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Forum roundup: Corey Jones adds to forward frenzy

As if there weren’t enough for fantasy coaches to think about going into round 19, comes unconfirmed news from the North board at BigFooty that Corey Jones limped off at training with a possible left knee injury.

Speaking of Brad Johnson, the denizens of the Bulldogs board on the same site seem to think it’s almost a lock for Andrew McDougall to come in for him, referencing coach Eade’s comments in the very pessimistic Herald-Sun story on the subject.

The happy team at Cat’s Claw seem to have no special insight into whether Paul Chapman or Brad Ottens will play, but consensus is leaning towards no on both counts, with a bit more pessimism about Chappy than Otto.

The long-suffering fans at BomberBlitz are grumbling about Scott Camporeale as usual, but there is also talk of Scott Lucas not fronting up and Adam Ramanauskas being rested.

The TalkingCarlton crew think that a late change of Shaun Hampson in for the still-proppy Setanta O’hAilpin might be on the cards.

Over at Nick’s, the Magpie fans applauded the dropping of Alan Didak but are suspicious of the presence of Brad Dick and newly-promoted rookie Sharrod Wellingham on the emergency list, with both mooted as late changes.

Brad Symes and Steven Salopek are the fan favourites who missed out on selection this week over at The Power From Port. Salopek is returning from injury through the SANFL, and Symes seems to have been squeezed out by the Burgoyne brethren.

Some forceful words about the quality of Clinton Jones‘ game last week stand out in the Saintsational thread about this week’s game against the Swans, Jones having been moved from the bench to the wing in the St Kilda team this week. The other source of angst is the replacement of Matthew Clarke with Michael Rix in the ruck.

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