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Chat log from R10 of 2024: Western Sydney vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for Western Sydney vs Western Bulldogs, R10 of 2024

Raspel31: Tight game.
original: bont clearance not counting as effective? wow CD really hate him now
StuL: Lets go Bont.
Manowar: bont should be on 20 now
Gotigres: I traded out Cadman so expect him to kick 6 on his way to 130
StuL: i got English in so expect him to spud it up
soup: Come on tingles, king and green
EvilMonk: @original forgive my ignorance, what does CD stand for?
naicosfan: Champion data, the spuds who watch the players and score according to who they like the most.
StuL: champion data
TimT14: They have % selected as a metric
EvilMonk: This is going to be a wet scrag this game, at least its stress free
sheezel420: I highly doubt it TimT, the data they collect isnt just for supercoach
EvilMonk: are these two teams the most underperforming teams considering their lists in the league?
soup: Carlton would be up there monk
GJayBee: SC strategy pick the players CD like
StuL: not a good start for my sc players
soup: Stop giving this bozo free possies and kick straight ya nuffies
EvilMonk: gee, holding the ball paid against Bont. How the frees differ from game to game
bhg26: Darcy Jones hammy
soup: Thank God I didn’t field him
EvilMonk: luckily Jones isn’t in my playing 22 this week, but still sucks D:!
StuL: great. another rookie down
connrs: jones does hammy and hugo garcia gets dropped what a nightmare
thommoae: Who says it’s stress free?
naicosfan: Lucky I didn?t hop on jones, hopped on mckerker tho unfortunately
StuL: glad its not the c on bont this week
naicosfan: Macrae tog looking like crouch, bevo being bevo?
pcaman2003: Time you started to play the game English. Elite ruckman? Yeah, right!
The39Steps: There were 19 free kicks in the entire Pies v Crows game. Already at 14 here.
frenzy: like that every week, surprised he wasnt sub, naicos
StuL: Come on dogs
Stu7: The only joy in my team so far is that my opponent has DJ
slydon: flower you bont, i bring you in this week to give me a ton, not a flowering twenty
StuL: My dogs are all down.
StuL: not enjoying this
pcaman2003: I have Green who is making up for Spud English
banta: umpires love looking after victorian clubs
StuL: do something english ffs
EvilMonk: that 50m is rough, he was spoiling not trying to delay.
banta: toby greene is wasted deep forward at the moment. get him into the middle ffs
sheezel420: Jones jumped from 6 to 9 just by scaling. At this rate he’ll score 30
slydon: briggs has done about as much as naismith this year
EvilMonk: @banta need some new content bro, it’s getting stale.
EvilMonk: At least Green is getting me points, wtf is happening with Bont? 15? Yikes.
banta: you pathetically stayed in front of your laptop all day watching number tick over evilmonk? sad mate
GinniFan: fark Jones injured?? had him on field this week
soup: Tingles do something you doormat
StuL: bont and english how can you be this low
EvilMonk: @banta you been here all day with me champ. You’re a little eager to point the finger, muppet 🙂
Stu7: I might struggle to get over 1000 this week
Raspel31: So very happy I sold Green with that dodgy ankle- stay tuned for trade updates.
EvilMonk: I love numbers and footy, I’m not ashamed !
pcaman2003: Stul. Because English looks like he’s never played b4. Bont not in favour with CD this week.
frenzy: lmao raspel
EvilMonk: @banta also, it’s a PC, I’m not mobile enough for a laptop knackers.
Calamitous: HIA for Ward please
BRAZZERS: cement head clearly has no brain lmao
Stu7: Is Green lame Raspa?
StuL: i might as well concede this year. my shower. bring in emglish
DiggaDogga: Think it was sarcasm, Stu. Green going well
Stu7: Cheers Digga
Raspel31: Thank you Digga- shheez.
Stu7: Not watching the games Raspel so wasn?t sure
Stu7: Thanks Digga for being helpful
J_Herer: English talking to Laird on the bench
StuL: and now English is on the bench for ages.
DiggaDogga: 4 of Dogs best stuck on bench for 8 mins now. Just need a stoppage on that side.
Stu7: Not wrong J_Herer
Raspel31: Bont and English benched for ages- amazing coach Bevo. Off to dinner goes I.
StuL: i just bought english in and im a laird owner.
J_Herer: Stu7 hanging out with Bont and Jones
frenzy: ya killen him Briggs
Stu7: You poor thing StuL that?s harsh
frenzy: CD watches this chat
StuL: And i bought in Oliver so well screwed. Sick of my players spending so long on the bench.
J_Herer: Hogan must have got off the ciggi’s finally
StuL: English might get to 80 yet. Great.
mags: Of course this the one week that Hogan isn’t a POD for me….
Raspel31: No matter what anyome says about Bevo- credit where credit due- he is a moron.
beerent11: Stul. Most rucks go 70-80% ground time.
StuL: i id rather be closer to 80 tjan 70
frenzy: theres a reason Oliver is cheap
beerent11: Sitting in the boat, who?s tagging Bont?
StuL: he is so i guess i. complaining for nothing
beerent11: Clarry about to BANG tomorrow frenzy. I can feel it in me waters.
StuL: English just dropped to 34, why? i give up.
beerent11: Nah I get it stul. Drives us mad when our boys get stuck on their asses.
RooBoyStu: J_Herer he’s on the cigars mate, in the old days everyone smoked & drank, too precious today
frenzy: hope so beer, wanna see a change in form before jump on
CamT: Clark could come up with a monster score tomorrow. Gawn will feed him massively.
beerent11: Still getting plenty ball. Just butchering it.
CamT: * Clarry lol autocorrect doesn’t like that name.
BRAZZERS: clarry has been getting 80-90’s all year long, thats wont change. getting clarry is a desperate move
beerent11: Righto braz
StuL: Getting clarry was stupid. not desperate.
jabbers64: Come on Bony! 8 disposals to half time?
pcaman2003: Garcia only added 6pts that qtr which is disappointing.
jabbers64: Bont bloody autocorrect
frenzy: bony and clark, love it
pcaman2003: Looks like LParker fans won’t be seeing him play soon. Tribunal outcome pending
beerent11: Cool, another dead rookie.
StuL: come on english you dud. Should have got grundy back
pcaman2003: FFS English you spud giraffe.
beerent11: Stul mate, all you do is complain about your players and other people?s choices are stupid?
StuL: i meant my choice was stupid.
pcaman2003: Lift Garcia, Bont and English. Big improvement needed lads.
EvilMonk: GWS have given away the most points to Rucks this season thus far.
EvilMonk: Would’ve put the C on English if I had him lol.
StuL: ok then. yay green. green is going well. woo
beerent11: Ok. Fair enough. I got him in at 470k and am still confident it?ll work out.
pcaman2003: As a early warning, I picked Serong as C after Naicos failure.
beerent11: There you go. Didn?t that feel better?
EvilMonk: Bont starting to get the pill a bit more
beerent11: Damn you pcaman.
Manowar: Garcia is heading to subsville real soon!
StuL: a bit
beerent11: You should go Ryan pca
pcaman2003: beer. Lol! Sorry mate,I really am.
EvilMonk: What happened to Bailey Dale this game, Bevo’d?
frenzy: butters VC it is then pcaman
beerent11: It?s ok I?ve got max as a c if needed. Hopefully windhager doesn?t go to serong
pcaman2003: Manowar. Poor Garcia going backwards. Only added 5pts since 1st qtr. Bad sign!
original: Tom Green why did you stop ffs
StuL: English on the bench again.
StuL: Lets go Bont. you can get 100
original: Lift Daniels ffs
pcaman2003: beer. In that case I may go to Max then;)
StuL: ok he wasnt on the bench long that time
GJayBee: Bevo worked for the Tax office. That?s the kind of guy he is
pcaman2003: Has Green scored this qtr yet?
frenzy: hopefully they trade Sanders at the end of the year
EvilMonk: @original 549 total teams have Daniels. Bit of a pod there!
EvilMonk: more people have Will Ashcroft lol
original: Evilmonk draft – he was super consistent 80-90 as a forward was great
EvilMonk: nice, yeah his numbers look solid.
J_Herer: Green +2 just then
beerent11: Is there a covid shutdown in Sydney?
pcaman2003: Herer. He went from 63 to 68.
beerent11: Maybe xerri to English after his bye.
J_Herer: back to 63 now
beerent11: 78. on ton track
StuL: Bont is sore apparently.
beerent11: Wow . That Scotty scheffler stuff is wild.
original: Tom green bench to start the qtr Ggf
Pavs: A little bit of over zealous american policing i think beer
Noxious: Any danger of someone kicking a goal?
StuL: come on dogs. finish them
Birdman18: This game has destroyed my score
StuL: same here birdman.
DiggaDogga: Honestly don’t think anyone will have decent team score this week. Literally no decent scores from any prems.
Kidult: Tonight should boost everyone to 2350+ projections
frenzy: the sunday melt down still to come
GinniFan: 6.19 wtf happened here
ausgooner: Just your usual bulldogs goalkicking clinic
DiggaDogga: Nothing you’d show your kids, Ginni
RooBoyStu: Can someone confirm how long a round goes for? I understand it’s 1 week, yet Indigenous Rd goes for 3
TorturedSC: Everyone gets a home game for it
Sloaneyyyy: I miss the Purple Name Game
EvilMonk: we could celebrate it all year, I wouldn’t mind! Nice to pay respects to our people 🙂 @RooBoyStu
J_Herer: Time for junk Dogs!
TorturedSC: Agree EvilMonk
BRAZZERS: Garcia has been subbed Monty
RooBoyStu: Lol some get 2 @torturedsc, ok evilmonk whatever rocks your boat, Cryil looked good Thursday had the $ he needed
pcaman2003: Green average dropping lower and lower. Won’t be a prem soon.
StuL: Go dogs
frenzy: GWS has turned pear shaped
DiggaDogga: Geez Roo, you can always just ignore the idea if you like. Big part of our game imo. Why not celebrate it?
EvilMonk: @RooBoyStu just a little weird to bring up politics when there is none. Maybe flog your shit to someone who cares.
Getup: Agree frenzy
RooBoyStu: Problem with our population not enough cattle dogs, too many sheep
Ninty: Cryil? Are you attempting to be hateful?
J_Herer: Green sub 800k in AF next week, ripe for the bye trade 🙂
DiggaDogga: One of those weird games where winning team feels like they’ve dominated but lower SC scores total
thommoae: Been watching Carlton, da boys.
pcaman2003: Bont, English and Green. What an F up!
Noxious: Whatever JUH is being paid its 10x too much
Getup: Rooboy throws out the bait don’t take it fellas
TorturedSC: Green seems to struggle with Ward in the side
JockMcPie: why does fanfooty let racists like rooboy operate in the chat? get him out
DiggaDogga: Roo loose in the top paddock! Cooked unit right there.
J_Herer: Nice Whitfield!!!!
CamT: Rooboy isn’t a racist and neither am I. This indigenous crap has gone too far.
DiggaDogga: Are Dogs back, or are GWS on the turn?
EvilMonk: It’s not a convo that needs to be had. If it’s gone too far, why bring it up more here? Like flower off
ausgooner: Is there any way to block racists like rooboy and CamT?
thommoae: Stumble. We have issues. Aargh.
EvilMonk: Funny how I actually type out flower now instead, knowing the sensor ^_^
JockMcPie: fanfooty really needs a block feature :/ CamT cmon thats poor by you
J_Herer: lol CamT why… stupid.
Ninty: facepalm at ?I?m not racist? but proceeds to be racist. Doesn?t this chat have rules? Hello @m0nty
frenzy: watch Thomas be sub next week
BRAZZERS: camT racist, you refer to indiginous as crap. thats nothing but racism.
bhg26: How has it gone too far? How is it actually affecting you so much that you need to comment about it?
EvilMonk: cmon guys, keep with the footy and celebrate our Aussies. Just ignore them, Debbie downers
pcaman2003: Rules don’t seem to apply on this chat anymore. Racism is never okay.
StuL: rubbish score tjis week
CamT: I work helping aboriginals every day, loseres.
Number 8: What a moment to log in. Geez some folk lack self awareness, don’t they?
pcaman2003: I call BS on that CamT.
Number 8: Sounds like you shovel bullshit in reality, CamT
PAFC4eva: People say they are not racist yet make racist comments wtf
BRAZZERS: lol, this guy is a peanut
DiggaDogga: Think the best way is not to give it oxygen boys. We all know where it stands.
bhg26: And I am Chad Warner CamT
EvilMonk: @DiggaDogga spot on, just got to ignore them. Getting your back up is what they want.
slydon: flower you bont, absolute rubbish. youre old and washed
pcaman2003: DiggaDogga. You’re right ! I’m out of here.
CamT: I teach in a school that is about 50% indigenous, fuck wit.
BRAZZERS: most avergaing 118 and is washed? lmao muppet
suns4ever: You probably shouldn’t be at that school teaching, you should understand how important a round like this is morethanmost
BRAZZERS: camttard you say you help the aborginals but you refer to indiginous as crap makes no sense , a lying racist too
navy_blues: until rules are enforced ones like rooboy will continue stirring the pot
EvilMonk: No matter the opinion, it’s just completely unnecessary and against the rules to bring it up. Take it to Facebook
EvilMonk: There’s plenty of racist boomers on there who will be your echo chamber
CamT: Indigenous Round that goes for a fortnight. Changing the names of teams. Welcome to country before every game..
CamT: Go and follow some more money off your mums.
CamT: * borrow
bhg26: And how is it affecting you so much that you have to comment about it? Is it directly hurting you in any way?
Melon: CamT, the implicit racism runs deep, otherwise none of that would bother you.

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