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Chat log from R14 of 2024: North Melbourne vs Collingwood

Chat log for North Melbourne vs Collingwood, R14 of 2024

Noxious: Simpkin out, done his hammy
J.Worrall: Oh wow!
Troglodyte: Stephenso sub… isn’t he Norf’s best player?
naicosfan: simpkin late out is huge
naicosfan: how did will phillips dodge the vest
Noxious: Stephenson very lucky to even get a game
Hepatitis: Roos to win
naicosfan: ill always love stevo, sad he hasnt reached the heights he did with us
Birdman18: How far behind is Kayo today? Stats coming through here before they’re shown
dearviolet: Brought in Kreuger to cover byes, wonder if he’ll do well and stay in the team
Noxious: Same violet
sheezel420: go norf
naicosfan: brought in ldu and sheez this week, go big luke
Legix: Bird man it?s usually around 20-25 seconds delayed on Kayo
navy_blues: archer looks like a young nick riewoldt
Noxious: Blow the siren! Go norf
Kangagang: C’mon North!
BigChief: Kreuger has the bye next week so not really a smart trade in.
Noxious: Norf playing their 1 massive quarter in a game to get rolled in the next 3, hope not though haha
TimT14: Keep going Larkey kick 6
Georgeous: Georgie up and about early today
Noxious: LDU looking great these last couple games
Manowar: N Daicos back in donkey mode today!
Cam123: my bunch of Norf players have combined total of 16….
Hepatitis: Hope Darcy Moore gets towelled up – donkey
SonOfAGun.: Oooweee
bhg26: Nick Larkey must have watched Amartey highlights before the game
Georgeous: get in there Georgie!
Birdman18: How is Harrison -2?
Legix: The umpire too shy to call it back lol
Hepatitis: Jeez the pies r scum
Brian00173: Um…Harrison, Sullivan…I need ONE of you two get into my best 18. Get a move on.
Legix: Hepatitis your team couldn?t even step up for your best players 300th. Grow a spine then come back here
cmperrfect: Let’s go Norf !
J_Herer: cold pies!!
navy_blues: and i thought this would be a boring game i am loving it right now lmao
Hepatitis: Sounding angry legix. Is this game frustrating u lol
navy_blues: great answer legix hepa never round when tigers play
Georgeous: sit back and enjoy the show boys
Troglodyte: Need more popcorn…
Legix: I must?ve hit a nerve Hep with that comeback. Jog on and get back to the game
Hepatitis: Actually attend games unlike u nah
navy_blues: no 50m typical
Noxious: Anyone watching our boys tank against Scotland too? Haha, looks like they might win though
Legix: Been a legends member for 16 years hep. You?ve been a member since 2017
Hepatitis: If ur such a legend why aren?t u at marvel
SonOfAGun.: Another one!
Manowar: Yeh, suck it Pies
cmperrfect: When the last time the Roos had a 7 goal first quarter ?
exatekk: shut up children
navy_blues: go norf go
TimT14: Go Larkey you good thing
Hepatitis: Up the boners
Manowar: Hello Mc Fly!
cmperrfect: Make that 8. Wowee.
Birdman18: You’d be spewing if you still had Powell. North dominating and he’s on 0
Noxious: Larkey for coleman
Kangagang: Party tricks!
bhg26: North have double the supercoach points compared to the pies lol
naicosfan: darcy moore witches hat
navy_blues: lakey 71 sc
navy_blues: larkey
naicosfan: everyone witches hat but howe and cameron
naicosfan: on the upside, keep going ldu, sheez and fish
Cotts: cant wait to still lose this
Ash777: go north!
Hepatitis: Jeez naicos is soft
pcaman2003: Be good if Sullivan got off the pine.
naicosfan: that was touched
SonOfAGun.: What?
bhg26: Dont disturb him pcaman hes having a nap
EvilMonk: Big deflection lol
navy_blues: exactly naicos but ty for being honest
navy_blues: umps will get piesc ome lol
pcaman2003: One heck of a nap bhg.
navy_blues: htb?
naicosfan: umps are clueless
SonOfAGun.: Umps are clueless
pcaman2003: Need Sheezel, Fisher and Naicos to go big today.. I’m at risk of losing to 17th.
BigChief: umps are clueless
bhg26: Umps are clueless
Ash777: umps are clueless
EvilMonk: umps are clueless
sheezel420: umps are clueless
naicosfan: not a free kick
2Ph0nes: umps are clueless
circle52: Just home what happened to Simpkin please
Near22: umps are clueless
naicosfan: hammy circle
circle52: Thank you naicos
pcaman2003: What position is Sullivan playing guys?
Noxious: Bench pca
Hepatitis: Great seeing mcreery get thumped
sheezel420: corr what a champion
SonOfAGun.: Cherry!!!
bhg26: Norfball baby
Noxious: Helmet Xerri is a different beast
EvilMonk: hahahaha played so hard for that Xerri and ump gifted it.
Devero_D: Xerri with the crowd taunt. Have to love it!
naicosfan: josh daicos is the worst kick on our team
J_Herer: Wardlaw beginning to cement his rising star
2Ph0nes: looks like the Tigs have the spoon on the bag lads! lol
Noxious: Norf ruining a number 1 draft pick opportunity 2 years in a row
SonOfAGun.: Bobby!!!
naicosfan: wowee!!
Noxious: Massive hanger
TimT14: This games got everything
slydon: mark of the year
clay007: That mark was for you Navy
slydon: had to sign in to hype this hangar up
navy_blues: finally hill gets a mark after about 3000 attempts
Toobstars: Schultz did the same Evil
bhg26: Okay mark
Hepatitis: Jeez Maynard is a dog.
Ash777: week off maynard
naicosfan: nothing in it
slydon: come off it bhg
Noxious: Naicos got sat down
Kangagang: Holiday for Maynard
pcaman2003: Go Kangas! This is amazing stuff.
Hepatitis: Stick it up these dogs boners
2Ph0nes: gaynard is trailer park trash
naicosfan: sub josh daicos off
slydon: glad no c on naicos this week
naicosfan: nothing but a liability today
2Ph0nes: grub
Kangagang: Sheez!
JohnHoward: i unbelievabley errect right now
Noxious: I can see North being flag contenders in the next few years once they work it out
All Reds: Nice Kangas
Troglodyte: Come on Fissure get in on the junktime
RgngShnBnr: john howard, a raging shinboner you might say
pcaman2003: Noxiuos. They’ve got the right coach to steer them to one.
don key: havent seen north play this good for ages !! shame pies have 13 out
navy_blues: this is so good to watch big surprise 4 sure
don key: will beat us by 10 goals !!
navy_blues: 14 goals in a half lmao
naicosfan: again josh daicos, like find someone else!!
pcaman2003: Naicos you fraud. Lift!
Hepatitis: Love how soft naicos is
J_Herer: Pies woeful this game
don key: put nick up forward to break tag ?
original: North highest score for the year already
Noxious: What’s the icon next to sidebottom
navy_blues: if i wasnt watching this and some1 told me the score id think they were joking
don key: after yesterday Hep dont think we should say that lol
BigChief: He must have watched all of Richmond play to learn how to play soft footy Hepatitis.
Silz90: Just tuned in. This is a surprise
Silz90: Powell and and Harrison thanks for your input
naicosfan: nox, its a shield, hes playing on liam shiels
don key: ?Life is like a box of chocolates. It doesn?t last long if you?re fat.?
slydon: sullivan kreuger and harrison, you signed your trade warrants this week
Wriggs365: shocking week for fantasy
Wriggs365: on track for 1.3k
Pokerface: Kreuger has only played one game before today slydon…
don key: yep thought kreuger would be better but north playing tags and are much better
slydon: nah im overreacting, kreaugers r3 anyway
naicosfan: i would like fly to give a spray, but thats not possible
don key: whats the game of the round next week ?
BigChief: Said it before Kreuger a bad trade in for bye cover as he has the bye next week. Not smart if you brought him in.
J_Herer: Surprised they haven’t put a tag on LDU like other teams
naicosfan: pies never tag
naicosfan: bc who else are we gonna get, legit every good rookie has next weeks bye
don key: if roos play like this next week they will get 2 big scalps
BigChief: Save the trade naicos.
naicosfan: upgrades need to happen tho?
J_Herer: Thought they used McCreery on occasions
BigChief: Kreuger isn’t an upgrade though.
don key: nick fwd please up to centre and back
Pokerface: you are better off with a 102k non player than Krueger. He’s gone as soon as Mihocek is back
slydon: next week is a lot of good games
Silz90: Fin macrae subbed lol
slydon: dees v north will be interesting considering no trac
slydon: west coast essendon rematch also interesting
naicosfan: need downgrades bc
Devero_D: Same as Dowling. Every chance he never starts again.
slydon: port v lions has a lot at stake for both teams
slydon: carlton geelong a banger friday night game
BigChief: Agree with that Poker.
slydon: battle of the bridge round 2
slydon: freo suns probs the least entertaining yet most crucial for sc probably being last game of round
BigChief: Payne, Hutchinson or Hall better choices imo.
naicosfan: most struggled to have 18 playing, why not bring in someone thats playing
Pokerface: Strachan
pcaman2003: Let’s see if fraudster Naicos lifts this half.
slydon: how long obrien out for?
BigChief: He was dropped slydon, not injured.
Pokerface: till the coach thinks he is better than Strachan. Which he doesn’t
naicosfan: obrien omitted
BigChief: Strachan same issue as Kreuger. But at least he is #1 ruck.
pcaman2003: Sullivan TOG killing his opportunities to score more.
clay007: Sullivan also been pus with the ball. Deserves to be on the pine, along with another 18 pies passengers
BigChief: Dawson holiday for that elbow to Crisp?
Silz90: Taggers kill supercoach scores
Silz90: 1 week chief
StuL: great krueger. dead rookie replaced with dead rookie.
don key: love david rodan as goal ump dont think hes done a goal review this year !!
Hepatitis: Soft cock daicos
navy_blues: thats bs free daicos lead with head
naicosfan: suck it hepa
navy_blues: was looking at norf player
Legix: Leading CP Hep. Real soft
Melon: free every day of the week
Devero_D: LDU quiet this Q.
J_Herer: Norf can’t win by too much, got to keep that % below the Tigers for #1 pick
Migz: CP just means its in dispute legix, doesn’t actually mean it was contested in the same way a contested mark is counted.
Hepatitis: Don?t worry about him migz, he?s clueless
Legix: Yes I?m aware Migz
StuL: Come on Krueger. ffs. my fwd line is killed by non playing rookies
Noxious: Toby Beckham
Manowar: lol Collingwood
Hepatitis: Stick it up em boners
pcaman2003: When was the last time North fans got this excited. Crowd shots priceless.
BigChief: How good has Warlord been today.
pcaman2003: Lift a bit Fisher. Need you to score 100+
Hazza09: cmon fish ffs
Tea_Bagger: Nothing better than watching Nard try his hardest but it?s still nowhere near enough
Noxious: Thankyou Kreuger
pcaman2003: Sullivan got a touch,so bench him again.Sheesh!
Silz90: Kanga kanga kanga
Hepatitis: They get a lot the pies
Tea_Bagger: Thoughts on the pies today 007
Ash777: naicos umps pet
Ash777: naicos will get the brownlow no doubt
miersmessi: hope kangas don?t throw it from here
JockMcPie: only 5.1 needed for a draw, we’re so back
StuL: no way pies will catch them.
naicosfan: u have great hope jock
Cottees: Only umps can help pies win now lmao
naicosfan: ldu clangered it up, could be on so much more
BigChief: McMullin and Narkle subs
J_Herer: Pies out of the 8 next week?
soup: LDU stop going backwards you spoon
miersmessi: A point every minute I reckon the pies are a very good chance with extra help from the umps
BigChief: Would need a GWS, Suns or Melb (with huge win) to knock pies out next week.
naicosfan: Yes phillips subbed !!
Hazza09: you better get close to ton Fish
StuL: Krueger benched again.
miersmessi: Pies going to win?..
Hepatitis: Pies an average group – doubt they win from here
Ash777: only nth can lose with a score of 111
J_Herer: Pink for the winning goal!!!
Manowar: sack Clarkson!
StuL: Come on North. Cant lose it from here.
Cottees: umps given magpies all the momentum now. good game, umps win
Ash777: why sub their tagger unless the tank is on
Tea_Bagger: Pies win by 3 goals
miersmessi: I told you all theyll win
miersmessi: Overestimated Roos and underestimated pies
pcaman2003: Lift Fisher and start competing.
J_Herer: North looking at And Eastern Ranges? Josh Smillie ? who?s been compared to Giants star Tom Green
navy_blues: 5 frees for naicos
miersmessi: Naicos will kick the winner and the afl will go berserk like the bont doesn?t do this every week
Noxious: Umps felt bad he got tagged Navy
BigChief: Subbing Phillips was a massive mistake.
naicosfan: look at all others that get tagged and you will find that they get frees. its not rocket science, all they do is hold
don key: go pies
Legix: Real soft effort for Naicos there
pluggerpig: norf will win this after the siren, i can feel it.
pcaman2003: Sullivan has lifted, just pity about the low TOG.
Hepatitis: Standard soft pies frees
miersmessi: No way are they saying naicos has the best work rate
SonOfAGun.: Handy point
don key: north have stopped !
StuL: Come on North. F the pies.
navy_blues: norf was smashing pies but now pies coming back look at free count lol
naicosfan: hahahahhaha
don key: nickkkkkkkkkk star
don key: come on navy look at the game
naicosfan: mega blunder subbing out phillips
pcaman2003: Fisher and Sheezel dying this qtr.Lift guys!
bhg26: This is exactly what happened 2 years ago
Ash777: not sure why you laughing naicos you’re facing the spooners
J_Herer: Naicos 17 CP, hardest player out there, go son!!!
don key: he has miers by far
TheLegend6: naicos all class
Hazza09: Typical Zac Fisher
Kangagang: C’mon North!
miersmessi: It?s a good comeback but you can?t be proud to be having to comeback against north
naicosfan: i frankly dont care ash, i will laugh
StuL: 1st to 100 wins 95% of the time.
pluggerpig: norf after the siren, put the house on it
don key: glad nick my cap
pcaman2003: hazza. Maybe one day he’ll play more than 2 qtrs.
original: That?s a free
Hepatitis: Fuck off naicos fan. Carn Roos
J_Herer: Roos lifting for the 90’s premier team!
JockMcPie: what a game! wish norf could play like this every week
bhg26: Take your 30 seconds Larkey you potato
pcaman2003: Sheezel has totally stopped since 3rd qtr. What’s happening there?
naicosfan: fisher u spud!
naicosfan: hep, your as much of a nuisance as your user, power off
pcaman2003: Fisher you idiotic clown. FFS!
bhg26: Fisher that kick made me throw up
Ash777: what a muppet
SALAH: Fisher spud. Should lose SC points for that
miersmessi: Love when jack has no words to say he just exaggerates
bhg26: Clarko you utter buffoon first take Phillips off and now benching wardlaw my goodness
Hepatitis: Lol daicos holding footy
navy_blues: naicos is protected
Hazza09: you absolute fraud fisher
don key: game of the round wowee
sheezel420: daicos protected species
bhg26: Okay good he wasn?t taken off
don key: think you need a jav hep lol
Cotts: any chance of umpires paying a free against daicos?
Hepatitis: Unbelievable how good of a run the pies get.
naicosfan: Kreuger!!!
Hepatitis: How tf is that not 50 lol
miersmessi: Daicos wouldn?t be so hated if the umps were just fair to all
bhg26: How the fuck is that not 50
TheLegend6: what a fkn game
SonOfAGun.: Damn
naicosfan: Phew!
bhg26: Oh Fisher
don key: dont no why you blokes dont like nick honestly
miersmessi: The afl god child can?t lose
Toobstars: Would have been 100 m for the pies
Pokerface: he isnt ‘so hated’
Legix: Have a great week Hepatitis
Ash777: fisher you spud x2
miersmessi: So many missed calls
navy_blues: wd norf cant beat pies and umps
StuL: Thats bs.
pcaman2003: Grand theft!
Tea_Bagger: We?ll cross Collingwood out of the finals race.
Vultures: toyed with them.. roflmao
Hepatitis: U get a lot Legix lol
TheLegend6: what a game wow
McSquire: 50 meters every day of the week – except against Pies with a minute to go
Ash777: great win for the umps
miersmessi: Idk mate I don?t have a problem but everyone hates the lack of calls on naicos
EvilMonk: hooley dooley, wowee.
DaicosQB: nothing like you flowering sooks eating that after the first half. Enjoying playing for 2nd chumps.
Pevo: How was that not 50?
Legix: Yeah the umpires gave us 10 goals with of free kicks. Have a nice week lads
pcaman2003: How did LDU just jump to 150 from 118 with 2 touches and a tackle? What is this?
miersmessi: Don?t worry guys there will a be a nice statement to acknowledge the missed calls that?ll solve everything
don key: at least they have been there tea lol
navy_blues: thats twice in 2 weeks naicos htb in front of opps goal no free paid
naicosfan: Thank you naicos sheezel and ldu
don key: thats funny miers seeing umps love cats
naicosfan: idk pevo, maybe touched im assuming, shoudlve been 50
TheFilth: On Fishers boot – he missed.
Hepatitis: It?s always the pies who get the frees
JockMcPie: what a game
Legix: Have a nice week navy_blues
aj74: Bad luck, haters 🙂 Dunno who would be saltier: the crew here or in the commentary box
Vultures: always, every time.. roflmao
cmperrfect: that was a choke Norman would be proud of lol
Cotts: man north threw it away themselves, but boy those calls didnt help
Toobstars: its not hating when its so obvious
Tea_Bagger: Beat the bottom of the ladder by 1 point. The pies are woeful
EvilMonk: Naicos such a good sport. Hate him haters, but he’s a true Gentleman going to Fisher after siren
Troglodyte: Oh well, happens to every team at some point
miersmessi: How good is an oval shaped ball to make every kick interesting
McSquire: You against the world hey AJ 😂
McSquire: Great game to watch and when Collingwood head for home like that they are hard to stop
naicosfan: havent carlton lost to a bottom 4 side in adelaide? 4 points is 4 points.
McSquire: Very true Monk – decent young bloke
pcaman2003: A worthy game to watch. A draw would’ve been better IMO.
jlitza: agreed monk
Tea_Bagger: Carlton aren?t the reigning premiers NF
original: Zurhaar cost the game at the end
TheFilth: Tea_Bagger – and wont be if they can’t beat the Pies LOL
Vultures: DeGoey Elliot Mitchell Pendlebury

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