad_monkey: They were some quality tackles
benny21: how many goals for jack?
MajicMajak: Just came on to this game, has jroo kicked any goals?
hammy97: oh finally
Muppet: how many goals Jack kicked?
bonez1: keep going tigers
froggy47: is ROK playing?
Shy1TilWet: was watching wce/melb, finally melb having a go
nicksnow: try opening your eyes froggy u dumb spud
Dees@nFire: jack 2 perfect tackles thats all
azza_g: no froggy47, it just says 32 dt points for no reason
mruniverze: Stay quiet ROK sylvia needs to beat you by 9!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kd35: possible tiger victory
mad_monkey: Jack's kicked 1
snake_p: great joib jackson keeping ROK quiet
DBerbatov9: I hate you RoK
W.Mantooth: west coast will finish strongly though
Shy1TilWet: didnt want to get into trouble from the little boys for talking about the wrong about the wrong game
pies4spoon: ROK needs a goal
Shy1TilWet: plus coffee time
woofy: get to 50 mummy please
flagdog49: any chance of getting some ball you flowing spud flowing flower McVeigh
dim sim: cmon mummy get 2 50
JustAdcock: Who are you calling little boys. i am a Sav
Dees@nFire: okeefe kicked a goal
W.Mantooth: where is the instant messaging thing on FF?
flagdog49: FFS McVeigh
froggy47: ROK u spud and a half
Juggalo: Was that a goal to king?
HawksStud8: No more goals from jack please
Willo96: ROK get into the game kick multiple goals
W.Mantooth: Shy1 - join the forum and I'll PM you
Juulute: worst half of footy from the swans. Tigers pretty poor too, but should be quite a few goals up.
Juulute: should have been a free for kicking in danger. King kicked smiths hand.
mdon11: W.Mantooth - First person to pick up while on FanFooty. Respect earned.
Dees@nFire: @Jokulhaups u really think jack is going to get 138 points
W.Mantooth: @mdon11 - haha hardly, just don't want to upset the chat applecart
Marucho: Mumford, nice SC =D
mdon11: @W.Mantooth - I am the guy doing the voice-over/narration so hush :P
W.Mantooth: @mdon11 - haha
Crowbot_85: Absolutely rapped with 67 SC Mummy!
JDolling69: Mummy -7? what a joke!
Crowbot_85: Mumford -7?? Wtf?
Shy1TilWet: mantooth
Jabbott: bugger off cotchin.. why score well during finals..
Shy1TilWet: shy
JDolling69: Dream team page still says mumford 41
JustAdcock: Cox copped a ball in the face.
Dees@nFire: mummy my bro
m0nty: no spoilers from the other game please
W.Mantooth: @shy1 - sent!
JDolling69: m0nty, why did mummy loose those points?
W.Mantooth: @all - who will win this one and why?
grossn: Sydney, more disciplined and won't crack under pressure. goodes for the winning goal
Memph: Can J Roo outscore ROK in second half?
Kyn1: West coast lead by 40 points if anyone is asking
JDolling69: Kyn1, no spoilers showerhead
Crowbot_85: See ya later Kyn1. Nice knowing ya
tommycooz: Cmon ROK! Lift!
dim sim: monty y did mummy lose those points?
PotLoser: Bye Kyn1. Lol
AkIRA_22: Cmon Swannies.
m0nty: they make stat adjustments during the breaks, that's just normal
woofy: wow nearly 10 dt off mummy.. lucky it didnt effect his sc :)
A.Schleck: go the swans, terrible game to watch
sexalot: monty lives onya monty
GoLions: go on rok!
grossn: poor swans, so inaccurate
Jabbott: is rok butchering it, to get a lower sc??
bazza525: flame for j roo
Crowbot_85: Mummy going well. Please 150 SC
ammin_9: cox woxy you are a gun
ammin_9: woops sorry
GoLions: did anybody else tip richmond? i did
AkIRA_22: rok!
thedoors7: Here come ROK!
Crowbot_85: The Mummy Returns!
Jabbott: nice rok!! need you to beat cotchin, keep goin!
flagdog49: Seriously McVeigh.... Do something, do anything, TOUCH THE FLOWERING BALL
Harvey29: what a quarter from ROK!! 31 points in 8 mins
Gibbsy: Rok will get acape this quarter one would think
W.Mantooth: jackson? sort out ROK
PAforspoon: go swans
The BeRad: need deledio to get 100 or I stand no chance
AkIRA_22: jpk!
ammin_9: cmon goodes
lift_spud: why have mcveigh? Lol.
Selmac#14: Sydney over 15 and i win $200...... cmon SWANS!!!
grossn: need shaw, grundy and roo to get 30+ each or i'm screwed
AkIRA_22: @Jabbott you and me both
stixy53: go rok
DTmuppet: what scores we looking at overall for DT?
old_shepp: Could have straight swapped Bolton for Montagna 4 weeks ago I reckon and I decided to save trade :(
Hodgeey: ROK supercoach is disgusting
ammin_9: +6 o'keefe
port4spoon: take your time goodes, dont worry about getting a touch in the 3rd qtr
bonez1: why did i have the tigers by 15.5+
AkIRA_22: ROK!, keep it up
pies4spoon: shower yeah ROK
m0nty: go ROK, he is spanking it!
Pav#29: @DT Muppet - im looking at 2280+
hfc2011: 2420 for me
Gibbsy: Sydney won't look back from here watch tigers Capilatute
Kuzco: Going for 2500 dt
4inarow: im only looking at bout 2100 4 dt
ammin_9: finally a touch goodes
thedoors7: thank you rok! woooo
Mochasons: @Hodgeey you're an idiot. ROK was in the 30's at halftime. Clown.
c-hawk: the rok is back!
da cooler: keep goin rok and lift goodesy and dids
Harvey29: ROK going off this quarter... 7 more points for the cape
port4spoon: spud for miller
specky2000: looking at 2400
dannyboy94: get lost cotchin
Gibbsy: Rok 43 points now record for a quarter under threat
Crowbot_85: Lift Mumford
JDare: wat was rok on at the start of this qtr?
thedoors7: cAN YOU smelll WHAT THE ROK IS COOKIN?
McLovin_: okeefe nearing the cape
DTmuppet: sounds like a reasonable week, im on 2000 with 5 left (2 in play)
Seb78: Let's go Cotch 100 by 3 qtr time please
woofy: catch up mumford!
D.Barwick: ROK u legend!
dannyboy94: im on 1950 with goodes and deledio going, stevie j thompson and enright to come
Gibbsy: @ jddqre 32
chickenpie: mooovveee gooddessss
froggy47: ROK 32 at HT
aj11: rok for the cape
Seb78: Cmon Alex Johnson lift
masterdead: c'mon dustin and goodes!!
kungfusim: Looking at at least 2400 this week. You beaut!
McLovin_: adam goodes = adam bades
muushdagga: flower u ROK
JDolling69: Delideo killing it
MajicMajak: Thedoors7 - call of the year!
Seb78: Flower off Grundy
morrowind: cmon deledio need you to match rok
timmeh23: Do something goodes
muushdagga: ROK is dog
MajicMajak: McLovin -Worst call of the year
woofy: come on mumford need 140+ in sc from u please!!
Kuzco: great call mclovi
McLovin_: haha majak yea lol its something my brother said
thedoors7: Cheers Majic Majak
ammin_9: mummy woo
Crowbot_85: @woofy, ME TOO! Will it happen?
BYeates13: where are you martin?!
thedoors7: McLovin for the spud.
sexalot: spud for mclovin
Harvey29: ROK you're a gun... please beat Cotchin in SC
mancini22: monty hw many fa 4 mummy
DTmuppet: majic, who you got C this week?
Mochasons: FUUUUUU ROK!!!!! Please get subbed off.... :'(
MarksMen: Cmon Mummy up up up up
Crowbot_85: Shocking quater from Mummy. Killing me
shredR: Need J Roo to kick some more goals to stay in contention for the Coleman :(
grossn: roo need you to ton up, you too goodes
billiam97: lets go mummy need you to sore big
stoo: Martin 1 point in 20 mins
Golingo: Yeah what is Mummy
Golingo: Yeah what is Mummy's FA?
MajicMajak: PENDLEBURY. was thinking mitchell but went pendles
Jet11: anyone watching the game? tiges playing well or swans playing shower?
buddyboyz: rok u gun
whale: please mumford i chose you over the berger, DO SOMETHING
DTmuppet: unlucky, i actually went mitchell - should've gone swanny though
Kuzco: tiges playin well
oct23jnr: Just an update on Shuey if anyones interested. Was subbed as a precaution. No major damage.
Golingo: Thanks m0nty
ammin_9: i think its the tigers actually play well
Crowbot_85: 2 FA for Mummy this qtr
DTmuppet: @jet - very scrappy match
peteerb: jet11: tigers playing alright, been not much skill in the game though. score line sums the game up i guess
Barlow: Whoever didnt have Swan C this week in DT is a fantasy football dud.
TheAnt: Jet Richmond are playing very well but cant put it on the scoreboard.
gb101: Bugger off Jroo, need you to spud p
Mochasons: @oct23jnr precautionary ice on his hammie?
MajicMajak: yea i have swan but he looks so fat that u think he would run out of energy by qrt time
Jwow: why would anyone choose their capt as someone other than swanny!!! absolute spuds
Jet11: thanks guys
Gibbsy: Come on swans demolish them
ammin_9: deledio goal, good job
whale: omg f off roo
oct23jnr: @Mochasons. Came into the game with a bit of tightness. Passed the fitness test.
ammin_9: wake up goodes
SuperSub17: Lift goodes and mumford!!
Conan: common goodes, need to beat jroo
DTmuppet: wish i had stanton captain, couple of huge scores recently
beauiii: i had franklin captain so am i dream team dud?
Priddis: Swans finals hopes hanging by a thread!
gb101: I had Ablett captain, I ain't complaining, he outscores Pendles
whale: chapman thompson and okeefe's 4th qtr, please to god get me 250 between you
timmeh23: Come on Swans don't flower up my tipping
JDare: he didnt on the weekend
Jwow: you got lucky this week beauiii! his score is up and down
MajicMajak: Thankfully my hero mate thought it would be funny if he changes my capt to rioli and i never changed it
hfc2011: swan capt, always swan
beauiii: knew he would smash port its like playing under 18s side
beauiii: back to swan or pendles next week
thebigshot: I like sawnnie but twent sammie mitchell in SC capt.. ade little difference in the end
strikes91: cmon deledio most touches thanks
whale: @jwow dont brush off beauiii's expert cpt picking off as luck, your just jealous you didnt have the balls to take a risk
TheAnt: Eat em alive tigers!!
Crowbot_85: Cmon Mummy this is shower
SuperSub17: Goodes +4 he's alive!
froggy47: ROK icicle
old_shepp: Jude Bolton you massive spud - not even a tradeable commodity next week !
Gibbsy: Spot on whale
dutchtup: Come on JROO
beauiii: tigers gana win this
W.Mantooth: go tiges!
Jwow: im just saying, swanny will outscore buddy 9 times out of 10
SuperSub17: @crowbot he was 2-1 sc-dt at he could be 106 sc
Crowbot_85: Mumford will be lucky to be 80 SC. Thoughts everyone?
TiGeRt0uGh: Rance get a all Australian spot this year or not?
Seb78: Cmon Cotch big last qtr
SuperSub17: 11 pt qtr from goodes
Spuddage: rance AA?? lol
benny21: Rance All Australian hahaha NOOOOOOO
Grazz: Cmon Goodes and ROK ton up
Red Unit: @TiGeRt0uGh LOL
timmeh23: Lift Goodes and the Swans
JDare: rance is probly the worst decision maker alive...
Reidy: come on Goodes, plenty of possessions, but terrible efficiency!
beauiii: your right jwow but just because i didnt have swan captain dosent mean im a dud at dt
TiGeRt0uGh: Thought maybe bench player
Sturt5: badly need goodes and JPK to get at least a ton!
Tiki50: rance aa that IS funny
NelDog: Not only Rance won't get All Aust. No tiger will even close to All AUst. Tigertough ur no-where
Joe B: Rance an All havin a laugh?
GoCrowz98: Cmon O'keefe please outscore Goodes by at leat 30 points!!
fattony: get goodes in the middle!
port4spoon: goodes in the midfield, expect a big last qtr
getcarta38: If r
Red Unit: TiGeRt0uGh you are having us on surely? Just have a think about the players in front of him.
Crowbot_85: That isn't enough Mummy
dim sim: parker on meredith off
D.Barwick: 30 more rok
JDare: the only tiger capable of getting AA is deledio, and dont think he will
Harvey29: need chapman + ROK to outscore Cotchin and stevie J by 36 points
Jabbott: cmon rok, win it for the swans!!
ELLsendon: need swans to kick 10 goals to 0 this quarter
MajicMajak: wats everyone looking to score in SC this week, ill get bout 2450
TiGeRt0uGh: Ok who is the AA backline plus one
shredR: Please J ROO!!! I need you for Coleman :(
dannyboy94: i hate these tight dt games!
higgogun!: come on goodes and delidio finish off! and i need o keefe to kick the match winner!
dim sim: goodes get injured
23rookie23: power off Mummy!
Joe B: All three Morton brothers will be delisted/moved on from their current clubs at the end of the year.
richo=god: neldog are you kidding me? deleio? cotchin?
pdc10: u there dazz
antsnest3: go tiges! do it for all the freo fans!!
thebigshot: Delidio will get AA..seems hard not to ahve hi in
Crowbot_85: Cmon Mummy try that cape on for size
Bedlam: Deledio will definately be All Australian, plus maybe Martin + JRoo
PezzDogg95: can the tigers win?
pronga: is mouse mcblynn the greatest one quarter wonder of all time......sheeez
dannyboy94: tyrone vickery is an all australian
D.Barwick: f off dimsim
W.Mantooth: big last quarter deledio!
grossn: i dont care about DT anymore. just win sydney.
Marucho: 120 SC mumford, please!
timmeh23: @ Richo=god? Are you kidding Cotchin isn't making AA
woofy: come on mummy at least 120 sc please!!!!!!!
TassySwans: I am 2400 Sc at the moment. 4 players with 1 quater to go and then J Bartel. So i hope 2550-2600
gc4life: joe b who is the third? mitch cale and who?
ammin_9: cmon goodes, get your self pinged for hold ball
ammin_9: deledio killing this quarter
thebigshot: Cotchin nice year but too many better in the mids for him to AA..maybe next yr
kano: HAHAHA JRoo AA indeed.
NelDog: u think cotchin and deledio AA this year i doubt it very much. Cotchin will be one day just not this year
TheAnt: timmeh youre an idiot
ArAChniD: Parker on... Meredith off...
ammin_9: bird looks in trouble
nicksnow: jarryd is the 3rd
dannyboy94: deledio flame
Hodgeey: who got subbed from sydney?
Jabbott: cmon rok, need you to beat cotchin if i have any chance of winning final
richmond97: need JRoo to outscore goodes in dt!!
McLovin_: sydney playing like they dont want to win
grossn: post -26 what a noob.
eckert09: seriously D Martin, perform in the 4th quarter for once!
Joe B: Jarryd. Not sure whether he is still on the hawks list though?
beauiii: tigers gana ruin my right but be good for north melbourne if we can beat freo next week
W.Mantooth: cale morton the best DT'er of them all
ammin_9: sydney no chance now
Predacons: break a leg goodes and deledio
gc4life: nah mate he was delisted at end of last year
dim sim: @hodgeey meredith
timmeh23: @TheAnt please tell me who cotchin would get in over in the AA
beauiii: eight'
ammin_9: foley subbed
grossn: game over
timmeh23: Get a kick O'Keefe
dannyboy94: if sydney dont win thats horrible
Bretto3: game over
TheAnt: redacons you tool
Rhodie: how many of u geeks would know that rance's old man was a gun chb for both bulldogs and eagles and state chb for W.A?
Hodgeey: thanks dim sim
premiers06: Goodesy win it for the swans
thebigshot: ROK played one qrt and thinks that is enugh?
Harvey29: come on Kangas... Tigers may have just given you a lifeline for the finals.
Reidy: ton up goodes, you're leaving too much riding on the last game!
beauiii: king goal
McLovin_: defs over now
PezzDogg95: who got subbed of for sydney?
W.Mantooth: go tigers! cant wait till the game next week in adelaide
gazza39: no preds, i need deledio to keep killing it
kano: Murray Rance = gun
dannyboy94: cotchin would beat rowan jones
Rhodie: rance wont be all aus this year, but will be before his career is over
dim sim: monty meredith got subbed
mruniverze: Rhodie - wasnt a gun.... was a good player but not a gun!!
Wild Thing: flower me, Deledio has come from the clouds! What a 3/4 time SC score!!
premiers06: Murray Rance?
beauiii: hey rhodie dont really give a shower what rances old man did
McLovin_: cotchin goal
beauiii: cotchin goal
alekstah: cotchin!!
kano: he was a gun in his prime at Swan Districts
Phreophile: Murray Rance also used to play in Esperance. He defn was no gun.
Rhodie: murray was more than good but not quite a gun
port4spoon: junk time has officially started
Tex-Factor: how many of u geeks think rhodie is a c ock?
mruniverze: my dad got a father of the year coffee cup i bought from coles!!!
thebigshot: carn ROk ton up
old_shepp: Is Bolton on the ground?
HappyDEZ: How big is the Roos Freo game gonna be now!!! Second chance draw
McLovin_: if swans could hit a flowering target maybe they were a chance
dim sim: mumford get a better score than goodes
mruniverze: he also used to do the gardening for my old lady....
higgogun!: my sc comes down to okeefe, bartel and enright vs 150 and harry taylor. what are my chances?
Rhodie: anyone that layed state fotty was better than avge
dannyboy94: go away cotchin, your ruining me!
Hodgeey: Neeed O'keefe to beat Goodes in supercoach!
thebigshot: @ higgogun on avg youre home
Crowbot_85: Mumford is dead. I'm dead
dannyboy94: push up! push up! get around him! sausage!
mruniverze: Shaunny mac got a S.O.O jumper???
hammy97: i have otten s thmpson stevie j and varcoe with 2012 sc any chance of 2500???
Rhodie: anyone that that thinks Tex is a cool name for someone that is a one trick pony say yes!!!
port4spoon: mark to goodes not paid
eckert09: D martin get 90 come on mate!
PAforspoon: com on sydney you will cost me a footy tip and i on track for 8 this week!!! GOD!!
billiam97: cmon mummy lift!!!
Tex-Factor: yes!
McLovin_: okeefe lining up
Gibbsy: flowerin Sydney going to flower up my flowerkun tripping
23rookie23: hammt no
beauiii: sydney play geelong and saints next two games cant see them winning them two
malteaser: where is Jack playing and who is he on?
Rilian: Monty - Icicle for Bolton? 1 touch since half time!
dim sim: who is sub for richmond
stixy53: cmon goodes
StAnselm: Who has been subbed off for Morton?
flagdog49: McVeigh, thanks for ending my DT PRO season you flowering hack
PAforspoon: how do u think will win tigers BnF
Hodgeey: Grundy atleast 90sc from you mate
pies4spoon: wtf??? sydney? error
McLovin_: okeefe goal
JDare: okeefeeeea
ammin_9: rok goal, wohoo
higgogun!: ton up ofeefe and goodes!
beauiii: rok seven point play
muffin_man: dim sim i think nathan foley, not 100 percent sure though
ballbuster: Richmond giving hope to their supporters for the new year as the do every year at this time of the season.
snowman123: Go rok :)
Tex-Factor: guess thats noone luck
KraKBabY: Foley subbed off
hayes7: arghh... going to lose all 4 matches...
sunnybrah: 170, s.thompson and enright vs (c) selwood and chappy?
gc4life: deledio for b and f
McLovin_: foley sub
dim sim: foley subbed
Juggalo: Why is Goodes not moving? Giving away free after free?
PezzDogg95: swans will kick next 4 and win by 1 point
thebigshot: ROk go for it!!!!
aj11: rok reaches the ton :)
woofy: catchup to rok mumford!
Seb78: Cmon Alex J junk it up
D.Barwick: I love you rok!
saintwazza: @Hodgeey...i like ur thinking mate...cmon grundy
pies4spoon: i need you to beat goodes ROK, dont let me down you cow
Red Unit: sunnybrah youre in trouble
Gibbsy: If swans get next one look out tigers
lemon13: goal up goods
dannyboy94: get out cotchin!!
Rhodie: cause no-one things that Tex or crows are worthy of comment i guess
Seb78: Onya Cotch keep it going
The_Jerks: need some junk from you delidio
shredR: Cmon Riewoldt! :(
Wild Thing: Give ROK the gun m0nty!!
lachlan21: rokkky keep going chief!
Tex-Factor: except u...twice!
richmond97: dt 60+chapman+otten v duncan+taylor+dangerfield any chance?
thebigshot: enough time if swans want it bad enough
premiers06: goooodes come on !
dim sim: junk it up mummy
McLovin_: the swans efficiency would be like 3%
liam103: delidio star cotchin gun
Tex-Factor: and did u mean thinks?????
PAforspoon: still a chance swans keep going! CARN SWANS!!
buddyboyz: anyone know goodes's b/e?
TheAnt: 5 goals in 10 minutes? not a lot of chance bigshot.
StAnselm: Give Morton the X factor - that's the winning goal
hammy97: i have otten s thmpson stevie j and varcoe with 2012 sc any chance of 2500???
Sturt5: !cmon goodesy!
Bedlam: Oh we're from Tiger Land
BigLynchy: the bigger the gap between goodes and rok, the less i need out of enright later on :)
Sturt5: goodes hurt
ammin_9: batchelor's done his shuolder
aaaaaaab: freo still can make the finals if they win next week and beat western bulldogs in round 24 they should make it
old_shepp: Gee slow down Bolton you might actually get me 50 yet
PAforspoon: Anyone tip tigers?
Crowbot_85: Need a big last 10 min Mummy cmon
alexd1996: I think goodesy break even was about 55 before this week
dim sim: mummford!!!
thebigshot: carn ROK a few more
Pantsman: Lift Houli!
lemon13: biglynchy r u lachie?
dannyboy94: ahh goodesy ..
McLovin_: jroo goal
da cooler: heep goin rok, lift dids and goodes
snowman123: 115 rok? Such a legend <3
PezzDogg95: traded out bolton this week for redden... thank god
timmeh23: What the hell are Sydney doing
BigLynchy: nah mate
Bedlam: Oh we're from Tiger 'Yellow and Black' Oh we're from Tiger Land
billiam97: lets go mummy bin it up
dannyboy94: jude's had a horrible one
W.Mantooth: tigers!
Seb78: Cmon Cotch don't stop now
dean0s: sydney wont make finals
ComeAtMe: i tipped tigers woooooo
Crowbot_85: Cmon Mummy get to 80 DT and 120 SC
woofy: mumford kicking a goal right now would be sweet as
StAnselm: Yes, Go Jack!
PAforspoon: hope batchelor shoulder alright really need him for next weeks second final
lemon13: oh k, ur in the same situation as the guy im playing
dim sim: bin it mummy
thebrock: flower you ROK you looked quiet early, christ I hate you!
shredR: C'mon Riewoldt! 2 more atleast!
timmeh23: flower you Goodes
Seb78: Houli star?? Really?
alexd1996: Jude's had a horrible last couple of weeks
woofy: @ crowbot yes please!
Nigey95: Didn't think the Tigers would stand a chance, but i'm glad they proved me wrong.
Gibbsy: Tigers by 37 this defies logic
buddyboyz: at least get 95 deledio
premiers06: freo can breathe a sigh of relief thanks to richmond
pronga: burn mummy burn, burn mummy burn
Rhodie: Richmond B&F between Houli and Cotchin
PAforspoon: i think reiwoldt has only just one the battt
pies4spoon: one more goal ROK
MajicMajak: sydney are just a COMIC TRADGEDY
Pav#29: how long left??
MarksMen: Cmon mummy and Rok
alexd1996: Cotchin or martin for richmonds b and f
Crowbot_85: @woof, has been some decent junk in this qtr. Keep it coming
dim sim: gun for cotchin
kaancz: Does anyone know if Houli is fasting?
billiam97: cmon mummy kick a goal
strikes91: how long guys ?
GCSnumber9: seb78: yes houli star.. and yes really
PAforspoon: i think reiwoldt has only just one the battle between him and Richards? what da u think
dannyboy94: 'you just screwed my finals' icon for cotchin
timmeh23: Get a touch ROK
bickies: o'keefe gun
sledgey7: @PA i think you need to learn how to spell
MajicMajak: foley = my hero, won me the game
premiers06: deledio get amongst it
Crowbot_85: Cmon Mumford kick me a snagger
W.Mantooth: more possies goodes and deledio
cougars3: this is a flogging!
pronga: the only gun that cotchin should be is a NURF gun....bwahahahah
McLovin_: martin goal
PAforspoon: who is ROK
Nigey95: jroo, martin, mummy, goodes and grundy. :)
Bluebagg11: i cant take this. goodes or mumford get 10 more between them i lose.
Patty19: @PAforspoon Ryan O'Keefe
timmeh23: Sydney = showerhouse
Joel20: @PA Ryan O'Keefe
TheAnt: pronga which team do you go for?
GCSnumber9: PAforspoon: ROK = Ryan O'Keefe
PAforspoon: hey sladgey7 have a look at your name
W.Mantooth: jroo for goal, great kick tuck
Bedlam: Junk it up J Roo
alexd1996: Ryan OKeefe
Sturt5: cmon GOODES!
MajicMajak: needed sydney to loose by 50points and i win 2grand!
billiam97: need mummy to beat ROK in sc if i am any chance to win my final... doesn't look promising
dannyboy94: ROK is Chuck Norris' nickname. It means Respect, Optimism, and Killer Instincts.
hayes7: please blow the siren! every point ROK gets, chappy has to gain on thompson
pronga: GO blues
Crowbot_85: These +1's for Mummy better be effective
PAforspoon: Thanks
Bedlam: Muppet for JRoo
buddyboyz: how long left?
SuperSub17: @crowbot theyre likely hitouts
rooboypete: Keep going Mummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dim sim: 2:34 left
SimonR32: ROK another goal or 2 please
McLovin_: 2.23
MajicMajak: 2.33 left
Seb78: Cmon AJ at least 10 more
richmond97: how bad is batchelor
cougars3: 2 mins left
W.Mantooth: 2:20 left
smcp: 2.20 left
sledgey7: what about it? the fact that you mispelled that too even though it's right in front of you?
Crowbot_85: @SuperSub, you get 3 points in SC for effective HO
W.Mantooth: batchelor should be fine
PAforspoon: lucky MajicMajak
DC_Magsy: wtf goodes?
dim sim: 1:09
MajicMajak: is it just me or does that advertisment above look like something different.... if you know wat i mean
pronga: vickery should be traded next year for a new tackling bag and 3 junior cub memberships...
thesmasher: richmond are winning wtf didnt see that coming swans are doing a swan dive
port4spoon: bruce useless no. 51 for the match. thanks bruce maceveny
strikes91: cmon deledio stop cotching
Sunday2810: so many disappointing players this week....haven't lost a game all season and i lose my first finals match...sH*T!
McLovin_: all over
ComeAtMe: who else is tipping essendon next week?
Bedlam: Oh we're from Tiiger Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaand!!!
Crowbot_85: Mark, kick and goal to finish Mummy please
SuperSub17: @crowbot true butthey arent actual disposals so its unlikely to be extremely effective
dannyboy94: omg cotchin!
maddo: bin for grigg?
port4spoon: *stat
PAforspoon: Time????
W.Mantooth: Yellow and BLACK!
thebigshot: @MajicMajak yep used to completely flower the swans for
nicksnow: when will the swans wake up and drop jetta? he is so bad
MajicMajak: now
lemon13: need johnson to beat enright by 53 :/
thesmasher: tigers "yellow and black ' saint keep there spot
premiers06: Goodes mark very similar to Petterds
Jet11: massive game freo vs north next week
Hoff: tiger blood!
Bedlam: Cotchin must beat ROK SC
SuperSub17: 22 pt half for goodes flower
PAforspoon: Comeatme I am unless there some out
W.Mantooth: how much are richmond paying for ninth place finish?
Nigey95: richmond! :d
PAforspoon: ddaamm iitt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PAforspoon: Bedlam he will
omatty: Cotchin beats ROK by 5
bakez33: @ Im a freo fan and boy am i jealous of richmonds song YELLOW AND BLACK! what a song and there win kept us in the hunt:D
fc.hawks: anyone with any idea about goodes SC?
Nigey95: goodes 86 sc
Hodgeey: Goodes 82
kano: cow
SuperSub17: @fc.hawks probs about 80
timmeh23: flower you Goodes
woofy: wd mummy!
cbaz: ilys riewoldt