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Chat log from R10 of 2024: Gold Coast vs Geelong

Chat log for Gold Coast vs Geelong, R10 of 2024

J.Worrall: no Jez, no Stanley, no Duncan, Tuohy might be emergeny. Anyone rate the Suns tonight?
piesfan420: evening lads, vc on rowell or flanders
frenzy: evening chaps
J.Worrall: Evening all … Rowell VC
Zutroyz: evening. have cranked the heating so I can feel like I’m at the game
Zutroyz: Suns should be favourites tonight looking at the line ups
Pavs: Evening all
Zutroyz: Rowell piesfan. we don’t have a midfield
navy_blues: evening all
J.Worrall: Tuohy in, eh?
navy_blues: geelong win this
navy_blues: tdk late out so called hamstring tightness lol they wanted to go smaller
Wends: Evening all, suns prob? On the fence.
frenzy: Goasts
Troglodyte: Go the local team!
BigChief: navy I think you mean SDK
wadaramus: Good Evening people.
navy_blues: yes sry BC
beerent11: We?ll fuck me sideways. Only two active non subs on my bench this week. Not ideal.
wadaramus: Muppet!
BigChief: I doubt you want TDK out hehe
bushranger: Good evening everyone
navy_blues: we have 15 on inj list already
BigChief: and don’t need more.
Silz90: good evening
Silz90: bounce game for rowell surely
Wends: Sexy alive 🙂 brought him in for Roberts
beerent11: Just a word of advice Joel. Don?t call the indigenous players boys.
J.Worrall: Doug Nicholls or Neville Bonner?
beerent11: I held him from the start wends. Probably the worst footballer I?ve ever had in a sc team.
naicosfan: lukosius dont wanna be a defender no more
zadolinnyj: Lads and wends
Wends: Could your tide be turning tonight beer? Evening zado 🙂
BigChief: What was Mac thinking?
J.Worrall: Mac atones for any sins there!
zadolinnyj: Kept sexton whole time so happy to get reward
J.Worrall: Really like his athleticism
BigChief: Mac is looking better every week for sure JW
beerent11: Clohesy owning that wing
J.Worrall: and his height! I really like his height!
beerent11: Stupid sexy or sex tonne wends?
Zutroyz: Scotty will be asking the ups to come down the highway again
EvilMonk: Such costly turnovers by the Suns
frenzy: cats are getting the kardinia park treatment
doyoueven: CD missed a stewart kick
StuL: come on us. Not losing another one
Wends: Stupid sexy *and* sexy back tonnes beer, ya?
Zutroyz: what treatment is that frenzy?
naicosfan: luko playing everywhere
frenzy: lol Zutroyz
pluggerpig: evening lads
wadaramus: Is the Cats list starting to look a bit thin?
Stu7: Come on Touk Touk
soup: We excel in giving shit players career games, rioli last week and luko this week
StuL: Come on Dempsey. A big q1 then he goes missing
jezzas-cow: im hating that i had sexton on my bench
Fromage: Vc Flanders
Ooost: Sexton 😀
Fromage: Same here jezza
dearviolet: If Mac Andrew keeps playing this well, he might have been my diamond in the rough POD this year.
Wends: Royal family level-thin wada. So true StuL, hopefully not tonight tho.
piesfan420: ive got the loophole on sexton
Ooost: same piesfan420
Raspel31: And evening to you too – good to see the Rowell tackling his heart out again.
beerent11: Too many headbands at kardinia park.
Zutroyz: got sexton on the bench. keeps this up will be a loophole
StuL: Dont remember who i traded sexton for but should have held it seems
zadolinnyj: Goal fest
original: long time sexton holder here
Raspel31: Cannot believe I brought Sexton in and capped him- miracles?
wadaramus: Excellent analogy wends 🙂
frenzy: poke Stewart someone please
lana2146: Great to see Tom Stewart off to a blistering start
beerent11: He?s been a handy fwd def loophole player all season. To get cash is a nice bonus.
Fromage: Sexton rewarding my faith
Kidult: Easy +4 for a handball to Stewart
Raspel31: If Rowell had a foot he might be useful.
Pavs: Scott happy with the umpiring. Don’t blame him.
Wends: Hehe wada 🙂 Dempsey going full Prince George so far tho, tbf.
BigChief: Kick the ball Rowell.
wadaramus: Lift Miller you soft cock.
Bluebagg11: Come on Clohesy! Rowell, Sexton, Ned keep it up!!
J.Worrall: not to mention the physicality he brings to the team 😉
Hazza09: Closhey gone home ffs
Brian00173: If someone tells me to get Lukosius next week I’ll throw up…
shagga24: Sexton was always gonna go hard when he finally got games
bhg26: Get Lukosius Brian
Zutroyz: Get lukosius next week Brian
Raspel31: It is with great pride I say I have no Geelong palyers. Can’t see the point. Said with love.
BRAZZERS: gcs been better lack polish, catters more clinical
Ash777: No Holmes?
BigChief: Stewart in rooms atm
Fromage: Stewart injured lol
BRAZZERS: stewart cooked
Wends: Of course my league oppo in AF has stupid sexy flanders as VC…
naicosfan: miller lost cbas to swallow
Fromage: Jump on lukosious he?s a sure thing
piesfan420: closehy lift
Dondeal: Brought in Stewart this week ffs
zadolinnyj: I have no geelong players either rasped
BigChief: Rowell might get 30 disp and zero kicks LOL
original: stewart get back on ffs
original: oh he is lol
Ninty: I only have Stewart and Clark but wish I didn?t right now
Stu7: Come on OD ya spud
Ninty: I?m bringing sexy back next week
Wends: lol original
Silz90: same don i am literally cursed
Brian00173: Ok From, dry reaching now
bhg26: Loving owning Sexy and Sexy Flanders
piesfan420: stewart back on
Brian00173: Looks like my coin toss to put Clohesy or Sexton on field followed my normal luck
Silz90: oh thats a relief haha nearly ruined my week
beerent11: Think you might be the only one bhg.
piesfan420: clohesy can still go big brian
Raspel31: Rowell kicked- good sign for GC.
BigChief: Yay Rowell kicked it LOL
piesfan420: beerent im same as bhg
Doggie Doo: I wonder is Sexton might ton up.
original: if CD count that as a dropped mark for stewart i’ll spew
thommoae: Dempsey getting amongst it. Usually on the outer begging to be noticed.
piesfan420: hopefully doggie but would be happy with 75
EvilMonk: that holding the ball was a bit rough lol
Brian00173: Hope so pies, but asking a lot from here
beerent11: Matt Rowell will be completing my midfield next week.
Ash777: it was a throw monk
doyoueven: can stewart please do something
EvilMonk: @Ash kind of looked like it was knocked out in the tackle? I didn’t get a good angle to be fair.
beerent11: Great goal Humphrey b bear.
Raspel31: As a die hard Spurs fan- go GC!
original: flower off guthrie. kick ins for stewart pls
beerent11: You gotta be stoked with wembys rookie season raspel?
EvilMonk: Good hard footy at the moment, Suns look decent
thommoae: Were you cheering for City Raspel? 🙂
BigChief: Ash the umpire said holding the ball I am pretty sure.
Ash777: Bet you stewart is blowing up out there with the heat.
Raspel31: Never thommoaae- that would be rude.
EvilMonk: Tonnes more delayed frees these days, I reckon they’re getting instruction from upstairs/other umps.
EvilMonk: Ump nearest wasn’t going to pay that push to Stewart
Kidult: Stewart got the FA then it was taken away
beerent11: Probably right evil
Wends: I object! Surely not a free against Stewart!
Pavs: It’s out of control Evil.
jezzas-cow: umps vs cats v2
EvilMonk: @Wends I agree with the free, he was clearly pushed. But thanks for deliberately missing the point _b
Ninty: Yikes, delete the tape and move on to next week
wadaramus: Lift Clohesy!
TimT14: Let’s go Anderson! Get the sun’s across the line with 40+
EvilMonk: Upon re-reading it appears you may have been answering someone else. I’ll try and turn my narcissism off @Wends 🙁 soz
Hazza09: ffs choosey last week I had his 105 on my bench
BigChief: Swallow getting lots of CBAs tonight.
Ash777: suns got the advantage with playing in darwin the week before
original: damn mac andrew got some skinny legs
Ash777: well I just jinxed things
beerent11: Yeah bloody hell choosey!
EvilMonk: How long do I hold Graham? Is he getting another game. I’m getting Dimma’d pretty hard.
piesfan420: cmon closehy at least hit 55-60 from here
Ooost: I see Clohesy has become public enemy number 1
bhg26: Why has Choosey swapped wings?
beerent11: Peace out homies. Gonna watch a replay of mavs okc. Good luck for the weekend.
piesfan420: right about that one ooost
Raspel31: Mia Anglese not so guot- why Pussy’s so rully bad?
BigChief: bhg he has been watching Langdon and playing far wing so not dragged LOL
bhg26: I?m going to go look for the village OKC built with their bricks today beer, pain
Kidult: Time for the tactical sub of Clark
Ash777: cats fans bailing out already?
SMii7Y27: Some incredibly one sided umpiring not exactly helping the struggling cats mids
Hazza09: Everyone getting involved except Closhy, absolute joke
piesfan420: what do we reckon closehy gone next week or hold him
Zutroyz: Bold choice by Scotty to not have a midfield
wadaramus: Suns blitz! Lift clohesy you hack!
EvilMonk: Flanders on 69, nice!
Doggie Doo: Love when cats are losing.
EvilMonk: Sexton looks really good lol! Keep going buddy
SonOfAGun.: Love when the suns are winning
BRAZZERS: sit down dimma you flog
naicosfan: great 2nd qtr miller
bhg26: I don?t believe it either Evil
EvilMonk: Ran about 30 meters lol
BigChief: How is he a flog BRAZZERS? Took a rabble club to 3 flags and left when he saw they rabble again. Smart man really.
thommoae: Let’s cut Cheloosy some slack, people. Only just out of AFL diapers.
Ooost: Imagine 116 from Sexton, the dead bench dweller 😀
jezzas-cow: i sure do love the umps!
FoopyTime: because he left richard most likely
Wends: Sexy toime!
piesfan420: keep or sell closehy
LuvIt74: Evening all do you guys know if Graham has been dropped the past two weeks or injured?
Lodgy: thats very nice sexton
Fromage: Sell
wadaramus: He needs encouragement and support thommoea.
clay007: Something wrong with Cam Guthrie? 54 % game time. Could be off for Clarke next qtr?
Pevo: Footage of Suns runner giving umpire a drink was fitting.
slydon: i love you stupid sexy flanders
EvilMonk: lol, there’s a dude screaming that’s very audible in the Kayo coverage. Chill bruh, it’s okay.
Raspel31: Agree with thommoae- Closely been a hero. But being new to this game why don’t The Cats try harder?
thommoae: ‘Omitted’ Luvit. Had a good game with the reggies last week.
SMii7Y27: Cats clearly dont practice with a wet footy
SonOfAGun.: Clap Clap
LuvIt74: @thommoae cheers mate
pluggerpig: Ned Moyle is straight out of the 80s
BRAZZERS: great effort suns, i feel the umpires have missed a few for GC tho
Hazza09: Horrendous chlosey
pluggerpig: wow 55 marks to 20
Zutroyz: We have been clearly out played. 17 – 3 you can not be serious. We’d still be behind, but fark me
LuvIt74: Clohesy really needs to do more
BigChief: Not sure how Clohesy has been Horendous? He is playing on a wing where the ball has not been. His BE is 30 ffs
frenzy: always happens when the coach has a sook at the umps
EvilMonk: I know it’s only 1/2 time, but I’m pretty sure Clohesy is getting axed next week
EvilMonk: (out of my team, no idea about Suns/Dimma lol)
Manowar: Geelong are poo poo
Wends: With sexy trade going well (barring any unforeseen circumstances), shld I go Oliver or Naicos (finally)?
Raspel31: I prefer the more adult word of crap Manowar.
Zutroyz: too true frenzy
frenzy: Naicos wends, Clarry to lose more cash yet
Ooost: There you go Clohesy haters 2 points at half time break
BigChief: frenzy I doubt Clarry loses $$ this week v WC with 53 BE
beerent11: Settle. Clohesy breakeven is 30
Wends: Thx frenzy… its in AF, but yr making me think i Shld grab him while i can anyway
frenzy: yep BC, but 2 tons in 9 games
Zutroyz: Did Miers get a +10 for the falcon on half time
Ash777: It’s the Narrm rounds. Narrm have a poor win/loss record.
BigChief: Mac subbed
thommoae: The chat pendulum swings to defence of Colshey. Just so.
Zutroyz: Mac Andrew has the build of Kate Moss
thommoae: He has a better spoil though, Zutroy.
Pavs: Did Miers drop that?
dearviolet: Well never mind what I said about Mac. What’s his injury?
BigChief: Ball hit the ground Pavs.
BigChief: Lower leg inj violet.
original: ive been saying it all year. cats over rated. only beat carlton due to amazing accuracy
Raspel31: I still figure Cats got this but I’m lying.
piesfan420: mac has screwed me big time
clay007: They do have significant injuries to key players OG and these are tough footy conditions
Pavs: And the other 6 teams Original. How did they beat them luck?
Calamitous: flaaaaaaaanders, flaaaaaaanders
Zutroyz: keep lying Raspel, I like the sound of it
Ash777: It’s like a 15-20 degree difference to what cats are used to playing in.
Ash777: and like a 5-10 degree difference for suns
piesfan420: pavs, u beat saints, crows, hawks, dogs, north, lions, only 2 of those teams are top 8 standard
BigChief: Pavs to be fair Cats have beaten StK, Adel, Hawks, Dogs, Nth, Bris and Carl. Only Blues in 8
Ooost: Sexy-Flander combo awesome.
clay007: This win will see the Pies out of the 8. That is not ideal, Adelaide will be a challenge.
zadolinnyj: You can only beat who you play
piesfan420: absolutely right clay but should be a good game
Ash777: Pies should go for Day at the end of the season.
Raspel31: Pavs can still pretend to be a Freo supporter.
Pavs: Got it they have been lucky then. Sheesh
thommoae: Great Scott, Clay – a Pies supporter with perspective!
BigChief: Need you to lift please Max.
piesfan420: pavs not lucky just havent played many good teams yet
clay007: There are 3 of us in the wild thommoae. Have not met the other 2
original: 3rd loss in a row
Pavs: I’ll ask m0nty if he can put a 300 after my name Rasp 🙂
thommoae: Lol clay – a sense of humour too!
BigChief: Pies will be back in 8 after they play clay. Blues tough match in Syd.
piesfan420: matt rowell goes bang
TimT14: Great team goal
Slaggy.A.B: Held sexton and his on field let?s gooooo
clay007: I would love to humour you Thommoae, but I need to put my teeth back in… I mean my tooth
Raspel31: All pals Pavs- go Rowell- whoops.
piesfan420: sexton should ton up from here
Noxious: Haven’t been watching the game but how is Touk scoring so low?
clay007: I hope the blues win chief, your thoughts?
original: can’t believe they played atkins over sexton previous weeks
piesfan420: clark subbed in
clay007: That is easy noxious, Zorko is working for cd tonight
Zutroyz: Witches hats icons required monty
BigChief: It would be a huge upset clay. Swans by 22 is my tip.
Slaggy.A.B: Zorko or Steele guys?
Ninty: Great to see Rohan subbed in too
clay007: Zorko, he is duel position
BigChief: Your team Slaggy you choose as we can’t see rest of your team needs.
naicosfan: zorko
Raspel31: Neither Staggy- better out there.
Pavs: Comeback
clay007: I agree chief. They did lose to the tigers though and McCartin still out, so maybe curnow off the chain
Noxious: Must be clay, he’s on 75% efficiency surely he can’t be scoring that low haha
piesfan420: plenty of time pavs
clay007: Zorko took 20 pts off cos he stinks
Pavs: Nope
original: tom stewart ya stink
jezzas-cow: how much are the umps getting paid?
BigChief: clay I think Dorko took 40 off, not 20 LOL
Slaggy.A.B: As a suns supporter this is the best game I?ve hatched in ages
Zutroyz: 68 – 27 marks says it all
TimT14: There are suns supporters on here?
clay007: That is excessive chief, but I have not smelt him, possibly high impact
jezzas-cow: 19 – 4 free kicks, says it all
piesfan420: such a bad game for neutrals on thursday night
Slaggy.A.B: Never met another suns supporter irl
Ooost: Sometimes teams give away more frees than the other 😀
McSquire: Stewart a dud when he has to be accountable
original: that was over the line
original: the painted line is not as thick as the goal post
pluggerpig: 90 more disposals yet 5 more tackles says a lot too
Raspel31: Congrats Slaggy for staying up so late- beddy byes time?
Ash777: bad call. suns playing well as neutral is good to watch
Pavs: The goal umpire wasn’t even on the replay
CamT: Tom Stewart has not looked himself in any game this season.
Slaggy.A.B: Raspell what?? I don?t know what your trying to suggest
TimT14: Keep going rowell and Anderson need 130+ each for draft team
stocko12: Goal post 3 miles thick is it original?
Kidult: Yeh he has. Only a few rounds ago he was 62 before the KO before HT. The week after he was 78 at HT
natomate: Jezzas cow, ever think you get more free kicks when youve got the footy and winning the ball?
Gotigres: That’s because I have had him all season Cam
EvilMonk: Stewart looks cooked
natomate: Ever think you get more free kicks when youre winning the footy and ball?
fruity: This will teach the Cats for managing
Wends: That witches hat just cruel now m0nty
CamT: Sorry to hear that, Gotigers. You couldn’t have predicted what’s happened.
clay007: What is stewart’s icon?
Birdman18: How bad is Stewart? Can’t believe I was lining up trades to get him in at one stage
Kidult: Getting more attention than last season
BigChief: a witches hat for Tom. Love it.
piesfan420: sexton could go for 115
Gotigres: Very true Cam
clay007: Het clohesy chat has died done, cmon, someone get on her and have a crack, he is only on 36. I don’t have him, lol
original: harsh stat tracking on jhye clark
piesfan420: clay his BE was 30
naicosfan: love to see cyril there
clay007: I know pies, but the dialogue was hilarious.
Wends: Big ups to the Hat Chat pod team for their Sexy back discussion this wk… helped deliberations no end
BigChief: Is Cyril in the crowd naicos? I must have missed seeing him.
circle52: He was BC showed him.
naicosfan: yeah BC, they showed a glimpse of him
BigChief: Hmmm my 14 point margin for Suns slightly off. Oh well I finally tipped a Thurs game right.
Wends: Agreed naicos, love it
EvilMonk: Yeah chief they showed him before
BigChief: Must have been while I was AFK LOL
Raspel31: Offering good odds for a Cats win- message me now.
frenzy: gold coast playing cats or norf
Calamitous: did they actually show him? I have to rewind now
original: yes they showed cyril
piesfan420: if rowell hits 130 do i go the c on him or take gawn
original: sheesh stewart sure is down. 0 marks. rare
McSquire: Who cares if he?s in the crowd. What?s the deal
Kidult: Showed him when Selwood was talking
Calamitous: I just had to check if he had ripped jeans on or not
Pavs: Your dead to me Rasp 🙂
Zutroyz: One good thing for night, the sexies. go huge lads. putting the bins out and calling it a night..
Raspel31: And yet you remain strangely dear to me Pavs.
Ninty: Probably should manage the last quarter and go home now
BigChief: Very nice Max. Need more goals thanks 🙂
Birdman18: Rowell copping a minus 2 for a contested kick to his own player?
piesfan420: free kick suns
natomate: have a sook piesfan
Pavs: They went home after the first quarter Ninty
natomate: Ridiculous birdman
piesfan420: im just saying nato bc making the game very boring to watch
naicosfan: nice clark
Pavs: Game all over umps will pay free kicks to Geelong now
wadaramus: Clohesy yuu potato.
natomate: Gotcha pies fan, no dramas bro
Raspel31: Very clever game plan by Geelong- faultless in fact.
natomate: Rowell should be on more for what hes doing, 31 touches 9 tackles, should be 120-130 right now
BigChief: piesfan Cats have made it somewhat boring with their effort.
Hazza09: Fuel icon for Closhey
piesfan420: all good nato
natomate: Clohesy cant get hands on it
EvilMonk: Sexxy boy with a tonne wowee
J.Worrall: Clohesy for a rest and Graham back in?
Ninty: Almost like we are playing with no spine tonight
Kidult: protection mode for Stewart shortly with a long bench stint to finish
CamT: Did Jhye Clark get any points at all for that goal ?
Birdman18: The points have definitely gone out of this game. Players getting half points now
Wends: Sexy benched long time
Ninty: We are just jealous of Essendon being in the top 4 with less than 100%. We may join them at this rate
BigChief: CamT you must be very new here to not know points are added at slower speeds in the last qtr.
natomate: Yep birdman its GG, junk goals now are pointless
beerent11: Two sexy tons evil. One stupid one, one just sextonne.
natomate: Why BigChief
piesfan420: thanks chief for that didnt know aswell haha
Kidult: Clark went -1 to +6 for the goal
CamT: Clark didn’t get any points for a goal. That’s no speed not low speed.
Raspel31: The strangest irony is- who has a Geelong player? Not me.
Kidult: well +5 with the -1
Silz90: Suns have the best midfield in the comp?
BigChief: It’s just what CD do to annoy us all LOL
TimT14: I had that VC on Anderson, think I’ll take it
natomate: does anyone in top 5% own anderson
CamT: FaIr enough Kidult.
original: jhye clark should be on more surelylol
natomate: Silz90 you are taking the piss right? lol
Silz90: Ryan would of scored 100 points for that Clark goal
piesfan420: take rowell’s vc?
Ninty: It?s going to be harder to score when the margin is 10 goals. Basically all junk time now
natomate: Piesfan420, how about wait and see what he gets, theres 13 mins left FFS
Birdman18: Clark came on when the game was already over Original
McSquire: True Silz
BigChief: I would doubt they do natoman (Anderson)
Ninty: Should I take rowells score if he goes 202?
natomate: Clohesy hasnt touched it and is getting the gradual 1 point LOL
beerent11: Nah ninty
Ninty: Touched it when it counted in the first minute nato
Raspel31: Geelong will still win this so stop the talk about Rowell.
beerent11: It is a Fanfooty cliche though. Asking should I take the vc score just so everyone knows I picked a good vc.
BigChief: Only 4% own Anderson.
Gotigres: Stewart getting nothing for spoils
natomate: Clohesy has gotta go ay, 42
Silz90: You don’t like the cats, do ya raspel
naicosfan: spoils mean nothing now
BigChief: GOD has the C on Ando though.
GinniFan: cant believe I traded out sexton the week before he came back
Silz90: Anderson is a nice pod
Birdman18: Would love to see Gold Coast kick another 5 here
Pavs: It’s a moral victory Rasp just like the English cricketers
frenzy: too expensive ? BC
Silz90: Someone said sexton would end up on 106 odd
Crippa9: Cmon a 100 point margin
Bluebagg11: 140 please VC Rowell.
natomate: 50, 92, 70 in the last 5 games, no one good has anderson
natomate: Rowell or Touk the top 5% have
Raspel31: Lol Pavs.
Ninty: 170 please VC Stewart
clay007: All I know about picking captains, I hate it when gawn’s game is late in the round
beerent11: $ sign for clohesy m0nty
Capn_Flash: Tom Stewart you spud!
BigChief: Can’t have too many Suns frenzy I have 5 already.
SMii7Y27: Max holmes most consistent sc scorer ever??
LuvIt74: Cmon Rowell, Flanders, Miller & Sexton great game
J_Herer: this game is like a bye round for the cats
Slaggy.A.B: Bro who the hell thought this would be a 72 point suns lead!
Gotigres: Hopefully someone trades out Stewart so he can go 130 next week
GinniFan: what happened to Stewart, was gonna bring him in but is scoring crap
frenzy: think I got 6 bulldogs BC, too many
clay007: 66 slaggy
Capn_Flash: i’ll take the hit Gotigres, i’m sick of this!
Calamitous: stupid sexy flanders
LuvIt74: 7 GCS but 5 on field
soup: Well done to all that held a dead rookie for seven weeks
Ash777: was stewart bought back too soon from injury
Capn_Flash: GinniFan! Stay well away!
LuvIt74: No cats though
clay007: 72 slaggy, sorry
naicosfan: lot of faith in bevo frenzy
natomate: that was huge from Anderson, like 3 touches and a goal
BigChief: No chance Stewart gets 130 v GWS Gotigres.
Slaggy.A.B: 72 actually lol
CamT: Stewarts ownership has increased in 7 out of the last 8 Rounds.
bhg26: Guys i think gold coast are going to win this one
bhg26: His death was greatly exaggerated soup
BigChief: Did you say 78 clay?
EvilMonk: Probably need some witches hats now
beerent11: Max Holmes has taken a lot of points from Stewart this year.
frenzy: lol naicos, i must be stupid
natomate: No one serious held Sexton for 6 dead rounds, RIP Cash Gen
Wends: big call bhg
Ninty: Earl crow bhg
Ash777: What a strange year
Slaggy.A.B: 78 baby
Raspel31: For every Rowell and Flanders there is a Closehy- but so fllow the sands of time.
EvilMonk: I held sexy boy but I’m not serious lol
natomate: Clohesy is a disgrace
naicosfan: nato where are you ranked mate/
LuvIt74: I think a few held on to Sexton, i know i did
Slaggy.A.B: Sexy back on field not kidding
ballbag: @RooBoyStu-pid Sexton Flanders
clay007: I meant 78 bhg, my bad
natomate: Might get rid of McKercher as I dont want Clohesys score, fuck that
soup: Natomate half the chat has been praising him because theyve held, don’t know why but serious reward from it
LuvIt74: He had to big of a -BE to trade out especially in defence
frenzy: I’m bringin sexy back
Silz90: I remember holding the gc spud last year and he never came back
original: sexton ownership started 63% and was down to 26% last week
clay007: This has been a drama free chat zone tonight. No trolls! Nice
Raspel31: Come on Geelong- late charge1
Slaggy.A.B: Brodie uwland trade target???
natomate: Rowell 35 and 10 tackles, give the man 140+
bhg26: Kick a goal Clohesy and all will be forgiven
ballbag: bloody stengles making me think of KFC
LuvIt74: Sexton will go up $45 to $55k this week and id say he’ll have a negative BE
Pavs: Raspel been trolling all night Clay.
clay007: lol pavs
BigChief: natomate 4 clangers, zero marks and 68% de as well.
Raspel31: Naughty Pavs- I’m on your side.
Slaggy.A.B: Omg Geelong could comeback from this
J_Herer: bye game done
soup: Yeah you’re right luvit let me hold on to leek aleer because he plays defense and has a negative BE, good call
clay007: Predition, Rooboy will get on the chat, Syd vs Carl and talk about 95
Silz90: Yeh 100% I promise I won’t bite back if we lose
BigChief: clay the troll comes on every Carlton game and bags the shit out of them.
Raspel31: Ah, guess that seals it.
bhg26: 26.8 is insane goalkicking
frenzy: Humphrey B Bear aint kickin 5 every week
bhg26: Hold on Rasp geelong goal means game on
clay007: I know chief, why is he not banned?
Slaggy.A.B: Mitres too win the game
BigChief: cmon tuk tuk get the ton please.
Ninty: Pretty impressive to score 100 points in this era, Cats must be close to winning
Kidult: Funny game, happy with Stewart but not Miller
Pavs: bhg you are also dead to me 🙂
Raspel31: Nearly bhg.
Manowar: Don’t worry Geelong, Hawkins will be back next week…lol
Wends: You sexy thing 🙂
Ninty: Cats tonned up, easy hold for next week
natomate: 128 for 35 and 10 is brutal
Calamitous: why’s stewart got a red rocket next to his name? He looked neutered tonight
BigChief: Witches hat Calamitous.
BRAZZERS: its a witches hat you peanut
original: oor jhye clark. thats 35sc if hes bont
BigChief: Wow only the 4th times in career Rowell 30+ disp
Manowar: red rocket for Clohesy

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