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Hall ruled out: season could be over

UPDATE: Today’s Herald Sun reckons Hall could miss the rest of this season in a worst-case scenario. Not good, not good:

“The next stage may be, if we don’t think he can improve, to play him differently,” Roos said. “Or the next stage after that is maybe he doesn’t play again this year, which hopefully doesn’t happen.

This is one biiiig week for injuries. Barry Hall has been ruled out for this week’s match against Geelong – and the worrying thing is it sounds like it could be longer:

Sydney Swans coach Paul Roos said today that Hall was suffering from groin soreness and hopefully this would only see him missing from action for one week… “Hopefully with the weeks rest we will see him back next week for the Fremantle game.”

“Hopefully”, huh. Heard that before. About Nigel Lappin, earlier this year. I don’t think there’s any clear winners in the Swans squad from Hall’s injury – there’s been no-one step up in his recent run of bad form.

Anyway, Hall is owned by 34,190 DT coaches right now. This means a fair few coaches will venture into Emergency Land this week to cover Chris Judd and Justin Koschitzke‘s injuries. God forbid that Matthew Pavlich or The Chad come down with a Windy Hill Virus – it will mean a round of DT survival of the fittest.

At least none of these guys are playing funny buggers with selections. That’s the one positive to come out of all this.

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