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TassySwans: Well the final game
MarcMurphy: Darling / Wilson going to play for WCE this game?
Roygbiv: I hope Freo beat Wce 43-17, and Haw will probably go thru coz they beat Freo, even though identical pts & %.
SpudMcSpud: So Monty, if mature age rookies are making fantasy footy too easy, do you think they should be priced differently?
tferrier18: Hey guys, missed the last game...saw mzungu's score, how did he play? any clangers?
McRooster: The game that matters at Pattersons
McRooster: Only time Glass will be at the top of player point listing - Glass Ceiling.
Roygbiv: @ mcspud, some kinda premium for mature agers could be a good idea
chrissy_J: does anyone know how kerr is looking so far this year?
m0nty: yes McSpud, I mentioned that to Peter from VirtualSports but he shot me down
Roygbiv: Kerr running laps, yet to join in taining
vindawgs: do you think mzungu and darling are worthy to put on the bench?
tferrier18: Did mzungu play well? how was his efficiency?
maanco: mature age recruits will either be shower or the best pick
chrissy_J: Chris Mastenbate
NoButYeah: Kerr's hamstring taking ages to heal? Must've torn it right off his soul
Ferog: Chrissy J Mastenbate stop smoking that rubbish.
jasonjjh: what happend to gaff, i wasnt that impresses in the last game
deekay: what number is Jack Darling?
maanco: wth i said shower not shower
cheesydave: Anyone thinking Dalzeill?
Big Lance: go west coast i want hawthorn out of the injury cup
maanco: GAff hasnt lived up to his hype didnt think he would
maanco: thats great why didnt WC play COX, i wanted to see cox vs sandilands
chrissy_J: i had gaff in mid, not sure if ill keep him there. only put him in the other day.
phenom: You know who has really impressed me so far? Mark Nicoski.
phenom: I get the feeling 2011 is the year Nicoski will explode
thorgils: you are the funniest phenom
GoLions: @BigLance- but don't the eliminated teams play practice matches anyway?
chrissy_J: nicoski, you seroius??!
yogibbear: jump on board the mark nicoski wafl train!
thorgils: lewt the kids play Big Lnace
boomba 17: is there an iphone app for fan footy ?
thorgils: too many reds
run2dmax: He;s just trying to lead the pawns astray
run2dmax: But Guiten Lynch is making a return to big scores :)
run2dmax: Quinten*
Big Lance: Darling is a fair unit
run2dmax: WCE still giving away goals. That's 5 out 6 goals scored against from clangers/frees against
chrissy_J: so far cox seems to be the choice over sandi for mine.
thorgils: Not bad for a kid eh Big Lance
buddyboyz: what happens if freo wins this game? who goes through?
run2dmax: Freo needs to win by about 27 or Hawthorn goes through
Big Lance: yep 93 kg's already could be a smokey if he's named rnd 1
Roygbiv: Freo have to score 50ish and wce not score again
madsainter: hams a smokie backman?
yogibbear: darling = FAT
cheesydave: Cox had no opposition in Hawthorn (Renouf off early). Sandi at least has NicNat
Steelers7: mmm smoked ham
Fury: Not too sure I want Cox, Darling
egosbar: your could aways go in your rucks currie cox
egosbar: or cox ryder
egosbar: or a happy cox (jolly and cox)
egosbar: if you like vodka you can have a cox kruezer
wce !: cox petrie
chrissy_J: or jolly cox
egosbar: lying on a nude beach roughhead cox
egosbar: browne cox
Judd005: lol egosbear ;)
egosbar: cox fitzpatrick poor patrick
chrissy_J: cox hickey?
egosbar: cox gawn poor bugger
egosbar: cox redden lying back on the nude beach on your back
proud_lion: how about having a nice cox burger?
m0nty: back on the footy boys
egosbar: haha just went down the rucks list im out
Judd005: mummy cox
Judd005: i need some Mummy Cox ;)
egosbar: is burger a ruck
dwebby2: Footy <3
cotch2cuz: wood cox
cotch2cuz: cox, i lycett
proud_lion: yer leueunburger is a RUC hence having a fresh cox burger
chrissy_J: well on that note im off. night night all, going to get my cox hickey now ;)
Judd005: chill just having a laugh! Mzungu showing his worth
HaydosMang: monty likes cox
egosbar: started somthing dont think it will stop
aussieboy: Mzungu has shone nicely
chrissy_J: going to get my cox subancated
knighter33: sandi cox
Judd005: its funny how there is so much conjecture when picking teams but by the end of NAB its sweet! Its all about those rook
Roygbiv: the trick will be when to cash in thr cows
meataxe: JON spudding it up again
R.Griffen: Cox Swift
Judd005: Think the Muz (mzungu pty. ltd. ;) ) is starting in my 22
R.Griffen: What happens if this game is a draw
McRooster: Shannon 'Superman' Hurn for SC - lock
buddyboyz: come on dockers
Judd005: If draw......they fight to the death goal posts as weapons!
Roygbiv: Mzungu playing the Hayden role better than Roger himself!
Judd005: true roygbiv...always is
Junktimer: lower, tempted.
Junktimer: mzungu already showing heaps of confidence. not afraid to take em on
Judd005: think Jack Anthonys gonna have a new lease on life in freo....still wont pick him though
Judd005: McPhee any1 ;) lmao
run2dmax: Q. Stick making it hard to lock in Jack Darling or Callum Wilson. Just too much confusion on who's getting the jobs
Judd005: oooo the old 1 pointer ireckon
Judd005: or not
Bullwinkle: @run2dmax the reason they got Darling is coz they don't like Q. Darling will play.
McRooster: Anyone itchy for Viv Mitchie?
Judd005: nicholls....SPUD SPUD SPUD
Ryder30: how are these sc scores right