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Chat log from R5 of 2024: Western Sydney vs St Kilda

Chat log for Western Sydney vs St Kilda, R5 of 2024

bhg26: Nervous watch after going meek over romar
Stu7: Hey bhg26 and everyone got Boner in this one
navy_blues: u got a boner stu? lol
LionBoy: Afternoon all. Today is the day I feel the hurt of no Steele.
Stu7: I was waiting for it lol
bhg26: I did not watch the game last night what the flower happened? Bont and english sucked and sanders subbed with 40% tog?
Stu7: Stay low Green!
J_Herer: Bevo’d
navy_blues: bulldogs suck if ess beat them should tell u how dogs played bhg lol
bhg26: Suspected as much J_Herer
Stu7: Is Windhager on Green?
Raspel31: Well i have Tracca, Bonts, Enlish and Sanders bhg so having a storming week.
navy_blues: no daniel and dale was sub
TheLegend6: Desperate for a big one Green
bhg26: Steele said hed be running with Green this week stu. Windhager on Jelly apparently
Stu7: 2 left offs already
naicosfan: got wehr, green, steele, king and wilson, on your bike lads!
GinniFan: Tom Green to have a quiet one so I can bring him in soon please.
Baldfrog: Only Libba has scored a ton for me this week everyone else crapped the bed
Stu7: Cheers bhg26
Stu7: That’s harsh Raspa
bhg26: English now going to be under 600k in a couple weeks at least
J_Herer: watching Garcia for a FWD trade
Baldfrog: Navy should have played me this week he would have won
Stu7: Okay off the pine Bonner
LionBoy: Not sure if English is viable with Darcy playing so well.
Hughsy: need 200 from jack steele
naicosfan: lots of rookies in this week, garcia as sub is not appealing, theres three nth fwds debuting
bhg26: At least English and Romar would be similar price so we can choose the better one lionboy
Stu7: I agree LionBoy
Stu7: This is going to get ugly real quick
bhg26: He still had 3 scores above 115 with darcy in the team so should just be an outlier game
GJayBee: Imagine if Bevo was your boss. I would buy him height extension shoes to chill him out
Baldfrog: Lionboy = Circle?
LionBoy: Fair call bhg. Next two weeks will be a good watch as his price drops.
TheLegend6: Don’t understand Green getting a clanger for his teammate dropping a sitter
LionBoy: ??? bald
bhg26: Got a price predictor lionboy and even if english gets two 125s in the next 2 weeks he should still drop below 600
TheLegend6: Haha and it gets removed, fair enough
original: Go Tom green go
navy_blues: taylor gone ouch
Stu7: Nice work Bonner
Hughsy: oh that looks nasty
bhg26: Oh no Taylor in a horrible way
original: Whitfield was a butcher last week, this week maybe the same
J_Herer: Josh Kelly cough cough
TheLegend6: That’s ugly – hate seeing that
Baldfrog: GWS best defender to
pcaman2003: Hate it when players lose DE because team mates drop a mark
GJayBee: Cadman and Marshal looking scary
naicosfan: what happened, not watching atm
bhg26: Taylor TKO’d going for the ball naicosfan
Beast_Mode: sam taylor dead
Pavs: Collision between Taylor and Steele
naicosfan: oosh, unlucky for him
Baldfrog: Probably broken jaw is bleeding under the jaw
original: TGreen12 liiiift
shancrows: Was predicted 2050 barely going to scrape 1700 fuck
J_Herer: Steel ok?
LionBoy: Didn?t see it. Accidental??
Hughsy: seems to be – thank god
bhg26: Yeah lionboy
Pavs: Yep Herer. Taylor not so much
Hughsy: yes lion boy
myteamsuks: Giants are going to miss Taylor next week against Carlton
GJayBee: Sad to hear. They are brave men
navy_blues: going to gws v blues next week hopefully good game
LionBoy: Collision with steel. Gotta hurt.
Baldfrog: Wont matter Curnow gets frees for breathing next to him anyone can stand him
slickbro1: First time I?ve actually thought Kelli underwood commentary was decent and it was covering a dead player.
GinniFan: must’ve been bad, dont think fox showed a single replay
Hughsy: Jack steele an immovable object
navy_blues: baldy if u watch curnow has a lot of frees not paid
pcaman2003: Anyone able to fill me in how Thomas is on 35?
original: Scaling gunna be whack hey
bhg26: Scaling because of time off pcaman
Dogs2024to: Anyone on report for Taylor
bhg26: No Dogs accidental clash
Pavs: Can Howie stop calling Thomas Taylor
pcaman2003: Thanks bhg. Always keeps me confused how scaling sometimes works.
Pavs: Accidental Dogs
Baldfrog: Pavs we have the dream team today of calling wrong players names Kelly and Howie
Pavs: Agree Baldy it is a bit cringe listening
pcaman2003: Maybe Green will screw me over again this week. Hope not! In enough poo already.
myteamsuks: @baldfrog it?s funny because the crows have the most positive free count and still haven?t won a game.
circle52: pcaman can add him to Bont, English
Baldfrog: That was a delayed reaction you have concussion myteamsucks?
Raspel31: And Tracca for me circle.
Hughsy: Ok green
Baldfrog: Go C Green
bhg26: There we go green
pcaman2003: circle. Yep! Not the best start.
bhg26: whitfield score bs
Pavs: Someone take a picture of Thomas and send it Howie
circle52: and Green responds as we speak.
myteamsuks: Nah just dont sit and read chat all day
bhg26: Step out of the goal square whitters
bhg26: I hate not owning steele
Pavs: Would have put him in this week bhg but for the bye next week.
Hughsy: i picked him up after trading out martin stupidly – has worked out ok
Baldfrog: You have Libba BHG cause he might be out for a while to trade him
BigChief: What happened to Sam Taylor?
Pavs: Just worked out they dont have a bye
RooBoyStu: Go Green VC it’s not easy being Green, too be sure, too be sure!
Hazza09: English most likely to fall out of my best 18, absolute fraud
bhg26: Nah dont have libba baldy
circle52: At least I took Gawns VC score .
Manowar: TV icon for Steele?
bhg26: Traded martin out round 2 hughsy and brought him back this week lol
circle52: and yes I have Libba so will be watching with interest thiis week.
Baldfrog: I have him to and cant see him playing next week at least Circle
circle52: Yep Hazza atm Englisn is 2nd lowest scorer behind Sanders
pcaman2003: Acoording to Libba and coach,he’s fine. Just lost his balance only.
Raspel31: Well, on a bright note I don’t have Kelly or King.
bhg26: Do my eyes deceive me? A Whitfield tackle?
Baldfrog: Pcaman he looked Sh1te after the fall doubt he was just unbalanced
BigChief: Anyone know what happened to Taylor?
Ooost: He got knocked out
Baldfrog: Head clash with Steele Chief nothing in it
TorturedSC: Got KO’d and off to hospital
Hughsy: He sneezed really hard BigChief
circle52: Head clash with Steele BigChief – Accidental oin my view
Pavs: Knocked out in an accidental clash with Steele Chief
BigChief: Oh damn. Thanks Ooost and Baldy. Not watching atm.
RooBoyStu: What a beautiful weekend of footy with the skunks having the bye.
original: Lift briggs
Baldfrog: Saints are back
RooBoyStu: @Baldfrog, they’ve never been back since 1966
Hughsy: calamati, calamini, canimiti??? what??
GJayBee: Don?t throw stones when you live in a glass bungalow
Pavs: lol Hughsy
pcaman2003: CD are just way too inconsistent with clangers and tackle interpretations.
RooBoyStu: @Hughsy I prefer Calamari
Devero_D: Green is being cooked by a few dubious clangers.
bhg26: Any time Kelly seems like hes in form he throws in a performance like this
pcaman2003: Devero. He was one I was one example referring to.
RooBoyStu: If Green goes under 120 my C on A.Brayshaw, Freo will beat Port, AFL said they flowered up last week, Freo will win
RooBoyStu: Freo will get the majority of frees, wait and see
Hazza09: Cadman to Cobden next week
slickbro1: How is that not a Cadman mark?
StPom: Saints struggle anywhere that doesn?t have a roof
Hazza09: Marshall to go 150 just to make the English debacle even worse
Hughsy: NWM always opens up the ground
wadaramus: I gave thought to trade LDU to Steele but couldn’t bring myself to do the sideways trade.
Troglodyte: lol Owens. Afternoon fellas
wadaramus: So I am quietly hoping Steele doesn’t make me regret the decision!
LionBoy: With ya Wada. Hurts not owning him
pcaman2003: Green is torturing me again. C’mon Green and get going son.
Baldfrog: Yeah Greens gone missing
LionBoy: Thought Cadman would explode today. Pffft
pcaman2003: With some of the premo failures, SC will become very interesting from now on.
Hazza09: Cadman can go next week LionBoy
Oh8ball: Sheesh
Pavs: Nicely summed up 8ball
LionBoy: Yeah Hazza. Him and 5 others.
Pavs: Positive is Thomas and Wilson earning some much needed cash
Hughsy: Favourite pizza topping?
Hughsy: tough crowd
TheFilth: Anchovies Hughsy
Hughsy: YES jack
Stu7: Off the pine bonner
pluggerpig: hoping my wife gets the bonner off the pine tonight – long enough rest
StuL: Not stressed but 120 will do Green.
RooBoyStu: Pineapple Hughsy
Hughsy: Anchovies and pineapple – yous are filth
pcaman2003: There’s the half ton,now, so ton up Green.
RooBoyStu: Saints giving hope to their supporters lol been doing it since 1966, giving hope…
naicosfan: I was projected 2050 coming into this game, and then King the ultimate spud can?t find the footy
MontyJnr: Green is so overrated in fantasy circles. People act like he?s the second coming of Clarry.
Hughsy: I didnt know king was playing
RooBoyStu: Monty.Jnr either Tom Green or Issac Heeney will win the Brownlow this year
naicosfan: Green is a gun Montyjnr, how can he be overrated
bhg26: Cadman tackling machine
Stu7: He?s not Hughsy he?s just out there
Pavs: And then benched bhg
naicosfan: Great start cadman, doubled ur points
pcaman2003: MontyJnr. You believe an ave of 132 is overrated? Lol!
RooBoyStu: Some people are a meat pattie short of a whopper
MontyJnr: Green would win the Brownlow if he played North & West Coast every week. Unfortunately he doesn?t see them again.
TheFilth: Glad Gawn was VC – Bont, Petracca, Green etc causing heart failure
lana2146: Steele back to being a top 5 midfielder absolute gun
sheezel420: He’s also pretty injury prone
Hughsy: Battle is a walking clanger
navy_blues: king sucks
naicosfan: King can only get the ball from a free kick to him, actual spud, he?s going out for Merrett next week
pcaman2003: TheFilth. There’s a few premos destroying scores this week..
original: Ffs Briggs
Pavs: Supercoach team of the week might be a bit different this week
pcaman2003: Pavs. It won’t be mine. Currently getting slam dunked to oblivion.
BigChief: Keep going Green, Steele, NWM and Wilson.
Hughsy: I think we might have the same team BC
Birdman18: Wilson going backwards
Pavs: Luckily my opponent has the same crap premo’s as me. Gawn keeping me ahead
Stu7: Saints still can?t play 4 quarters
frenzy: Harvey Thomas paying the bills this week
bhg26: Am i the only one who think most ruck frees are bs? Both rucks always hold each other
Bulky: Good Lord. This round is already a disaster.
pcaman2003: Pavs. My problem is my oppos ordinary players beating my premos.
Hughsy: depends if i have the ruckman bhg
naicosfan: Steele and green gone MIA
Birdman18: Ruck frees have always been bs
macff: on the money bhg feels like lotto
bhg26: Youd think Tom Green owning himself in fantasy would make him want the ball more lol
sheezel420: Steele is on track for like 125
Pavs: Cerra out for the blues
bhg26: Romar 13 clearances my goodness
naicosfan: Jack carrol and Sam berry subs for Carl v Ade with cerra a late out
naicosfan: Due to a hammy
Migz: random question lads. When i was kid. handballing over your head was considered a throw. Was that true for anybody (WA)
BigChief: Fuck me Blues replace Cerra with Spudonet.
bhg26: Like for like BigChief
Birdman18: Migz yeah it used to be considered a throw
bhg26: Never really won the ball much migz so im no help
Hazza09: English over Marshall looking like a nightmare
RooBoyStu: Who’s this Sam Walsh bloke? Never heard of him, not even in Sheezel’s shadow…
Birdman18: Tapping the ball to a team mate on the full was a throw too but most are called play on now
Pavs: McKercher to the bench loop in Thomas
Stu7: Dissapointing bonnet
sheezel420: Don’t remind me Hazza
Migz: Was it an australia wide thing or what
naicosfan: Make it to 36 king for ur BE please
Hazza09: Sorry Shekel I am still fuming over last night
LionBoy: Cadman to 75
Pavs: King out Naicos
macff: Max King in the rooms
LionBoy: Please
sheezel420: Anyone that has Max King in SC needs to re-evaluate their life choices
original: Tom green Briggs lift please
pcaman2003: A 60 pt qtr please Green. You owe your owners that much.
LionBoy: Not thinking the UFO not landing for Ross this week.
Pavs: Libba out for next week. Concussion
J_Herer: Garcia doing well for 19% game time
naicosfan: Libba ruled out for next week
naicosfan: Oh ffs king is a spud, I?m lucky it?s best 18
pcaman2003: So Bevo lied when he said Libba didn’t have concussion? What a tool!
Stu7: Same naicosfan
naicosfan: Sheezel he got me ranked decently high, made cash, I?m happy with him out next week for Merrett
DidgeBird: Garcia nearly has the most tackles for the game already!
Pavs: Bevo lied yes. Check him for concussion
J_Herer: Ton up Harvey!
pcaman2003: Time Bevo given the boot.
Capn_Flash: Created a Fan Footy account yesterday so this is my first match in chat! Cmon Green!
soup: Welcome flash, and I concur
Stu7: Welcome Capn_Flash
bhg26: Twice now whitfield has kicked it in from the square
Gotigres: Welcome Capn
naicosfan: lol king on less than sam taylor
Pavs: Welcome Flash
original: When?s purple name game back
Hughsy: gws players dropping like flies
DukeNewc: Jack Steele you gun
Pavs: Circle wins it every week Original 🙂
original: Tom green please ftlog get 100+
DidgeBird: Did anyone else get sucked in by Greens start to the year and put him Capt?
LionBoy: Libba out next week!! I hate this game.
Stu7: Dissapointing Bonner 43 at half time
Gotigres: I guess I’m the only idiot with Green as C.
BigChief: Wanting you to lift Green and NWM. Get to 50 please Wilson.
naicosfan: romar should be on heaps more i reckon
DukeNewc: No gotigres… I didn’t vc gawn and bont failed me
DidgeBird: LOL Gotigres we said it same time
bhg26: Whitfield 18 points in 30 seconds thats glorious
soup: Harvey Thomas owners getting KOTD by his role change
Stu7: Great Bonner on the pine
Capn_Flash: My H2H matchup VCed Trac and Captained English. Kinda feen bad for him
LionBoy: Feet up Steele….youve done enough
naicosfan: green disappointing i knew he wasnt his best at manuka, but this bad?
frenzy: making good coin soup
Pavs: That feeling will subside Flash. Pretty quickly I reckon
Gotigres: Just 62 more points Green until your breakeven.
bhg26: Tom Green fraud
Gotigres: I mean predicted score
Capn_Flash: This will be Hogan’s last game in my team, should’ve offloaded him last round!
MontyJnr: I?m telling you Tom Green is overrated – beat up on West Coast & North cool story m8
JockMcPie: tom green losing captaincy privileges, need to start considering jack steele
Hazza09: Cadman gone home?
J_Herer: Happy to upgrade to Steele this week and not Petracca!!
Capn_Flash: I’m so salty about choosing Houston over Steele last week. What was I thinking!
DidgeBird: I Touk Miller off of captaincy about 15 minutes before this game..
Capn_Flash: C’mon Wilson!
naicosfan: does will graham score more than wilson
Manowar: here come Fremantle!
LionBoy: Is that a UFO approaching??
Gotigres: Green averaging 133 until I get him into my team.
J_Herer: kick the winning goal Harvey!!!
Hughsy: Cmon saints
StPom: Game on!
BigChief: I think you mean game sealer Herer as GWS already in front.
naicosfan: this is a great game
wadaramus: Cracking last quarter!
Capn_Flash: 1 Point Game!
J_Herer: encouraging to get him off the bench, cash baby cash!
wadaramus: Giants get out o jail
Hughsy: i love you steele
Stu7: Story of saints life don?t know how to win
Birdman18: So many people have out the moz on English and Green these last 2 weeks by getting them in
naicosfan: blame the loss on max king
J_Herer: Steele, NWM, Wilson, Thomas, Whitfield -tick tick tick tick tick tick
frenzy: thanky you Harvey
Capn_Flash: Definitely have to use a boost to offload Hogan, he’s got to go!
Stu7: At least I got a tip correct lol
pcaman2003: Steele nearly doubling Green’s score. Dud game from another premo.Sigh! :(!
J_Herer: Harvey > Bont
Manowar: King owners….lol
beerent11: Yeah, that?s not how it works there herer
Social: Got a tip right.. yay
MontyJnr: Can?t believe Green rated himself #1 of the 2019 draft LOL
Stu7: GWS sup Gould have won by more 11 shots at goal
pcaman2003: beer. Your man Sheezel ready for a huge score?
pcaman2003: 10 players finished and only 2 tons. Ouch!

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