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Chat log from R5 of 2024: Western Bulldogs vs Essendon

Chat log for Western Bulldogs vs Essendon, R5 of 2024

HappyDEZ: ubs Bailey Dale & Nick Hind
J.Worrall: Bevo being Bevo!
navy_blues: even the dogs should beat essendone
J.Worrall: Carna SameOlds!
HappyDEZ: ubs Bailey Dale & Nick Hind
Gelly: who will get bevo’d tonight?
clay007: Evening All!
clay007: I would say that Bailey Dale has already been Bevo’d
Pavs: Ditto that clay Evening All
HappyDEZ: Evening
Pavs: Keep McKercher clay or traded him?
navy_blues: think bevo has lost his marbles
J.Worrall: not sure if Bevo ever even played marbles
Fromage: VC English
clay007: I’ve kept him pavs, I think the small grounds last week hurt him. BE of 43, he will get that. How big is GMHBA?
frenzy: howdy
Troglodyte: Its the biggest ground in Geelong clay, should be ok
Number 8: Sneaky feeling Macrae will go big
Gelly: free kick carlton
Pavs: Little bit narrower than most clay
clay007: North could get absolutely smashed, 100 pt clubbing is on the cards.
Silz90: mrs hardwick
Troglodyte: This is the way
clay007: Sorry Frenzy, just think the cats look impressive
Raspel31: Well Bont and English- that’s a cracking start.
Roarix: Theyll look impressive till we give them a pump next week Clay..
clay007: Can anyone remember how many sc trades we started with last year?
frenzy: all good, expecting smashing
StuL: English stay down. my oppo has him vc
Pavs: 36 I think
clay007: Thanks Pavs, thought it was 32
StuL: Martin a good start.
Roarix: Glad I held Jackson for English.. for now
Hepatitis: God I hate Martin – such a seagull hack
StuL: Come on Bont. No C this week so can relax
clay007: Bont playing fwd too much. They have Naughton, Ugle and Darcy, why do they need The Bont?
navy_blues: ouch stringer lol
StuL: Dwayne and his “in he struts” rubbish.
Roarix: This Durham seems to do pretty well every week.. solid one for draft teams
soup: Traded English in instead of Marshall one minute before game, working wonderfully..
pcaman2003: Traded English in this round. Paying off in spades too.
Hepatitis: English will come good
clay007: Stul, he will use the term dance step at some stage tonight.
Raspel31: Stay true pcaman- he’ll make 30 sigh.
pcaman2003: Bont on the bonus points scheme again.
wadaramus: So far happy I took Gawn VC, Bont not on fire.
Roarix: At least one of us was smart to hold off English this week.. Im sure thatll change by FT
Raspel31: That’s an understatement wada.
StuL: Keep Sanders on so he can ton up Bevo. Just 67% tog
frenzy: must of been sum hitout by Draper
pcaman2003: Wada. Too right! Not taking unnecessary chances this time. Gawn is the man.
pcaman2003: Raspel. I think I’ve put the moz on English. Bad habits die hard.
wadaramus: How is everyone on this fine Friday night?
Pavs: Libba back on the ground please
StuL: English has more money to lose and Grundy can still make more.
clay007: Good snag by Caldwell
Hazza09: wtf English
Roarix: Great after last night Wada.. we are back up and about, 10 goal win would have been nice as it was deserved
wadaramus: I stopped in at Snapper Point Brewing for a couple of ine ales after work, and crabbed a couple of take aways 🙂
wadaramus: Yes, good win on the road by the Bears mate.
KyuArchive: Did Bont miss the bus and arrive late?
wadaramus: Excuse the grammatical errors, I’ve had pizza and more beer 🙂
Roarix: Especially at the G.. put the hoodoo crap to bed now
TheLegend6: Bont getting tagged?
wadaramus: The Bont has had two touches for 15 sc, he’s still being looked after!
valiantPT: Sanders keep going son
StuL: Go the colonel.
Bulky: Baker is such a spud. Cannot kick. But Bevo knows what hes doing dropping Daniel who is their best kick.
northball: bont tax in full effect
Number 8: Compared with some of the grammar we see here wada, you’re flying
pcaman2003: For goodness sake English, get involved man. and stop stupid the clangers
soup: Get a hard ball martin you crab
Hepatitis: Tosser martin
wadaramus: Well, thanks number 8, I do try, but sometimes forget to proofread before hitting enter!
BigChief: Add Dale as sub Bulky. Bevo is a moron.
Roarix: He has had the matrix cracked for a long time.. Sheezel the only other one who looks like he?s worked it out also
wadaramus: Stop hacking at Martin just because you don’t have him! Go Martin!
StuL: what pick Martin is if you have him
Gotigres: Love how vc Bont got positive points for handballing it to the opp
thommoae: Some non-Martin owners here evidently
Whiskeyjak: Bont will still get 130+
Number 8: Not a Dons fan but actually love what Martin does for his side. No shade necessary
wadaramus: Start hacking on LDU if you want to!!
J.Worrall: Just got Martin in. Happy so far!
Mikeagles: sanders is a jet!
wadaramus: The Colonel is playing well tonight.
Whiskeyjak: Bombers getting the early rub
StuL: look forward to getting English cheap
clay007: Good game so far!
Hepatitis: As usual whiskey
Pavs: A shootout at Docklands.
wadaramus: Piss ant 50m penalties are a penalty that has too much influence on scoring, only in th AFL.
cherry9: Just a filthy qtr by VC English. Dropped a sitter intercept
navy_blues: dogs get beat here with daniel and dale on sidelines questions will be asked lmao
Gelly: darcy -10
Getup: Zerret libba bont sanders for me tonight worrall
original: Was it Darcy for the 50m? Ffs
Devero_D: Are we even sure that was against Darcy?
original: English getting towelled
beerent11: I still love you goldy. Just so you know.
cherry9: Goldy is the ultimate pro
Hazza09: Absolute joke English
StuL: English is doing great.
Gelly: yeh it was darcy, why he lost 10 points
wadaramus: Bont +7 during the break, he is gifted!
J.Worrall: @Getup, Martin, Saners and Darcy here.
wadaramus: Oh, maybe the qtr had started and I was still watching NRL..
clay007: I don’t like the negativity aimed at The Bont, I need him to go big. Send your hate to Zerrett
Catatafish: Bont always gets CD love, that’s why he’s a must have.
Catatafish: And the fact he’s not too bad himself either
wadaramus: We all resent the Bont tax clay, even those of us who have him!
Gelly: martin potatoe
original: Goal assist points for Darcy
Hughsy: Too cute seagull.
wadaramus: It’s not even a tax, it’s a Bont bonus!
FoopyTime: fuck i hate that rat faced flog playing at half back put him back on the wing
clay007: Well, I think you need to make peace with it Wada.
clay007: Darcy is trying to make up for his 10 pt stuff up. Well done big fella
original: CD love bony, I?ve accepted it
Hughsy: Darcy missed two easy ones
gazza39: FFS Bombers could you give Darcy more chances at goal
clay007: Has Sanders spent the whole part of this qtr on bench?
RooBoyStu: Spud & muppet to Darcy, couldn’t hit Billy Brownless’ gut from 2 metres away
Gelly: dropped mark damn darcy, hes a good player for a man of his height though
cherry9: Too many replays. Bounce it
RooBoyStu: @clay he was having KFC his namesake
navy_blues: colonel on fire showing dogs what is needed to win
pcaman2003: Sanders all class, but pity he’s owned by 73% of teams.
Gelly: lol he got a dbl tackle
Pavs: Libba only 6% owned. Strange
clay007: Well, that is unprofessional Rooboy, he should save it to half-time. Was it hot and spicy?
RooBoyStu: Western Bulldogs need a KFC sponsorship deal with Colonel Sanders a long time prospect
frenzy: English headed for the never again list
wadaramus: Eleven secret training drills.
clay007: This is great footy.
Catatafish: Classic Johnny English.
OffaStep: Tingles the sub next week.
pcaman2003: English is a giraffe. I had to get him in this week. Just shoot me!
elvundir: i nearly ruined my team to change grundy to english
cherry9: Tims not even competing. Just jogging around
elvundir: ended up getting marshall instead
Hughsy: I guess they don?t pay htb anymore
clay007: Watching this on Kayo, I wonder how many secs I am behind the live game.
original: Call me dumb, but went Grundy to Gawn lol. I know I know
pcaman2003: Maybe the coach will slap English into life at half time.
StuL: Darcy and Sanders looking good
RooBoyStu: English please… I don’t speak da English but luv you long time .. maybe
Beast_Mode: youre a baggers supporter, dont worry we do call you that
StuL: English wont do this again will he? He will drop nicely in price and then slay once you get him. Right?
Gelly: with darcy in team, i would not touch english
RooBoyStu: @beatmode big man mate, not showing your team
PigeonPies: whys heppell a premo
OffaStep: Put Libba back on, you muppet!
Gelly: cant even take a mark against langford
J.Worrall: At least 10 seconds, clay. You can check by listening to ABC AM radio.
clay007: Thanks Worall.
Roarix: Wowee.. I?ve seen Bramble burnt 3 times for 3 scores.. absolute clowns bulldogs
soup: Good cheapies tingles.
J.Worrall: welcome clay
StuL: English can still pull out an 80 or something. Enough to have some confidence in him but also a nice drop in price
Mikeagles: went zerrett over bont at the start of the season….been a happy customer
StuL: Nice to not have sweat on Capt bont.
Beast_Mode: english entitled to one bad 1/4, been the most consistant ruckman for 2 years
frenzy: let’s go Tim
DukeNewc: Martin gains points for getting caught HTB?
Hazza09: English can’t even take a mark over goldy
runners47: Too right, StuL
StuL: sanders tog is low again.
navy_blues: dogs are woeful
pcaman2003: That Bont is on the same points as Libba is a laugh.
Hughsy: Umps love us
navy_blues: get dale on give em some run
Brian00173: We have seen this movie from CD before. Bont will make 110+ while sitting on the bench.
Gotigres: Bulldogs are stuffing around with the ball in the backline
navy_blues: sanders subbed lol
Gotigres: Sanders subbed out
original: Sanders subbed great ffs
Hughsy: Bevo you flog
J.Worrall: Sanders got Bevo’d
BigChief: Fuck you Bevo. How dare you sub Sanders
TheLegend6: Sanders ffs
Gelly: bevo strikes again
navy_blues: bevo strikes again
cherry9: Should have subbed English
OffaStep: Who gets Bevo’d? We all do!
RooBoyStu: Sanders subbed, needs to eat his coleslaw & potato & gravy, relax it’s bye rd.
navy_blues: its like bevo is tanking
pcaman2003: Can’t recall English playing so uselessly.
Raspel31: Bevo- have you thought about seppuku- I mean really?
original: How angry was stringer lol mate your team got a goal
StuL: i had a feeling he might do it.
FoopyTime: ooooooohhhhh beeeevvvoooo
Beast_Mode: Sanders was cooked, not surprised
Social: Don’t make me come down there Bevo
J.Worrall: How is Hin on 4, no re jacket seen.
BigChief: Baker has been pathetic and Bevo subs Sander? Fire this idiot already WB
J.Worrall: *Hind
Gelly: i dont even think bevos mum likes him
Hughsy: Andy ?almost to advantage? McGrath
BigChief: And right on queue Baker caught HTB.
thommoae: Sanders cooked , Beast – with 67percent gt?
J.Worrall: goldarn my “d” key
RooBoyStu: Bont will be lucky to raise the bat lol
original: Yeh baker is woeful. Real hungry for a goal too
beerent11: Gawns vc looks great now
BigChief: JW Hind tackled Bevo at 1/2 time.
J.Worrall: Saners not cooked – he was seriously pi55ed off.
Beast_Mode: thats for backing up my point nackers, he’s cooked thats why he’s on the bench
Beast_Mode: 8 possies in 3 1/4’s, writing was on the wall
J.Worrall: Lol, @BigChief
RooBoyStu: Heppell must get the Zombie icon
Beast_Mode: everyone has him no big deal, no need to throw the toys out the cot
beerent11: Bevo dont care bout yo SuperCoach team
original: Bont only needs three touches to get to 100
beerent11: Beast mode the voice of reason. I like it.
RooBoyStu: Bont must be injured long time on bench
TheLegend6: Cmon Bont, do something
BigChief: beer Bevo don’t care about his own team either.
Bulky: Bevo really taught Dale and Daniel a lesson. Why would they want to be a part of this rabble.
cherry9: Best 18 TG. Tim is not top 3 among Howes and Lohmann so far
DukeNewc: Bevo is tanking for draft picks BC
Social: Bevo don’t care bout nuffin
DukeNewc: Playing bont forward as well for half the game
beerent11: They?re not losing because he subbed sanders.
pcaman2003: Big last qtr Pommy and Libba.
Gotigres: I looped Sanders on the bench as I thought he might be subbed out.
navy_blues: Ash must be to embarrassed to come on tonight
beerent11: Word. Social.
Hughsy: Is Bont playing?
StuL: Sanders started so well. Thanks Bevo.
Cascadian: Come on Bont, time to go nuts
pcaman2003: Hughsy.Yes! With Mrs Palmer apparently
beerent11: Very even spread of points for both teams
desa2024: Bulldogs deserve to lose
Roarix: There is Navys one comment for the game.. and what a surprise, calling out anorher user.. smh
StuL: yea come on bont
beerent11: Bonts about to explode!
clay007: imagine having bont and trac
Gotigres: Green or Butters for Capt?
Social: Have you seen that video beer?
pcaman2003: My oppo has Bont as C, so some small relief..
StuL: yea imagine. Bont
beerent11: Not sure social. Maybe.
TheLegend6: Barely even seen Bont at stoppages, being managed it seems
StuL: bont, trac and english like my oppo.
Social: That’s ok, you’d remember it, he needed a couple of towels
TheOnyas: Onya Jonesy
StuL: the whole dogs team is just down. except for Darcy
clay007: ouch stu
beerent11: Look at goldy work!
Devero_D: Would be nice if Martin got hands on the ball in the last 10 minutes.
J.Worrall: Get the yellow thing, Martin!
Mikeagles: dogs are cooked
pcaman2003: beer. And look at English not work. Sigh!
Hughsy: Does alwyn think he?s playing for the red blue and white?
beerent11: Game.
clay007: Pressure will surely come Bevo’s way
navy_blues: roar i now your new so i will educate you
J.Worrall: Amazing what a little heat in the chat can do
cherry9: I think the ruck smashing has been the difference in this game
Bulky: How thr hell did Bevo ever win a flag? I’m sure he was a good coach once. He’s lost the players.
OffaStep: Where are you Bont, you spanner!
J.Worrall: Good, now get it again! And again!!
navy_blues: Ash knows what is wrong with every other team i just wanted to ask him what was wrong with his
original: Good luck over the next few years wbd
clay007: Bevo sweating it up in the box.
StuL: bombers might be sort of competitive
J.Worrall: Go Bombers!
Raspel31: Bonts done fine- already passed Tracca’s score ffs.
pcaman2003: Keep it up Libba. I need your score to rocket up.
beerent11: Any c?s on Bont?
Whiskeyjak: Bombers are average. Dogs are just worse. Bevo has to go.
thommoae: Dogs are just … just …just awful.
StuL: come on bont. ffs.
original: Bulldogs rolling the dice. Yeh ok they?ve kicked 7 goals and need to kick 6 more. Hahaha ok
clay007: What was the heat in the chat Worrall? I think Bevo might have been in the chat then under a pseudonym
shancrows: Bont trac sanders English are you fucking kidding
Whiskeyjak: Stringer chirping. Hilarious. Bloke only plays well in a contract year.
Social: woof
KyuArchive: Glad I went Gawn for C instead of Bont
J.Worrall: A little heat on Martin to score points. we got a result, but need more!
Gotigres: Ok Bont, time to double your score
StuL: getting flogged the dogs.
Whiskeyjak: Dogs are cooked here.
pcaman2003: The dogs have given up. How woeful!
RooBoyStu: Big ranking changes this week, the sheep will fall with Bont & Trac
J.Worrall: Go Jakey boy!
clay007: Well put some heat in the chat and fire The Bont up. He looks like he has had enough.
StuL: darcy being a good rookie is the only redeeming part of the dogs
Hepatitis: Like dimma, bevo is cooked and has lost the players
Social: Some cheap premos coming up
J.Worrall: Bont can’t be bothered!
Whiskeyjak: Bevo sweating it up big time in the box.
J.Worrall: Bont is a lazy downhill runner!
clay007: You think he might have cooked the sausages too many times Hepatitis? Has he cooked his last dog’s barbecue?
navy_blues: bet Daniel and D
J.Worrall: Bont, you overpriced has been, have a flaming go!
navy_blues: Dale start next week
BigChief: StuL Sanders is a good rookie as well, just not given much of a chance to show it.
J.Worrall: Get off the bench and into the game, Bonto!
soup: Good call for the star monty
StuL: no one gets flogged by the bombers.
J.Worrall: That’s all the heat I can muster for now.
Hughsy: BT needs a new pair of binoculars
Beast_Mode: spuds kelly and answorth running their mouths lol
TheLegend6: Hope Bevo gets the sack this week
clay007: It got him off the bench, so thanks Worrall
gazza39: its not Freo so all good…
J.Worrall: Martin, get that bloomin’ ball.
Number 8: Yep Beast, a couple of blokes that just need to focus on not getting dropped
TheLegend6: Bont to kick 6 in the last 7 to win the game
J.Worrall: Cheers clay
StuL: Bont and Trac are going to be cheap for ppl smart enough not to start them
clay007: Martin…a couple of nice seagull possies Worrall. He will ton up
cherry9: Nice Friday watching my VC drop out of best 18
original: Maybe Bevo should play sc. take a look at baker pal, tells you everything u need
TheLegend6: Bont been great this year Stul, before tonight.
J.Worrall: Just i, clay. The rest is cream!
clay007: I think O’Donnell is Darcy’s doppelganger
Devero_D: Nic Martin … A clanger for that clearance to space is crazy
J.Worrall: *did damn my “d”
J.Worrall: or is the saying “the rest is gravy”?
BigChief: Of course it’s a clanger Devero. 30m kick and didn’t it a team mate.
StuL: true legend. but it just takes one stinker and others will reap the rewards
pcaman2003: Buyers remorse with English..Could cost me dearly this round..Oh wel!
BigChief: hit*
Gotigres: Libba dazed
Social: Tingles to drop too StuL
J.Worrall: Don’t stop at the ton, Martin. Let’s roll!
OffaStep: Please say Libba isn’t concussed…
Beast_Mode: players are not in the chat bro
cherry9: English didn?t even compete that marking contest. Pathetic
clay007: Libba isn’t concussed. I said it, but he might be.
BigChief: Didn’t look good Offa.
TheLegend6: ahahah English man
Shovan: hows the bont not on 140 with 17 this week, every other week he gets points for fk all
clay007: Thanks for that Beast, I thought they checked when they were on the bench.
cherry9: And finishes with an out on the full! That?s the worst ruck game I?ve ever seen
pcaman2003: English last kick at goal sums it up. Aclanger! FGS!
McSquire: For all Bevos changes they getting worse
Social: Woof woof

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