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Jezro: Looking for a big one for Brodie Smith!
Jezro: Looking for a big one for Brodie Smith!
nunya: subs?
Bennyy: wona and petrenko subs
bazza525: suba a wannameri and idk adelaides
Scotty1: Wonaeamirri & Petrenko subs
n4cr123: ffs monty wtf... fix your website..
bazza525: head to head dangerfield vs trengove the radio said
m0nty: matchups would be handy if you're watching please
lil_libba: i love the lack of interest in this game
chrissy_J: we'll give you matchups once this sites fixed. mwhahahaha. jk
n4cr123: flower you tapscott you usless spud...
chrissy_J: i needed tapscott to go nuts and sylvia to have a bad one. oh the humility!!!
Judd005: tappt, l thompson, grimes! LEts go!!!
snake_p: go sylvia
lil_libba: come on tapscott i need 60 minimum from you!
GrannyBoy: cape for sylvia? lol
n4cr123: monty if i click on your advertising how much do u make/
jwill55aus: Grime with right foot prob, straight to rooms
mtty: Grimes apparently subbed
chaosrules: grimes subbed off
standogga1: grimes has been subbed
happyhawka: Grimes broken foot
Rhodie: Grimes done for the day
lil_libba: this website is a joke!
L.Jetta7: grimes subbed off
berbatov: come on grimes win that heart!
korza: Pros Grimes hurting me
meziare: Monty: need to fix site, close to loosing me and I'm sure I'm not the only one
merkinhere: how bad is frank grimey grimes?
DaneSwan: grimes subd FMDT
finners: how is wonaeamirri on 9 with the green vest on??
Shinboner: Grimes mustve been subbed
Rhodie: grimes will be nice and cheap towards the middle of the season
Jaguar42: lets go crows, carn boys
wiggins34: Who was Wona on for?
whale: grimes subbed off
Melbourne9: grimes out
frenchfry: grimes has been subbed off
Muels1: @monty wonna subbed on for grimes
joshy_400: how is wonaeamirri on 9?
mrpotato: flowerin hell grimes
love4afl: grimes :(
wiggins34: son of a bitch..
Harry_West: Far out Grimes you spud
barlow=god: there goes a good score for this week
Bulky: Dangerfield=overrated inconsistent spud.
mtty: Dammit Grimes
cfc 1979: shinboner i'll give grimes to you for free
korza: @ Prospector Grimes :(((
happyhawka: broken foot for grimes
berbatov: i give up this game sucks these days
DCarbon: i was in for a great score then grimes comes and ruins my day :(
lil_libba: grimes has a broken foot m0nty - sen 1116
The Chip: flower grimes!
Timmy94: knew i should have punt khunt on the ground
Pendlez10: Get up there L. Thompson
n4cr123: had such a bad week... Bad captain choice... stevie J late out, then grimes injury n
skystyler: not only does this flower your score this week, his price will plummet too. Break your foot at training, you spud..
lil_libba: sylvia is a keeper this year
happyhawka: opponent has grimes u little ripper im gonna win now
oldshepp: Broken foot = trade
Lodgy: geez guys think of how poor grimes feels. he didnt try and break his foot
The Chip: too many connections - what is grimes' b/e?
n4cr123: ankle problem could be right next week..
bizarro j: ankle according to Bailey
Bennyy: grimes to johncock? hmmm
froggy55: grimes SC be was 120+
vman33: whats going on with Knights ?
penguins00: Grime BE 75 dt 89 sc
hayes7: grimes sc breakeven is 89
happyhawka: green and watts went on footy show now backing up what they said
n1ck: crapppp grimes and stanton
DC_Magsy: woah jacobs +14
happyhawka: 14 shots to 3 wowow
love4afl: pull ya head in knights and tapscott, shattered about grimes :(
Rated_RKO: wtf knights smith and dangerfield
f1-77: lol at people who traded out Green- wait, that was me. Great.
Crowbot2.0: Knights will be out of my team Monday night
rootopia: How bad is Grimes guys?
happyhawka: rory sloane inclusion was a good one wowow
Junktimer: give me the spud for picking up grimes this week
GExcell: Neil Craig mired too his systems and processes. Totally inflexible when they need to alter game plan and attack
Alka: cmon smith and knights.....
happyhawka: grimes is dead
cfc 1979: time to moooovvvee LT
happyhawka: does kenellys 0 count
Junktimer: trengove is class
LilLionMan: Tapscott WTF
imthatmint: tappy goal
Judd005: yes tappy
Judd005: flower me 2 0's now with grimes
Davo75: The Crows might possibly become a threat, once, and only once Neil Craig is gonski!
CatAttack9: interesting PNG coinflips...?
The Chip: @judd005 grimes didnt get 0
Impromptu: B.Smith..come on dude get to 40sc for cashcow purposes
GoLions: just got here and i have grimes, knights, l thompson, and tappy. fmsc.
deano69: how long will grimes be out for
YoungGun: yay knights field, tapscott bench. to beat opponent need knights to beat tappy by 20. fml.
Daniel_79: LMAO @ Grimes.
Curnow: Is Grimes just a one-weeker by the looks of things ?
Judd005: ton up o me tappy, flowerin grimes cow
Daniel_79: What an awful game of Footy. My eyes are getting sore watching this rubbish!
mrpotato: great game knights
D.Barwick: come on tappy
gards: the umpiring is rubbing salt into the wound
lachybee76: Knights has just about been beaten by Grimes
Chels: Sylvia +32 ??
rodallegaa: come on luke!!
vman33: Knights?! How is that possible?
Hassoubi: cmon nights superman time startin now want 90 from u big ask
chaosrules: petstinko subbed on
CatAttack9: SHOWER dangerfield....fmsc
Mudrat_4: dangerfield.. FML
gards: melbourne have perfected the throw....
vman33: tappy's been alright today, Thank God!
stkfcKINGZ: 80 please tapscott
vman33: Knights needs a burst of awesomeness
chaosrules: another 5 years of bruce damn
vman33: Damn! wish I had Sylvia.
Judd005: thompson flower sake
Judd005: CHaosrules -mute him
lachybee76: knights wtf thompson wtf
n1ck: dangerfield, stanton, grimes, dustin martin, chappy captain, isaac and zach smith both on the bench
m_snowy: what happened to stanton today?
DaneSwan: cmon Smith get 60+ and Sylvia 120+
lil_libba: do something knights you flowering spud!
sgi86: chyeah colin
Bomberadam: Glad I put Knights on the bench! What happened to Grimes?
Cotchin: flowering knights and grimes :(
gfpies: sc nightmare, grimes and knights have killed me
shobtop: hope ricky petterd punctures his lung again
troller: @shobtop: you're a shocking human being.
shobtop: woo! suck my pesh troller ya nuffy
potkettle: what troller said
KraKBabY: @shobtop, that's a dog's act right there.
S.Pollard6: sylvia you beast :)
Bomberadam: Your a showere bloke
Bomberadam: Shobtop that is
6ualdv8: trengove might puncture shobtops mums mufta again
mrpotato: go tappy, knights
S.Pollard6: @troller.. so true!! tht was the doggest thing eva
BoredSaint: isnt it great when you have tapscott and lower on the bench for knights and thompson
Daniel_79: LMAO @ Adelaide. Gold Coast for back to back wins maybe?
Buff Nuts: fmdt fmdt fmdt fmdt fmdt fmdt fmdt fmdt fmdt fmdt fmdt fmdt fmdt
Daniel_79: @shobtop: what a dog.
Bennyy: love tappys sc! ton up!!
Judd005: tappy 86 l thero 39
Daniel_79: Channel 7 are shower, camera shot are a joke... To think we've got 5 more years of this makes me sick!
Peterdean: agree with u Daniel_79, the camera work is awufl, they just reckon more is better.
Buff Nuts: knights to get the axe this week. done well to gain about 100k but ur time has come
Impromptu: B.Smith hmm? need u to make money...B.Smith out
sgi86: knights has tripled his score woooo lol
troller: @Impromptu: Yep, I'm thinking B Smith out this week too, probably has peaked. For Puopolo maybe?
tor01doc: Grimes, Broughton, Knights and Duigan out out out out
Impromptu: B.Smith for raising money, but u r out
C-Dogg: lol tappy has more sc score than ANY OF CROWS
Buff Nuts: anyone know knights BE? this is the only page i can get to work on the site?
Impromptu: @troller to be fair on B.Smith, he has done his SC/DT job..not sure for who
Wild Thing: Duigan should've been traded out this week. SC ave of 74 or so with a B/E of over 80!
bigjuddy: +8 for smith bout time
NatandHuey: did jack Grimes suffer the same fate as his father Frank?
troller: Correct, a good little cow that is ready to be milked
underdog11: how bad is grimes injury?
elite: knights breakeven is 10 so shouldnt matter too much
Hayes001: I have close match. I've gotslyvia and tapscott, opponent has grimes :-)
Bennyy: doesnt always work with no one to trade to wild thing
rt73: Knights BE was 42 in DT & 2 in SC so he'll make some money
muttley101: @NatandHuey haha
tor01doc: Duigan won't lose a lot this wek and we'll have more of an idea of who to get after this round.
happyhawka: ive got grimes danger and mckernan im really piiisssseed off
lukew55: anyone know when otten might be back?
Wild Thing: @Bennyy, then make one downgrade trade and pocket the $$
Barlow21: Impromptu@ Pederson? Puopolo?
Jukes: any danger tapscott gonna get a kick
Colossus: knights 11 more, get ya BE son
alftiles: what happened to grimes does anyone know will he me out for weeks
suarez7: come on L thompson
josh985: sylvia gun
falcooons: sylvia gun
boostboy: People were saying 3 weeks, but some others in the media think it might be much longer than that?
Dangermaus: who to trade Knights for ??? there's no consistant fwds this year
jwill55aus: While Davis' injury looked great for L.Thompson, does it mean he now has to play accountable football? Hope not!
falcooons: i traded luke thompson in and he has done nothing!
chaosrules: tapscott on the bench geting a massage
bigjuddy: big last 15min from knights and smith pls
mxsone: guys, grimes is getting foot scans tomorrow morning to assess dmg
murphy#3: say 'i' if you think GC will beat adelaide
Wild Thing: Dangermaus, who do you already have?
Constant: i need tapscott to get me junk time points. and walker
Impromptu: @barlow21 not sure, pup(1gm) pederson(js)
tor01doc: When would Didak be worth it?
Jukes: has anything even happened this game boring
Dangermaus: annoyed that the week i trade Green out for Chapman... they both decide to play the opposite of normal
nicksnow: get the pill tappy
DaneSwan: i
n4cr123: tapscott off the field.... ettin worked on
YoungGun: im trading knights for pavlich
tor01doc: Knights is even missing out on the +0's
corms33: Nick Dal Santo = GUN
Side by Side: Will Danger be ok for next week?
Jukes: i just had a look at grimes' player page...not exactly a j.darling sorta looker
Dangermaus: $ for L.Thompson
josh985: what a spud score from knights
g1usep: handy if tapscott got some of the ball
Jukes: have we had a spud icon this year?
falcooons: time to put the $ sgns up for luke thompson brodie smith tapscott m0nty
BoredSaint: spud bate?
Dangermaus: yeah i think Tambling owns rights to the spud icon
nicksnow: the spud is reserved for brett peake, tambling and jarrad oakley nicholls
Alka: sylvia you beast
jwill55aus: spud for isaac weetra
mrpotato: fml tappy hasnt touched it this qtr
merkinhere: sylvia is shower.
Impromptu: wow Demons could get a 100+ win
Constant: walker should be the spud.
merkinhere: going for 2350 this week after tragic 1786 last week
m_snowy: tapp not even on idiots
corms33: Spud for Gavin Grose
Side by Side: Sylvia <3
Judd005: l thompson and tappy flowering touch it
Judd005: flower off sylvia killing my head to head
schezza: spud for grimes?
chaosrules: sylvia single handedly winning me my league match
Prospector: How's it going Korza?
Since1864: Grimes will be very very cheap in a few weeks :) :)
MrMonstah: Doesnt Grimes only get cheaper if he plays games?
Pendlez10: loll
Constant: grimes isnt even good hahaha
The Me: whats with the website today? It has taken me ages to log on cause of "Too many connections"
sida: Jack Grimes, sick input!
MontyJnr: spud for schezza
Prospector: its a grand ole flag
Judd005: spud 4 sylvia
Judd005: tappy 105 l thomp 52
alftiles: will grimes be ok neext week
hungryJack: dees in the 8 yeah! sylvia what a star*
Cotchin: Dee's overated
schezza: LOL if u have grimes!
hungryJack: @Cotchin: the dees are on the way up
Cotchin: Nah, adelaide are just powerweak, easybeats
tmc44: Go Dees!!! - from a Port supporter
CatAttack9: flowering too many connections
Reidy: Moloney, what a player, but flower you Jack Grimes - from a Melbourne supporter
Mithrandir: SC doesn't rate clearances? Moloney got 19
Stuart88: dam u suck Grimes