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It’s been too long since FanFooty ran a competition. We have started a footy tipping comp at Superbru, which cut its teeth on various rugby competitions but is now doing AFL with a focus on finding the highest quality tipsters in the game… and giving them prizes!

Not just a Web site, Superbru is a tipping platform including a mobile app, currently used by over 80,000 Australians. You can set up your own competition to muck about with your mates and work colleagues, but you can also join FanFooty’s tipping competition where you can win branded site merchandise. Be aware that FanFooty has never sold merch to the public, competitions like this are the only way you can get your hands on it!

You tip winners and margins at Superbru, which means the scoring system starts with one point per correct tip. You also get half a point for a margin tip within 15 points even if you missed the winner, plus a bonus point if you are closest to the correct margin within the FanFooty pool (split if you’re tied with others).

Of course you want to beat me, and I’ll be playing and commenting on the blog regularly during the 2018 season. I will also be taking suggestions as to exactly what sort of merchandise you want as prizes: T-shirts, mugs, caps??!?

Here is the link to sign up. I look forward to trying to beat you, and I promise this time I will will send out each and every bit of merch!

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