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Chat log from R14 of 2024: Richmond vs Hawthorn

Chat log for Richmond vs Hawthorn, R14 of 2024

navy_blues: lets go hawks
naicosfan: surely tigs win for dusty
bhg26: Surely Dusty tactical sub after 5 minutes to bring big Kane McAuliffe on
Kangagang: Do it for Dusty!
BigChief: Don’t argue on Sicily today?
SwaggyP: vintage dusty pls
naicosfan: how much was dusty paying for first goal scorer
EvilMonk: Dusty! First goal! 300th. Legend!
SonOfAGun.: Dusty!
Noxious: Good on ya dusty
bhg26: Thats a decent goal
don key: our father ..who art in heaven ..
Ash777: we going to see a gf performance from dusty today?
Legix: It?s been a pleasure watching this bloke
soup: Glad to see the tigers fans attending their first game in four years for such an occasion
don key: haha soup
FlaggersXD: poor soup haha
don key: dusty was pretty good against you soup
soup: Don’t see how that’s relevant at all to what I was saying but yes he was
FlaggersXD: 2020 still in your head soup
don key: btw great win Ash
bhg26: Yeah they played well today don key
Ash777: Thanks. Finally back in the 8
EvilMonk: Richmond average crowd attendance is 42,806, 5th considering where they are on the ladder
EvilMonk: The numbers just don’t agree with the shit opinion. 🙂
soup: Not really, made 2022 much sweeter, you can keep your covid flag
EvilMonk: Higher average crowd than Geelong who sits in 6th lol.
pcaman2003: C’mon Hawks!
FoopyTime: thats some my flags bigger than yours kinda energy
Manowar: T. Lynch donkey
don key: not sure who second best side is a t m B HG
EvilMonk: I’d have considered Taranto back in my team, but he’s a massive butcher.
Noxious: Let’s not talk about GF’s against Geelong please
don key: swap you for mckay man oh wait no thenks
Noxious: Yeah Taranto is clanger king
pcaman2003: Manowar. Why R U insulting Donkey’s?
naicosfan: htb then deliberate, umps need to call something there
soup: Crazy how a team that plays at the G twice as much as us and has more marquee matchups averages higher crowds
bhg26: Its Carlton don key
EvilMonk: I feel the same @Noxious lol
FoopyTime: theirs a reason taranto is called the butcher
EvilMonk: @soup well you asserted that Richmond supporters don’t rock up. Now it’s the ground they play
EvilMonk: If you make a shit argument, be prepared for a response.
FlaggersXD: soup got too much head noise from watching the dusty v danger goal on repeat
don key: hawks playing well good on em
Noxious: Great goal from Dear
soup: I still haven’t even mentioned dusty as a player flaggers, one of the best to do it
navy_blues: no bhg its manowar
Ash777: poor Watson now going to have live with being called the wizz now
soup: Just keep ignoring that Richmond have the most fair weather supporter base in the comp
SwaggyP: man, “Wizard” Watson has a long way to go to be AFL standard.
Birdman18: Has Watson ever kicked a magical goal?
Noxious: Yeah I don’t get the Wizard nickname, seems very underwhelming every game I’ve seen him play
don key: stop being a sook and enjoy the game
pcaman2003: Swaggy. . Just don’t listen to ridiculous hype. He’ll get there in time, but not yet
SwaggyP: he’ll need a long, long time. Giving himself the nickname doesnt help lol
J_Herer: Tigers use the sub!!!
EvilMonk: who puts someone like McAuliffe in a vest? He’s a serious talent and needs to be playing.
EvilMonk: and scoring for my SC team please
Noxious: He gave himself the nickname? Surely not
lana2146: Should have a special icon for a player playing his 300 game Monty
Ash777: Low tank He was out of gas in the 4th for his first full game
lana2146: It doesn?t happen often so should make a big deal bout it
navy_blues: agree lana
pcaman2003: True lana. Maybe a chopsticks icon ?
Troglodyte: Surely there is already a “cooked” icon 😉
FlaggersXD: A Spartan
Noxious: Spartan idea is great flaggers
DukeNewc: The chicken icon trog
clay007: Who are you guys talking about?
FreeHughsy: Sam Frost
clay007: Is it weird that we are discussing Sam Frost in this forum?
pcaman2003: So glad I held Ambrosia this long. Been a good earner and steady scorer.
clay007: i traded him pca, lost patience. Has made me pay for it.
pcaman2003: How is Bolton allowed to be 20 metres clear like that? Flower me Hawks!
pcaman2003: clay. Was tempred a couple of times, but held firm
hinsch: Does anybody know who is sub tonight for Crows hopefully not Dowling he is my number 18 on field this week
EvilMonk: Cumberland Hawks 23rd player lol
Cam123: Gunston the difference so far
naicosfan: wizard is a flog
Rubber Ducky: Quack goes Nick Watson to draw a cheap free on Ben Miller.
EvilMonk: Watson, Ginni, Moore. Quite the ducking trio lol
FlaggersXD: What flogs hawks small forwards are
BigChief: subs always named 1 hour before the game hinsch.
Birdman18: Dowling is named on field Hinsch
2Ph0nes: hawks players need to grow a pair and noy play for frees
pcaman2003: Rubberducky. It’s tough being 4′ tall.
piesfan420: i only have 15 this week and im still gonna hit 1800, im on 700 with only 5 players played so far
FlaggersXD: What flogs the Hawks small forwards are
clay007: The hawks will play finals. They are exciting to watch
EvilMonk: Nank arm around the head. He’s a big dude though, so we never see that.
pcaman2003: Don’t blame our small forwards people. The umps pay the frees, not us.
clay007: How good is Will Day? He would look fantastic in a pies jumper.
FlaggersXD: cowards play for them
2Ph0nes: but he did duck tho, height had nothing to do with it
Birdman18: Why do all the Hawks small forwards wear crop tops and duck?
Noxious: The Wizard!! Amazing kick
pcaman2003: Flaggers. Cowards hide their team too.Lol!
Noxious: Is he the Wizard because it’s magical how bad he is lol
EvilMonk: Free kick Hawthorn
Noxious: 0.3, absolute wizardry
pcaman2003: Evil. Like I said, We don’t pay the frees,so blame the umps. Most people do.
navy_blues: omg walk straight at the target!
Cottees: Omg honestly getting really frustrated with Watson missing more than a country kid
naicosfan: 4.14 in his career, he is indeed a wizard
EvilMonk: What makes you think I’m blaming you and not the umps?
Ash777: that last free to wiz was there
pcaman2003: Monk. Mainly cos it’s usually used in that context, unless you’re being different?
EvilMonk: Your smalls are playing for frees and getting them. I’m not sure what other context I could use?
J_Herer: hawks into the 8 if winning this
Lodgy: need to get gunno and breust to help the wiz with his goalkicking routine. he will come good
banta: Watson and Ginnivan both floppers. Hawks like recruiting soft blokes who try to cheat
Vultures: fooling umpires has always been part of the game
pcaman2003: banta. Another flog who doesn’t show his team.
don key: does no one short kick a couple times from fb anymore? always bomb n hope
hinsch: Righto time for McAuliffe to come on
J_Herer: Richmond SUB please!
don key: lynch sub?
hawkers317: agreed pcaman2003
don key: probably soup
brodiejay: I must be a flog too. How do I show my team (Lions) icon next to my name?
slydon: come on dyl get stuck in
don key: whoeful kicking tiges come on !!
Pavs: Think it can only be done when you sign up these days brodiejay
Ninty: Wizard finally gets one from 2 metres out
Noxious: And he shushes too lol
Ninty: Cumberlands best and worst is an extreme gap hey
don key: yes ninty correct mia
hinsch: C on Daicos or Heeney this week
soup: don still talking about me?
EvilMonk: both risky for mine @hinsch but I’d take Heeney, given Naicos sore and possible tags again
SonOfAGun.: C should have gone on the Bont
don key: ralphsmth running his guts out
Bulky: Moore just added to my never again list.
CamT: Nankervis got 144SC points against Strachan. I’m going (c) on Grundy.
Cascadian: Fucking hell I was so close to trading in Jayden Short
Birdman18: Lift Moore. 4 point for his last 5 possessions
Lodgy: 2 phones has knicked off the chat coz he is doing work on the ground
EvilMonk: come on Yze, get McAuliffe in for a run. Games done now
J_Herer: serve those pies!
Manowar: Dusty you should have taken another sickie, been let down by his spud team mates..
Ash777: kick another few and hawks can jump dees on percentage
naicosfan: ben miller has been a reliable 80+ ruck relief for me in draft
pcaman2003: Ash. No one could’ve seen this happening last 6 or 7 weeks.. Amazing!
don key: till you win a gf man maybe then say flower
SonOfAGun.: Like another 90pts ash
Pavs: Missing the point on the Fan Footy chat there don key.
soup: please just keep mcauliffe off
J_Herer: rest Sonsie time
clay007: Sorry soup, mcauliffe on
Noxious: Don Key I wouldn’t take the banter so seriously, learn to take the piss out of your own team haha I sure do
FoopyTime: don acting like he won the flag himself. top effort mate
soup: yze you spoon
BigChief: Moore you fraud.
FoopyTime: nox got the right view. always take the piss out of ya own team
wadaramus: TOm Brown, the one week I need you to score well you fail, trade bait next week you hack.
don key: exactly nox no fuss good to see the yunguns play
don key: miss lefau
don key: hawks will run over your team floppy
FoopyTime: didnt last time but hay everyone going to do the roadkill of yours going foward
J_Herer: 9 alreay, lets go McAuliffe, ton up son!
FoopyTime: welcome back to mediocrity
J_Herer: Tigers well into their 10 year rebuild and empty stadiums
FreeHughsy: less arguey more talky
banta: Didn?t think
SonOfAGun.: Dooooo
banta: Didn?t think possible that someone could be more arrogant than Ginni. Enter Watson
Silz90: Jords will give Moore a bake if he doesn’t ton up
Noxious: If hawks were accurate this would be a belting
pcaman2003: banta. How is Watson arrogant. What’s he said that makes him that?
BigChief: Rubber Ducky time. Watson is worse than Ginni.
Birdman18: Watson been taking noted from Ginni
Noxious: Watson the new Ginnivan
SonOfAGun.: duck
don key: spud watson
Lodgy: i thought lynch wouldve done alot of damage to the hawks. not given enuff oppurtunities?
naicosfan: watson is not afl level
CamT: Watson is a flog
pcaman2003: When he is 4′ tall, why does he need to duck? Lol!!
Devero_D: I like Watson, reminds me of Lohman for Brisbane. Just needs to figure out his kicking.
clay007: It is Watson’s first year guys, steady up. He has had 5 shots at goal, not bad for a flog and a guy not up to it.
BigChief: pcaman you can’t seriously think Watson is not ducking?
Noxious: I just don’t get the Wizard nickname and how he got that, be different if it was 15.5
Silz90: Wizard outscoring Moore lol pull your finger out
naicosfan: 46% de aswell,
pcaman2003: Exactly clay. He’s still new to AFL and needs time to establish.
CamT: Watson gave himself that nickname, Noxious.
clay007: Big Chief, he said he is short so why does he need to duck. He never said he didn’t duck
navy_blues: hawks to 7th
Manowar: Lynch damage? hee-haw, hee-haw
frenzy: Duckson
Pavs: Might have to change that to Wizards Apprentice Nox. Still got a bit to learn the young fellow.
Birdman18: How Watson is on 78 ill never know. He’s been so bad
BigChief: clay thats exactly how it reads. Says he doesn’t need to duck and is being taken high.
clay007: You guys need to get a grip. Well done on bagging an 18 year old making his way in the game.
pcaman2003: Pacs. The only Hawks wizard I knew was Cyril.
clay007: Anyway, poor display by the tigers for a champion of the game
naicosfan: milking his way into the game*
Lodgy: dusty might have enjoyed his 300th abit more in a win last week?
Noxious: Giving yourself a nickname is so embarrassing. Good on him though, seemed to work haha
Pavs: Not bagging him clay but if your nickname is Wizard probably need to back it up with something
naicosfan: somehow samson ryan been better than lynnch
clay007: That is his nickname from his junior days.
pcaman2003: I can’t find any info on him calling himself the wizard.
Noxious: Yeah im not bagging him either, except for giving himself a nickname haha, he’s a million times better than I’ll ever be
CamT: When he got to the club they asked him what his nickname was.
Silz90: Anyone chucking c on gulden
BigChief: Berry and Roberts subs next game. Sorry if already mentioned.
soup: And off the tigers fans go back into hibernation
pcaman2003: camT. That’s a lot different than calling himself wizard as you said.
navy_blues: yeah im gonna risk it silz
BigChief: Dusty waving goodbye. Can see him pulling the pin Monday.
pcaman2003: Is Heeny worth the C or is Gulden better?
pcaman2003: Dusty stated strong but faded badly. Shame really to such a good player.
hawkers317: Gulden i reckon
don key: always a legend for me
Kangagang: Dusty speaks!
Kangagang: Legend.

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