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Bulldogs10: buddy wont play, cats will win
HawksFEVER: carn the hawks
Buddyman: my tip selwood double ton, off to the game enjoy boys!
david-8: cmon hodge 130+, osborne 90+ wojinsci 80+
Scratchy: Buddy playing Bulldogs10. These are final teams.
Soothsayer: looks like Buddy's playin...phew! ;-P
el tiger: +1 Selwood double ton
DBerbatov9: need huge games from Rioli, Mitchell and Chapman
Malceski9: SEN, wrong once again
sniffer64: is lance a certainty?
SeanJohn: buddy IS playing. Bulldogs10 has no idea
sniffer64: whats the weather like at the G guys....
Soothsayer: anyone think Stevie J can pull off a 3rd big one in a row??
mrjudd: cmon sukling,hodge,selwood,steve.j,enright,puop
Thebiggf: Who is out for renouf glad buddy is playing
sniffer64: lets hope the umps let the game flow...hard tough footy right to the final whistle...
xumtinlong: c'mon Poo - I need a big one from you tonite
dids4545: what's wrong with max?
Thebiggf: Oh can't see Bailey name poor guy hope he is just getting a rest not injured, come on hawkers
sniffer64: who will mark stevie j?
crazytrain: What happended to Bailey? Do his knee getting out of bed?
HawksFEVER: What time does this start? Western Australia time?
Chicharito: geelong 1-39 for 355 multi lets go catters
Thebiggf: They may send lewis to Stevie j so he can run through the midfield with him but prob not
sniffer64: thx bigf
Thebiggf: Starts 6:30 in wa but really starts at 5:10
sniffer64: have 7 players in this game for i hope its a close 1...
Thebiggf: Who u reckon sniffer
Thebiggf: 6:30 on tv I meant
Spudanator: Carn the Catters
HawksFEVER: @thebiggf cheerrrs
mrjudd: whos gonna win?
sniffer64: no idea big..somebody fast.small,solid and sticks to him like glue...
Thebiggf: Yeah hawks fever I'm spew in it's not live but least not as bad as last nights game
mdon11: Buddy, Hodge, Chapman, Bartel and Enright, looking for 500 SC between them.
GCSnumber9: max bailey u cumb dunt.. you just cost me
Thebiggf: Yea sniffer u reacon they might give puopolo a crack at him, hope not like to see Lewis on him be a good match up
Thebiggf: Come on the hawkers
HawksFEVER: Next year Foxtel sports are making a Afl Channel with every game live!
Thebiggf: Yeah fever getting mine put on next week going to be sick as next yr
korza: Bailey out will hurt thousands who traded out Sandy
rt73: In Melbourne and watching this live in 10 minutes can't wait.
HawksFEVER: @rt73 thanks for making me jealois
Thebiggf: Lucky u rt73 going to be a great hard game of footy with heaps of good match ups
MarcMurphy: rt73, says it's on at 7.30?
Thebiggf: Least monty had the delay on here I guess g8 work Monty awesome feature even though it always a little bit in front
sniffer64: not a bad option the poo on stevie j bigf
Thebiggf: Hungry hawks vs the cocky cats let's go hawks
Thebiggf: Yeah sniffer he has the right body shape wld be a little nervous if he took him to the goal square but it's an option
sniffer64: troube with the cats is they have goal kickers all over the ground,not just stevie..bigf
roo boys!: buddy, rioli, puopolo, hodge and chapman all in this game
Prospector: My latest recruits JimBob and Slammin' Sam head to heaad tonight.
Thebiggf: True sniffer, chappy worries me bait due for a big game,
sniffer64: if the hawks wont to win this one i think l hodge has to have a big game tonite..what do u think..bigf
rt73: tvunetworks
HawksFEVER: SNiffer 64 When hodge plays good his team follows like last week...
Thebiggf: Yea he does, ling always gets him but during the week he said his ready for him n Burgoyne is due for a big game
rt73: 80438
linusp: bloody hell, franklin is playing :(
xumtinlong: Upgraded to Hodge this week so sorry if he plays bad
Thebiggf: Yeah Mitchell cld be inportant tonight also like pros said likely to go head to head cld get a huge number of clearances
HawksFEVER: If Hodge plays more aggressive and runs, ling wont keep up..
linusp: hodge cant handle the tag!
snotti12: franklin, selwood,bartel,vardy and chapman in this game.
Best Ump: Selwood free kick
Thebiggf: I think it will Be won or lost in the midfield, yea fever wld like to see him take ling forward if ling does happen to
HawksFEVER: linusp well he "I'will be ready for the tag"
bingobango: ling to hodge tonight!!
Twin Peaks: franky mitchell chappy and barnacle/barnaby jones (frisky dingo)
Thebiggf: Get on top of him
linusp: he'll be ready for the tag? He could barely walk last game...
DCarbon: Got Chapman, Selwood, Suckling and Rioli hoping for 380+
Thebiggf: Well I'm of so I can watch this on tv n use delay good luck ppl n go the hawkers
HawksFEVER: Linusp Hodge as more heart than anyone playin tonight
DCarbon: FRanklin will be iced up in Q1
sniffer64: please lets have a repeat of that famous grand final..high scoring game..what year as that guys?
HawksFEVER: Sniffer64 2008
Bowzer: craig bellamy in the hawthorn rooms before the game.
Thebiggf: Oh MONTY tell clarko to hit the switch from the start plz
sniffer64: thx butim talking about the 1 in the 80s i think?
Bowzer: sniffer64 1999 was the grand final
xumtinlong: PNG should be on an accumulative score of both SUBs
jfitty: Chappy 130 SC please
070911: sniffer64 that's the 89 grannie
Bowzer: 89 i mean
Best Ump: Selwood free kick
sniffer64: thx bowzer ..that it..great game...
snotti12: selwood kick
grubby: buddy, johnson, vardy, selwood and enright
Bowzer: thats the game dermie gets cleaned up and chucks then comes back and destroys it.
bingobango: finally get off to a good start enright!!
chaosrules: thanks for the live coverage 10
070911: 89 best grand final i've ever seen
sniffer64: yep...thats thats what u call a footy game...
General15: I thought this game was LIVE!
oct23jnr: Anyone know why this match isn't live in Tasmania?
070911: 89 best grand final I've ever seen
elvundir: Buddy! Boom
PhilipJFry: He just had to play
Hydra911: YES! Franklin first goal. Now, if Geelong win by 1-24; I get paid at 31-1 :)
sniffer64: i agree 070911
walle: why is "before the game on" when the footy has started??? whats going on?
HawksFEVER: enright on hodge?
Bowzer: not much chat in here tonight? most gone out?
oct23jnr: Before The Game is on instead. Have to be jokng
xumtinlong: Ya vhy this match not live in Belgium either
dutchtup: u put a dollar on it hydra?
Rourke: ten don't have the rights for live
xumtinlong: oct23 - it's not live in Ade either
quincat05: brang birchall in this week jizz
Prospector: nneds to renamed to During the Game
PhilipJFry: Not live till next year
foolysik: find a link stream it
lozdaleg: come on rough heas
Hydra911: Dutchtup - I'm not gonna tell you how much I can afford to put on it, lol.
oct23jnr: We've had every Saturday night match live to date.
m_zulian: traded in bartel this week to avoid a donut. would have liked to wait a week though
HawksFEVER: Suckling u gun
walle: lol @prospector
HawksFEVER: anyone have a stream link?
the raven: judd polling well no doubt
walle: frikin annoying not live!
The Me: lol prospector
bazza525: go vardy, buddy and selwood thats my boys
the raven: suckling, adcock or shaw. Pick 2
HawksFEVER: Can i please get a stream?
Luke919: enright, jimmy, stevie j, buddy, hodge and puopolo!
The Me: Suckling and Shaw over Adcock
oct23jnr: TV Guide has a 7PM start to coverage.
m_zulian: im not watching game. what position is bartel playing?
super_spud: what does everyone rekon... judd has the 3 votes for this game?
Bowzer: i missed my multi by half a point, i had west coast over 39.5 to win.
the raven: no judd got the 3 votes for last nights game im certain of it
hayes7: Ouch, got roughy captain
Bretto3: @spud, u r a spud
Bombers11: Tasmania people in out rage this game is not live on tv wtf before the game more like during the game
General15: TEN is ridiculous! How could you not show a game like this live?
timmeh23: Is Max Bailey out?
TheoX: tag wells for gods sake
VinceVega: lift mitchell
UncleFestr: Go Shiels you ball magnet
TheoX: woops
super_spud: @bretto - you are a c*ckhead!
Hendo2571: barlow 37 possies today in WAFL
HawksFEVER: Please Hodge Dont Let Me Down
Port1983: @timmeh23, is that not obvious?
m_zulian: Did any1 trade in Bartel this week?
braydos_KD: this is rediculous no live telecast and we are the major flowering sponsor.
Scotty1: Who is wells Theo
ily g: You're lucky you are actually getting this game, in QLD it's Suns vs Nth on TEN lol
xumtinlong: Hodge will play shower tonite because I just traded him in
Bowzer: steve j in the room
PhilipJFry: Hawks must fight all game & improve skills
General15: Sewel!
luten: Yeah ily G, those bastards putting the local team on... how dare they.
HawksFEVER: WHY is hodge not following?
Bretto3: @ Spup u r a pillow biter
Jair: flower off Before the game. Who gives a shower about your flowering showering opions
McLovin_: is stevie j hurt bad?
VinceVega: johnson hurt
PhilipJFry: Held off on Jimmy this week, hope it pays off?
ily g: @ luten yep, all 6 of the suns supporters are watching
beetle123: i know ily g who wants to watch the suns get smashed when this game is on
sundymundy: Vardy! Too bad I cant play all 4 of my ruckmen
luten: Who cares ily g... they're the local team, if you want to watch games other than locals... get foxtel
Bowzer: steve j back on the ground triple m just said
bazza525: m0nty vardy for flame
Prowler: where is the live broadcast?? damn third world broadcasters
meloduncan: Anybody know what is going on with telecast in tassie??
Paliente: stop pods, you're not at Kardinia so you shouldn't be doing anything!
VinceVega: harry taylor you don't steal another mans free
braydos_KD: Channel Ten gets the spud tonight.
HawksFEVER: Hope StevieJ get the red vest
xumtinlong: why is this game not live in Bangladesh?
Jair: Stevie J come on buddy I need ou big time
super_spud: gibson getting towlled up early!!!!
NewFreoFan: Traded in Stevie J this week sorry guys, he's gonna be shower.
PhilipJFry: Same old Hawks vs Cats clash. Cats will lead all the way!
walle: forcing us to watch "before the game" on 2 channels!!!
localh: I'm in Sydney and very drunk us this game on help. Me I hate sydney
McLovin_: any news on stevie?
UncleFestr: Hodge!!! Back to 0
ily g: TEN would get more viewers playing this game in QLD. Playing the foxsports broadcast doesnt seem right
General15: OMG, It's started...A bit late?
kaisasosai: hodge gonna kill me 2 weeks in a row :9
Jair: F-off before the game we don't need you on 2 channels you flower heads
ballers88: Is ling on mitchell?
sewellgood: For awks to win they need Sam and Luke heavily involed in the guts
m_zulian: Did any1 trade in Bartel this week?
Hydra911: Chappy what a start mate. Show those haters!
McLovin_: probs waited a week to long on chappy
chaosrules: more like during thegame
nostrdamus: puop playing like poop
mrpotato: get hodge of the foward flank and into the guts
fobbuddy: flowering hell hawks, you guys are shower. Not going to bother watching. flowerin chokers!
The Me: Barlow racked up 38 disposals in the WAFL today :)
LnchPdMcQk: how is this game not live?
Kickit: Got Franklin at $4.50 to kick first goal for Hawks and got at $9.20 for first goal scorer.
berbatov: chapman jeez payin the price for waiin too long on u
Sandi2Pav: is stevey j on the ground
gards: welcome back chappy!
hano916: im gonna get barlow in!
walle: FFS game jsut staring now on tv....
Luke919: traded burgoyne for hodge, thought he hit form
lemon13: got puop, franklin, suckling, chappie, jimmy and johnson in this game
gingjok: awesome news on Barlow :)
Jaguar42: yes suckling. big game from you today mate. need 120+
6ualdv8: does ANYONE care about kickit's tossa bets?
ballers88: Is ling on Mitchell???
McLovin_: wtf jimbob
Smoke Dogg: wtf hodge!!!
hawks_2008: flower Hawks Do Something Now!
sewellgood: At this rate i was better off putting Vardy C instead of Cox
Kickit: Hawks are no compertion compared to the CATS
PhilipJFry: Damn you Jeff Kennett!
LnchPdMcQk: come on jimmy
snotti12: wheres the flames m0nty
Kickit: Chappy is killin them
xumtinlong: go the Poo
crazytrain: hawks are poo
Hydra911: Cmon Jimmy get amongst it
demons13: bartel you flowering hack, i really wanna trade you out now
Kickit: C'mon ENRIGHT
Barlow: So chuffed a downgraded Mumford to Vardy last week :)
crazytrain: m0nty refuses to put flame on lonergan...and rightly so
Bowzer: hodge off winded.
ImNotRyder: Keep going Enright and Selwood
Ropes: Cmon JIMMEH, Follow Paul and Joels example ;)
Troy_Luff: m0nty do you sit at a computer 24/7?
crazyjim: good work from shiels and suckling!
ballers88: ***********is ling on mitchell?**************************
ballbuster: Cmon Mitchell You Gimp
Luke919: what the helllll is wrong with jimmy bartel!
Luke919: and hodge grrr!
Hydra911: Hawks not doing anything meaningful with the ball...keep within 24 boys
lemon13: cmon bartel you gimp
6ualdv8: i had 2000 on gst to be goaless in first qtr
UncleFestr: Sheils you gun. Cape!!!!!
snotti12: you know what m0nty just give the whole geelong team the flame .
obladder12: got hodge in this week for montagna...
higgogun!: cmon bartel! keep going suckling, franklin and enright! and vardy make me some cash!
obladder12: go suckles go...
Smoke Dogg: hodge played better when he wasnt captain ffs get the ball
bgibbs: seriously hodge wtf mate
bakez33: picked up stevie j this week :D keep going mate! also got selwood enright bartel buddy and suckling
McLovin_: stevie j is in some rediculous form
UncleFestr: Come on monty. Where's the cape for Shiels???
justin3896: on ya shiels
32Danger32: Go Cats!!! Show who is the real deal!!!
lemon13: looking forward to a good DT week this week?
crazytrain: Burger for Hodge?
Best Ump: free kick Geelong
Port1983: @higgogun!, they can't hear you.
hayes7: LIFT ROUGHY! You are my captain!
Pseudo G: flower you bartel, flower you roughhead, flower you hodge, flower you mitchell
Best Ump: too high, Chapman free
gb101: Hodge is going to kill my DT....
reconfigrr: my awesome start wont be screwed by a sunday for once.... ir will be screwed on a saturdat arvo instead
Jamesy: Hodge, WOW
Best Ump: Johnson slipped on a banana - free kick
bgibbs: put hodge in the fckn middle clarko
Jamesy: WOOOOOW, Bartel and Hodge doing bad.
Best Ump: Chapman has one hair on his head - free kick
yammakid: Please get a kick Hodge
obladder12: out of godd, selwood and boyd i put cox capt...
rt73: Finally found it live yay
VinceVega: cant coachs put a man on johnson he has been killing me last 3 weeks
gards: hodge and bartell could be listed as fwd's next year at this rate!
heada: No Bailey bloody late replacements are a pain in the alps!
xumtinlong: at this rate Hodge and Bartel will be listed as rookie Rucks
Bulldogs10: M0nty sewell is tagging selwood
Best Ump: Johnson will get subbed. Sorry!
snotti12: rt73 wheres it live?
NewFreoFan: At least beat Harris from GCS Hodge, my midfield is supposed to win me this league game!
grubby: free kicks 12-1
DanF: @snotti12 it's on main event in a few states
quincat05: birchall mate wtf you were on 14 like 3 minutes in
kabbr: you people complaining about free kicks. maybe geelong ar ejust playing very disciplined.
snotti12: isnt that only act and NSW?
HawksFEVER: I persist with you every week, please hodge, please.
McLovin_: haha hodge 4 FA
bgibbs: wtf hodge u gain 3 u loose 3 make u make me sick hodge
Bulldogs10: M0nty guerra following stokes
HawksFEVER: Hodge 4FA?
NoButYeah: Oh c'mon Hawks
ily g: Don't know why some of you play fantasy sports, all you do is complain
Rated_RKO: wtf hodge
Luke919: enright and stevie j! bartel and hodge...
Bulldogs10: png curse
Hendo2571: come on bartel, i need ur help to win eliminater!!!
NewFreoFan: I love having Cross and Hodge. Makes me really enjoy my weekend's footy watching
hayes7: Is roughead rucking still?
joepgray: Buddy soft soft acting... Give him the Emmy
kaisasosai: thats it trading hodge and bartel next week - both utter shower this season
LnchPdMcQk: power off bartel
Harvey29: come on captain selwood
UncleFestr: Shiels. I love that i paid $220k for you at the start of the year.
justin3896: @UncleFestr ahahahaha same, what a pick up
justin3896: bartel for cold
Rossco: Lift Jimmy!
NewFreoFan: @kaisasosai, don't trade Hodge, look at Hawthorn's finals opponents. Port? Dogs? Suns? Winning!
juzzyb: shiels lift!!!!
obladder12: give hodge the pumpkin
McLovin_: bartel to pendles after his bye
Sandi2Pav: hahahaah hodge in my eliminator opponent
PureGold: hodge lift mate
Docker21: im showering myself, played ottens over smith, thought hed rack it up :((((((
Bowzer: yay found it live, but think it might be a few seconds behind lol
m_zulian: was i stupid to trade in bartel this week?
bakez33: cmon bartel... remember the aim is to get ur hands on the oval shaped yellow thing thats flying around...
snotti12: cmon bartel killing me mate
HawksFEVER: BOWZER where?
bakez33: @bowser where?
Khunt1vote: yes, yes you were.....
UncleFestr: Come on Hodge. I'd even take an 80 from you at this point
bgibbs: can sum1 remind hodge that the idea of football is to get it
charlesy11: so glad i traded burgoyne out for GAJ
Dasun: bartel is killing me!
Rated_RKO: hodge less then 50SC by end of game ... i can only hope
monny27: Far our LUke Hodge what are you doing mate?
lozdog: Come the flower on Bartel.
jaseon: is chapman ready for the microscope yet?
Prowler: spill the beans bowzer?
boomz23: Hodge is playing shower. pumpkin.
reconfigrr: fingers crossed i can still win my eliminator with hodge and bartel :S
BigV2011: Carn Selwood, and Chappy!!!!!!
HawksFEVER: Bowzer Where?
Bowzer: i found it on yycast dot com
FantasyBoy: chapman has suddenly stopped
mrpotato: hodge disposal :)
McLovin_: flower you stevie j
Sandi2Pav: dont take that ice jimmy,
bakez33: omg jimmy ur alive now that u tackled some1 with the ball maybe u can actually get the bloody thing!
Bulldogs10: hodge for pumpkin
Bulldogs10: and ottens
HawksFEVER: Bowzer can you give link?
bgibbs: clap clap for the handicap hodge he scored 3
Azza24: hodgey ur killing me mate!!!!!
joepgray: Hawks are a team of seagulls... Everyone standing around the packs, cheap DT points...
k3vo: carn chappy!
SeanJohn: bulldogs10 for pumpkin. Saying buddy wouldn't play! Dick
Pavlich#29: need franklin to score more than Stevie J
winty: Are Geelong still in the huddle? That's 5 goals to zip this quarter. Come on boys, lift.
Hazardous: ffa
Hazardous: FFS Hodge
NewFreoFan: yep, Hodge doing a great job on Enright
gingjok: wot a joke.. not having Bartel on the ball.. ffs
HawksFEVER: Bowzer can you give link?
jmje76: get in the game bartel my man!!!
elvundir: C'mon chappy, selwood, franklin, burgoyne
winty: @gingjok: Bartel hasn't been on the ball for two months.
Docker21: carn ottens u piece of crap
grubby: this could be a classic
chaosrules: any chance of a toich in the 2nd qtr chappy
gingjok: @winty, I know.. and it's a joke!!
thetank: chappy you bald loser hurry up
cichster: hodge wat the hell r u doing!? all i want is a 75!
mrpotato: pods now with 5...
winty: @gingjok: Just leaving an ace up the sleeve for September.
HawksFEVER: Please Hodge...
Kickit: j-pod with 5 already...
hayes7: What's the worst anyone's captain has ever got that counted. Not 0?
gards: wow 4FA, did hodge root the umps wife or something?
Prospector: jimBob will score in th last 1/4, don't panic.
corza013: wow the jpod
winty: Does Pods think he's at Skilled Stadium? lol
UncleFestr: Go Hodgey you gun. +4
HawksFEVER: hodge +4 OMG YES!
bgibbs: hodge am i and others who have you asking to much to get ur hands on the fckn red thing called a footy
Kickit: enright is injured, not sure how bad
m_zulian: 5 from pod. wow!
piccollo: Chappy?
gards: bartell will have a 50 point last 1/4
Zarts: they've actually starting playing jpod blindfolded everygame... and tell him he's @ skilled :P
cRiSiSv3: chappy touched it this qtr?
gingjok: @ Winty.. that doesn't help my dreamteam though, does it?? :(
FantasyBoy: where are you doing jimmmmmmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyy
Hendo2571: come on jimmy!!!!!!!
Kickit: go on lance
Panties: hodge u muppet- 60sc if lucky
UncleFestr: Hodge on fire now.
LnchPdMcQk: jimmy!
Rossco: Pods certainly silencing the critics of his away from home goal kicking
Hendo2571: need bartel to outscore mitcell
UncleFestr: Come on Shiels. 100 at half time
NewFreoFan: @bgibbs, don't they use yellow balls for night games? maybe he's looking for a red one lol
winty: @gingjok: Mine either. He'll come good in the 2nd half though.
c-hawk: superman icon should represent shueperman
HawksFEVER: Enright injured now hodge will gun it :D
snotti12: bartel coming slowely
yammakid: Cant wk out if hodge has a niggle or just playing rubbish?
Luke919: i have hodge and bartel, opponent has mitchell and selwood, great
LnchPdMcQk: shiels is disgusting
bgibbs: new freo fan good call lmao
Jedinak: flame for hodge ;)
reconfigrr: see what happens hadgey when you dont give away free kicks... you stop losing points and actually get some possessions
kabbr: ppl on this site are disgusting. celebrating over injuries. just pathetic.
Bizza: here comes hodge
antsnest3: enright injured how bad?
NewFreoFan: how bad is enright? anyone?
Hydra911: Chappy did something. Woot. mon mate need you to be on 50 SC at the half. Get a move on, Jimmy.
kceb1980: kabbr its a site full of children what do u expect?
BlueGlory: enright is fine
Troy_Luff: enright really injured?
Lionman: enright is fine
chaosrules: bogus info gets you banned
LnchPdMcQk: handball into buddy's shin = kick?
UncleFestr: Come on Shiels. Been 1 minute since you scored...
kabbr: i think it's a disgrace. what kind of human being celebrates over others misfortune.
obladder12: suckling dead?
FantasyBoy: jimmy you turd. better still ton up sc
antsnest3: can we ban the people saying he is injured then...
BlueBoys#5: give roughy the icicle aswell useless when his not in the ruck
Prospector: is enright fine?
kceb1980: kabbr it is but u have to look at the parents for this one
Zarts: enright just got a kick, it can't be that bad I guess...
hawks_2008: Someone different has to go with Pods!
gards: pods u gun!
LnchPdMcQk: pods is ridiculous tonight
Impromptu: wow PODS? could he be the POD we all need
obladder12: 30 at half time please hodge
LnchPdMcQk: @hawks, they already switch schoenmakers on to him
bingobango: come on sammy mitchell, big debut mate!
winty: I thought Pods was a Skilled Stadium specialist....
boomz23: 6 and it's not even half time O_O
LnchPdMcQk: +6 mitchell
chaosrules: magnifying glass for chappy, 6 point qtr
Dangeroo: having a good dt week so far
LnchPdMcQk: @monty schoenmakers on pods
ily g: icicle off Bartel now :)
kaisasosai: take the icicle off Jimmy...he has circulation again
damo2468: roughy the pumpkin
Bizza: good mitchell stevie j enright selwood, lift buddy and hodge!
NewFreoFan: Well it's a Cats home game. Maybethey blindfolded pods on the bus and told him they're at skilled?
hawks_2008: @lnchPdMcQu- Take roughead out of Full-Forward and put him on Pods then! He is doing nothing!
winty: Pods is on Schoenmakers now? Fanning's record of 18 goals in a game could be in doubt
bingobango: spewing i missed stevie J this year, absolute gun
obladder12: put hodge in the centre
Kuzco: Selwood only 9 touches
Port1983: winty, highly unlikely.
obladder12: get amogsnt it hodge
gards: cmon chappy, keep up with johno
fobbuddy: flowering hell, hodge you spudd! SCHOENMAKERS SHOULD NEVER PLAY A GAME AGAIN!
fogdog79: What happened to young?
UncleFestr: wtf hodge
BlueBoys#5: roughy is alive!
Fury: yeah, buddy
winty: Another goal before half time Pods. I want you level with the Hawks at half time.
NewFreoFan: Insanely accurate goal kicking this game. Sam Newman will be happy.
LnchPdMcQk: buddy goals
bingobango: good comeback jimmy!!
m_zulian: better quarter jimmy
BlueBoys#5: roughy and bartel go you guns
Hendo2571: yeah bartel keep tackling!
bgibbs: hodge u are killing my dt
FantasyBoy: yes jimmy a respectable score
lozdog: Atta boy Jimmy. Now for Puopolo to get amongst it.
Dtkingv2.1: Nice work Jim
VinceVega: young out good for smith
corza013: cmon poo get the ball
FootyFan74: what
Hazardous: WTF are you doing Hodge?!?!
FantasyBoy: wtf chapman done flower all this quqarter
FootyFan74: Puopolo is doing ok he will be a great cash cow...
leobertos: shower...flame for rioli
chaosrules: 2 kiks for chappy this qtr, magnifying glass would be appropriate
antsnest3: who's everyones cap this week? ive got m murphy..
Harvey29: whats with selwoods SC?
Dilen: i had priddis, antsnest3
winty: 12.1 kicked that quarter. Amazing stuff.
hawks_2008: Antsnest3 I have Marc Murphy too! :D
Cabri44: I had Cox
Dangeroo: i've got sj, selwood, enright, duncan and suckling :D
lemon13: buddy no behinds
leobertos: wait...what happend to bailey...he was listed to play?
cruzty: i have Cox but kicking myself cause had Boyd last week and he flowered
Rated_RKO: i need chapman to beat rioli in SC \=
lozdog: antsnest - Cox for the first time all season. Rookie mistake. Should've left the cap on Pendles.
Dasun: ive got sucklig, franklin, enright and bartel
antsnest3: i had cox last week...
corza013: wats with selwood's score?
yammakid: me too, Cox. I'm crying. Got Hodge too and Otten & Gamble on the bench. Speight starting cos of Joey & Swan.
NewFreoFan: some strange looking SC scores going on there lol
Seb78: What's with Selwoods SC score?
lemon13: got in marc murphy and greg broughton this week for zaha and lower
UncleFestr: I've got Shiels, Stevie J, Franklin and Hodge. 3 out of 4 ain't bad.
Hydra911: Podsiadly taking lots of points away from the mid-tierers in this match in SC.
FantasyBoy: holy. how is selwoods sc conversion so bad!?!?!?
Ropes: 31 for JOEL? not sure thats right
crazytrain: People doin the SC scores smoking some good shower tonight
Martywalke: selwood and stevie j's sc score, wtf???
Rated_RKO: if hodge only doubles his SC by the end of the game i'll be happy =]
kabbr: wtf i dont get the advantage rule. umpire called play on and then broguth it back LOL
bgibbs: hodge better get a big 2nd half frm you mate. dont give me 2 weeks of showering scores
strikes91: selwood has had about 5 clangers
peacan: anyone on here from tassie?
trevor1257: lots of tackles this game..i hope it opens up.....wife included
Chadwickus: Pumpkin for pods next week lol
PhilipJFry: Sensational game!
Jedinak: lol@ trevor1257
totcd: so of course i have selwood in SC but not DT..
jmje76: Joel Selwood 31?? 6 takles alone is nearly that much... how is his input and burgoynes the same at half time??
FantasyBoy: need selwood bartel and chapan too lift in 2nd half
Pavlich#29: Mitchells B/E is 61 how much will his price go up?
handypoint: gibson with the sPud icon.
FootyFan74: selwood had quite a few clangers so his SC score seems accurate
Galantman: yep Peacan. im here! very powered off at this showerhouse coverage!
trevor1257: frank costa has control in super coach
UncleFestr: How does Mitchell have 21 touches for 59 DT points. That's shower.
DanF: Selwood's SC low because of poor disposal. In SC lose points if you kick to opponent.
Impromptu: I think some of Hawks score increased due to omentum points
peacan: fill me in galantman wtf is going on with it? its always live
Galantman: peacan, we're being shafted by Southern cross tonight for some reason
tboy2464: Brought in hodge last week. Great stuff
FootyFan74: Mitchell scored 123 DT & 129 SC last week and his price went up $4,000 so Mitchells price wont go up much
Galantman: i have no idea why, but ive expressed my displeasure to the appropriate place
arkie: i brought pavlich in this week, will be looking to bring in delidio or shiels next week.
peacan: SC - will be feeling my wrath on monday with a phone call.
RHoulihan: @footyfan74 mitchells is 61DT and 69SC, so his prie will go up. A fair bit if he keeps going like he is
lift_spud: what the flower at selwood's SC. BULLshower
luten: Does anyone know if it's renOOF, or renOFF for the Pronunciation of his name?
UncleFestr: @luten renuff
burst: what happened to bailey?
TheoX: wtf elwood sc
Troy_Luff: WTF selwood SC?
Troy_Luff: Good Cyril! my man!
kceb1980: luten its ren off
BlueGlory: luten its renoof
evanwc: selwoods sc is shower because he hasnt done shower all in the game so far,
Bulldogs10: give roughead the burger
kceb1980: its ren off
Prospector: you say oyster and i say erster
luten: Love the two completely different opinions... hence why i'm asking :(
kabbr: ren oof
stevekat10: renoof
demon_spud: roughie to go into the ruck now renouf is off
FunkyJunk1: it's a game - as if you would ring the people that run SC. get a life
BlueGlory: renouf is french (as am i) and its pronounced renoof
Zarts: have rioli, suckling, franklin, enright in this :)
bgibbs: give hodge evry sh*t icon u have
chaosrules: is shiels invisible to geelong players
sydwce: oyster
Scotty1: evanwc 10 possies and 7 tackles in 1/2 is not to bad
kabbr: erster
kceb1980: renoof doesnt even make sence ( unless youre a kiwi)
UncleFestr: Shiels. You are a star.
Stinkfist: so my eliminator comes down to hodge v mitchell. thanks luke you cow
AndyMan: Cmon Birchall LIFT!
kceb1980: .r.e.n.o.f.f
evanwc: yeah but they werent really making an impact scotty
chaosrules: the commentators dont pronounce goldstein correctly either
Khunt1vote: Sence doesn't make sense unler yer a twat
Bulldogs10: kelly will get cherry, pods star, johnson gun, shiels magnet
Prospector: potato, patata
mrpotato: really clarkson? Luke hodge at FF? you are the dumbest plow in the afl
Prospector: tomayto, termata
goinape: anyone know what selwoods clanger/efficiency and contested possession count is?
kceb1980: says the man who uses khunts name to try and be funny............
tigerman28: lift, spuddy franklin
nostrdamus: selwood, chappy, buddy and poo
yammakid: cyril held. Whistle?
General15: Hakuna Matata?
Escapist: who else fielded puopolo ahead of otten?
SwiftCox: ren owf
stevekat10: is it selwood or selwudd?
BlueGlory: goldstein is pronounced like styne, not steen
dusty m: oh my f ucking god hodge
ily g: are sc scores wrong? All seem so low :S
TheoX: chappy stinking it up this year
UncleFestr: Go hodge. +4.
gards: no one with a choice would have put otten on the field
VinceVega: robert walls for spud
luten: It's not tomato, tomahto if you work in the media and someone's going to yell at u if u get it wrong
Escapist: wow, really? on the radio it sounded like hodge was tearing it up
kade44: chappy :
Nigey95: i got max bailey in this week :(
chaosrules: that is correct blue glory
VinceVega: franklin!
chaosrules: SC scores added up to 1638 at half time
BlueGlory: thank you chaos :)
Nick1994: why's selwoods sc so low
Prospector: in the movie, sinatra worked inthe media, as did the person he sang the duet with
kade44: mackie 25 pts in 10 mins
ily g: @ chaos rules, what should the sc scores added up to at half time?to
chaosrules: 1650
VinceVega: franklin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
leobertos: what happend to bailey? he was listed to play!
chaosrules: sc scores are around 3300 at full time
AndyMan: anyone watching the game, is birchall injured or off?
ily g: a whopping 12 points is missing!
mrjudd: junk it up bartel!!
VinceVega: franklin
Bulldogs10: why is taylor not playing on franklin! ffs!
General15: @leo, he was a late change. calf or something
kade44: get the ball chappy you hav to beat lance 'flowercy' franklin
tigerman28: get a touch chappy
Rated_RKO: c'mon HAWKS
VinceVega: franklin on fire my main man
wazzbatt: Shiels You Star!!!
W.Mantooth: i love you shiels
Jaguar42: hawthorne you freaks
Pavlich#29: Buddy you star!
Hurlz: ffs lift hodge!
UncleFestr: Monty. Shiels gun already. 5 DT 100's out of last 6.
lemon13: its nothing johnson and suckling, but would you like to get a flowering touch this qrt??
bazza525: buddy mucst have in the foward in dt or sc dont you think
corza013: cmon selwood do something
W.Mantooth: i second shiels gun
Rated_RKO: i got suckling and selwood vs hodge and puopolo in SC... need a big matchwinning effort from selwood or suckling.. lol
Escapist: selwood get to 80 by qtr end? chapman to 70, puopos to 50.
Pavlich#29: c'mon Chappy beat Johnson
piccollo: Cmon chapster
chaosrules: chappy 32 DT at qtr time
Prospector: posalutely bazza
luten: It really showers me that i contemplated shiels for the entire week leading up to rd1... then went with the 'safe' option.
UncleFestr: Come on Stevie J. Been a while. Hodgey, been forever!!!
winty: Come on Geelong. Lift!!
W.Mantooth: come on shiels, pump out a 150
rmcf: get a touch chapman
yammakid: Duthie and Hodge have been doing lines of Valium.
Jaguar42: haha hodge thats so good. everyones got tah bloke
General15: The subs gonna beat Hodge!?
Nigey95: lift Puop!
mrjudd: please chapman..DO SUMTHING!!!
wazzbatt: I paid a premo price for Shiels 2 weeks ago don't regret it one bit - He is a star!!!
Catas: Clarkson said Cats win shootouts. What's gone wrong. This is not going to plan.
GExcell: looking grim for cats. in these circumstances Bartel stands up and delivers and cats prevail by under 6 points
General15: Hodge.....Don't think, don't hope, DO
bgibbs: hodge u r starting to power me off now
Peterdean: what is selwood's SC score so low?
Catas: Hey Markus. Top buy that Hodge even if he was cheap.
W.Mantooth: shiels!
AndyMan: @peterdean clanger disposals
UncleFestr: ffs hodge. you're stinking my team up
General15: Anyone locking in Shiels next round?
mh7690: come on captain selwood!!!
sam25: Pleasehodge please I'm begging you
W.Mantooth: when is shiels going to get the gun m0nty?
UncleFestr: I paid $220k for Shiels at the start of the year. Premium now.
GExcell: hodge = graeme hick
kade44: cmon selwood chappy and mckie
bickies: junk it suckling, need you to beat enright
Bulldogs10: cmon js, lift!
kade44: slow dow franklin
yammakid: Nah Hodge = Phil Tufnell. Fat and useless but funny to talk to
lemon13: has anyone noticed that suckling hasn't touched it this qrt
Harvey29: come on selwood you spud
bgibbs: is hodge dead
buddyfan01: Bruest you gun
mdm90: come on suckling ffs. 0 points this quarter
sh!tburger: wtf is hodge doing?
Bosaltico: Agreed Shiels gun m0nty.
Eaglespud: birchall?
Bulldogs10: at this rate milburn will outscore hodge...
kade44: cmon shiels break a record
goinape: chappy, pls score 100. u can shag my wife...No, seriously, take her, we're separated anyhow
happyjoe: apparently buddy slept with eddie maguires wife on the weekend - keep it hush hush please
GExcell: hawks grand final
thefoot: Come on Hodge!!
Peterdean: everyone's SC score is so low
Jaguar42: bartel u fvcken mugrel. get the ball son
AMagpie: Monty, Shiels deserves the Gun now..
kceb1980: happyjoe u aint funny
32Danger32: @goinape Haha champion! :D
yammakid: Shiels - 3. What a hack!! (joke boys, joke)
LnchPdMcQk: +6 jimmy
buddyfan01: 17 point lead woohoo
hawks_2008: Shiels X
ily g: who do you think will be subbed for cats?
Bosaltico: Star JPod. Gun Shiels.
Maltylynas: Give Shiels The gun or the magnet
Jaguar42: goals jimmy!!!!!
bgibbs: hodge u sack of sh*t u r not worth staying up for
sam25: What who did buddy sleep witheddies who?
hawks_2008: ily g, Hopefully Pods!
mdm90: great quarter there suckling, 0 points. you better kill it in the last qtr!!
rmcf: flower, why the flower do people tell monty what to do with the icons, it's not even your website
living21: hawkkkkssssss
AMagpie: Bartel, Suckling.. gets some point!!
yammakid: where's shiels from?
winty: 5.4 to 11.4 since 1/4 time....need a huge quarter here cats. don't look like it at the moment tho
Catas: Turn the gun around. It might be the only way to stop him.
Munza: Your a joke Hodge
lift_spud: selwood 40. Wow. Spud him up.
sixxsixx6: is suckling asleep???
obladder12: flower you houdge, traded u in this week, what bullshower
aflfreak: the week i bring in hodge and hes doing flower
Hurlz: Hodge... why are you doing this to me
obladder12: suckling will get 12 marks this quarter hopefully.
hano916: shiels is so frigin good!
Munza: lol at people with selwood captn
collpies11: steve johnson 54??
Rated_RKO: hodge will prob double his score in the last 10 minutes if hawks are winning by over 4 goals.
antsnest3: hodge good work..just 2 more and u can equal darlings score for me :)
yammakid: catas clever
cfc 1979: varcoe subbed
buddyfan01: varcoe snubbed
nostrdamus: omg, selwoods sc score is ridiculous!!
Bosaltico: Funny, two years ago Luke Hodge was the first defender you would pick in DT and SC..
LnchPdMcQk: varcoe subbed off
TheoX: thank flower i didnt captain selwood
lemon13: gibson same sc as selwood
collpies11: selwood 40??
Bulldogs10: js killing me in supercoach, my captain :(((((
sh!tburger: geez Hodge you could have at least given me some lube first before you did this to me
Rated_RKO: stevie j and selwood SC making me depressed
mrjudd: lol at hodge
McLovin_: here comes jimmy
Jaguar42: carn jimmy. lets go mate
Bosaltico: For Geelong to have any chance, Pods must kick 10.
sam25: Please hodge I am on my knees begging please please please pleas please
obladder12: 75 this qr. hodge
teachrtony: My Eliminator opponent has Hodge capt. Would've been close otherwise.
Fenno: Time to take the bins out Bartel. I know the game isn't over but think like it is buddy
tbeilbs: hodge you PUCK!!!!!, you have decided to make me feel voilated and how i regret buying you......
yammakid: 10 goals in 16mins please Hodge. Not impossible
Bosaltico: News Flash: Franklin out for last weeks game! Visit
kade44: my opponent has hodge and menzel ahaha
obladder12: +2
Catas: If only Jimmy had played the first quarter
mh7690: selwodd!!!!!!!:@:@:@:@:@
General15: eyy!!!! hodgey!
kade44: cmon chappypypyppypypy
thefoot: yay! 2 points for Hodge
mtty: So ah Hodge you wanna get a touch or what?
obladder12: oooo, 11 points.
W.Mantooth: go cats
Thebiggf: Come on hawks kick quick cpl ones
MarcMurphy: Who kicked the goal for Geelong?
tom.i52: I tipped the Hawks, but I bet Cats will comeback and win comfortably
antsnest3: chapman past his prime unfortunately...
bobbyjay7: menzel
cdfcdevils: stevie j
yammakid: Hodge on the bench. Runner had to wake him up to get there. He'd nodded off on the back flank.
tbeilbs: hodge = spud, hamburger and pumkin..... = sh!t bloke
Town10: flower yes menzel
rmcf: chapman, lift
premiers06: sigh Hodge
moorey21: Stevei J needs a couple if the cats are to win this
Bosaltico: Might trade Chappy for O'Keefe this week.
GoCrowz98: Wheres Chappy playing?
McLovin_: is it worth upgrading to chapman??
premiers06: Hodge the SUB Breust is beating ya mate, not good at all!
Town10: yessssssssss Johnno!!
W.Mantooth: chappy will bounce back
LnchPdMcQk: stevie j goals!
General15: C'mon hawks! a goal or two plz?
Town10: cattas in front !!
roflchris: lift jimbob
premiers06: Bartel plaese beat Selwood
Best Ump: Robert Walls wants to give Selwood a blow job
Jaguar42: hahahahhahhahahhahahhahahhaah, anyone that trades chappy is a joke
W.Mantooth: stevie!!
Nails: cash or credit?!?!?!
Geoff: Cats just never give up !
tom.i52: @McLovin, he will probably go down, but remember the Cats have a finals bye.
bickies: waratahs 33 highlanders 7, full time
obladder12: oh dear, hodge and suckling are cows.
kade44: get amongst it chappy
Lionman: these haw vs geel games are amazing
chaosrules: FA stats for buddy monty
GoCrowz98: Wheres Chappy playing?
Town10: free to Selwood 40m out
Dees2015: lets go roughhead
kade44: lwooodddd
W.Mantooth: no one cares about rugby dude
Bosaltico: Mmm yes I will take information on trades from a personal who button mashes a keyboard..
biatch132: hodge how are you going so bad????!!!!
UncleFestr: -3 for Shiels you dud...
roflchris: beautiful jimbob keep on going
premiers06: Yes Jimmmy
iHeartDees: Selwood is a cheat!
Floor: thats's the way jimmy
Catas: Best match up in the league these two. Great footy to watch.
obladder12: smd hodge, suckling is alreaddy
lift_spud: kick it selwood you hack
moorey21: Ease Off Stiffy
kabbr: iheartdees- moloney is a cheat
Since1864: Roughead down behind play
Catas: In your ear IHeart.
MsHighkick: oooh roughy down
rmcf: flowering get a touch chapman you showerface
grubby: roughy gone
GoCrowz98: I wish they showed this game instead of the Goldcoast Game on fox!!!
trevor1257: ruff 2012
Town10: roughead bring stretchered off!
Stinkfist: birchall and hodge. fmdt
mdm90: cmon suckling. 2 points since half time is just terrible!
MsHighkick: achilles
UncleFestr: Hodge you flowering flower flower.
Best Ump: Robert walls suck my cock you cow
grubby: archilles
Bosaltico: Well done Jimmeh.
DanF: @GoCrowz - it's a ch10 game. it's on ch518 (main event)
W.Mantooth: dont stop shiels!
Peterdean: wow i am doomed in SC this round
Khunt1vote: Magnifying glass for Walls!
biatch132: what happened to hodge? i just started watching?
roflchris: milburn the foss. on ttrack for 40
VinceVega: thank god i don't have to listen to robert walls next year
obladder12: get 90 suckling please, and dont even talk to me about hodge
iHeartDees: Newsflash: Selwood to duck into a tackle and get a head high free kick.
stevemac5: i cant see brad hodges name is he playing
Peterdean: archilles means season gone
mtty: Hodge get the ball
stevemac5: omg!
Bosaltico: @IheartDees Nice. ;)
GoCrowz98: Did chappy just touch it?
trevor1257: buddy intothe ruck
Sunday2810: flower you hodge u flowering cow! gonna lose my eliminator because of you! Oh and f*ck you Clarkson for putting him at FF
premiers06: Anyone see the interruptions on the WC v Adel game? Forced to watch 2 Fox Rugby ppl on their mobiles instead of the game
Dees2015: just traded in roughead :(
Dangeroo: suckling has gotten a handball since half time
GoCrowz98: + 6 Chapman YAY!
Since1864: C'mon Hawks do it for Roughy
Catas: IHeart. You know so much get yourself on the rules committee and change the rule. Otherwise shiut it.
sida: my unique forward gone.crapp -.-
layngarys : finally chappy
premiers06: Go Jimmay beat Selwood
lozdaleg: how bad is roughead injury plz tell
GoCrowz98: premiers06, yeah that was funny as hell
UncleFestr: Hodge is covered in sh!t and they wont go near him
Docker21: people reckon its his season over
kade44: cmon sewood cut loossee
cdfcdevils: magnify glass for pod
bickies: suckling magnifying glass m0nty?
obladder12: kick away hawks, so suckling can play tempo at the back line.
justin3896: suckling has stopped, suckling for magnifying glass
fogdog79: Tombstone for Roughead please monty.
GoCrowz98: lozdaleg, he will probably be out for 4 months
General15: C'mon Hawks!!!!!! PLEASE
Jaguar42: i have bartel, selwood, chapman, suckling, franklin. surely one of them will get a tonne
Cr4zY ii: cmon selwood and buddy ton it up
antsnest3: achilles could mean career
Rated_RKO: c'mon hawkss .... just get the win
obladder12: heres comes suckling!
ammin_9: stop telling monty wat to do for godness sake
Shanghan: PLEASE HAWKerS!!!!!!!
obladder12: should got mitchell instead of hodge.
Bosaltico: @ammin_9 Stop telling US what to do.. ;)
BoredSaint: wow.. plz give hodge the winning goal..
ammin_9: cmon selwood, 15 more points in 10 minnutes, shouldnt be that hard
kceb1980: ammin sounds old
Thebiggf: How long left
ammin_9: bosaltico, he can put the icons on when he wants to
UncleFestr: wow. hodge on fire now
biatch132: @jaguar42 at least u dont have hodge
ammin_9: kceb1980 your mum sounds old
Jaguar42: far out, its as tight as a nuns v......!!!!!
iHeartDees: 6:53
chaosrules: 6.40
McLovin_: Junk Time Jimmy !!!
kceb1980: oh and ur original to ammin u queef
Bosaltico: Just some clarification on the match winning goal points. Obviously that would be awarded at the end of the game right?
piestorm: hi
Thebiggf: Come on hawkers
elvundir: C'mon Chappy Selwood Burgoyne and Franklin! 400 combined will be fine
kade44: wow selwood now jun it up chappy and macke
layngarys : how is it junk time??..there is a goal in it
tom.i52: Any1 know how much Vardy costs in SC?
biatch132: cmon jimmy ton up
General15: Just a little bit more please Hawks?
Bosaltico: Ammin, you can't say you have ever asked m0nty for an icon -.-
ammin_9: lol kceb1980 its actually my name
obladder12: hodge for 60?
lift_spud: kick a few goals selwood
Sandi2Pav: ton it up jimmy and as for chappy and suckles just get anything
BlueGlory: junk it up hodge
Since1864: Suckling out on full, Cats kick on goal
bickies: kermit for suckling
kceb1980: oh right what a great name u have there
babe4hire: This is a public forum Monty relies on us on where to put icons
DT Champ: time?
obladder12: bahahahah suckling...
Jaguar42: suckling gettting a touch finally
Bosaltico: @Sandi2Pav I would like that aswell =)
iHeartDees: Hawks are gone with 5:23 left on the clock.
yammakid: about 154000
chaosrules: 5.15
lemon13: Yay for DT, plus 6 for suckling, even though he kicked it out on the full resulting in a cats goal
premiers06: Bartel icicle to flame?
Cr4zY ii: selwood almost there
da bosh ka: cmon cats please
Town10: selwood for heart
ammin_9: bosaltico, bruv, i made an account 2 days ago, all i used to do was watch the scores and u's talk
General15: a goal please hodge? buddy?
Bosaltico: @ammin_9 Im proud of you -.-'
iHeartDees: Selwood off the ball hit on Guerra.
Best Ump: Robert flowering walls you flowerng cocksucker Selwood lover
leeroy337: heart for stevie or the pods??
DT Champ: cheers for the time updates guys!!
Sandi2Pav: are the cats trying to lose?
kceb1980: guerra is a sniper serves him right u bump some1 u need toexpect it back
dazedandco: what buddy doing?
Bosaltico: Suckling almost needs his own icon, Rubbish Bin with King Crown on it ;)
grossn: COMEON CATS! I need this tip!!!
dudz: Draw
W.Mantooth: tackle tackle tackle shiels!
m_zulian: did rougheads injury turn this game around?
Sandi2Pav: oh jimmy!!
ammin_9: cmon selwood, a couple of more points
collpies11: podsiadly 2 point this half
roflchris: bartel for the bin
dazedandco: how long now??
waston4: What did roughy do
Catas: Sun for Jimmy please and all my boys will be shining
Rated_RKO: fvck you hodge... hope your SC stays low
m_zulian: ton up jimmy!!!!!!
Jaguar42: carn bartel and selwood crack the tonne boys
Floor: juimmy to ton up out of nowhere
Cr4zY ii: there hasnt been a goal in a while
premiers06: Brian Taylor jizzes over Barlow and Ballantyne, you'd think his commentary box would need windscreen wipers!
McLovin_: i will be loving life if jimmy beats selwood
gingjok: lol @ rolchris!.. Cape maybe, but not bin
tom.i52: come on hawksssssss! need the tip!
Bosaltico: Ohh Jimmeh, DELICIOUS
obladder12: tonne it franko and suckles
Prospector: jimbob does it every week!
Thebiggf: Time
General15: GG Hawks. :(
DT Champ: time boys?
da bosh ka: time?
Centurions: got the match status wrong monty...
W.Mantooth: what's worng with jizzing over barlow?
grossn: How long!!?!?!?
iHeartDees: Game over for the Hawks now. Only 2 minutes left.
Jaguar42: carn buddy kick a goal mate
leeroy337: scarlet x factor, stevie j heart, judd 3 votes
Town10: @premiers06 and Leon Davis
Cr4zY ii: good stuff selwood
dazedandco: shiels or sewell for the run home???
grossn: Just kick a behind cats!!!
moorey21: BLow the siren you dirty dog
Floor: got barlow in this week, thought 450k was a bargin
Sandi2Pav: very well said leeroy337
BoredSaint: omg hodge is a alive!!!! :d
ammin_9: good on ya young jeol, satisfied with 105 odd
obladder12: late points selwood, suckling, franklin and HODGE
ammin_9: joel***
roflchris: hodge to kick the goal
General15: omg, omg, omg!
mtty: Buddy kick the winner
God+Jesus: Why selwood such low sc
dazedandco: this is crazy to "watch"
iHeartDees: Siren, bye, bye Hawks.
Town10: Mackie!!
kabbr: wooh
Bosaltico: ALL OVER. Cats Home
lemon13: what will puopolo's b/e be after ths game?
GoCrowz98: Siren
Town10: Siren!!!!!!!!
super_spud: time left?
Twin Peaks: catsssss
roflchris: lol lucky cats
da bosh ka: blow the damn siren
grossn: cats win
ammin_9: sire goes
Lionman: gee looked like a push in the back
rmcf: chapman...
Jaguar42: d!ck head that made a reference to supercoach thats from 3 quarter time
thefoot: hodge to mitchell?? lucky you can't trade now
Geoff: Heart attack material !
Shanghan: flower you cats
obladder12: flower you ukling and hodge
Sandi2Pav: went and watched barlow today, won the game on his own, and looks so goo
Thebiggf: Oh well see ya in the finals cats u will fold like the 08 gf u fools
cdfcdevils: did the hawks score in last qtr
winty: Luck? More like ticker and will to win.
tom.i52: nnnnnnooooooo! neeeded a hawks win, damn...
Bosaltico: C.Judd 3 Votes
Hydra911: HELL yeah. Franklin first goal/cats to win by 1-24 :D
iHeartDees: iHateCats
Catas: I am so happy again, still. 11 straight fantastic
collpies11: hawks will not make the grand final
Sandi2Pav: stevey j could be worth 500K soon
winty: @Thebiggf: You have to get there first. :P
stkfan1976: who did barlow play for?
chaosrules: tombstone for roughie
linusp: flower you hodge, flower you.... that is all.
070911: @Thebiggf good on ya the dawks are pretenders!
DCarbon: what happend to chappy
Bosaltico: Full credit to Selwood and Bartel for turning around their game.
Thebiggf: Winty were got the top four in the bag have a look at our run home n yous will fold in the finals againt us again like
Thebiggf: 08 gf remember that you tool go uck your mum
Dees2015: roughy's injury is a cocksucker
ily g: I agree Matt oaten ;)
CamT: Michael Barlow played for Peel Thunder
Bosaltico: I can see why everyone is bagging out Robert Walls, what a douche.
stkfan1976: i think you may have forgotten about magpies too thebiggf
Bosaltico: @ily g 0.0
stkfan1976: thx camt
tom.i52: Franky 87 SC, what a stinky crab. But I'll give lee-way because he is usually awesome and did hurt his calf.
Best Ump: Rober Walls = flowerWIT
linusp: any guesses on SJ SC?
Best Ump: Selwood SC HAHAHAHAHA
donsfan86: stevie j sc wtf?
raph16: what is wrong with the SC! if been screwed with petrie, buddy, enright tonight..not happy
babe4hire: the pies are so 2010
Bosaltico: Facepalm @ Robert Walls X(
Seb78: What's with the shower SC scores in both games tonight??
winty: @Thebiggf: We'll fold like we did tonight you mean?
mrjudd: why the crap sc?
tom_scully: awesome, 1325 from 9 players, no capt
Crops1: Mitchell hardly makes a mistake. How can he go back to 98
Peterdean: the sc scores are so low
Bosaltico: C.Judd - 3 Votes.
Moondog21: All you Hawthorn supporters living in the past u are our biatches! Hahaha
Rated_RKO: if all the sc scores are correct , im 13 points ahead 1120 to 1107 .... same amount of players played and same captain..
Bosaltico: @ily g Stalking much? ;)
Bosaltico: If I meet Robert Walls, Ima slap him. -.-'
Bosaltico: Meg you there? Dead chat here :P
GoLions: yeah bro, im here
Bosaltico: This is quite awks, no one is on..
Thebiggf: Winty no In the finals is what I said, can't wait to smash yous we were unlucky tonight with ruffy going down,
Bosaltico: I am really annoyed aboot J.Gibson, 58 DT but 86 SC X(
Thebiggf: Tell ur mum I said hi to mate
Jaguar42: should i trade darling or make him a keeper? have 11 trades atm
GoLions: 1283 from 11 in SC. wish i didnt have cox captain :(
Bosaltico: No worries =)
GoLions: gibson always does better in SC
Bosaltico: I have Pendlebury as captain, and i got Ablett this week :P
Bosaltico: Seriously who is Ily G. They must know my PSN..
Bosaltico: Oh, maybe Kiruba..
GoLions: yeah i was out and got back like 20 mins after lockout and wanted either ablett, pendles, or goddard captain
Bosaltico: Tough one on Darling Jag, I would stay with him for now..
Rated_RKO: hodge's sc is stupid... he didnt have much effect on the game did he ?
GoLions: also had zaharakis on bench, not even emergency
Bosaltico: I reckon it's Kiruba, he knows I play SC. He knows my PSN....
Bosaltico: Funny, two years ago Luke Hodge was the first defender you would pick in DT and SC..
GoLions: yeah but kiruba would have some cr*p name like 'team kebab' or something really stupid like that
GoLions: coz he's a midfielder now. if he was a defender everyone would still have him i reckon
clint_off: WTF just got home and have just traded in hodge!!! Thank god Bartel had a good game:)
Bosaltico: How can someone kick 6 goals and get 103 SC... Even worse, 96 DT.
Jaguar42: how come it doesnt say how many johnson kicked?
Jaguar42: wouldnt call 94 from bartel a good game haha
wbfc: mOnty, how many goals did johnson kick?
the raven: watched the game. Bartel is the ultimate cheap posession player