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Chat log from R11 of 2024: North Melbourne vs Port Adelaide

Chat log for North Melbourne vs Port Adelaide, R11 of 2024

frenzy: what ya got today Norf, show me something, anything
Troglodyte: Where is our mate Schnitzel playing today?
Georgeous: Im just here for Georgie boy
Troglodyte: Rozee already injured, woops
Kangagang: C’mon North!
Noxious: I trust Farrell and Houston more than our forwards to kick goals
Pavs: Butters going to make me regret taking Ryans score as vc last night
Noxious: I’m thinking the same Pavs, also took Ryan VC score
soup: LDU is so frustrating to watch
pcaman2003: Where is Sheezel playing ?
Pavs: In the middle pcaman
Georgeous: get in there Georgie!
bhg26: Of course i bring in Houston and now he cant kick for shit
soup: In Tasmania pca
Georgeous: Georgie looks amazing today
Troglodyte: Sheezel to get FWD status? Take a knee people and join me in prayer…
huffpuffly: sheezel with a goal?
soup: Fisher nowhere near it
2Ph0nes: rozee going to be under 500k
Pinnas: Aldi You needs to make better decisions.
Pinnas: Kris Chen Cerry the Helmet Lord. Love my Purple Helmet.
Pinnas: Luke Davies Tuniac. Wearing a tunic out there!
Brian00173: Haven’t had the guts to do it, but sometime this year gunna VC Sheez
Pavs: Might need to fix this fwit Urbs
Troglodyte: Port should be further ahead if the field is so open, repeat of last week?
Pinnas: Sheelz tag on Butter is a joke.
pcaman2003: Just come back here and Sheez from 0 to 40. Brilliant!
JaiDay12: Pinnas must have autism
Troglodyte: Port getting a training drill, no real pressure from Norf
Pinnas: Loved the start. Tom Pow Pow and Sweet Jordan enjoying. Willem Alex Berg! Todd Farrell!
Jack SC: Pinnas is drunk. Wtf are you on about.
soup: Pinnas is geeking out
Georgeous: I have autism, I think Pinnas is on something else
Pavs: Best to ignore him boys and girls
JaiDay12: Georgeous I reckon he’s beyond the spectrum atp
Georgeous: there needs to be more talk about Wardlaw
JaiDay12: Georgeous He’s a mid priced rookie, he’s great but he’s like buying Newcombe in 2022. Costs lots for inconsistent scores
Troglodyte: How are Norf going to spend pick 1 on this year?
Troglodyte: Who*
Georgeous: oh I dont have him in supercoach, I just love the kid
Georgeous: he needs to turn the 15 possies a game into 25
Troglodyte: Go Shiels, soften that budder…
JaiDay12: Yeah he’ll be amazing come 2-3 seasons of regular footy, fucking talent and a half he is
Georgeous: definitely. only 1 full preseason so far and 19 years old
Stu7: Go Fisher, Powell & Xerri
soup: LDU and Houston both butchering it ffs
Troglodyte: Lift Port, you lot need the %, won’t get spuds like this every week…
Birdman18: Surely Port could have just worn their home kit and it wouldn’t have clashed?
Troglodyte: Agree Birdy
soup: Can’t help but wish Comben did this when he was in my team..
bhg26: Fuck off shiels you old prick let butters run free in the mid
Troglodyte: Sheezel finding his feet in new role is good to see, saves me a trade…
Troglodyte: Lift Fissure
Birdman18: I dont know if he actually is Trog
Pinnas: Todd, Marshall the troops! The Purple Helmet Kris Chen Cherry is ready for battle. Sweet Jordan bring me the Mead!
Troglodyte: On track to tonne up against Port is a good sign
Stu7: Hey all where is Fisher playing?
Pinnas: Love seeing Toby in the pink boots.
Troglodyte: His new name is Fissure Stu7, get on board 😉
bhg26: Butters 61% tog cannot be that unfit
miersmessi: is butters injured? Such low tog
Stu7: Sorry Yrog what possy is Fissure playing?
Troglodyte: He’s resting up for next week bhg, no reason to exert oneself against this mob
Pinnas: Hes tagging Sweet Jordan.
Troglodyte: He’s playing goal keeper Stu, taking the kick-ins and not much else
Stu7: Butters being just tagged I think mersmessi
bhg26: Well hes my captain trog so i dont care about rest get on the ground
DaicosQB: I do feel for Stephenson, undersized forward in a dysfunctional team is a bad bad time
Stu7: Cheers Trog thank you
miersmessi: get larkey down to the cattery and he?d be the new plugger kicking 100+
Troglodyte: Sorry bhg, I’m on team Shiels 😛
Number 8: What a quarter from Wines, wow
Birdman18: Butters spent 10 minutes on the bench and then put on for the last minute of the half?
bhg26: Im wanting a shiels tactical sub at half time trog
beerent11: Xerri is almost a straight swap to English now but why would I?
DaicosQB: Yeah just get Larkey on one of those $300k a year + a 10 acre farm deals the other recruits are on
BigChief: Looking at stats it’s a blue moon game for Tucker.
CamT: Geelong should target Sean Darcy & Nick Larkey. Very achievable
BigChief: Are Cats going to pay for the 6 years Darcy still has CamT?
CamT: Yes, it makes sense, Big Chief
Troglodyte: Duursma will be sub bhg, lock it in
Georgeous: Norf signed Larkey to an extension already boys
BigChief: Darcy not going anywhere. Cats would need to give 2 1st round picks at a minimum.
frenzy: 3 first rounders, he’s yours
Pavs: No thanks CamT
Troglodyte: Norf getting Hipwood for future 3rd round so Larky surplus anyway 😉
CamT: With Darcy in the Freo team, Jackson is just an average player on $1 million per season.
Georgeous: im not going to engage with that filth
Manowar: sad for Z. Duursma
SilverLion: Id give north a future 3rd to take hipwoods salary
BigChief: Darcy is clearly the #1 ruck in the eyes of the freo coaches.
Troglodyte: Lions will throw in Dunkley’s brother as the steak knives in the deal
Pavs: Regretting taking R Garcia’s 83 and putting Comben on the bench
Georgeous: we’d give a future 3rd to not take him
Hazza09: Playing Chlosey over comben has turned out great, im done with this year, can’t even get a rookie on the field right
Pavs: Tag released bhg
bhg26: Fantastic news pavs
Troglodyte: Looks like Shiels is trying to take his head off instead 🙁
Pavs: needs to go about it a bit stealthier though or the tag will quickly be back on
Troglodyte: Anxious moments ahead for the Budda-lova’s
SwaggyP: keeping wines seems to be paying off so far…
Pavs: Sweet earning the cash. I need it
Pinnas: My Sweet Jordan, Fin Lay me down. Bring me that Oliver Wine. Read me a Boak. Comben my hair. And kiss my Pink Helmet
JaiDay12: nahhhh something is wrong with this pinnas mf
LachieMcL: cringe pinnas
Noxious: You on the sauce Pinnas?
Troglodyte: Lift Fissue
Pinnas: Anyone have foot pics of players?
beerent11: Pinnas is getting exactly what he wants
DaicosQB: I miss the Mr_Walrus & Grimes Jr days, both deactivated after pies won the flag
DaicosQB: This new richmond breed with Pinnas just doesn’t hit the same
Troglodyte: Agree QB
sheezel420: fisher is disgusting to own, i feel gross
Pinnas: I just discovered Fantasy Sport. Im 67 from Horshem. Met my Wife online named Beatle. Had sex one to make son.
Troglodyte: He goes by Fissure now sheezel420 get onboard
Pinnas: My son will take over my family business. I started a farm from the ground up Using my seed
Pavs: I’m sure there is worse around sheezel. Maybe Hipwood
Raspel31: Amazing addition to the team Pinnas- welcome.
Troglodyte: Hey Pinnas – spread the seed on the other game thread please
runners47: C’mon Drew – get into it!
Pavs: Seen enough yet Urbs. 🙂
Troglodyte: Duursma subbed – Called it
CamT: Does Duursma’s zero count or do you get your reserves score ?
wadaramus: Goodness me, Norf are appalling.
Pavs: He was on fire as well Trog
PigeonPies: counts cam
BigChief: The zero counts because he played.
Troglodyte: Missed his goal – did he give some muppet celebration like his brother?
CamT: Thanks, PigeonPies.
Troglodyte: Port not even trying anymore…
Pevo: With Falnders out I am lucky to have Duursma as sub.
Troglodyte: Stephenson gives the “slow it down boys” signal, only down 8 goals still time…
LachieMcL: get a touch powell
Troglodyte: DBJ helping Fissure get some possies – you beauty
Birdman18: Fisher is just as bad as Ryan
Birdman18: Just replace tucker’s score with Kerch when he comes back
BigChief: Is Sheezel playing mid or def today?
Troglodyte: Mid/fwd
BigChief: Thanks Trog. Scoring well in new role is good.
Troglodyte: Yep, glad I held so far. Scoring against Port isn’t easy either, although they aren’t even trying today
Troglodyte: Tassie the new Portress?
biggs2dujj: Rozee playing “pure midfield”. You sure about that? You sure about that?
Troglodyte: relax biggs it’s a training drill, resting up for next weeks game
biggs2dujj: Give Rozee the potato
navy_blues: that was a mark!
BigChief: Cmon Zak. Kick 3 more goals please.
beerent11: Xerri has been such a good r2
Troglodyte: boo JHF boo. lol
pcaman2003: Since getting rid of Fisher, he’s fired up.Tool!
Stu7: Fisher has been awesome last few week s
Stu7: Fisher the new Sheezel
Troglodyte: Good lad Sheez
BigChief: Get off the pine Zak
Number 8: Wines was on 2 AF points at quarter time. That’s a big three quarters of work.
Raspel31: Poop- Butters put on ice.
McSquire: Yer he got the cheap role now Stu
BigChief: FU Stinkley. How dare you bench Butters for the last 10 mins

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