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Forums filled with FUD

We know Ben Cousins is out, that has been confirmed by team doctors. However, it is becoming increasingly prevalent for anonymous forum trolls to post threads casting fear, uncertainty and doubt on the starting status of various hot fantasy footy players.

For instance, here’s one on the BigFooty Geelong sub-forum started by some winner called Prodigal Sons which throws stones at Jimmy Bartel.

Then there’s this one over at ThePowerFromPort which professes that Robert Gray is out with a calf injury.

On a slightly more credible note, the mood at EaglesFlyingHigh is that they would love Chris Judd to play but it’s not looking definite by any means.

Be careful of believing any of these unsubstantiated rumours. Also, don’t believe what you read in the comments to the FanFooty blog… 😉

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