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Memph: Monty u star for png Swallow - now watch him bust out a 70 lol
damo2468: carn petrie get 120 and prestia, score over 70
garratt15: drew petrie captain .. hit or miss
Floor: Suns by 40+
chaosrules: lol, there is know png curse. im sure andrew swallaw wont look at fan footy and see he is png player.
chaosrules: spud for anyone who thinks there is a PNG curse
david-8: hoping for a lot from my first yearers in
pudge135: swallow a pumpkin
pudge135: and 32 points
liverpool: kennedy is better deal than judd
liverpool: kennedy better than judd in deal
pudge135: you on drugs liverpool how brownlows has kennedy won thats right none and will never get on either
pudge135: gazza good for 150 this week
LnchPdMcQk: this cant be right.....prestia not the designated sub?
crazytrain: swallow screwed over by the png curse. Wont break 70
remon tea: you're a laugh liverpool
Swansong: Ablett captain this week, Go Gazza
32Danger32: go gazza (captain in sc)!!!
Jeffo1123: any news on how Hunt went in the seconds today?
Bretto3: Gold coast to win 23pts
Port1983: Prestia will have a big one tonight!
Jeffo1123: Hunt was in the best players for Gold Coast today.. wonder if he spent the game in the midfield the whole time
Floor: @ Bretto3 it'll be 40+ minimum bretto
Thebiggf: Ant one no if richos already played ressies n how he went sick of him sitting on my bench he killed it last week
Thebiggf: Hope gc win then he might get a game
mrjudd: GC by 100
Dasun: only have david swallow in this game, hope he tonnes up
Dasun: *and Zac Smith
crows305: Up the suns!
xumtinlong: $10 on Swallow being affected by the PNG curse?
willii: only have petrie
Port1983: Im one of the 7280 people with Rischitelli, hope he has a big one!
garratt15: petrie is my capt.
willii: and harvey
willii: oh,and pedersen
mdon11: Zac Smith, Stanely (EMG) and Petrie. Looking for about 180 between the on field players.
Axel6: Wonder if North prefer the weather in the Gold Coast to that of Tassie, brrrrr
willii: imitation isn't flattery
32Danger32: Go GAJ (C), Petrie, Smith & D. Swallow in SC!!!
Prospector: Richardson 34 touches, bye, 41 touches in magoos
Dasun: hopefully richardson can get a game then
f1-77: I seriously hope someone does bad for the Kangas so Richardson can get a game next week
Prospector: He's gotta have a black mark in the coaches book!
32Danger32: @Prospector they betta play Richo next week!!!
Port1983: Pederson, surely he can hold his spot.
Port1983: Atley should be dropped for Richardson.
roodav: Richardson was BOG for NB against Williamstown today aswell
Cabri44: Who's gonna win?
Prospector: good info roodav!
VanDammage: Some good names in tonights game. REX liddy and Maverick
Floor: Suns with ease. north are shizen
layngarys : petrie to score more than he did against richmond (143)?
remon tea: prestia finally not a sub!
tigerman28: rip it to pieces gazza!
johngst: Gazza to pull a groin would be good
koogar: Never fear (Zac) Smith is here !!
piccollo: Rawlings to lock down gary and rack up 25 possies
32Danger32: gooooooooo gazzzzzzzza!
f1-77: Harris better rip up his old team!
meziare: Sam Lane is HOT!!!!
catseleven: ablett 150+
bingobango: ablett 90!
bingobango: GC wont win after return trip from perth
Luke919: smith and d swallow! but go north!
Smoke Dogg: wouldnt mind petrie getting turf toe would help greatly this week
TheoX: you to drop dead johngst would be great
TheoX: sam lane swallows
roo boys!: PETRIE big grab
johngst: Thanks Theo - Kind Regards
roo boys!: woot goal for the kangas. pretty big roar too
roo boys!: goal to lindsay thomas :)
roospur: come on you mother flowering roo boys!!!!
Rourke: lol 656/5 so far with Rawlings, Petrie, Thomas here. Lindsay's on FIIIYAHH!
Luke919: wells is a gun
roo boys!: goal to edwards :D
6ualdv8: lining up
6ualdv8: essendons record at risk here
johngst: The real game will start shortly
Luke919: was doing amazingly well until darling came along this afternoon! wish i kept boyd captain instead of switching to cox
pachichi: north love it up there
Bennyy: Gold coast vs gold coast!!
ImNotRyder: C'mon Iles, covering for Swan. Big game
the raven: Judd polling well no doubt
TheoX: anytime gst
Since1864: If Kangas went to GC first, they would actually be a competitive side.
Rourke: never seen the chat this quiet
cozmofo: cool story Luke919...please tell me more
gools: ablett head to head with david swallow is he? haha
beauiii: go you frigging roo boys
roo boys!: sounds like the majority of the crowd are actually north fans, am i right? can't watch it as I don't have foxtel.
Scotty1: Gazza head to head with David Swallow ?????
johngst: Luke - Same but also suffered Gilberts fumbling/stumbling performance last night
pachichi: comon atley 70+ tonight
quincat05: swallow, rawlings 200 thanks and smith i dont care
roo boys!: behind to spud firrito
Floor: backed the GC, in trouble early?
Jedinak: ablett with wells
B_McGain: i like it how abletts goging head to head ew/with his steam mate
Harvey29: great start kangas!!
elvundir: come on captain gazza!!!
roo boys!: and i call firrito spud in a nice way, not the FF way
gb101: No wonder GC struggle if they match up against each other
pachichi: keep this up all game atley :)
cichster: so apparently gary ablett is head to head with david swallow....might wanna change that m0nty
johngst: I Blame the schoolgirl......
sewellgood: y would Ablett be head to head with Swallow monty
bickies: Out swan in ablett. Out Ricky Henderson in mcmahon, do something mate
beauiii: ow many at the game lol
moorey21: Pretty sure Gaz isnt playing on David m0nty
Hydra911: Go, Atley, make me money. Not that I need it.
Luke919: give lachie hansen the spud
bingobango: thats the way brent! have a field day with GC!!!
moorey21: sewell there's 2 swallows playing bt he does have the wrong 1 listed
memin: ablett running with wells
gb101: That may be true Luke..but maybe later i in the game lol
Bennyy: nah andrew swallow worded up his brother during the week. the are double teaming ablett
Since1864: Go 'Hungry' Harvey
roo boys!: Wells is with Ablett for now
sam25: That's it predtia show them what you do with a full game son
gabriel: ablett is on david swallaw lol they are on the same team
tigerman28: will GC score?
berbatov: lol monty get the names right
Thebiggf: Barlow 37 possies today def beck next week
grossn: Beat Smith PLEASE fraser.
roo boys!: wells is a freak
monny27: the awkward moment when ablett is going head to head with his own team mate
gb101: c'mon rawlings rip up the cold toast
McLovin_: you are insane if you went petrie captain
Jedinak: m0nty u noob, wells and ablett been with each other since the start
michaelnn: luke delaney cant dixon he isn't playing
Thebiggf: Gold coast started like this last week
SupaSylvia: Shaun Atley on 23 after 12 min....GC must be sh!te.
grossn: he changed it back to Andrew haha. ALSO, is his Atley highest first half?
the raven: sigh, petrie gone backwards. do something kunt
cdrobert: flower harris cmon
super_spud: are NM kicking with a wind??
roo boys!: gc score
booof25: f uck off zac smith, do a hammy
boomz23: cmon guys give m0nty a break he'll fix it when he can...
Bennyy: and the kangas can afford to have delaney playing on dixon who is in the stands! north can do it all
Harvey29: no wind
beauiii: crowd anone?
Mochasons: hm... put my $100 free bet on GC to win this...
gb101: good form booof, wish injury on someone...
tigerman28: lovin' petrie's score
Luke919: smith FLAME ON!
Turn: fire up zsmith
NewFreoFan: May not end up putting Mumford on the field when he comes back if Smith keeps this up
SupaSylvia: Mochasons....did you have to put it on a long odd bet? Shoulda just put it on a safe bet and claim $150odd.
f1-77: Keep going Zac Smith! Lift Stanley and Harris!
quincat05: sigh the one week i need petrie for league......
tigerman28: flame for zac - he's a star!
TheoX: hey mckenna u mght want to tag wells u 'tard
roo boys!: another behind - to liam anthony
nostrdamus: c'mon petrie do something!!
crazytrain: omg flame on edwards, what kind of website is this where you cant even get the flame right
buketsFyfe: pumpkin petrie, welcome back
jimmyflash: Petrie WTF???
Jaguar42: fvck regret putting $20 on gold coast thats for sure
sainter11: zach smith amazing...petire and d.swallow lift..mainly petrie
Floor: @ SupaSylvia suns winning isn't exactly a long shot
gb101: You know you are goign well when Hansen has a shower kick and it lands on a team mates chest
Dangeroo: cmon petrie its just zac smith. oh wait, its ZAC SMITH!
ImNotRyder: pick it up iles
Luke919: atley wells bastinac flame to!
memin: harvey goal
walle: its 15 mins ffs stop calling for pumpkin
roo boys!: boomer doesn't miss :D
Mochasons: harvey reminiscing on his Footy Show highlights reel
UncleFestr: Go Brent Harvey. 35 touches and 5 goals please.
quincat05: get amongst it andrew
dutchtup: lift swalllllllllow
m_zulian: Wells to get more disposals in 1st quarter than Swallow last week ?
cdrobert: spewin harris
memin: bastinac looks good
booof25: Roos picked hansen over selwood, roos would be spewing
Howdoyoudo: Brent Harvey > You.
ImNotRyder: yeh thats right peetree, get flowered
Turn: petrie you spud
SupaSylvia: Didnt they start at about $9.00....that long.
roo boys!: did he just call Swallow captain on SEN?
m_zulian: scoreboard!!!!!!
ImNotRyder: get a move on iles
Jaguar42: hahey harris learnt how to kick a football what a champ
stkfcKINGZ: swallow spud
LnchPdMcQk: who is on petrie?
beauiii: flame ablett up captain this wek
johngst: Put the dish in the ruck
tigerman28: ablett takes 20 mins to flame up - ffs!
Floor: backed suns by 40+, fml
jimmyflash: Petrie for spud
TheoX: cunington useless for a pick 5
kaisasosai: i need petrie to stay down because hodge is doing NOTHING in the other game
Hydra911: Wellsy has been an inspiration to North.
BrennanBus: the brennan bus is doubling the speed limit right now
gards: stay down there swallow, it'll help me win my eliminator
Jaguar42: carn gold coast lift boys. im counting on u sluts
walle: have GAJ as C...cmon ablett please
xumtinlong: Liddy is on Petrie - and he still only got 3 points
demon_spud: pumpkin for petrie...and i traded tippet in so i could get him on field....
tigerman28: keep doing nothing, petrie :)
the raven: petrie been subbed or something?
McLovin_: A.swallow spudding it after last week
Jaguar42: fvck of course prestia would chop up when hes on the pine.
doublehawk: you're criticising a 19 year old TheoX! let his game develop before judging
B_McGain: delaneys doin pretty well on dixon
DCarbon: Petrie!!!!
tigerman28: c'mon GAJ. i need 200 from you
the raven: Stanley and lower hit your flowerin breakevens. I need to UG
ImNotRyder: More touches Iles
Bennyy: and this is why i kept dion prestia. prob be sily playin him over mzungu now! haha
Maltylynas: Give A Swallow the Pumpkin
TheoX: na dopuble hawk hes crap slow avg disposal
Seb78: Atley you champ! C'mon Petrie
richorocks: Petrie!!!
gards: atley scored more this quarter than he has all year!
tigerman28: delaney is killing dixon!
memin: petrie kick yay
hayes7: Petrie!
Harvey29: boomer!!!!
booof25: Harvey goal
memin: harveyyyyyy
roo boys!: petrie sets up a boomer goal
Exodus: Boomer!
Luke919: harvey is an absolute STAR!
pachichi: atley almost got his BE
B_McGain: boomner will kick at least 5 tonight
NewFreoFan: Who was saying there's no png curse before?
the raven: ton up stanlet, harris, petrie, prestia
boomz23: wtf is swallow doing?!
buketsFyfe: the dish has arrived, i'll never doubt you again
Hydra911: Petrie goal assist? Hope so
m_zulian: benny. i have kept preestia as well. his mpp has been useful. he is on my bench though
thesmasher: the one week i put swallow as captain from north and he lets us down
Floor: f**k off havey
cichster: swallow is killing me!
Jedinak: mate wheres the tackle for rischitelli?
Jaguar42: any ideas on a good downgrade target for darling???
Hydra911: Unfortuantely you are gonna have to get a LOT of the ball this game to get a huge SC score...cmon Petrie
rmcf: flower your monty, this is your fault
trevor1257: do the swallow brothers have a sister?
BigV2011: PNG curse has it again
GoPies:D: all i need is swallow to out score harris in sc
roo boys!: FA petrie to smith, i have both so :P wells 14 possessions :o
higgogun!: purple name game curse!!!
demon_spud: She is called Spit'n
Exodus: Got Prestia as emg for Hibberd :)
B_McGain: good question trevor i bet shes a stunner
walle: lol I tipped GC to win
elvundir: come on captain ablett, woot, good pick up this week
xXparryXx: flower petrie
beauiii: get 3 superman capes out mpnty
Hydra911: Petrie 2FA now...GRRR
sewellgood: Im gonna get killed by opponent C Ablett
memin: lol ablett fa and 50
xumtinlong: Look at the transcript I put $10 on Swallow's PNG curse
tigerman28: it's not m0nty's fault. it's stanton's fault!
the raven: petrie stop being buddy cowlin
boomz23: @Jaguar Howe.
rmcf: come on swallow
lift_spud: flowering swallow!
Jaguar42: bloody hell gold coast u fvcken hacks
obladder12: ily zac smith
memin: atley goalll
Kickit: WTF is Petrie doing
Harvey29: atley!!!!!!!!
MsHighkick: prestia reached darling's total already.....:o(
obladder12: flower, i tipped gcs ...
Pavlich#29: Howe
dids77: lol pee tree
Jaguar42: @bommz23. good idea forgot about that bloke haha
SupaSylvia: If you didn't jump on Ablett last week at $406k, you'll never get him that cheap again.
SangaT: lift swallow!
Luke919: flame the whole north team up
rmcf: flowering hell swallow, lift mate lift
Jedinak: A Swallow, please ton up :)
stixy53: crap umpiring
TheoX: i think mckenn wants the sack wont tag wells
ImNotRyder: Cmon Iles get some touches
Since1864: Hungry Harvey in good form tonight
the raven: I'm so powered that mark ruicuto and voss made hall of fame. They are fat kunts. Voss is a heffa
Hydra911: Far out Atley, should have played you over Krak
biglads: Atley already got what he'd normally get in a full game
pachichi: atley you awesome swan replacement!
m_zulian: game over
quincat05: andrew mate wtf its gold coast
remon tea: and people wrote off nm for this game..
Maltylynas: Give Andrew Swallow the pumpkin
outandover: Holy shower Atley!! Its not the forth quarter is it?
SupaSylvia: Looking forward to seeing Collingwood drop next year with meat head Buckley at the helm.
tigerman28: ffs GAJ, ur getting outscored by atley!
Bulldogs10: png curse
joepgray: PNG Curse strikes again!
obladder12: lift please gcs, i want my tip!
the raven: inducting voss to the hall of fame is like inviting dean rioli into the HOF also
Geoff: Oh No the name game jinx is on Swallow !
sainter11: why did I put prestia on the bench :\
UncleFestr: And cape for half the NM side!
rt73: finally found a stream yay
lift_spud: the flower are you doing swallow? flower this.
bakez33: omg wtf going on here??? are gold coast not allowed to use their right leg or something surely this score is wrong!
ballbuster: Petrie for Pumpkin
thornz23: rt73 can u just tell me what u searched in google?
higgogun!: in this game i have both swallows and zac smith
the raven: rt73, post the sauce you scurvy dog
Kickit: @SupaSylvia You tool Abletts B/E is 109 DT & 129 SC so even if he scores 130 his score wont go up much at ALL ya nob...
walle: @rt73 - where?
Rourke: I've got Prestia, Atley, and Andy Otten (104) all on bench, none emerg :(
demons13: sweet, i have prestia and andy otten on the bench
beauiii: u tipped gc i take it your struggling lol
rt73: not this game guys sorry talking about Cats/Dogs
m_zulian: demons13. same here
Howdoyoudo: If you tipped GC you basically struggle at life really.
SangaT: Essendon ftw :)
Maltylynas: Give Andrew Swallow the pumpkin
Troy_Luff: @m0nty - ban rt73 and all those requesting streams - IT'S ILLEGAL ffs
SupaSylvia: @kickit > He's $425k now....I said he'd never be cheaper than $406k again.....knob.
aflfreak: flower tipped gcs in a bid to draw ahead as im equal first atm
the raven: lol, knew he wouldnt deliver. obvious troll is to obvious. BAN RT73 MONTY
sida: i thought gcs were making progress.. obviously not. :/
Dasun: D.Swallow and Smith :)
jurrahcane: gc will win this game
quincat05: yeah love having prestia on the bench when he's already equalled darling after a quater
mrpotato: you know that youre shower when aaron edwards takes 5 grabs on you in a qtr and kicks a couple...cambell brown
m_zulian: prestia has scored same as darling in 1st quarter. pity your on my bench
UncleFestr: Where's the cape for Wells monty. He tore it up.
the raven: @troy luff, It is not illegal to request a stream you spud. Only illegal to watch them. BAN TROY LUFF FOR FALSE INFO
richorocks: multi gone!
rmcf: change the PNG player for this game, its jinxing swallow
Since1864: Plenty of live streams if u know where to look ;)
chinospot: i has foxtel :D
m_zulian: is there live streaming?
Troy_Luff: @the raven - ask m0nty what he thinks about people requesting streams on here you cvnt
DCarbon: ban the conversation monty!!
VanDammage: Ban Troy Luff for being an winging little nerd!
kceb1980: you children need to stop bickering over crap
monny27: Andrew Sallow better lift or i swear to god!!
Hydra911: nice start to Q2 harris
judstar: wtf is swallow doing
demons13: stay down ablett i cant afford you already!!!
yammakid: passing shower or set in, anyone at the game?
HawksFEVER: So many people would of traded in swallow and put him as catain, what a mistake...
Luke919: looking for cheap forward to downgrade to this week, any ideas?
gards: loving the PNG curse at the moment!
Troy_Luff: go Rex Liddy!
MarcMurphy: Luke919, Jeremy Howe
the raven: @troy luff, requesting a stream is different from watching one or providing one
TheoX: howe luke
rmcf: what monty thinks doesn't make a difference, you were wrong troy luff, it's not illegal to ask for live streams
Dasun: @Luke919 how from melbourne
judstar: passing shower
Dasun: howe*
bakez33: @hawksFEVER y on earth would sum1 do that?? i wouldnt trade him in and i definately wouldnt put him captain!
walle: what is an "FA
Troy_Luff: @the raven ARE YOU DUMB?
xumtinlong: Callinan is a cheap FWD given the way Crows are playing he'll get a game next week
Since1864: Troy_Luff = Andrew Demetripoo
Maltylynas: On ya Zac
smcp: @Walle Free Against =FA
Kickit: lmfao at Andrew Swollows score...haha what a cracker...
the raven: Harris you better score well, youre covering the poor performing monty this week
DCarbon: @Walle A Magic Fountain
sydwce: @walle - free against
Maltylynas: Swallow a spud
TheoX: rex liddy is morbidly obese
BigV2011: @walle: Free Kick against
SupaSylvia: FA - Freekick Against (-3).
eski_liddr: GC $7 for lowet score of the round. You think their a chance boys?
Howdoyoudo: Hey Aga
TheoX: flower all wale
yammakid: cheers juddy
VanDammage: Ban Troy luff for being named after Troy luff and for carrying on. Or at least a spud
Richooo: @troy luff stop being such a douche
ImNotRyder: Isn't Callinan still on the rookie list?
Dasun: hahahahahahahhahahahahahahha at everyone who got swallow
the raven: @troy luff, you are retarded and im pretty sure 80% of this site would agree that asking for a stream is not illegal
Kickit: I just hope Pedersen scores 50+ thats all id like from this game...
walle: thx - Petrie spud then lol
roo boys!: i was gonna make spitter swallow captain
Troy_Luff: Guys when will Cam Richardson get a game?
TheoX: dasun i got him in last week for 193 haha
Jaguar42: yewww gold coast on the score board
SupaSylvia: @ImNotRyder - yes, but i think clubs can play anyoone (rookie or not) after round 15 maybe?
eski_liddr: i win $70 if north keeps them under 8 goals
TheoX: cam got 41 disp last week and couldnt get a game, so never
booof25: @Troy_Luff, he had 41 touches in the 2's last week, so he is very very close to getting a game
Kickit: eski_;liddr off course there a great chance
TheoX: douchbag weller
memin: 50 for edwards
TheoX: weller muppet
the raven: @monty... Ban troy luff for trolling NOW
roo boys!: @Troy_Luff, Richardson is quite close to getting a game. Tearing it up in the reserves, 41 last week and BOG today
VanDammage: @imnotryder- If someones on the long term injury list he gets upgraded
Dasun: theo, ppl who got him for this round lol
sam180696: sc?
TheoX: edwards showers me
BigV2011: Glad that I didn't put Cox as captain and Eliminator opponent has Bartel as captain
roo boys!: Another goal :D
ImNotRyder: Cam Richardson must be rooting Brad Scott's wife. He's been in the best in the reserves for like a month straight
DCarbon: MOnty can you start a linked site that shows dt scores but not the actual score
yammakid: How long before the game do clubs have to name their substitute?
Troy_Luff: Boomer is selfish because he wants to reward his DT/SC owners..go boomer, no handballs over the top!
roo boys!: Also Troy Luff, injuries to MacMillan must help out Richardson
TheoX: dasun hell probs still get 100
premiers06: cmon petrie!
SupaSylvia: Richardson's been BOG in the reserves for about 8 of the last 10 weeks....he must have screwed Brad Scott's wife.
TheoX: sc that is
SupaSylvia: @yammakid - 90 minutes.
TheoX: yeah boomer is such a knob
justin3896: pumpkin for petrie
vcgb15: Sweet, got the top 5 for gold coast
the raven: @dcarbon. I agree. I want to watch the hawks and cats game in perth and klnow the dt scores
ImNotRyder: Get a flower touch Iles
Maltylynas: Monty where is the SC??
BigV2011: go my boy Ablett!!!!
billd: Whos boomer
roo boys!: behind to drew
Howdoyoudo: Spud Troy_Luff, bloke is lost.
lozdaleg: supercoach scores?
the raven: @monty. You need to have the option to view the scores and then ban people who post spoilers
Luke919: just click teams off dcarbon and the raven
Troy_Luff: no handballs over the top...BAD BOOMER
Panties: dish will get 100sc
SupaSylvia: @theraven, dont you watch the game with the WA dely DT scores on
SangaT: a few 0's for GC in the FanFooty scoring lol :)
HappyDEZ: GC up & up for sure, where are they in 15 years time tho?
the raven: where is the "teams off icon"
Troy_Luff: @the raven - just click on teams off
rmcf: you're not in even funny troy luff
ImNotRyder: ChampionData people at the bar having a round of frothies obviously, too busy to upload SC scores
Troy_Luff: @Howdoyou huh?
the raven: No i would prefer to see the dt scores and not the real afl scores because i want to watch the ame
TheoX: who cares about the fanfooty scoring
Luke919: on the home page next to live scores
SupaSylvia: sam iles!!!! use-iles!
B_McGain: cant belive kat got axed
the raven: is good but it is always delayed and doesnt have the icons
ImNotRyder: Yeh that's right go backwards... Iles you dud
rmcf: @ Imnotryder, nah, no one cares about SC, thats why
Docker21: flower cmon rawlings d swallow and stanley
God+Jesus: Here comes A. Swallow
Panties: boomer you old timer!!
chinospot: no sc?
yammakid: Wonder if SC & DT can work out a way you dont get penalised 4 green jacket, sub 4 the sub maybe???
God+Jesus: Why no sc
Panties: boomer my capt
lift_spud: flowering plow swallow< cowhero
Troy_Luff: @the raven - if youre watching a live stream im turning you in son
DCarbon: Where is teams off button
billd: Whos boomer
beauiii: coz kangas blew the system up
rmcf: troy luff, no one gives a flower what you've got to say
chinospot: troy your a joke
yammakid: Champion data are probably those 2 blokes at the desk in the crows eagles game today
Troy_Luff: @rmcf what are you on about? SC is way better. DT was designed for primary school kids. yay another chip kick yay! flog
thornz23: lol troy_luff he can watch a stream u just cant post it....
Since1864: Ban Troy_Luff already, Monty
TheoX: fraser massive spud
Jamesy: the GAZ AZZ is HOT!
corza013: cmon petrie
ImNotRyder: Almost twice as many people care about SC than DT
beauiii: brent harvey aka boomer harvey
travo: SC Score???
dids77: i'm watching a stream on tv
Jedinak: why isnt rischitelli getting these tackles
Troy_Luff: @everyone - chill out
DCarbon: u guys are arguing on chat while i watch my two players go up and up
cichster: a swallow single handidly wins me my eliminator last week...what a difference 1 week makes!
B_McGain: andrew swallow willl still tonne up no doubt about it
ImNotRyder: Petrie getting back to his usual averageform. Good to see.
thetank: Come on iles you spud
memin: zomg petrie whats wrong with you
emmawatson: swallow is the most underrated 1st year player ever
DCarbon: now you've started the Dt Vs SC fight, ill it never end
Rated_RKO: hope petrie gets less then higgins in SC
yammakid: @troyluff youve had your rags all day, chill out mate
TheoX: may is one ugly flower
Hendo2571: petrie is averaging 90 idiot
chinospot: i thought gazza was on wells??
higgogun!: cmon swallow boys!!
Khunt1vote: swallow does!
Luke919: and lachie hansen be given the spud now?
billd: get ready to trade out stanley everyone. gonna b 3 wks
ImNotRyder: yeh but he shouldn't be, hendo
TheoX: i wouldnt take notice of montys matchups chinospot
God+Jesus: I knew Stanley would get suspended at some stage this year !!
sydwce: how longs stanley gonna get???
roo boys!: 8.7....c'mon roos, return to scores like last week :)
Pavlich#29: everyone in favour of DT say DT/ everyone in favour of SC say SC
Docker21: carn rawlings
chinospot: @theox nope montys spot on wells has moved to swallow :) on ya monty
corza013: go captain ABLETT
rmcf: @Pavlich29, no!
kaisasosai: dt
Harvey29: sc
Luke919: zac smith's been quiet this qtr
beauiii: sc
Since1864: SC (by far!)
jurrahcane: dt
sydwce: dt!!
Docker21: dt
yammakid: sc
Pavlich#29: lol
c-hawk: stanley will get off
BigV2011: traded Stanley > Broughton this week, very happy
ImNotRyder: SC. Cmon Iles get into it
Pavlich#29: dt!!!
NewFreoFan: sc
Troy_Luff: sc
dids77: SC scores or STFU
beauiii: 4 each sc and dt
cdrobert: dt
biglads: Sc
ap1975: sc
beauiii: sc two up
ryanlim: dt
Luke919: dt!
Troy_Luff: sc has 390,000 players how many does DT have
Troy_Luff: sc has 390,000 players how many does DT have?
corza013: sc
beauiii: 4 up sc
BlueGlory: dt
mricho73: sc
Since1864: sc (pet vote, like Collingwood memberships)
Pavlich#29: anyone keeping total of SC and DT scoreboard??
BlueBoys#5: sc
Exodus: dt
AFL_Hayes7: Awwww... I picked the Suns :( Anyone think they can still win?
HappyDEZ: both
TheoX: umpiring terrible, suns getting dudded
Prowler: dt
Dilen: why is everyone saying sc?
rmcf: come on swallow
charlesy11: ff
Shanghan: sc
stixy53: sure is theox
tigerman28: where r the sc scores?
BigV2011: where are the flames for Fraser, Brennan and Prestia?
Prowler: dt =390,001
the raven: yeah but i bet heros like you troy start up 4 or 5 teams
FFScience: sc
sam25: Icicle for z smith
Panties: dish!
billd: how long is staneley gonna get?
beauiii: sc wins
Dilen: i got iles on my bench, and mckenzie on da field
sydwce: A pavlich29 - i think sc will be winning by like 5, 6, 7 votes
Shanghan: sc>dt>nothing, but seriously who cares, both are good but it would make more sense to order the scores by SC
the raven: dt>sc
stixy53: swallow may have done his ankle
Pavlich#29: @Prowler lol
ImNotRyder: Keep going Iles, 40 by HT plz
SupaSylvia: Lol @ Prowler...nice.
demon_spud: junk it up petrie :)
Maltylynas: sc
lift_spud: keep climbing swallow you plow, you too dish.
Shanghan: imho anyways :)
kovach: has anyone said it yet... that karmichael hunt is the difference between gc playing well and them spudding it up :P
Luke919: give hansen the spudddd
beauiii: sc makes you look better lol
the raven: anyway who cares. both the scoring systems are flowering stupid. theres room to improve both
memin: petrie goal!
HawksFEVER: Wells 99sc
Prospector: go, harvey, go!
corza013: look at the petrie go
beauiii: whos bagging petrie now?
billd: sc,sc,sc,sc,sc,sc,sc,sc,sc,sc,sc,sc,sc, does sc win now?
Luke919: hansen could be subbed m0nty...
Dtkingv2.1: Hansen subbed
Exodus: Hansen subbed
hursty26: hansen subbed
Bigal12: footy info app has sc scores
bingobango: hell yes harvey and petrie!!
damo2468: yeeeeaabbbblllleeeeeettttttttt
ImNotRyder: Petrie junk time specialist
stixy53: ablett
Since1864: Hey Monty why dont you give the 'pink pig' symbol to Harvey for being a Hog
charlesy11: Ableeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet
Swansong: come on gazza
Fenno: billd sc wins but you look like a idiot doing that billd
SupaSylvia: I'd like to see 'hit outs to advantge' = 3 points. They're worth a kick. A standard hitout should be nothing.
the raven: worst part in SC is when your players do a clanger kick out on the full for a free kick it = -14
ImNotRyder: Jeez, and people bag Essendon for Gumbleton. At least he has had injuries, Hansen is just a pure high draft pick spud
Luke919: since1864, you're a tool, harvey is a legend, not a hog
Bizza: gotta love petrie!
the raven: there should be a "bart simpson" icon. its specifically for bartel who is the original junk time specialist
Mozza42: go boomer, you good thing!!!
mricho73: @supasylvia - hitout to adv =4
doublehawk: hansen subbed, concussion
Rossco: Prestia finally show us what he all about :)
beauiii: harvey will be hall of fame the first year he is eligble how can u bag him
bingobango: harvey isn't a hog! brereton is a tool for saying stupid shower and tainting his reputation
vcgb15: Ablett 4 Golden Gun
B_McGain: hansen subbed off with concussion speight is on
yammakid: @imnotryder, we could have had luenberger, i hope gumby gets his body right
billd: @fenno yeah u don't have to say my name twice either
SupaSylvia: @mricho73: in SC? I'm talking about DT though.
the raven: also monty, I have copyright on that "bart simpson" logo for bartel. So if you want to use it contact me
crazytrain: Harvey is selfish and ranks 15th amongst AFL captains
Luke919: i think m0nty is to busy watching the hawks play to worry about this game
ChanceB: harvey's mrs isn't much
ImNotRyder: Hansen subbed off with potato poisoning.
mricho73: ok, sorry
B_McGain: i love it how harveys selfish but has the 2nd most scoring assists of all time
Fury: Yes, Prestia! YES!
the raven: hawks and carlton= most over rated teams of this year
ImNotRyder: Iles ffs get some more touces
roo boys!: siren, happy with that first half
cdrobert: fire up harris
Harvey29: @crazytrain... you are an absolute spastic!!! he hasn't played 312 games for no reason.
SupaSylvia: Harvey is selfish, but it makes for a brillient fantasy player! haha.
dids77: monty is busy banging duthie
Harvey29: give CRAZYTRAIN the spud MONTY!!
beauiii: and what do u do for a living crazytrain? have u played 300 afl games won 2 grand finals played for aust and all auss
gards: pretia nearly got his BE already
billd: hansen subbed of with potato poisining. LOL
travo: any danger of some SC scores
TheoX: harvey would punch deck his own teammate to get a goal for himself
LnchPdMcQk: bluey should definiately sub prestia off in Q3....
dids77: i have beuaii and done more
Howdoyoudo: Crazytrain, go back to your mums bed...your so lost mate.
Since1864: Thats why Boo'ME'r is in my team, he scores well for not sharing
the raven: i was watching the dogs sts game last night and im glad monty put the spud on barlow from dogs.
johngst: DIDS - tHERE GOES THE best 6 min of Montys Life.
Bigal12: crazytrain is a kn0b
beauiii: well dids your a spud
JezOrion: had Prestia in as cover for Montagna WEEEEEEEEE :)
Bunta: How is Pederson going and where is he playing.
Maltylynas: sc
SupaSylvia: Does Hansen's injury leave the door open for Cam Richardson next week!?!?!?!?
champion: This is the first and last thing i will say all year. LACHLAN HANSEN= SPUD
ImNotRyder: Pederson could get 40 touches and 10 goals and he'd still get dropped for some reason
Hendo2571: stanley 10 points off last weeks score
TheoX: wouldve though mcmillan out would mean richo in but no...
ImNotRyder: SupaSylvia: The fact Hansen has yet to be dropped yet is evidence Brad Scott is trying to bring down the club
Bunta: Where is Pedersen playing anywon?
billd: lynch will get su bbed off
Bunta: Peddersen to be at Bomberland next year.
dids77: beauii - i have done more lol
super_spud: where the flower are the SC scores monty you lazy cow!
stixy53: any SC scores soon
SupaSylvia: @imnotryder, hahahaha.
mdm90: glad i kept prestia so far. showing why he should have been playing for the last 6 weeks
nicksnow: ablett 56 at HT
Dilen: m0nty is waiting for thye sc scores to load on the herald sun website
nicksnow: find them yourselves spuds
gb101: how the flower is delaney on dixon?
cdrobert: monty vic delay hawks games needs fixing
UncleFestr: Wells star already?
bazza525: stanley loving you big fella
dids77: harvey is hogging the sc scores
strikes91: they need khunt
fobbuddy: FMSC, had swallow as (C)
Hydra911: Kangas have so many high SC scores; restriciting lower players. Selfish plows.
MacPack: pederson??????? :9
Dilen: i traded nick riewoldt out fo mzungu, and i traded priddis in for prestia :(
Love Shack: @cdrobet, you can change the delay yourself by changing the last number representing minutes in the url.
walle: cmon GAJ get at least 120 please
Khunt1vote: No KHunt, no Cold Toast!
Stuart88: Going to be some big sc scores for the Roos
FootyFan74: why no Pedersen SC score?
Fenno: I don't get why people are so keen to see SC scores at the end of each quarter. Everyone knows they are wrong
Scotty1: Pederson 47sc
super_spud: @Dilen - you are the biggest coaching moron ever!!!!
NewFreoFan: lol Cold Toast. I love Gold Coast Puns!
ImNotRyder: Well is going to steal everyone's SC the selfish flower
FootyFan74: Cheers Scotty1
hotpie151: harvey=hall of fame
strikes91: they're only wrong after quarter time
crazytrain: Harvery will get in the hall of fame the year after Lance Whitnall
Dilen: @super_spud- it wasn't a bad trade actually i mean, would u rather have priddis or prestia?
Stuart88: There close to been right after Q time
mickey12: hi
Panties: boomer and your my capt - pod
super_spud: @Dilen - considering priddis scores 90 odd today and riewoldt got 90 yesty.. its not a great trade. riewoldt is a star!
super_spud: will come good
iLUVkhunt: hi mickey12, are you l1ds?
Dilen: yeah, exactly, i am just unlucky that the two people i traded have had good games
ImNotRyder: Get at last 80 Iles, thatd be great
Prospector: hey mickey, hey mickey
travo: common suns try andbeat the line at least
Prospector: oh mickey wotta pity
super_spud: you traded riewoldt out, potentially and should be a 120 pt player a week to a 50 or 60?
super_spud: to make the same through priddis
Impromptu: Was Stanley's knock on Petrie bad? need him next week
yammakid: @imnotryder, need a win tomorrow, reckon we'll get up over there?
crazytrain: D Swallow subbed
yammakid: Spuds spot on, you never trade your stars
ImNotRyder: yammakid: Watson and Hurley back, Freo out of form and with injuries. This is our best chance, but I'm not confident
ImNotRyder: We'll still win the Premiership though
TheoX: jesus ablett 2 turnovers
iLUVkhunt: stanley is gone
GoPies:D: cmon captain ablett
Dtkingv2.1: Lynch subbed I think
Fenno: cya crazytrain
yammakid: Hahahaha dont put too much on that, i like your blind faith though
Zarts: would really like swallow to start lifting :P
Escapist: I LOVE YOU BOOMER. keep going smith
roo boys!: goal to leigh "patch" adams
stixy53: they dont know who has been subbed
Harvey29: Ben Speight will be a gun
mdm90: tom lynch subbed
luten: Does anyone know if it's renOOF, or renOFF for the Pronunciation of his name?
luten: Sorry, wrong page
W.Mantooth: come on swallow you hack, you're not my capt but you gotta pull your finger out
brad.16: crapppp lynch was on my field.......
roo boys!: lynch time to be traded i think :(
yammakid: picked lynch over gamble, i'm goin out the back to shoot myself. Goodbye cruel world. . . .
brad.16: will lynch probably get dropped next game?
TheoX: luten its enouff the r is silent
Jaguar42: fvck me put lynch on instead of mzungu last minute. great decision
roo boys!: petrie hits the post! Argh
yammakid: key position player so prob not??
ImNotRyder: Stop Ablett, why isn't anyone tagging him
brad.16: prestia <3 ablett <3 smith <3 lynch TheoX: hes untaggable ryder
Escapist: boomer ton up this quarter buddy
TheoX: its better if they tag him cos he gets more contasted possies
beauiii: so swallow is a hack lol i wonder what you were saying last wkend when he almost got a double ton you dud
yammakid: free against chappy, it works both ways ump!!
corza013: same Jaguar42
TheoX: settle down its powering down bad day for a key fwd
roo boys!: goal to liam anthony. was either him or swallow, should have given it off ::)
ImNotRyder: Pick it up Iles
brad.16: never starting lynch on field again!
Troy_Luff: power shower flower
TheoX: GAJ shower disposal eff tonight
ImNotRyder: Suns are getting thrashed because Karmichael isn't playing
Laino24: @imnotryder they're not tagging him cos abletts dreamteam score isn't their priority, winning the game is
ImNotRyder: Is Karmichael more important to the Suns than Watson to Essenddon and Sandilands to Freo?
TheoX: agree khunt premier def in the afl
ImNotRyder: Laino24: They had the game won when they stepped onto the bus. They need to help my SC team, the selfish plows
sam25: Stop giving poor karmichael hunt shower
Escapist: boomer, come on.
xXparryXx: stanely goal
beauiii: gd comeback campbell brown
dutchtup: just want 101 swallow please
TheoX: khunt is a great exponent of the defensive spoil
vcgb15: Petrie to Brennan to Ablett to Prestia to Fraser ... Love it
boomz23: cmon swallow....
SupaSylvia: KHunt copped an injury today in the 2's......pretty serious apparently.
Exodus: Is Dion, is good.
Luke919: did zac smith die?
TheoX: haha boomer u douchburger
cdrobert: carn harris you sack of shower
TheoX: really sylvia
vcgb15: Hunt was injured, he was reported
TheoX: lucas cook smashed it vs collingwood today 4 goals
Zarts: lift suns! I have 1 million pretzels on you! :P
broaja4: supa silvia.. ur a retard, he had 25possies and got reported for charging in a midfield role
ImNotRyder: Iles you spud pick it up
jimhouse: wat the fuc k brent harvey wtf
c-hawk: traded anthony last week for pendles, and he smashed it last and smashing it this... pendles still handy though
SupaSylvia: Sorry, i must have heard the news report wrong.
vcgb15: * I meant wasn't injured
TheoX: khunt got 11 possies in a qtr in vfl
TheoX: or qfl maybe
biglads: Harris magnifying glass
kceb1980: vcgb u aint clever dude give it up
Rated_RKO: petrie stopppppp please
CourtJesta: Never knew Tim Cahill played for North. 4 goals tonight...great effort..!!
Hydra911: petrie goal assist...good work. 100 sc m8
sainter11: d.swallow mate, some point...and petrie..keep going you good thing!
m_zulian: good to see prestie and otten come back and perform
Rated_RKO: i was hoping for this to be a close match tonight.... especially the way gold coast started against geelong.... =[
ImNotRyder: Iles ya big idiot, don't think, DO
TheoX: lol jester
F1Mania: png Curse strikes again anyone?
TheoX: hate to be called rex
brad.16: boomers dominating
kceb1980: if boomer is ur hero in ur life u would be such a sad person
TheoX: ablett wake up douche
vcgb15: What r u talking about kceb1980?
tom.i52: Harvey you champ
TheoX: liddy what a handball
Luke919: smith magnify glass
xXparryXx: ablett elbow to harvey upper body almost head
hawks fan: give harvey the x factor
tom.i52: PLEASE do CRAP Ablett
layngarys : andrew swallow is a last quarter specialist..don't worry
jimhouse: harveyyyyy
roo boys!: harvey again
kceb1980: boomer = old wrinked spud
brad.16: gazzas my bitch!
TheoX: harvey or chapman for SC trade in? Chappy seems to be shi te this yr
sainter11: petrie i love you 90+ by 3qtr time mate!
layngarys : love you petrie
Enigma10: says luke delaney has dixon...but dixon ain't playing...
ImNotRyder: If Harvey wasn't such an inconsistent little twirp he'd be in my team no question
lift_spud: last quarter in this game will be worth flower all. You cow swallow.
Dicko: TheoX you are an idiot!
Zarts: Is ablett just dominating swallow to a ridiculous level?
Harvey29: @Ryder.... inconsistent? averaging 100 mate. in my team every year
GoCrowz98: Cmon on Atley and Smith!
tom.i52: @kceb1980 How, in any stretch of the imagination, is Harvey a spud?
TheoX: youve got to be impartial to a player being a tool for dt/sc ryder
TheoX: whys that dicko?
kceb1980: he just showers me he loves himself thinks his king shower
vcgb15: Wells and Ablett are everywhere
Rated_RKO: smith.. lift son... need you to equal petrie in SC =[
ImNotRyder: Harvey29: Hows he done the last 2 weeks?
tombomb83: Petrie getting some serious junk points
beauiii: harvey 2nd best north melbourne player ever
rmcf: all monty's fault, PNG jinx
brad.16: lynch has got mustons and jizzberts curse?
Harvey29: @Ryder... thats 2 weeks mate. what about the 8-9 weeks before that?
Enigma10: m0nty, no dixon, who's luke delaney playing on?!
B_McGain: lol @ harvey inconsistent. just dominates every year for the last decade or so
roo boys!: did GC just play part of their song when they scored?
vcgb15: Delaney on Krak?
jimbob_990: come on swallow's. i got both of them playing
theheater: LOL b_mcgain! harvey freak last 10 yrs
TheoX: bastinac to gws
ImNotRyder: He ran around without a tag those weeks getting cheap touches like tonight. Melts like butter with an opponent
walle: cmon suns huge comeback!
layngarys : kick a goal petrie for the cape!
B_McGain: classic stuff from ryder. how embarassing
tom.i52: Jee, thanks Tom Lynch, great score of 17 for my Supercoach ya dumb dog. You are the reason for my forwardline sucking.
ImNotRyder: Zac Smith gone to sleep
TheoX: sheesh swallow ootf
Escapist: go boomer, get to 115
Fenno: tom.i52 Lynch isn't the reason your forward line sucks your the reason. Why would you have Lynch on field anyway
Bulldogs10: flowering tag ablett!
farthers: Basti is part of Roos future. No way we will let him go to GWS
rmcf: flowering hell swalow, 50pt last qtr please i beg you
cohzee: ablett back to his captain best
Bosaltico: Got Ablett this week. Payed off well.
bobbyjay7: im lovin rex
W.Mantooth: you would be spweing with swallow captain
TheoX: Gaz ton!
iLUVkhunt: for captains i was thinking swallow cox?
tom.i52: @Fenno, it's my fault? Oh yeah, I forgot I played AFL for the Gold Coast. I have him in because I thought he was better.
crows305: Ablett you gun!!
Escapist: Fenno, the most likely reason is that he has a port forward out this week....oh wait, i see your point.
cohzee: paid
corza013: good captain ablett :)
TheoX: what the hells a ged test, advert below
raph16: whats wrong with petrie's sc??????
Rated_RKO: anyone think matera or dixon will come back into the team next week ?
Since1864: Go the little master, my Capt
ImNotRyder: Ziebell the pumpkin plz m0nty. Great game last week, back to his average best this week
swansahack: went with wells as sc captain this week. good call
Constant: only a matter off time you will see the 2 swallow brothers in blue and white.
bobbyjay7: what happened to lachie hansen?\
Fenno: @tom.i52 better than who? No decent forwards out this week only explination is you have a dud forward line.
Port1983: Dixon or Gorringe will come back in for Lynch next week I think.
champion: Dixon surely come back in....
Bennyy: give GAJ the gun coz harvey will get a star or cherry
layngarys : what has been the biggest difference in supercoach and DT in a game by a player..i know milburn once got 42 DT:122 SC
TheoX: matera still a couple weeks off, abs tear
Bosaltico: Yo Gazza Gazza!
tom.i52: @Fenno, Better than getting 17 points. And my forwardline has to have a rookie doesn't it, can't be all premiums, dude.
bretta23: clarospies are terrible
Escapist: thats the best injury you can have, an abs tear. nice.
rmcf: stop telling monty what to do with icons, its not your site
Bosaltico: Lachie Hanson = Spud King
nicksnow: cherry is the worst icon added to this site
Escapist: tom.i52 my forward line doesnt have a rookie in it, my worst player is higgins, he's also my cheapest
Jaguar42: let monty do what he wants
GoCrowz98: Happy I went Swallow to GAJ this week
soicanchat: you know your goin shower when hansen has scored more than you.
hotpie151: bretta23-supercoach worst dt coach in history
obladder12: comon zachy
tom.i52: My opponent's captain is Ablett. I need Pendlebury to be a beast this round.
Chadwickus: Heart for ablett?
layngarys : i would think at this stage your 7th forward/def/mid would either be a low price premium or (lower,stanly,darling etc)
UncleFestr: @rmcf Stop telling people what they can write
piccollo: Easy fenno, lynch has a healthy avg for a rookie. I avg 2190 and put him in. Thats sc for you.
layngarys : not someone like lynch
Fenno: tom.i15 at this time of the year you can have all premiums but if you can't surely you can find a better rookie to play
Bosaltico: @UncleFestr I second that. Good Call.
TheoX: pendles will get a hard tag with swan and thomas out
Jenko: SOS Harris...
TheoX: petrie 66 get out
tom.i52: @Fenno, I only just started my team a few weeks ago so it does take longer to get more premiums
quincat05: 290 andrew, rawlings and petrie, kgo
ImNotRyder: SC shows Petrie up for the junk time player he is
W.Mantooth: big last qtr swallow
TheoX: rex liddy=relton
tom.i52: @Fenno and my name is tom.i52, not tom.i15
Howdoyoudo: booooooooooomer
obladder12: go d.swallow, stanley, smith!
Love Shack: A hard tag from melbourne? lol
hursty26: whoever said harvey is inconsistant before is a muppet
W.Mantooth: hope rex is no relation of peter
Jaguar42: @theoX dont be so racist
tom.i52: @TheoX yeah that's what I'm scared of, the tag
hursty26: boomer could play 350
rooboypete: Boomer is my hero!!
lift_spud: you absolute cow swallow. poof
FootyFan74: M0nty You can give The $$$ SIGN to Cameron PEDERSEN mate
Harvey29: Boomer WILL play 350
Thebiggf: Putting lynch in n having prestia on my bench is killing me
rmcf: andrew swallow, you've let me down big time
Jaguar42: haha love the fact iv got harris on the field woooooo
TheoX: yep thats why i mae GAJ captain this week
bazza525: m0nty give stanly money sign
ImNotRyder: Loving Pederson's SC considering he's barely touched it since qtr time
BenW: is anyone even at Metricon now? Surrely theyve all left?
Fenno: tom.i52 who cares how I wrote your name. Fair enough have Lynch if you only just started.
Jedinak: cmon swallow, 100 plz
swansahack: boomer will play 400
Jaguar42: y the fvck does it matter if someone has the dollar sign or not?????
SangaT: hey guys, jobe here, get on me for the brownlow :)
tom.i52: @TheoX I would have too if I had him in my team, haha
quincat05: im guessing everyone complaining about swallow just brought him in. not me however
hano916: hey sangaT its chris judd here and i say your shower!
TheoX: thanks for tearing your hammy jobe yo idiot
bennn17: GAJ for 130 SC?
deano69: why do you need to add v to fvck, does it really mean more than flower
TheoX: just got him this week for that purpose tomi52
sainter11: swallow i need 80 from you mate..and petrie after your qtr1 anything over 100 would be lovely
lift_spud: NO @quincat. Had him since start. Inconsistent muppet flower he is.
sainter11: d.swallow**
TheoX: hopefully more bennn
SupaSylvia: Keep going Stanley, if you get suspended for 3 or more I'll need all the cash i can get out of you!
ImNotRyder: GAJ won't break 125sc
tom.i52: TheoX, really? But he was so expensive last week?
grossn: Keep above Smith please fraser!
Jaguar42: whats stanley BE?
vcgb15: Stanley will be unlucky to get 1 week
tigerman28: anyone else thinking of adopting a guffin? ffs, m0nty!
SupaSylvia: Why don't they include 50m penalties as a FA (-3)?
TheoX: well i had 500k sitting in the bank, may as well use it, got rid ofharris
SwiftCox: what is a guffin?
SupaSylvia: stanley's BE was 63.
Rated_RKO: traded stanley to nicholson this week just cause i needed the money.. lol
beauiii: watch swa;;ow a;most ton up lol
j0sh34: lock GAJ in for 135
TheoX: probs right ryder, been turning it over all over th joint
GoCrowz98: Whats atley's B/E?
tom.i52: Still can't believe how crap Griffen did, and I just got him in this week and he gets his lowest score this season
hursty26: how does fraser get a game, hes as bad as nathan ablett
Jaguar42: click on players name to find BE
lift_spud: swallow will ned 100 dt to get +30 SC the plow. Play like that at the start cow!
lemon13: @beauii, ;o;
SupaSylvia: GEEZ! if you want to see a players BE, click on their name!
kade44: cmon breennann and swalloowww
TheoX: harveys missus is a minga
ImNotRyder: North players will steal all the points, GAJ hasn't beenthat good anyway
obladder12: this is a really tight game
deano69: hodge is too bust cartoonifying himself. stupid add.
champion: Gaj has been at his best. He is GC
tigerman28: wots kim duthies b/e
rmcf: you go swallow!
LnchPdMcQk: come on petrie
Jaguar42: lets go ablett lets go!! lets go ablett lets go!!
Luke919: 80+ please swallow and smith
tom.i52: Harvey you champion of champions of legends
andy_c: maybe harvey;s missuss is a real nice girl
bennn17: Really tempted to 'Cartoonify' myself....
SupaSylvia: I'd still do Harvey's Mrs just so I could say I did Harvey's Mrs.
Crops1: Monty why no $ signs on North Players
j0sh34: rex liddy. is that the second best name in the AFL behind steele sidebottom
Bosaltico: Heart GAJ?
justin3896: ton up petrie
roo boys!: lindsay :(
Exodus: lolindsay
deano69: her break even is 2 million
j0sh34: you're real funny benn. real funny mate
VanDammage: Anyone named Maverick has to come close j0sh
farthers: Thomas, please go back to the vfl until you can learn to kick straight.
ImNotRyder: Lindsay Thomas is still playing? I thought it was a joke when I saw he was on the team sheet
corza013: cmon ablett get back in the game
rmcf: dont stop swallow, flower off harvey
mattys123: Both Swallow's junking well.
Swansong: 130+ Ablett juck it up
j0sh34: i think rex has still got it
deano69: to see whta you look like as a cartoon click here
Munza: cmon ablett ffs
tom.i52: Should I get Scott Thompson next week or another backman? Does anyone know anyone to downgrade Paddy Ryder to BTW?
ImNotRyder: What's Daniel Wells SC gonna be? I'm guessing 163
Rated_RKO: no petrie... go rest for the next 10 minutes
Essendon18: cmon atley, finish strong
hursty26: tomi52 downgrade ryder to vardy from geelong
Jaguar42: @tom.i52, coud go vardy, but hes already gone up a bit. what about moran??
ImNotRyder: C'mon Iles, get to 80 at least. I'll be happy with that
tom.i52: @Hursty, but he might have gone up too much already? Or am I wrong? Thanks anyway, good idea.
Lecras2: Tom.i52, u smell
Jedinak: brennan for the heart please m0nty
j0sh34: go make me an ice cream
Turn: petrie in form lately
walle: 9 goals in 15 minutes..possible..??
obladder12: comeon swallow you shower
Jaguar42: scratch that dont get moran ahah
tom.i52: @tomi.52 yeah well you stink like a wet dog and look like a pig
linusp: did they not give brennan his goal!?
Fenno: Jaguar42 have you ever seen Moran play? worst player in the AFL was dropped and will never play AFL again he is so bad
Luke919: anthony plus 18 ahahah
bennn17: Cmon ablett! Get amongst the junk!
Jedinak: brennan for heart plz
beauiii: plus 18 lol take it
hursty26: i dunno i downgraded jolley to vardy in his first game and just left cox and smith as my main rucks
deano69: peter liddy
tom.i52: @Lecras2 yeah well you stink like a wet dog and look like a pig. Sorry for the screw up before.
FreoWOLF: downgrade ryder for joel tippett. have petri in forward as back up ruck
SupaSylvia: 60's seem to be Iles standard score. How did he win GC's B&F last year? Different role? No stars around him?
rmcf: wtf are you doing swallow
Sandi2Pav: Lot to like about Liddy, looks good
Smiley19: Junk it Garry Junior!!!
VanDammage: ha muppet for Tom.i52 even bagging himself
brad.16: hopefully prestia makes 80. thatd be sweet!
Jedinak: thankyouu m0nty
roflchris: petrie better get at least 70 sc
Docker21: roughys gone down with an achilles
hursty26: dont putr ya house on lindsay
Luke919: zac smith disappointing today
tom.i52: @VanDammage, yeah I know, screwed that one up lol.
Smiley19: Hell we need this Rawlings!!!
Jaguar42: hahahahhah tom.i52 ur an idiot. atleast you know it i guess ha
ImNotRyder: Cmon Iles get involved in some cheapies
Lecras2: Muppet for Tom.i52
champion: fraser on my bench. ha...just using him as a junk ruckman. classic.
m0nty: no spoilers from the other game please
tom.i52: @Jaguar42 haha, lol i no i failed, ha.
SupaSylvia: YES NO SPOILERS! Watching both DT scores and the game on DELAY in WA.
brad.16: flower off im watching the other game on delayed you cocksucker
mtty: Rischa get the ball son
brad.16: hate people that say things on other games! should be banned immediatly imo!
Jedinak: go rischitelli and swallow ton up in junk time
CourtJesta: Good to see that the word "COCKSUCKER" hasnt been censored.
Panties: go dish!
jimbob_990: dont spoil it for the rest d**kheads
outandover: lol jesta
Bigal12: cocksucker
Exodus: Gonna go watch the last bit of the Gee/Haw game after this, NO SPOILERS!
ImNotRyder: Iles come on mate, a couple of cheap kicks and tackles would be nice
mtty: Get 130+ Ablett c'mon
imessenger: if you dont wanna know watch the blog you flog
rmcf: ton up swallow
carnthedee: slutttttttsssss
Turn: yes petrie ton
jimbob_990: yay. Petrie 100
Panties: disho!
layngarys : petries played on bock all night not may..guess i dont care since he's cracked the ton!
brad.16: but chat is meant to be about this game you hack! not talking about other games....
Exodus: Boomer star, Wells/Ablett gun?
tom.i52: Any1 know how much Vardy costs in SC?
SupaSylvia: Carn to time to rest yet!
Dees2015: who is liddy?
Luke919: swallow get one handball and then stop!
lift_spud: 90+ Sc Swallow and Petrie you dogs
brad.16: couldnt give wells the gun. too inconsisten
biglads: Harris heart Monty
bennn17: Gazzzzza.
farthers: collingwood's Dick got injured again.
Jaguar42: omfg ablett ur superstar!!!!!!
obladder12: onne up stanley
beauiii: check wells average
B_McGain: wells will get the star once again
ImNotRyder: power off Ablett
jimbob_990: kick it gablett
Crim2010: 130000 vardy was
grossn: Thanks for the amazing score Boomer :)
Munza: Yes ablettt
Costanza: slut it up Gaz
TheoX: Gazza!!!!!!!!!!
walle: If type shower does it say shower?
Jedinak: ablett get lost mate
SupaSylvia: With no Swan or thomas, do you think Kraouer will get a gig in the midfield?
Exodus: This will be Wells' 5th ton of the year and will bring his avg close to 100. Not exactly inconsistent.
tigerman28: yablett!
mtty: c'mon Ablett go 150+
beauiii: ablett captain gold
Cr4zY ii: flowerin hell ablett. settle down
Swansong: time left?
Cman: gazza captain for me stoked!
Sandi2Pav: harris to gaj this week, yes i am a master i know ;)
LnchPdMcQk: what is this bullshower
craigib: hapy with my upgrade libba to ablett and ablett my (c) this week! :)
walle: why yes yes it does how flowering clever
tom.i52: Too far Ablett just go away and sit in the corner and stop scoring
ImNotRyder: Gazza the golden bin
swansahack: wells sc captain. i am a genius
syoun18: Gaz has gone crazy
GumbleTON!: Yes Gary
SupaSylvia: Where's that dusche who called me a knob and said Ablett's price wont go up much this week with a BE of 103?!
B_McGain: wells is pretty consistent but ocasionally has ginormous sc scores
kah_kah: cherry ablett!
beauiii: like i said check wells average take the good with the bad boys stilla veraging a ton
bennn17: Get the 40 possies Gazza!
j0sh34: Get the 40 possies Gazza
UncleFestr: Two guns. Wow
corza013: loving captain ablett
Sandi2Pav: gaj will get the cherry no doubt
LnchPdMcQk: last time i looked ablett was 112. flowering roos.
Since1864: Bring me home the points Captain Ablett :)
Jaguar42: lynch grabbed my team and tore it open from behind. if it wasnt for him id be doing amaziing
walle: Yay for ablett C
Munza: Yes Captain Ablett
grubby: 2 guns for Gazza
champion: ablett SC capt.....gonna be 150 Sc easy..half possies been contested. GUNNNNNNN
B_McGain: ablett no influence on this match
roo boys!: mckenzie is very good!
Maltylynas: Gablett Dominate
Smiley19: give Ablett a jet!!! He is better than a gun!!!
kirk=god: @ImNotRyder, genuinely lol'd at golden bin
champion: Swan to Ablett in AFL is a must! hahah
mtty: wouldnt mind another one Ablett
wazzbatt: Wish I had of traded in Gablett a week or two back - Best player ever!!!
Since1864: aaabbbllleeeettttt
ImNotRyder: Typioal Ablett stepping it up when the game's already over
GoCrowz98: Siren
happyjoe: give iles the $$$$$$ please
Jamesy: Gary Ablett- 141 SC I reckon
Fenno: How is Harvey not the star only 5 less possies than Wells but 4 goals
Escapist: i love you brent harvey, happy roo's record.
Cr4zY ii: cmon smith a mark and kick will get u 80 and i will b happy with that
ImNotRyder: How did Ablett ever win a brownlow, the junkie
beauiii: harvey bod wells 2nd ablett 3rd
Jedinak: tim cahill with five goals tonight
mrjudd: Trent McKenzie went to my school :)
bennn17: @ImNotRyder - Clearly you dont have Ablett..
beauiii: bog'
Jedinak: yessssss, michael rischitelli u champion, tonned up again
SupaSylvia: Do you need to give an X factor if you win by 60 points?
Bosaltico: Got Ablett this week in SC, made Pendlebury Captain. No pressure Pendles =)
CamT: ImNotRyder has no idea !!
ImNotRyder: Ablett 130sc I rkn, and he'd be lucky to get it
arkie: mrjudd: McKenzie went to my school too. I'm guessing you went to St. Paul's College.
CamT: How did Ablett win three Player Association MVP's ? By being the best player
Maltylynas: Stanley wat a gun
mrjudd: arkie: Yeah , class of 2007
j0sh34: @imnotryder give ablett, he is a legend
Bosaltico: GO THE ROOSTERS! Wait, wrong website...
ImNotRyder: Ablett 138. Terrible DT:SC conversion, the junk time hero
arkie: mrjudd: Class of 2008 here.
j0sh34: *give ablett some respect
Go Bombers: Just cause I no Shaun atley and I'm best friends with his brother who got best on in Vic last year. Jealous
Jaguar42: i sweat rischitelli gets 100 every week, nothing more nothing less
Shanghan: Wells and Boomer I <# you!!!!
theheater: i played for the cannons and played on ablett back in the day! he didnt get a touch, played forward
CamT: GC would have lost by 100+ points without Ablett
sam180696: give ablett the bloody ak 47
cohzee: eight tackles and he;s a cherry picker?
mrjudd: :)
tom.i52: Yesss! Harvey 148 SC!
B_McGain: the cherry icon is misleading need to rethink that one monT
Shanghan: Who is shaun atley?
Bulldogs10: omg gaj, my opponent has you captain and i have js, forgot to make boydy captain!! -.- :(
Sandi2Pav: cohzee read the cherry icon information
Turkies: cohzee. read the description you muppet
carnthedee: monty , this cherry sign just isnt cutting it. you need to change it pronto cherry picker
bickies: get a bloody room arkie and mrjudd
sundymundy: no way. 94 points?!
j0sh34: @Go Bombers, well im cousins with suckling and he is way better than atley
mrjudd: no probs bickies
MarcMurphy: I got a ranking of 427 in the eliminator.. when there's 8000 odd teams left, why do i get someone ranked 5000th?
Centurions: oh my flowerimg god chose t lynch over mzngu
carnthedee: my team is on 1812 after 7 players. captain hasnt played
goinape: why has ablett got a pair of testicles next to him?
rmcf: whats wrong with the page?
Go Bombers: Shanghai he plays for north Melbourne and Shaun atley will be better than suckling and atley came from the country
Chadwickus: wow carthedee your players are averaging 258 each
j0sh34: @carnthedee, so your average player score is 258
Shanghan: Again, I've seen atley play, yeah, not too briliant. I know Gawn and Bucks, so does that make me awesome?
the raven: lol at all the spuds who chose lynch
j0sh34: @Go Bombers, suckling came from the country as well you muppet
Fenno: MarcMurphy because its random who you play. Only non random part is top half will play someone in bottom half
Martywalke: Wells is the afl's most underrated player
Bosaltico: @goinape The funnier thing is i think they're sprouting XD
Shanghan: just saying, lol. I don't get what all the fuss is avout, just about 100% of the people I know is mates with someone who
rmcf: PNG winner yeah!
Rated_RKO: i hope those SC scores are correct... smith beat petrie is great for me .
Go Bombers: Who is gawn and bucks
Shanghan: ...plays is all
tom.i52: @the raven, lol thats me
tom.i52: Boomer 148 what a beast
Jaguar42: @martywake, more like the AFL most inconsistent player
Go Bombers: @josh34 go smoke ur weed some where else u looney tune
MarcMurphy: Thanks Fenno...
xXparryXx: 92 petrie not 87
B_McGain: agreed marty. everyone says hes overrated but he dominates all the time. beautiful player
j0sh34: @go bombers, good comeback mate, you must be the one smoking weed if you think atley is better than suckling
rmcf: why isnt my name now purple?
Peterdean: this is the 2nd 170's Daniel Wells got for the year
bennn17: @Go Bombers - Max Gawn, Simon Buckley. Do you even watch AFL?
B_McGain: atley will shower on suckling when he gets a few more games under his belt.
Go Bombers: Atley isn't better than suckling u said atley is 5h!t when he I'd the one playing AFL not u
Go Bombers: @b McCain ur the only one with brains
j0sh34: i never said atley was crap, i just said suckling is better. are u playing afl?
Go Bombers: And now I no who they r bucks from cooling wood and gawn is he from hawks
Go Bombers: No but atley is and ur not
bennn17: No Gawn is from Melbourne idiot.
j0sh34: but suckling is and your not
Go Bombers: Oh I remember now
Centurions: all my opponents had ablett captain :s
Go Bombers: Yea wat ever I no suckling is better now but atley will end up better
Go Bombers: Well I no Joel seleood cause I used to have a kick with him at the park in bendigo
Jaguar42: i used to have play dates with ablett ey
azzacooney: ablett 2 good
hunt: well done kangas. g8 win