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Chat log from R13 of 2024: Collingwood vs Melbourne

Chat log for Collingwood vs Melbourne, R13 of 2024

piesfan420: afternoon all, daicos or gawn captain?
Yelse: do i take J clark 66 or risk mcrae ?
Troglodyte: I am sure whichever you decide will be the right decision
Jackx: im going gawn, my oppo has daicos.. goody said pretty well pre game they’ll tag Daicos
Yelse: @ pies fan same question i got all opps went daicos and its 20-40 point project diff for me to win paid league games
bhg26: captaining big maxy, went 166 in the final last year as solo ruck
piesfan420: yelse im the same exept everyone has gone gawn instead of daicos
Troglodyte: Only got Hoskin-Elliot in this – should have a massive day
piesfan420: if i captain gawn instead of daicos im gonna need salem and harrison to go big
Noxious: Daicos getting tagged apparently
Yelse: mcrae or 66 from J clark ?
ReggieOz: Go Dees
piesfan420: do we think salem + harrison is gonna score 150 and sullivan scores less than 53
Troglodyte: Going a draw for this one – we haven’t had one for a while…
FreeHughsy: C on maxy too bhg
piesfan420: hosky lovely start
Stu7: Max, Naicos,
FoopyTime: wish my team could kick straight reee
Cam123: Petracca do something today
FreeHughsy: how good would that of been
circle52: Changed C from Naicos to Gawn so with my sc record Naicos will goi big
navy_blues: think coll win 20+ dees to slow for pies
Fordy13: good smother, but if that’s a forward like curnow it’s a free kick against May haha.
circle52: Also have Oliver, Sullivan and Harrison
Yelse: ffs why i kept clark over fin mcrae in starting lineup
piesfan420: great start
clay007: Gawn 8, daics 1(0). Good start big fella
FoopyTime: love the goal umps with the big freeze bennies on
arbel: went to naicos C last minute … of course cops tag
_Wang_: Me too circle
Stu7: I did the same circle,
Stu7: I?m relieved thus far changing C from Naicos to Gawn
bhg26: Flower sake clarry get out of first gear
Noxious: Is he in first? Seems like neutral or park
Stu7: Bhg straight out of the blocks lol
piesfan420: gawn looks like hes about to have a field day against us
Noxious: Actually he’s -1, it’s reverse
FreeHughsy: gawny lively
bhg26: Yeah looking now hes just running on the spot noxious
Manowar: was always going to be tagged, that strange decision is all on you
Stu7: Salem and Oliver as well I?ve got
piesfan420: what did steven may say about us?
Stu7: Manowar brutal
Manowar: he said you suck, and Manowar agrees with May
Stu7: Gawn you good thang
Fordy13: He said something about us not being the best team of the year or something, or that they were a better team.
navy_blues: Bt great commentary as usual
Noxious: Beautiful, magnificent
Noxious: god i fucking hate BT
sheezel420: Gawn C over Naicos looking good early
Stu7: Traded Chlohsey for Salems Lot
Noxious: Clarry already resting up
biggs2dujj: Oliver is a fat little junkie
Vultures: How many flags have Carlton won this century ? lol
SydneyRox: happy with salem so far…. early days
shagga24: Twilight zone watching Clarry
SydneyRox: yeah, the naicos C is looking dodge right now
StuL: Go Clarry. i can wi n if Gawn gets 300
2Ph0nes: why isnt markov on the ground yet lol
piesfan420: sydneyrox hes been hard tagged
arbel: i hate taggers so much …
Noxious: Commentators curse
bhg26: Missed the team bus 2ph0nes
Vultures: anyone with clarry deserve him
StuL: Come on Oliver. Useless.
2Ph0nes: bhg wow lol
Stu7: Vultures special comments
Manowar: you made a very poor decision, live with it
Fordy13: jeez that handball across goal makes you feel nervous haha
Noxious: Cmon let clarry take it, he needs it
piesfan420: melbournes kicking is atrocious
bhg26: Can Clarry take a hit from Joel Smiths stash to give him some energy
beerent11: Last minute switch from naicos to Gawn for the c. Fingers crossed.
Noxious: Melbourne are all over the pies too they just need to kick goals
slydon: its always when i take the c off gawn he goes nuts wtf
Birdman18: Gawn is on today
Stu7: Nice work beer
puckeey: Wilsons got some competition this week with Oliver for the least amount of involvement in one half
slydon: clarry you spud
navy_blues: oliver doesnt seem interested at all
StuL: So much for Clarry being cheap
piesfan420: navy hasnt had his snus today
Noxious: Oliver getting straight traded to Gulden in a few hours
Stu7: Come on everyone back off on CHucky Doll he is coming down!
FoopyTime: claz more interested in next off season parties again
Stu7: lol Nox
frenzy: cheap and nasty
Noxious: yeah clarry wooooo
Stu7: Of the pine evil Salem
arbel: question … it’s best 18 … what if your captain is in your dropped scores?
bhg26: A Clayton Oliver tag may be the most useless tag ever
Stu7: Maxipad huge start
arbel: cos naicos heading that way
Stu7: Ariel my understanding it still holds as your captain
Noxious: Oliver tags himself
thommoae: Howes hit as late as Green hit Sicily?
Stu7: * Ariel – arbel
piesfan420: great play pies
clay007: Arbel, it is not a tag, crisp just playing on him as a match up. Crisp has 10 touches on him
Noxious: Its collingwood Thommoae it doesnt apply
Stu7: Pickett getting kicking lessons off Max King
Noxious: Kreuger looks like a serial killer
arbel: so can’t grab a guy in marking contest but taggers can grab pull when player doesn’t have the ball ??
FoopyTime: fitting name then i guess
Noxious: He’s kicked 4 goals for collingwood hahaha stfu BT
arbel: @clay … i’m talking about naicos tag
bhg26: Does gawn tapping it to himself count as a hitout to advantage?
cmperrfect: Nice start Maxy.
piesfan420: trac injured
_Wang_: Let’s go maximus
StuL: Great qtr Max
bhg26: Trac smashed in the ribs
hinsch: hopefully Daicos finishes with a positive score
Stu7: Great work Max
bhg26: Oliver on more than naicos. Clarry > Naicos
piesfan420: hinsch he will work himself into the game, would be lucky to get 90 tho
Fordy13: man that woulda hurt, ~100KG bloke knees you in the kidney/ribs
Yelse: dees tagging daicos lol bullen now playing in the mids FT means their structure affected
cmperrfect: Who is tagging Naicos ?
Stu7: If Oliver hadnt been tagging himself he would be on 40 by now
2Ph0nes: thats it gawno go big
bhg26: Clarry just pretend it is sometime between 2020 and 2022
piesfan420: stu7 doesnt look like oliver wants to play
bhg26: Neal Bullen cmperrfect
FreeHughsy: darcy moore should get sent to the tribunal for looking like a twat
piesfan420: trac down to the rooms
piesfan420: freehughsy it was a marking contest
bhg26: Punishment is to shave the head hughsy
TheOnyas: Onya Crispy
cmperrfect: Similar knee like Petracca copped nearly killed Tom Lonergan.
piesfan420: oliver tagging daicos to start
FoopyTime: anyone without a max gawn cut should cop a 3 week ban until the hair is gone
Yelse: played sullivan over marea will cost me all 3 leagues
bhg26: Now trac is injured clarry needs to step up and hes given away a free
Stu7: Not wrong piesfan420
FreeHughsy: Moore would make a excellent drag queen
Ninty: What?s your issue Hughsy? Weird comments.
blashtroko: macrae pure shovel
piesfan420: no score review?
Vultures: Maturity
FreeHughsy: Dear Ninty, forgive me for my sins
Noxious: Why score review? It wasnt touched on the line
piesfan420: how is that not deliberate that is laughable
Ninty: Every goal is reviewed
bhg26: Dees have missed 3 handballs to clarry
StuL: Dont die Trac
CamT: Petracca needs to go to FF.
Noxious: that hit to the ribs looked painful
Pavs: Clarry is a mess bhg not clean, running over the ball. Just lost his hunger for the footy
circle52: Must be great painkillers
FreeHughsy: and gained hunger off the field
bhg26: I know pavs, but doesnt help his teammates are missing handballs to him from a metre away
Noxious: I took Grundys VC score instead of going Gawn C, i hope i dont regret it
cmperrfect: Warm up Billings. Won’t be long.
Toobstars: How was that not high, laughable
Pavs: They don’t feed him like they used to bhg
bhg26: Im not saying they arent feeding to him, im saying when they are theyre missing easy handballs
clay007: Oliver been excellent last few mins. I think it is time to lay off him
piesfan420: who was the one that J clark over macrae? you must be crying rn haha
thommoae: Great game – end to end.
EvilMonk: Looks like my C on Naicos was well rewarded. Sorry for anyone else, I’m the captains curse this year.
FreeHughsy: Go oliver!
Pavs: Yeah i get that but they are not looking for him as much either
Stu7: Nox you could never knock back 153
Noxious: Yeah no way Stu
navy_blues: why would the doc let trac go back on ground? doesnt seem like duty of care to me
StuL: Because the doc has tracca in SC
Stu7: Probably waiting for a punctured lung navy
Yelse: trac doesn’t want contact gets the ball shoots out HB straight waway
Stu7: lol StuL
piesfan420: even with a broken rib tracca still killing us
Pavs: And because he is a doctor he probably knows a bit more about it than us
Stu7: Young Windsor having a good game
ballbag: lol you actually trust a doctor
DANGERous: cmon nick
Hazza09: As if you don’t take a 153 Nox
clay007: He would not know more than us Pavs. lol
Stu7: So true ballbag
beerent11: Go clarry you star!
Noxious: Show me the part where I said i didnt take the 153 hazza lol
piesfan420: great harrison need you to score 70, and salem to score 90
bhg26: We are the smarterest people pavs we know more than stupid doctors
Dondeal: May selfish. Lays a shit tacklet then refuses to run back and stays on the mark. Goal Pies
Noxious: I said Gawns going to make me regret it cause he could go bigger than 153
Pavs: No ballbag I trust you said no one ever
NickyD: Melbourne employed Dr.Nick “hi, everybody!”
CamT: The doctors believed all that COVID s**t
natomate: Nox, youd be an idiot if you didnt take 150. Taking the risk of points on the board to gain a small amount is absurd
Stu7: My man CamT nicely said
natomate: I know you took it but theres no regretting taking 150…
Ninty: Kreuger could be a real good player if he stays fit
Yelse: and we played Ash johnson over krueger last week.. i shake my head
Stu7: You misunderstood Nox
bhg26: Centrelink Jesus in the crowd
puckeey: Does Kreuger look like The Rock to anyone else?
sheezel420: the big kreu
Pavs: You at the game clay?
piesfan420: i thought we were gonna play ash johnson yelse, he didnt play in the reserves yesterdays
Noxious: Yeah and Kevin hart looks like Bill Gates
ballbag: @camt not just the docs
clay007: Nah Pavs, had to coach an interleague game.
Noxious: half the spuds in the country fell for the covid crap lol
Pavs: Thought i seen you in the crowd waving a flag 🙂
puckeey: No like his face noxious
NickyD: @bhg, Jobseeker Jesus has a better ring to it
biggs2dujj: Sullivan might hit 35…percent gametime this week
clay007: Lol pavs, the caveman!
Noxious: I’ll have to take a look next time Puck
Stu7: Kayo off cannot stand BT
beerent11: Clarry to ton
piesfan420: great half pies
bhg26: May is not having a good time
DANGERous: get naicos on kickins
arbel: also don’t get tag daicos yeah great did one thing right … you’re still losing though??
Yelse: Macrea getting at least a few games run no sub finally starting to get better
Pavs: Dopplganger Clay
frenzy: yep baby ton beer
piesfan420: im ahead by 6 points rn
Ninty: don?t know why Pies fans hate WHE. Always seems to put in and offer something
Birdman18: I just mute channel 7 games Stu and put the radio on
Stu7: 32 point quarter Maxi
Stu7: Good idea Birdman18
Hazza09: How is Oliver on 43?
Ninty: Naicos tag seems to be working. Dees just no good going forward
OffaStep: Hi all. Just got back from the farmer?s market with my beautiful wife. About to sit down and help my lovely kids with
OffaStep: their homework. Did I miss BOG?s visit? Wanted to thank him for his inspirational words yesterday?
Pavs: He’s watching offa always watching. lol
frenzy: you would have seen him at the market offa
arbel: @ninty … thats my point, doing one thing good woopity doo if you can’t do the rest
Stu7: BOG unique fella
NateDoGG84: @stu takes a minute to sync up, but kayo on the screen with AFL nation radio is munt!
Ninty: could be further behind if you let him run loose like everyone else does @arbel
NateDoGG84: *mint
Ninty: SEN has a sync option too
NateDoGG84: @ninty *thumbs up*
arbel: yeah lose by 30 … lose by 100, still a loss
Stu7: Cheers Nate
Yelse: hoping he doesn’t sub out sullivan
dearviolet: This Melbourne is making me reminiscent of every year I watched them growing up.
Hazza09: Salem & Clarrys score is a joke
piesfan420: yea hazza spot on but idm i need salem to score big
Fordy13: Salem 50 at half time is fine, what do you expect from a 400k defender
Noxious: Pies vs Van Rooyen
piesfan420: fordy he’s saying that they shouldnt be that high
Fordy13: ah yes, that makes more sense.
Fordy13: how’s that for an assist!
Noxious: Billy Brownlow Frampton
Fordy13: Trac out subbed
piesfan420: nox well see that happen end of year
zadolinnyj: hope sportsbet return bets since he did not play in 2nd half
FreeHughsy: 2 out on the full marks – this is a joke
piesfan420: what a kick cameron
naicosfan: hitting it from the sheed pocket
shancrows: Horrendous week for SC fk
piesfan420: naicosfan why are u reminding us about it
Yelse: trac should have been subbed out first half now my multi finished ffs
naicosfan: indeed shan
FreeHughsy: projected?
piesfan420: steele sidebottom, still playing like hes 21
Noxious: I think I have 4 players over 100, 5 when gawn gets up
bhg26: Steele taking the piss
shancrows: Omg Steele Sidebottom
DANGERous: well C Naicos ruined my week haha, was looking at 2100+
CamT: Some here, Yelse. Did Petracca appear after half-time ?
Yelse: how did sidey kick that GF goal he has tried twice closer today can’t get distance
Yelse: didn’t think he appeared after HT
dearviolet: Only thing going for me is the C on Gawn, oppo has C on Naicos. Too bad I lose regardless. Not one POD scored near 100
CamT: Sportbet will void that bet. Just waiting on that.
shancrows: Just out of curiosity, what happens if your C doesn’t make your top 18 for bye round?
Yelse: lets hope at CAMT
hinsch: Looks like it trading out Heeney, Daicos and Walsh this week
piesfan420: i got my money back on TAB
Yelse: Macrea on my bench no E gonna get one of the only 100s
ausgooner: shancrow – you don’t get a captain score, it won’t double your VC
Birdman18: Shan you then don’t get a captain’s score
shancrows: Thanks guys
piesfan420: salem going to win me my matchup
Ninty: Captains score still doubles, just depends if the double is in your best 18 or not
clay007: What is naicos lowest score? This would be close.
Yelse: sports still hasn’t given money back
J_Herer: Keep going Gawny!!!!
bhg26: 41 clay
Yelse: Surprised Ndaicos not moved fwd
Noxious: 41 against hawks but injured, or 54 against saints
CamT: They just gave me my money back, Yelse 🙂
Ninty: @ clay 41 his lowest score
Noxious: Pickett hahaha
clay007: Thanks bhg. I hate the bye rounds. It is difficult tracking your oppo’s score when they have more than 21 players
piesfan420: nick daicos
naicosfan: nick is such a good kick
bhg26: Would hate to be tagging someone and they get a shot at goal from a kick off the shin
Noxious: +30 daicos goal
Yelse: Yup refunded too 🙂
FreeHughsy: poor alex
clay007: He will get more than 41 after that goal. What a knowledgeable group you guys are.
Ninty: His average is 101.8, so needs to do a bit more to save that 😆
Ninty: *MCG average
piesfan420: daicos starting to get back into game
Stu7: Off the pine Gawny
piesfan420: how many times have dees hit the post
Getup: Hit the post a few times today
Ninty: Radio said 4th poster
CamT: Midfielders won’t have got many Brownlow votes this Round.
Stu7: Come on Windsor keep,going buddy
Noxious: Gawn slowed down a bit
clay007: Cannot wait to see Gawn hit the hunge, limping towards it
Silz90: Clarry going at 42% de
Stu7: There you go Clay
Ninty: Naicos ton with the C :fire:
Stu7: Whoops DT hunge
Yelse: harrison gonna be a gun our young mids ready for when ssiddey penddles go
StuL: Naicos injured now
clay007: Wrong hunge stu7, need the SC hunge, them raise the bat, kiss the emblem on the helmet
Stu7: What is the injury Stu
arbel: bone on bone knock … might be able to run that out
Ninty: Just a knock to the shin on Naicos. He will be fine
Stu7: Cheers Clay
natomate: LOL injured, turn it up stu
Stu7: Thanks Ninty and arbel
Birdman18: Oliver might be my only mid to ton up this week if he keeps going
FreeHughsy: need gawn 109 to win my matchup
Stu7: 20 point quarter Gawn
piesfan420: cmon harrison and salem combine for 30 this last
Stu7: Laugh8ng FreeHughsy
Ninty: I am yet to have a mid ton too, terrible week
Stu7: 40 quarter Gawny please
Silz90: Would love a cheeky ton from Harrison
Cam123: 160 up, Petracca subbed, oppo has Oliver & Sullivan
Stu7: Home and hose Cam123
EvilMonk: Tracca subbed and Naicos tagged. Hasn’t my weekend turned to poo lol
NateDoGG84: question… how have you ppl not had anyone ton up yet?
NateDoGG84: im no sc genius but bot one ton??
bhg26: Has gawns supercoach scoring been turned off
clay007: Who are you talking about nate, ive had 5 players score 100
frenzy: cmon Max
NateDoGG84: next week i will stuggle though!!!
NateDoGG84: cant remeber names but there was a couple??
Noxious: Petracca subbed out injured, cooking video uploaded on instagram 3 minutes ago hahaha
piesfan420: need 15 more points from harrison and salem, surely i win right
FreeHughsy: they were talking about mids nate, not whole team
arbel: melb still obsessed with tagging daicos hard? they’ll probably all high 5 each other on job well done
Manowar: It’s not all bad Dees snow season is here, fuel up the Range Rover..Tally Ho
piesfan420: daicos subbed
naicosfan: huge sub
Ninty: Naicos subbed lol
arbel: daicos subbed … who will they tag now …
NateDoGG84: @hughsy i seen that! ive had 3 mids and gawn will be my 10th total to ton
zadolinnyj: nooooo
Noxious: Opponent has daicos C, if my premos were any good i wouldve actually won this round
Manowar: move on from the tag, you screwed big time up putting the C on N Daicos
shagga24: Noooooo
navy_blues: ouch if u have C on naicos lol
runners47: Should be safe, piesfan420 – but never can tell with Salem. Meanwhile, angry (after last week) Max bringing me home..
piesfan420: nate what did you score
Stu7: 100% piesfan
navy_blues: manowar the perfect SC player and most negative person on here
EvilMonk: I’m trying to work out holding the ball guys. I’m so confused. The don’t argue not pinned but then it is later
Noxious: Daicos rest next week?
FreeHughsy: tbh if you have a great round this round then you have a odd team nate, 2000 will be a good score
NateDoGG84: @piesfan projected 2203 but petracca and naicos have messed that up
naicosfan: wont even crack 1900 this week, whats everyone looking like?
NateDoGG84: looking at scoring mid 2000
DukeNewc: Manowar mate, he has a captaincy rate of 40% in the top 1%, so you’re calling the best of the best stupid?
NateDoGG84: hace the C on gawn and windsor still playing
Noxious: currently sitting at 1784, first year playing, having a stinker haha
Silz90: Dees done for the year?
Raspel31: Perhaps Naicos cap not my finest move.
arbel: @manowar … choosing one of the best games is a screw up? yeah good one
Manowar: yep, only an idiot would not know Daicos was going to be heavily tagged this week…read the room
piesfan420: i think im on 2090
NateDoGG84: yeo merret and neale in the mid
NateDoGG84: gawn and grundy ruck
FreeHughsy: what do you do for fun manowar?
NateDoGG84: flanders heeney fwd
Silz90: Manowar can you change your club logo
runners47: C’mon Noble – ton up
Noxious: Give it a rest manowar, you’re smarter than everyone else we get it
Noxious: Youre probably looking at it hughsy
naicosfan: manowar where you ranked buddy?
NateDoGG84: sheezel, whitfeild and fisher in def
clay007: Manowar, have a look at Daicos’s scores for the year, rarely a bad game, even when tagged.
EvilMonk: I suppose you knew he’d get injured @Manowar, cause he was actually tracking for 110+ when he went out of the game.
piesfan420: 85k people
natomate: 🔮 Manowar with his voodoo magic ball
Silz90: We had a bigger crowd last night?
clay007: I looked up manowar in dictionary, means genius
naicosfan: melbourne has no fans silz
piesfan420: manowar if your not ranked number 1 don’t say anything
Silz90: They can’t draw a big crowd unfortunately
lana2146: I got on Dees to miss the 8 this morning was paying $2.75
Noxious: he’s goen real quiet lol
lana2146: Halve that tomorrow
runners47: Not rocket science – but this round underlines that rubbish kicking means lost matches
Ninty: If you didn?t captain Gulden or Uwland then you all have no idea
Noxious: After everything Clarry is better than half my premos this round lol
Noxious: Ton would be nice though
runners47: I dunno Minty – happy with my Max C
DiggaDogga: Anyone know this? If your captain doesn?t make best 18 does vice score double?
lana2146: Salem my m9 d8 swing very happy
Noxious: You get no captain score dogga
runners47: Doubt it, Digga
piesfan420: kreuger and harrison have to stay in our side
frenzy: find out in ten minutes
Vultures: lol dogga
ausgooner: i just had a look dogga, SC considers your captain’s doubled score in the calculation
Cam123: Lions better than most sides currently in the 8. If they make finals, they can do some damage, big if though
DiggaDogga: Thanks, fellas
Ninty: Naicos double is 120? surely that?s in your best 18.
ausgooner: so daicos will be looked at as 124 so will be in your best 18
ausgooner: i was panicking too
lana2146: Thats a new 1 dogga lol
beerent11: Nice clarry
DiggaDogga: Yes, Ninty. Was looking at raw score not being top 18
Manowar: Lions better than most sides in the
PowerBug: SC -> Help -> Points Scoring
DiggaDogga: 15 or so years in the game and haven?t had reason to consider it before!
PowerBug: And you’ll see the rules around VC/C
runners47: Thanks Noble – the ton helps
DiggaDogga: Thanks, Powerbug!
EvilMonk: Excellent firstm game Kreuger, we finally have a forward option!
Yelse: krueger with mihocek and cox with our small can be dangerous
FreeHughsy: cox? thats laughable yelse
naicosfan: lol at least they can kick hughsy
Yelse: @ freehughsy cox isn’t droppable for mcrae it is what it is
FreeHughsy: apologies naicos, thats my bad my team was inaccurate
EvilMonk: Cox is up and down, but he guarantees a contest. I’d have Cox back in a heartbeat if was healthy.
Getup: @yelse spot on

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