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Chat log from R22 of 2023: North Melbourne vs Essendon

Chat log for North Melbourne vs Essendon, R22 of 2023

navy_blues: hope ben cunnington has a great game
Cottees: um I cannot see the players stats, is it just me or?
gopower: I can’t see them either
navy_blues: no stats atm monty asleep i think
Pavs: Peddle harder m0nty
pcaman2003: Same here!
navy_blues: nice cunners
Cottees: All I know is, Roos off to a flyer haha
pcaman2003: Have the VC on Merrett. Hope he scores huge.
navy_blues: why i back ess lol they just got over line against wc
dodgybros: Cunnington 22, Merrett 11 SC
pcaman2003: navy. You should know that the footy season is the silly season.Lol!
navy_blues: ess need to win by 21 lolol worrie
DukeNewc: Cottees, same here, completely blank
navy_blues: but if norf win im happy cos bombers will be out lol
SALAH: Are scores broken? They’re not loading for me
Manowar: FF out of order?
pcaman2003: Merrett only 1HB so far. Great work Zach.
TheFlagger: come on norf beat these frauds
BigChief: Merrett 1 HB and 2 tackles for 8 sc 🙁
Cottees: just refreshed and stats are back for me
TheFlagger: do someting merrett
navy_blues: wow ess are poor
Beast_Mode: youre the only Salah, thats rough mate
BigChief: Merrett 1 HB and 2 tackles for 9 sc. Slow start VC
Beast_Mode: good to see merrett shit the bed
bhg26: Hey curtis Taylor, kindly fuck off
sheezel420: ldu VC keep going son
Manowar: might put the C on D-Uniacke today
Legix: Hope you’re proud Curtis
TheFlagger: pig sheez
pcaman2003: Nice work Harry. Keep that up and fire up Zach.
sheezel420: Merrertt’s score is a joke
Beast_Mode: ferels are restless
Cottees: Essendon are missing Ridley lmao
slydon: put you eyes on the flippin ball curtis ya dog
lana2146: Roos a gonna win this and Im a dons fan lol
pcaman2003: Cottees. Nah! I think they’re just missing….period!
Cottees: pca – fair call mate
pcaman2003: Glad I have lowly Sheezel making it up from premium Merrett. Go Harry!
RuffLeader: Essendon have the worst decision makers in their forward six, outside of Langford it’s just constant bad choices
slydon: weve tried to start playing faster over the last three weeks out of back but its resulting in sloppy hands through mid
slydon: its in the midfield as well ruff, hobbs and parish have become butchers with the ball
slydon: and the problem is they get plenty of it and have shocking eff%
Cottees: Na Essendon just garbage lol
RuffLeader: It isn’t the entries though slydon, once the ball gets into the hands of the forward six, it turns over more often than
slydon: all you hawks supporters getting real chirpy after one decent game
slydon: cant decide whos worse, you or carlton fans.
navy_blues: what has happened to bombers lol 5 to 13th and really struggle against nth and wc must be worst team in AFL atm
slydon: well peters not getting the ball coz the only delivery he gets is a contested marks so keep him out of the convo
Cottees: hahaha mate, I’ve accepted Hawks are inconsistent and rebuilding. Essendon was meant to be top 8 lol
navy_blues: awww sly dont be like that
slydon: but otherwise i agree
slydon: who said essendon was supposed to be top 8? brad scott has been saying all year this is a development year.
slydon: top 8 is a bonus, at least were (mostly) competetive
RuffLeader: Agreed Slydon, the small forwards are below average I’d suggest
Cottees: you supporters were when you were 5th mate. hahahaha classic supporters
slydon: hopefully draper back next week as well from my sources
navy_blues: sly i was there when u guys flogged us but it turned around eventually will for ess as well
slydon: mostly irrational supporters were saying finals, yes. anyone with a head on them was just happy
slydon: navy that was just thankfully one of our better games of the year while you guys were in their worst spot, we got lucky
slydon: in your form now navy youd slap us up
Cottees: I am curious with Carlton against Melbourne. I want to see if Carlton can keep up
navy_blues: well lets see what form blues bring tonight
navy_blues: blues need to think bout frwd entries keeping may and lever under control
Cottees: definitely navy. Also see if they can keep up with the injury list they is pretty bad for you
Cottees: but remember, apparently Collingwoods injury list is insane lol
navy_blues: but then there is gawn trac and viney to look after too
navy_blues: oh and some1 called oliver too
original: Would be great if you scored more zerrett
slydon: far out can we get some decent delivery to peter, get him on a lead for christ sake
slydon: HIA check on that one please
sheezel420: Wardlaw solid coverage for Naicos
pcaman2003: Merrett will be lucky to ton up today. Being totally controlled by Norf.
slydon: another game where we arent deserving the win, we need to grind this out
pcaman2003: C’mon Norf! Do it for Cunners.
slydon: heres hobbs again jsut bombing it in forward
cmperrfect: Essendon. The perennial pretenders.
beerent11: Go cunners you star!
pcaman2003: . beer. You’re not wrong. He’s outplaying others in this game. A champion to the end.
navy_blues: hope crows win today
original: Great job spudding it up for draft GF merrett ffs
TheFlagger: i cant stand the crom smacked us too many times
pcaman2003: original. Merrett struggling with the constant pressure applied to him. He’s doing his best though.
TheFlagger: corrupt umps
original: Go zerrett. 110 and all will be forgiven
pcaman2003: That was a quick turnaround!
TheFlagger: boo
jfitty: Gun for Cunnington!
dezlav: Carn da bombers. Drive it home.
dezlav: But, ton up Sheezel.
dodgybros: At least the Dons got the needed percentage boost from West Coast and now North
original: A goal plz zerrett
sheezel420: I have Merrett and still don’t think he should be on anything above ~60
beerent11: Who feels better about where their team is at. Roos or bombers?
slydon: we’re moving the ball well but our forward control is horrible.
slydon: north are having great runs forward but cant hold onto the ball
BigChief: beer it has to be North for me. Kids look great and could get even better if they get Harley.
TheFlagger: courageous win by the baby bombers
slydon: chiefs got no clue dont listen to him
dodgybros: 25 leg multi and needed Merret for 30 disposals you turkey
original: Cmon zerrett. Get 100+ baby
slydon: wow that was a throw and ahalf, dangerfield like
slydon: tsatas is having a great game
clay007: How is the blood pressure Slydon?
TheFlagger: cmon roos
beerent11: Cmon boys!
Beast_Mode: yes, beat these flogs
bushranger: Cunners a shot after the siren???
clay007: Why are they flogs chief?
BigChief: I never called them flogs clay.
beerent11: North are way overdue fo some late game luck
TheFlagger: poor marking by roos
RuffLeader: Think it was Beast that said it clay
clay007: I meant beast, sorry chief.
Manowar: k’mon North
pcaman2003: beer. Not happening today beer. Just missed out.
sheezel420: False hope every week.. sick of honourable losses
slydon: the wins will come once you clear out your fossils
TheFlagger: great win dons
navy_blues: sheez the improvement is coming chin up
slydon: never doubted
slydon: love the result but we need some key players back
sheezel420: They barely beat the team that lost to West Coast 2 weeks ago, hardly a great win
slydon: as i said, i think we have drapes back if my sources are right
slydon: big in against the giant with shield one more week back for pies
pcaman2003: Amazing game young Sheezel. Champion of the future.
Beast_Mode: still wont play finals, the top 8 is set. Time to bring back the weapon and stephen dank
sheezel420: Giving him the seagull is a bit harsh
Beast_Mode: why? 91% on his possies were uncontested, thats the definition of a seagull lol
hontas66: Thanks, Ben.

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