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Crack one open: Crackawines review (sponsored)

Crackawines review (sponsored)

If you need an instant wine collection, online is the place to look for a wide selection.

In one of my previous careers as a technology journo in the late 1990s I remember covering the first Australian online wine merchant, based out of Tasmania back when that was a big deal, since long gone. These days the specialist wine merchants have their processes down to a fine art, so it’s relatively seamless. In fact, if you have any problems it’s going to be with the posties who have to lug the case to your front door. In the case of Crackawines, they insist that you include instructions on your wine orders if the shipment is to be left unattended, which I think is a nice feature for a forgetful old bloke like myself.

As for the selection, you can’t go wrong with the likes of De Bortoli and Geoff Hardy if you’re looking locally, plus this mob have a range of suppliers from the Barossa, Margaret River and Hunter Valley among others. There are imported wines from half a dozen European countries plus South Africa, as well as beer and cider from the US and and the UK.

My wife is a regular entertainer so we go through a fair bit of plonk at our joint. There are still some empty slots left in our wine rack, so I will be going back! Particularly after our first baby is born in June and the wife can restart her tippling…

FanFooty readers can get a $25 voucher off a purchase by using the code FANFOOTY25 during the checkout.

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