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Panties: Buddy out?!
rootopia: Franklin ffs
gards: damn you buddy!!
lukeDluke: hiiiiiiiiiiii
hawks fan: should be a good match up. no sandilands, no franklin =drawn game
vicfreo: disappointed buddys not playing. wanted some highlights for whats going to be a long day at the g for me
ben31215: hi
boomz23: expect franklin to miss a few weeks... calf injuries r never 1 week.
TiGeRt0uGh: yo
scootmagoo: 1st
theskunk: freo by 10
hawks4eva: m0nty palmer and breust are subs
TiGeRt0uGh: wonder how cheney will go played ok pre season
Horin123: m0nty on the AFL site it says no late changes? Is buddy still out?
Roargasm: buddy is out but afl shows no change?
EssRaiders: Good luck to Cheney on his first game at the hawks!
TiGeRt0uGh: is there something wrong with the chat
EssRaiders: Good luck to Cheney in his first game for the Hawks!
Aaron1976: are Freo any chance with Buddy out ?
Aaron1976: It was on national radio yesterday after lunch that buddy was out. it's old news
swedhmafia: will be interesting to see how the hawks go without Buddy, i don't think it'll affect them too much
Aaron1976: I have Pavlich, Lower, Fyfe & Mzungu in this game, no hawks players :(
HawksStud8: i wouldnt say now that buddy is out, its a drawn game. Hawks will still dominate mid
SankDog: lol Buddy was announced out yesterday at midday not sure why all so surprised
itsduftime: omg buddys out!!. did not see that coming
xumtinlong: The said last night on Channel 10 Buddy could be out for 2 weeks
knighter33: Got a heap in this game Buddy { :( }, cyril, suckling, puopolo, pav, mzungu,
leondavis1: im on 1579 with 13 played but with franklin (no emergency) kills 100+ gone begging
swedhmafia: I have puopolo pavlich lower
Lecras2: Come Mzungu counting on u to cover for Kerr
swedhmafia: is buddy out?
trevor1257: < The Bomber: any chance cam richardson will play to north...only emergency
Lecras2: I'm doing soo crap. 12 completed 803. Still got Mundy, Pav, Harvey, Judd (Capt.), Gibbs, and 4 rookies.
tom.i52: Crap wrong account, I'm Lecras2.
burner72: Hope Monty is'nt biased like he was last night, Swan 4 "undeserving" goals and Montagna the heart lol
tom.i52: This my real account
burner72: I'd rather "injured" Swan with 4 undeserving goals in my side than "Heartless" Montagna
minuzzo: i got pav rioli mzungu all capable of 100s
tom.i52: Oh my God, only 2 of my 12 completed got +100. Only 3 got +90. Frikin frik.
stevemac5: if birchall gets 100+ hes going to have to be considered
meziare: so by the sounds of it any score over 2000 in DT should be OK?
burner72: Any score under 2000 will be ordianry, All the mains are firing this week except for a couple
meziare: a couple?? Sylivia, Buddy, Chappy, Selwood, Swan, Monty all out or below par
sam25: i put 20 on rioli first goal cmon sizler
tom.i52: The average for my team is 66 per player. Frikin hell. Judd, you better do good or I will punch your head.
BigLynchy: is anyone's teams actually affected by next week's bye? :) port should have the bye more often
Jimmy40: I'm 1505 from 15 played. Captain Selwood.
burner72: I'm above 100 ave for my side, should crack 2000 easy
Cr4zY ii: 1304 with 13 played. but got no-one covering for buddy which sux
Big Rig: @ meziare Boyd aswell!!! and Franklin out
walle: averaging 100 per player this round of SC - C still to come(Judd)
burner72: i cant believe no-one has buddy cover in yr forwards, No mzungu, darling?
Cr4zY ii: big rig he has got franklin there
chaosrules: if you dont have cover for buddy your team is crap
Thebiggf: I'm looking at over 2300 sc pretty easily with sylivia in my side n lynches score 4 buddy capt cox helped me alot thou
trevor1257: 1810 on super coach..8 guns to go...i could give 3000 a nudge
Cr4zY ii: i usually hav covers 4 him but tapscot is out and jack has the bye
crafer: chaosrules, whats youre overall ranking then ??
Thebiggf: What's your team name Trevor
chaosrules: you should of traded tapscott out by now
The Me: Chapman and J.Riewoldt out took all my bench
chaosrules: 3600
burner72: Tapscott has peaked shoulda traded him when he got injured
trevor1257: yappasgiants
Big Rig: Mzungu or Kraka should be there as a reserve. got to be atleast one reserve that playing (cash cows)
crafer: so if ranked higher than you with no cover does that also make u CRAP
chaosrules: lol crafer long season mate
burner72: anyone ranked higher than 3600 with no cover wont be for long lol
Thebiggf: Lynch n presta my reserves forwards, prestia should start next week killed it wen he come on yesterday
burner72: Didak is my forward cover, cheap and will get better
feralmong: a donut for buddy is fine for me. Not gonna burn a trade for that. Still gonna win my league game.
Thebiggf: What u ranked Trevor
burner72: Mckennas not giving Prestia a good run atm
Bennyy: needing big things from the 2 men sitting on the bottom of the teams! hopefully they end up top!!
trevor1257: 228466
stixy53: who will win this game,the Hawks you reckon?
Smoke Dogg: common Capt Hodge need a big game son tear it up 2d
cdrobert: with ya benny
trevor1257: late starter
Fenno: Stop having a winge about guys not having cover half of us only had Lynch/Prestia as cover so may has well have had none
feralmong: its the business end of the season that counts. u need ur trades then. don't matter if u win by 50 or 150 this week.
Thebiggf: Let's go Mitchell, suckling
Crows Fan: unsure how Kyle Cheney gets a game for hawks
chaosrules: darling ok cover for buddy
meziare: Chenay was pretty good in the NAB
Crows Fan: Nick Lower will get subbed for Rhys Palmer
Jake9: Need rioli pav mzungu and lower to have big games
burner72: Lets see 4th qtr bin expert suckling ton it up again :-D
remon tea: crichton will get subbed
baggers11: i had no cover for buckley lastnight does that make my team bad?
bigjuddy: lets go lower, mzungu, broughton, pavlich, hodge, puopolo
burner72: have ya noticed lower scores well in away games and not on the big WA ground
burner72: not your team baggers11..just you lol
baggers11: well i had deledio, newman and b smith on the bench
sam25: hi all lets go rioli first goal
Big Rig: hahahah @burner72
chadwick: Need someone to tag fyfe
FunkyJunk1: C'mon Burgers - time to kick into gear son.
Ice Cold: Glad I didnt bring in Breust = the professional super sub
Thebiggf: Darling out of my side this week anyone no how callinan went over the weekend in the ressies
Big Rig: @baggers should have some MPP for deledio!!
swedhmafia: @ banger72 - completely agree, but i still think that puopolo will score more in this game. gee i have gun cover!
benny21: come on hawks, smash em
FunkyJunk1: Callinan 55 possessions, 8 goals and 15 tackles. Craigy won't bring him in though as he doesn't want attacking players
Fenno: Callinan didn't play this weekend
sam25: ha ha at funky junk
cobsta: badly need a 130+ from hodge and mundny (sc)
Smoke Dogg: hawks should play I Smith again he looked ok in the 2 games he played
Thebiggf: Lol funky junky he went all right then
justin3896: come on hawks!!!
burner72: MPP is the most important tool with the bye this year, not much thought if you dont use em
falcooons: lets goo freo
The Me: START - Hodge starting forward
Pokerface: he cant play callinan, he is still rookie listed..
FunkyJunk1: Sorry Thebiggf I couldn't help myself
Harmes37: the frockers are gonna get hammered
gabriel: go hawks!
FunkyJunk1: C'mon the Hawkers beat these Wharfies
ruthejorda: gibson on pav @ m0nty
NewFreoFan: me too cobsta, if those two fire I'll be ecstatic
thebestHT: buddy :(
bigjuddy: pavlich on gibson
sam25: max bailey in the race
The Me: Max Baileys into the rooms
swedhmafia: max bailey off with a rib injury
bigjuddy: max bailey down the race
rhaz: Broughton, Lower and CYRIL!! Cyril is very important for me.
Smoke Dogg: Max Bailey must be so unlucky hurt already again from first bounce lol
savo: still got franklin, petrie, mzunga watson puopolo and thompson and im on 1787 dt
FunkyJunk1: Get out the sticky tape - Bailey injured again?
swedhmafia: @ pokerface - he could be upgraded after this weekend due to the rookie elevation rule
justin3896: chris mayne goal
PuUurfect: hodge forward ?
NewFreoFan: go away fyfe.
falcooons: mayne goal
mrpotato: lets go tendai, gave you the start champ
thebestHT: tendai and fyfe i need MASSIVE ones
FunkyJunk1: savo - not sure if you are aware - Franklin not playing??
ImSoHood: savo how much u think franklin will score?
idig: yeah lets go cyril i wanna see u serve up some delicious shower today
iwtflp: bailey must sin A LOT
savo: franklin not playing
Bryce08: broughton in the midfield, awesome!!
swedhmafia: Mzungu clanger ffs
mrpotato: any chance next year roughead will have dpp with ruck foward? wuld be very handy
The Me: Bailey back on the ground
knighter33: Started Mzungu for Cotch, had to move him to mid, if i kept him fwd he would have covered buddy and jacobs > cotchin
thebestHT: just start bailey with bandaid, poor bloke
Jimmy40: at the end of the day, give your heart to Jesus, and nothing can hurt you.
Smoke Dogg: Nicl Lower looks like a poof
burner72: damn 3 numbers off 1st division this week, shoulda made him captain !!!
lift_spud: that's it Broughton, make up for spudcock!
swedhmafia: no way was that 15 metres!!!!!!
BigBadBen: Get a life jimmy
bickies: Buddy out was captain, now fyfe is captain need a massive one from
justin3896: roughead hit post
bickies: Buddy out was captain, now fyfe is captain need a massive one from him
Hurlz: Need a big game from you Hodge, Broughton, Pavlich, Lower and Mzungu... covering buddy
Cr4zY ii: lovin it broughton
thebestHT: @bigbadben, hahaha
swedhmafia: broughton lol suck sh!t all you guys who got rid of him, he's a gun!
TiGeRt0uGh: suckling
burner72: my aponent had buddy captain and cox vc ffs lol
Hurlz: Hodge in the negatives :O... LIFT!
andy_c: pick terrible captains
thebestHT: @bickies, any danger of choosing a midfielder?
auxafembel: come on duffman put on the cape
XxBrayden: Come on Hodgey!!! you have the big C this week!! Frick!
Cr4zY ii: good start broughton, mzungu and lower
The Me: Pav shot on goal
falcooons: pav lining up
mrpotato: love the way hill mudny and pav take the tags and fyfey gets a free run
justin3896: selfish as usual pav
Smoke Dogg: FFS Hodge be a leader n get the ball and get the hawks in the game
Jamesy: Hodge, disappointing start.
thornz23: looks like lower is gna burn me yet again by making the wrong backmen choice..
idig: who's playing on cyril lads?
Swannies: excellent swearing there XxBrayden
sheedz85: c'mon hodgey, break the crawley tag with hard work.un him ragged
swedhmafia: gee Mundy is a gun
gabriel: my name is purple!
thornz23: oh sick i got the png :D
XxBrayden: Does anyone know why Mayne has a* next too him?
TTT Saints: my eliminator is fyfe + lower vs pav + broughton!
kade44: got lower pav need mzungu to ton up
Harmes37: so lower didnt burn you.... u burnt urself
Jamesy: Hodge, with the possession!
PuUurfect: any late mail C richardson is playing? his my franklin
sam25: hodge 2 possies
BigBadBen: It looked like lower was on mitchell, he will get him near the ball all day
burner72: thornz23, if ya look at lowers scores he scores well interstate and crap at home
XxBrayden: Excellent swearing?? what u mean?
Cr4zY ii: @XxBrayden first goal
swedhmafia: wtf Freo are getting bitched by the umpires!
sam25: * indicates 1st goal
Harmes37: * is first goal
thornz23: mmm havnt noticed that yet burner. think ill stick to that from now on though
sheedz85: maybe lower on rioli...?
thebestHT: * is first goal
XxBrayden: ahhh roger guys thanks :)
itrollyou: Haha Podgey gets tagged and will have no impact on the game
biatch132: cmon hodgey i got u in my team this week and this is how u pay me?
swedhmafia: clinton young you are a spud! bring back isaac smith
sheedz85: lower making me ay early for starting stanley over him
supaeagles: good to c ive put the heavy tag on hodge this week by trading him in
justin3896: lisle on debut shot at goal
thebestHT: does anyone know if isaac was emergency?
Swannies: Have Broughton, Mitchell, Suckling, Lower, Fyfe, Puopolo, Mzungu and Mundy in this game. Hope its high scoring!
sam25: hodge is capable of supermasn quarters relax ppl who have him
Thebiggf: Keep going Mitchell n suckling
swedhmafia: lower runs around without a man half the time, perfect player for freo
joxstrap: MZUNGU for the star
FunkyJunk1: Clinton Young one of the most important players in Hawks structure
fezza: Freo looking good for $4.50
BigBadBen: issac wasnt even an emg.
sheedz85: @thebestHT, no he wasn't. Isaac is MIA!
Cr4zY ii: @thebestHT no he wasn't
justin3896: young goal
TTT Saints: omg shiels in a negative role. fmdt
XxBrayden: i want 4 superman quarters from him though... need to catch my eliminator guy who had cox as capt :(
thebestHT: ugh, thats bad news
burner72: Swannies, yr gonna be stuffd in rnds 16 and 17 with all those players in your side lol
captjerk: * means they're injured
sam25: whitecross and crichton on fire
joxstrap: Cyril Rioli is basically Farren Ray, agree? he's only kicked 3 goals this year
Jedinak: Mzungu, puopolo and lower playing today, to bad franklin isnt
Jamesy: Mzungu lining up!
Jedinak: go mzungu
The Me: Mzungu shot on Goal
swedhmafia: mmmmmmmzungu!
Cr4zY ii: ive got 2 donuts this week and will still win the eliminator
FunkyJunk1: Rioli is Farren Ray?? Are you smoking drugs? Rioli has talent to burn, Ray is a hack
Harmes37: * = first goal kicker
piestorm: hi
thebestHT: go tendai
itrollyou: Broughton's back in form, time to jump on him?
falcooons: mzungu goal
sam25: mzungu goal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
stixy53: mzungu goal
FiveStar: yeh the gu!
deadsets: f off pup
thebestHT: yeeeeeeeessssssssssssss
superstar3: great to see blazer on broughton. makes me smile, kept the faith
captjerk: mzgunguuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Jamesy: Mzungu goals!
Bryce08: loving it broughts. keep it up mate
swedhmafia: broughton you are a dead set gun! how good was that for a goal assist!
HawksFEVER: Goal to mzungu
pricey: Broughton to Mzungu = Jizz in my pants
tor01doc: joxstrap - ur unworthy
vamos77: is bailey done?
thornz23: guys did mzungu kick a goal?
sam25: spot on funkyjunk the only reason he hasant reached his potential yet this year is injuyr
thebestHT: bailey is ok atm
chadwick: Lift mitchell
BigBadBen: bailey is ok
Coonballs: Woooop!
Prospector: Two "Goo"s here today!
lift_spud: fyfe, mundy, broughton and mzungu in for this week. Go Boys! You too Puops!
FlyinHigh: vamos77 do you want a medal or a mars bar?
Smoke Dogg: flower hodge should have stayed with pendle as capt
joxstrap: Rioli has been statistically identical to Ray this year. He is normally better, yeah, but it's close this year
HawksFEVER: Step up Hodge
sam25: tendai has the ingdredients to be an sc gun he can play everywhere covers a lot of ground and has x factor potential?
Jamesy: @thornz23 yes he did
Coonballs: Correct pricey
ChanceB: does hille's zero count
jeffb: Bailey is fine, was just winded.
RogerTwose: Mzungu nice Emergency for Buddy!
swedhmafia: guys do you think it's worth picking up Fyfe?
thornz23: loving this from the poo :) looks like a real good dt scorer
gabriel: hawks will kill second quater
Crowbot2.0: Flower me I put Lynch emg instead of Mzungu by mistake arghhhh might cost me with Buddy out
thebestHT: @prospector, who?
XxBrayden: ffs hodgeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Gandog: C'mon hodgey, pull the trigger
PuUurfect: y cant we c live SC scores. MMM last night was announcing them during the game
bigjuddy: who would of thought out of this game so far hodge would be the worst
Swannies: Anyone considering getting rid of Sandilands for the cash and keeping Smith for the season? Its tempting...
Crowbot2.0: Fyfe flame
swedhmafia: sewell is too slow for afl
TiGeRt0uGh: cheney looking ok for his price
The Me: Hill 3 tackles in 5 seconds
Cr4zY ii: flower off poo. stop scoring
bigjuddy: For me
elvundir: yeah i just got rid of mumford, and put smith second ruck to cox, great idea
supaeagles: broughton is back im bringing him in nxt week
sam25: this griffen looks like a goer but when sandi comes back will he hold his spot?
Crowbot2.0: Hawks jumpers are shocking
dids77: onya poo
ScootD: My worst trade of the year... Broughton->Gram!!!
Zarts: suckling, rioli, pups and mzungu in this...
burner72: It's tempting to get rid of sandi but it's only a toe
HawksFEVER: Hodge will gun it, just wait...
Junkitup: Brian Taylor "Look @ Clancee and his white shorts" lol
PuUurfect: smith will tire towrads season end
thornz23: dnt think so sam25.. i guess it depends if he can play forward
TTT Saints: i'm a dt addict who has bought a bad batch and is having the worst trip ever this week
FantasyBoy: ily broughton
thebestHT: fyfeeeeii
elvundir: C'mon burgoyne!!
sam25: @thornz23 yeah which is a shame hes good but sandi is sandi
FunkyJunk1: C'mon Burgoyne - pick it up time to turn it around
justin3896: great start for lisle...
leobertos: accidentally have nahas as emergency for buddy!!.....could cos me the game!
sheedz85: @junkitup brian taylor is the biggest spud in commentary. such a retard
thebestHT: lisle mate come on
burner72: Just picked up didak as forward cover, burgoyne is cheap for mid cover too
Cr4zY ii: fvck young is doin alright
biatch132: pav only 2 touches wtf?
burner72: might grab lake for backs cover as well
Smoke Dogg: gotta get broughton in this week he killing it again
deadsets: Freo way to go
sam25: bt is an awesome commentator
sheedz85: fyfe and broughton hurting me again this week.
superstar3: mitchell, stop sucking ar se, score like an ex captain should
Crowbot2.0: Didak has to go. Worst premium pick ever
PuUurfect: do not buy burgoyne i started with him his killing me
justin3896: gibson on mayne
fezza: Broughton sc will be amazing all inside 50s
sam25: hodge free kick and kick
rhaz: thank you very much broughts!!
FunkyJunk1: Pav will still score high in SC - like a lot of names he automatically gets +40 each week on top of his score
Grazz: Will Broughton continue to play this roll or is it tempory only.
captjerk: +0+0+00+0+
ScootD: thats the big question Grazz
ScootD: I suspect he will be in and out of this role, i.e. rollercoaster
TiGeRt0uGh: need sucklin,pav,lower to lift common boys
sheedz85: broughton is very tempting at his current price as a 6th/7th back
idig: delicious is deicious
waston4: rioli
totcd: what was broughtons BE?
Big Rig: rioloi
Bowzer: love cyril
Junkitup: Delicious
swedhmafia: zachary clarke is tagging mitchell! lmao
falcooons: rioli goal
Grazz: @ScootD yeh i know, what worries me is if i buy him he'll go straight back to his old roll
ImSoHood: is pav still playing key fwd 2day?
crows305: Mitchell being tagged by clarke..
thebestHT: whats wrong with bob murphy this year?
claywi15: Zac clarke tagging mitchell
Piesrox11: Rioliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
chadwick: Bought Mitchell in this week ;(
bakez33: apparantly zac clarke tagging mitchell according to ch 7 commentators what a weird match up....
sixxsixx6: so glad I put the DT (C) on Hodge this week
carts08: this crowd is pathetic
Reidy: got on Broughton last week.
FunkyJunk1: Cyril is deliciousness personified
Zarts: hawks will come back to win this, freo will go down, and when their injuriesw return broughts will be put in lockdown.
Eagle boy: Pav will score high in SC cos he's a legend
HawksFEVER: Why isnt hodge playing rover?
idig: lets go cyril lets go
Aaron1976: pav always starts slow, annoys me, he is much better than that
waston4: rioli again :)
Grazz: @ScootD cheers for that, i know if i pick him up he'll go straight back to the old roll, im lucky lke that lol.
TiGeRt0uGh: lisle looks a likely buy after next week
Gebs: rioli!!!!!!!
idig: back to back cyril ur so delicious
remon tea: rioli goal!
NunnyOwns: go die cyril -_- LOL
twsherrin: Rioli SC will be massive
Piesrox11: rioli 2 goalsssssssssssssssssssssss
m0nty: Cyril nom nom
david95: 2 gols 4 rioli in a minute
chadwick: bakez33 foxtel commentators
Coonballs: Pav will score high in SC cos the ppl that do the scores are cheats
Zarts: Lisles firing to prove his worth :P
kade44: one more touch mzingu need a ton from u
supaeagles: pav starts slow and comes home slower !! i want to get rid of that hack
kano: comment from zarts the supercoach...
thornz23: flower me cyril again!
FunkyJunk1: Brucey would be loving this deliciousness - his pants would be very sticky indeed
remon tea: rioli again!
Piesrox11: Lisle looks good but dunno how many games he will get
sam25: cyril dominating 3rd goal?
waston4: rioli not again
swedhmafia: cyril cape!
Prospector: Sizzler going ape!
Reidy: cyril, kill it mate!
Lionman: wow when your hot your hot
thebestHT: rioli for star?
kangars8: freak!
evall95: rioli again
ruthejorda: rioli!!! going for 3!!!!
idig: cyril on the siren
kade44: supermanm 4 rioli
david95: cyril goin 4 3 in 1 and a half minutes
leobertos: bailey is the worst sub for sandilands!!
biatch132: cyeil for the gun!!
Prospector: cash or credit?
Bowzer: cyril going for his 3 goal, love him
Ice Cold: Delicious
twsherrin: 100 SC Rioli coming up
The Me: rioli
Reidy: good call m0nty
idig: damn cyril that would've been special
Thebiggf: Cyril sc be huge
gabriel: go away mundy
ScootD: Broughton's role could be affected when Barlow gets back in the team
Bryce08: superman for rioli
captjerk: flower you cow hodge
Heppell#21: if you think im a superstar or have done well for ur DT/SC this year do this <3
Zarts: superman is for a 50 point quarter
Heppell#21: ***
sam25: cant wai till next bombers game for stanton jokes
idig: cyril deserves the cape for points per minute
ImSoHood: cyril 28 pts in about 3 minutes
Zarts: you beast rioli.
Piesrox11: Rioli = Superman yesssssss
Grazz: my opponent has Cyril i have Buddy, how did i know Cyril would rip it up with Buddy out,im thinking im physcic.
thebestHT: dude m0nty does the calls its up to him, i agree with him
FiveStar: u deserve superman when u get 40 points in 2 minutes
idig: guesses for cyril's qtr time sc score? 85?
Piesrox11: That would have been delicious rioli
scrappers: or three goals zarts
Bryce08: ScootD, you wish, broughton will just swap between mid/back, still score well
Port1983: Barlow will be back in a month.
ImSoHood: cyrils got a "case of the guerra's" ... contagious from last week
FunkyJunk1: Bruce is dead for sure - deliciousness overload. His whole home would be Sticky Central
evall95: super cyril
XxBrayden: Dear Luke Hodge! WAKE UP YOUR KILLING ME HERE.
TTT Saints: don't care if cyrill gets 400 just don't let hodge near it
Moondog21: Suckling should be 17
Prospector: "case of the guerra's" - hope he drinks 'em one at a time!
sam25: mzungu sc should be pretty good
sheedz85: great start for the young kid lisle
HawksFEVER: @XxBrayden Dont worry Hodge will get 100+
evall95: Im thinking of getting rid of sandi and getting mitch clark to get some $ and then ill have cox and smith
ImSoHood: hope a blackbird lands on pav's shoulder and asks him to lift
Frankdagun: kept broughton for sc. had faith in the lad!
gabriel: suckling will make 120
Port1983: Good to see Hodge & Pav failing.
XxBrayden: I know thats probably true but as capt i needed him as close to 145 as possible to = opponents cox as capt!
swedhmafia: attn m0nty - fix your website! the forum is spazzing up again as per usual!
Grazz: Is Valk here or at the game.
mcwarne: I think its time to put someone else in charge of deciding who get the superman. wtf.
Frankdagun: burgoyne to mundy lookin like a good move. got flowerin sick of burgers burgers!
gc4life: going bailey over smith this week because mith was playing cox and nicnat was probably the wrong choice!!
blueboyscj: why cant mark harvey tag cyril ffs?
justin3896: monty, shiels has had 2 disposals
evall95: why is shiels now on 10?
smackdog34: is max bailey cooked boys?
sheedz85: suckling seems to junk stats regularly, hope it's the case again today! Keep workin hodgey
justin3896: @gabriel i hope so
TiGeRt0uGh: some work really needs to be done on the site thats for sure but if they havent got the sponsors its not worth it
FunkyJunk1: I have a feeling today will be the day Burgers turns it around
Frankdagun: relax guys, monty is a hawks man, he can do whatever he wants
rootopia: Cyril deserves the superman, why is everyone complaining?
DT Maestro: Quarter time Super coach scores are always doubled
thebestHT: any estimates on the crowd?
sam25: by the end of this quarter we will all love hodgey mark my words
biatch132: u cant tag cyril his too quick
swedhmafia: suckling is junk central
ImSoHood: suckling always starts slow, the mini skip usually arrives 16min mark of Q3
didak7: Lol at the cyrol cape
cobsta: @blueboys u cant tag someone thats playing full forward
buketsFyfe: broughton will be the best dt back in the comp if he stays in the mdifield
FunkyJunk1: When Delicious is on - untaggable. Can stop on a dime and work his magic like noone else
twsherrin: Rioli 81 SC
Cicjose: tiger tough just be grateful you have this source for scores
Jamesy: hodgyyyy
idig: hodgey lining up
supaeagles: kick the goal hodge ffs
Crowbot2.0: sc?
ImSoHood: does guerra have pumpkin on the menu today? ... or will it send chat into meltdown whining about it
sam25: @bucketsfyfe above fisher and shaw thyink about it?
stevekat10: With Franklin out I'm in big trouble, I need Puopolo to score, oh, about 250...
swedhmafia: lmao Hodge you fudge packer
hawks_92: ump just screwed hodge
Prospector: We don't stop on dimes here, we turn on sixpences!
idig: fyfe marked hodges shot at goal...flower that
captjerk: floweren umpire flowered up hodgey
sam25: lol at stevekat10
evall95: cyril
Prospector: Sizzle again!
shredR: cyril
swedhmafia: flower cyril is killing them!
thornz23: jesus cyril is absolutely dominating
hawks_92: ohhhhhhhh cyril
GoPies:D: rioli 81 sc
Reidy: buddy who?
Rommas: cyril!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
TiGeRt0uGh: does darlings 78 as em for franklin get added after game or now to my dt score?
God+Jesus: going to trade adcock out of my side this week any thoughts on replacemnts ??
idig: lets go cyril lets go
XxBrayden: come on hodgeyyyyyy lets make up for that quarter <3
kah_kah: cyrrrrrrrrrrilllllllllllllllllllllllll
burner72: Suckling the it..can we get a miniskip icon Monty
justin3896: delicious!!!
Bryce08: rioli's SC will be awesome!
thebestHT: delicious
shredR: rioli has 3
Bulldogs10: need pavlich and mundy to get huge scores
Reidy: after the game.
remon tea: rioli goal!
gc4life: cyril you gunn!!!
Planking: delicious
Crowbot2.0: Now Tigertough
Piesrox11: 3 goals woop
TTT Saints: need shiels to lift
buketsFyfe: @sam25 more consistent you would think
twsherrin: Make a move Harvey - Rioli killing you
FunkyJunk1: How can anyone be any more delicious? You can't - impossible
TiGeRt0uGh: thanks reidy
swedhmafia: puopolo 48! boom
ImSoHood: rioli 81SC qtr time
sam25: bruce must be excited
Junkitup: BT "Cyril has kicked 3 consecutive goals with a behind in between the 2nd and 3rd" wtf?
biatch132: cyril rioli. WILL YOU MARRY ME?
Rommas: pav!!!!!!!!!!!!!
gabriel: flame up fyfe!
yomofo: best week to trade rioli in
sam25: @bucketsyfe yeah is pretty consistenmt but youd have to see it over about 10 rounds or a whole year to compare
swedhmafia: great contested mark by the Pav. what a star!
Scratchy: Need Hawks to win by 40+, who thinks that will happen?
Cicjose: send deboer back to tag rioli
nathan11: think buddy should miss more games, go cyril!!!
mitch4: b4 the lockout i traded in mzungu and subbed him fo jack riewldt, didnt work s i clicked cox captain ad it locked out as
idig: cyril and broughton flower yeah
justin3896: come on shiels!!!
FunkyJunk1: Harvey has nothing - Cyril too good
sam25: @bucketsfyfe most likely more consistent than heater
DT Maestro: Q1 super coach scores are always doubled... there is a bug on sydney herald website... Half time and Q3 scores are ok
J.Bartel: pavlich hasnt had a good dt game in awhile. needs a 100+ to get back on track
pachichi: cyril the gun!
remon tea: silly pav :s
supaeagles: ffs pav ur goal kicking is mud
Aaron1976: Is Pav the worst shot on goal in the afl ?
idig: yes pav stay down there
GExcell: harvey - no idea. worst coach afl
kah_kah: Junk game goals they are talkign about
Prospector: Classic there from BT
Floor: i just cant stick with didak any longer... he's goneee
Planking: it means he kicked 3.1 without anyone else scoring
Paliente: if Rioli, Lower, Mzungu, Fyfe to get 100+, i'm well on my way to 2500
sheedz85: ha ha ha, classic example junkitup as to wh BT is the worst commentator going around
sam25: puopolo 48 sc loving it
Cruise_on: Has there been a more disappointing Rising Star winner than Rhys Palmer?
Jokulhaups: hawks 40+ easy
idig: whitex goal
Floor: hawks 1-39
smackdog34: gandog... come in...
muggle25: m0nty getting ready to give Cyril the gun
FunkyJunk1: Bit harsh of Rhys Palmer - has come back from serious leg injury. Give him time
Eagle boy: BT is awesome
iHeartDees: Damn you Cyril, I need Pav to outscore you :(
biatch132: @cruise on Justion Koschitzke was preety diappointing
sam25: hodgey coming
pachichi: this game is bringing my dt back to life!
chadwick: Cruise_on nick riewoldt of late
bernieV: i love bt
DT Maestro: pav worst shot at goal??/ haha no way Roo has go that covered
Rommas: Let the rout begin
TiGeRt0uGh: one the freo players tried to claim touched THIEF
buketsFyfe: @cruise_on- no, noone even comes close to palmer
rodallegaa: cmon fyfe, lower and mzungu
ImSoHood: palmer = rising SPUD
J.Bartel: do you think suckling is a safe upgrade target now is he worth the trade from nick lower?
evall95: get in it mzungu
swedhmafia: lmao Hodge your useless
sam25: probably not cruise on
God+Jesus: thoughts on replacements for adcock
sheedz85: flower off for a while fyfe, pav and broughton
rodallegaa: yeah cyril
Eagle boy: Palmer just warming up as the sub so he can come on next week and scare the b-jesus out of Barlow
Floor: north swill smash adelaide by 40+
Cruise_on: FJunk - I agree but its been awhile now. He is not looking like it
TiGeRt0uGh: dont trade adcock
thebestHT: broughton
OhYeah===>: Shaw, Thomas, Bartel, Moloney, Goodes, Cox(cap), Johnson, Kennedy over 100, hopefully Rioli, Mzungu and Puopolo
BigBadBen: Haha go BT
sixxsixx6: Monty getting ready to give Cyril more than the gun ;0<-{
Jokulhaups: Bailey should have chosen golf
kano: LOL @ Floor
buketsFyfe: ballantyne having a shocker
burner72: they will sub palmer and barlow so thier not on the ground together lol
FantasyBoy: go broughton. another 120+sc please
Reidy: get a touch Broughton
Crowbot2.0: If anyone spoils the North and Crows result I will be very, very upset
tommy49: i dont know if its time to replace aadcock yet he has had 2 bad games in an otherwise pretty good season
Cruise_on: Maybe I spoke too soon, surely Kozi has been a much bigger Rising Star dud
Jaguar42: carn mzungu. need a ton from u today mate
ScootD: lol @ burner
biatch132: get rid of palmer before barlow comes back, so it wont happen again
Frankdagun: mundy to broughton :)
Eagle boy: Dockers should drop Palmer on principle alone
FunkyJunk1: Kozi biggest spud in AFL
Floor: @ kano what? they will
sam25: oh yeah forgot about kosi on a similiar topic anyone remember dalziel 32 disposals on debut now in VFL
ScootD: techincally adcock has had 3 bad games if you consider round 1's 57 also
Nicksta: anyone know what happened to Savage?
Port1983: @ Jaguar42, relying on a ton from MZungu? not very well planned!
Fireballz: worst rising star = danyle pearce. hands down.
6ualdv8: why do people think anyone cares what there own teams and scores are?
swedhmafia: the spud should be re named the Kozi
God+Jesus: cmon mzungu where r u
123wce: should i trade zach smith out?
burner72: Kosi never got brain damage, he had it before he became a footballer
BigBadBen: Definatly has to be no brain Kosi
biatch132: pearcde has talent, kozi is just a muppet
Crowbot2.0: Not to mention Dean Polo, 30 odd touches and 3 goals in his first game
david95: how much does barlow cost?????
justin3896: has mzungu touched it this quarter
rodallegaa: pearce is a freakshow. hes obviously good, hes just inconsistent
kano: @floor ..based on what mate ? North are not good
tommy49: savage is injured something about his foot i think i heard
sheedz85: @6ualdv8, totally there with you on that one
Eagle boy: @6ualdv8 I do not know
BigBadBen: I had steak, peas and mashed Kosi last night for tea
Bretto3: @6ualdv8 could not agree more with you
God+Jesus: thinkin of bringing in broughton while his price is down
thebestHT: fyfe and mzungu get into it!
chadwick: Dangle Pearce was rookie listed, Palmer and Kosinski top 10 draft picks
sheedz85: mzungu will be good for 70+
sam25: god is that true crowbot how does it happen?
rodallegaa: come on fyfe!! big qtr please
swedhmafia: pearce is soft, will never make it
Floor: @ kano just put money on them by 40+ and thank me later
fezza: How many inside 50s broughton on?
Nicksta: What is it with Hawthorn and not updating their squad list! Savage, Franklin...
ScootD: Barlow = 456k in DT
FantasyBoy: stay loww lower
6ualdv8: its just SO annoying
sam25: mzungu 4 points this quarter
bakez33: 7 point play :D
cdrobert: hawks are flowered
swedhmafia: lmao guerra for the muppett!
Reidy: muppet guerra
david95: muppet 4 guerra
Frankdagun: guerra looking for dt points by playing on... haha
tommy49: 550k in SC top priced middy
kah_kah: muppet
sheedz85: continue to stay quiet please fyfe and pav
burner72: saints wont win a flag unless they part with kosi, jones, baker and peake and the muppet fullback
swedhmafia: muppett and pumpkin for guerra!
justin3896: ahahahaha clancee pearce
Crowbot2.0: I have no idea. Complancey maybe? Same reason Chris Masten got picked at 2 and is the worst player in the comp
jamin2813: just brought in adcock this week, he better not continue this form...FMDT
supaeagles: guerra pumkin burger and muppet
Fireballz: These fishsticks are hard as tits
joxstrap: Rioli is a gun
kano: @floor...cant do it mate, no way i put my hard earned on North just to win. Hope you are right tho
Prospector: fishsticks?
supaeagles: masten went at pick 3
stevekat10: go the pu!
Rommas: Masten was pick 3 you spud
Azza24: LIFT HODGEY.... ur my captain :(
david95: muppet 4 lisle
thebestHT: muppet
captjerk: spud
DT Maestro: hahahah muppet lislwe
Crowbot2.0: Nice kick
cdrobert: spud that cow who kicked that
captjerk: hahahahahaha
Cicjose: rioli hasnt scored in the 2nd qtr
Jimmy40: Puopolo for cherry and bin.
Jedinak: OMG muppet, spud everything bad
swedhmafia: hahahaha Lisle is a worse kick than Buddy - who would have thought!
Pavlich#29: Lisle muppet
Moro: Jordan LOLisle
XxBrayden: Same Azza!
TiGeRt0uGh: wow lisle your goal kicking is killing your game you look good apart from that
sam25: yeah chris masten
andy_c: give lisle the spud
Crowbot2.0: Yeah I knew it was either him or Palmer at 2. Thanks supaeagles :)
tommy49: anyone else have gazza as captain seems to me like he's back at his fantasy footy best
captjerk: give lisle the muppet
dids77: cmon fyfey
sheedz85: that's it hodgey, good intensity. fire up
burner72: Monty..Grover should have his own muppet symbol
Moro: imagine training your whole life only to find no matter how good you are you are a complete choker hahah that must suck
captjerk: -6?!?!?! floweren hell hodge
Frankdagun: cmon mundy
swedhmafia: lisle for the spud - what an utter re-tard!
kano: didnt palmer go later that that ?
Reidy: they are doing all they can to stop Cyril getting a touch now
Crowbot2.0: Got Gazza in last week tommy49 and he didn't let me down
Fireballz: Give lisle the fishsticks icon
david95: wat happend 2 guerras muppet
XxBrayden: hodge you are killling me arrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh -6!!!!!
TTT Saints: this game is killing my dt....cmon shiels, lower, fyfe
supaeagles: hahah np crowbot just trying to keeps the facts right here i only deal in facts lol
idig: fyfe miss
thebestHT: flower you fyfe, kick that
newmie: 2 muppets monty
TiGeRt0uGh: im not a great footballer but even i would have kicked that goal lol def SPUD
supaeagles: yr palmer went at 7
tommy49: need a couple of sausages from u pav LIFT!!!!
Crowbot2.0: Haha facts are good
biatch132: fyfe u kill me every week!
sheedz85: yessss, flower off fyfe, lower and rioli
falcooons: lift mundy
kano: i reckon cotch at 2 ?? palmer 6 or 7 i reckon
sam25: thats it dockers stay with them good for my multi
Pavlich#29: freo way to go !!!
Rommas: Monty doesnt give Muppets to Hawks players
kah_kah: ttt saints lower and fyfe are in the 30's your a spud
sheedz85: dockers playing a good brand of footy, regardless of personel
Reidy: c'mon broughton
Crowbot2.0: Really? flower I was way off the mark
swedhmafia: lmao kyle cheney what an utter spud
bdiesel: stfu you trolling muppets giving it to lisle.
buketsFyfe: raise the bat broughts
rootopia: Does anyone else think that mOnty has gone a bit mental with the amount of icons
remon tea: rioli gone call
remon tea: old*
deadsets: hawks need hodge in the game
rodallegaa: grrrrrr come on fyfe!!!
remon tea: cold*
idig: die fyfe
falcooons: fyfe!
J.Bartel: is pav up forward or in midfield?
swedhmafia: nathan fyfe you dead set superstar
DT Maestro: way too many icons
Scratchy: agreed Rootopia.
stixy53: fyfe goal
thebestHT: fyfe i love you
Pavlich#29: FYFE Goal!
SickBloke: cmon Mundy fire up
thornz23: damn u fyfe stay down ffs
Bryce08: Fyfe!!
Jedinak: go freo
Crowbot2.0: Fyve Star kick
david95: well done fyfe
muggle25: love m0nty's icons - bring them on!!!
OhYeah===>: Fyfe is only a kid, give him a break
korza: Fye fo Fye Fum
captjerk: hodge youre the showertest player of all time
alekstah: flame on fyfe
Bretto3: Lets go Fyfe
lift_spud: Where are you Mundy? FFS
Docker21: fyfe is only 19 but is gr8 overhead
supaeagles: hodge needs to start tagging crowley
NoButYeah: WTF Hawthorn, get ya shower together
sheedz85: flower fyfe has been a gun this year. dare i say it, trade him in for an underperorming didak?
Dageavu: duffman
Pavlich#29: Freo! another one!
leobertos: rioli pleaaaase come back!!
Jedinak: go boys ahvehjbsjfbdwfeiwd
remon tea: duffield goal!
f1-77: Duffman!
The Me: Duffield
falcooons: duffman!
Azza24: where is cyril this quarter
justin3896: 4 unanswered goals for the dockers
Docker21: duffield
deadsets: hahahaha freo give it to em
FunkyJunk1: More icons I say. although site does need an upgrade
hawks4eva: damn it freo stop it!
swedhmafia: fyfe will end his career in the same bracket as hird buckley voss
evall95: lift shielssss!!!
david95: hawks suk
sam25: hodge gone to half back thank god now hge will dominate
Blanketman: fyfe is awesome
dids77: onya fyfey
ebol: Fyfe's SC will skyrocket after that 2 minutes of play.
Jedinak: ffffrrrrrreeeeeeeeooooooooooooooooo
sam25: rioli 67 sc at half time i think
rodallegaa: carn rioli
TiGeRt0uGh: crichton spud
Jedinak: wow duffield hero to zero
thornz23: crichton what a crab!
swedhmafia: crichton for the muppett!!!!
Swannies: rioli gone missing?
rootopia: Garbage bin icon for the MCG ground staff for the amount of junk on the ground
Dageavu: how does crichton get a game with freo?
smackdog34: flowering buddy... get out there
elvundir: cmon burger kick it!
kaisasosai: come on (C) hodge :9
justin3896: great goal burgoyne
UglyOldPim: Cyril gone cold
tommy49: big call swedhmafia bit early to but him in that bunch
kano: lift mundy
OhYeah===>: Hawthorn without Franklin= No Goals
newman61: lift hawks lift
Docker21: chricton muppet
BluesFlag: go freo
Crowbot2.0: Anyone considering bringing in Roughead as premium forward?
Piesrox11: Lift Mundy
Eagle boy: Fyfe is over rated. True test will come if he is ever tagged.
Jedinak: hang on wrong guy lol
smackdog34: inspired choice playing max bailey over z. smith... flower i'm good
hawks4eva: thats it hawthorn keep it up
FunkyJunk1: That's it Burgers - time to shine
Crowbot2.0: Ageee Crichton is terrible
Blanketman: spudmafia! you know nothing...obviously!
Jimmy40: Fyfe will end his career playing for the Auckland Chargers.
captjerk: hodge hurt his ankle
idig: terrible smackdog
meziare: frozen?
mfwb17: Fyfe = Bartel
Jimmy40: There will be a Kiwi AFL side within a decade. mark it down now.
OhYeah===>: Even for Fyfe's age, he's a superstar in waiting
zadow757: lol i have hodge captain
swedhmafia: eagle boy - your just saying that as you have a pathalogical hate for freo.. Fyfe is a star already and he's 19
Jedinak: yyyyyesssssss
PuUurfect: freooooo
hawks4eva: no more goals fremantle stop!!
falcooons: lift tendai
Ferog: Lucky I have Roughead to cover for Buddy..
ebol: Crowley dominating Hodge... LOL
Docker21: what a great team goal!!!!!!!
joxstrap: Fyfe does get tagged you nonce
Gandog: Smackdog haha Maxi Maxi
justin3896: come on hawks!!!
chadwick: Duce ain't a star, good player but not a star
Dageavu: lol at fyfe haters....hes gonna be a gun
Russ dogga: is everyones frozen?
Crowbot2.0: Yeah Eagle boy Fyfe isn't overated
sam25: i have no doubt fyffe will be a start but if you compare to hird etc its too early to know
Harmes37: kiwi side.......early team names ?
burner72: Fyfe will win a brownlow one Judd retires, actually anyone will lol
chadwick: Fyfe
Aaron1976: afl site is so bad these days, thats why the dt scores here dont get updated like they should
swedhmafia: you spud Jimmy40 - no crowds in NZ they can't get 200 to a cricket game
Monkey_Man: Suckling looks tired. Needs a rest. Wouldn't be surprised to see him rested next week
Jedinak: mc pharlin and fyfe have changed this quarter
james35: burgoyne plus 14 lol
OhYeah===>: Common Burgoyne and Duff man
The Me: Lift Suckling
pozzle11: come on duffield this is pathetic
Jimmy40: Auckland Chargers.
Blues_FC: three lols @ people who traded hodge in this week
MikeeK: Go Freo! Buddy - bing Bada Boom!
Jet11: keep pushing freo! cmon
deadsets: Dodo's
Prospector: All Blanks
FunkyJunk1: C'mon Burgers keep going - get that form back
TiGeRt0uGh: lift pav get in the game
Harmes37: I was thinking the NZ sheeplovers
supaeagles: the freo crowd is pretty big i cant belive melbourne has loser freo supporters its painful enoungh living in perth
david95: if sandilands was playin hed b dominating this gam
swedhmafia: the poo is killing it again - well done son
pozzle11: for god sake duffiled come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
gursh10: hopefully lower scores more than puopolo by the end. puops is sitting on my bench...
newman61: flower you hawks you weak dog overated hackers no franklin no hawks
kade44: dissapointed mzungu if u dont ghet over80 im going to lose
Prospector: Christchurch Shakers / Quakers?
OhYeah===>: With Duffield, Rioli, Puoppolo, Burgoyne going well, hoepfully Mzungu joins the crew
sam25: please hodge please
demons13: lift suckers, poo, and zoo
Prospector: Ewe Turners?
pozzle11: duffieldddddd jesussssssssssssssssss
alekstah: cmon mundy!!!
Harmes37: beaten in a bad taste contest *hangs head in shame*
Gandog: Hodge and Mundy, whats doing
Jaguar42: mzungu ice cold
spudmania: wtf are you doing hodge!?!?
swedhmafia: mzungu will only be a good forward 7 if he plays off the hbf
lift_spud: flowering Mundy do something
deadsets: wariors
Pavlich#29: pavlich + 10 !!!!!!!!
Wardy: NZ BaaBaas
DanF: Who's the Hawk's Ranga?
nathan11: hey cyril wake up
shaggz31: has rioli touched the aggot this q?
deadsets: man ferns
rootopia: @prospector racist sheep jokes are ok but natural disaster with deaths is a bit low
FunkyJunk1: Take flame off Cyril m0nty. He hasn't been near it for a while. Keep cape ready though as he will don it again
ogarman17: how jesse chrichton gets a game amazes me
pozzle11: duffield lift your game
swedhmafia: cyril for the icicle
david95: icicle 4 cryril hasnt touchd it in like 20 min
kade44: mzungu 50 pts next qtr ?
pozzle11: get stuffed broughton crowley and griffen get stuffed
Jaguar42: far out i traded broughton out haha
b3nj11: Can someone Please explain to me this too many connections error??
johno69: Poor form Prospector
Reidy: danf: it's kyle cheney from Melbourne. Him and Bruce came across together
andy_c: sun means on track to get 100+.which he still is
swedhmafia: png isn't working.... again!
Aaron1976: PNG too many connections, 2 games in a row grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
newmie: too many connections
ogarman17: Nathan Fyfe is going to win a brownlow
Harmes37: whaaaat! so racism is ok but natural disasters arent, wheres the line here?
kovach: PNG- too many connections?
tyhwu: broughton, keeping the faith!
memin: had a feeling broughton would come good
dids77: cmon tendai
Reidy: not icicle you muppets, it would be the magnifying glass
Tittan99: Pav will get 91
lift_spud: Mundy you cow
pozzle11: fricking hell duffield what are you doing????????>????
andyman268: I was going to trade Hodge to complete my midfield... not anymore!
ogarman17: @spies1234 your a flower twat
sam25: serioudly kyle cheney playing and isaac smith not hhhmmmmm?
Hendo2571: haha so glad i kept broughton, now that he plays on the ball hes scoring well
FunkyJunk1: I am going to take a stab - too many connections ...???
TiGeRt0uGh: broughton is single handedly keeping my eliminator oppent alive :(
sam25: pav 106
Jaguar42: suckling you hack. need a tonne atleast
DanF: @Reidy. Thanks, didn't recognise him.
Pendlez10: great quarter dockers
GoPies:D: rioli will get 76 SC
Swannies: Pavlich = 88
J Dog: no one pick 45 plz
sam25: rioli 68 sc im guessing
NewFreoFan: Clancee Pearce's white shorts getting him an extra +4 at half time
dids77: onya fyfey
TiGeRt0uGh: i cant stand u guys that abuse kids for not being consistant you should be banned
Aaron1976: fan footy server needs more bandwidth clearly
ogarman17: flower flower flower flower... im not even swearing just writing flower, LOL ROFL COPTER
newmie: too many connections m0nty
dids77: too many connections, lift monty
Azza24: Please come good in the second HODGEY (c)!!!!
Prospector: Waitangi Wolves?
redwallis: lachie hendo is a spud
Gandog: Mundy 1 touch that quarter
dids77: too much poo
moogs: flowering hell
GoPies:D: pav will get 42 SC
NewFreoFan: Hodge Mundy and Suckling gonna cost me my first SC loss of the season. Oh well.
smackdog34: wouldn't have minded knowing buddy was out before i put hawks in my multi @ 1.12...
itrollyou: People who jumped on Luke Podge, are nothing but flogs of the highest order
tyhwu: anyone getting into PNG
johno69: Poor form Prospector
Harmes37: rotorua rooters?
Swannies: methinks champion data have got it wrong again
Bomber3441: I was in, not sure if it registered though.
hawks_92: rioli 77, fyfe 75
stixy53: YEP GO INTO png
dids77: i was tossing up between hodge and thompson - went with thompson so might have another toss
NewFreoFan: @itrollyou, why do i get the feeling you're trolling me?
gwardy: let us play PNG m0nty!!!
hawks_92: pav 44
Crowbot2.0: Hurry up SC scores
newmie: m0nty what is going on ?
GoPies:D: fyfe wll get 73 SC
ImSoHood: flogs have an order? or a class system of their own?
itrollyou: Only chasing last weeks points, hes goes missing with a tag
juzzyb: @tyhwu yep
rodallegaa: cmon mzungu!!
smackdog34: come on zooooong
Chazticles: another good upgrade in hodge..
lagas: mzungu cmonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn u idiot!
lagas: lower WTF
YoungGun: hawks will win, hodge for X factor please.
juzzyb: haha how many goals will buddy kick... not many
GoPies:D: cmon mzungu
lagas: mzungu will get subbed
bazza525: word is mzungu knees hurting might be subbed
Jedinak: mzungu and lower i still think will gather 80+ each if dockers keep it up
caleo: carn freo
justin3896: shiels is being a bit of a seagull at the moment
pozzle11: bazza word is i am going to knock you out
lagas: need 90 from lower, won''t happen in THIS KINDA FORM
throtle: Pick 6 in PNG is a hard one
MayhemFC: Franklin will kick 10 goals.. and Judd will get 3 votes in this game....
bazza525: pozzle jeez im just saying what i heard mate if got him too soo
Harmes37: Juddy gets 3 votes in the bye round!
CaptCrawf: WOW, just found the shinboner spirit, unfortunetly David King ate it!
demons13: mzungu needs to be at does sucking
dids77: buddy will find it hard to get back into the team the way lisle is playing, should i trade him to ballantyne
RedRaven: Sorry to all hodge owners.
RedRaven: traded him in this week, hence his showerty score.
Chazticles: dids your joking right??
mossssssy: they need buddy back to make sure they kick more behinds than goals
kano: @ Chazticles....what gave it away muppet ??
desklamp: LOL dids77 that is the most rediculous comment ive ever heard
Reidy: muppet alert
Jedinak: go freo
alekstah: lets go mundy!!!
Jet11: cmon freo!
swedhmafia: mu mu muppett!
TTT Saints: no junk time for the hawks this week.....
rodallegaa: goooo fyfe
TTT Saints: lower pls cover the pav
Pendlez10: get up dockers
NewFreoFan: hodge, if you get overtaken by bailey I'm going to lose it
newmie: 3 muppets m0nty so bias
Jake9: go rioli ne 130+ from you in sc
swedhmafia: lmao Hodge for the burger
Jake9: need*
Reidy: michael johnson was better when he was on coke
Jet11: hodge spudding it well!
Bulldogs10: lift mundy!!!!!!!!!! !!!
TiGeRt0uGh: fyfe gun
Jaguar42: i think tendai has gone back to zimbabwe
NewFreoFan: So was Cousins Reidy. Starting to see a trend here.
Jedinak: De Boer is the best tackler in the game
mruniverze: Josh Fraser WORST number 1 draft pick EVER???
dids77: who is l1ds?
ogarman17: Barlow will not be back next week, BT has got his info messed up
jazzaman65: shiels iscicle
pozzle11: fack you fyfe
W.Mantooth: come on shiels, 80 point second half!
Jaguar42: haha as soon as i said it hes back
supaeagles: im gonna lose and the guy im playing has 2 duck eggs
The Me: fyfe injured on the bench
NewFreoFan: Jordie McKenzie would have to be better than De Boer surely?
scarlett: Hey Monty, hasnt Fyfe kicked a goal?
pozzle11: f u duffield
Eagle boy: Buddy goes alright on coke also. Had to slow down since he's on 2 strikes tho
proud_lion: well i think i can nearly say "i'm glad i kept broughton"
ogarman17: its fyfes shoulder
Reidy: fyfe gets injured every game
ogarman17: fyfe will be back dont you worry
zed fc: fyfe's shoulder
Cotchin: fyfe left shoulder, shouldn't be a worry
Harmes37: anyone know the most disposals in a Qtr?
BluesFlag: no fyfe no!!!>!>!>!!>!
zed fc: spot on bout buddy ther eagle boy
tom_scully: fyfye should be done for the day and have a few weeks off I reckon
NewFreoFan: me too proud_lion :) new Broughton would find his way back!
W.Mantooth: fix fyfe up and get him back out there!
Woody15: not keen on getting fyfe in.. his shoulder seems dodgy
dids77: fyfe is hard, unlike higgins
TiGeRt0uGh: so glad we both have fyfe
jacksback: @mruniverse: Josh Fraser is pretty poor. Almost as bad as Tom Hawkins.
Jaguar42: fyfe subbed or not?
chaosrules: fyfe shoulders held in place tape
pozzle11: get stuffed fyfe you little shat
Pavlich#29: @Harmes37 Darren Milburn got 19 in the 1st qtr a few years back
Eagle boy: Barlow played a half for Peel Thunder this weekend for those interested
leobertos: wtf happend to riolo seriously!!
ogarman17: yesss griffin
Reidy: keep going Broughton, loving it mate.
zed fc: yes cmon dockers give it to those Dawks
swedhmafia: bye bye hawthorn! all over
thedaveyb: It's the same injury he's been carrying for weeks
swedhmafia: no franklin no hawthown
scarlett: If Freo played it safe with Fyfe, they wouldnt win any more games!
boomz23: he hurts his shoulder every week but never anything serious...
hawks4eva: sub fyfe off
Reidy: rioli will be put into the guts soon, they need something special
tom_scully: umps no idea, so much for the advantage rule
pozzle11: duffield do somethingggggggggggggggg
Daniel82: fyfe looks better - about to cone back on
Harmes37: thanks Pav29 bcos D. Swallow just went berserk in 1sy qtr
TiGeRt0uGh: @monty any chance we could add the players numbers beside there name?
NewFreoFan: looks like we've finally figured out how to play without big 211
jacksback: proves Hawthorn are just making up the numbers in the 8 losing to this rabble!!
The Me: fyfe okay and Hodge on the wing
ogarman17: geees mundy get some ball mate #notgoodform
scarlett: EAgle boy, good to know, any stats on Barlow?
Port1983: @ Eagle boy, and got 15 poss. he will be back within a month a reckon.
Zarts: hawks are really struggling without buddy.
alekstah: where the hell is mundy????
J Dog: magnifying glass for rioli
ogarman17: hilllllllll
remon tea: hill goal
swedhmafia: lmao Hawthron are shot to shizen!
zed fc: YESSS GO Dockers
Jet11: on ya freo! should have got on ya $7.50! cmon boys!
cohzee: lol hawks
Jedinak: well done boys. hill you tank
Prospector: That's a spoiler Harmes - pls don't mention the other game here.
BluesFlag: smash em freo!! No buddy no hawks!
lift_spud: cmon mundy you flowering caker
andy_c: where in the world is cyril rioli
pozzle11: go the duffff
swedhmafia: magnifying glass for Rioli! has done nothing since qtr time!
Harmes37: correction I mean A Swallow :)
mrpotato: do please keep going fyfe ma man, need you to score more than rioli sc
Moondog21: 2 losses in a row coming up to the overhyped hawks
tom_scully: yeah monty we need player numbers for those we don't know on the screen
rodallegaa: cmon fyfe i want a sc ton. dont let me down
alekstah: fyfe is back on
The Me: lift su
thedaveyb: Fyfe with the one armed tackle
Floor: @ Jet11 crap bet, they'll lose
ogarman17: fyfe back on
The Me: *suckling
BluesFlag: m0nty time to man up and put t he magnifying glass on cyril mate!!
iwtflp: flower you hawthorn, flower you
Chazticles: where in the world is hawthorn you mean andy
Harmes37: OK but I mentioned no score
tommy49: i still dont rate geelong at all but i cant see them losing till round 22
RedRaven: These shoulder knocks are starting to worry me fyfe.
W.Mantooth: go fyfe you gun, not soft like higgins
mcwarne: superspud to lewis
Jaguar42: wtf is suckling doing??????
jacksback: hawks have beaten nobody this year so this shouldn't surprise. ordinary team sprinkled with 3 or 4 stars
zagbag: just click on their name tom_scully
Priddis: No Franklin = No Hawthorn
Jet11: still to be $7.50 was outrageous
NewFreoFan: Broughton you star, doing your best to make up for Hodge, Mundy and Suckling :)
halfacow: Suckling should have a nipple icon imo
aflnut: nate fyfe is an absolute JET! tough as nails!
dids77: monty why do the hawks suck
Prospector: delicious
cdrobert: bring the pumpkin out for gu
itsduftime: here comes kermit
Piesrox11: yes rioli yes cmon
Woody15: hahahahaha classic freo right there.
waston4: muppet
tom_scully: easier if they are on this screen zagbag
ogarman17: griffin muppet
Jedinak: griffin for muppet NOW m)nty
Jedinak: m0nty*
mrpotato: sweet hodgey keep your price low, so i can pick you up for libba soon
swedhmafia: rioli for the cherry! cherry picker at best
pricey: i sense the muppet coming out
Chicharito: u guys r funny lagging on all teams no judd no carlton no watson no dons no franklin no hawks u guys are junk
BluesFlag: MUPPet ALErt!
6ualdv8: there is no way 750 paying for freo striaght up NO WAY
bearman27: bring bruest on his my god damn emergency for fanklin :(
snowman: lift!
gogriff: lol m0nty. Pick #7 - Exotic Bet: Do any of the Hawks players earn the cherry or seagull icons this week?
swedhmafia: brian taylor is a terrible commentator!
dons11: guys what happened to fyfe ?
Zarts: have they put rioli into the mids yet?
buckers123: cmon pav
MarcMurphy: Hodge capitano this week... :(
thornz23: uh oh fyfe took another hit to the shoulder
swedhmafia: fyfe is in big trouble! done his shoulder!
bearman27: pav gone to sleep?
newmie: 3 muppets m0nty so bias for hawks
tommy49: anyone who's watchin this game can u tell me what pav is doing
pozzle11: come on duffield lets go
FiveStar: cmon suckling, just get to 80
kingscotek: agree swehmafia
mruniverze: Josh Fraser WORST number 1 draft pick EVER???
dons11: yeah zarts !
jacksback: @chicarito: re one player teams: so north would have dominated the 90s without Carey? You muppet!!
kade44: monty why is ur team so shower
itrollyou: The Dawks are getting done by Fremantle's B-Side, wow
tom_scully: Doesn't harvey want fyfe to get to 50 games. get this guy off and get him right!!
swedhmafia: young your a disgrace, just not up to afl standard
jacksback: @mruniverse: ur repeating yourself. maybe we should call you mrparrot?
newmie: 5 cyril wowee
remon tea: rioli goal!
kah_kah: delicious
Piesrox11: yes 5 cmon RIOLI U LEGEND LIFT MUNDY
twsherrin: Griffen you muppet - Let them back in now
mruniverze: Josh Fraser WORST number 1 draft pick EVER???
snowman: delicous
Jake9: rioli number 5 what a gun
dons11: Josh Fraser is from mansfield dont knock him @mruniverve
waston4: delicious
Chicharito: jacks back then put franklin on the ground by himself and take out 21 others WHO WINS THEN muppet
Jedinak: rioli i hate him ffs keeping me and dockers from winning
Chicharito: jacksback then put franklin on the ground by himself and take out 21 others WHO WINS THEN muppet
Piesrox11: Lisle subbed
itrollyou: Lilse subbed
cola182: carn hawks lift its only the purple poofs
rdw206: rioli sizzling again
Prospector: too much delicious
pozzle11: rioili go sniff some glue
RedRaven: Bloody hodge your a spud when someone tags you.
rodallegaa: is fyfe okay???
jacksback: @chicarito: u idiot!
Hassoubi: Is Fyfe still on the ground?
JSelwood14: how's fyfe going?
Tigertuff: mundy please you're killing me!
jenno365: BT best commentator
Pokerface: pozzle thats attrocious. ban him m0nty
yammakid: Cyril needs the gun monty
Dood: I raise your Josh Fraser with Richard Lounder....@ mruniverze
chadwick: Fyfe is ok
theskunk: fyfe to be subbed
stixy53: fyfe is fine and on the ground
hawks4eva: sub fyfe off!!! if they havent allready
pozzle11: duffield for fack sake
aflnut: fyfe is alright, it'll take more than a shoulder stinger to keep him down!
RogerTwose: Gees, having a shocking day!
Prospector: Keep it premium pls. pozzle
swedhmafia: go freo! you don't need the spud umpires as much as hawks
Comment: Fyfe on and going ok
chadwick: Would be funny if hawks lose to free in melb
rootopia: @jenno agreed. Oh boy wowee
Woody15: hawks are pretenders along with bombers.
Cotchin: mundy lift!!!!!!!
donsfan86: ah the bloody sunday games was scoring very well untill todays games
Hassoubi: pozzle11, if Eddy Maguire was in the chatroom, he'll be giving you a huge barrelling!
dons11: fyfe has just been subbed off guys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jaguar42: suckling and mzungu, im embarrased to have you in my team
pozzle11: fack eddie
mruniverze: cooney or woewoodin worst bronlow winner???
rodallegaa: cmon mzungu!!
jacksback: @chadwick: whaddya mean if?!
ImSoHood: seriously, where's pav? spud me for picking him
Samchez: lisle subbed off
JSelwood14: bogus info dons11!!!
boomba 17: hey hassoubi , just worry about your blues today .
swedhmafia: lisle has been subbed m0nty
dees4mick: some one might have said this already but, guerra for pumpkin?? too obvious?
Homerj: Wow just took me absolutely ages to log on, kept getting the too many connections msg. Whats with that?
ogarman17: sorry to say it but fyfe is bein a bit soft after his shoulder injury
stixy53: has not dons
f1-77: Brought in Suckling this week, and Hawks have to suck. Hooray.
alekstah: lift mundy!!
Hippo: no flower you Pozzle11 ya red neck flower
NewFreoFan: Seriously Jaguar42? It's Mzungu's third game give the guy a break.
dons11: have a look @jselwood14 !
Richmond96: as long as duffield ad mundy score 200 between them im happy
itrollyou: Hawks players dont get pumpkins
pozzle11: facking duffield
jacksback: @jaguar: u should b embarrassed to have a 3rd game player on the ground, u newbie. dont blame the player in his 3rd game
aflnut: the whole dons team has been subbed off after losing to the marshmallows!
swedhmafia: @ dees4mick - completely agree Guerra pumpkin surely!
Hassoubi: Boomba, Port will get smashed today!
Homerj: Is anyone actually watching this game on telly, we don't get it here in SA, got the COWS instead. Is Fyfe ok?
lift_spud: Mundy can't get a touch, flowering plow
bearman27: what is pav doing?
MarksMen: Who's on Mundy, can't see on iPad ???
tigerman28: go broughts - you champ!
biatch132: HODGE get me some points!
bearman27: cmon beust get in the game in a hurry lookin for a 40-50
shredR: Fyfe is on the ground.
dons11: nathan fyfe has just been subbed off guys !!!!!!!
mrpotato: kick a goal fyfey
smackdog34: why are afl sides so flowering inconsistent... it's like nrl these days. impossible to punt on
swedhmafia: m0nty - surely pumpkin for Guerra, or are you just going to be biased?
aflnut: shiels is tagging mundy!
tommy49: i take ur Richard Lounder and raise him with stephen hooper for geelong by far the worst #1 draft
jacksback: @homerj: fyfe is finished. the kid is tough but there's only so much his shoulders can take.
NewFreoFan: stfu dons11
mruniverze: What came 1st chicken or egg?
sullitons: put a sock in it dons11
nathan11: get in the mid pav!!
alekstah: cmon mundy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MarksMen: Cheers
TiGeRt0uGh: ban dons
lift_spud: dons11 to be hit by a bus on the way to school tomorrow
buketsFyfe: ban dons11, twat
aflnut: thats funny, fyfe just kicked the ball, you idiot!
stixy53: ban dons
Eagle boy: How much you have on Hawks smackdog?
newmie: ban DONS 11 bogus info
Pokerface: have you all forgotten clive waterhouse was a #1 draft pick?
jacksback: @smackdog: quite the contrary... if ur good at punting youll now get better odds. eg i picked melbourne, did u?
Meister21: Switch Mundy and Broughton FFS
boomba 17: if ever u want to get out your kodak camera its after the power bring the blues down today .
Gandog: OMG Mundy you are flowering shower
jacksback: yeah, get pav in the guts
biatch132: pav must be dead
pozzle11: duffield for fack sake
ImSoHood: dons is a bigger t0sser than that guy who claimed his mate is friends with all the coaches thru the week
TiGeRt0uGh: pav playing hide & seek
Jedinak: hawthorn supporters are feral, no idea
Blues17: Pumpkin for Guerra Monty. You gave it to kennedy a few weeks back for exactly same reason. Gotta be consistent
Eagle boy: Who said Bailey to get more than Hodge earlier?
Bretto3: god i hate when people talfk flower
tigerman28: tendai about to go past mundy - lol
Homerj: Yeah Dons, some people rely on this website for accurate info on their players. Don't be a tool!
swedhmafia: 139 87 180 - surely PUMPKIN for Guerra!
smackdog34: last leg of a multi paying 2500 eagle boy. got hawks @ 1.12 before i knew buddog was out
pozzle11: your powering me off duffield
dons11: come at me @sullitons, @ tigertough sut up guys hes off !
AFEsElite: Yes Bailey you jet!!!
Bretto3: *talk
mrpotato: keep climbing the table bailey, you can double hodges score :D
tommy49: clive waterhouse was terrible agreed but stephen hooper that guy was a muppet
swedhmafia: de boar is tagging guerra. broughton on mitchell
juzzyb: whoever said josh fraser was the worst ever #1 draft pick im pretty sure u didnt consider Des Headland
Eagle boy: Good call Pokerface. Cliveshowerhouse worst #1 pick
pozzle11: stop facking around duffield
thedaveyb: fyfe is top quality future brownlow medalist there
falcooons: cmon tendai kick a goal sun
alekstah: ban dons11
bearman27: keep going braughts! i new you would repay me
NewFreoFan: @Eagle boy, I said I was going to lose it before if Bailey overtook Hodge lol. It's currently lost.
newmie: ban DONS 11 bogus info
bazza525: nice ton broughton u freak
jacksback: fyfe might be out there but he'll feel hammered tomorrow. the kid's body is still growing and he'll end up takin a spell
Zarts: need freo to lose so broughts gets put back to his old role and doesnt make my brought --- > adcock look bad :P
aflnut: mundy hurts when sandi isnt playing.....
dids77: fyfe is hard as nails, unlike the hawks
dons11: @homerj your a nerd look at your name !
d.ros: is clancee pearce related to cheif clancy wiggum>?
swedhmafia: lmao des headland haha
cdrobert: give goo the pumpkin
kovach: on ya fyfe.. keep battling it out.
Reidy: keep going broughton!!
Jedinak: hill for superman thanks m0nty
itrollyou: ABC radio commentator just jizzed
proud_lion: all of a sudden broughton is my best defender lulz
thornz23: ooooh dear guerra
pozzle11: come on duffield
tigerman28: raise your bat greggy
dons11: get lost @ alekstah !
mrpotato: hill lining up
spudmania: raise the bat broughton
Cotchin: guerra muppet, hes kicked it to hill twice now, could be 2 goals just from his turnovers
pozzle11: duffield you piece of crap
mruniverze: water house won games off his own boot and exzcited many fans!! Fraser has done nothing in his 200 games!!!
rodallegaa: cmon fyfe ton up!!
newmie: another muppet for hawks will it be ?
d.ros: monty you missed a puopolo tackle!
Grazz: @Zarts you werent alone in that one,i did it to.
aflnut: why do tools with 11 on the end of tag just pisquale out of here! eh pozzle and dons?
torres: where is the pumpkin for guerra and lewis m0nty?
oldshepp: Was going to swap Broughton for Pratt but I thought one more week. Bugger
BlueGlory: sitting on a croatian island watching fanfooty, 30 degrees loving it
Jaguar42: pumpkin fo guerra surely
higgogun!: cmon pav, sucking and mzungu! do something!
RedRaven: Fraser would be out of the side before Smith if they had to choose
chadwick: Hill on mitchell
dons11: bann @aflnut
meziare: @ d.ros. u honestly think Monty watches all games and marks down the points??
Fury: Will all the Broughton-dumpers get back on him now?
Jedinak: r u on crack, hill does not deserve the trash, no way
The Lad: lol at the guy who thinks Monty's counting the stats
Harmes37: look out for IED's BlueGlory
NewFreoFan: flower you BlueGlory, you bastard :)
pozzle11: flowering hell duffield
f1-77: Hill doesn't deserve bin, he's winning them the game!
RedRaven: How can hill have the can? Games no where ner over yet.
gobbies<3: hahahaha monty is grumpy :)
bjones38: fyfe heading to Heart icon
BlueGlory: pav is spudding it up badly
Memph: Yuck - come on Pav, Lower, Mundy and Mzungu
bevo106: hill trashcan? monty has officially lost the plot
dees4mick: is monty a hill hater or is hill actually junking it?
Reidy: PNG curse on Pav
cotch2cuz: ffs suckling
aflnut: first you say fyfe is subbed, now you want me subbed dons? I take it 11 is your age, baby!
boomz23: r u serious m0nty?! it's not over....
bjones38: Shocking call giving Hll the can
sledgey7: greg broughton the comeback kid. he will be the most traded in player next week.
BlueGlory: Harmes, grow up fool
swedhmafia: WHAT! m0nty that is the worst bin - your a dead set muppett
sullitons: yeah giving hill the bin is a joke
vb22: lol monty so biased
juzzyb: Shiels, Suckling and Birchall LIIIFFTT!!!!!
BluesFlag: guerra for spud m0nty! man up your hawks are playing pour
lachlan21: lift pav, hodge, suckling, mzungu,puopolo, and lower ffs
Grazz: @BlueGlory you mungrel, bloody freezing here lol
pozzle11: flower u duffield
Rommas: Give Guerra the pumpkin Monty you biased flog
Jaguar42: @blueglory, haha thats crazy, see if u can find suckling cos hes clearly not playing footy atm
McSniff: montys a hawks sook obv
Memph: Put on your cape Mundy
buketsFyfe: bin for hill is a ridiculous call
swedhmafia: the bin is only because m0nty is trash
NewFreoFan: bit of movement for Mundy there, keep it up mate
bigadz: you can collect trash any time of a game..ask nathan buclkey..thats all hes ever used to do
lift_spud: Hill doesn;t deserve the bin. Bad call.
remon tea: rioli goal assist :)
Cotchin: game on?
bakez33: grover muppet
donsfan86: Monty is raging!!!
Jedinak: fuuuaaarrrrrk, ballytyne and pavlich showere
Samchez: no way its junk time in 3 goal game...
pies101: what fun would it be if everyone's players scored 100..
burner72: Does Rioli have 5 "Undeserved" goals Monty, he's not even playing injured?
swedhmafia: m0nty your a flog your so biased! pumpkin for guerra
fezza: Cry Monty
dons11: has anyone been to the town mansfield ?
itrollyou: Ballantyne is a little flog
dees4mick: great call bigadz
m0nty: oops sorry, wrong icon for HIll
thedaveyb: hill deserves the x more than the bin
Memph: I want to see Mzungu kick to Mundy, mark, kick to Lower mark, Kick to Pav, mark, goal please
RichoWAPT: Yeah I hope all the ppl that traded Broughton out a month ago trade him back in now for 75k more money. Great DT!!
yammakid: Now Cyril definitely needs the gun, he's a freak
nathan11: pumpkin for guerra and shiels
biatch132: @burner72 lol good call
torres: how can u give a pumpkin to kennedy and not one to your hawks spuds m0nty?
TiGeRt0uGh: @monty any chance we could add the players numbers beside there name?
Cotchin: hahahaha monty you champ
itrollyou: good call monty
swedhmafia: haha i was about to say that's the worst bin in history!
burner72: yep used to camp at manfield all the time years go
NewFreoFan: how's that pumpkin looking for Guerra? ;)
Roobarb: Move Ballantyne onto Cyril. He's the only one quick enough to go with him!
Jedinak: hold on dockers
pharace: Add in Broughton please Memph ;-)
Port1983: Pumkin for Guerra for sure!
sullitons: no worries m0nty you top notch person
BlueGlory: smash it broughton loved hanging onto you baby
rootopia: Pumpkin Agreed on Guerra pumpkin
newmie: pumpkin for guerra lewis and m0nty
RedRaven: On your bike Hodge! Nede a ton to have a chance at my head to head
swedhmafia: seriously m0nty - Guerra for the pumpkin, if you gave it to Dawes in rd 4 or 5 then it has to go on Guerra!
tommy49: enter matthew pavlich
Jaguar42: pumpkin for all hawks except rioli
dons11: whats there @burner72
juzzyb: give broughton the spud ;)
swedhmafia: would you like a knife and fork for that pumpkin/spud Guerra?
dids77: poo is good
pozzle11: i am sick of you duffield wake up
dees4mick: suckling and shiels are also way down. normally they are the biggest seagulls!!
biatch132: guerra defs 4 pumpkin
The Me: Suckling needs to reach at least 90 big last quarter
Memph: Flame Hill as well please
falcooons: pumpkin for roobab
xscotsmanx: Guerra pumpkin!
kade44: pumpkin for gurerra u bias muppit
rodallegaa: yeah cyril
biatch132: ton up hodge
xscotsmanx: And give Mzungu his f
juzzyb: @swedhmafia hahaha
FunkyJunk1: Hill has superman - and you want flame?
bigsandi: Guerra pumpkin and whitecross Spud
ammin_9: loving hodge's relativley low score
torres: now lewis needs one too
NewFreoFan: Pumpkin alert! Guerra you flog :)
xscotsmanx: Give Mzungu his flag!
jamin2813: news on fyfe anyone???
aflnut: cmon freo, finish the game off!
juzzyb: thanks heaps m0nty
swedhmafia: yeah finally Guerra you effing pumpkin!
ammin_9: love hodges score
Roobarb: Who's Roobab dh!
alekstah: mundy to get the superman cape in the last quarter!! anyone else agree?
juzzyb: come on suckling seagull it up
Port1983: @ jamin2813, Fyfe is OK. tender, but still playing.
aflnut: jamin, fyfe is alright, he'll run the game out!
TiGeRt0uGh: fyfe playing at 60% atm should get the heart trying hard
Thebiggf: Lol at ppl who brought The goo in after last week
NewFreoFan: Clancee's white shorts costing him -4
xscotsmanx: Footy is more fun with FF and the associated banter IMHO. Anyone agree?
Jimmy40: anyone watching? What's Puopulo's position?
NewFreoFan: @xscotsmanx agree 100%
jamin2813: thanks all for quick reply :)
aflnut: clancee's shorts are bigger than eddie betts!
salver11: Must have got dirt on em NewFreoFan
sullitons: i highly dislike grease
swedhmafia: puopolo is playing hbf on ballantyne
rodallegaa: yeah fyfe
gc4life: puopolo playing as a sort of birchall type in a running defender
hawks_92: definitely heart for fyfe
NewFreoFan: Poor Clancee, I mean his name is Clancee. Harden the flower up Clancee
mrpotato: 93 fyfe? you are a gun
dees4mick: is it possible to pumpkin hawthorn's marking total in relation to last week?
rootopia: Good work on the pumpkin mOnty!
sam32: have rioli but opponet has broughtn
jimmeh3: this is stefan. his name is stefan. stefan, harden the flower up
dids77: good icon work monty
jimmeh3: very harsh on goo m0nty he has defended quite well today
NewFreoFan: Clancee's shortsearn back that +4 hahahaha
Harmes37: Thanks Uncle Chopper
Richmond96: big last quarters from mundy and duffman
alekstah: mundy to fyfe!!
pozzle11: come on duffield
ogarman17: cmon fyfe head in the game son
swedhmafia: lmao Guerra you have been horrendous!
RedRaven: What sort of lead do I need to beat Boak and B.Jacobs
Harmes37: maybe 150 RR
Memph: Ok Mundy it's time to fly
J.Bartel: PAVLICH you muppet
swedhmafia: @ redraven probably around 160
Richmond96: redraven 170 plus
alekstah: goal assist from munday!!
iwtflp: game over
Burger88: @RedRaven 170 maybe more.
ogarman17: stephen hill i love you
mrpotato: HiLL!
Monkey_Man: game over!!!!
Jedinak: mc pharlin calm and composed, great build up
gwardy: Hawks are GONE
RedRaven: Not looking good then unless Fyfe, Pav and Hodge al get 30-40 odd this quater haha
jimmeh3: if anyone deserves the pumpkin it's suckling he's made some clangers too
Memph: Mundy time :P
Blues_FC: cmon Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
lift_spud: Mundy plays his worst against the hawks. Averages like 60 sc against them....
NewFreoFan: Mundy Hodge and Suckling to all cape up for me to stand a chance
NewFreoFan: and need fyfe to stop
buketsFyfe: star for s. hill
Rommas: All Hawks players other than Cyril should get the pumpkin
Paliente: c'mon Fyfedom, moar points please.
Jedinak: to easy
Paliente: go Lower!
Reidy: Breust looks the goods
Jedinak: flick
rodallegaa: cmon fyfe ton up!!
sheedz85: where the hell is suckling playing?
Monkey_Man: Hodge is a spud everytime he getsyagged. Not half the player of C.Judd 3 Votes
glenr: Apologies to all Hodge owners. I brought in Hodge this week & made him captain. Jinxed him in a big way
AMagpie: suckling?? what happened to him?
RedRaven: me too glenr
Memph: Great work glenr
RedRaven: Had Cox capt though.
spudmania: hawks lifting..
aflnut: good call monkey man!
FunkyJunk1: Hodge a spud ... are you serious? Norm Smith Medalist coming back from achilles
Memph: Ton up Lower, wake up Pav and Mzungu
tigerman28: come on poo - lift!
Monkey_Man: Suckling is tired. Looks slow. Will probably get a rest next week I reckon
Woody15: hawks are useless.. making up the numbers in the finals.
ammin_9: cmon lower, i want another 9 points and ill be happy
proud_lion: i swear to god no one is moving.. are there any possessions in this game?
Blues_FC: get a flowering touch mzungu
tor01doc: $$$$ for Bailey, Monty?
The Me: Suckling unless you lift i will lose GO
andy_c: give pavlich the telescope, cause the magnifying glass isnt enough
pozzle11: come on duffield you kunttt
sheedz85: get back on the ground mzungu!
glenr: @RedRaven - I almost went with Cox - clearly you made the right call & I didn't!
Monkey_Man: I said Hodge is a spud when tagged! Will never be elite if can't break a tag
Slap: Cmon Puopolo, i want an 80 from you.. get back on track!! :)
andy_c: why did i pick palmer as captain!
scrappers: glenr so did 2 of my opponents. never chase last weeks $
swedhmafia: osborne makes things interesting..
arzbar: carn hawks!
spudmania: get pumped m0nty!! ur hawkers are coming home!!
pozzle11: for fack sake duffield
sam32: cmon freoeo
salver11: Puopolo switch symbol Monty
tigerman28: pav 10 possies - wtf?
Memph: Come on Mundy ffs
kade44: tendai u pice of shiiet losing me my game
corza013: here come the hawks!!!
elvundir: please dont sub mzungu!
Samchez: huge miss there
swedhmafia: haha osborne gee that was poor!
crafer: cmon pavlich u are flowerin useless
Reidy: this is why I never take Lower off the ground
falcooons: cmon freo hold on boys
ImSoHood: sandi -> griffen for $200K ??
swedhmafia: freo need to get Pav in the guts
Fury: Give me some of that Hot Duff baby this evenin'
RedRaven: Comone Hawks havent got 8 tips this ye winar, should get it if you
spudmania: hodge to kick the winner?
Jedinak: cmon freo. wheres pavlich? mate, ur the leader step up
The Me: Pearce subbed for Palmer\
swedhmafia: clancee pearce is gone palmer on
Richmond96: duffman beat lower and mundy 85+ please
Jake9: pearce of for palmer
Fireballz: pearce subbed off
ammin_9: de boer off for palmer
RoyalR3D: I swear i like have 7 players playing now and not one has touched the ball WTF
boostboy: Osbourne should have given it to Cyril!!
falcooons: pearce subbed
remon tea: de boer subbed off
Paliente: if hawkes win this, Rioli will have a huge SC
swedhmafia: the poo has gone forward m0nty
ImSoHood: Pav is "The WOG" today .. and i'm not being racist .. he's Worst On Ground
Jedinak: pearce gone
thesmasher: why would u sub pearcce freo
stixy53: clancee subed
pozzle11: fack u duffield fack u
mtty: lift Duff, Pav, Hodge, Mzungu
Samchez: cape?
spudmania: CARN HODGEEYYYY!!! <3 ya work son!
swedhmafia: bruest for the x factor early call
Reidy: Breust 3 goals from 5 touches.
chrissy_J: might get suckling in 3 weeks time :)
Jedinak: yrhytmrher,yfmet omg dockers cmon, i hate hawthorn bunch of ferals
Memph: Lift freo players (that i have) and go Hawks
tigerman28: clanceeee!
NoButYeah: Breust super sub
snowman: !!!
pozzle11: is pearce injured????
salver11: I Told you monty Puoplo switch symbol Monty!
Paliente: The Poo is coming on strong!
Zarts: comeon rioli, go kick 3 and bring it back :P
piestorm: Come on Mzungu!
RedRaven: Hodge you legend ton up son.
arzbar: Hodge <3
alias: whats up with Pav?
RoyalR3D: Ahhm Pav you there! Rckon you can pull your finger out and get a touch FFS
zadow757: pavlich... LIFT!!
remon tea: burgoyne!
Reidy: ton up Delicious
thornz23: BANG goes burger! great goal
swedhmafia: oh wow freo are weak!
Docker21: crap
kah_kah: buurggger
Woody15: gooooallll
smackdog34: go the hawkerssss
Cotchin: lift suckle!
Fury: @Jedinak whowfojsaf ooeafopei
rodallegaa: cmon cyril!! ton up
proud_lion: will stephen hill ever be a dream team premium? or only ever a super coach premium?
sullitons: burgooooyyyyyyyyyyyyyne!!!!!!!!!!
falcooons: 1 point in it
Cr4zY ii: luke breust the match winner
Port1983: Pearce not injured, just cramp.
korza: That is goal of the year
captjerk: burgetr
Slap: Cmon Puoplo, keep em coming!! 21 more!!
mtty: kick the winners Hodgey
piestorm: Mzungu
tigerman28: here comes poo!
arzbar: this reminds me of hawks v melbourne!
swedhmafia: m0nty - puopolo has gone forward
crafer: freo gawn
jenno365: $ for poo?
biatch132: i hate hawks but i need the points so lets go HAWKS!
pozzle11: come on duffield you facker
ImSoHood: wharfie time!
snowman: Dirk Nowitzki is wearing brown and gold:)
juzzyb: AAAAAAAAHHHH y did i put luenburger in over griffin
Fury: Suckling is a disappointment
tommy49: if there was a time to stand up pav, it would be now JUS SAYING
RoyalR3D: any chance getting a touch Pav you dud
FunkyJunk1: My patience has paid off - Burger finally giving back. Good work Burgers
Paliente: X factor for Breust?
rodallegaa: wow, well done hawks
crafer: wheres pav when it counts??? useless plow
biatch132: dollar sign for puopolo
Zarts: lol, breust and rioli holding the hawks in it.
sam32: cmon the frem men
swedhmafia: hill could be the difference here, gee he is on fire!
Chicharito: suckling and pav wanna do something this qrt or what
tigerman28: we are the freo chokers!
Reidy: c'mon captain Pav
Floor: any chance of hawthorn winning?
pozzle11: fackingggg duffieldddddddddddddddddddd
RedRaven: freo falling apart here.
Monkey_Man: Mzungu has been burnt by his own players 4 times this quarter. They won't give him the ball
AMagpie: Whats wrong with suckling and Guerra today??
nathan11: kick a goal pav cmon!!!
piestorm: hi
Zarts: go kick a goal rioli :P
swedhmafia: wake up harvey get Pav in the midifeld!
rodallegaa: cmon fyfe ton up!!
Kickit: M0nty You can add a $ to PUOPOLO mate as his B/E was in the NEGATIVE on SC & DT
jeffb: 50/50
pozzle11: oh my god duffield touched it
Paliente: kick the winning goal Squirrel!
mtty: m0nty maybe there should be a key symbol for players that were key in winning the game
Jamesy: this is hot!
zadow757: icicle foir pavlich
sam32: tendai, tendai, tendai, oi oi oi
tyhwu: suckling you piece of shower
smackdog34: left hawkers... let's do it for the smackdog's bank account
zadow757: pav LIFT
buddytrain: is that a serious question Floor?
memin: fyfe fa
twsherrin: get involved broughton and Pav
biatch132: bruest SUPERsub
chrissy_J: wonder if griffins reasonable form will keep sandi out?
RoyalR3D: Were the hell is suckling! is he even on the feild
tommy49: the magnifying glass for pav for sure
ImSoHood: telescope symbol for the pavlova!
scrappers: why sub off pearce when he was playing well. harvey has money on the hawks!!!
swedhmafia: give the $$$ sign for the poo
deadsets: golden goal sc points coming up
itsduftime: fyfe free against mitchell. mitchell handpasses it. 0 points for me yay
spudmania: hoooooooooooddddddddggggggggeeeeeee!!!!!!! yess!!!
remon tea: hodge goals!
kah_kah: Flame hodge
hawks4eva: yes hawthorn
Jamesy: HODGE, with the gol!
arzbar: yes hodge
localh: These umps have been shocking
Reidy: with 11 minutes left and 73 on the board, any chance of Hodge tonning up?
swedhmafia: magnify the Pav
Big Rig: Hodge is a superstar
foolysik: hodge
Jedinak: wow, pavlich u knobhead get you head in the game
snowman: gun = hodgey!
cummo: hodgey
Crabstick: Hodge!
Zarts: no... if freo loses this one they'll have lost every game without sandi
james35: agree with biatch, supersub indeed hahah
timwhatson: Pac can go flower off
Ferog: Roughead = X Factor.
Cr4zY ii: fvck the poo
YoungGun: thanks pavlich, trade you in for 96 and this!
burner72: settle pettles, still 15 mins to go
RedRaven: You beaut!
jeffb: Pearce was cramping up badly.
ImSoHood: hodge SC +3523958352342343
sam32: hodge for hack
Slap: cmon poo, 19 more!
rodallegaa: cmon fyfe, lower and mzungu
crafer: get in there pav and do something
Jedinak: hodge for seagull thanx
leobertos: come rioli tonne up.....and props to BAILEY!
nathan11: time now for your goal pav!!
6ualdv8: wheres the $7.50 hero gone? v quiet?
FunkyJunk1: Where are all the Hodge knockers now. You know stuff all
Paliente: C'mon Rioli get back in it!!!!!
Richmond96: ffl mundy lift
mtty: Move Pav into the middle Harvey
sam32: tap by bailey, mundy tackles
pozzle11: facking hell duffield
deadsets: hodge for 100sc easy...haha
tigerman28: this is stanton's fault
smackdog34: finish em hawkers
biatch132: lols at the 7.50 hero haha
xXparryXx: mzungu to overtake pavlich
chrissy_J: only just cracking the 2000 mark now :(
arzbar: just give it to rioli and hodge!
boomz23: Heart for Bailey
cummo: hodgey when it matters
Slap: cmon poooo
Bulldogs10: when sandilands comes back, does griffin go out? or does mark harvey keep him in and play with 2 ruckmen? opinions?
Cotchin: suckling flower, mundy flower, mzungu decent, but could be better
NewFreoFan: that annoying moment when your chering the player who puts his team in front of yours :(
sledgey7: mundy looks very slow today. burger monty?
FunkyJunk1: Agree Stanton surely had something to do with it
pozzle11: fack duffield fack
RoyalR3D: suckling ,pav sheils,lower mzungu are you guys serious tTOUCH IT FFS
deadsets: whats was hodge DT 3/4
remon tea: osborne goal!
pozzle11: duffield get the facking ball
snowman: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jamesy: goooooooood osborne
kingscotek: goal
6ualdv8: bulldogs10 - who flower cares u donk
Cr4zY ii: pav touched the ball :O
sam32: pav gets the scope
iwtflp: carn hawkers!!!
Crowbot2.0: Freo spud, Hawks flame
RedRaven: Griffen iws a terrible second string ruckman, look how he did it at crows
burner72: I reckon Sandi wont play till after thier bye in rnd 16
Centurions: lift pav u shower cow
cfc 1979: amazing quarter hawks !
MayhemFC: Can someone boot pozzle before he says something intelligent
FunkyJunk1: Mundy going to be a tasty pickup in the next couple. Gun
aflnut: do you have tuerets poozle?
Fury: Duffield's not doing THAT bad
glenr: Hodge was 20DT @ half time, not sure about 3/4
m0nty: where are those Hawk haters from earlier?
Jedinak: typical freo, showering shower
Centurions: stay there mundy :)
NelDog: c'mon lower need higher than 90 sc please
Fireballz: @deadsets hodge was on 47 at 3/4
Jamesy: hodge was arouynd 40-50 at 3qtr
tigerman28: did broughton take an early flight?
sam32: go rioli
FunkyJunk1: Hawks - looking like an 08 repeat
Centurions: superman for breust
twsherrin: cmon Freo - show something
Paliente: X on Breust for jump starting Hawkers?
Harmes37: cha ching on Bailey/the Poo/Lower and Guu! awesome!
Cr4zY ii: cmon broughton u hav had i handball this qtr do something
Chicharito: montys found his bias voice again
rodallegaa: i hope fyfe still tons up in sc....
lift_spud: wtf are you doing Freo? spuds :>
deadsets: thanks guys
hawks4eva: 5 goal win hawks come on
newmie: not haters just saying u r bias
pharace: seems like it Tigerman
justin3896: hhhhhhaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwkkkkkkkkkkkssssssssss
crafer: no good now pav where u been last hour
NewFreoFan: Broughton kidnapped by Stanton
Crowbot2.0: Don't power with your fly up Monty. You are playing Fremantle at the G
alekstah: come on mundy, win the game!!
Thebiggf: Yeah lol Monty I was bout to say that, go u hawkers
Rommas: Trash it up Rioli you spud!
tommy49: cant believe freo have let this one go, very disappointing from senior players pav and mundy
J.Bartel: where were you earlier?
swedhmafia: still here m0nty - they are a bunch of duds won't go near geelong and collingwood
biatch132: yeah agreed X factor on bruest
Chicharito: montys found his bias voice again
Zarts: good job hawthorn! Beating injury riddled freo :P
Reidy: broughton needs a touch, would love a 120+ from him
mrpotato: come on fyfey get a quick goal
sam32: hawks are shouse frathouse
RedRaven: Pavlova rocking it out with a +3
pricey: Hawks are shower Monty, if they play like this next week Geelong will smash them. Struggled to beat Freo at the MCG lol
Piesrox11: Cmon Rioli, Mitchell, Lower, Mundy and Mzungu LIFT PLEASE
FunkyJunk1: m0nty - what about turning on poster icons???? Do it
RichoWAPT: lol at people whinging about Broughton this qtr, he's got you 107 pts, take it
biatch132: cape for hodge, stepped up when team needed him
Woody15: monty, youve taken 3 quarters to shake freo - injury hit and cant travel. nothing to boast about.
pozzle11: duffield you facker
sam32: junk it pav and zimberwean boy
higgogun!: thats the way mzungu! please stay down rioli! i wanna pick you up after the bye!
Reidy: cyril better ton up
Crabstick: Luke Breust will end up with 70+ supercoach points.
burner72: injuries or not, theres 30 odd proffessional footballers on a list, it's called depth
zadow757: lift
sam32: bruest good
tommy49: lol its not really junk time when the games still on the line a goal to pav now would be worht alot SC points
mrpotato: good to see the way the hawks have responded, lets hope they smash colliwobbles
Paliente: +4 Rioli yeah baby!
Reno: pathetic freo
Jamesy: ive seen fyfe get like 5 handalls in the past 2 minutes?
aflnut: poozle has the iQ of 11 should be your tag, you nimrod!
crafer: pavlich, pavlova, pavaroti, all shower
Slap: cmon pups
zadow757: pav... LIFT
Centurions: yes bailey very happy with ur score
Thebiggf: Hawks only need to play a decent q to beat freo, hawks top four yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Jedinak: burner72, who do you support?
pozzle11: fack you afl nut fack you
Reidy: get to 80 pav
Zarts: don't freo only have something ridiculous like 23 healthy players to choose from?
The Lad: Mayne made it back form the Richmond Brothel.... been missing for a just over an hour, adds up
burner72: so does hodge get the 50sc for putting them in front if they win?
stixy53: hodge injured
Rommas: Hodge struggling with a calf strapped
MyManDawes: what a putrid effort by the dockers in such an important game!
higgogun!: purple name game curse! :/
kerrigan3: MUNDY i need you to get the ball!!
aflnut: poor poozle must only have the F A C K letters left on his keyboard!
froggy47: omg bring in hodge today this is what i get.....
Slap: 3 marks, 3 kicks puopolo... thats all you need. GO GET EM!!
Centurions: its only less than five minutes
Jamesy: lol pav!
jeffb: lmao Pav
itsduftime: yay mitchell
Tittan99: Pav the muppet
iwtflp: muppet for pav!!!
Woody15: bahaha pav
snowman: home!!!!!!!!!!!!!
spudmania: game over :)
Samchez: Pav muppet
BigBadBen: pav mupper?
Crowbot2.0: I love you Sam Mitchell
zed fc: Pavlich u clown that was ur fault
Roobarb: Great work Pav!
Fury: Usuck, suckling
RogerTwose: Massive Pav muppet!
kah_kah: pav muppet
swedhmafia: very weak by the pav
justin3896: m0nty, pavlich is a muppet
itrollyou: Pav muppet
Samchez: And crab
pozzle11: afl nut die you facker
BluesFlag: MUPPte ALERt PAv
sullitons: pavlich muppet
The Me: Pav Muppet times a thousand
Pavlich#29: what are you doing PAV!!!!??
Lionman: so it looks like you can just drop the ball this year
Jedinak: Pavlich, i would just like to say that you are useless overated, muppet, spud, burger
Nathgb 5.0: pav MUPPET
thesmasher: game over freo pav for muppet
Scotty1: pozzle go and finish ur homework now
Prospector: Slammin' Sammy!
kreuze_mis: muppet pav
Crabstick: Kermit time for Pavlich.
aflnut: game over dockers, poor fade out!
swedhmafia: luke hodge is no doubt carrying an injury
W.Mantooth: damn it shiels!
sam32: stixy53 you bogus info man'
bjones38: Muppert PAV
leobertos: if rioli doesnt tonne up il be mighty powered!
Centurions: do u get points for clangers im desperate
Thebiggf: Mitchell love ur last q
tommy49: good thing about this match is the pretty low scoring DT which means SC will get balancd out and scores wil be higher
Fury: Can I have the bandaid Monty? I stubbed my toe.
tigerman28: terrible today pav
aflnut: nice call scotty! I think poozle is just a parrot pressing the buttons actually!
burner72: might trade in burgoyne and pavlich this week then lake the next ;-)
stixy53: im watching the game live sammy
biatch132: is the hodge injury bad?
swedhmafia: freo are so so weak - no leadership
YoungGun: 90+ SC for hodge and pav please!
leobertos: heart for bailey!
cotch2cuz: not so negative now are you monty
cugerg: how much time left?
Centurions: breust x factor
Crowbot2.0: Rioli: Star, Mitchell: Gun, Bruest: X-Factor, Fyfe: Heart
Richmond96: duffield lift mundy 2 more kicks will be good
memin: cmon pav do something for your team!
stixy53: doesnt look that bad but they havent said
Fury: I brought in Broughton this week
Jake9: ton it up rioli
Centurions: keep going bailey 75+
sam32: pethetic rioli
Zarts: come on cyril, you're a beast, just go kick one :)
Jedinak: zac clarke mate just stay n the WAFL, or eve better go back to auskick
Reidy: need cyril to ton up, just to make the forward line look better
rodallegaa: ton up fyfe!!
sledgey7: burger for mundy
Thebiggf: Glad I went Mitchell over hodge go the hawkers, suck on it hawks haters
stixy53: hodge back on
mtty: lift Duffman, Pav, Mzungu
trevor1257: who's wally?
alekstah: hodge x factor no breust
Samchez: Fyfe for the heart
itrollyou: C'mon Suckling few more touches!
Kickit: alllllllll over
RedRaven: Why didnt Pav play mid?
swedhmafia: osborne for the x factor
Slap: cmon puopolo, mark, kick, mark, kick
nathan11: heart for bailey
Tittan99: True samchez
Thebiggf: Pavs price to drop this might fire him up might bring him in next week
lukew55: why did pav get muppet? wat did he do?
Reidy: cyril isn't gonna ton it, i can see it
Homerj: WTF went away for awhile and Freo were in front, what a bunch of chokers!!
Slap: BRUEST IS MORE OF AN X FACTOR THAN OSBORNE!!!!!!!!! 3 goals 8 touches.. derrr
chadwick: Star for delicious
RedRaven: Monty g last bias. Same thin
burner72: Hodges SC is gonna be bigger than Mitchells
crafer: coz he got a heart the size of an ant
cummo: crab harsh for hodgey
spudmania: only you would give 2 guns out to hawthorn m0nty, lol
Thebiggf: Heart for hodge Monty battled on this last q n got them going
Crowbot2.0: No shower Slap! That is a disgraceful call Monty!
bigadz: fyfe should have a perminent bandaid and heart
itrollyou: Lucky Channel 7 didnt broadcast this game, Bruce would have blew his load on Dennis
nicksnow: slap its not hard to get 3 easy over the back goals standing in the goal square on your own spud
sam25: How long left please
juzzyb: lovin this bin time mitchy
leobertos: rioli one more mark and kick ffs
itsduftime: great last 1/4 mitchell
smackdog34: sucked in to everyone who got mundy in in the last few weeks...
Crabstick: X should be on Breust.
Crowbot2.0: How Bruest could not get X-Factor is beyond me
NewFreoFan: that's the crowley tag icon that hodge has @cummo
scrappers: breust x factor he was the sub not osbourne
Reidy: flowering hell cyril how did you not ton up!
The Me: lol at cyril
itrollyou: siren
Jedinak: Crowbot 2.0 did you watch the game live?
Tittan99: flower i should have gone with my orginal plan and picked mitchel over hodge
Paliente: Fyfe always has shoulder knocks...
Homerj: It's not a crab it's a spider on Hodge u idiot!
swedhmafia: good work m0nty - osborne was the x factor no doubt bruest is a cherry picker
chadwick: Nice work Mitchell and pav
oldshepp: Couldn't quite afford mitchell & Hodge in SC this week - would have been nice with both
sam32: cyril in sc :)
Paliente: Breaust was the one that got Hawks back into game :(
hawks_92: carn you hawkers
Crowbot2.0: Omg Mitchell gun and cape!
Thebiggf: Hawk hater suck on it opened ur mouths to early haha
falcooons: flowerk u suckling and freo :(
juzzyb: birchall seagull and rioli cherry
bearman27: breust sc score anyone? i had him emerg for franklin
swedhmafia: hodge deserves a crab for the way he runs
Harmes37: if its a spider what does it symbolise?
Crowbot2.0: Yes Jedinak
Thebiggf: Hawkers yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Chazticles: I would have said hodge for x factor, his last quarter was epiic
macca0008: spider = ryan crowley
YoungGun: puck you pavlich.
Thebiggf: Mitchell huge last q
Prospector: Thank-you Slammin' Sammy Mitchell. I too chose him over Hodge this week!
Bretto3: it means hodge was playing on crowley
bearman27: breust 70 scc thank you
nathan11: yay pav 86 sc somehow
NewFreoFan: @Harmes37, spider is the Ryan "Creepy" Crowley tag icon
macca0008: png curse monty you fat flower get off them
Bulldogs10: mitchell for the bin
nathan11: bruest 70 sc
Bulldogs10: hodge for the bin
Salisbury: Yes. Hawks win!!!
Bulldogs10: sewell for bin
Bulldogs10: x factor for breust not osborne
hawks_92: the steam trainnnnnnnnnnnn
lift_spud: breust ~70 sc
bakez33: ffs freo...
bearman27: bresut played very well in his little camio
Bulldogs10: suckling for the down arrow
mrpotato: puopolo 88, fyfey 109 sc
Paliente: wtf, Rioli didn't get any SC in that 4th qtr?!
HawksFEVER: Hodge is Amazing.
Homerj: Thanks Fyfe buddy, made my forced trade in of you worth it :)
Centurions: bailey 77 sc very happy with that
Centurions: ffs pups on my bench
HawksFEVER: hawks only played 1/4 and they still won?
Thebiggf: Suckling still 76 sc not to bad lol at breust 70 in basically a q of footy
NelDog: go gunston drafted him in this week
Thebiggf: Hawkers get on them look out cats next week
PuUurfect: pav 86 that is a load of crap
FunkyJunk1: What a surprise - Pav's SC 20+ higher than it should be
Chazticles: looking less than 2000 :l
Khunt1vote: Gotta love those Norwood boys!
burner72: what happened to hodges 50sc for puttin em in front