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Chat log from of 2024: Sydney vs Melbourne

Chat log for Sydney vs Melbourne, of 2024

J.Worrall: Go the Bloods!
ReggieOz: Footy is back!
ReggieOz: Go Dees!
upweydons: Good evening , let?s go 2024
upweydons: Ge everyone for 24
navy_blues: feels soooo good having footy back!!
exatekk: Evening all!
McSquire: First season on here for me
amigaman: Gawn vs Grundy going to be a highlight
McSquire: Gday all
sheezel420: go norf
FoopyTime: god i miss footy season
zadolinnyj: Evening and happy new year gents and ladies
zadolinnyj: Welcome to the best site McSqire
frenzy: evening chaps
DukeNewc: Evening Lads, hoping for some good signs tonight
FoopyTime: can we get a stat for how many times the comentators mention shache
DukeNewc: Maybe a counter top left Foopy?
zadolinnyj: Love your work again Monty
FoopyTime: yeah top left shache counter
DukeNewc: We have been blessed with features galore this year on fanfooty
TimT14: Great goal
zadolinnyj: Any multi-storey Frenzy
zadolinnyj: Multies
Dogs2024to: Dam
Dogs2024to: Had parley
Dogs2024to: Had paps first goal
DukeNewc: Not sure anyone would back Florent, whoever did is living large at the moment
frenzy: you got the wrong man, I don’t gamble Zado
zadolinnyj: I went the draw so let?s see
frenzy: so Wicks and Billings got the vest
Raspel31: My season is already in ruins.
wadaramus: Welcome to 2024 FF people, theaks for being here m0nty 🙂
DukeNewc: Really wanted to see how Billings went tonight
zadolinnyj: Lol raspel
thommoae: G’day all. Vale Best Coast.
m0nty: just here to keep the plates spinning
sammyo7: what a kick
GJayBee: Respect to everyone, and thanks to Monty
Raspel31: Indeed thommoae- one of the best and funniest-vale.
wadaramus: Na, it’s more than that m0nty, there is a quirky buch of misfits that enjoy this chat, you make it possible 🙂
FoopyTime: the shache counter goes up
SALAH: Hope everyone is enjoying the game wherever you are around the planet in the shadows of qtr time
DukeNewc: Get the notebook and pen Foopy
wadaramus: Is Grundy worth picking?
DukeNewc: If he doesn’t do well tonight wada, I’m very much considering Jackson with Darcy out
wadaramus: On a side note, loving the score in Dharamsala. Sorry Raspel 🙂
wadaramus: Yep, there are other options.
Raspel31: I bought 3 Grundys for the price of 1. Mistake.
frenzy: does it cost me a trade to dump Grundy
Zutroyz: Thank god there is no Rugba league on so we can showcase our great game in the north…
FoopyTime: you cant get mentioned more than the amount of supercoach points you have
DukeNewc: Lockout is round 1 frenzy
Silz90: Grundy was stung by a bluebottle jellyfish today
frenzy: thank flower Duke
wadaramus: Knights v Raiders tonight Zutroyz?
DukeNewc: And yet, schache makes it possible Foopy, an incredible amount of glazing going on
wadaramus: I get stung by stingers at Port Willy every morning silz90, gotta man up!
navy_blues: ight as well get rid of gulden to if we starting that crap lol
Zutroyz: That it is. Can’t wait for Sticky to have a whine about the ref
wadaramus: Sticky Ricky, can’t believe he still has a gig at the Raiders!!
FoopyTime: duke ive yet to see someone so garbage at footy get mentioned as much as he does since israel folau and charmichael hunt
Joegreg123: Luke palmer
Dogs2024to: Who so far sc wise has been shocking and who captained them lol
DukeNewc: Dogs, nothing counts in opening round…
Zutroyz: Who’s risking Clarry this year?
JaiDay12: Hello boys, new to the chat, hoping everyone’s doing well, would love to see a bit of push from Grundy
wadaramus: Not for me Zutroyz, M.Roberts looking good for a bench spot.
DukeNewc: Opening round is like prequel to the actual movie, just info about players before the big show begins supercoach wise
Raspel31: Is it possible to come back in SC from here- losing faith.
Joegreg123: billings is a poofta
The39Steps: Does anyone know if Bolter is doing live scoring?
Zutroyz: England looking good for another moral victory
wadaramus: Welcome JaiDay12, not sure how you find this chat but welcome to the fun house 🙂
DukeNewc: G’day Jai, glad to see another hawthorn supporter in the chat
Joegreg123: raspal31 do u have down syndrome
Getup: What’s up raspel good to see you going around again this year
Joegreg123: respectfully
ShrexySean: cmon brundy lift
Troglodyte: FF af league – 1 spot left – yfy3s9pt
Getup: Aka pies 20
JaiDay12: I’ve been here for over a year now, never had an acocunt but here now to enjoy the carnage
navy_blues: settle Joe
JaiDay12: account* ha
wadaramus: Hey Joegreg, thet’s probably unnecessary, why be someone who incites anger?
Troglodyte: C’mon rookies show us the money
LachieMcL: where’s joel smith
Badgerbadg: Good to see the Dees worked on their goal kicking over the off season
Fromage: Petracca too many handballs
wadaramus: Hahaha, suck shit England, Bazball fails again!
Dogs2024to: Roberts Sydney could be a money maker
Cottees: Decided to look at scores as not doing supercoach this year. Already someone insulting someone lol. never change
wadaramus: England needs a better Cult Leader that doesn’t just sit there with shades on looking smug.
exatekk: just another mouth piece that will disappear after 3 rounds…
wadaramus: However, all out for 218 is a clear moral victory!
TheLegend6: Gulden building
Wends: Hello and happy new year to everyone except old greg 🙂
wadaramus: 20SC, Gulden building?
wadaramus: G’day Wends, happy 2024.
TheLegend6: Doubled his touches this quarter already
Dogs2024to: Deeez not looking top 8 just blazing away and hoping 4 the best
wadaramus: I’m all for optimism TheLegend6 🙂
Getup: Jordan doing nothing early
Wends: HNY wada. Gulden building sounds like a brutalist architect designed science faculty block
original: schaccccccccccccccccccccey impressing me
Kevin07: schache is garbage
GJayBee: Oh, go Wends
wadaramus: Fucked if I know what you just tried to describe Wends!
Dogs2024to: Glad he left us deeez can have him
McSquire: Melbourne struggling again in 24 to kick a winning score
FoopyTime: shache counter over 100 before half time
Dogs2024to: Score review 6. Deez 13 Sydney 27 lol
pcaman2003: Hi all! I fee like an FF veteran in my 9th year., Welcome newbies and oldies.
FoopyTime: i feel for Dees supporters, they have the best mids best ruck and best back line and the worst forwards
wadaramus: G’day pcaman, how good is this chat, it amplifies my enjoyment of footy tenfold 🙂
Wends: Lol wada 🙂 Hey PCA! Sorry for v basic qu. but do we get the price rises if we locked in any Rd players?
pcaman2003: wada. Good to see plenty of familiar names. Let the jousting begin 🙂
Troglodyte: stupid AF won’t let me rage trade Jordon
Gotigres: Yes wada, I enjoy the chat as well. Almost as much as my vc Gawn looking good for 150+
Kevin07: oliver well underdone
pcaman2003: Wends. This round not affected by SC. Starts on the 14th.
Dogs2024to: Here we go round 1 had a pre season and still fumbling kicking not to targets just looking not the best
wadaramus: VC Gawn, WTF, there is no scoring this week is there GoTIgres?
original: wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwo purple name game player today
Getup: Hi paca same mate been on for ages forgot passwords etc from pies20
JohnHoward: is heeney and salem a lock now?
Getup: Was pies 13 originally 😅
wadaramus: When will JImmy ANderson give up and realise that 41 is too old to be playing international cricket?!
Kevin07: when they ban bowling in england
Gotigres: Do you mean that when my vc is smashing it, it doesn’t count wada?
pcaman2003: Bye bye Pies20. Hello Getup!
Zutroyz: Hervey is a mirage Australia’s Worst Prime Minister
LuvIt74: Dont think Windsor is worth he coin
Wends: Thx PCA – for AFLF. Can’t find if we get the price rises into Rd one when comp starts on 14th. Also, liking Salem’s work
Getup: What about howe luv it??
wadaramus: Well…fucked if I really know Gotigres!
Getup: Howes
LuvIt74: @Getup i can justify with only 69 TOG
Pokerface: this round 0 is annoying. all these people and their terrible pick of billings have a get-out-of-jail card
TheLegend6: Agree Poker
navy_blues: Mclean a def in i think
Getup: 👍 luvit anyone going with the grundy gawn combo this year?
LachieMcL: melbourne outta kick some fkn goals ey
LuvIt74: Poker you have a point but this Round 0 has no significance to the ladder
Gotigres: cheers wada:)
TheLegend6: Doubt many going Grundy-Gawn
LachieMcL: nah I don’t think anyones going gawn and grundy this year that sounds very rare
Zutroyz: Me Getup. But subject to change
LuvIt74: Grundy/Gawn here
wadaramus: Poor Ben Stokes, he’s just a gullible mupppet to a convincing cult leader!
LuvIt74: sarcasm by all… Glad its back
Pokerface: think you miss the point Luvit. Online templates are littered with billings which was never a good pick
Dogs2024to: Obrien/Marshall here
Kevin07: soldo/pittonet here
Wends: Same LuvIt – kept swapping Grundy/Xerri but ended up w Brody
wadaramus: Ease up Matt Roberts, you’ll be owned by everyone!
zadolinnyj: English Gawn here
exatekk: riveting footy
pcaman2003: Grundy won’t be 28 DE each week. His other stats okay. Will score good games.
Zutroyz: Jimmy Anderson with the blonde tips, what a goose
wadaramus: How good is this free flowing high scoring footy? Glad I aint watcihing it.
Wends: Only 16 percent ownership in AFLF wada, not for long!
LuvIt74: @Poker i get the point but the question is how serious are u willing to take round 0 – I’m keeping billings for now
Gotigres: I currently have Gawn and Jackson as my R1 and R2
wadaramus: He’ll be shit when the real stuff starts Wends, I wouldn’t pick him!
zadolinnyj: So is this round for premiership points?
Wends: Too late wada, got him already :p
Pokerface: Gawn Briggs for me
Getup: Uea
thommoae: Gawn Romar here
wadaramus: Premiership points yes, Supercoach points no!
Fromage: McLean is a lock for me
sheezel420: To be fair, if people saw Billings was a sub they would’ve made changes prior to lockout
Beast_Mode: grundy will be fine, your track record in SC over the years is shower, so your opinion counts for very little
LachieMcL: blues wont make the 8 with their fanbase
pcaman2003: Fromage. Lol! Sounds like something Raspel21 would say.
lynchpin: English Gawn
zadolinnyj: Thanks wada
Pokerface: fair point sheezel
zadolinnyj: Do we think billing?s will make the 22 soon
pcaman2003: lynchpin. No!! I think he’s Australian:)
wadaramus: Ahhh, great humour pcaman, this chat is ideal for it 🙂
pcaman2003: wada. These chats make my week.
LachieMcL: i miss jason laycock
wadaramus: Why Lachie?
navy_blues: thats Joe wada
pcaman2003: Anyone pick Z Williams in def ?
Getup: I have him pca
zadolinnyj: I?m scared pc
wadaramus: He’s supposedly confirmed to start so yes pcaman!
Bwad: So annoyed Billings is the sub. All the “experts” were picking him and the sheep would follow, now lots will jump off
wadaramus: Joe who navy?!
pcaman2003: I’d pick him, but durability concerns me a bit.
navy_blues: Joe was on earlier remember u were saying boutvinciting anger
Getup: So me being dumb why is people upset billings playing this week when it doesn’t matter?
Pokerface: Oliver tempting anyone?
Getup: Isn’t playing
Pokerface: Getup because all these online teams picking him can offload easily ‘before’ the season
original: Wild Spargo appeared! It used ‘play for a free’. its not very effective
wadaramus: I recall the statement, bot not why 🙂
Bwad: I’m annoyed because I was never going to pick him (too soft) but heaps of people were. Now some people won’t because sub
wadaramus: Righto you lot, some of us have to get up early and go and pay some tax, catch you later.
thommoae: Par for Fritta, one he’ll kick 95% of the time = “What a magnificent kick at goal!” BT
Pokerface: ok night grandpa
TheLegend6: Considering his two byes by round 12, I may have to consider removing Gulden… gonna burn me though
Pavs: Hello all. A bit late to the party
wadaramus: I’m child free Poker, find another descriptor 🙂
thommoae: Fox poker-faced jogging back = “he thinks it’s a goal” BT
Getup: Ahh ok makes sense
Gotigres: see ya wada
pcaman2003: See ya wada.
Gotigres: Hi Pavs
Beast_Mode: lol
zadolinnyj: Warner alive
Wends: Bye wada and hello Pavs
pcaman2003: Onya Pavs. Welcome back!
Getup: Sydney need a big forward target just bombing it in to knowone
Getup: Rest grundy up there
LuvIt74: If Billings is Sub in R1 I’ll swap him to Fyfe
upweydons: A bit if a scrappy game , both look rusty.
Pokerface: you would still leave him in otherwise Luvit??? wow
Jaypa: how on earth were they talking up McLean at half time? are they watching a different game?
LachieMcL: McGoat
LachieMcL: wow
Getup: Went with jordan billings and fyfe luv it
Pokerface: lol Jaypa, nearly fell off my chair from Kingy’s analysis
blashtroko: that’ll be gallop m0nty
LuvIt74: Poker if Billings is the sub next week, then I’ll swap Billings to Fyfe. I don’t like both Billings & Fyfe
Jaypa: Every time Kingy opens his mouth he makes less and less sense
Pokerface: surely you offload him anyway
LachieMcL: watch mclean here
pcaman2003: Gulden struggling, but can’t see him being tagged.
Jaypa: Kingy will have McLean BOG now after that goal
navy_blues: gulden gonna lose to much cash at his stage
LuvIt74: Nah im not so sure yet, billings is on now lets see
Pokerface: after that ‘7 point play’ thank you very much Jaypa
Getup: Yeah gulden struggling pca probably swap him out nex
Jaypa: these games do count for price changes tho do they?
original: WOW coles red logo is computer generated. never noticed
Gotigres: Grundy now more sc than Gawn
Pokerface: yeah, just not scores
navy_blues: oh no they wouldnt jaypa my bad
Pokerface: they do count for prices navy
LachieMcL: I captained Gulden
Jaypa: I’ve heard all sorts, I knew the scores didnt, no idea about prices, assumed they wouldnt
navy_blues: oh ok ty Poker
bhg26: What an advantage when everyone stopped
TheLegend6: Warner playing deep forward why?
Pokerface: jaypa – yes for prices. have a look at the help screens in sc which verifies it
Gotigres: I just got Howes into my team.
BigChief: Evening all. GC and GWS players will get a price change before they have a bye.
pcaman2003: Hi Chief!
Getup: Grundy huge quarter
Gotigres: Grundy has suddenly remembered how to play
pcaman2003: Grundy having one helluva qtr.
McSquire: Grundy all over Gawn this quarter
Getup: Haha then gives away the free
Beast_Mode: old mate, Grundy not too bad aye.
Cottees: gotigres, just needed a half to remember that 😉 lol
bhg26: Belter of a game this
Getup: That’s soft
original: soft
pcaman2003: Hands in back always a no no . Soft,,but it’s the rule
Gotigres: I’m now considering him in my team Cottees
navy_blues: mclean could lose this for sydney
Jaypa: and still get the 3 votes if kingy has anything to say about it navy
LuvIt74: i bet the vast majority will start Grundy now
bhg26: Should have 4 kicks for 4 goals in this quarter navy
navy_blues: lol
navy_blues: yes bhg
Cottees: If i did supercoach this year. Would of chosen Grundy and Gawn. So good when they’re by themselves
naicosfan: Pregame pasta pickup right there
Ash777: chose gawn over grundy 🙁
navy_blues: im not a kingy fan either jaypa
pcaman2003: Hope Trac thanked Gulden for the goal assist.
Jaypa: welcome to the 90% cottees
bhg26: lol Grundy
Cottees: Jaypa – Don’t change what works mate lol
Wends: The 50/50s this year so tricky
clay007: Great qtr from Gawn -7 pts
Pavs: start with Gawn English then i’ll regret it later. Again
Ash777: hoping this counts as round 1 for gawn,
Gotigres: Is it too early in the season for a spud or crab for Schache
Jaypa: never too early
Jaypa: schache should have his own personal crab icon
Ash777: crab shack!
LachieMcL: grundy is a leftie that loves vegan coffee shops
circle52: I am starting both gawn and Grundy and will assess at theit byes whether to keep or upgrade
circle52: First team had them and has not shiofted
Jaypa: too much value to not start those two
Wends: Grundy could be from an anarcho syndicalist commune at this point Lachie, and he’d still stay in my team rd 1
Getup: Still think swans need a big forward 🤔
Pavs: Your past coming up again Wends :]
Getup: Grundy all over maxi this second half
clay007: Is Gawn making his debut? Getting schooled by Grundy!
bhg26: Chad
pcaman2003: Safe to say Billings won’t be on any ones radar now. Kaput!
Wends: Lol pavs 😉
Jaypa: yinyang for both blokes I’d say clay
Ash777: gawn probably doing his usual opening round low score.
Wends: Salem on a go-slow?
Getup: Is blakey worth looking at having??
TheLegend6: Warner has turned this game on its head
pcaman2003: Ash. Gawn heavily bandaged and moving very gingerly.
BigChief: Errol been very quiet.
GJayBee: Gawn to Grundy
Cottees: Sydney slow down. My prediction was you guys by 19 lol
Pokerface: pumpkin for billings
Pavs: Ok English Grundy. God i’m fickle
bhg26: Only good thing van rooyen did tonight was by accident
Ash777: freaky goal
FoopyTime: falcon to knee, goal of the year right there
Wends: Seem to recall some canny podcaster predicting Viney taking some early season Oliver points
Gotigres: Heeney trying to suck a few in, including me
Ash777: gawn isn’t bandaged up that’s his shin guard lol
clay007: What is a good score for a rookie?
naicosfan: 80+ with the calibre of rookies this year clay
Getup: 60plus clay?? Good question
McSquire: Oliver clearly not fit Wends and looks heavy
clay007: Windsor 54?
GJayBee: I?m not watching is Gulden coming good?
DrSeuss: Don’t do it Gotigres – the Heeney Heartbreak will come
naicosfan: Clay do you have sexton?
clay007: Got Sexton naicos-new role, could do well
Wends: Yes McSquire, I think that was the podcaster’s case in favour of grabbing Viney (Ballboys pod maybe?)
xodeus9: if you’re paying up for the 180k+ rookies you want 80s
m0nty: I suppose I can’t give $ icons with no price rises
GJayBee: Heaney wants me to do a Brittany
naicosfan: Yeah nice, Windsor and Zane duursma looking good for rookies, also Darcy Wilson
LachieMcL: poor gawnski
clay007: You can still do free trades next week I think?
Gotigres: I’ll try not to DrSeuss
TheLegend6: Heeney star, Warner gun
BigChief: Price rise in rd 3 m0nty
Pavs: You own the joint m0nty. Do what you like.
LachieMcL: how is 55 a good rookie score exactly
frenzy: yin yang for Chad
Wends: Monopoly money icons m0nty?
naicosfan: Will make money regardless lachiemcl
BigChief: Windsor’s BE is 32 so 55 is close to double is how.
Wends: What’s happening with Roberts anyone watching?
LachieMcL: lmao if a rookie averages 55 they plateau at 230k
LachieMcL: not to mention he is 180k rookie
TheLegend6: Errol has done nothing and cheesed his way to 80
naicosfan: Last week he got an 80 though?
Pokerface: closer to 270
clay007: Who said that 55 is a good rookie score Lachie?
Ash777: he got 80 with 2 goals, not getting that each week.
LachieMcL: practice game?
LachieMcL: bigchief did lol
Pokerface: ok heeney, i’ll bite too
naicosfan: Only other game we can base it off
Pokerface: no adams, no mills..
LachieMcL: yes and there are plenty of rookies in his spot avail
BigChief: please show me where I said that before you opened your trap
Gotigres: Two streakers
Ash777: no parker too
naicosfan: List em lachie
RuffLeader: Parker not assessed for 4 weeks, adams 4 weeks, and Mills 12 weeks
TheLegend6: Why they harping on about this being sold out? So many empty seats around.
LachieMcL: hahaha you said windsor good score mate don’t backtrack now
Pokerface: @ash yep, forgot he”s a month too
LachieMcL: you’ve waited for the chat to scroll up so it hides it lol
Getup: Id also like to know naicos
Jaypa: AFL probably making them talk up what a “success” this is
RuffLeader: How many forward rookies do you think average 60+ this year?
Wends: Howes v low ownership
BigChief: Want to put your house on that Lachie? You said since when is 55 a good score.
clay007: I wrote Windsor 54? Noone responded. I wanted some thoughts on what you guys thought. Bigchielf said donuts
Pokerface: reid, lazzaro, sexton
BigChief: And I replied saying his BE is 32 and 55 is almost double is how.
Ash777: rowbottom looks ready to go premo
Pavs: Looks like i’m off to the archive after this game. lol
LachieMcL: and that isn’t a good reason
RuffLeader: Poker, that’s three, do you only have three forward rookies?
Jaypa: just needs to work on his disposal ash, bit of a meat merchant
LachieMcL: anyway bigchief has no clue about supercoach end of
BigChief: Go look at chat log once it come up Lachie and show us who said what.
naicosfan: Poker face, agree with all of them, most already have them tho
Troglodyte: Just choked on my popcorn… woops
Pokerface: only 3 on field ruff
Pokerface: wilson may get there
RuffLeader: Jeez bit defensive Lachie, hope you are better at SC than you are at maintaining your composure on an internet chat
Pokerface: exactly naicos – 60 is not norm for a rookie.
Pokerface: they hit brick walls
Pavs: Long season Lachie.
naicosfan: When I said my first chat when this convo started I said that 80+ was a good rookie score.
Wends: Lol Ruff. Goodnight all – and thank you Grundweeeee!
Pokerface: 80+ is elite and rare
clay007: I hope you are a Jaicosfan also Naicosfan. The boys were awesome on frontbar
naicosfan: And 60 isn?t good? Ok then
naicosfan: Sure am clay, both sons of a gun
Pokerface: 60 is fine
Pokerface: for the basement price rookies
naicosfan: I must?ve confused myself with the standards lachie the clown has put into this chat, all good poker face, my bad there
Pokerface: lol. good ol lachie
naicosfan: Goodnight lads, long and eventful year ahead of us
Pokerface: goodnight? wada is about to get up for work!
Dogs2024to: Grundy bog
frenzy: lol poker

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