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Chat log from R22 of 2023: Sydney vs Gold Coast

Chat log for Sydney vs Gold Coast, R22 of 2023

pluggerpig: this game is at 1:45 not 2:10 monty
Urbs: We have alerted m0nty to this haha
pcaman2003: I have no players showing either.
navy_blues: both games
Urbs: One can noly assume m0nty’s pedal machine is busted
dodgybros: Lets go Gold Coast Lions
bhg26: Boundary umpires have just taken the week off
bhg26: the*
bhg26: This is a sloppy start
Urbs: FF back wowee
Manowar: k’mon Sun!
TheFlagger: carn suns
bhg26: Chad going for the clanger record
dodgybros: Want the best odds, ask Tom Puntley
Beast_Mode: gc need to realease the gulden tag, need to get touk involved more
bhg26: This is awful to watch
navy_blues: can see syd losing this need to put bit more pressure on the suns
GARDS16: c?mon witts
bhg26: Dont know what counts as a clearance but we havent got 17 of them
bhg26: Can we stop punching it to them
BigChief: Dimma will love Mac’s work next year and beyond.
GARDS16: swans giving up easy goals
pluggerpig: swans lucky to be this close
soup: Looks like I’m not taking gulden vc
TheFlagger: huge ramifications on the 8
original: Flower off Anderson
bhg26: For fucks sake stephens what was that
bhg26: Chad
pluggerpig: if i knew how to get a swans logo next to my name i could help you out with the support bhg.. lol
pluggerpig: swans fan since early 90s here
bhg26: I dont know how it works now plugger unfortunately. think you used to be able to pick it when you created your account
pluggerpig: yeah i cant find any option to choose it, and never asked me during account creation. maybe monty can just do me a solid
bhg26: An absolute prick of a bounce there
pluggerpig: geez be nice if norf can roll the bombers.. one less team fighting for 8th
bhg26: The camerawork at every sydney game is poor, its like whoever is in charge has never watched the sport before
dezlav: Carn Gulden. Ton up son. Shake the chains.
pcaman2003: Errol! What’s going on dude!
bhg26: Bloody hell thats just an obvious free against touk. Just dropped it
original: Anderson +12. Wot he do
original: Anderson Lloyd Warner please all stop. All sub 110 would be ok
dezlav: Get off the bench Flanders.
bhg26: Cunningham for the draft!
BigChief: Hey bhg, happy with Swan goal kicking this week?
original: Flower off Warner Bs
bhg26: Good to see they now know that if you kick it through the big posts its worth 6 points chief
BigChief: Makes a big difference to results hey mate 🙂
bhg26: I know chief, they should keep doing this

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