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valkorum: keen to see how cam o'shea goes
itsduftime: testing
asmodean: footy footy footy
ossie85: done Dees, Two in a row?
TeamOz: Footy's back in town. Pretty effin happy bout that. Go Dees in this 1...GO BLUES..yeah!!!
mattgopies: Robbie Gray anybody? if only he wasnt put together with sticky tape
bomber5186: keen to see kornes in action
eagles9294: keen on butcher here see how he goes
chadwick: Marlon motlop
bomber5186: i so hope howe plays.
Nashty13: watch grimy grimason smash it again
Lochness10: Carn Power
Nashty13: hhahaha Shane warnes mum ;)
steve7: Wanna see how butcher and redden goes. Also want sylvia to show a bit more so I feel comfortable having him in my side.
Prospector: not a lot of fantasy interest here
gleesestar: this format is crap it makes it hard to see whos playing well!!!
Daniel_79: have eye on M. Motlop for sure
bazza525: heey y isnt m0ntey doing sc ??
Daniel_79: also keen to see how Trengove (PA) goes.
Prospector: see how green, sylvia & grimes can back up
valkorum: not so sure prospector - be good to see how the melbourne players back up (almost like seeing a full game from them)
bomber5186: i agree prossy, just want to see kornes, and maybe howe actually playing.
McRooster: Demons to advance and Crows to win mini Showdown
Prospector: watch gray fail
valkorum: cam o'shea, pittard, butcher, gray all worth keeping an eye on
PhilipJFry: Sub rule has no effect in NAB cup, how will it work season proper?
Prospector: haha beat ya by a bees dick valko
stewfoss: melbourne another win
chadwick: Everyone quick to write port off.
phelps: keen to see how mr consistent kane cornes goes
valkorum: less than that prospector - prob closer to a poofteenth
maanco: what channel is this being broadcasted on?
Prospector: carn those dees
R.Griffen: this will be a good game
valkorum: its on foxtel live maanco
thorgils: Sy;via time to shine?
Linkster: sen
charlie: Hey fellas, is the Champion Data live feed working for anyone?
maanco: dam wish it was on free to air?
TigerFever: Kane Cornes and Charlie are the subs
chadwick: Maanco it says on this page. Use your eyes. Fox sports
bomber5186: nah not for me charlie.
maanco: which radio stations is it being broadcasted on? thanks guys
Shaitan: where'
Shaitan: where's the big fish?
maanco: nope chapman data live feed isnt working for me
McRooster: Pros - anatomically speaking, Bees have rather large Daniel Talia for their size.
Shaitan: where's daniel bass
valkorum: i think someone said during the ade v melb game that its on SEN
Linkster: Live on SEN
steve7: SEN are broadcasting the game
charlie: Woohoo, just got the Champion data feed going!!!
Munza: SEN radio
AndyJ: championdata liveplay is working
Sandi2Pav: shoulder to the face hahahaah
wolfcoast: whats the live feed web address
Prospector: i never heard it called that b4 rooster - 'solutely premium!
Shaitan: is the marlin playing?
Prospector: pm pls andyj
Shaitan: trout up?
wolfcoast: thanks
Prospector: gotit, thx charlie
yogibbear: games are not being broadcast in WA :(
chadwick: Play of the day there. Melba worked it beautifully
valkorum: its on foxtel only yogi
chadwick: yogibbear it is live around the country on fox
AndyJ: kk
Daniel_79: live play from CD is very tacky... would much rather this.
matty80: yogibbear, yes it is, on fox and on SEN
chadwick: Soft free kick
yogibbear: yeah well foxtel is the fail. :(
corms33: how flowering good is dal santo? Gun
Hydra911: What does the FR mean on the champion data live applet?
yogibbear: i don't have cable as i don't believe in giving money to telstra.
R.Griffen: Melbourne getting all the frees it seems like
valkorum: I have foxtel mainly for footy - no adverts during the game, only at end of quarters
valkorum: i was wondering the same thing hydra
charlie: i think FR=footy rocks
Bignath10: no SC scores for other game?
luten: every season we get people who whinge about games on foxtel, then say they won't pay. morons.
cptFantasy: was this site down last game or just firefox issues with ff?
McRooster: Channel 7 in Adelaide are showing the games at 10.30 onwards.
cptFantasy: does anyone have a stream?
Prospector: luten - maroons?
Nashty13: ebert
Steelers7: megahead!!!
chadwick: Channel 7 Adelaide is only showing port v Adelaide game
Nashty13: thia ia fantasy flowered up. flower you crappy nab cup
R.Griffen: McRosster that isonly the showdown
charlie: lol B Ebert GOOOOOALLL from way out
valkorum: its official - I dont like this last touch out of bounds rule .... STUPID
Prospector: we got a flood
Lochness10: Greeeny
R.Griffen: AFL should have a free to air channal
McRooster: Thanks guys - that's all that matters anyways!
Prospector: making the game only available by subs is taking the man in the street out of it
valkorum: channel 7 in perth on sunday is doing the same thing - only the dockers v weagles game
cptFantasy: the only sport now is fantasy sport anyway valko, don't worry about little changes
Munza: Green you spud, And I wanted you in my team last game wtf
Judd_Dog5: superfooty has sc scores of the last game
dazzler: Chad Cornes you gun ;)
Casperman: How long would it take the AFL to start showing games live if everyone boycotted going to the footy
AndyJ: so have all the people who jumped on BradGreen from the 1st game already taken him back out of their teams? :P
Prospector: sylvia still fit
bigdave18: yes, huge improvement from colin sylvia. like what im seeing
McRooster: Any chance m0nty the last game can come out on delay so I can watch your match call log whilst the TV is on?
PhilipJFry: Nice idea R.Griffen
valkorum: no way cptfantasy - I love the game of footy itself as well as the fantasy side of it.
Prospector: fire up sylvia, m0nty
Prospector: thx
lkp13: Great point Andy1
PhilipJFry: Who goes through if all three games are 10 point margins & all teams win once?
R.Griffen: Philip fry :)
PiesGOGOGO: This NAB format is painful to watch
lkp13: Great point AndyJ*
valkorum: 25 dt points is looking pretty good in a half a game in this format
Shaitan: where's bass
valkorum: obviously bass isnt playing
eagles9294: who is this mckernan from adel scored very well in SC relaed to corey?
Shaitan: why isn't bass playing? it isn't so obvious to me.
R.Griffen: over 17 is good
PhilipJFry: Younger brother I believe
Shaitan: there's something fishy going on.... no bass
Prospector: this schmacko is looking good!
PiesGOGOGO: Are NAB challenge games going to be this crap format also? This is brutal for fantasy footy
Stingers: wow shaitan you are so funny -.- jks
valkorum: looks like they went with redden instead of bass
valkorum: this format of games is only for the first round (which is this week and next week)
Prospector: some huge adelaide sc scores rhere
Shaitan: bass might play in the next game.
valkorum: that was stiff on the young fella
thorgils: schmacko?
Prospector: we remember corey - and yes - a little twinkler of the bro
valkorum: where are you seeing the sc scores
Prospector: schmacko = s.mck
PiesGOGOGO: No, i mean games that arnt NAB Cup that have been eliminated i.e NAB challenge
eagles9294: sc scores link below
dazzler: I thought R2 is this format as well??
Pointer: Anyone watching how does Jasper look
Prospector: grimes nice on SC too
dazzler: Someone on SEN said it the other day, think it was the OX
eagles9294: goto superfooty they not like my link
AndyJ: The rules commitee morons have no idea .. this last touch free kick is cringe worthy
R.Griffen: what happends if it is a draw
Prospector: herald sun etc ... sport/afl/fixtures-results
fatboys: last year I was so happy when hitchcock lit up for points, and now he not in my team this year, but still hard to adjust
AndyJ: quick everybody! get jack watts in your teams! :P
Prospector: sylvia makin' me cream
R.Griffen: AndyJ getting Jack Watts would be like getting Fev
thorgils: Jesus Prospector...
jsmoove: Spud puts them ahead :)
Judd_Dog5: Prospector!!! :O
Prospector: its the name!
R.Griffen: 9 pointer to draw
AndyJ: wouldnt it be amusing if both adelaide teams failed to make the 2nd round :P
M.Brown#1: Lock in chad cornes?
Daniel_79: Grimes is a must!
Malceski9: Port are shower, their 6 supporters must be devo
AndyJ: gg sylvia & grimes. did nothing to turn me off picking both of ya :)
R.Griffen: Got closer then Crows
Daniel_79: @ eski. It February, relax!
stewfoss: id wait a few weeks before deciding who is a must have and who isnt
chadwick: That's 5 more than the swans Malchesi9
Steelers7: dees for the flag
Brent7: demons win 2 yerr :D
Prospector: Chornes is chalked up as Capt already 4 me! hahoha ha
cptFantasy: don't wait too long stew!
jsmoove: Hello
Prospector: errr hello
valkorum: paul stewart - remember him prospector :P
breakonthr: Rivers men in both games are all big scorers
fatboys: callinan will need to show some form this game to keep his bench spot
Prospector: stalled again
tferrier18: Grimes 140 again
robin64: jb smoove is pretty hilarious
Fury: You're not on my bench, Strauss.