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jeffbutch: Who r the subs?
Cottagers: Davenport, Gaff Subs; Salopek out
dylsta05: who's is the subs?
spudley: so very sad to see the team list without LeCras
Madsnake: the coasters without lecras is like a baby without its bottle ):... caaaaaaaaarn the eags
R.Griffen: y does davenport have a orange top it should be green
Figga12: Go Kerr!!!
gards: match of the round....
froggy74: wtf he kicked it and he got tripped???
Bennyy: Monty please get your delays working! Want to use delay on pies game but now has scores!
thorgils: cue cox jokes, lecras captain, and priddis on bench :(
BigDons: Anyone else tip West Coast?
knackerbag: well said bennyy
thesmasher: yeah i tip wc
kingcarey: suck it up froggy. BALL!
vindawgs: good stuff cox
Bennyy: Just glad i didnt catch all the scores! Please get the delay going!!
matDTC: i tipped wc too
Murph2Judd: Cox must be in shock, he actually has an opponent this week.....
Bizza: come on big COX
Tez: relax, its the first 6 mins. port will win this game, west coast are just that terrible away from home
BigDons: Not watching, but would the crowd be in double figures yet?
saintwazza: stay on 0 darling
findlay: @BigDons I did & I do think they'll win.
sacka: Crowd about 55 people, biggest crowd they will have this year
SwiftCox: shuey head to head with himself
sewellgood: port "should" win this
GoneTheBif: And most of them stayed from the SANFL curtin raiser
HawkMan: flame cox'
joosoo: darling lift
HawkMan: flame cox
Khoa: where's darling playing guys?
sacka: Interested to see how Nicoski goes after last weeks effort
Bennyy: give monty the spud. still no delay....
boof12: hope darling doesn';t touch it
newmie: foward pocket
Murph2Judd: Shuey must have the closest tag in the history of the AFL
djmckf: Khoa on the bench i hope
korza: Boak 2FA cmon knob
TheCrow17: port crowd 114 + 13000 cardboard cut outs
djch00k: Bloody 'eck, Boaky. Two steps forward, two steps back.
korza: Darling is playing deep fwd
Murph2Judd: forward Khoa
djmckf: Benny you can put your own delay in at the end of the address
Bryce08: boak oh dear what have i done :(
The It: Darling lift
Jimmy B!: Cmon Darling....played u ahead of Matera
knackerbag: magnifying glass 4 delay
sewellgood: Chook did you end up picking montagna?
HawkMan: BOAK cmon mate
sacka: Coasters running the ball well
siklan: I love big cox
royzboyz: nice 21st birthday present for ebert!!
Bennyy: and how do you do that then? when you click the delay it still has stuff atthe end but dont work
nortons: fair dinkum port adelaide crowds are a disgrace. p!ss em off and bring in a team from tazzie!!!
cotch2cuz: can darling get a flowering touch!
The It: Embley wtf??
djch00k: Nope, sewllgood, but I had Goddard as captain. Midfield of Pendles, Boyd, Boak, Palmer, Foley and Harris.
berbatov: cox flame
djch00k: A few mid-pricers to avoid starting too many rookies. Ironic, huh?
R.Griffen: no one goesto Ammi stadium because there is a big Crows building right outside that is why they are moving to Adel ovel
cotch2cuz: should of started matera
djmckf: Ahh, i just checked and see what you mean now. Definitely not working then :)
Pavlich#29: Coxy you star!
Ryderrr: I feel sorry for anyone who didn't pick up Cox this year.
HawkMan: lmfao with Darling Gaff as a sub has done more
Grumbla: Darling u spud, pick the ball up
Pavlich#29: what a mark trengove
hawks_92: lift irons!
siklan: Great decision to bench and not E darling. shame krak is being shafted
korza: Embley still a D/T whore
sewellgood: What are your thoughts on foley chook?
siklan: Darling reminds me of a very young Michael Gardiner. good signs when he wants it
Madsnake: CAAAAAARN THE COASTERSSS! top 8 finish this year boys
snagadelic: lets go gray man
Bizza: coxy is the absolute man
Murph2Judd: Darling showing great signs, fantasy scores aren't everything fellas
Khoa: hi snagadelic, my fellow eliminator friend
absof_86: Why doesn't bob carlile have the Fijian flag too?
Pavlich#29: omg darling got a kick!
cougar37: O'shea reminds me of a young Relton Roberts.
BigDons: About time, possibly the first update with a score for Cox
Figga12: get a grip madsnake lucky if you make top 12!!
Bryce08: freakin useless boak
ls26a: if you didnt pick coxy ur a spud
JeromeStew: Robbie Gray will get 82 m0nty
snagadelic: hey there khoa hows your team this year?
djch00k: sewellgood, I'll be sticking with him, but only coz I've got more pressing worries elsewhere.
Modd: lulz probs wrong site for you then murph2judd
siklan: flame for Cox?
mjbt: We are all in the eliminator Khoa
BGibbs4.0: Port this is pathetic..lift ur game
Sunday2810: darling!
dyl_2: boak to burgoyne at the last minute before round 1 lockout thank god.
UpDog: Darling gun!
siklan: Darling you BEAUTTTYYYYY
boogahed: adelaide players out, krakouer, selwood...hmmm low score for me i think
Madsnake: it's optimistic figga... but possible
nortons: me tinks j darling going to be a very good player
Jimmy B!: I don't know why i didnt have Cox in my team for most of PS...was somewhat of a doubter but thankfully picked him:D.
Khoa: looking ok, foley is the real headache. the structure of him over the 4th premium mid is hurting me
joosoo: darling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Slap: Thnk god for that darling!!
Jimmy B!: Darling getting involved......makes me happy
Pavlich#29: woooo give darling the cape! lol
XxBrayden: foley has cost me too.. shoulda taken a rookie and made another premium
snagadelic: i did the same thing picked salopek as well
Murph2Judd: Modd, point is he's still a very reasonable chance to rack up a score in this game, he's just scored too
banta: lol. worst goal ive ever seen
Impromptu: nice work darling.. go pittard
stretchie: WHy doesn't Broadbent have a flame?
siklan: embley the muppet
joosoo: so good my opponent has jolly instead of cox haha
HawkMan: Ohh My Darling Ohh My Darling!
Figga12: Darling was a steal for this years draft!!!
BBosCo: cox gone cold
Bryce08: how was that kick a goal? unreal
boof12: i flowering love dean cox!!
WizMan: Can't believe no-one has told a cox darling joke yet.
Khoa: ouch with saolopek
Sunday2810: darling again!
Bryce08: darling!!
siklan: Love you darling. Big cox to my darling
Modd: agreed. he is on my field
Figga12: Darling is a beast!! he's only 18!!
Hydra911: My tip is on Port, but want Cox/Darling to do well, as well as Irons.
boomz23: wow darling
LARRYcrow: 1PAFC - 0WINS... Lol
The It: i love how everyone hate embley for getting the top score
siklan: lulz wizman i did one
snagadelic: that ok traded to curnow, so got money to uograde foley to a premium
BBosCo: great
Prospector: Cox Pearce, Darling Irons
berbatov: is the commentatorc calls darling lyncg again..
Tim Bla: anyone got boak....he need to pump up
Pavlich#29: Darling and Cox = LEGENDS!
craigib: only got 2 players playing in the 2 matches on at the moment swan (c) and cox loving it! :)
saintwazza: pi$$ off darling
Khoa: cam richardson starting over darling is not looking too great atm
Murph2Judd: i went Matera against the Blues weakened defense, regretting it now
gards: no p plates for pittard, irons or oshea?
korza: Boak and Thomas plz
BBosCo: yeh cam rich is useless
R.Griffen: in SANFL D.Motlop kicked 2 goals in a minute
Bryce08: priddis is a freaking joke of a player
MarcMurphy: Darling starting over Richardson and Matera :)
findlay: Wake up Beau Waters! Please!
jbking: sadly starting didak over darling is not looking good
The It: darling flame
Bryce08: how about finding the pill boak?
Nails: wtf Beau Waters? Did he break his leg and not get subbed off yet or something?
dylsta05: darling and cox only for me this match
Paliente: didak for ? and Jolly for Cox me thinks
mr gor: Geez welcome to the game waters
tigermania: walking stick icon for grandpa chaddy cornes
Tim Bla: irons?? where are u
kingcarey: Priddis is a machine Bryce. Can understand the jelousy
Snarfster: How about Cox to Waters, Darling's Gaff!!
Pavlich#29: anyone know who I should trade Lenny Hayes for??
StevieB: Cam Rich looking okay in other game - get 60
Bryce08: spud to daniel stewart
Ryderrr: Play Irons in the midfeld Primus you spud
HawkMan: tigermania lol
BGibbs4.0: Do something port! gunna be powered if they lose
joosoo: got the same problem pavlich#29.. thinkin nicky dal
HawkMan: @ pav (Swan)
Tim Bla: y do my players always cop a TAG
Bryce08: wow foxtel, so quick to get the music up...
Murph2Judd: Darling should have a very solid SC score
Pavlich#29: joosoo, im also considering NDS / Montagna...
stretchie: Davenport has scored more than Stewart and he's warming the pine. LoL.
Pavlich#29: @ HawkMan Ive got Swanny he's my (C) lol
buddyguy: boak sucks ass.
Madsnake: get pendles or swan pav. get whichever one you don't have
Wiggan: Selwood and Shuey looks so good together around clearances.
Pavlich#29: Madsnake, mabye Pendles but when collingwood have the bye i have to replace him and swanny..
sless: Port truely are poo
danielryan: Why is the delay not working properly on the Pies game - It wasn't working last night either?
HawkMan: @ Pendles Judd or Pendles
Madsnake: yeh but if you have good rookies youre only going to get maybe 100-150 less than every other week so it's worth it
Pavlich#29: true..
froggy55: Boak you spud
Turks: anyone who thinks travis boak is a spud... is a spud
dutchtup: Kennedy! Shuey head to head with himself
danielryan: Any other sites to delayed SC/DT scores for when this one is down?
rooneth: ive got port at the line 15 n a half are they any chance??
BGibbs4.0: Powered down
dylsta05: sc?
TheCrow17: power's gone out
Figga12: howbad are port????
dutchtup: lynch
danielryan: Supercoach
RedDevils2: coxy
rooneth: i guess not
BGibbs4.0: This is pathetic from port. Wooden spooners perhaps/
jamin2813: gotta feel great when you have -4 after 30mins of football lol
Murph2Judd: where can you find players breakevens?
Albino: give up Chad, you are PAST IT
TheCrow17: why did poor boak stay?
Albino: good timing chad. foka
Luke919: is the delay working yet?
tigermania: goal to grandpa
BGibbs4.0: PORT LIFTTTTTTTTTTTT geez this is pathetic
Luke919: will an emergency come on for krakeour if he doesn't get subbed on?
ratten: carn big cox
HotTiges: go pearce lol
ratten: @luke919 NO
RoidRager: Big Cox pulls out of Darling
HighBomber: boak is not holding up his end of the deal
BBosCo: stick to taking roids mate
froggy74: how was that wce free kick?
happyjoe: my cox has cornes
HotTiges: Want some Cox, Darling?
kingcarey: suck it up froggy
findlay: Don't mean to be a killjoy, ut all these comments about DC are just infantile!
krakamanis: did hurn have a shocking 1st quarter, or has he just been ineffective?
Floor: I collect glass cox
Nails: wtf get it together Waters
HotTiges: no worries dr findlay
Fabregas4: Infertile Findlay - surely not?
SwiftCox: glass pearce cox, now broadbent
froggy55: go away froggy74
Nails: Waters = only negative of my team other than Foley..
BGibbs4.0: Here we up power
ratten: foley is gone this week, can't keep him
GoLions: cmon cox, need about 150 from u with anthony and krak both starting as subs this weekend
kakarot: bloody selwood. did the job on boomer last week, and doing ok at curbing boak
axel: harden up cox, and get back out
tobyg25: whos been listening to the game hows kerr holding up?
axel: kerr rusty
Murph2Judd: Toby, has looked OK but lacks match fitness, wait for the price drop before you jump on
hawks_92: why did coxy slow down? 4 points this qtr
Murph2Judd: Krak on for Heath Shaw in the Pies game fellas
korza: Sepoy yeah
buddyguy: boak isnt getting any free kicks, kerr and priddis jumped in his back twice now, ffs
JoeMontana: lol, the Fev is muppet No. 1
x1maple: Whats with Hurn? 1 point did he just come on?
Brown*Dog: P Plate for IRONS
Docker21: cmon darling
axel: cmon Irons, straighten up
tobyg25: Thanks Murph
JoeMontana: Fev Sent off for Narre Warren
GumbleTON!: Nah, just a couple of out on the fulls for Hurn.
nortons: emberrrsssss
Mithrandir: Josh Kennedy's defensive side is fantastic today
findlay: Youi Beauty West Coast!!!
danielryan: can anyone here fix the delay on the other match?
Docker21: dudes embleys killin it
Hazza09: irons do a job for JSelwood just this week FFS
Murph2Judd: Mithrandir, totally agree, seeing a big man chase and tackle like he's been doing is a great sign
banta: embley turning back the clock
GCAblett: flame for the BIG DELICIOUS COX
HawkMan: port can get flowered my multi is flowered
hiltzy79: luke shuey head to head with himself interesting
Bryce08: freaking joke boak
siklan: cox tried to tackle is own teammate hahahah
bummblebee: nice one zerella
Madsnake: we'are the eagles we'are flying highhhh
Jayman: Baha how is hurn on 1 sc but 35 Dt??
Bryce08: thanks for nothing boak you stupid spud
koomy4: Nice! Coxy heading for another 100!!
BGibbs4.0: Port better put in a HUGE 2nd half, hope they get a massive rocket
The Lad: if cox does tackle his teammante does he still get the points?
GCAblett: flame for the BIG DELICIOUS COX
UglyOldPim: Aww! madsnake you stinger!
Austin: Come ON PORT!!!!
GoLions: hehehe his name is cox. hehehehe
Woody15: i love seeing Cox
GumbleTON!: Hurn has had 10 disposals or so this Qtr
RedDevils2: gray goalll
BigDons: If we all think carefully, I reckon we could come up with some clever puns for Dean Cox's name
nortons: i think robbie great likes the look of big cox
SwiftCox: i prefer WC cox to collingwood cox
snagadelic: im happy with my robbie gray pick atm keep it up
cleko: Port Adaelaide must seriously be the worst team in the AFL
superstar3: wc cox has more teeth
Bryce08: boak lol what a dreadful pick, hate myself
findlay: Great job Eagles! Another half to come.
HotTiges: what about jamie cox
nortons: hey monty you muppet dont change my post i said robbie g@y not robbie great!!
Woody15: my missus loves Cox
Prospector: another very long 1/4
SwiftCox: hitchcock up, cox steady
rainbow x2: hitchcock's darling brown cox
korza: Boak you flowering cow
Antony: Cox is firming in the Browlow betting
sacka: i have Cornes on Cox, dont say anything or i wil put my Shuey up ya Bown Gaff
matDTC: best half of footy by WCE since 2007
HawkMan: BOAK can get stuffed
Wiggan: Shuey is head to head with Shuey
HawkMan: next week bye bye Everitt & Boak - Hello Rookie Def and Mr Swan
enormohead: shuey is playing on shuey apparently
Brown*Dog: P Plate for IRONS
nortons: robbie g@y likes to swallow cox
HawkMan: what about id pearce cox matched up - OUCH!
HawkMan: nortons lol
Spudanator: Shueys playing with himself
1%ers: u said robbie great nortons!
Hazza09: Irons pull ya finger out young fella!!
Turks: how does broadbent have a flame and josh kennedy doesnt?
1%ers: he he
RoidRager: Betta Krak still outscores more than half of the Roos players
snagadelic: i got rid of everitt this week hope i dont regret it
RoidRager: Whoops wrong game, sorry
BigDons: Let's go 95 for Gray, never entered purple name game before, quite excited!
wigan_ath: snangadelic...legend
Delicious,: jacob couroyannis who is your captain?
1%ers: gray would pearce brown given the opp !
StevieB: turks loves his flames - easy son
moorey21: unleash the gaff!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Woody15: patrick mcginnity has the worst head of hair in the AFL.its like a flowering helmet
wigan_ath: is the name game dt or sc?
nortons: if westhoff hasnt got the worst head in the league he's in the top two
1%ers: woody - "Hairdo" from the dogs, C Ward just finished a chic flik
danielryan: why are the delay's out of whack - has it been like this all year?
BigLynchy: nortons - lets not forget cameron ling here :)
Cicjose: shuey is going head to head with himself
nortons: 1% are you the chapparoozle??
nortons: good point lynchy. think ling might have it covered
krakamanis: maybe its because of daylight savings?
1%ers: alias likacork or the stick !
nortons: haha. should change your name to the stick
Docker21: mmmmm......embley(homer simpson voice)
1%ers: wcb didnt trade ha!
nortons: yeh he took advice from smothers. interesting choice for a mentor
BlueBoys#5: cassisi off
itsduftime: cassisi subbed
eski_liddr: comeon nick natta!!! surfed with you last weekend surly that praxtise will give you some endurance
paully: Robbie Gray 103 for me thanks
1%ers: hmmm not good. Ooobie being wiped if no show this rnd
nortons: hmm eski think you need to spend more time at school. interesting spelling
eski_liddr: by the way nic could make it as a bodyboarder. the guys naturally gifted
eski_liddr: nah just on the mobile, nortons you need to concentrate on better things mate
cotch2cuz: id love it if darling got the footy
nortons: righto righto
Murph2Judd: shocking miss from Cox
MrRiosWan: nic could make it as a midwife. the guys naturally gifted
eski_liddr: boak has been quiet, dosent seem to do well with a tag
jwill55aus: 4 dt for darling since 1st qtr?
dutchtup: brogan knee
lukew55: is gaff gonna be sub every week? this is flowered
Murph2Judd: Lukew, i'd expect Gaff to come midway through this quarter for Kerr
nortons: nah brogan ok
The It: wats happened to Darling?
tanker80: lift bock you flowering crab
Jega: if u having money in TAB acc get on Port, they will comeback
m-ry: 162 for swan in dt
sless: Go Big Cox!
NoButYeah: Cox on 69... Ha
Impromptu: Darling..come one dude
lukew55: Murph2Judd - hope so!
macvinnie: Lift, Boak ffs!
Usman: what was boak on in DT at the half?
buddyguy: usman - i think 32
Cicjose: sub off darling
Bryce08: boak was 29 at 1/2
richotheki: 29
Murph2Judd: 20 odd Usman
hiltzy79: @ usman 29
j0rdan...: Come on Power! i need a draw
redwallis: Delicious cox
unobrow: Kerr is the logical sub
tomahawk05: hating havin irons as sub for joel selwood
Ryderrr: cmon irons get into it, dont need you to be dropped next week
BGibbs4.0: Fire up port need the win
dennyvee: put gaff on
redwallis: DT points aside, how is Kerr going?
Brak: after watching one HD standard foxtel is so shower
Murph2Judd: where can you find players breakevens?
magpies01: fatty fatness
BGriff32: ffs irons!!!! got you on for Selwood!!!! argh!
judd3votes: cmon big coz
magpies01: Who should i trade Hayes for, Monty or Hodge?
hkrusty: Umpiring is terrible. A lot of scores will be down from frees. The AFL is rewarding being second to the ball.
Madsnake: magpies01 get thomas
Prospector: get joey
totwotoo: Eagles should have this rapped already. showerhouse kicking
Loose: This is some shocking umpiring, giving away frees to port left right and centre for no reason
magpies01: thinking hodge cos he'll be unique
nortons: breaking news the umpires have been told to umpire the eagles out of the game. and let me tell you they are doing a grea
Hydra911: Need Darling to lift; just realised he's on my field, lol.
genocks: Davenport supersub!
Hawks4dwin: kerr looks really slow not coping well
dipper5: cmon port
imageof007: why cassisi subbed?
nishy: haha showerhouse, love it
leondavis1: kerr for burger
HawkMan: Cassisi must b inured
nishy: give kerr the burger
wigan_ath: gray!!!!!!
HawkMan: *Injured
Lecras: carrnnn emberz
Bryce08: embley for star, already
burner72: Wonder if Kerr will give a young bloke the cheap shot elbow lol
Woody15: Kerr is useless without Cuz and Judd
Loose: cassisis has hurt his knee
corka23: embley goal
dipper5: if know one get the purple name game right does the person who got the closes get it right
tobyg25: come on Boak
wigan_ath: gaff is on my field :(
Joe B: Kerrs looks horrible early. The game looks to have gone past him...way too slow.
SlopppyJoe: watersawesome smother and follow up
matDTC: its kerrs 1st game for a year, of course he's a bit slow
Brak: dont think davenport will be sub next week
Richooo: hey fellas how is hurns sc looking??
SlopppyJoe: wow darling what a chase
Bryce08: pittard hahahah too slow champ
Sunday2810: +8 for darling...great chase!
HawkMan: Boak willcop the tag each week!
Jayman: Does any1 have embley???
Murph2Judd: Darling you star
Grazz: Get Kerr on and let ht colt Gaff loose
totwotoo: Got me flowered why coaches take plaers off after kicking goal. "Well done chief, heres your reward, have a bench seat"
sammy06: cox is ripping it up
V|PeR: keep tackling Darling
dipper5: Gray get 77 dreamteam points
Joe B: matDTC....he's played two WAFL games...he's not going to find speed that he just doesn't have.
lukew55: bring on gaff ffs
HawkMan: need the power to lift i have my multi into these
Madsnake: cox is tearing darling a new one ;)
Grazz: sorry meant kerr off gaff on, Taxi
dutchtup: i just jizzed
matDTC: he played just over 1/2 a game in each wafl game
dutchtup: darling <3
banta: eagles will win this. port are average
paully: Port Adelaide will runn away with this
Murph2Judd: Kerr will surely be subbed soon
jimmeh3: guess who has DAVENPORT
boomz23: wtf is priddis doing -.-
Jayman: Lol stewart has same sc as boak :O
UpDog: lynch red jacket!, gaff coming on!!!
jmacks: lynch is subbed off
korza: Monty you have Shuey as head to head with Shuey Wtf
Dylman05: gaff on for quienten
MushRocket: port are not average they are awful
BBosCo: fucn cox useles
Usman: everyone but boak scored basically >(
Grazz: yay Gaff on, hard to make money when they are on the bench.
Pointer: Doesnt this sound weird ? Go Jasper
spudley: thats an odd move to take lynch off, I thought Kerr be guaranteed to come off
Murph2Judd: Worsfold why would you leave Kerr on the field? give Woosha the spud
SlopppyJoe: how is Cox useless BBosCo? Because he he'll have 80+ at half time? U spud
matDTC: the eagles would be stoked with kerrs 20 disposals.. 8 contested, what are you heroes talking about?
dutchtup: VIPER sup
HawkMan: WCE lacking run power so thats why lynch went off - speed speed speed
Bryce08: boak died again
Loose: kerr hasnt been that bad had a huge amount of pressure on him but there are worse guys out there
Jimmy B!: Hoping Darling can get to 65-70....that would be fantastic. Having a big week so far so hopefully...
Joe B: Kerr is the most overpaid player in afl history since he signed his last contract...12 average games in 2 years.
SlopppyJoe: *3 qtr time
korza: @ M just keeping you on the ball
Grazz: Go Coxy keep up the good work.
Grumbla: 2:30 left in 1\4
thesmasher: cox ave but will still score 100 plus
leondavis1: 954 with 9 playes that included cox and hurns scores in this game
nortons: fair dinkum that umpire needs to throw the fckn ball up because by god he cant bounce the fckn thing
josh111: kerr is having a great game he hasn't played in a year and was out due to a bad injury hes got 21 touches that is very g
Impromptu: wow Davenport..dont have u..but superman
Cicjose: 3 goals in a qtr to keepo the score close is a great effort by davenport
dyl_2: chadwick!!!!
Jayman: Embley 4 gun
SlopppyJoe: Worried about Irons' JS now
Loose: this umpire must be on the take
Brak: chad outscoring his brother
joshy_400: need darling to rack up more possies
Joe B: The Eagles should not lose this game....but they probably will.
leondavis1: corns +12 in 2 mins racking it up
ratten: whats with all the big score deductions?
GafferTape: Worst umps ever
Pointer: Go Jasp
Cicjose: gaff needs the magnifying glass
Barlow: Guys I cant believe Keith Ledger won Best Actor...Jack Niklaus played a better Riddler and he's a professional golfer
Grazz: cox ok dont underate Brogan, the big fella wont always have it his own way.
Grumbla: Davenport could top score the game for his team and only play 1\2?
1%ers: got rid of spangher, just schofield to go!
berbatov: davenport did this to us last year ffs come on eagles
leondavis1: chad corns for cape in the last 3 mins +20 and now on top of dt
Jayman: Chad deserves heart and embley star!!!!!!!
Bazinga: Long time since chad's been on top of the leaderboard for port
HawkMan: WCE tiring 33 degress against the roos 6 day break ouch!
GCAblett: cape for chad? bahahahahahahahahahahaha no.
Murph2Judd: X for Davenport if Port win?
BigDons: Ahh Chad....the memories
burner72: Andsomeone was tellin me last night Montagna is 1 of few capable to score 50 in a qtr lol
GafferTape: Port shouldn't be in this game
HawkMan: i wonder if we can see a sub be on top of DT at end of game quite possible here
burner72: Glad i chose darling to start of richardson phew
Forta: Cmon Gray...lift! Poor qtr...
redwallis: Haircut icon for davenport
Wiggan: flowering umpires are flowers
HawkMan: Jayman Agree with u heart cornes
wigan_ath: come on gray!!!
Grazz: Need a bit more from Priddis and Waters this qtr.
asha1984: lift boak. If u don't i'll upgrade u to swan.
burner72: West Coast always seem to beat port in SA
Cicjose: gaff needs the magnifying glass
wbulldogs: m0nty spud up nicoski hes useless
HawkMan: @ asha thats what im doing in SC
TTT Saints: burner72 they are 1 from 8
GafferTape: Eagles haven't beaten port in sa since 1999
Ryderrr: Irons need a 150 point quarter from you
Dylman05: @burner72 ur an idiot. WCE havent won in SA in 8 games
Grumbla: Burner72... WCE are 0-9 Playing Port in Ade
Wiggan: @Burner, WCE never beat Port in SA
Wolf_49: C'mon Power, if you can't beat WCE at home, then you can't beat any team at home
reddevil96: Davenport... first sub for 100+???
Grazz: Glad i benched Gaff this week. But how do you make money.
Wiggan: Gaff has been on for 2 mins Cicjose you douche
redwallis: Lol @ burner, a couple of flog statements
Delicious,: the million dollar question - will a substitute ever get a brownlow vote in 2011? is davenport a chance if port win?
Bryce08: seriously reddevil96?
burner72: Must be thinkin of someone else then
cfc 1979: ok who wins ?
HawkMan: Burner nice stats buddy lol
Wolf_49: irons have a 150 point quarter: wishful thinking isn't it
Grazz: Burner Goofah..
totwotoo: Burner not the brightest crayon in the box
HawkMan: @ Burner didnt Port win the flag last year lol
Ciava888: @ burner is a flog
Hazza09: irons bought you in for 1 WEEK ONLY do something please!!!!!!!
Wiggan: 12. 16 that is so flowering bad
burner72: dylman09 your gonna ake a great father with abuse just coz some1 gets it wrong,
dipper5: cmon power
Wiggan: Eagles
Joe B: Eagles have had 12 more scoring shots....and only have a lead of 12pts....joke.
gypsymaurz: one day fif
boomz23: wth r wc thinking putting priddis on gray...
HawkMan: @ Grazz teams will rotate players thats how they will manage rookies over a 4-6 week period in between breaks
clive26: Davenport = redwallis, both GUNS
Wiggan: WCE for WIN
Bryce08: huge quarter please boak
phobophile: big robbie gray is justifying his uniqueness in my team...
burner72: Glad im not anyone of yr kids when someone gets it wrong, i dont envy them lol
reddevil96: **If he could mark
Loose: 16 behinds to 4 is very costly
dipper5: 13 more points Gray
Meister21: Go Power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HawkMan: boak
Bryce08: boak!!
itsduftime: yay boak
Grazz: Hawkman i agree but twice in 2 weeks is gunna hurt his value when the guy can play.
Jayman: SC scores???
Joe B: Eagles have stopped.
tigerman28: pearce cox - ouch!
grossn: comeon WCE kick a couple!
bazza525: boooaaaaaakkkkk my man goal
gnaight: go power. tipped you!
Grazz: C'mon Matt & Beau big qtr
HawkMan: Yes but a trade iws worth more than the 50k he will go up he will rise to 250k but it will take a few more weeks
bazza525: boak on fire
R.Griffen: can this game be a draw
HawkMan: @ tigerman you coppied my call from earlier
ratten: give it to cox
BigDons: Come on Eagles, my roughie for the round, don't let me down now
Radioactiv: cox
WalkerOn: cmon on wce
Pavlich#29: imagine if this game was a draw!
grossn: Kennedy kick 3 this Qtr!
gilbee94: get up port!
bazza525: need 100 from boak badly to win
boomz23: whats the bet the afl comes out and says the sub rule is making the games closer & thats y we have seen 2 draws...
HawkMan: Boak killing it this Qtr
judd3votes: if its a draw and u bet on the game wot happens to ur money
tigerman28: sorry hawkman. just logged in. you're obviously a bloke of great intelligence :)
Jayman: Wot does embley hav 2 do 2 get star
Blairza1: Kennedy, Shuey should get 100+ in SC
tigerman28: time for cox to stand tall
reddevil96: 100 for boak = port victory
Blairza1: Yeow go Shuey :D
bazza525: boak get at least +15 now to the end
SlopppyJoe: Cox is goin hard
Bryce08: Shuey= gun
corka23: shuey again!
Jackmatt12: Embley?!
Pavlich#29: omg Shuey your killing me!
HawkMan: @ allgood tigermania
GCAblett: judd, um, you lose your money as you didn't bet on the game being a draw.....
berbatov: shuey >>> ablett
Jayman: Where r Sc scores
jbuff: comee onn big coxxxy
Dangermaus: beau waters is a shadow of the player he was last year
HaydosMang: Embley wont get a star because Monty is a douchebag Eagle hater.
Woody15: i like the sub rule a lot. although for DT its a bit lame..
HawkMan: Cox is ready to explode!
GCAblett: come on cox, slish the ball in and out of the goal square
Ciava888: judd3votes: if its a multi that leg gets cancelled
Jackmatt12: boak os a cow
Murph2Judd: Embley the star and Cox the gun, make it happen M0nty
Overs1984: Marcus Tantu
wigan_ath: come on port!!
Jackmatt12: lift darling!
Pointer: Jasper
bazza525: bbbbbbboooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkkk
Blairza1: Port suck :D
tassieguns: Cox for brownlow
thesmasher: wc playin smart footy here
Murph2Judd: Gaff hits the post
Doggy: not quite junk time I know.........argh give it to Cox
Pavlich#29: cox 115 + Darling 65 +
IfYouSaySo: Embley star, cox gun too easy
Grazz: SC m0nty
totwotoo: Why do people get icon rage? Do you really care?
cfc 1979: draw anyone ?
HawkMan: Cox GUN Plz Monty
eski_liddr: boak has come outta nowhere, killing it
Turks: all the people bagging boak now love him... get flowered you bunch of flogs
Blairza1: Put the SC scores up ?
HighBomber: how is boak going in SC guys?
HawkMan: Boak was 21 SC at HT
GCAblett: cos han't fired a ton yet, thus no gun
Sting68: Lynchy makes me laugh everytime he says that someone has forced a spiwwage
boomz23: Hun hasn't released the sc scores yet...
Tkol: embley star cox gun comon please m0nty i need this
sammy06: port suck.
eski_liddr: easy there turks, that happens 1000 times during the season
banta: wine glass for darren glass?
HighBomber: i saw that, he was 21 in the first quarter too, suspected an error..
AzzMeadows: boak wont even get 90. TURKS what have u taken ? thats messed up !
hiltzy79: i tip another draw
Blairza1: Monty ? Is here the manager of Fan Footy ?
Doggy: not in my multi .....go the weagles go cox
banta: shoe for shuey?
Blairza1: Sammy06 agreed :D I HATE PORT
grossn: which cornes will come out on top?
ratten: cox = pickup of the year
sless: When was the last time the Eagles beat Poort in Adelaide?
m0nty: if I had them I'd post them
Jackmatt12: embley the gun?
Flito: having him as captain id be happy to see big coxy with the bin by the end of the game hehe!
grossn: eagles have lost the last 7 to port in adelaide i think
Grazz: Along time ago
totwotoo: What's the icon for icon rage?
mtty: Guys the SC scores are not up so m0nty cant post them
HawkMan: The Champion data guys are asleep!
boomz23: @highbomber how u doing?
Bryce08: boak fading again
GoneTheBif: If Port lose this I reckon they're a good thing for the spoon
Impromptu: come on jaspar, kick to self
tobyg25: boak been dissapointing so far
Sting68: D Stewart - done nothing all day and might drag Port over the line now
GCAblett: making cox captain? bahahaha
sless: A couple of goals would be nice from Cox in junk time
Dangermaus: tonne it up Cox
HawkMan: the cox and sandi ruck combo is a 1000-1500 points better over the year
grossn: god damn it! comeon west coast!!!
hiltzy79: how can there be any bins when its less than 2 kicks in it
sless: C. Oshea is not up to it lol.
hiltzy79: one kick now
berbatov: lol junktime look at the score idiot
BBosCo: come on dean
Impromptu: Hope Matera doesn't run riot as I have Darling :(
GCAblett: sless - um, what junk time, exactly? there's less than a goal in it you muppet
tobyg25: yeah its not really junk time when its a tight match
Grazz: Hawkman agree
shaggz31: everyone talking about junk time; there is no junk time when theres a kick in it
reddevil96: HawkMan better than what? Pendle as 5th mid?
howey: welldone cox great stuff
Blairza1: put the sc scores up pleaseeeee
judd3votes: well fdone darling
burner72: Gee theres alot of personal abuse on this site lol
bazza525: cmon boak
corka23: darling shot at goal
The It: the massive ton
berbatov: darling heres ya chance to stand up son
HawkMan: @ Grazz the common sense approach happy to pay the extra for those two and the sub rule means these guys score more
Sunday2810: 2 tackles a free and possible goal for darling!
Bryce08: sless for muppett
sacka: Junk it up Darling
grossn: darling misses
AzzMeadows: JUNKTIME = in the last 5-10 mins of teh game also. how do people not realise this is beyond me
Jackmatt12: flower off Darling, wasted 5 DT points :/
ratten: lol @ burner
sacka: jokes lol
HawkMan: @ reddevil im saying that having cox/sandie combo is key over the year in the rucks
Sting68: Darling raises the bat for his half ton
MoneyShark: This is the best possesions of a game, far from junk time
genocks: west coasts kicking has been amazing!
martc: love you Darling xoxo
grossn: another behind for wce
judd3votes: handy point for wce
AchillesII: azz ur a muppet, read the legend down the bottom u tool
Delicious,: come on darling im epecting 75!
sless: Bryce08 for his uncles load.... again
reconfigrr: lol azzmeadows.... no it doesnt
GCAblett: AzzMeadows - No.
berbatov: the can is for wen the pressure is eased
Barlow21: JUNKTIME is points scored when the game is over and result is certain.
goodone: carlile is junking it down
koomy4: Cox, you are a champ! Love your work!!
The Lad: Junktime is getting stats after the game is over as a contest, time is not a factor
Bryce08: there is NO junktime in a close game AzzMeadows u idiot
Junktimer: how the flower is it junktime when the game is in the balance you tit boys
mtty: magniy glass for Gray hope he kicks the winner
theguru: Azzmeadows, junktime isnt the last 5 - 10 min of each game, it only happens when the game is well won
GCAblett: come on draw!!
judd3votes: junk time is the time in the match when the game is a blowout and over... not just the last 10 minutes..
mtty: Gray 91 Sc
Jackmatt12: Darling 150 DT?
gools: you guys are idiots, i guess the last 10 minutes of the game last night was junktime too then eh?
martc: enough already about junktime?
bazza525: boakkey finnally
mtty: cox 102
Delicious,: hopefully darling can kick the winning goal so we get a nice +20 in sc!
billnats: i need darling and nicoski to do nothing in the last 10 minutes. cox smack it please!
judd3votes: AZZMEADOWS is an idiot
V|PeR: 13.18 is ordinary kicking
berbatov: pittard injured nooooooo
GCAblett: Azzmeadows = thoroughly owned
nishy: think about it though... when a team is only a goal or 2 up they will try and play keepings off, possession footy.
dylsta05: what was cox on in dt at 3 qrt time?????
HawkMan: Ouch!
Grazz: good game or not, be on here soon.
itsduftime: pittard knee
shaggz31: junktime shouldn't factor SC scores with the sub eg N. Krakoeur
Impromptu: Pittard.nice more qtr
Blairza1: Pittard gone i reckon :/
Murph2Judd: Pittard gawn
Loose: pittard done his knee!
AzzMeadows: pittard knee injury
reddevil96: Pittard and Trengove... ouch
Doggy: oops sorry lads didn't mean to start all this junk time talk............I realise what it is jus hope that my Cox has a
V|PeR: cox was 85ish i thought
burner72: Gray is my Unique in fwd
hiltzy79: tool of the week azzmeadows game must be over
berbatov: pearce spud
Impromptu: waddaa is pittard injured..oh no
Sting68: Pittard might just be a corky...but it could be anything
genocks: yeah pierce!
gnaight: ouch, not looking good for the youngster.
Jimmy B!: @Nishy true but only in like the dying minutes.......not with 10 mins to go.
Delicious,: cox was on 86 dt at 3q time..
berbatov: he'll b rite its not an acl he hobbled off
da cooler: wtf gray
Blairza1: Pittard out for season is my guess
reddevil96: Pittard doesn't look horrible maybe a stinger
Impromptu: oh no, not jaspar..
Blairza1: SC scores up :)
MoneyShark: My unique was Antony in my mids, what a bad day lol
Murph2Judd: Pittard didn't go straight down, and tbh just looking at the incident don't think there was enough of a twist for an ACL
AchillesII: hahahahaha boak... turks is a flog
grossn: embley goals
berbatov: embleyyy wowwwww
HawkMan: Port finished
Jackmatt12: weell done darling.. X factor?
AzzMeadows: embley - 147 dt pts !
Jimmy B!: Love how Darling is scoring in patches.....its a wild ride but 66 is good. 75 would be very nice...
judd3votes: game overa
eski_liddr: darling nice play
superstar3: jasper pittard will be playing the roll of Richard Douglas this week as i forgot to swap him to the bench. Go pittard
korza: Embley you slut
Blairza1: Embley you star...
mtty: well if Pittard is gone then hello Curnow
griffdog18: Bullcrap priddis is on 60?
Sting68: It will be junk time now...WCE have this in the bag
Murph2Judd: Pittard walking around
HawkMan: Cox GUN plz
berbatov: pittard throwing his water bottle funniest thing ive ever seen
Albino: darling is a new model j brown
reddevil96: Pittard walking already... WC have the game to lose
Madsnake: quick 20 for gray would give me the name game
The It: Embley star
Blairza1: Only port player to rack up SC points is Gray - this means the rest of the team suck
grossn: Irons goal
judd3votes: port are still alive
Jimmy B!: Port really knocked around this game.
Overs1984: Luke JArman is a nerd
wigan_ath: gray????
sless: @Bralps08 is it junktime now?
eski_liddr: glad i kept darling in my dt
The Lad: @Sting... um nope, game on
HawkMan: Boak has been huge in this last qtr
Impromptu: 1096 people have Embley in Sc (as in midfield)
itsduftime: kick the winner boak
dvirulz: got cox and embley :)
griffdog18: Embley star, cox gun
Sunday2810: give pittard an about a drink bottle:)
judd3votes: cox gun embley star
terbs77: come on eagles smash these ferals
Murph2Judd: who does everyone prefer? Cox or Sandi?
GCAblett: not junk itme yet, game STILL ALIVE GO PORT!!
Sting68: Port will flower it up somehow...they always do
grossn: waters might have done his elbow
sless: Cox because he is cheaper
berbatov: ahaha yes pittard def a drink bottle icon'
cfc 1979: boak for the winner
cgjh: I'm calling it now - another draw
MoneyShark: Thee will be no junk time in this game
billnats: i got both
reddevil96: Waters elbow?
Nails: nooooooooooooooooo watersssssssss >:(
roo boys!: I thought hurn was a SC specialist?
theguru: how long is left ?
banta: draw again
eski_liddr: ryder better than both - hell hav a massive yr
ratten: cox inching along
mtty: Whats the bet if Gray doesnt get a touch and Port lose he will get around 75 SC
Sting68: Waters won't play next week with that elbow
burner72: dunno..How long IS left?
Impromptu: Last man standing
Goddard-18: rsawuigjseuiyhjsei
Kieran2: Why no john butcher??
DT Veteran: 3.30
corka23: 4 mins left
ratten: prolly nearly 5 mins you'd think
Delicious,: theres still 3:40 heaps of time
Murph2Judd: 3:50 left Burner
grossn: kennedy behind
Sting68: 3:30 left
roo boys!: Hurn for the winner on the siren
The It: love how lots of different times come out
GCAblett: Thanks Murph2Judd
Delicious,: 3 minutes left
burner72: Looks like Adam Selwood getting tagging jobs this year
judd3votes: 2:45 to go
theguru: butcher still being given time to develop in the SANFL, plus he cant kick
redwallis: I'm in a bar in Bali watching the game, never realised how retarded Port supporters are!
Prospector: port need to ttc and taghlat
Slap: 2.30 left
Delicious,: 2:30
Kieran2: Got him in my sc, how far away you think?
grossn: 2:20 to go
grossn: goal shuey
Lecras: wooo shuey
mtty: Gray get a touch
sless: junk time junk time
berbatov: cox gun shuey star twice hes kikd the winning goal in 2 weeks
judd3votes: shuey wins it for wce
corka23: game over!
leondavis1: nicoski for the first pumpkin?
Blairza1: yessssss go shuey :d
MoneyShark: game over shuey goal
2250averag: Shue goal
Austin: Bloody West Coast!!!!!!!!!!!
Priddis: Eagles 2 wins in a row, Port wooden spoon
Bryce08: Shuey!! give him the star
HawkMan: Port are a bunch of flogs
burner72: Obviously Gray has had a quiet 2nd half i take it?
The It: eagles got it
tigermania: wooden spoon to port
asha1984: shuey goals, 2:15 left, eagles should win
theguru: redwallis, i lived in port for 12 months, a couple of years ago, it was very very interersting
Radioactiv: red wallis is the bar called sheppy's?
Sting68: there you go...told you it was ever believes me
Delicious,: game, set and match
totwotoo: How good are the Eagles young guns. ggod times
AzzMeadows: Junk Time !
GoneTheBif: Cockroaches > Port supporters
judd3votes: wot a qtr from gaff!
The Onion: Bali supporter on a laptop is even more retarded
cfc 1979: shuey - big supercoach last quarter
Grazz: Shuey massive SC
sless: @Bryce08 NO STAR
griffdog18: gaff superman
nortons: every time at the centre bounce. throw the fckn thing up!! p.s. go the eags
Priddis: So much for Port not losing to Eagles at home since 1998
AzzMeadows: no 1 wins name game LOL
Fabregas4: I like the boy Shuey
Blairza1: haha @gonethebif ;)
burner72: Eagles in the top 4 for now lol
berbatov: 35 shots on goal!
kano22: piece of shower > GoneTheBif
Slap: gaff was an awesome sub, does that mean it could be his role!?
HawkMan: Spud the entire port team
Luke919: very poor second half from robbie gray
Slap: either way, glad i didnt pick him
StAnselm: Give Cox the gun
RedRaven: Butcher dominated the SANFL game today, near BOG
redwallis: Nah I think it's "Y" sports bar and grill in legian
Grazz: Broadbent huge effort.
Fabregas4: A great place for Gaff while he adjusts to AFL footy
HawkMan: Cox Gun! and we can have a set of balls as his icon!
Priddis: Port = most disappointing team.
capt_jerk: butcher did nothing in the SANFL what you talking about?
The Lad: @salp: to leae someone permanatly as a sub is dangerous for game fitness, if they later need to come on real early
Sting68: One thing this round has taught me about the sub...if it's a mid unleashed halfway in the 3rd, he will score 40-50
Fabregas4: Gaff could be the sub for a while - barring WC injuries
shaggz31: are they 3QT SC scores or final?
reddevil96: @ Grazz wasn't Broadbent on Embley... dunno about huge effort
berbatov: 2-0 bring on sydneyy woooo embley cracks 150
Luke919: @Priddis, you obviously didn't watch the north match!
Kuzco: So much for Davenport scoring 100 as a sub
Lecras: woooo go emberly
grossn: Embley goal!!!
tassieguns: wow. Andrew Embley!!
AzzMeadows: embley - 158 dt pts lol
Loose: EMbley anothet goal
eski_liddr: embley! damnnn
Lecras: *embley
reddevil96: Cox has the gun.... you bewdy
Fabregas4: Red - you need to get out more
steve7: big coxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
farthers: <3 cox
nortons: what a game from the embers. on fire!!
steve7: i love the coxxxx
tigerman28: cox was huge today
griffdog18: 170 SC embley
Lecras: eagles wooooooo goood win boys
redwallis: Fabregas, I'm in Bali you nong. Surely that is out!
grossn: game overr thx for th correct tip WCE
SC_Owns_DT: magnifying glass for davenport!
sless: Port = Spoon, they cant even beat last years spooner at home!
Grazz: Sorry meant davenport as sub.
Blairza1: and the siren sounds! Go you Eagles! :D
tigerman28: cox has made us all happy!
Priddis: @Luke919 Pies are reigning premiers, Eagles are reigning spooners
finchy: embly should get 170+ sc for sure..
griffdog18: aami stadiums Siren sounds like a train horn hahah
2250averag: Loving the big cox today
eski_liddr: eat your words fabregas you silly boy
Overs1984: Marcus Tanti - Spud
Madsnake: top 4 boys. oh how i love winning
Fabregas4: You went to Bali to sit in a bar with Port supporters - you should have gone to Alberton
tnator: Well port stuffed my footy multi bet. But at least the Big Cox delivered.
HawkMan: embley will socre 180 plus in SC
BlueBoys#5: might get embley for hayes
matDTC: half as many wins as entire season last year.... go eagles!
moorey21: Gaff will be a gun
totwotoo: Could be 3-0 after next week. Sydney at home
living21: all the afl teams are decent but port are the only team who cant cope
GoneTheBif: Port need to bugger off back to the SANFL. What a joke....
jimmy5: good auskick game when do the big boys start
demon_spud: embley not really consistent, when you look at how he plays against the better teams, looks good though..
Overs1984: Marcus Tanti - spud
Birdisword: I thought everyone had heard?
Fabregas4: Not my idea of a holiday watching 2 shower sides play footy but each to his own
jeffbutch: Their is 2 places left in my SC pro league. Code is 839860. Join up
berbatov: now for the gold coast game
Deledio_Ju: Big Cox always provides when pushed hard
Fabregas4: Embley for Hayes - PMSL
nathan11: big cox 120 sc :)
The Lad: dont get to excited WC fans. two of the four worst sides in the comp first up
alftiles: Peoples thoughts Embley in Hayes out
MarcMurphy: Will Gaff actually start next week?
Overs1984: Tim Gutteridge - Optimus Prime
Delicious,: at anyone who got hurn! you are a complete spud i told every1 on the forum not to get him now you can pay theconsquences
RoidRager: Darlig can't handle Big Cox.
demon_spud: embley averages 80 against sydney
skystyler: Cox goes hard, gets his own ball and sticks it down Darling's throat!!!!
RoidRager: Big Cox deep inside Darling.
nikos: shuey you beautiful man. So happy i stuck with you
Daniel_79: Boak 94 SC points, you serious... P Stewart 79 what a joke